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Chapter 29 I watched as Stu and Cristopher finally roused themselves and, after each giving Janie a parting kiss, walked back to the cubby to collect their clothing. After they had left, I worked my way through the trees to the beach. Janie propped herself on her elbow as I approached, her creampie still spread wide for my viewing pleasure. "So how was that?" she asked with a self-satisfied smile. "Fucking amazing, you little slut!" I told her with a laugh. "Not that I needed help getting off while watching that performance, but Summer even showed up and gave me a hand.

Literally. And a mouth." I shook my head, smiling at her surprise. "She overheard your plans and wanted to participate, in a small way. Mainly I think she just likes sucking guys off." Janie snorted, getting to her feet with my help. "It was nice of you to oblige her." I walked with her into the ocean, and floated in the warm water as she scrubbed herself off.

"I'm a stand-up guy," I said. "What can I say." "Oh, I know what was standing up, you horndog." I laughed. "You know me too well, Scarlatti.

But thanks for the show; I'll dream about that for months to come." "Consider it a small token of my appreciation for saving me. Now I need to figure out what to do for Dkembe." She puzzled on it for a bit, and I suddenly was struck by inspiration. "You know, Joelle was admiring his cock the other day. Maybe we could hook the two of them up. He already thinks the world of her for keeping him alive while he was unconscious." Her eyes gleamed at the prospect.

"Oh, yeah! That's brilliant!" She thought some more as she finished her scrubbing. "But you and I have to be there." "For support?" "Well, yeah.

She's still pretty innocent. We should be there to ease her anxieties." A crafty smile broke out on her cute face. "But mostly I just want to watch her tight twat get split by that monster cock!" We dressed and strolled back to camp, both of us envisioning the scene she had just described. God, that was going to be some double date! I thought. Dinner was served shortly thereafter, and our cooks produced a delicious seafood stew that really hit the spot.

We sat together in garrulous groups, talking and swapping stories as we filled our bellies. Rodney kept us in stitches as he described some of the antics his hillbilly relatives had gotten up to back in the day, and Jill told us all how a life-changing trip in college had changed her ambitions from journalism to being a flight attendant.

Janie provided a few (censored) anecdotes of life growing up in a commune. And Jared even pitched in with some insights into elementary school social life that had me fondly remembering my own childhood. By the time we headed our separate ways for the night, I was ready for sleep, and dropped into a deep slumber quickly. I woke at my usual time, the first one up again. I checked the chickens and was delighted to see 2 more eggs in the coop.

I retrieved them, placing them with the cooking stores, and gave the productive pullet some of the stalks of grain the local poultry seemed to prefer. I wandered the beach as others began to wake, and realized that soon Gabrielle would come calling, wanting to feed me breakfast.

Again I wondered who else I could enlist to help. I loved drinking her milk, but it was a little daunting to be expected to drain her every day. I sort of wanted it to be an occasional indulgence, not an obligation. I had just reached the cheerleaders' camp at the end of the beach (barely noticing the young lovelies in their sleep attire, I assure you) when I had another brilliant idea. Seeing Megan and Emma lying next to each other and yawning, I realized that here was a duo who would fully appreciate all that Gabrielle had to offer.

I approached the two hesitantly. "Hey, ladies?" "Hey, Dave," Emma said, stretching. "Good morning." "What's up?" Megan asked, running her fingers through her tangled blonde hair.

"Um, you two are into girls, right?" I asked, a little self-consciously. I didn't want to annoy them. They both looked at me. "Yeah. Is that a problem?" "No. I think it's great!" Well, that didn't sound perverted at all. "I mean, I don't mind. I've got no issues with it. I just wanted to confirm before I floated an idea by you." They stared at me fixedly, and I wondered how well this was going to go.

"You guys know Gabrielle, right?" "The French chick? Yeah," said Emma. "Well…did you know that she's a wet nurse?" Megan looked at me blankly, scratching her back.

I tried not to notice her pert breasts thrusting at me through her thin tank top. "What does that mean?" "She breast feeds other people's babies." I paused a moment, then let the other shoe drop.

"And other people, too, sometimes." They looked fascinated. "You mean, like, right from her boobs?" asked Emma incredulously.

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"Yeah. It used to be more common back in the day, and she tells me it's gaining favor again, especially among adults." "So what's that got to do with us?" the blonde asked.

