Hot young couple share intimate moments with intense pleasure

Hot young couple share intimate moments with intense pleasure
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Chapter 11 Kara heard a roar of thunder from the other room and saw a bright flash of light under the door and a second later the door opened to let Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel enter Billy Batson's bedroom. "Well it's about time you joined us," Supergirl managed to gasp as Junior's mouth and tongue threatened to send another orgasm through her pussy. With sigh she managed to open her thighs enough to free Freddy's head and pull away from his incredible tongue.

"Looks like you two have been enjoying yourselves," Mary said as she pulled her blouse off and tossed it into the corner where Junior and Kara's clothes already made a small mound, her blouse was soon joined by the rest of her clothes as well as Captain Marvel's full costume so the two of them were soon as naked as Junior and Supergirl as the two new lovers hovered over Billy's small bed.

"Ready to join the party?" Junior asked, lifting his head from between Kara's thighs and licking her juices from his lips. "We sure are," Mary said, floating through the air to give Kara a quick kiss as she massaged the blonde's tits.

"I'm surprised the two of you aren't fucking already." "Junior was ready and willing to fuck," Supergirl said with a shrug, "but I talked him into eating me out instead." "Don't you get enough of that from Superman," Cap asked as he slid to the other side of Kara and started sucking her nearest tit.

"Mary told me about your pheromones and how they drive your cousin into a sexual frenzy, he must eat your pussy all the time if he's that horny." "Breeding frenzy might be a better description than sexual frenzy," Kara admitted. "When the pheromones take affect all Kal can think about is knocking me up and he skips straight to fucking to knock me up as fast as possible.


This is the first time that anyone's ever eaten my pussy, but I'm ready to start fucking now. Do you have anything special in mind, Mary?" "I do have some ideas," Mary admitted with a smile. "How does this sound, you and I eat each other out while the boys fuck us silly." "That sounds great," Kara said with a sigh, "why don't turn around and hover over me so we can reach each other's cunts?" "A girl after my own horny thoughts," Mary said as she shifted around so she could reach her friends drooling cunt and Kara could reach hers at the same time.

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"You boys decide who fucks who and get to it." "Well," Freddy said, glancing at Billy as Mary and Kara started eating each other out.

"I still haven't had a chance to fuck Supergirl's pussy and I'm really looking forward to giving her a load." "And I just found out that Mary's carrying my baby and I'd like to fuck her right now," Billy admitted, "so I guess we know who fucks who, right?" "Sounds good to me," Freddy agreed, swabbing his dick across Supergirl's pussy to coat it with her pussy juice.

As soon as he was ready Junior slammed his cock forward, burying it in Kara's tight slit with a grunt from both of them. As Freddy started fucking Supergirl, Billy shifted around until he hovered just behind his sister's pussy. He brought his cock up close to Mary's slit and was surprised when Kara stopped sucking her cunt long enough to lick his prick until it wet enough to slip into the other girl's tight slit with nothing more than a groan of pleasure from Mary as he bottomed out in her pregnant pussy.

"Fuck me, Billy," Mary screamed, clamping her pussy tight around her brother's cock as it filled her cunt. "Give our baby a cum bath." "I'll fill you with enough cum for the baby to take a bath from now until she's born." Billy promised as Supergirl sucked his balls. "Or him," Mary moaned. "I told Diana I didn't want to know the baby's sex, but if you want to know you can ask her." "I'll think about it," Billy muttered concentrating on his prick as it slid in and out of his sister's drooling slit while Kara went back and forth from his cock to Mary's pussy.

Billy couldn't help but wonder how Supergirl was able to do so much at once since he could see Freddy fucking her pregnant pussy with enough force to shatter his bed if they'd been on it instead of hovering above it. "Fuck my pussy you blue cheese," Kara gasped, taking her lips away from Billy's balls long enough to scream at Freddy, "I can take whatever you dish out." "That sounds like a challenge," Freddy gasped, "and I accept.

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This blue cheese is going to fuck you so hard you'll forget all about your cousin's cock." "But not his sperm," Kara groaned. "Since he and I are the only Kryptonians left in the universe, he's the only one who can knock me up." "As long as there's a practical reason for you to go back to him," Freddy decided, slamming his cock in and out of Kara's pregnant cunt as fast and hard as he could.

Mary stopped licking her friend's blonde pussy for a second as she tried to think something through. "Kara?" she said after giving her friend several rapid licks with her stiff tongue as Freddy's cock slid in and out at super speed. "You and Kal are vulnerable to magic, right?" "That's right," Kara moaned as she licked Mary's pregnant pussy with just as much pleasure as she was getting from Mary's tongue.

"We have no defense against even the simplest spell." "What are you thinking, Mary?"Cap asked, sinking his cock as deep as it could go in his sister's tight little pussy with each thrust. "I'm thinking, that if Kara is vulnerable to magic, and you and we're superheroes created by magic than you and Freddy might be able to knock her up." "I'm not sure if it would work that way," Freddy groaned, "we're created by magic, but once the magic creates our bodies, we don't have any magic of our own.

