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Chapter 3 >Brother >She woke and found herself in the black chair. "Elisa." She murmured. What the hell was with all these dreams?

Was elisa sending her visions of the future? And if she was then why? >Vilen stood up and looked in the bedroom and smiled. He was still asleep.

She looked at the room she was in and almost forgot that he cleaned the mess that she had made over the many years she had been here. She smiled and sat back down, unabe to get the dream out of her head and unable to make scence of it. >Was it a vision of the future?

>A warning for just how evil and deadly this demon could be? >She stood up and walked her room quietly and grabbed her cloak from the floor, then walked out of the room. >"Where are you going?" Came from her room. >Great. She thought he woke up. >Shw slowly made her way to the room.


>Sighing she said. "I'm just going to visit someone. I need to ask thy a few questions, is all." She stad put to see what he would say. >Perhaps he would stop her? Try to make love to her again? >But if he did try to do that she would stop him. And this time there would be no giving in. >He nodded but said nothing. He sat in the bed and streched. >Vilen left the room and out the door. >She needed to see Elisa and learn more about this demon. The sex demon as she had called it.

>She mounted her mare and set off for her house. All the while thinking what her dreams might mean. She had never had such dreams before and all of a sudden she's having vision like dreams!

>Was she going crazy? Was the demons love making doing this to her? Was she just over reacting? Yeah. That was it. She's just over reacting is all. >She looked at the sky and felt a smile come to her lips. >It was a beautiful day. Sunny and clear of clouds. Vilen loved to be outside but didn't tell anyone.

She didn't like to be open. She liked to stay in the darkness. Be alone. Away from prying eyes, and anoying people. >vilen listened to the birds singing there sweet songs as she made her way to Elisa's. >She tied her mare to a low branch and went inside, to see Elisa, but found her house empty. >"Elisa?" She called but she got no answer. Had last nights dream come true? No they couldn't have in so little time.

And its not even dark outside. She didn't get rapped first like she did in the dream. >So where was Elisa? >She went to Elisa's bedroom and saw someone tall standing next to the bed. She walked to the person and reached out her hand and touched there shoulder. >He turnned and looked at her. And smiled. "Hello." He said in a deep voice. "My name is sorion. I am Elisa's brother." >He bowed his head. >Vilen couldn't speak. She was frozen on the spot. Elisas brother? She didn't know elisa had a brother.

Why had she not spoken of him? Vilen would have to ask him why she had not spoken of him. Vilen bowed back and spoke so she didn't seem rude. "My name is Vilen Vile. I'm friends with Elisa." She looked around the empty room then looked back at him.

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"Where is she anyway? I needed to speak important matters with her." Vilen said, without thought. >"Maybe I could help?" Sorion said. >Vilen thought a moment. This was her problem. If she wanted to tell someone she could, Right?

It wasn't as if Elisa told her to keep it secret. She sighed and started to tell him the whole story of what she did and what elisa told her to do and that every time she tried to do it it would end up in a fail and she'd let him make love to her. He listened to her without interuption. When she finished he smiled. Which mad her cirious and mad. >Why was he smiling? She had just told him how her life was changed from good to bad--Or in her cse bad to wores--and he was smiling?

>Vilen wanted to hit him and scream at him but he spoke, stopping her in her thoughts.


>"I know of the demon you speak. It is an incubus. There are also girls demons called succubus. They feed off of sex which makes them stronger. When they reach there full srangth them they can kill many people at once, and every quickly, too." He said this with a strait face, making vilen very uncofterble. His blue eyes looking right into her black ones reminded her of when Elisa had spoken to her in the woods the other day, when she told vilen what she had brought to the earth plane.

>"This is very bad." Sorion said, as he started to pase around the room. Vilen watched him and said nothing. >His long blond hair swaied as he moved around the room making vilen wonder why she had never seen or heared of him before from Elisa.

>"Why hasn't Elisa mentioned you?" Vilen asked before she could stop herself. >Sorion stopped paising and looked at her. >"It is a long story." He said sitting on the bed. "If you would like then i will tell you." His blue gaze looked as if he could freeze you in your steps. >Vilen sat on the bed next to him.

"I would like to hear it." Vilen said with a smile. >Sorion smiled and began the story of why Elisa never spoke of him. >"It was years ago when we were only just learning we had magic and where staring to learn how to use our magic. Well Elisa found she had no magic, and that i was the one with the Gift. I worked day and night to perfect my magic.

