Young twink assfucked then jerks and jizz

Young twink assfucked then jerks and jizz
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Sleep Disorder I am a fourteen-year-old girl and I have had a sleeping disorder all of my life. I have been to doctors but nothing worked until just recently. I sleep so soundly that I cannot hear an alarm clock or even a fire alarm. It takes mom almost a half-hour to wake me up in the morning for school and that's after a ten-hour sleep.

Then about a week ago all that changed. It had taken a few weeks for that last drug to get into my system and finally start to work properly.

Then I didn't want to tell anyone about it. Like I said about a week ago things changed. I actually woke up in the middle of night. My father was in my bed on top of me and he was fucking me. It felt so wonderful that I tried real hard not to let on that I was awake so I just lay there as still as I could and let him do his thing. Dad fucked me good and I could tell when he came because of his rapid breathing and his thrusting into me harder. He let out a grunt and then he rolled off of me.

He squeezed both of my breasts gently and then pinched both of my nipples for a while too. It was all that I could do not to cry out in pleasure.

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Dad kissed me on my mouth and then thanked me for the sex. When he left me I just wished that I had been awake for all of it. I looked over at the clock on my dresser and saw that it was almost midnight. I had never been awake at midnight before. Dad came back into my bedroom. He pulled my covers back and washed my pussy with a washcloth before drying it with a towel.

After he covered me back up and had left my room I fell asleep pretty quickly. I was awakened again later that night but this time it was my sixteen-year-old brother that was fucking me.


It didn't feel anywhere nearly as good as it had when my father had been fucking me. My brother just pounded into me like I was some kind of a piece of meat. Just as soon as he came he left my bedroom. He didn't even come back in to clean me up afterwards like dad had either. It was three o'clock in the morning and I easily fell back asleep again. The next thing I knew mom was cleaning me up and mumbling under her breath, "That lazy ass brother of yours.

I'll kill him. If I've told him once I've told him a thousand times.

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If he fucks you the least he can do is clean you up afterwards like your father does." When she was done washing my pussy she started shaking me. I knew from what I had been told to just let her shake me for a while before I responded. When I finally opened my eyes, mom told me to get ready for school. As I got dressed I couldn't help but wonder how long ago I had lost my virginity and who took it. I wondered how long mom had known about it and what I should do about it.

I knew that 'told him once, told him a thousand times' was just an expression but obviously it was a great deal more often than just once too. Plus she knew that dad fucks me too. Huh!


At school that day I couldn't help but wondered if I should say something to mom or just let it go and see what happens. I decided to let it go for awhile and see what happens.

That night I went to bed as usual and fell right to sleep. About ten o'clock I woke up with someone sucking on my breasts and a finger poking around in my pussy. It felt so good that I had an orgasm. Wow! I heard mom whisper, "That's a good girl. Now you can sleep peacefully." Mom was in on this too. Who else did they let fuck me? About midnight when I woke up dad was fucking me. He was just about done and I had missed most of it again. He kissed afterwards, thanked me for letting him fuck me, and he washed my pussy as best he could afterwards.

I kind of enjoyed dad making love to me. The next time I was awakened it was by my brother fucking me.

He was fucking me harder than my father had and he didn't seem to care anything about me either. He smashed into my pubic bone like a jackhammer. He was crude and rude. He called my his whore, his bitch, and his fuck toy then he grunted and cum in me. He did pull my covers up afterwards but that was all. Then in the morning I heard my mother call him into my room to clean me up.

I just lay there and pretended to be asleep. The bastard used ice cold water and was rough as hell but only because mom wasn't in the room supervising him. I could feel him poking the washcloth up inside me with his fingers and then he ripped it out. I almost cried out. I felt sorry for his girlfriends and wives. Yes wives, I could tell that no woman would put up with him for very long. He was a sadistic little bastard. When mom came back in to wake me up I took my time as usual then opened my eyes.

Every night was about the same but I was waking up earlier each time and enjoying my mother and father more and more while I hated my brother more and more too. Then last night I absolutely enjoyed what my mother was doing to me. She was kind and mostly thinking about my feelings.

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She also whispered to me as she gently caressed my breasts and ran her fingertips around my nipples. She fingered my pussy and tickled my clit for me. She gave me a rather nice orgasm. Apparently my mother had some lesbian tendencies and I was her only outlet. She whispered things like she was afraid to make love to another woman for fear that she might like it too much. That she wished that I would the things to her that she does to me.

That she even lets my father make love to me so that he will leave her along. Mom was so gentle and caring as she gave me a total of three orgasms.

I had never seen her quite that loving before and I liked it. Hell I loved it.

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Compared to my brother's crudeness mom was pleasure itself. Later when my father came into my room I awoke right away. He too was kind and gentle to me. He whispered that he loved me and that he was going to make love to me. He pulled the covers back, lifted my nightie to my neck, and parted my legs. I never wear panties to bed. Then dad kissed me on my lips, on my breasts, and on my pussy before getting in bed with me and kneeling between my legs.

Dad carefully parted my pussy lips and touched his penis to me.


Then he pressed it in and in until I was full. It was a wonderful feeling and unlike any I had experience until then.

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As my father made love to me he kissed me, told me that he loved me, and made me feel like a real woman. Soon I felt my orgasm coming on.

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It started out small, somewhere in the pit of my stomach, and built up into a crescendo until I wrapped my arms around my father's back, wrapped my legs around his butt, and whispered back at him that I loved him too. For a moment he was silent then he asked me how long I had been awake. I told him that the drug had started working a week ago but that this was the first time that I been awake for the whole thing. He kissed me on the lips and thanked me for the sex. I got up and went into the bathroom with him so that he could wash me off.

He used a nice warm washcloth and was very gently.

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Then we went into his bedroom and woke mom up. I told her that I had enjoyed it when she and dad had made love to me that night. I also asked them to tell my brother to leave me alone.

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Then I crawled into their bed between them for the rest of the night. I fell asleep with my fingers in my mother's pussy as I rubbed her clit for her. In the morning my brother was all pissed off that I hadn't been in my bed so that he could rape me again.

After all he had been setting his alarm clock so that he could fuck me at three in the morning for weeks if not for months. I had to smile when dad told him to go fuck himself. That day at school all I could think about was getting home. Mom and dad had promised me a full weekend of love making with them and I would be awake for all of it. Dad even made my brother go to grandpa's house. My panties were wet before I even left my homeroom.

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