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Gay fist naked and fisting twink Axel Abysse gets bare and hoists his
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Part 3 Friday came and went without anything further happening between my sister and I. Friday night arrived and I was saddened to hear from my mom that Sydney had been invited to a birthday party for her best friend. It was an all weekend slumber party and she wouldn't be getting back till Sunday afternoon! I groaned as I walked dejectedly upstairs to my room to finish what little homework I had. I was done in half an hour and for the first time since I can remember, I actually wished I had more homework to keep my mind off of my new found love of my sister!

I plopped down on a bean bag chair in front of the TV in my room and popped Assassin's Creed Brotherhood into my xbox. I had gotten really good at the game and decided to play live with other people. About an hour went by and I was totally dominating everyone but I eventually got bored of this and soon turned off my console to try and figure out what I was gonna do with myself while my sister was away.

I went downstairs and ate a dull dinner of just a ham and cheese sandwich. My mother noticed my negative behavior and asked if I was alright. I told her I was fine, just tired and that I was gonna go to bed early tonight. After I had finished my meager dinner, I went upstairs and crawled in bed, starting to drift off when my phone rang on my bedside table.

I looked over and noticed it was my sister calling.

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I leaped for it and quickly answered it. "Hello?" I said. "Hey baby!" Sydney said in a quiet voice. "Oh my gosh Sydney I miss you so much!" "I know what you mean!" My sister sounded like she was also struggling with being away from me. "I wish I could be with you right now. I'd love nothing more than to cuddle up in your big arms! We'll have to do that when I get back ok?

I was calling because I couldn't stand not talking to you. But I have to go now, I'll call you again tomorrow ok? I love you so much!" "I love you too babe!" I said as she hung up. I looked down at the phone, then tossed it back onto the table, sighing.

It was gonna be a long night. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday morning I slept in till about ten o' clock. When I finally roused myself from slumber, I smelled bacon and eggs cooking downstairs. My parents get Saturday and Sunday off so they tend to take care of most of the food throughout the weekends. Today was no exception as I quickly got dressed and ran downstairs.

Just as I suspected, there was mom pulling the last of the bacon out of the frying pan and putting it on the plate. I looked over at the table and there was already a platter of eggs and biscuits with butter, jelly and honey right beside it. "Wow mom you really went all out!" I exclaimed as I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Well it's the least I could do I guess." She replied, smiling.

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I sat down and helped myself to a large portion of everything. My dad walked in shortly after and got his morning cup of coffee.

"Morning son. How'd you sleep?" He said. "I slept ok. What about you?" "I slept pretty well. I'm gonna need your help putting up lights on the house later today if you're not doing anything." "I'm not doing anything today so that should be fine! When do you plan on getting started?" "Probably right after lunch." "Ok sounds good." With that I went back to devouring my meal.

Soon I was finished and I went upstairs to my room again and just hung out till lunch time. I wasn't very hungry so I decided to watch some TV.

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I watched Mythbusters till my dad called me out to the garage. I quickly threw on a coat and headed out to help my dad. First we got a ladder and started at one side of the house, stringing lights across the roof. We then wrapped multi-colored lights around the pillars that led up to the front door.

While we worked, we pretty much stayed silent except for my dad giving me instruction. This suited me just fine as I really just wanted to think of Sydney and how much I loved her. As I worked, I kept remembering back to when we were making love.

The way her gorgeous face was lit up in euphoria and the way she looked at me when I gave her her first orgasm as my lover. God I wanted this weekend to be over and have her back in my arms! We worked for about an hour more and when we put the last light up, I took a step back and admired our work. We had done a pretty good job! We headed back inside where my mom had made all three of us cups of hot chocolate. I took a sip and sighed appreciatively as the warmth from the drink spread through my body.

By now it was about three in the afternoon and I still had five more hours to kill before I could go on to bed. I thought about looking through my favorite porn sites to pass the time and maybe busting one off, but I just wasn't in the mood. Besides, I thought, I might as well save all I can for when my baby comes home!

