Drunk russian hairy mature gives son

Drunk russian hairy mature gives son
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My Curious Daughter My little girl was growing up. For some time now I knew she wasn't a little girl anymore. She had begun to grow a sexy pair of breasts that, while still relatively small, were a beautiful shape and easy on the eye. Her legs were long and shapely, and she had begun to gain the curves that all sexy women have.

She had begun to wear more adult styles of clothing, too, and I'm sure many of the boys at her school noticed. Every day she was looking more and more like her mother looked when we had first met so many years ago.

I knew I shouldn't have enjoyed looking at my daughter the way I had begun to. Hell, I shouldn't even be looking at any girl her age the way I look at her! But, I just couldn't help myself. What she set off inside of me was a passion I had not felt in some time, and while I knew I should have quashed it, I just simply didn't want to. In fact, I indulged it. Lately I had begun to watch my daughter more and more around the house.

I let her go shopping with her friends, who only encouraged her to buy sexier clothes.

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I loved watching her bounce around the house wearing short shorts or skirts, tight little tank tops, or barely there bikinis around the pool. But my favourite was definitely her thin nighties. They revealed just enough to make a man lust after her, but hid just enough to tease and tantalise. I had begun to take a few risks, too. As much as I enjoyed seeing her around the house in her sexy clothes, I realised I needed to see more. It began with a glance in her bedroom one day when the door was ajar and she was getting changed.

I caught sight of her creamy, perky breasts and rosy pink nipples briefly before she slipped on a top. Before I knew it, I was finding myself outside her bedroom or the bathroom more and more often, and I would linger for longer too.

I loved watching her in the shower, the water cascading over her supple, young body. The sexy way in which she moved while sliding clothes on or off her body when getting changed was a sight to behold.

All this watching was one thing, though, but I never had the thought of doing anything more than that. Well, not originally, anyway. It all changed one night, though. It was a combination of things- the timing of it, the situation, my body's lust, and my innocent daughter's curiosity. I know that I shouldn't have done anything, that I should have put a stop to it before anything serious happened, but I simply gave in to my lustful urges. It was a night like many others- my daughter and I were home alone, my wife was working a night shift at the hospital she worked at.

The two of us ate dinner and watched some TV, and I stole glances at my daughter from time to time sprawled out on the couch next to me. Eventually I decided to go to bed but she decided to stay up til the end of the show. I read a book for a bit in bed, before there was a soft knocking at the door. "Yes sweetie?" I asked, knowing it was her coming to say goodnight.

She entered my room, came over to the bed and lay down next to me. I put the book on the bedside table and helped her snuggle under the covers. We had always been close, and it wasn't unusual for her to still cuddle with her Mom or me. She had already changed into one of her nighties that I enjoyed so much, and I could see it rode up her thighs a little as she nestled into my bed.

I swear I could almost see her sexy young ass poke out the bottom before I covered her up with my blankets. My daughter lay on her side with her back to me, wriggling backwards until our bodies touched and I wrapped an arm around her belly, hugging her tightly.

"Mmm, Daddy, you give the best goodnight cuddles!" She said to me, wriggling a little bit more in our embrace. I should have been more careful, but I wasn't. Because of all her moving about, her young ass was rubbing on my crotch. I couldn't help it- she was such a beautiful girl, wearing such a sexy nightie.

My body reacted as you'd expect it too, and I could feel that familiar feeling of a slight tingle the moments before full arousal. Like I said, I should have done something to stop it all from happening, but I gave in to my desires.

I could hear my breathing becoming more shallow and rapid, and I held my daughter close with one hand, the other absent mindedly stroking her gorgeous, silky hair. I felt me cock begin to grow, and my sexy daughter only made it do so more rapidly. She shifted about, trying to get comfortable, not realising what was growing between us. In no time at all, my erection was straining against the flimsy fabric of my boxers, poking into my daughter's behind.

"Daddy, are you ok?" she asked innocently. Her question snapped me out of my enjoyment for a moment. "Umm, yes sweetie. Why do you ask?" was my nervous reply. "Well, you're breathing funny." I assured her I was ok and asked her to stop moving about so much. "But I'm uncomfortable, Daddy, something is sticking into me." I froze. I know I should have realised that she would feel it, and I don't know why I was so surprised that she did.

What happened next really shocked me, though.

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My daughter reached back behind her, fishing in between us. Then her hand came to rest on the bulge in my boxers! It twitched at her touch, and I jerked back suddenly, her hand moving away quickly in surprise at my sudden movement.

