Homodaddy Latin Guy Tries Black Cock

Homodaddy Latin Guy Tries Black Cock
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It was a chilly night and Jason was crouched low in the bushes so he wouldn't be seen. He surveyed the house with a keen ex-military eye. Jason was in his late twenties and had just been given an honorable release from military special ops. He still kept in top physical condition, running several miles every day and lifting weights. He was getting tired of his boring desk job, however, and had found a new target. Megan, he had just met her today and she had complained about how she had no excitement in her life.

She'd also mentioned a burning desire to rid herself of her virginity, only 16 and such a desire to have sex and excitement, the girl of his dreams.

Well to make a long story short she had given him his address and said "tonight, surprise me." And was she about to get a surprise. In excitement, he had prepared that afternoon; he found a pair of dark camouflage jeans and a black form-fitting t-shirt. He also got out shoes he had made himself that had soft bottoms so they made no noise. After getting directions to the address online he got in his car and parked about a mile and a half away, the sun was just setting so he took his time walking the distance to her house so that it would be completely dark when he got there.

The light in the master bedroom on the first floor had just gone of and he waited a good 20 minutes before slowly creeping up the lawn. The only light now was a second story bedroom. He lightly tried the front door, no luck, locked. He then slid around the side of the house, still surveying the house to try to find any alarm system.

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They didn't seem to have any sort of alarms so he went around to the back and tried the door. Again no luck. Ok, last resort, he found the air conditioner and climbed on top of it, then leapt to the roof with as little sound as possible. He cringed as there was a thump when his knee came in contact with the roof. Though he was on the other side of the house so he didn't think it made that much sound to the inhabitants. He then slowly went around the house, treading lightly until he was within a few feet of the window, which still had the light on.

He slowly backed away from the window so that the light would not reflect on his face and he perched himself on the ledge of the roof. This wasn't a problem because he still had excellent balance.

What he saw inside was Megan on her computer typing away to her friends. She had a t-shirt and PJ pants on and looked amazing. She was about 5'2 and couldn't be more than 120 lbs.

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However, her slender body did not prevent her from having rather large breasts; they must have been at least a C cup. Not to mention her beautiful round bottom and the rest of her amazingly sensual body. Jason figured she must play a bunch of sports to keep her body looking like it did.

He crouched there for about an hour, watching her type and giggle when someone said something funny. Finally, she seemed to lose interest and flicked off her light.

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Damn, he suddenly couldn't see, his eyes had adjusted to the light and all he saw now was blackness. He covered his watch light and turned it on, 11:51. He still had hours. His eyes eventually adjusted to the lack of light but he could still see very little inside of the room. Then suddenly his luck changed and a cloud cleared away from the moon, shining silvery rays of light into the room. What he saw nearly made him fall off the roof and he fell forward instead to get a better look.

She was lying completely nude in her bed with only a sheet covering her (and not covering her very well at that). In the silver light he could see her stomach (not quite covered by the sheet). Jason could tell that she very nearly had a six pack and her stomach was completely flat. His eyes moved up her body and he could see her round breast topped with a semi-hard nipple (the other was covered but he could make it out through the sheet).

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His eyes continued up her soft neck and supple lips. Her long golden blonde hair was draped over the sheet-covered breast. Her head was slightly cocked to one side and she was obviously asleep, her chest moved up and down slowly. Megan's beauty astounded him and his cock began to swell. "Not yet" he told himself, he would have time for that in a few moments.

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He decided now was the time to act and he slowly slid open the window he somehow knew would be unlocked. He soundlessly slipped into the room and crept along to the side of the bed. In one fluid motion taken right from military academy he covered her mouth and held her.

He heard the muffled scream and quickly turned the light on, she immediately stopped making noise and he uncovered her mouth to find a gleaming smile on her face.

"I thought you'd forgotten" she said quietly. He shook his head and she immediately wrapped her arms around him and started kissing him, her nude body sliding against the bare skin of his arm. "You have to be quiet" he said as softly as he could.

"Oh, I know, I know, they sleep like rocks, don't worry about it" This was all he could handle and he jumped on top of her, forcing her down with his powerful arms and began passionately kissing her. She gasped and moaned lightly as his hard body pressed up against her nearly nude body. She slid her hands under him and began unzipping and unbuttoning his pants.

She then forced the sheet out from between them and turned Jason over so he was on his back. He liked this new control and watched her with a lustful eye while she did her thing.