I mostly just hung out in my room for the rest of the day, surfing the web and playing video games. I heard my phone ring and a literally leaped out off of the floor to my phone.

It was Sydney! "Hello?! Baby is that you?" I practically shouted. "haha yes Jason it's me!" My sister replied. I could hear her smile over the phone and it calmed me down instantly. "I'm not ever gonna let you go again after this you know.

It hurts way to much to be away from you for this long!" "I know babe and I'm so sorry! I'll make it up to you when I get home tomorrow ok?" We talked for a few more minutes till she eventually had to go.

I reluctantly said goodbye and hung up the phone. It was time for dinner so I went downstairs and again had a simple sandwich and headed off to bed around eight thirty.


I woke up the next morning at ten. At first I couldn't believe I had slept that long! I usually never sleep in that late but then I figured it was probably because I was so tired emotionally from being severed from my sister, my lover. I walked downstairs into the kitchen to find a note from mom saying that her and my dad had some grocery shopping to do and that they wouldn't be back for a couple of hours. I helped myself to the remnants of yesterday's breakfast and watched TV for the rest of the morning.

At about noon my parents got home and I helped carry in the groceries and put them away. While we were sorting everything out I looked at the clock. Sydney was supposed to get home around three this afternoon. I still had four more hours before I would get to see her beautiful face again! I sighed inwardly in complete dismay. I made a promise to myself that tonight, I would not let her go till I showed her just how much I truly missed her. For the next few hours all I did was just mope around, looking for something to do and finding nothing at all.

Sydney was constantly on my mind and all I could think about was how much my heart ached to have her back in my arms. I found myself in my room at 2:45 just staring at the clock, willing the time to go faster.

Wanting desperately to hold my lover again and show her how much I love her!. 2:50. 2:53. Then I heard a car pull up to our house, and I jumped up and look out my window and see Sydney pulling her bags out of the trunk and start to walk up to our door. I'm pretty sure I broke the speed of thought as I ran down to the front door and threw it open and smiled a huge smile at my beautiful sister. Our parents were in their room watching something so they weren't at the front door yet.

That being the case I quickly pulled her inside, took her bags from her hands and set them beside the door. "Hey lil br-" My lips cut her off as I smothered her mouth with mine, kissing her deeply on the lips and pulling her tight against my body. I could feel her smile and giggle slightly and she put her hands on my face and held our heads together as we kissed the kiss of new found love that had been separated. I held her against me, kissing her hard until I started to hear my parents footsteps coming down the hall, then I reluctantly released her from my embrace but stayed right beside her.

Mom and dad rounded the corner and were very happy to have their little girl home. After everyone had exchanged greetings and asked how everybody was doing, my parents told us something that made me almost jump in excitement. "Hey kids?" My mom began. "I know Sydney just got back but your father and I have a dinner and a movie date planned with some friends and we're gonna have to head out in about thirty minutes.

Is that ok with you guys?" It was all I could do to not scream "Yes!" And help them out the door right there. Instead, I gave a passive "Yeah mom that'll be fine." With that, my parents went off to their room to start getting ready. I took Sydney's bags up to her room with her following closely behind me. "Oh my god sis I missed you so much!" I exclaimed. "Please don't ever go like that again! At least for a long time.?" "I know what you mean Jason." Sydney replied.

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"I really don't ever want to leave again! All I could think about was being in your arms again and feeling warm and loved and safe with you." I looked at her and smiled big as we entered her room. I dropped the bags at the end of her bed and turned to face her. "Well then come here!" I said as I held out my arms, smiling.

She flashed me her beautiful smile as she threw herself into my arms, knocking us both back on her bed, me sitting and her straddling my lap with her arms and legs wrapped around me. She hugged me super tight and I could feel every inch of her glorious body as it was practically glued to mine. I whispered how much I loved and missed her into her ear as she kissed my neck with her tender, loving kisses. We stayed like that till we heard mom and dad calling us down.