"What was that, Daddy?" She asked incredulously, rolling over to face me. Her eyes were wide with wonder and curiosity, not having encountered an aroused man before. I stuttered and stammered a bit, embarrassed that I had been busted enjoying my own daughter's body like that.

"Uhh, nothing, sweetie. Don't worry about it." I tried to brush her off. I knew it wouldn't work, my daughter always loved to follow up her curiosities. "But I felt something Daddy. Something was poking me, and it was in your pants! Wasn't it? What is it, Daddy?" She continued to interrogate me.

I shook my head, still trying to stop her line of questioning but knowing I was running out of time, reasons and impetus. "Forget about it sweetie, let me give you a cuddle goodnight. We should be off to sleep." I had almost got away with it, when stupidly I added, "It's something for grownups. Something for your Mommy." That only piqued her interest even more. "Only for adults! I'm all grown up, Daddy! I'm not a little kid anymore!" She had become insulted that I would treat her that way.

Then she put on her cutest, pleading face which she knew I was unable to resist. "Please, Daddy? Show me what it was?" I looked at her and I couldn't help it.

I was so turned on, and her puppy dog act only made me want her even more. I couldn't speak for a moment, my mouth dry with excitement.


I cleared my throat and began nervously, "Umm, ok, sweetie. I can see you're not going to let this go. But this isn't something I should show you. You're not allowed to tell anyone, understand? Not even your mom. Ok?" She nodded her head in acknowledgement, so I continued. I pulled the covers away from us, and once again had a great view of my daughter's young body, barely covered by her night clothes. Her eyes roamed down my body and locked on to the front of my boxers, my erection still straining against the thin fabric.

"Are you sure you really want to see?" I asked. Her eyes never moved from my crotch. She just bit her lip in excitement and nodded again. With that, I grabbed the top of my boxers and pulled them down. My daughter gasped in amazement as my hard, thick cock jumped from beneath the elastic, finally free.

I slid my boxers all the way off and lay naked next to her, my erection sticking out from my body. I watched her reaction, and eyed her sexy young body. "Wow Daddy! Is that your penis?" she asked, and I confirmed her suspicions.

"Why is it hard like that? Why was it poking me?" the questions continued, and I was at a loss to explain, stuttering and mumbling nothings as my answer. "Can. can I touch it?" The sweet and innocent way in which she asked was too much to bear.

I knew then that I would do anything and everything with her, with my own daughter. Any semblance of resistance was gone, and my lustful urges were now in control. She looked up at me for the first time since I revealed my stiff cock.

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I looked into her eyes and nodded, enjoying the smile of excitement spread across her face. She tentatively reached out her hand, and very lightly touched my cock. Her touch was electric, and caused my erection to twitch. She withdrew her hand quickly and giggled.

"Go on, sweetie." I encouraged her, and she reached out again but this time more confidently. Her hand came to rest on my cock again, more firmly this time. She kept it there as it twitched at her touch again. "It feels so warm and soft, Daddy." she commented in amazement. I told her she could move her hand around and play with it a bit, as that's what Mommy does sometimes.

She enjoyed hearing that, and began to explore my cock with her hands, indulging her curiosity. She rubbed it and caressed it at first, her hands roaming over my head, shaft and balls.

Then she wrapped one of her little hands around it and began to slowly pump it. I couldn't believe it! My daughter was masturbating me! My breathing changed again as I enjoyed my daughter's touch. "Is this ok, Daddy?" my daughter inquired, her hand sliding up and down my stiff shaft. "Very good, baby girl, it feels very good" I managed to say to her. "You can move your hand a little faster, if you want." I prompted her.

Her hand began to build up speed. "Like this?" she searched for more conformation and I nodded, letting her know she was doing a good job. I was lost in the moment, and looking back I can't believe what I said next.

"Do you want to know what else Mommy does with Daddy's cock, sweetie?" My daughter's eyes lit up anew, wanting to please her daddy some more. "Yes Daddy!

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Please tell me what else to do!" her hand still pumping my cock. "Well, what your Mommy does is she kisses and licks it." I said, and saw some confusion cross my daughter's face. "You mean, with her mouth?" came the question. I nodded, and watched as she hesitantly moved about on the bed to get a better position. She was now kneeling alongside me, and she leant forward, her head coming closer to my crotch.

