A dirty blonde milf gives deep blowjob then gets her vagina fucked hard

A dirty blonde milf gives deep blowjob then gets her vagina fucked hard
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The day was cloudy I just stepped out the shower. I was so excited it's my first vacation out of state.

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I mean sure Chicago is a great city but after 14 years it gets.blah. My mom was cooking up a quick breakfast eggs and ham while I was busy drying off. I noticed my daily work out routine was starting to pay off.

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I'm 5 foot 9 inches tall I'm not out of shape but my belly gut poking out it seemed to give me a chubby look that I hated. As I ran the towel over my short wet hair a knock came on the door. "Hey! Hurry up I have to pee." My cousin Laura yelled at me from the locked door.

"Hold on I'm still naked keep your pants on." I yelled back wrapping the towel over my waistline and opened the door. Laura bolted threw the open door and knocked me to the ground.

As I came to I noticed my towel was splayed open and my dick and balls was hanging out of the towel.

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"Sorry." was all Laura said as she got an eye full of my crotch. I have to say I'm not huge more like a healthy seven inches for a 14 yr old but I'm sure to my spunky 12 year old cousin who probably hasn't even seen a cock before it was the biggest thing she ever saw.

The more she looked at it the bigger and harder it got. I quickly realized she was staring right at my dick and tried to cover it up but my dick was so hard it just poke threw the towel.

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I stood up and tried to pull my dick to the side and hold it down finally that worked.sorta. that's when I noticed Laura was rubbing her thighs together.

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Something I haven't seen since she was six years old and nearly pissed herself while we waited in line for a ride at six flags. I was going to yell at her for pushing me to the ground but I figure she was already about to pee all over herself if I didn't leave. I was also too embarrassed to even try to act like I was mad. I just closed the door and ran to my room to change. On the way to our room my mom asked "Everything ok?" I was just trying to get to the room as fast as I could.


"Nothing!" I yelled back as I zoomed past my confused mom. Once I was in my room I changed to my boxer shorts and a big blue tee-shirt and black and red stripped basketball shorts.

That was difficult in itself because for some reason my boner was still hard as a rock. The image of my small cousin I'm her paper thin pink pajamas with ponies on them with that strange look of surprise and another look I haven't seen before on her face framed by her short raven black hair kept fading in and out of my head. Finally I decided to angle my dick down my thigh and hope it wasn't to noticeable and make my way to the table.

"About time. Hurry up and eat we don't want to be late for the train." My mom scolded as she ate her eggs and ham.

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I noticed my cousin wouldn't even look at me she just kept her head down and ate her eggs. Me and Laura always had a special bond. She was always over at my house during the day when her mom was at work and I be at her house at night when my mom worked night shifts. We were more like brother and sister and she was a bit.sensitive.

I wouldn't call her a crybaby to her face but she would cry over the smallest things. That usually make me mad when she say I was playing to rough or not paying enough attention to her.

If anyone else would make her cry though I go ballistic. That made me feel worse that she wasn't crying or mad she was just silent. She would cry when things where her fault and somehow I end up in trouble man I just wish she cry and get me in trouble already. Breakfast was done and she never said a thing just grab her plate, put it in the sink, and headed to our room. I didn't mind sharing the room with her she and I would trade off on who sleep on the floor and who get the bed.

Sometimes she would be stubborn and I have to share my small bed with her when it was her turn to take the floor. I walked in grabbed the duffel bag filled with our extra clothes and told her we.have to go. Laura never even looked at me she just plopped off the bed and headed out the door.

She was wearing some of her old jeans and a tight white school shirt from last year. The clothes were tight on her but it seemed to curve her out more. She didn't seem to have her boyish figure any more she started to develop some nice hips and I'm sure as she walked pass me I noticed some lumps on her chest. What's wrong with me this is Laura she's like my little sister and she for real is my cousin I shouldn't be looking at her like that. I just followed her and my mom out the door and into the cab.

The train station was huge marble walls and all kinds of restaurants smells filled the air. The people were loud and moving fast all around us. I grabbed Laura hand to make sure we didn't lose one another she squeezed my hand tightly and I was always a step behind my mom who was now in line for our tickets. "It's pretty cool your mom agreed to you coming with me and my mom to New York for the next few days." I said to Laura hoping she forgot about what happened in the morning.