Then we got up and held hands as we walked to the top of the stairs, then, just to keep up appearances, Sydney shoved me at the bottom of the stairs and I tumbled to the floor. "Hey!" I shouted. I got up and turned to face Sydney only to find that she was laughing uncontrollably. I couldn't help but break into a grin myself, but when she finally looked at me I gave her a mischievous "I'll get you later" look and turned to face our parents.

They were also smiling as they said. "Alright kids, try not to kill each other while we're gone! You both know our phone numbers in case anything goes wrong.

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We'll be back around eleven ok? We love you!" They gave us quick hugs and kisses as they finally headed out the door.

I stood, holding the door open for them and as soon as I had closed the door behind them and locked it, I felt Sydney's arms wrap around me from behind. She placed her head on my shoulder and blew her hot breath on my neck and nibbled on my ear.

"So little brother." She said seductively. "What do you feel like doing now?" I got weak at the knees just hearing her talk like that and my cock started to grow. "God sister I want to fuck you so bad right now." I heard her giggle as she slid her hand down my chest, across my stomach and into my shorts, pulling my rapidly inflating dick out into the open.

She stroked it slowly as she said. "Are you gonna fuck me with this, baby? You wanna stick your big cock up inside your sister?" Hearing her talk like that was so arousing, I got fully hard in her hand. "Yes Sydney.

oh god yes I'm gonna fuck your tight cunt so hard!" She gave my cock a squeeze when she heard that. "Oooh you dirty boy! You wanna fuck your sister huh?" "Yes baby! Please let me fuck you.?" I practically begged. "Hmmmm. Well I guess I could let you fuck me." She said, teasingly and with a sly smile in her voice. Her arms disappear and I hear her giggling and running upstairs. I turned around and laughed as I chased after her, stripping out of my pants and boxers and tossing them in my room as I ran past, heading towards her room.

I run in and the door closes behind me, I turn around, dick pointing right at my sister as she gets down on her knees and immediately wraps her lips around the head of my cock. I groaned loudly as she slowly sucked me off. "Oh shit sis." She smiled up at me and looked at me with those beautiful eyes as she lifted her shirt over her head and threw it to the floor and went back to blowing my dick. I look down and see the tops of her gorgeous mounds and bring my hands down to play with them while she starts bobbing up and down on my fully engorged member.

I reached back and unhooked her bra and her breasts popped out into view and I gasped. I had only seen them twice before but each time, they took my breath away. I pulled my sister up and brought her in for a kiss. I probed at her lips and slipped my tongue deep into her mouth as she lifted my shirt over my head. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her deeper into our passionate kiss.

I started walking her over to her bed and pushed her backwards till she fell down on her back. I bent over and yanked her pants and panties off in one motion and looked over my naked sister's gorgeous body. I sank to my knees and locked my eyes and her smooth, sexy pussy which was glinting with her juices which had started to run down the inside of her thigh.

"Fuck Sydney you are so hot!" I said as I licked up her thigh, tasting her sweet skin mixed with her cunt juice. I licked up farther till I arrived at my prize: her tantalizing pussy. I plunged my mouth down over it and sucked in as much vaginal flesh as possible while running my tongue up and down her slit. Sydney was thrashing about on the bed and moaning in ecstasy as I plunged my tongue deep into the folds of her womanhood, drinking as much of her liquids as I could get. I brought my tongue up and circled her clit before taking it into my mouth and flicking her little nub over and over with the tip of my tongue.

At this point she was nearly screaming as pleasure racked through her body in huge tidal waves. As much as I would have loved to stay there and eat my hot sister out forever, I just had to slam my cock home into her beautiful vagina.

I stood up and pressed the head of my dick up against her entrance and pushed in hard till I was fully sheathed in my sisters hot, steamy cunt. Sydney gasped at the sudden full feeling inside her. "Oh god Jason fuck me! Fuck your big sister's brains out with your big cock!" Her dirty talk really got me moving! I started thrusting in and out of her pussy as hard as I could, making her boobs jiggle every time our pelvises collided in the passion of two fucking teenagers.