"Well, she needs someone to help her empty her breasts every day so she doesn't get too swollen and lose her milk. Are you two interested?" They looked at me in surprise, mouths hanging open. Emma murmured to Megan, "What do you think?" "I'm up for it if you are, babe," she answered, taking her friend's hand. "Great!" I said. "Why don't I introduce you to her." I walked over to Gabrielle, the two teens in tow, and introduced them to each other.

"They're interested in helping you with nursing duties for a few days," I told the Frenchwoman. "Ah, merci madmoiselles!" Gabrielle enthused. "Je suis tres reconnaissant—grateful. Shall we start?" "You mean, like, now?" asked Megan in surprise. "Oui. It is better in the morning for me." I walked with them to the end of the beach, behind the rock outcrop.

The busty wet nurse whipped off her top, and the two cheerleaders seemed mesmerized by the dripping, swaying breasts in front of them. Gabrielle sat on the log near the stream, and directed the two girls to either side of her and had them lay their heads in her lap. My dick was rigid in anticipation of this show, but Emma spoiled my fun. "Dude, a little privacy?" she said, and I reluctantly left the trio in peace, my imagination running wild.

I grabbed a more conventional breakfast and brought it over to Joelle, who was now awake and working on her basket weaving again. We ate together, chatting companionably.

I was a little turned on thinking of her and Dkembe, but I wanted to let Janie broach the subject herself, and contented myself to idle fantasies at present. I did allow myself a kiss and a cuddle, stroking the sexy nurse's full breasts for a moment.

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"Mmmm," she purred, eyes shining. "Maybe we should get together again later." "Sounds good to me," I agreed as she rubbed my boner through my shorts. "I think Janie had something she wanted to talk to you about." "What?" she asked me breathlessly.

"Go talk to her when she's awake; she'll tell you." "Now you've got me curious," she said. "That was the idea." I gave her a final kiss and a squeeze. "I'll see you soon." Now I was really horny!

I needed something to burn off some energy. An hour with Horace constructing the shower stall didn't cut it; the sight of Janie talking to Joelle, and a few minutes later to Dkembe, had my fantasies in high gear. I was so distracted I almost hammered my erection as I nailed a wall panel from the plane to a post we had sunk in the dirt. When we finally finished, I decided to recruit a team to go hunting chickens. The field hockey team was already out looking for bacon on the hoof, so I got Christopher, Rain, Dakota, Onyeka, and Falani to come with me to the southern end of the island.

We brought towels and blankets, the piece of netting, and knives to cut branches and vines. Mindful of my previous success, I suggested we head for the cave where I had seen the flock before. As we approached the clearing by the cave, we could hear clucking, suggesting the birds habitually hung out in this area. We cut a few branches to act as chicken prods, and moved in closer. Peering through the trees we could see a small group of them pecking at the ground.

I dispatched the two Africans to creep through the trees to the right side of the chickens, while Rain and Dakota moved to head them off on the left side. Christopher and I waited for them to get into position, then began making noises as I had done before. The birds became agitated and milled around, inching toward the rock face with the hole in it. Once they were close enough, we sprang out, yelling wildly.

As before, the flock exploded into action, and we all converged on them, forcing them toward the cave mouth. Again the majority escaped, but another rooster and two hens launched themselves into the small cavern, while Onyeka managed to throw her blanket over an entire family of chicks and their mother, who weren't as quick as the unencumbered adults.

Using our branches, we quickly erected a makeshift fence in front of the entrance of the cave while Onyeka and Rain carefully wrapped up the hen and chicks in the blanket, taking care not to injure them.

Falani had the most experience with chickens, having cared for some in her childhood village for years, and agreed to crawl into the cave.

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She captured the dimwitted birds easily, passing them out by the legs one by one for us to carry back to camp. Our arrival at the beach, with 4 adult and 6 baby chickens caused quite a commotion.

Suitcases were again employed to temporarily house the birds, while construction was begun by many eager volunteers of a larger fenced-in area to house our new poultry collection. It turned out the excitement was just beginning, as shortly thereafter a member of the hunting party returned with extraordinary news: not only had they killed another pig, they had also managed to capture one!

Soon the rest of the girls came into view, and we were astounded at the sight of four straining girls supporting a pole upon which a squealing pig was lashed, while the others carried several noisily protesting piglets in their arms. The story came out as we crowded around the proud hunters: "We caught them where the northeast lowland area meets the northern plateau," Hannah said breathlessly.

