Messy German Slut Gets Gang Bang Bukkake

Messy German Slut Gets Gang Bang Bukkake
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A Sisters Love (Jay, Lael, and Kate Part 1) One afternoon on a Saturday Jay went for a walk on the park to clear his mind. He has been thinking about his favorite girls on his soccer team and the time on a Friday night when he had scored with Faith and some of her friends in the locker room after a late game. "Hey coach!" He heard a voice call to him from behind him.

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It was Lael, the tall busty brunette bombshell that he had fucked in the showers that night he was just recalling in his mind. "Hey pretty girl" he said as he looked around to see if anyone was nearby.


She ran up to him with another girl who Jay had never seen before. "This is my sister Kate" Lael said as they both walked up to him. "Hey" she said to him as she reached out to give him a big hug. Jay was taken back by her hug but didn't mind a hug from a pretty girl anytime. Kate was as tall as Lael was, but looked a little younger in the face. Kate said she was a freshman at the same college with Lael and Jay. Jay was puzzled why he never ran into Kate before that day.

"What are you girls up too" Jay said with a smile. "We just finished a run Lael said, "my soccer coach loves us girls to stay conditioned" she said with a smile. "Right now we are headed back to our house for a shower" Lael said winking at Jay. The memories came flooding back to Jay about how he fucked her and cum on her face and tits in the girls shower room.

Jay thought about joking with the girls and asking if they needed any help in the shower but he wasn't sure if Kate was ok with that. After second of hesitation Jay gave into his perverted mind and asked it anyway.

Lael smiled and said "well my parents shower might be big enough for the three of us, but it's not as big as the school showers." Kate laughed and smiled at her and then Jay knew that Lael must have told her sister about their extra late night training session a few weeks ago. "My parents are out of town for the weekend if you want to come over" she offered.

Kate is kinda new with these things anyway and maybe you could teach her some things and help her. Kate looked at her and punched her in the side. "I am not" she said, " I have let a boy see my tits last year" she offered in defense of herself. Jay glanced down at her nice tits and imagined what they might look like. They didn't seem to be as big as Lael's D cup rack but Jay wouldn't mind a bit seeing them.

The three of them hurried off to their house down the street and Jay's mind became busy with all sorts of images of the two beautiful brunette girls. When they got in their house they headed back to their parents room and started the shower water.

Little by little clothes began to drop off. Lael quickly dropped her shirt and bra standing facing Jay.

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"Remember these" she said smiling. Kate was a little slower in removing her top and then dropped her running shorts and was standing there in her sexy bra and panties. Jay's attention went to her as she spun around with her ass facing him. He could tell she was a little shy but he would quickly help her overcome that soon. "Can I help you with your bra" Jay offered as he reached over and unclasped it for her.

Her bra feel to the floor and she slowly turned around revealing her perky tits to Jay. "Nice" Jay said to her trying to encourage her and put her at ease. Lael turned around and grabbed her shorts and panties in tandem and pulled them down her long sexy legs as she bend over baring her ass to Jay. "Mmm" Jay said as he reached out and squeezed her ass cheek a little.

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Kate was a little hesitant to take the next step with her sister and a grown man standing before her and Lael picked up on her resistance and reached over and slid her panties down for her. Jay watched in excitement as his dick jumped and got harder at the sight of a new pussy he had never seen before.

Jay slid his shirt and pants off too.


Lael's sister was nicely shaven too just like her sister was. There was a little patch of hair above her pussy that just begged to be touched.

Her pussy was a little tighter and didn't have the loose lips hanging down as much as Lael did. The 3 of them hoped in the shower together. It was tight but Jay didn't mind their bodies touching each other as the warm water trickled down their naked bodies. Jay grabbed a washcloth and soap started to lather it up and then took turns scrubbing the girls backs as they stood In a circle together. Lael took hold of Jay's hard dick and began to stroke it slowly as she smiled at him. Jay worked his way down to their asses and began to probe deeper between their legs with his hands.

Lael knelt down and brought her mouth inches away from the tip of Jay's dick. "This is how you give a proper blowjob" she said to her sister as she licked up the underside and around the tip of Jay's cock. Jay placed his hand on Kate's breast and caressed it gently. He felt her nipple press against the palm of his hand. Lael inserted the first 2 inches of Jay's dick in her mouth and had begun sucking on it while staring up at his face. "Mmm" Jay moaned as he could feel her tight lips wrap around him and her tongue swirl around his dick.