I leaned over her hot, sweaty body and latched my mouth onto one of her nipples and sucked in deeply while thrusting into her like a madman. She wrapped her arms around my head and held me against her breast while moaning my name over and over again. Then, abruptly, I got up, pulled out of her and flipped my sister over, tossing her further on the bed. I got up on the bed and straddled her legs and pushed my cock back into her pussy and took my hands, filling them both with a luscious handful of her ass.

I rode her like that for all I was worth and she seemed to love it too as her moaning and screaming took on a new sense of urgency. "Oh Ja. I'm gonna. fuuuUUUUCKKKKK!!!!!" She screamed as an orgasm shot through her body. She writhed underneath my while I slowed down my thrusting, letting her ride out the last waves of her orgasm. When she finally collapsed from her massive orgasm I flipped her back over on her back and started fucking her missionary style. At this point I was close to blowing my load as I sped up my thrusting, my balls slapping up against her ass-crack with every thrust I made.

I could feel my creamy cum bubbling up and I yelled that I was close. Had Sydney been coherent enough, she might have responded. But she was still recovering from her climax and just moaned some more as I thrust hard into her wet cunt. I held on tight to my cum, trying to push myself even higher into ecstasy until finally it was to much. I thrust in one more time and spewed my load deep up inside my sisters warm body. Spurt after spurt gushed out of my cock as I filled my lover all the way up with my warm cream.

Finally, with one final push, I deposited the last few drops of my semen into Sydney's eager pussy. I left my slowly deflating cock inside her as I flipped us over and cuddled her up in my arms. "Oh fuck sis." I said, completely out of breath from cumming so hard. "That was the best sex ever!!!" She panted as she looked up at me with a combination of love and lust in her eyes. "Fuck yeah Jason! That was so fucking amazing! Ahh shit that all felt so amazing." I slipped my hands down to her ass and groped her ass gently as we sat there in each other's sweaty embrace.

I spread her cheeks apart slowly and ran a finger from the bottom of her pussy, over her puckered little hole, all the way to the top of her crack and back down again. Sydney moaned softly as she breathed on my chest. Each time my finger would touch her asshole, her pussy would squeeze my cock a little bit till eventually my dick started to grow inside of her. "Hmmm Jason I think you're ready for another round!" She said, smiling.

"haha yes my love, I'm so ready for another round!" I replied as I circled her butt hole with my finger. She leaned up and gave me a sensual kiss on the lips, dragging her tongue across my lips.


When she pulled back she looked at me lustfully. "I want you to put it in my ass Jason." My mouth dropped open in disbelief, then I smiled huge. "You really want me to do that?" I asked happily. She laughed at my reaction and nodded. "Of course silly! All of my body is yours, for your enjoyment. You can do whatever you want to me to satisfy you ok? And besides, I haven't had anal at all so I think it's high time I lost my anal virginity!

And I can't think of anyone I'd rather do that with than you little brother." I was completely floored by the words that were coming out of my sweet sister's mouth! She basically just said I could use her at any time as my own fuck toy AND I got to do anal with her right now! Now, of course, I still loved my sister for more than just sex so I wouldn't treat her like my own personal bitch, but I could definitely see some fun times ahead of us!

I smiled and leaned down, melting my lips into hers and kissing her deeply. We made out for a couple of minutes before she got off of me and crawled down to the end of her bed, sticking her ass out at me. "Come on baby." She said. "Stick that big cock up your sister's ass!" I didn't need to be told twice as I jumped up, smiling and positioned myself behind her. My cock was plenty slick from our combined sex juices in her now full pussy. So I slipped one finger into her cunt and pulled out some of our goo and spread it all over her gorgeous little hole, slipping the tip of my finger into her anus every now and again.

She cooed and moaned at my ministrations to her ass till finally she couldn't wait any more and she thrust her hips back at me. I took the cue and stood up behind her, placing the head of my cock at her back door. I grabbed her hips and started pushing in. God her ass was so tight! I didn't think I was gonna fit! She was groaning in slight discomfort till finally, with a little pop, my dick head slipped into her ass. We both gasped at the feeling and I could have cum right there just seeing my cock disappear up my sister's bum.

