A group of teen babes go nasty

A group of teen babes go nasty
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Jason and Lisa needed a good camera for their yearbook photos, since they could never afford to have them taken by a professional photographer. Pete was the only one who had one they could borrow. They called his cell phone, and he answered on the second ring. "You need my camera?" He asked. "Sure. I'll bring it over today, but I have a condition.

I want to take some semi-nudes of Lisa in exchange.


Either she agrees, or it's no deal." Jason took a moment to discuss it with his sister, then told Pete that she would do it, but only if Jason was there to chaperone. "Okay, I'll be there in about 20 minutes" he said, smiling. Lisa was easily the hottest girl in school, and pictures of her, even partially undressed, would be worth having. He went home and got several extra SD cards. Twenty minutes later, he knocked on the door, and Jason let him in.

"Hey, Lisa, aren't you a bit overdressed?" he grinned. She was wearing a long sleeved blouse and a full length skirt.

"I'm not sure I can do this." She said to her brother. She looked nervous about the whole thing.


Nervous and a more than a little excited, too. "Do I really have to?" "You do if you want to borrow my camera." Pete said, grinning widely. "How about we start by you unbuttoning the blouse? You're wearing a bra, right?" "Of course I am!" She replied. "What kind of a girl do you think I am?" She began unbuttoning her blouse as Pete motioned for her to begin.

She felt her pussy start to get a little damp as she began undressing. She liked the naughtiness of it. "I know what kind of girl you are, Lisa." He said confidently. "You're a slut." She gasped and pulled her now open blouse closed, hiding her bra covered breasts from his camera. Pete kept talking pictures anyway, getting some nice shots of the consternation on her face. "I'm not a slut; I'm still a virgin!" She protested. That word struck a nerve; she strongly suspected that he was right, but was afraid of what it would mean for her future.

She knew that sluts didn't get a lot of respect from "civilized" society. Usually, they became prostitutes or something like that. "Take the blouse off, Lisa." Pete commanded. Lisa swallowed hard, then shook her head.

Pete got a stern look on his face. "Take it off, or you two can forget about borrowing my camera." He threatened. Lisa looked over at her brother, and he nodded, telling her wordlessly to do it.

Lisa took off the blouse and let Pete continue to take her photos. She could feel one future slipping away and another, darker one replacing it. "Smile, Lisa." Pete said. "You know you like this, so quit denying it.

Have fun and let go of your inhibitions. Have fun and flirt with the camera." Lisa discovered that the camera was exciting her and she opened herself up to this new side of herself, and reveled in it. Lisa let Pete take more shots of her while she forced herself to smile. He gestured for her to stand up, then to take off her skirt. "Let me see your panties, Lisa." He directed. "Turn a little, so I can see your ass, too. Bend forward a little and spread your legs some." She did as she was told, and to her great surprise, she found herself enjoying displaying herself to the camera.

Pete could see a little wet spot beginning to form, and had her sit on the sofa with her thighs apart.

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"Touch yourself, Lisa. Let me see you playing with your breasts a little. I can see that your nipples are already hard, so play with them for the camera." Lisa did as he said, slipping the straps down off her shoulders. He got some nice shots of her dark nipples after she bared both breasts, the better to play with them.

"Now the panties." He said. "Take them off, and play with your pussy. Put two fingers in there for me." Jason was sitting on a chair, not too far away, and he groaned as Lisa followed Pete's directions. He took his cock out of his pants and began stroking it slowly with his fist.

"Go sit next to her, Jason." Pete said. Jason did as he was told, sitting right beside his sister. "Lisa, go ahead and give your brother a hand. It's okay; he won't mind. Just stroke your hand up and down on it a few times." Lisa did as Pete said, and began giving her brother a hand job. She couldn't take her eyes off it; this was the very first cock she'd ever seen in person. Jason didn't protest either. This was the very first time anyone other than himself had touched him there.

Lisa really liked the way his cock felt in her hand, both hard and stiff at the same time. She wondered what else Pete was going to have her do and decided to follow his directions. She trusted her brother not to hurt her, and to some extent, she even trusted Pete. "Okay, Lisa, now bend down and give it a kiss." Pete directed. To his great surprise, Lisa obeyed him. His camera caught every moment of it, too. Lisa knew she was crossing a line, one she could never uncross, but she went there anyway.