Maybe there's enough magic left over from our creation so our sperm will work on Kara, but I'm not sure. Maybe Shazam knows, we could always ask him." "Sure, we can ask the old wizard," Billy chuckled, "he may even answer the question.


But, it will be in the form of a riddle that we can't figure out until we know the answer some other way." "Like getting me pregnant because of your magic?" Kara giggled. "That would be one way of knowing the answer, I think Kal would like it if you could get me pregnant.

He hasn't exactly complained about fucking me and knocking me up, but I think he and Lois would both be a lot happier if he wasn't the only man on Earth who can fuck me and get me pregnant." "I'd like that," Freddy said with a broad grin that slowly turned into a thoughtful frown, "but I don't like the idea of you getting a bad reputation as a girl who keeps getting pregnant." "Thank you for being so considerate," Kara sighed, "now what do you suggest we do about that, because now I really like the idea of having your baby." "Well," Freddy said thoughtfully, "I can think of one way where you can have all the babies you want and no one will any the worse of either of us, that is if you don't think I'm getting ahead of things." "Now you have me worried," Mary said, "what do you have in mind, Freddy?" Junior cleared his throat nervously and thrust his cock deep in Supergirl's pregnant pussy before leaning forward to say, "Kara Zor-El, will you marry me?" In the startled silence that followed Freddy's proposal Billy pushed his own cock deep in his sister's pregnant pussy and muttered, "I have to admit, that would solve the question of what the neighbors would think when Kara keeps getting pregnant." "It would even work if Freddy can't get her pregnant and Kal has to do it," Mary agreed.

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If they're married and Freddy doesn't question Kara's pregnancies everyone will assume that he's the father." "Kara, are you alright?" Freddy asked after several seconds of silence, "I hope I didn't say something wrong." "Not a thing," Supergirl said, giving Freddy a reassuring smile. "You just surprised me for a few seconds.

Freddy, we've been friends for years, and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'd dreamed about you asking me to marry you, but I never thought it would actually happen since you were human and I was Kryptonian. But now that you've actually asked me I'm so happy I don't know what to say." "I think yes would be appropriate," Mary said with a grin. "That goes without saying," Kara told her friend, "but I'm afraid there will be some conditions." "What kind of conditions?" Freddy asked.

"To start with," Supergirl said, "now that I've had Kal I don't feel like I can give him up, so there will be times when you'll just have to accept that my cousin is going to fuck me and knock me up." "Of course, I could never take that away from you," Freddy told Kara, patting her swollen belly affectionately. "But in turn, you have to allow me to keep fucking Mary." "Allow you?" Kara giggled, "I insist that you keep fucking Mary, especially since she wants to have your baby once Billy's is born.

In fact, I insist that we keep having nights just like this one where the four of us can have wild sex together." "I can agree to that," Billy said, giving Mary's swollen belly a pat. "There is one more thing, Freddy," Kara said. "We've known each other for years as Supergirl and Captain Marvel Junior, but we've never really done anything together outside of the Justice League.

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That means my friends don't know about you and your friends don't know about me. If we're going to protect our secret identities, then we have to start dating as Kara Kent and Freddy Freeman so people won't get suspicious.

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And, as much as I'd like to get things started right now, I think we need to wait until after the baby is born and Clark and Lois adopt her. Otherwise people are going to wonder why I'm giving her up when I'm in a serious relationship with you." "But we can still have an orgy night every week until then, right?" Freddy said hopefully.

"Of course," Kara said, giving her unofficial fiancee a quick hug. "Now let's celebrate, who wants to switch partners?" "My turn to fuck you, and Freddy's turn to fuck Mary," Captain Marvel said, pulling his cock out of his twin sister's pregnant pussy and turning to switch places with Freddy. "It's too bad Mary and I can't join the two of you in married bliss." "Why can't you?" Kara asked with a moan of pleasure as Billy slid into her cunt.

"Because we're brother and sister," Mary reminded her friend. "Twins in fact." "I know that," Supergirl groaned, "so does the rest of the Justice League, but how many people outside of the League know that Billy Batson and Mary Bromfield are related?" "My adoptive parents, Mary said thoughtfully, "but I don't think anyone else actually knows we're related." "So, the only thing standing in the way of you and Billy getting married is the fact that your parents know you're related," Kara pointed out.

"That's a pretty big thing," Freddy chuckled, "even if it is the only thing standing in the way." "But, if your parents know that you and Billy can have perfectly normal and happy babies because of your powers, maybe they won't object to the two of you getting married." "Maybe," Mary said without much enthusiasm.

"I guess all we can do is ask." "It can't hurt," Billy said with a shrug. "Well, it's time to tell them about the baby anyway," Mary decided, "it's not like I can hide my belly much longer." "I'm surprised you were able to hide it this long," Freddy said, humping in and out of Mary's wet slit.

"So am I," Mary admitted, "but it's time to tell my parents about the baby and hope they're understanding.

They have been in the past, I just hope they are this time." "If you're going to tell your parents about the baby," Billy told his sister, "than it's only right that I should be there with you." "I think it should be all three of us," Freddy said. "In that case, how about dinner tomorrow night?

Should make for an interesting after dinner conversation.