"There was a whole herd, or flock, whatever you call pigs." "We chased them into a gully where they got trapped!" butted in Nina. Sara elaborated: "There was one family—a boar and a sow with piglets. She seemed to be moving slow and couldn't escape when the others ran past us." "When we had the family trapped, the boar charged Alexis!" continued Hannah.

"Mary saved me!" chimed in the tall blonde. "She shot him with an arrow and he collapsed at my feet." "Where is he?" James asked in excitement, jumping up and down.

"We left him at the gully, because we had to carry this one," answered Angela, gasping as she put down her end of the pole. "She stayed in the back of the gully with her piglets and we were able to catch her." "I think she's sick," said Summer, looking at the animal as she lay heaving on the ground.

"Maybe that's why she wasn't able to run away. The little ones look healthy, though." They were certainly healthy enough to raise an unholy ruckus, until the girls put them down and they clustered around their mother, rooting for milk. Once they started nursing they quieted down, and even the sow seemed to calm herself at the familiar sensation. I counted 5 strapping young pigs, and one runty fellow, smaller than the others.

Of course the younger girls immediately named him "Wilbur" and showed every indication of adopting him as a pet. We all stood around, watching our new neighbors for a while, until Mary broke the silence.

"We could use some help getting the boar back here. We should probably do it before scavengers get at him." The boys began clamoring to do it, and Mary told them how to tie the legs over a pole.

Missy offered to guide them to the kill so they could retrieve it, and they soon ran off in an excited mob. I took a closer look at the sow, and privately agreed with Summer: she didn't look very healthy.

Her eyes were glazed and rheumy, and she seemed a little thin for her size. I turned to the ex farm-girl. "How close are these guys to weaning, Summer?" "I think the bigger ones are just about ready. We can mash some food into some goat milk and they should be fine.


The little one may have some trouble. I'd like to see him nurse for another week or so." "I wonder if the mother has that long. She might not last." "Well, at least we can save most of them." The whole community pitched in to create a pig pen of sorts, lashing bamboo between three trees to make a triangular enclosure just inside the tree line.

The sow was cajoled into walking to the pen and then wearily laid down inside. The piglets followed, then quickly got back to nursing. We finished lashing the last of the barrier together, trapping them inside. By now the boys had brought back the dead boar, and a group of castaways began butchering it efficiently. He seemed a fine, healthy specimen, and I had no compunctions about us eating the meat.

I wasn't sure I could say the same about the sow, if she were to die. That meat might be relegated to fish bait. I followed the example of several folks and grabbed some fruit and dried fish for a working lunch while our community organized our new livestock. We now had two pens just inside the trees off the beach.

One contained our chickens, divided into three sections and roofed over. The birds probably couldn't fly very well, but we suspected they could manage to fly over a fence if it didn't have a top. We put a rooster and a couple of hens into each of two sections, so they could be fruitful and multiply, hopefully. The remaining hens and the chicks were in the third section, so they could lay unfertilized eggs.

I knew there was nothing wrong with eating fertilized eggs, but some of our group seemed to be squeamish about the idea. The goats were allowed to roam free. The mother was hobbled, but seemed to be getting used to camp life anyway. The kids had taken to feeding her by hand, and she seemed to appreciate life without the effort of scrounging food. The kid had been handled so much he was nearly tame at this point, and as predicted by the goat-familiar among us, we had been able to wean him easily and now had the nanny's milk for our own use.

Dakota had taught the younger kids how to milk her, and we had delegated that task to them to perform twice a day.

The pig family was in their own pen, just a few feet from the chickens. We put a large supply of roots, fish scraps, fruit, and greens, along with a bucket of water, into the enclosure for the sow.

Hopefully she would recover. In all the excitement, my impending double date tonight slipped my mind. It suddenly came rushing back when Janie said to me, "Hey, you want to join me in a hot bath? I want to get cleaned up for tonight." "Shit! I almost forgot!" I exclaimed. "Were you able to convince Dkembe and Joelle to join us?" "Yeah. But I'm afraid I wasn't completely candid with them about what I plan for us to get up to. They think it's just dinner." "I think I have a way to get them in the mood," I told her.