She liked this naughty feeling and especially the way her brother moaned with pleasure. She liked the knowledge that she was able to give him that pleasure. "Lick it, Lisa. Then take the head of it in your mouth and suck on it a little." He said.

Lisa obeyed him, liking the feel of it in her mouth. She didn't need to be told to go deeper; Jason put his hands on her head and encouraged her to do it all by himself. Pete took hundreds of pictures of it. Jason groaned and began thrusting his hips up, driving his cock deeper and deeper into his sister's mouth with every stroke. Pete saw his face begin to get redder, and knew the boy was getting close.

He zoomed in on Lisa's face as Jason came. He caught her expression of disgust as her brother flooded her mouth with hot, sticky goo. Pete caught every moment as Lisa sat up and spat the nastiness out. The expression on her face was priceless, and he got every moment of it with the camera.

"Gah, Jason, that was disgusting!" she said. Her mouth was coated with the taste and she didn't think she would ever be free of it again. She was almost sorry that she had begun this now, but in her heart she knew it was too late to turn back. She was a slut now, forevermore. "No, Lisa, that was fantastic!" Jason replied, smiling broadly. "That was the best thing I ever felt!" Lisa felt her heart lift at his words of praise. "You don't think I'm bad?" She asked hesitantly.

"I'm a slut now, you know. You don't hate me, do you?" Jason kissed her on the forehead. "I could never hate you for that." He told her.

"Besides, that blowjob was perfect. You're a natural, little sister. Not too many girls can do it that well their first time." Pete was still taking pictures, getting close up shots of Lisa's breasts and pussy.

"Jason, I think you should return the favor your sister did for you." "What do you mean?" he asked.

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"You mean I should eat her out?" "Exactly." Pete said, grinning. "Except Lisa needs to get on her hands and knees, so I can take pictures of it. Otherwise, all I'm going to get to see is the back of your head." "Okay!" Lisa agreed eagerly. She was still very horny, and was looking forward to getting some relief. Besides, she had heard from some of her friends how good it felt to have a mouth at work down there. She was looking forward to trying it.

She got on the floor and went to her hands and knees, pointing her ass at Pete. Jason got behind her and inhaled deeply, smelling her pussy.

She smelled delicious, so he gave her a lick, and took his first taste. Pete moved around, getting shots of the action from all sides, especially shots of the expressions on Lisa's face. She looked like she was in heaven as her brother ate her out. If this was how it felt to be a slut, she was regretting her decision less and less.

"Lick her asshole, too, Jason." He said.

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"I know it sounds nasty, but she'll love it, and I want to see her face when you do it." Jason did as his friend directed, and Pete got some awesome shots of Lisa's face when her brother put his tongue up her butt. After a few minutes, Pete noticed that Jason's cock was hard again. "Are you ready to fuck her, man?" he said softly, so that only Jason could hear him. "Go ahead and get into position. She won't stop you. She's so horny that she would let Buster fuck her, right now." Buster was the neighbor's German Shepherd.

Jason licked his lips, then got up to his knees behind his sister and placed his cock between her flowered open labia, then sank it in before she really knew what was happening.

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His second stroke pierced her hymen, and his third one saw him buried all the way inside. Lisa felt something slide into her, but she decided to let it happen. She had a deep itch and needed it scratched in the worst way. Besides, she knew that she was a slut now, and nothing was off limits anymore. She turned and looked over her shoulder at her brother, still not quite believing that he was fucking her. There was no denying that what he was doing felt good, however, so she began pushing her ass back into each of his thrusts.

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Pete was still taking pictures, capturing every moment of the incest; capturing every facial expression the two siblings displayed. Not one shot showed an ounce of shame, either.

Most of them as only showed pure lust. After a few minutes, Pete saw Jason's face grow red again, and he knew the boy was about to come. He moved around so that he could get the shots of the girl's pussy being flooded with sperm.

Sure enough, Jason buried himself as deep as he could go, and let loose a torrent of come into his sister's quim. Pete wondered if he had just witnessed the second conception of the day. Pete quietly left the two siblings to themselves, and let himself out of the house. He took his SD card out and left the camera where they could find it.


A deal was a deal, after all, and he had some really nice stroke material of Lisa, which is what he had been after. He never expected to get the shots like that, though.