Where the thick asses at

Where the thick asses at
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Holden and Maxynn stopped having sex for a few days. He was upset that she had basically "cheated on him", as to what he called it.

She hadn't really tried apologizing for it, she just let him be and realized he would talk when he was ready. And, she was right. Of course, her brother was addicted to her and her pussy, and she knew he would be running back in no time at all. One Friday night, Maxynn was watching one of her favorite movies in the den and she heard Holden walk in. He sat across the room from her, because being so close to her made him go crazy.

He had to keep his distance for awhile because of what happened. He missed his sister though, he masturbated about 5 times a day, at the thought of her pussy around his cock. He finally gave in to those sexual feelings and decided to talk to her. "Hey, Max, can we talk?" He asked her, she paused the movie and turned to face him. It was dark in the room, except for the tv light and he could see that she was wearing a tank top with just her underwear on. He was beginning to get a hard on, at the sight of her sexy body.

"Holden. I just want to say I'm sorry. I know what I did was wrong.

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I shouldn't have done it. I never meant to hurt you." She blurted out, she was so ashamed at what she had done.

Holden cut in, "No. Don't apologize, you were right. Maybe we shouldn't be seeing other people if we want this to work. I got so jealous seeing you fuck another guy, and I just want you all to myself. Which also means, I can't fool around with anyone's else either.

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But, I don't want to. I just want to fool around with you." Maxynn felt happy. He was picking her over all the other hot, popular girls he could have. He walked over to her, and sat beside her.

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He looked sad, she pushed her lips onto his. It felt like they haven't done this in forever, she missed it. She missed him.

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She felt his hands begin wandering over her body. First stopping at her breast, gently pinching her nipples through her shirt. Then, traveling their way further down her body. He began rubbing her pussy through her panties, he could feel the wetness seeping through. She started grinding her pussy against his fingers, and rocking her body slowly.

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Her hands finding the buckle to his jeans, and finding their way into his boxers. He felt her warm hands fondling his very erect penis, stroking it slowly. His hips began reacting to the feelings in his pants, and he started thrusting his meat into her soft hand. All the while, he pushed her panties aside and she leaned back on the couch and spread her legs for him.

He undressed and layed on the couch, telling her to put her pussy in his face, so she could suck his manhood at the same time. She quickly got into the position and shoved his penis into her mouth. He was doing his best to not cum right away, as he felt her soft lips wrapped around his shaft and her warm tongue exploring him. He hadn't felt her tongue in days, and almost exploded right when she put him in. He used his thumbs and spread her pussy lips open, and began sucking on her clit, every now and then pinching it softly in between his fingertips.


She moaned loudly, and Holden had to keep shushing her. The thought of getting caught by their parents scared them. She pretty much got used to his full 7 inches, and didn't gag at all when taking him in.

She could feel his hips thrusting upward, him fucking her mouth. She didn't mind when he did that. She felt his tongue swipe over her anus a couple times and that's what did the trick. Her body shuddered and shook, and she payed her head on his leg for a second to regain her strength. "Baby, don't stop. I was about to cum." She heard Holden whine.

She shoved him back in again and began jerking him off and sucking him at the same time. Soon enough later, she felt him shoot his load into the back of her throat. She rolled over next to him. They both were getting their breath and strength back. They heard their father walk by and he popped his head in, Maxynn jumped over the back of the couch and his.

"Holden, what are you doing? Are you masturbating? At least do that stuff in your room, son." He said to him, Holden looked embarrassed and tried to cover himself up. They waited till their dad went back to his room and ran upstairs. Once alone behind Holden's closed door, they began kissing passionately. She loved the way he kissed her. She pushed him back onto the bed, seeing his penis was once again fully hard. "You really did miss me bubby." She winked at him, and lowered herself onto him.

She guided his cock into her pussy and began rocking on him gently. He thrust his hips upward, stroking her G- spot evertime. He was holding onto her hips, helping her lift and pulling her back down each time. "Uhhh. Oh, goddd," Maxynn moaned out, Holden kept shushing her. But, she couldn't hear him over her moans, the sound of their slapping sex, and the squeak of his bed. Before he was able to shoot his load into his sexy little sister, the door hurt open. "What the hell is going on here?" They both turned to see Holden's mother.

She grabbed Maxynn by her hair and yanked her up off of him. She told them both to get dressed and come downstairs immediately, then left the room. Maxynn was shaking, so nervous that they had got caught. She felt stupid, they had become careless and that's why their parents had heard them.

Holden kissed her on the head and told her, "Don't worry. I'll take care of it." When they arrived downstairs in the living room, Maxynn's dad was also waiting for them.

He looked furious, like he was going to fight Holden any second. "I can't believe this for one minute, Maxynn. You are sixteen years old, you shouldn't be having sex of any kind.

And Holden, I don't want to even get started with you. You both are to blame and should have known from the start how wrong it was," Her father started, they were in for a big lecture. "You know what? I don't even want to hear it. Would you rather Maxynn be running around with a boy at school who doesn't care about her and using her for sex?

I don't think so," Holden cut in. Now, her father looked even more mad. "Son, don't start with me. You're seventeen and it's wrong, seeing as you two are related," He said. Maxynn then said, "Dad, we're technically not related. We aren't blood-related. And, I love Holden. He takes care of me and treats me good. I just —" She couldn't finish, because right then Holden's mother jumped in. "This whole thing makes me sick. You two are not hooking up, period.

End of discussion. You're both ground, go upstairs right now. Your father and I need to talk about what to do with this situation," His mother said. Maxynn was pissed. Her father doesn't even try to hear them out.

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Maxynn went to her room and Holden to his, waiting to hear their punishment. A little while after they headed their separate ways, Holden busted into Maxynn's room. He was holding a bag full of clothes. "What are you doing?" Maxynn asked him, looking through his bag. "Max, run away with me.

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We can be together, with no complications. I'm almost an adult, I can get a job and I'll support us," he begged her. She thought for a second and said, "Where are we going to stay?" He pulled out a ton of cash from his bag.

"I have all of my college savings from since I was six, and you have yours too. We can find a little apartment, or stay in motels until we have enough to get our own place. Just, please come with me baby.


I want to be with you," He pleaded with her. She finally gave in. She grabbed a bag and started shoving some clothes into it. She took anything that had a lot of value to her, and smashed her piggy bank that she had been saving up since she was a little girl.

They had to hurry before their parents came up in any minute. They climbed out Maxynn's window and threw their stuff into Holden's car, which he got as a present on his sixteenth birthday. Holden leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Finally, no more parents telling them what to do. It was just the two of them. To be continued.