"I'll work on that after our bath." We collected bathing supplies and headed up to the hot springs. After soaping up, we enjoyed a nice, long soak. Janie then broke out a razor and some shaving cream. I watched in interest as she quickly touched up her armpits, then lathered up her sexy legs. "I'm using this as an excuse to get nice and smooth. I'm not going to get much more mileage out of my razors.

I only brought a couple." "I hear you," I agreed. Breaking out my own shaving gear, I trimmed my neck a little, leaving my now fairly full beard intact. By the time I was finished, Janie was up to her thighs and working her way toward her bush.

I was mesmerized by the erotic sight of her slowly sliding the razor across her soapy skin, leaving smooth trails behind. She finally noticed my staring, and got a naughty look in her eyes. "Hey, you want to finish me?" she asked, pointing at her crotch.

My eyes bugged out a little, but I agreed quickly. She laid back, eyes closed and legs spread, treating me to the lovely sight of her beautiful snatch, the pink lips glistening amidst the white foam around the edge of her bush. "Just the stubble," she instructed. "I don't want to go bald." My hands shook a little as I dragged the blade across her bikini line, clearing away the prickly stubble.

With each swipe, I cleared off more lather, leaving the edges of her tanned twat smooth and shiny. I could smell her, as she was obviously aroused by the attention her pussy was getting. I pulled her labia taut, so that I could better reach the hairs in the creases next to her legs, and the contact made her moan involuntarily. Her lips were swollen and flushed with blood, as was my dick, which was as rigid as an iron bar by now.

"This is pretty fucking erotic," I said in a trembling voice. "I know," she said huskily. "I really want you to shove that fat cock into me right now, but we need to hold off until later. I don't want to spoil our evening." I was glad she had some self-control, because what happened next eliminated mine completely. "Now I'll do you," she said as I finished my barbering duties, splashing her trimmed pussy with warm water from the pool. I gulped as she shot a foamy wad of shaving cream into her hand and massaged it over my nutsack.

I leaned back, spreading my legs, my butt on the edge of the pool and my scrotum hanging over the lip into the air. Janie knelt on the rock ledge under the water and, holding my stiff meat out of the way, began running the cold steel blade over my balls.

With each swipe I shivered, and my legs were shaking uncontrollably as her hands performed their task slowly and surely. "You like this attention, huh?" she whispered seductively. "Oh, God, you have no idea how good that feels!" I groaned. "Yes I do'" she laughed. "You just did it to me." She accentuated her point by tickling my anus, making me jump.

"Hold still!" she scolded. "I don't want to castrate you. That would truly be a crying shame." "They're so sore right now I might be better off without them." She finally finished and splashed water on my dangling testicles, making me jump yet again.

"Don't listen to him, darlings," she said, kissing the now smooth sack. "He doesn't mean it. Men say stupid things when their dicks are hard." "You've gotten enough of them erect to know," I told her as I sat up, goosebumps covering my body.

I slid into the water next to her, and we kissed for a few minutes until I started getting handsy.

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"Stop it right there, pal!" she warned, climbing out of the water. "Save it for later." "All right," I groused, and hungrily watched her smooth coconut oil over her tanned, muscular legs. When she was done, we dressed in clean clothes and headed back to the beach.

I left Janie for a few minutes while I ran the errand I had hinted about earlier, then regrouped with her to set up. We spent an hour or so bringing supplies to the clearing, setting up a blanket, a makeshift table, homemade candles, and bringing some fruits and greens to the area for later.

Janie had arranged for the cooks to make us a platter of roast pork, roasted bananas, and boiled pasta-root, as we had taken to calling it. I toted the platter to the clearing, covering it with a blanket to keep bugs away, while Janie brought some jugs of water.

Once preparations were complete, we each went in search of one of our dinner companions. Janie was tasked with bringing Dkembe, while I was to escort Joelle. I found her at the medical hut, which had become her defacto quarters. She was wearing a slinky black dress, and had put on makeup. Her hair was piled on top of her head and pinned up, just a few tendrils escaping and brushing the sides of her face and neck.

The dress was tight in all the right places without being slutty. It was made of some sparkly, stretchy material that clung to her curves enticingly. I gave a long, low wolf whistle, stunned at her beauty.

It might be harder than I thought to watch Dkembe make it with this hottie. She blushed, and twirled around for me. "You like? It's my only other dress." "You look fantastic!" She really did.

Her skin shone with vitality, now browner than ever as the tropical sun enhanced her normally tan complexion. Her eyes were soft, brown pools of chocolate, flecks of gold sparkling around the edges of the pupils. Her lips were a dusky wine color; she had obviously put on lipstick for this special occasion.