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She pulled his pants down and off and threw them on the floor. She then began massaging his cock through his boxers and continued kissing him, he was rock hard and began to groan. With the other hand she rubbed along his hard 6 pack and up to his equally hard pecks.

She stopped everything momentarily to take his shirt off and her wet pussy rubbed against his leg. She noticed he still had his shoes on and took them off quickly. This was the most excited she had ever been and she began kissing him all up and down the front of his body. She continued downward to his hard cock, it was very large, maybe the biggest she had ever seen (besides porn). She slid down his boxers and his cock sprung up. It was cut, just how she liked it and she began softly kissing the head and the shaft (this was not the first time she'd given a bj).

Jason started to breathe heavily as she teased his rock hard member. Megan then began licking up and down his cock with the very tip of her tongue. This seemed to excite him greatly because he began making soft moaning sound and he turned his head to one side. Finally, when Jason was about to grab her by the hair and force her mouth on his cock she did it herself and began softly sucking on the head of his cock.

He could hardly control himself as he saw her full pink lips slide up and down on his cock. She kept going further and further down his cock sucking away, Jason wondered how much she would take. His question was answered when she took all but about two inches of his cock and gagged. She stopped and giggled for a second then continued sucking, but she never went that far again.

After a few glorious minutes of this she stopped and got up so that she was on her knees on the bed with her legs slightly parted. Jason reached up and lightly fondled her breast and ran his hand along her soft stomach. He then lifted her with little trouble and laid her down on her back on the bed. He started touching her everywhere he could think of, her skin was so soft and smooth and she instantly responded wherever he touched her with a moan of pleasure.


He started vigorously sucking on her nipples and rubbing her breasts. He sucked her nipples until they were red and very sensitive, then he kissed them and rubbed them with his fingers, making her moan. After what seemed like a long time he began moving down her body to her smoothly shaven pussy. He gently parted her legs until they were wide, and gazed at the delicate folds of her teenage pussy.

He could see it glistening in the half-light and knew she was excited. He slowly moved his head down, stopping to lick her inner thighs to tease her. As soon as his tongue slid into her pussy she moaned loudly (a little too loudly for his liking actually) and he felt a gush of warm liquid.


He lapped it up greedily and continued licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. When he thought he had done that long enough he slid a few fingers in her pussy and rubbed her G-spot. He was rewarded with a renewed gush of warm juices. He started rubbing harder and harder and she covered her mouth to muffle the screams of ecstasy coming from her mouth. There was almost a constant flow of wetness and there was a small wet spot on the bed from it dripping out.

Not wanting to wear her out too badly he stopped after making her cum what he figured was quite a few times. He slowly slid up her body and she gave him the unmistakable look that said "fuck me". He positioned himself between her legs and whispered "are you ready," she nodded and he slowly slid the head of his cock inside her.

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Even though he had just had his fingers in her and knew what to expect it was still surprising how warm and tight her pussy was. She moaned and he felt her pussy pulsate against his hard cock. He pushed himself further and further inside her, pushing apart the warm soft flesh of her virgin pussy. As the last inch of his cock went in he felt that he was as far in as her pussy would let him go, "perfect fit" he thought as he began sliding in and out of her.

Her things squeezed him tightly as he began fucking her properly.

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She moaned for him to go harder and harder and she began cumming on his cock. He could tell by the squeezing sensation and her moans and it encouraged him to go harder and faster.

He looked down at his cock going in and out of her pussy and looked up and down her body, he was quickly losing control and asked if she wanted the cum inside her.

She muttered "uh huh" and he began fucking her as hard as he could. The cum went to the tip of his cock and he gave one last moan before emptying himself into her little pussy. Her pussy continued pulsating as if trying to milk the last of the sperm out of his hard cock. He collapsed on top of her and they both just laid there for awhile with there eyes closed savoring the moment. As his cock began to soften he absentmindedly sucked on her neck, she giggled and moaned and her pussy gave another few squeezes.

Even when he wasn't turned on he loved to see that tight little tummy bounce up and down as she giggled and he especially still loved the feel of her pussy on his shrinking cock.

It was however, about time to make an exit.


He told her this regretfully and she in turn regretfully agreed. His cock slid out of her and he quickly used her bathroom to wash off.

He slipped back into his clothes and went back out the way he came, parting with a kiss and a promise to return (he also got a cell number). Then he was off, into the cushion of blackness and she watched him disappear with a sad look in her eye.