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She paused, looking up at me, and I nodded her some encouragement. She held the base of my cock and lowered her lips and placed a small kiss at the head. "See? It's not so bad, is it?" My daughter shook her head in response and smiled. "How about you try licking it a bit?" Feeling a little more confident, I saw her sweet little mouth open, and her pink tongue lapped at the skin of my cock a few times. I let out a little moan of enjoyment, which further bolstered her confidence.

Her tongue began to lick more and more of my thick cock. She swirled her tongue around the head a few times, then slid it down my shaft.


I was in heaven! My sweet, teen daughter was licking my cock, and it only turned me on even more. "Sweetie?" I asked, and she looked up at me again. "Can you put it in your mouth? Mommy likes to suck on it too." "It's pretty big, Daddy, will it fit in my mouth?" she looked a little worried.

"Don't worry, I'm sure it can." I reassured her, and she smiled and giggled a little as she turned back to my cock. Her sweet little mouth opened wide, and I watched as she lowered her lips around the tip of my cock. I felt it twitch again in enjoyment, but her lips held it firmly in place. She began to suck on it, and the feeling inside me was amazing!

My daughter slid more of my cock in her mouth, her young lips suctioned onto the thick shaft, sliding down and up. It was a fantastic sight, seeing my cock disappear into my sexy daughter's mouth like that. "Mmm, that feels so good, sweetie." I whispered, watching as her head bobbed on my cock.

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I looked down her body, and reached a hand out and began to caress her leg. My hand slid up and down her soft, smooth skin, and easily slipped under her nightie which flipped up and exposed her pert, teen ass to me. I was soon stroking and squeezing her ass, which she seemed to enjoy.

She moaned a little from time to time, and I could feel the vibrations run through my cock still planted firmly in her mouth. I watched her suck on my pole some more, and placed my other hand to the back of her head, stroking her hair.

The sight was intense, and I knew I wouldn't last too much longer. "Mmm, baby girl, I'm close to finishing. Do you want to try one more thing with Daddy?" I asked. My daughter popped her mouth off my cock. "Yes Daddy! Is there something else that Mommy does for you?" She was so full of excitement and curiosity, and it was an amazing turn on.

"Well, sweetie, Mommy doesn't do this for Daddy, so it will be something special just between you and me. It might be a bit hard, but I think you're a big enough girl to try it." "Anything Daddy! Mmm, I really want to do something special for you!" she replied.

"Ok, baby, put Daddy's cock back into your mouth, but this time we're going to try and push as much of it in as possible. Ok?" The look on her face was a mixture of doubt as well as determination. "Ok Daddy!" she said, and turned her head back to my cock. She took a deep breath and began sucking on it again, her mouth sliding up and down my thick shaft.

I put my hands to the back of her head again, and began to push down each time she slid her mouth down my cock. At the same time, I pushed my hips upwards a little. We kept going, shoving a little bit more of my cock into her tight, teen mouth with each thrust. The tension was building more and more inside me, and I knew it would be soon. After a few more pumps the head of my cock was pushing into my daughter's throat, and it felt wonderful.

She gagged a little, but she was so determined to please her Daddy that she kept going. I couldn't hold it any longer. I was fucking my young daughter's throat and I let my body go. I pushed my cock deep into her throat with a deep thrust, and managed to shove the whole length of it inside her little mouth. I grunted with the effort, and felt her gagging, trying to pull off me. I held her there firmly as I felt my cock throb, unloading my first load of cum directly into her throat.

I let go after that first release, and my daughter pulled off my cock trailing strands of spit and cum, gasping for breath. I wasn't done, though, and kept grunting with each spurt.

My cock pulsed again and again, this time covering my young daughter's face and mouth with more and more of my cum. Soon, my orgasm subsided, and we lay there panting with exhaustion, my daughter's cum covered face resting on my leg next to my slick cock. I hadn't cum so hard in such a long time. It took some time before either of us caught our breath.

"Wow Daddy! That was so much fun!" She giggled, and moved back up to hug me. "That was the best good night cuddle ever!" I smiled down at her, in bliss at what I had just experienced. I gave her a kiss goodnight and told her to clean up. I reminded her to not say a word of this to anyone, and she promised that no one would find out.

I knew it was wrong, but my daughter giving her Daddy a blow job and letting him cum all over her face was the hottest thing I had ever experienced.

I hoped that no one would ever find out, and that night as I drifted off to sleep I wondered if anything like that would ever happen again.