Zorra coje con todos gratis

Zorra coje con todos gratis
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I've been wanting you for so fucking long. Watching you from afar. Seeing you walk around the neighborhood with your dog. Studying your habits.

When you get up.when you turn off the light. Stalking you day and night. Obsessed about that slutty body. Yes, slut. I've watched you use your toys through your bedroom window. Fucking that slutty cunt and your dirty ass and listening to you cum again and again.

Sometimes on the phone. Sometimes on the computer. I know how hungry that cunt is and what it needs. So I have a plan. And you have no idea what's about to happen.

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I park my car around the bend in the road so you don't seen anything unusual as you come back home from doing your laundry. The kids come out as you're talking on the phone, annoying you it seems. You get off of the phone and have the kids help bring in the clean clothes. I watch that ass move.your hips sway slightly as you walk into the house. Fuckk.even your walk gets my cock hard. Wearing all black to blend in with the night I softly walk towards the house.

Throwing a laced doggy biscuit over to your dog and watching him wolf it down.get up and slowly walk to his kennel and pass out. I walk over to your bedroom window and look in. There you go again. Pounding your cunt and moaning softly to not disturb the kids.

I watch as the glistening toy plunges in and out of your hungry pussy.


I groan softly as i watch and reach down to stroke my thick hard cock. Then pull my hand back quickly. no.it's not time to cum. not yet. I stand and wait. Knowing that soon you're going to put the little one to bed. Smiling a bit to myself as you get up and move out of the room.

Waiting until I hear you talking with the youngest child in the house and silently pushing the window open and sliding into your room. Walking quickly to the closet and shutting the door. Breathing slowly yet my heart is beating hard and fast as you walk back into the room. I watch as you pull off your clothes and get ready for bed. My cock getting harder the closer I am to you. After studying you for months I know that when you finally let sleep come, you crash out hard and fast. You've been sleeping poorly the past week and with the house now quiet your eyes drop and close.

I watch as you type a good night onto your comp and shut it down. Your phone under your pillow. Soon I hear you settle into a deep sleep. Breathing slowly and deeply. Then I see you curl up onto your side and I know you're out completely. Opening up the closet door I take out the rope and gently loop it over your wrists. Another rope goes around your ankles.

Taking a deep breath as i look down at your naked body.

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Feeling my adrenaline pumping through my veins and quickly YANKING the loose knots tight and binding your ankles and wrists. Shoving a ball gag into your mouth and cinching it tight and throwing a bag over your head. You wake up suddenly ready to scream but the gag muffles your cry for help.

"The more you struggle, bitch, the more the rope is going to cut into your skin." Picking you up easily and throwing you over my shoulder I quickly head out of your house and take you down to my car.

Feeling you try to kick and wiggle free. Chuckling a bit as I reach the car and dropping you hard against the ground. "Do you think you can run, slut?

Go ahead. See how far you can go." I laugh at you as you try to get up to your feet. Just leaning against the trunk of the car. As you struggle to your feet I stay still, knowing you can't see me. You try to run but the binds at your ankles don't allow your feet to move so you start hopping and I laugh harder.

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Watching your naked body shake with each hop. "There you go just teasing me with that naked body again slut. Here.Let me help you." Opening up the trunk door I reach into it and get a chain with ankle and wrist cuffs. Grabbing you hard I push you to the dirt road and hogtie you with the chain.

Your body now folded up and struggling. Picking you up again and throwing you into the trunk. Taking the hood off of your head and seeing the fright in your eyes as you look up at me. But beneath the fright I see a glimpse of your true self.

Your dark eyes shining bright in the moonlight.


Drooling around the ball gag and trying to breath through your nose but not getting enough air. A very soft moan coming from your mouth. "Keep your hands and feet inside the trunk at all times slut." I chuckle to myself and slam the trunk door down. Starting the car up, I drive to an isolated barn with no neighbors around for miles.

I turn on the lights after getting out of the car. Hearing you try to bang against the trunk for freedom I ignore you and set up a bench. Very narrow with no back rest. Walking back to the car I open the trunk and pick you up. Placing you face down on the bench and locking your wrists to the feet at one side of the bench and your ankles to the other. Your ass hanging over the edge and your head over the other. "Look at me slut." I say in a deep soft growl.

You try to raise your head. "I SAID LOOK AT ME SLUT!" Yanking your hair back and stretching your neck out.forcing you to look up at me. Tears streaming down your face and drool dripping from the ball gag.

My tall strong body naked in front of you. My cock throbbing hard and dripping with precum. "mmmnonnooooo" I hear you moan around the gag. Letting go of your hair and easing the pressure off of your neck.