I started to push in deeper and deeper, inching my way into her gorgeous ass till finally I was all the way in! I stopped to let her get used to how it felt to have a dick up her ass. "Oh fuck Jason. hmmm just hold on for a sec. That kinda hurt coming in but I'll be ready to go here in a minute." I waited patiently inside my sisters ass till she looked back at me and gave me a little nod. With that I smiled and started to pull all the way out, till just the head was in her, then I thrust back in slowly.

"Damn this feels so good!" Sydney said. "You can go faster if you wanna." I picked up the pace and soon had a nice rhythm going. "Shit I'm fucking my sister up her ass!" I said. My sister laughed as she replied. "That's right Jason! You're fucking my ass and it feels SO fucking good!" I grunted as I sped up my thrusting. I started pounding my sister's backdoor with everything I had.

My balls would slap up against her clit every time I thrust all the way home into her gorgeous butt. My sister was really going crazy under me as she shook with every thrust and was moaning louder than I'd ever heard before!

Then she got real quiet for a second as I kept humping her from behind, then she screamed as her first anal orgasm ripped through her body, stealing all thought from her mind other than how amazing she felt! Her whole body slumped down and her ass was sticking straight up in the air as she came down from her orgasmic high.


I was still humping her sweet ass for all I had till I once again felt that tingle in my balls. "Fuck sister fuck fuck fuck!!! I'm gonna cum in your ass baby! I'm gonna cum in my sister's ass!" I yelled as I couldn't hold it back any longer. With one final hard thrust I slammed into my sister and held my spewing cock deep in her butt as cum raced up my shaft and sprayed all up inside her ass.

It felt like I came for an eternity as I just held myself deep in her ass, emptying my balls inside my sister. Finally, I was done and I pulled out of her well fucked ass with an audible pop. I sunk back onto the bed, breathing hard as my sister was just coming back into the real world. She turned around and crawled over to me, looking deep into my eyes. She leaned down and took my deflating cock into her mouth and sucked it deep into her mouth, licking all over my shaft and head, cleaning me off.

When she was satisfied that my cock was clean she kissed it several times before slowly crawling my body and into my arms. "Oh my god Jason that was the most amazing thing I've ever felt." She said, quietly. The sex had really taken it out of us and we were both extremely tired now. I slipped my arms around her waist and held her close to me as I whispered back.

"Thank you baby for giving me that.

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That was incredible!" She chuckled. "It was my pleasure, love. I love you with all my heart and I want you to be happy! I'm glad I got the chance to do something that made you happy." "Oh sweetheart, everything you do makes me happy! You don't ever have to worry about making me happy." With that, she smiled up at me and looked lovingly into my eyes with her big, blue ones and said.

"Well that may be so but I still wanna make my little brother as happy as possible!" She leaned up and pressed her lips into mine, kissing me deeply on the lips before falling asleep on my chest.

I soon followed her into the welcoming arms of slumber. feeling our cum begin to ooze out of her pussy and onto my leg. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I woke up with a start. Something had taken me away from the pleasant feeling of sleeping in my sister's arms. I looked at the clock and realized it was 11:15! Our parents had just gotten home! I started to panic when I realized the most important thing I could do at this point was keep my head and try and make it to my room before our parents came up to check on us.

With that settled in my mind, I got up and covered my sister's naked, sleeping body with her covers. I couldn't resist as I leaned down and kissed her gently on her forehead. Then I gathered my clothes and quietly stole across her room out the door and into my room, being sure to close both doors on the way. I tossed my clothes into the hamper and climbed into bed.

My thoughts drifted to my sister, sleeping right across the hall from me with my cum in her pussy and in her ass!

I smiled to myself thinking this was definitely the start of something amazing as I once again drifted off to sleep. End of Part 3! Comment on what you thought and let me know any ideas y'all have for the next part! I'm probably gonna do a threesome in part 4 :) Hope you enjoyed it!