The only thing missing were heels, but I guess they wouldn't be too practical in the sand. "You look very handsome, too," she said with a smile. Impulsively she kissed me on the cheek and took my arm. I did not fail to notice the soft swell of her breasts pressed against me as we walked. "I can't believe you two set me up on a date! I'm so nervous. Dkembe is wonderful, though. I spent a lot of time talking with him the other night when they made me dinner." She finally wound down.

"God, I'm babbling, aren't I? I do that when I'm nervous." "Sssh," I told her, a finger on her full lips. "Settle down. We all know each other and are friends.

No pressure here." "I know," she sighed. "It just seems so formal, getting ready for dinner like this. I'm used to grabbing a plate of fish while wearing shorts and a tank top." We made it to the clearing and Joelle's mouth fell open. "Oh, my," she breathed. I followed her gaze to the center where Janie and Dkembe were standing waiting for us. Janie looked radiant as usual, her hair undone and covering her bare shoulders.

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She wore a strapless yellow dress that was more casual than Joelle's, but that really flattered her athletic figure and tanned skin. That wasn't what had captured Joelle's attention, however. Dkembe, almost a foot taller than Janie, was wearing a white dress shirt like me, and like me had the sleeves partly rolled up and the top two buttons undone in deference to the heat. That's where the similarity ended.

I was in decent shape, but this guy was a block of muscle, and this shirt must have been custom-tailored, because there was no way he was fitting into anything off the rack. The white material only accentuated his coal-black skin, and he stared fixedly at Joelle, enraptured as I had been with her loveliness. A welcoming smile lit his open face. "Good evening, Miss Joelle. You look beautiful," he said to her. "And you look very handsome, Dkembe," she managed to squeak out.

As I reached Janie and kissed her hello, I saw Dkembe take Joelle's hand and kiss it like an old world courtier, making her blush. We sat down to our meal, lighting the candles as the dusk deepened. The food was good, and the company better.

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We chatted about our lives before the island, our childhoods, our jobs, our families. Despite the inevitable memories of our former lives these topics brought up, we were all upbeat and happy, a contradiction I couldn't explain but for which I was grateful.

Janie surprised us halfway through the meal by breaking out two miniature bottles of whiskey from the airplane. "I was saving these for a special occasion, and tonight fits the bill." We happily divvied up the booze and finished it off fairly quickly. The food and alcohol had us feeling mellow, but as we finished eating I pulled out the secret weapon I had brought to smooth out the other couple's nerves and lower their inhibitions. "Instead of after-dinner coffee, how about a joint?" "Where did you get that?" Janie asked incredulously.

"I thought I'd be getting it from Stu, but when I asked he said they didn't have any. They were going to get some in Korea after the plane landed. But believe it or not Horace has a card for medical marijuana for his migraines. He hasn't had any since the crash and was happy to let me have a spliff." Joelle looked shocked, and Dkembe amused. "I've never smoked pot before," she said.


"Isn't it bad for you?" "Only if you overdo it, and that's not likely to happen here. I've only got the one. How about you, Dkembe? Any objections?" "No," he said in his rumbling voice. "I do not smoke much, but I enjoy it now and then." I lit up and took the first toke, then passed it around.

The glowing red eye made its way around the circle a few times as the night darkened around us. We all had a nice little buzz on by the time we reached the end. Joelle looked much more relaxed, and was leaning against Dkembe's solid bulk comfortably. "I propose a toast," said Janie expansively, though we only had water left with which to do it. We each hoisted our cups. "To the saviors. To Joelle for saving Dkembe's life with her care and patience, and to Dkembe for saving me yesterday." Her eyes glittered with unshed tears.

"You are both wonderful, special people, and I am glad to be here with you. As a thank you to both of you, I wanted to give you the only gift I could, which was the gift of love and companionship. "Joelle, I know how you've been looking at Dkembe since we arrived on this island, but I know you're too shy to say anything.

And Dkembe, I can see how interested you've been in her since you woke up and saw her face. You two deserve to be together, at least for one night.

We wanted to try to make that possible." Both of them looked surprised and a little embarrassed, but the whiskey and weed had done its work and they didn't bolt on us. I wrapped my arm around Janie and she leaned into me, already aroused. "Dkembe, why don't you tell Joelle what's on your mind. Life is too short to hide your true feelings." "I…I think you are wonderful," the big man said softly. "When I first woke, I saw your face even before Gabrielle's and I thought you were an angel.