I go to the corner of the barn and start a fire in the forge.then walking back to you I grab a cane from the wall and softly run it down your back to your ass. rubbing the cane over it until I see your slut body starting to wiggle a bit. "hmmm.ur enjoying this too much slut." CRACKKKK.smacking the cane against your full round white ass. Red welts appearing instantly.

Then sliding the cane between your thighs and splitting your folds open.stroking that cunt with it. I laugh softly after pulling the cane away and inspect it. Seeing your juices dripping down the thin shaft. CRACKKKCRACKKKCRACKKKK! smacking your ass with the cane again and again and then sliding it between your thighs once more and smacking it against your cunt. hard and fast. hearing your squeal in pain around the gag.

I reach for a vibe and SHOVE it into your cunt after turning it on high and grab a plug for your ass and work it in. Not caring if I rip that asshole right open. Your two holes filled up and throbbing. I move in front of you and yank your hair again. Your face flushed. Tears wetting your cheeks. Slapping my cock against your face. "I know you need cum. You're such a cum hungry slut aren't you?" I feel you try to nod as i hold your hair tight. Stroking my cock hard and fast right in front of your eyes.

hearing you moan louder and louder as you start to cum on the vibe. "Did I say you could cum slut?" Moving back behind you again and grabbing a clamp and fastening it to your trembling clit. Your body trying to jerk away from the restraints. "You don't cum until I tell you to, you fucking whore." Moving back in front of you I yank your hair even harder than before and make you watch me jerking my thick cock off.

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Moaning louder and louder as I watch your body shake in pain and excitement. Growling out loudly as I pull my hand away and SPANK my cock.lurching from side to side after i hit it. Then stroke it again and suddenly cumminggg all over your face. "That it slut. I know you want to swallow it but you don't deserve it yet.

Just feel it drip down your face onto the floor." I move back to the forge and turn the handle of something and come back to you. "I'm going to take off the gag now slut. You can scream all you want to.

In fact, I encourage it. It won't do you any good. No one is around to hear you. It's just you, and me." Unclasping the ball gag from around your neck and pulling it from your mouth. I hear you take in deep breaths and moan loudly as the vibe keeps on working deep inside your slutty whorecunt. Standing in front of you.my cock still hard and dripping with cum. "Do you want your Master's cum, slut?" "Yes.pleaseeeeee.I need to taste it.pleasee m.m.m.Master." Sliding my swollen head around your lips to give you a taste I moan as I feel your tongue slide to my cockhole trying to pull out the last drops of my cum.

"That's all you get for now slut." Moving back behind you and inserting an air tube into the plug inside your ass. pumping it full of air.stretching you open even more. Hearing you scream out as your ass gets pulled open wider and wider.taking hold of the vibe and RAMMING it in and out of your cunt. "You can cum now slut." Smiling to myself as I watch your body buck and shake.torrents of your whorejuice splashing out onto the floor as i keep on fucking your cunt with the vibe.

Banging my fingers against your clamped clit again and again as i thrust that vibe deep inside you. Your screams echoing throughout the barn as you release your cum. Not stopping the vibe. My arm like a piston shoving it into you non-stop. Hitting your cervix with the thick vibing head time and time again. Watching your cum splash down to the floor as you cum continuously. The toy never stopping leading from one cum to the next.

Finally my arm tires out and I pull the vibe from you. Getting some nipple clamps and snapping them onto your nipples. Your tits dangling from either side of the bench seat.

Attaching the chain to a hook on the floor stretching and pulling your nipples out until you whimper in pain.

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Pushing the cummy vibe into your mouth. "Suck it slut. And don't you dare let it fall to the ground. I know how good you can suck a cock. You can keep it in your throat for hours." Moving behind you and pulling the plug roughly out of your asshole. Looking down and inspecting that dirty hole. Gaping wide. Opening my mouth up and letting my spit run down into your asshole.watching it as it slides down your walls.deeper and deeper. Tickling your asshole as it trickles down into your dark hole.

"Don't you let that vibe slip out of your mouth slut." Shoving my cock deep into your asshole and fucking you like an animal.

Growling and clawing my nails down your back. Pulling your head back as i grab your hair. Biting down into your neck as I fuck you hard and fast. Balls smacking against the clamped clit as i POUND your ass with cock.

Cock thickening up and stretching your asshole deep as my head goes in further than the plug was able to reach. Making you feel my cock all the way into your stomach as i NAIL THAT ASS.

My body jerking as I start to shoot my cum. "fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkKKKKKKK" I cry out as my cock explodes deep inside your asshole. Filling you up with my hot thick seed.

Your body spasming again as you cum hard when I shoot my load into you. Your mouth opens up and the vibe hits the floor as you scream. "What was that slut?" Smacking your ass hard with my hand and pulling my cock out of your dirty hole.