As Elisa watched she hoped she would soon get the gift of magic. But more time went by and she didn't receive it. She was heart broken. And one day i cam to her and told her i had found a speel to grant her the Gift of magic." He sighed. Remembering that day. But continued. >"I cast the spell and it worked but all spells come with a cost.

She needed to give up the one thing dear to her. >Her child. >At the time she was happily married and with child. But in order for her to gain the gift of magic she had to pay a price.

She paid it. She was only a couple weeks into her pregnancy and figured it wouldn't matter since she could get pregnant again. >But when she gained the gift she became uncontrollable, and she killed her husband.

She never married again and blamed herself for her lose of control. She told me i reminded her of her mistake and asked of me one thing. To never see her again.


She said she was going to kill herself so she could be with her husband. >But i could not stay away. I had to see her, so i came to the one place i knew she would be. The one place she could never leave. The cottage we came to when our parents died.

>I knew she could never go anyplace else. And it seems i was right." He sighed and putt his head in his hands, and vilen noticed he was shaking a little. >Vilen put her arms around him and pulled him close.

"I understand your pain." Vilen said. Sorion looked up at her, tears streaming down his face.

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>Vilen wiped away his tears with her sleeve and smiled lightly. "I was young when my mother died. I was unable to accept for a long time that i was on my own, but soon it hit me. I was alone. My mother was gone and wasn't coming back. When i had stopped crying over my mothers death i started to teach my self in the Dark arts.

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'Black magic' as she had called it. A few years ago i met Elisa and she tought me how to keep myself alive. If it wasn't for her i would be dead." Vilen felt a tear leave her eye and looked at Sorion. >She felt weak.

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Like a child who was unable to do things for her self. >She stood up. >"I guess i should go. I don't wan't to be in the way when Elisa comes back and see's your here. And i have a demon at home i need to try and kill." Vilen turnned to leave but felt Sorion grab her hand.

She turnned to look at him. He had stood up as well. He took something out of a bag and handed it to her. >She took it and saw it was a vial with green liquid. >Like the one from her dream.

"What is it?" She asked trying not to drop it and back away from him. >"Be calm. It is but a sleeping potion. It will putt him to rest for a long time. As soon as you give this to him he with fall asleep and be at rest for a long time.

You need not give him the whole thing, only a few drops will do. Store it in a secret place so he can not find it." He stood back and bowed. "Goodbye, Vilen Vile. I hope to see you again." >Vilen smiled and bowed back. "As do I." Vilen said turnning to walk out of the room. She went outside and saw Elisa climbing off of her white horse. Vilen smiled and hid the vial in her corset, close to her heart.

>"Hello, Vilen. I see you came for a visit." Elisa said carrying a backet full of herbs and fruits. >Vilen walked over to her friend closing the space with a hug. "Hello, Elisa. I did come to see you but found you had gone. So i disided to come back later." She pulled away and walked with Elisa to the door.

>"Oh, well i'm here now, So what did you need?" She looked at vilen. >"Oh. Um, i need to ask you a question, but i see your bussy and it can wait so i'll come back later. I need to check on something anyway." She said quickly making up an exuse. >"oh. Alright. Good bye and good luck with your demon problum." Elisa smiled and walked inside.

>Vilen quickly walked to her mare, mounted her and flew out of the houses view. >She couldn't get Sorions words out of her head. 'Be calm. It is but a sleeping potion. It will putt him to rest for a long time.' >Was it true?

Would this work? How could she trust him? Was he lieing? Was he really Elisa's brother? >Vilen shook the thought from her head and thought it best to think later when she had given the demon of hers the sleeping potion.

>She put her mare in the stable and headed into the house. >It was quiet. But she knew it wasn't empty. She walked to the book shelf and grabbed a big dark blue book that had been her mothers. She opened the book and smiled as she put the potion in the little square.

It was her mothers special hidding place. She closed the book and placed it back on the shelf. She walked to the room and looked at the bed. >He was there. >He looked at her and smiled a smile that made vilen want to run. But she stood her ground and smiled right back.

She walked to the bed and sat on the edge of the bed. She felt the bed move behind her but didn't turn to see him coming to her. >He put his arms around her waist. "Where have you been?" He asked her even though she told him already.

