Big threesome party with girl trans and guy

Big threesome party with girl trans and guy
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"I can't, Mistress," Alex typed with a quick tap of the buttons. He sighed and let his finger push enter. Alex had a mistress over the internet, and he loved to roleplay. He had tried forever to cum, whacking at his cock until it actually began to hurt. He was worried that he couldn't cum.But he didn't know if a fifteen year old, pretty healthy male would have any problems ejaculating.

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He had been in front of the cam since 11:23 it was now 12:55. His dick was starting to hurt, and was a bright red from the irritation. "Keep trying, pet, you can do it." She entered, with action marks such as She cooed the words.

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- He was only continuing because she had offered to get on cam herself, and finger her ass for him, and he was a sucker for that. She got on cam showing him her boobs whenever, but he wanted to see her pussy, and ass being fingered. The male frowned, and put another handful of lube into his palm, before rubbing his hands together. He came to a quick realization.the tip was the most sensitive, why had he not touched it.

He had gripped the bottom of his dick, and used his other hand to rub his palm against the tip, but this only gave him the extreme urge to piss, this had excited him the first time, thinking he was going to cum but was disappointed to have pissed on his bed.

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Well.Maybe if he stroked, basically using the first half of his nine inch dick, he could cum! He did it, and he got the same feeling her did when he was going to piss, so he slowed but continued doing so.

The tingling feeling continued up his legs, to his stomach, making it tighten. It continued, and soon he felt his face crunch. It felt as if he'd eaten such a sour candy that his eyes had to shut, but it was with pleasure! He felt what he thought was piss come exploding from his tip.well.maybe exploding isn't the right word…more like oozing.

Piss didn't ooze…but neither did cum! Cum was supposed to shoot out! He knew, he watched plenty of girls get cumshots to the what was this? He opened his eyes, to see a clear liquid on his hand, stomach, thighs, and bed sheet.

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He thought he was getting close, so he stroked harder, and harder, while watching the screen of his Mistress bouncing her boobs around. He slowly put his hand around his cock again, to feel a wave of pleasure shoot through him, holy shit I am sensitive.maybe that is cum.


Through sheer force of will, he continued stroking and nothing came. She he smirked, and looked at the cam, showing his hand, with a small amount of white. "Mm.That looks yummy." She said, licking her licks over cam. He loved girls swallowing cum, and smirked. He stood, cleaning himself off, before lying back down. "Your turn" he answered, before getting another message "Not tonight." Damn her.she's not going to.

He sighed, but was too happy about his cumming that he didn't care. Now he could shoot his cum into girls' faces, and not be shy about not cumming.

He wanted to try it now.he made up a lie "Shit, my dogs are fighting, I got to go.

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I might not be able to get on again though, so you tomorrow if I can't." He logged off before she could say anything. He knew exactly where he was going to go. He got his phone and text her, waiting impatiently.


He heard his phone vibrate, and grabbed it as quickly as he could. He unlocked it, seeing the name Marisa. Thank god she was awake, he text back "You want to meet me in the park?" After a moment of horrible silence, and waiting another vibrate shook his bed. "Uhh y?" He cursed himself for not taking all the offers she had sent him before.

He text her back, as quickly as he could "To hang out" this time the text came much quicker saying "Sure, meet u there in 15" He let out a yell of joy, making it quiet to not wake his parents. He quickly threw a jacket on, almost walking out the door naked.

Once he was fully dressed, he ran out the door, getting on his brothers bike, and riding. Once he got to the park, he checked his phone, it had been twenty minutes and he doesn't see her. He text her and she said she was about a minute away. He couldn't wait for it, he was bouncing with anticipation. Finally she got there; Marisa wasn't the prettiest girl… She had a slightly big nose, glasses, a few pimples but not bad. She had a rocking body, nice figure but rather small boobs.she was either a small bit, or a big A, her ass was round, and nice, but nothing to brag about.

She walked up, and wrapped her arms around my waste, in a hug, I hugged her back, and my dick twitched with anticipation. I sat down on a swing, and I knew she liked me for five years. But even I didn't expect her to come sit in my lap. My dick twitched, and she must have felt it rubbing against her ass. If she did she pretended not to. "Hey, let's go in those tube things." He motioned towards three tubes. One was large, and short, another was skinny and thin, and the other was in between.

She nodded, and walked to the one that was in between. They could both fit, but it would be tight. She went in first, and laid on her back, looking out at him. She motioned him, and he came in.

He shifted to sit on his back. He wanted her so badly, but he didn't know how to start. He laid on his back, closing his eyes as she shifted to face him, on her stomach.

He felt her hand on his calf, and beginning to move along his leg. She was testing to see if he would let her.


He acted as if he didn't notice, her hand slowly creeping up his thigh. When her hand slid over his groin, she gave a light squeeze, and he let out a groan. He shifted, his dick was beginning to creep upward. He shifted somewhat, looking around the tube, avoiding her gaze. His stomach tightened when he felt her hand beginning to unzip, and unbutton his pants. He shifted his hips to help her pull them down, felt his length spring free of its bondage, sitting straight up at its nine inches.

He breathed heavily, but gasped when he felt her lips close around the head of his cock, she wasn't wasting any time. He let out a slow groan, as her lips began to sink down his cock. She wasn't sort of nooby at blowjobs.but he didn't know. He panted and groaned as she began to bob, and suck on his cock, his fingers curling as she got faster and faster. He wasn't sure how long it would take him to cum when he was jacking off, just because he knew he could not, but it only took about ten minutes for him to feel the need to cum.

"O-oh shit.Marisa I have to cum." He warned, his fingers curling as she continued. She pulled her lips away from his cock, beginning to stroke up and down over it, aiming it towards her face. He watched as his entire body tingled with pleasure, before his seed shot from his tip. It wasn't like before, before it was an ooze, this time he shot the cum straight in her face, covering her left eye, her hair, and got most of the seven shots into her mouth.

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"Oh.god.thank you." He moaned, laying his head on the sand. Comment and rate, let me know if I should make a second.