Moving around to the front of you. Seeing the vibe on the floor. "You couldn't keep it in your mouth could you." "n-n-no Master.I couldn't help it. I came so fucking hard I needed to scream again. Please don't hurt me anymore!" "I gave you one simple thing to do and you couldn't do it. Now it's time to show you what happens when you fail, slut." I walk slowly back to the forge as I hear you whimpering in pain. The clamps on your clit and nipples completely cutting off the blood flowing into those sensitive nubs and turning them bright white.

I put a thick leather glove and grab the handle sticking out of the firepit and pull out a brand. Glowing white hot. "noooooooooooooo!!! not that! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!" You cry out as you see what I'm holding. "Oh yes slut. I'm marking you as mine for everyone to see when you get bent over like the whore you are. You're mine to use and play with when I want." "i don't think I can take it. Please don't Masterrrr! I'll do anything!" "Oh I know you will slut.

And I've noticed that you're calling me Master even after being with me for an hour. Are you that needy to have someone take control of you.to fuck you.to use you.That eager to have your slutty whore needs filled by someone that knows what you need?" I smirk as you hang your head and cry.

"I'm yours Master. Yours to do with as you please. I submit to you." Smiling at you a bit as i walk back.

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"And now slut you'll wear my mark on that slutty dirty ass of yours." "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo!!!" I raise the branding iron and press it hard against your ass. Your screams shaking the walls of the barn as the white hot brand seers and burns your right cheek.

Suddenly they stop as you pass out. your body going limp from the pain. I inhale the smell of your burnt flesh deep into my nose and pull the brand off.

Taking a bucket of cold water and splashing it on your ass and watching as the skin crinkles up and the brand shines up staring at me. My initials staring back at me proudly. Walking around you.seeing you lying there, knocked unconcisous from the pain.

My cock raging hard seeing you there vulnerable and unmoving. I move back and SLAMMM my cock into your cunt. My cock burying deep and fucking you hard. The second I shove my cock back inside your whore cunt you wake up screaming and cumming all over me yet again. Spanking your newly branded ass and making you shriek in pain and yet the lust and longing for my cum are clear as you call out.


My cock hitting your cervix again and again. I quickly reach down and unclamp your clit and nipples all at once and the pain almost makes you pass out again but your orgasm racks through your body so strong that it keeps you conscious. My cock drilling you faster. Jerking deep inside. "Sluttt.that cunt of yours is going to take my cummmm.fuckkkkkkkkkkKKKKKKKKKKKKK" My cock pumping you from behing and smacking your branded ass again and again.

Your cum soaking the floor as it gushes out. My cock filling you up and cummingg inside you as i groan loudly. Pulling my cock out and shooting one huge thick jet of cum against your brand and then slamming my cock back in again. Emtpying into you.

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Shuddering hard as i twitch deep inside you. My hand rubbing my cum deep into the brand.soothing it like lotion. "Thank you Masterr" I hear you whimper as i pull my cock from you. "We're just starting things up but you've been initiated now slut.


You keep on leading your life the same way as you have been but I will take you when I have the need." I say as I kneel down to release you from the bench. Kissing you as I lift you up into my arms. Biting your lips gently. Your wrists and ankels still bound by the rope but not hog tied anymore, I carry you to the car and dump you into the front seat. "Now suck my cock as I take you back to your house slut." I push your head down onto my cock and groan as your hungry mouth sucks me down to the base.

Starting the car up and driving back to your house. "If you don't make me cum before I arrive at your house I'll brand your other cheek slut. Suck it harder!" I feel your mouth sliding up and down and my cock grows harder and harder.putting the cruise control on and spreading my legs.and shoving my cock into your throat as you bob up and down on my thick cock. "that's a good slut.fuckkkkkkkkkkkk" Feeling my balls tighten already from your sucking.

amazed at how you take my cock and thinking what a fucking slut whore I now have. Seeing your house come into view I start to cum into your mouth. "FUCKKK YESSS SLUTT.DRINK MY CUMMMMMMM SWALLOW IT ALLLLL" feeding your tummy with my cum as i spurt again and again.filling your mouth up. Stopping the car as you swallow the last drops. My hand pulling your hair and feeling your mouth slide off of my thick cock.

"Now get out and go to sleep slut." I smirk at you as you open the door.

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Your hands and ankles still bound as you hop to the door. Your brand shining back at me as the moonlight shines down on it. Calling out from the car. "I'll be seeing you again soon slut." Driving away and leaving you there.

Filled with cum and pain and pleasure all at the same time. My tailights the last thing you see as you pass out on the front porch not able to move any more.