MILF and teens sharing cock and cum

MILF and teens sharing cock and cum
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Son's New Hobby Part 2 Jack decided he need a break and to put his mom out of the trance. He got dressed and told his mom that when see leaves the trance she will remember everything that was happened and when she does leave the trance she will have enjoyed every bit of it. He told her that the fact that he fucked her will make her happy. He also put the suggestion that she will be in a constant state of attraction to him. He did that so even when she wasn't in the trance she would still want him.

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He made that suggestion last for the weekend so he wouldn't have to put her in the trance all weekend but it would wear off when his father came home. He also added a trigger phrase to put her in a trance at a moment's notice when he said the phrase which was a simple word which was obey. He planted one last suggestion that made her hate the idea of clothes and wanted to be naked all day long.

Jack then put her out of her trance. When she snapped out Jack asked her how the trance was. She told him how great of a lover he was and how she was soaking wet for him, as she said this she grabbed his crotch and started to rub his cock and balls. He told her that she can't do that if she wanted him to fuck her later.

She let go and start to pout, Jack looked at her and started to grope her breast and when he did her pouting turned into soft moans.

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After a moment of doing that he start to kiss her and his mom gave him more then he wanted and put her tongue in his mouth. When they quit kissing Jack stopped groping her tits and whispered in her ear asking if she had a toys or lingerie. She responded with a yes to both. He told her to go get some of her toys and put on some sexy lingerie and have fun in front of the camera.

She walked to the bedroom and heard her open her closest door and pick out an outfit he assumed, then he heard her open her drawer. She walked out in black sheer stocking, a corset that stop at the bottom of her breasts with a zipper at that point that had a removable piece where her breasts hung, and a pair of panties that had been missing the crotch so her shaven pussy was showing and a pair a four inch high heels.

Jack couldn't believe what his mom was wearing. His jaw dropped when he saw his mom in the outfit. She was carrying a purple seven inch long vibrator. She looked at him and walked slowly and asked if was sexy enough for him.

All Jack could muster was a quite yes. His mother kissed him on the lips and tried to get him come with her and have sex. Jack told her about how he need a break, she started to pout again and told him how wet she was. He told her and strip and play with herself for the camera.

She asked why and he told her about how he planned on giving his friends a copy of her playing with herself.

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She got angry and tried to yell but Jack stopped her by taking her hand and putting it on his cock. The second her hand met his rod she stopped talking and was try to get his pants off of him. He stopped her told her that if she wanted to get fucked by him anymore she would do as he said. She stopped and said fine in an angry tone.

She reluctantly went and sat on the couch and started by licking her hand and rubbing her pussy. She wasn't even excited she kept letting out fake moans because of her bitterness against this idea but she still wanted to get fucked. Jack then quickly said obey to her and she went into her trance. He stopped the camera from recording and grabbed her arm and angrily told her that the idea of masturbating for his friends drove her wild with lust.

When he put her out of the trance he asked her how she felt about masturbating for his friends. She grabbed his hand and put it her heart and he felt her heart pounding and told him how excited she was for it. After that she slowly moved his hand to her mound and she was dripping juices. Jack kissed her on the neck and told her to start the show. He told her to make it hot and nasty. When she got in front of the camera Jack told her to stand aside. He walked to the camera and told her that he was gonna count down from three to zero, and when he hit record she was to walk into the frame and start to strip and after that start the real show.

He counted down and hit record. His mom did what he said. She started to dance very slutty, Jack started to think his mom was a stripper before he was born based on her dancing. She was moving so fluid it seemed like she had done this many times before.

She flipped her rich dark brown hair in a very seductive manner that drove Jack crazy when she did it. After some time Jack started to developed an erection. His mom saw the tent he had and danced even more like a whore and then she started to strip.

She started by unzipping the top part of her lingerie and when she did, her breast fell in what seemed to be slow motion.

Jack looked at her in awe, he finally looked at the whole situation. He had his mom hypnotized under the guise of homework and Jack found out the slut side of his mother. He was in love with new side of his mother, he wanted to be with her but he quickly realized that this was his mother he was thinking about. He thought about how wrong this was but his want and need to fuck his mother dominated his guilt.

After a ten to twenty minutes of her dancing with her breasts out she started to remove the rest of her lingerie. When she removed it all she was in just a pair of transparent stockings and crotchless panties. He nodded at her and she sat down. She said to the camera about how horny she was and that she was in need of a big cock. She then stuck out her large pouty lips and said in a sad voice about how no one was around to give her one so her vibrator was gonna have to do.

Jack almost went over and started shoving his cock down he throat but he restrained himself.