I think I fell for you then, but I knew you were special when you helped me overcome the loss of my sister. I am eternally in your debt and would like to spend more time with you, and make you feel as special as you are." Joelle looked entranced, but was still to shy to speak. "Honey, why don't you tell Dkembe what you're thinking," I urged her. "You know you want to experience more out of life.

Now's not the time to hold back." She took a deep breath, then sighed heavily. "All right.

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Dkembe, I think you are a pretty spectacular guy. You are kind and gentle and very sexy." She covered her face in embarrassment, but kept going. "I'm just learning how to enjoy the company of men, and while I'm not ready for any commitments, I would like to spend more time with you as well." She was quite red-faced by now, but did manage to look him in the eye.

Impulsively, he leaned in and kissed her tenderly, and she melted into his arms happily. When they broke off, Janie said, "Dave and I, and the hippies too, and hell, even the field hockey team, have been trying to make the environment on this island one of love and pleasure.

We are trying to get people to express themselves physically and not get too hung up with the formal rules and roles we were all used to before we ended up here." I continued. "We were hoping you two would join us in a night of lovemaking together. Not to pressure you into doing anything you don't want, but if you two want to enjoy each other physically as much as Janie and I want to enjoy each other, we see no reason we can't all stay here together and share that energy." They looked at each other, and a spark seemed to pass between them.

Joelle spoke. "Dkembe, I want you. Will you make love to me? Right here and now?" She was shaking slightly. The giant African didn't say anything, he just enveloped her in his massive arms with a tenderness unexpected in one his size.

He kissed her long and hard, and just the sight of that intense moment had me long and hard as well. Janie kissed me just as passionately, and that was all it took for us to abandon any further pretense at civility. I yanked her dress over her head in one abrupt motion, baring her taut breasts and the tiny scrap of fabric covering her mound. Joelle and Dkembe both stopped their necking to stare as I suckled those firm breasts hungrily. Janie's moans joined the chorus of frogs and insects on the soundtrack of our evening, and the sensual sounds seemed to awaken a hidden reserve of passion in the Peruvian woman.

She stood on trembling legs in front of her soon-to-be lover and began sliding her dress over her shoulders and past her bulging breasts, now revealed encased in the same lacy undies she wore to our recent night on the beach.

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The big man seemed paralyzed at the sight of her succulent body as she revealed it to him inch by inch. As the dress slipped down over her full hips, it fell to the ground, leaving her in just her underwear. He rose to his knees, bringing his head to the level of her chest. She cradled it against those pillowy boobs, planting kisses on his bald head as his large hands began caressing her back.

By now Janie had her panties off, and the scent of her drew me in like a moth to the flame. I buried my face in her sweet pussy and forgot about our neighbors for a while. When I had gotten Janie sufficiently horned up, she pulled me up to her mouth and attacked my tongue with hers. That obviously wasn't enough, for she soon thrust me away and began yanking off my clothes frantically. I took a moment to peek at Joelle and Dkembe, and was thrilled to see her bra and his shirt both off, the muscles in his back rippling as he caressed her ass while suckling her heaving tits.

Her moans were now louder than Janie's, understandably since Janie's mouth was now full of my cock. I leaned back on my elbows, enjoying her oral ministrations as I watched Dkembe slowly slide Joelle's squirrel-covers down her lush legs, revealing that tangle of brown curls I knew so well.

Her sexual perfume joined Janie's in the air, and my mouth literally watered as I watched her sink to the ground and spread those gams, giving the man access to her sweet cunny. Between the heady smell of pussy in the air, the soft cries of Joelle's pleasure, the gentle lapping sounds coming from her crotch, and the tickling of Janie's tongue on my dickhead, I was getting way to close to busting a nut. I wanted this to last! I pulled Janie's head off my cock and up to mine, sucking her tongue right out of her mouth and biting it gently.

I turned her to face the other couple, sitting behind her and reaching around to massage her fine rack as we watched them. The great unveiling was soon at hand, as Dkembe finally left off licking her snatch and stood up.

