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Tamil Actress Reemasen Real hardfuck
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SUCH GOOD FRIENDS Chapter four—Carla If you haven't read the first three chapters, this chapter will make more sense if you do.

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Teeny woke up in her brother's bed, both still totally naked. Mark had her right boob in his warm hand, Teeny had her ass pressed up against his cock and his breath was warm upon her neck. Slowly turning around, she took his soft flaccid cock and gently started to stroke it.

Still asleep, Mark's cock began to harden as she ministered to it. Soon it was rock hard and Mark started to play with her tits as he began to wake up. "Mark," she whispered. "I want your cock inside me." She slowly turned on her back, careful to keep her hand on his cock and to keep his hands on her tits. "Mark," she whispered again, "Please fuck me.

I want your cock." Only half awake, Mark took her nipple in his mouth and started to gently suck it. His hips began to slowly thrust against her hand as she continued to stroke it. Taking his hand in hers, she moved it down to her pussy, which was already soaking wet and swollen with her lust. "Put your cock in here," she whispered again. "I want you to fuck me with this big cock. Stick it in me. Fill me up with your cum." Still half asleep, Mark rolled on top of her. Teeny did not let go but guided the tip of his cock to her ready and waiting cunt.

Rubbing it on her clit, she involuntarily thrust her hips upward and drove his cock into her hot hole. Mark's own response was to push his cock all the way into her willing cunt.

The sensation was wonderful, and she moaned when he filled her completely. She could feel the tip of his cock when it reached the limits of her young cunt. "Yesss," she whispered again. "I love your cock. I love to feel it deep inside of me. Now please fuck me." When Mark did not immediately respond, she said out loud, "Fuck me, Mark!

Fuck me now. Fuck me hard. I want you." Now fully awake, he came aware of a deliciously tight and hot young cunt wrapped around the entire length of his cock. He immediately started to pound her pussy as hard and as fast as he could.


"Yes!" Teeny shouted. "Fuck me. Fuck my cunt hard. Harder! Ohh, ung, ung, yes, yes.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Ohhh. Keep going. I'm almost there. Don't stop. Oh, yes, yes, uh, uh, ahh, ahhh, aaiiiee! As she slowly recovered, she did not notice that Mark had not yet cum and that his cock was not only still hard, it was still buried deep inside her young body.

Grabbing her hips, he rolled on his back with Teeny on top of him. Mark rotated his hips and caused the tip of his cock to stretch and stimulate the deepest part of her cunt.

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"Now, I want you to fuck me," he said. Teeny slowly raised her ass until just the tip of his cock was in her, then dropped her ass back down until his cock was again in her depths. She repeated this action, bouncing up and down on him until she screamed when a massive orgasm rolled through her body. Still hard, Mark began thrusting his hips up driving his cock into her, quickly sending her into another cum. "Ohmigawd," she moaned when Mark reached between their bodies and rubbed his thumb on her clit.

Her body responded with yet another orgasm, then another as he continued to rub her sensitive nub. "Ohmigawd, please, I can't take any more." Still, he continued to rub her clit until he felt his balls swell then flooded her cunt with his cum.

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Mark pulled out and looked at his little sister, wondering why she didn't respond. She had fainted, overcome with the wave after wave of orgasms that Mark's fucking had caused. "Oh Mark," she moaned when she recovered. "That was wonderful.

I never realized I could come so many times from one fuck. I thought I was going to die." When she was cleaned up and had shared a breakfast with Mark, she called Carla to report.

They had carefully planned this together ever since school let out for the summer. Carla had told Teeny how much she liked Mark and that she would love to have sex with him if she could. Teeny confessed that she also wanted Mark and had wanted him to fuck her ever since her tits began to grow. Their plan was for Teeny to seduce Mark, and then get him to agree to fuck Carla. Moreover, they both realized that there could be no long-term relationship with Mark, but if their plan worked they would learn a lot about sex.

They would then use that knowledge to jointly seduce that cute boy Charlie who lived over on the next block. They intended to turn Charlie into their own sex toy. "Are you still willing?" Teeny asked. "So far everything has worked out.

I seduced Mark and he practically screwed my brains out. It was totally awesome and I can't wait to do it with him again. He's willing to do it to you if you still want to. "Absolutely! I wasn't sure you would get him to fuck you and worse yet, I wasn't sure that he would agree to do it with me.

I've been rubbing myself all morning and am totally horny. I'll come over after I finish breakfast." "You're going to love fucking him," Teeny told her.

Carla arrived soon after, carrying her swim gear and towel in a little bag. "Oh good," Teeny said, "We're going to soak in the hot tub. Mark is already out there." They both quickly changed into their bikinis and joined him in the tub.

After a few minutes relaxing in the hot water, Teeny said, "Let's take our suits off." "OK," Mark replied as Teeny quickly stripped her top and bottom off, tossing them to the side. Mark reached down and pulled his trunks off and tossed them on the deck. Suddenly shy, Carla hesitated until she realized she could not see either Teeny's or Mark's privates in the bubbling hot water, so she pulled her bikini bottoms off and tossed them next to Teeny's.