>"I was at Elisa's. I had to ask her a question." Vilen said not looking at him. Her voice emotionless. >She herd him laugh a low laugh. "Yes. I know. But she was not there. So what did you do?" He slid his hands up her sides, smiling with delight. >Vilen didn't move. She spoke, but lied to him. "I waited for her to return. And when she did i asked her the question. She answered and i came home." She stood up and hide her face from him.

>He stood up and grabbed her waist and turned her to face him. "I know your lieing." >Vilen's eyes widened. "How.?" She said, in a whisper. >He smiled and rolled his eyes. "I thought you would have figured it out by now. When I made love to you last night i cast a spell to make us bound.

So now i can see, feel and hear what you do." He laughed and smiled at her as if he had won the battle. But no. It had only just begun.

>She smiled. Dispite the fact that she wanted to kill him. Dispite the fact that he could read her thoughts and know what she was doing at all times.

She wanted him to make love to her again. >no. she thought. I must not let that happen. She turnned her face away from him. >He lowred his lips to her ear. "Yes." He said into her ear. "Let me make love to you again." He kissed her cheek. "I'll be shore to be gentle." He purred. >Vilen turned to face him, her black eyes glaring into his red ones.

"No." I will not let you make love to me again." She pushed against his chest to get free, but his grasp was to strong. >He laughed. "It seems my strangth is returning to me." He grabbed her hands and throgh her onto the bed. >Vilen tride to get off the bed and escape but he was just as fast. His hands pinned her to the bed. She tride to scream but his lips found hers. She couldn't push him away, he was to strong. She lifted her leg and kicked him between the legs.

>Nothing. >He pulled away from her and smiled. "You can't hurt me. I'm not human, or did you forget?" He smiled and undid the buttons of her dress with his teeth, and smiled at her.

When he finished his task he held both of her hands with one and used his other hand to pull her out of the dress. He pulled the sheet off himself. >She lay there naked under him. He smiled and began to rap her. She screamed, but no one could hear her or come to her aid. >When he had finished rapping her he smiled and tied her to the bed. "I'm going to leave you here, so i can dispose that potion of yours." He smiled and left the room leaving her trapped.

>Vilen turned her head to the side. >How could she let this happen? >"I'm stupid that's how." She closed her eyes and sighed. She had just been rapped, like in her dream. >Was it true? Could she dream what would happen? >No. That's silly. She's a sorceress, see can't see the future, Can she? >She opened her eyes and saw he was back.

He held the vial in his hand, and was smiling like he was now ruler of the world. He sat on the bed and leaned over her. His chest rubbing against her breasts. He smiled and kissed her neck. "I thought it would be a good idea to keep this just in case if you do something I don't like. Well then I can say good night to you and not worry about you a while." Vilen turned her head away from him. Despite his warning she was going to say something she knew he'd hate. >She looked at him, her eyes glaring into his, as she said fiercely showing she wasn't afraid of him.

"Shut up." She turned her head away again and closed her eyes. >She felt his hand slide across her stomach and up to hold her breast. She didn't move. He kissed her breast and trailed kisses up to her lips. >She kissed him back, but it was of his will not hers. When he pulled away she turned away from him. "I hate you." She murmured. >He pulled away.

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"I know." He said untying her. >Vilen looked at him, amazed he just untied her when she could simply try and get the potion away from him--Which would be impossible. >She walked over to her closet and grabbed a dark blue dress. She putt it on and sat on the bed.

"Why did you let me go?" She asked him. >He had sat on the bed and watched her get dressed with a smile. Now he looked into her eyes, his smile widening. >"Well I couldn't let the mother of my child stay in bed for nine months, now could I?" >Vilen's hands flew to her stomach.

"What?" She gasped. "No. I can't be-- Your lying." She said looking at her stomach. >He stood up and came to her side, wrapping his arms around her waist, he lowered his lips to her ear. "It can be, and I'm not lying. This i swear." He said laughing. He pulled away from her and gave her a wide smile. >Vilen ran from the room and out of the house. >She started to walk to the small meadow, but thought better to go farther then the meadow.

She stopped when she was far from the house. She fell to the floor crying. >Her hands flew to her stomach. Pregnant? With his demon child. How could she let this happen? >She looked at her stomach. It looked the same, but at the same time different. Different because she knew of the thing growing in her stomach. A demon like its father. Like the man that raped her. She laid on the warm ground and closed her eyes.

>When she opened them again she was in her house, laying on her bed. she looked at her hands and saw she was holding a child, with red eyes and black hair.