Instead he pulled up a chair grabbed a pen and piece of paper and told her to no move by any means because he wanted to masturbate to this. He knew if he didn't she would have been on him in seconds. She looked at him and gave a nod and started to lick her hand and rub her pussy. She was going to town herself and was moaning. Jack started to masturbate furiously as he watched his mother rub herself to an orgasm.

Her moans was making him harder and as he stroked his cock was making her rub more violently. She then lick her index and middle finger and shoved them inside her. She let out a moan that could have broken glass.


Jack heard that and shot cum all over himself and some even hit went over his head and onto the wall behind him. His mom looked at the strings of cum and shoved a third finger inside her and let out a scream of pleasure. After fifteen minutes of her fucking her wet snatch, she grabbed the vibrator kick it up to a soft quiver and put it on her clit, and she started to gasp for air because of the powerful orgasm she was feeling.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and Jack thought she was gonna pass out but she took her plastic lover out of her and turn it off and started to suck on it to taste her juices. Jack stood up to clean himself and he saw the giant wet stain that had been left from her orgasms.

After she sucked the vibrator cleaning and was ready for round two. She stood up walked to the cameras lens just close enough for the lens to see her entire crotch, and rubbed it a bit and bent down and blew a kiss to the camera and walked out of frame but came back with something new. It was a ten inch black dildo that was just as erect as Jack was.

She looked at the camera and said I found myself a new toy. She started to suck the dildo off and as she did she fucked her cunt with the vibrator. After she had the dildo all lubed up she took the vibrator and sucked on it and then shoved it up her asshole.

Jack's dick which was limp at the time, shot up like a rocket when he saw that.

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After fucking her ass violently for about twenty minutes she pulled it out and started to suck on it. When she licked it clean she walked to the camera again, turned around and spread her ass cheeks to show her wet gaping asshole. She walked out of the camera frame to Jack and tried to kiss him he tried to stop her but couldn't. After he tasted his mom's pussy and ass juices he wasn't disgusted as he thought would be. Once they stopped kissing she pulled away and told him to move the camera over to the table so she could mount the dildo so she could fuck her ass again.

Jack walked to the camera and positioned it over to table. His mom walked back into the frame with a mount for her dildo put it on the table with the dildo and positioned herself over it. She slowly started to go down on it, once the head of the cock was inside of her, she let her muscles give and fell fast and hard onto its full girth. When she did she let out a moan that made Jack cover his ears.

She was bouncing up and down on the dildo and was refusing to stop no matter how much pain she was in. Soon after she started to fuck the dildo, Jack heard a knock on the door. He told his mom to stop and be quite. The second she said that she sat down on the towering dick that impaled her and was quite. Jack went and answered the door and it was his neighbor from next door asking what this noise was.

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Jack made up a quick lie about how his parents were out of town and the noise was coming from his new girlfriend who he was having sex with. His said to himself that the lie was half true anyway. His neighbor had been a single guy who would do the same thing at his house and he understood and told Jack to get back in there and keep giving it to her. He closed the door and looked at his mom and told her to continue.

She started right back up as if she hadn't stopped. Jack looked at how long the camera had been recording and saw how his mom had doing this for an hour and a half. He decide that was long enough. He wrote on the back of the piece of paper he used earlier to tell her that she need to get a big finale.

When she saw that she grabbed the vibrator and kicked to the max settings and shoved in her pussy. She was feeling a sensation of ecstasy. When she felt and orgasm coming she ripped the vibrator out with such force she lost it and it flew it across the room. She rubbed her clit and squirted from her pussy and doused Jack who was at least five feet away in her juices.

When she quit she pulled herself off the dildo, and started to suck about 6 inches of it clean.

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When she stopped she looked at the camera blew a kiss and waved goodbye. Jack stopped the recording and told his mom how happy he was with her. She cracked an ear to ear grin and asked if she get to have more of his cock. Jack told her that if she is good he would fuck her brains out.


Jack told her to go clean herself up and her toys. He kissed her on the neck and told her that before she did that she had to clean up her mess. She looked at the floor and saw the puddle that she squirted out and reluctantly said okay.

She went to grab a rag and Jack told her she had to use her tongue. Her sadness turned into happiness because she loved the taste of her pussy. She got down on all fours and slurp it up.

When she was finished Jack told he to get cleaned up. She grabbed her toys and lingerie and walked away while shaking her ass. Jack gave it a good hard slap and she looked at him and asked if he wanted to join him. Jack looked at him mom and thought, what the hell and how could he say no. as he walked with her to the shower he thought about how he still had two more days with his mom.

To be continued&hellip.