No luck Laura just ignored me but never let go of my hand. After what seemed like forever we got our tickets we had gotten a mix up though. Only two seats were close together the other seat was down a few rows. My mom told me "It's ok after a few stops we will all be sitting close after some people leave the train.

Until then You have to take care of Laura ok sweetie?" I nodded my head and squeezed Laura's hand. As soon as we boarded the train mom made sure we were in our seats and showing us where the bathroom was we sat down and waited for the train to get going.

Laura sat near the window and faced away from me. I was sure she was still mad at me for exposing myself to her but it wasn't my fault she bumped into me and she stared at it. It's not like I shoved it in her face and made her look at it.


I figured I should make my argument to her when I couldn't help but notice her nice booty just poking out from her as she absent mindedly stared out the window. I instantly forgot what I was going to say and do and I just stared at her booty. I regretted that decision because I got a boner again and didn't have anything to cover it up. I had tried to put my hand over it but just as I did that a stewardess came buy to check on our tickets and noticed my cock in my hand and giggled to herself and walked away.

Fully embarrassed I just accepted the fact I had a boner and tried to ride it out. I turned and faced the back of Laura face knowing if I turned the other way anybody can see my dick tenting up in my shorts. The train was delayed for departure I'm sure over weather because a loud crack of thunder boomed out after the announcement.

I began to feel my cock deflate some bit so I relaxed and found myself asleep. I woke up from my short nap once the train moved back and fourth as it began to move forwards.

I felt something pushing back on me and it was Laura's ass. She must've fallen alseep too and curled up next to me for warmth. As Laura small butt rubbed back on me as the train moved I couldn't help but get a boner again.

It wasn't long maybe too bumps on my cock until it grew to its full length. Laura didn't seem to mind she was sleep still. I did begin to feel a little cold and Laura body was so warm. I wondered if she would mind if I curled up closer to her.

I decided why not she curled up on me so why can't I get a little closer for warmth. Wrapping my arms around her small waist I pushed her closer just as Laura's butt poked onto my hard tip of my dick.

I swear I heard her moan softly as my cock pushed into her ass threw her tight jeans. It took only a few more pokes before I realized having my hard dick poking on my younger cousin's butt probably wasn't the best solution. So I adjusted my dick so it would run along the crack of my little cousins ass.

I'm sure it was the best answer to both our problems. Boy was I wrong her tight and rough jeans running along my cock seemed to start pushing the skin on my dick up and down I figure moving in closer would stop it. All that did was make her butt clamp up I'm not sure if it was a reflex or what but having her perky butt push up on my cock just made the feeling more intense.

Suddenly the train seemed to bump up probably from a.slightly warped rail or something but now my dick head was poking out. Its red flesh was so bright as it rubbed up and down on Laura's jeans. I tried to move my arm so I can slip it back into my shorts but Laura just grabbed my arm tightly.

I'm sure she was still alseep but she then moved my hand to her chest. Where I gotten my first touch of boob it was soft and I loved it. I roughly pawed at Laura's right tit. It wasn't much a little less then an A cup nothing more then a small mound of flesh with a hard nipple in the middle poking at the palm of my hand. Her breasts were still too small for a bra so I felt everything.The light material from the shirt was pretty rough and made her nipples harder as I grabbed at her small tit.

It was pure heaven for me but then I felt my balls tingle and get heavy. I only jerked off once after I found out HBO had porn on after 12 am before our cable subscription got cancelled. I remember the feeling I also remember the mess it makes so panicked and lifted Laura's shirt open and stuck only the tip of my dick in it and sprayed two long and heavy streams of cum on her back.

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I watched as the trail of cum rolled down the curve of her back and flow down the crack of her ass. Laura squirmed as the hot cum fell on her back and shuddered as it pooled just under her ass crack. I knew if she was asleep She wouldn't be for long anymore. Laura turned around and as I prepared for the worst she just smiled at me and held her arms open for a hug.

I hugged her and felt the squishy cum that didn't roll into her jeans matt up on her back. Well she didn't cry and didn't seem to mind me dry humping her ass. Maybe this might be a better vacation then I thought.