She left her top on because Teeny's tits were out of the water and she knew hers would be as well. "Come on, Carla," she cried. "Take it off. Nobody can see except us." Carla's response was to cover her top by crossing her arms. With a squeal, Teeny jumped over and began to try and pull her top off. The result was a wild splashing as they wrestled and squealed.

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Mark got more than an eye full as they rolled around in the water. Carla could have been a twin to Teeny, except that Teeny was a brunette and Carla was blond. Totally blond, Mark noted as her muff briefly came out of the water.

With a triumphant squeal, Teeny tossed Carla's top out of the tub. Again, Carla and Teeny had matching tits each with bright pink nipples.

"Do you still want to do it with Mark?" Teeny asked. Ducking her head, Carla nodded then said, "Yes. Yes I do." "Mark?" Without responding, Mark moved over next to Carla, then reaching around her midsection, he lifted her and placed her on his lap facing away from him.

Mark kissed her neck, then followed with a series of kisses from her shoulder to her ear, then repeated on the other side. Carla shivered in spite of the hot water as thrill after thrill raced through her body. Mark slowly slid his hands up her body and cupped her breasts, then began to play with them, rolling her nipples and massaging her soft young boobs. Carla's horniness came flooding back as her nipples sent frantic messages of pleasure down to her crotch and back.

She leaned her back into him and covered his hands on her tits with her own. Holding his left hand on her left tit, she slowly pushed his right hand down to her pussy. When they reached their goal, Mark cupped her cunt with his hand and pulled until his middle finger slid into her hole and found her clit.

Carla's clit was fully erect and pulsing with lust and desire. Teeny's clit did not get so erect. Carla's was standing proud like a tiny cock.

Mark managed to get two fingers into her tight twat and used his thumb to continue to stimulate her clit.

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When he got to her cherry location, he found no obstruction. "Not a virgin?" he asked. "I am," she moaned. I broke my hymen with my Mom's vibrator." Mark continued to finger her pussy until she reached a small orgasm and he marveled at how strongly her cunt muscles squeezed his fingers. Mark used his left had to push Carla's upper body away from him, simultaneously pulling on her pussy with two fingers inside of her.

Carla responded by raising up to lessen the pressure on her pussy. Mark then took his left hand and reached down to guide the tip of his cock to her cunt entrance. When his two hands met, he was able to replace his fingers with his cock. With just the tip inside her cunt, he used both hands to pull on her hips, forcing his cock deeper into her hot box.

"Mmm," she purred as his cock buried its full length inside her tight twat. Still holding her hips he began to thrust his cock into her willing cunt. Finding the position awkward in the circular tub, he lifted her body and lay her face down on the tub's rim, then began fucking her hard, doggie style. He reached around her body to her crotch, found her clit and massaged it as he humped her.


The result was instant orgasm, which she expressed by a grunt and a groan. Carla was a quiet orgasmic girl, not loud and demonstrative like Teeny. Looking over at Teeny, he saw that she was busy pleasuring herself as she enjoyed the free sex show across the tub. Nearing his own climax, Mark pulled out then moved over to Teeny and plunged his cock into her already wet and ready cunt, humped he violently until they both came.

Mark moved back over next to Carla and told her she was wonderful and thanked her for a great sex session. "Why didn't you squirt your stuff inside me?" she asked. "Teeny said it feels great when you do." "I don't want you to get pregnant," he replied. "You're too young to be having babies." "But I'm on the pill," she replied.

"Who do you think told Teeny how to get the pills?" "I'm sorry. I should have asked instead of presuming. Let's go back into the house and we can do it in bed. I promise to fill you with cum." They grabbed their stuff and the three naked teens walked into the house, then upstairs to Teeny's room.

Mark had the two girls stand back to back and then standing at their side, he was able to play with both sets of tits at the same time. Then he started to rub his hands up and down their bodies from their tits to their pussies, meanwhile planting kisses on their exposed necks. Reaching their cunts, he slipped his fingers in and started to rub their clits. The sharp sensation caused them both to thrust their hips into his hands and allowed his hard cock to drop between their butt cheeks.

While he ministered to their clits he pleasured his cock by pushing it in and out of their pressed-together butt cheeks. He kept it up until both girls reached another climax. Remembering his promise, he told Carla to bend over and grab her ankles.

This done, Mark put his cock at her cunt entrance, grabbed her hips and began to fuck Carla as hard and as fast as he could go.

Teeny knelt in front of Carla and reached around her to stimulate Carla's breasts and nipples. Still highly aroused, Carla came quickly and then came again--this time with a small scream--when Mark emptied his balls and filled her with his hot cum. When he pulled out and let go of her hips, Carla fell to the floor in ecstasy, softly moaning. When she recovered, the three went downstairs to make lunch. Still naked, they had ample opportunity to admire each other's bodies.

"You have nice soft tits," Teeny said.


"I've never thought of touching any before. It was nice." "Yeah, it was. Today was the first time anyone has touched mine. What are we going to do for the rest of the day?" "I have an idea," Teeny replied. "Let's fuck all afternoon, then watch a movie after dinner, then we can fuck all night." "Sounds good to me," said Mark. "It's a good thing I asked my mom if I could stay over tonight," Carla replied.

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…to be continued…