"Come down here and give it a try" Lael told her sister. Kate knelt down next to her sister and waited for her sister to hand off the thick cock to her for a taste. Lael released his dick and Kate gently took it in her mouth and then took it out to lick all around it as if she forgot to copy her sister. Lael reached up and fondled Jay's balls while Kate worked his shaft deeper in her mouth. Jay reached down with each hand and caressed a breast from each girl squeezing and pinching their big nipples.

Liz felt her sister's tit pressed up against hers as they knelt side by side. The feeling was somewhat exciting.

She had seen her sister naked before, but only for moment and not like this. After a few minutes of dick sucking Jay offered to give the sisters some oral pleasure. They stood up and Jay went down on his knees before them.

Lael opened her legs slightly signaling she was ready to go first and Jay moved in and took a long slow lick up on her dripping wet pussy lips.

His tongue slid between her outer lips and tasted her sweet tangy juices. Jay put a hand on each of their asses and squeezed them while he worked his tongue deeper inside Lael's hole.

He moved his hand in between Kate's legs and begin to prove her tight pussy with his fingers while he continued to kiss and suck on Lael's pussy lips.

Kate could feel his thick fingers filling up her vagina and pressing against her clit as he explored her. In the middle of the pleasure Lael instinctively reached out and grabbed her sisters breasts then realizing what she had done she pulled her hand back.

Kate didn't seem to mind and in a move to copy Lael she grabbed Lael's breasts in return.

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Lael looked at her and smiled while she enjoyed her sister's touch and she reached back and began to squeeze Kate's tits again. Jay decided he waited long enough, he wanted to taste Kate's pussy for the first time and he switched hands and sides and began to lick Kate's pussy all around. He ran his tongue between her slit and blindly found Lael's pussy with his other hand. Her pussy was wet and warm from the tongue bath he had just given her.


Kate let out a moan "oh god" she said as he pleasured her with his tongue. Lael was excited to see her younger sister enjoying herself and it turned her on more to be watching it. In her pleasure Kate became more aggressive with touching and feeling Lael's breasts.

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She moved her hand down between Lael's legs and began to feel her wet pussy along with Jay's fingers. Jay took his fingers out to allow Kate's to fully explore Lael's pussy. Jay noticed how the girls were enjoying each other as much as he was and he smiled. Kate opened her legs wider and allowed Jay to probe deeper with his lips and tongue. He kept flicking her clit with his tongue and it was building up in a big cum for Kate Lael jokingly said "oh I dropped the soap" as she bent over to pick it up.

Jay switched back to her pussy but ate it from behind as he pressed his face between her butt cheeks. Jay stood up and pushed his hard dick between her legs and ass and grinded it against Lael while he fondled her breasts. Lael's face was at the same level as Kate's tits and she wanted to kiss and suck on them but she wasn't sure if Kate was ok with it. She figured she would try it, after all Kate helped Jay rub her pussy some.

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Lael grabbed one of her tits and gave it a lick and then quickly sucked one of the nipples in her mouth. Kate let out a moan signaling that she was comfortable with her sister's advances.

Jay pulled back and placed his stuff cock right at the entrance of Lael's pussy. It slid inside her pussy easily with the help of the soap and water. Lael felt her vagina fill up with Jay's thick dick and go deeper inside her pussy than before because she was bent over.

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He pounded her over and over and Lael felt his balls slap against her ass as he went faster and deeper. Kate returned the pleasure to Lael by playing with her tits again and rubbing her hands on Lael's wet body. Jay could hardly hold in his cum any longer and announced "I'm gonna cum!" Kate replied "I want to taste it!" And Lael gave Jay the nod giving him permission to pull out and offer it to Kate.

Jay turned and faced Kate with his hard cock and Kate took it right away into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head of his dick in her mouth and Jay lost all control as he shot several streams of cum in her mouth. Kate released his cock from her mouth and his cum was on her tongue and dripping out.

Jay turned toward Lael and covered her ass with a few more streams of cum also. They cleaned up and Jay offered to cook dinner for the two sisters. They invited Jay to stay the night with them as their parents wouldn't be home for 2 more days. They talked about what fun the night might bring later. (To be continued.)

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