She gasped as He stepped into the room. The demon. She looked at him. He smiled and came to the bed and sat next to her. >"Beautiful, isn't she?" He said lightly touching the babys cheek. Vilen looked back at the baby. Was this her baby? The baby growing inside her? >She looked back at him, the demon. "Here you can hold her.

I need to go outside and clear my head." She held the baby out for him to take. >He pushed the baby back in her arms. "No. You need to rest. And I'm not stupid, I now you'll run to Elisa's and ask how to kill me and the baby without use knowing." He lowered his lips to her ear.

"And it won't work." He kissed her neck and stood up. "I'm going to pay Elisa a visit. I'll be back soon." He said walking out of the room. >Vilen looked at the child and smiled. >She tried to stand up but found her ankles had been tied to the bed. She sat back down and sighed. >He was going to kill Elisa and she was trapped. Tied to a bed, unable to help or warn her.

>She sat there on the bed with the child. She put the child on the bed and tried to get the rope off her ankle, but failed. He made it hard to get off without a knife. >She laid back on the bed and closed her eyes and wished she'd wake up. >"Wake up!" >She opened her eyes and looked around the room, but it was empty.

>"Wake up!" >She heard it again and felt her body waking up. But who was saying to wake up? >She felt her body leave the dream world and come back to life. >Opening her eyes for real she looked up and saw Elisa. >Vilen gasped and stood up. "Oh. It was you saying wake up wasn't it?" Elisa looked as if she had been crying.

Vilen quickly put her left hand on Elisa's cheek, And frown. "What's wrong?" >Elisa shook her head and stepped away from Vilen.

"Oh, Its nothing." >Vilen walked over to her and placed her hands on her shoulders. "You can tell me. I'm your friend." >Elisa looked at her and smiled, though her face held the sadness in place. "Alright. Well its my brother. He came to see me." She said and sighed.

She looked at the ground and continued. I told him never to come see me after what I did." >Vilen looked at the ground. Should she tell her that she went to see her earlier, found her brother there and had talked to him? She waited for Elisa to continue but after a few minutes she looked up to see Elisa crying again. >She put her arms around her and said, "Don't worry about telling the story." At those words Elisa looked up confused.

Vilen quickly explained that she met her brother earlier when she went to see her and that he told her the story. And that was why she was there when Elisa got home and she leaved in a hurry. Elisa looked at the ground unable to speak.

>Vilen sighed and looked at her hands and said in a low voice, "I get if you didn't want me to hear the story but I was curious as to who the guy was and when I asked he told me the story." Vilen looked at the sky and saw that is was getting dark. "Why don't we go to my house? Its getting dark and He is probably wondering where I am." Even though he can see where I am.

She silently added. She stood up and looked down at Elisa. >Elisa stood up but shook her head. "I can't I need to get back and speak with my brother and see how long he's staying. But I'll stop by tomorrow and tell you of any new spells he shares with me, Alright?" >Vilen smiled, and felt like she hadn't smiled in years when it had only been a few hours.

"Yeah. Sure. See you tomorrow." She hugged Elisa and turned to leave but Elisa grabbed her hand. She turned to face her. >"Tell me something first before you leave. I have to know or else I'll go mad." She looked worried and scared.

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>But why? >Vilen nodded. "Sure. What do you want to know?" >Elisa sighed and took a deep breath and said, "I know that this is silly but will you still come by for spells and pay for them? Because I have this feeling that the Demon you summoned is your lover now and you also won't need to come buy and get spells from me anymore." Elisa looked at her and almost started to cry again. >Vilen smiled and sighed.

"Is that all? That is silly. Of course I'll still come by for spells. And yes I will pay for them." she said stepping closer to her and kissing her cheek. Vilen looked into her eyes and smiled. "Your my lover. Not that Demon. I don't love him I love you. and no one can change my mind." She pulled Elisa close and kissed her.

>Elisa kissed her back, wrapping her arms around her waist she pulled Vilen deeper into the kiss. Elisa moved her hand up to hold her neck in place and trailed kisses down to Vilen's collar bone, and down even lower to the top of her dress where her breast weren't covered. Vilen gasped and tilted her head up and saw the moon had come out.

"Elisa!" She gasped. "I need to go. I need to make sure he didn't leave the house." She forced out. Elisa trailed kisses back up to Vilen's lips. Vilen pulled away and looked her in the eye. "I need to go, but I'll come over tomorrow night And buy a spell or two." She smiled and kissed her once more on the lips before turning around and heading home.