Hot twink scene Big top jizz shotgun stud Drake returns in this

Hot twink scene Big top  jizz shotgun stud Drake returns in this
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction.

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In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.

--- Mouth part 2 (mmF, 1st, blackmail, inc, nc, oral, impreg?, F-solo) by Krosis of the Collective --- "What do you want me to do?" Leslie asked, totally defeated.

Her brother Jay grinned at his buddy Cal. They had worked all day editing a video they had shot last night after drugging his sister, combining it with the recording work she had been doing for a college project on voice synthesis in order to make it sound like she had ordered her brother to pull out his cock so that she could suck it.

They had uploaded the fake incest video to a porn site and it was going to automatically go public the next day, unless. "Get undressed." Leslie knew this was going to be what they wanted. The video had shown both of them taking advantage of her unconscious form, so what else would it be?

"I'll.suck you off." she offered, her mind racing. How could she keep that video from becoming public?

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"Nope. Kit off, or become famous." She went to pull her tank top off, but then Jay added, "Slowly." Annoyed, she slowed her movements, extending the embarrassing act of getting naked in front of her little brother and his friend. First the tank top, and then she slowly peeled her shorts down her legs, making sure it didn't pull down her panties at the same time. Both 15-year-old boys sat on 19-year-old Leslie's bed as she stripped. Their cocks were tenting out their shorts, ready for what would come next.

Leslie turned away from them and unfastened her bra. She paused, holding the cups in place. "It's not like we haven't seen them before," Jay reminded her.

Leslie sighed and let her arms drop. She turned back around and both boys drew in their breath at the sight. They'd seen them before, sure, but only while she was lying down. Standing up, her barely C cup boobs stood out proudly, her nipples pointing at the excited teenagers.

"Lie down here," Jay said, making room and patting the bed between himself and Cal. Leslie hesitated. Jay brought his phone out and touched the screen.

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The fake voice, recognizable as hers, again said, "I'm your big sister so you do what I say, Jay. I want to suck your cock.pull it out." She climbed onto the bed, her face flushed. It really did sound like her.


Jay pushed her sideways and she toppled onto her back. He grabbed her panties and started to pull them down her legs. She started to kick but then Cal grabbed one leg while Jay grabbed the other. Unable to pull her panties off in this position Jay yanked hard and they tore off. "Grab her arms," Jay said to Cal. The other boy moved up the bed above her head and did so.

Thinking for a moment, he then pulled her arms up, knelt on them, and unzipped his fly. His hard cock sprang out. Distracted by the dick in her face, Leslie had lost track of what Jay was doing. Then she felt something touch her pussy lips. Her head snapped up. Her brother's shorts were off and his cock was poking at her most vulnerable area! "No! Please, Jay, don't!" With an animal growl, Jay grabbed her hips and thrust hard. His incestuous dick slipped inside her effortlessly.

Leslie was surprised at how easily that had happened, but then she remembered that she had been reading erotica when they had burst into her room so her pussy was already well lubricated, despite the situation.

"YEAH," Jay groaned, pulling back and then pushing forward again.

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His six inch cock bottomed out inside her and she grunted. Then her head was pulled back and Cal's cock bumped into her mouth. When she opened her mouth to call out to Jay to stop it was filled with teenaged dick.

"Mmmphhh!" she gasped. Cal had taken the opportunity to jam his five incher as far as he could go into her mouth and immediately started to thrust. With Cal pinning her arms above her and Jay holding her hips she couldn't fight back, and even if she could they'd ruin her life with that video! Still, she had to get Jay's cock out of her pussy.

She was close to her fertile time of the month and she couldn't get pregnant from her own brother! Jay was now thrusting into her. If he was anything like Cal was on that incriminating video from last night he wouldn't last long.

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She had to get Cal's dick out of her mouth to plead her case! But what could she do? Bite it? That would get him to pull out but what if that made them upset enough to post the video? Cal was thrusting into her mouth harder.

'Goddamnit,' she thought to herself. If she couldn't use pain then she had to do the opposite. She tightened her lips on Cal's dick and sucked hard, moving her head up and down as best she could in order to increase the tempo of what was becoming a proper blowjob.

She licked his shaft as it went in and out of her mouth. "Oh shiiit!" Cal yelled as she felt his cock expand.

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Then it started to fill her mouth with warm semen. She waited until he finished and then when he fell back, sated, she spat his goo out to the side and raised her head back up to look at her brother. Jay was thrusting hard, his eyes closed. He was getting close! "Jay! You can't cum in me or I'll get pregnant!" she yelled. Jay slowed down and opened his eyes, but didn't stop thrusting. He looked dubious.

"Please Jay! I'll do whatever you want.I'll make it good for you, but you have to pull out!" Jay considered. He remembered all the times his sister, his OLDER SISTER as she had always reminded him, always told him what to do when she BABYSAT him when he was younger.

He looked into her eyes defiantly and slowed down his thrusts, but he also made them harder, more exaggerated. Slide out, WHAM back in, slide out, WHAM. Leslie was crying now. "If you do this I won't care about the video! My life will be ruined by having to carry my brother's baby!" Slide, WHAM, slide, WHAM.his cock twitched a little, dripping a few drops of precum inside her.

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"You won't be able to blackmail me anymore!" Jay stopped. 'That would be a problem,' he thought.

He had planned to hold this over her for a long time. "Fine," he said, and started thrusting hard and fast. "Nooo.Jay, nooo." Leslie tried to push him off but Cal grabbed her arms and pulled her back again.

WHAM WHAM WHAM.she could feel Jay's cock start to expand inside her. "Nooooo." she whimpered. Jay's cock reached the boiling point as he furiously rammed it into his sister's hot, fertile pussy. He had decided to pull out but he still recalled "Princess Leslie" and her haughty attitude throughout his life. He felt his orgasm start and he used a supreme effort to not make any noise as the pleasure spread throughout his privates. He felt the first throb of his dangerous cum race up his shaft and he let it fly deep inside his unsuspecting sister.

Then he quickly pulled out, pretending he was only just reaching orgasm at that moment, and spurted the rest on her cute, slightly rounded tummy as he grunted in pleasure. Leslie continued to cry, but now with relief. "Oh, thank you Jay! Thank you!" With both boys now spent, they left to allow her to clean herself up, though not before reminding her that she was theirs now, to use as they wanted. Leslie, feeling dirty, went immediately into the shower to clean up.


As the warm water cascaded over her fertile form she was acutely aware of the tingling of her distended pussy lips. She had been fucked but hadn't cum, and how could she when it was her own brother fucking her?

Could she.? She had been reading erotica before she was assaulted; a story about a woman who was into bondage, but of course in those situations the "sub" is in charge, not the "dom". She decided she needed to take back some control of her own body, and reached down, slipping her fingers inside her.

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She surprised herself by reaching orgasm quickly, unknowingly giving that one shot of her brother's sperm a better chance at reaching their preprogrammed goal.

--- In the morning Cal was called home by his mom. He demanded a blowjob before going, though, and Leslie gave him a quick one, using the same technique that set him off as quickly as the previous night. This time Jay made her swallow it, and then she had to suck and swallow his as well. And she had been complaining about how sore her throat was when she had been dictating!

--- At lunch Jay asked her, "Hey, how is Anne these days?" --- "Hi Jay!" Leslie's best friend Anne called out as she sauntered through their front door and gave the younger boy a hug, squishing her huge boobs into his chest.

"Hey Anne," Jay replied, pleased at the intimacy of her greeting. "Long time no see." "We're gonna have such fun tonight!" said the voluptuous blonde visitor to him and his sister. 'Yes we are,' Jay said to himself. To be continued.