Joelle's trembling hands undid his pants, and she was so focused on getting his dick out she didn't even notice us staring. He wasn't wearing any undershorts, and as soon as the waistband of his pants slipped over his hips, that huge black cock sprang into view. Joelle's mouth was open and her eyes were wide as she hesitantly reached up to touch it, and even Janie's breath caught in her throat as she caught sight of the monster.

It looked like an ebony nightstick thrusting from his crotch; a thick, dark cylinder of flesh at least 11 inches long and nearly as thick as Joelle's wrist. Her hand grasped it softly, stroking the firm shaft slowly as she drank in the sight of it. Dkembe's head dropped back, his eyes closed as her warm hand caressed him. Soon her other hand joined the first, and in tandem they began massaging his meat.

I guess I had taught her well, because she next leaned in and slurped one of his heavy balls into her mouth, making him groan in pleasure. Her hands began moving faster as she jerked him in earnest, and after a moment she left off nuzzling his nuts and popped the oozing head of his cock into her mouth. Her hands moved to his muscular ass cheeks as she gobbled his knob hungrily, and I heard her gag a time or two as she tried to fit as much of his massive dong into her mouth as she could.

Janie and I were both kneeling now, one of my hands reaching between her buttocks to stroke her dripping fur pie even as one of hers was reaching back to jerk my wiener.

We were both anxiously awaiting the moment when she would accept his massive member into her tight cunt. It came sooner than we thought, as the big man, deprived of nookie for as long as he had been, finally eased her to the ground and knelt between her legs.

Joelle suddenly got gun-shy, staring at his huge boner with a mixture of lust and panic. "I'm not sure I can fit that inside of me," she gasped. "I want to, but I'm scared." Janie immediately scooted to her side, holding her shoulder and murmuring in her ear. "The vagina is a marvelous thing. It can stretch wider than you think. You can do this, honey." I put in my own two cents, joining Janie at Joelle's back and rubbing her other shoulder as she leaned into me, her quivering legs spread wide.

"I know your body well, sweetie. You're going to be fine. Just relax and concentrate on the sensations; don't think too much." If Dkembe was perturbed by the group effort, he didn't show it. Instead, he took one of her hands and kissed the palm, then speaking to her with infinite gentleness. "Don't worry, sweet lady.

I wouldn't hurt you for the world. I want to make you feel good. Trust me." His dark eyes bored into hers, their intensity capturing her and letting her jettison her doubts and fears and focus on the moment.

He placed her hand on the throbbing shaft of his penis, and let her slowly guide it to the sopping entrance of her love tunnel. Her eyes widened and her breathing quickened as the plum-sized head began parting her lips. She slid it up and down her crack, coating it liberally with her honey and testing the fit. She nodded imperceptibly at him and he eased his wang slowly into her pussy, making her gasp, either in pain or pleasure, or maybe both. She never wavered though, just gave out a long groan as inch after inch of him slipped into her, looking like a python entering its lair.

When he had reached the farthest depths of her, he stopped and let her adjust. "Oh God!" she groaned. "I've never felt so full in my life!" She was shaking uncontrollably, and Janie and I stroked her gently, trying to relax her.

"Is it too much for you?" Janie asked in concern. "No! Don't take it out!" she screeched. "Fuck me, Dkembe! I want this more than anything!" Janie and I eased out from under her, letting her lay back on the ground. Dkembe began plunging his massive meat in and out of her oozing cooze, and we watched, totally absorbed, as the pink flesh of her pussy lips gaped wide, sliding up and down his shaft with each thrust. Joelle's eyes were closed and her mouth open as she accepted him into her, totally lost in the sensation of her deepest recesses being invaded by this huge, dusky engine of masculinity.

Janie was now turned on beyond control, and scooted onto her hands and knees, presenting her dripping snatch to me. She looked over her shoulder with burning eyes and hissed, "Fuck me, Dave!

God, I want you in me so bad!" I was more than happy to comply, and I spread those tight ass cheeks and plunged my own not insubstantial prick into her soaking wet cunt in one quick heave. In this position we both got to watch the erotic drama of Joelle and Dkembe writhing together passionately while we fucked.

I leaned onto Janie's back, resting on her while I massaged her breasts, pinching and pulling on the nipples in the way she liked. The velvet vise of Joelle's until recently innocent cunt must have been more stimulating than Dkembe was used to; he was soon gasping and shaking as he approached climax.

I spied Janie's hand squeezing his rock-hard ass, and then slipping in between his legs she grasped his swinging scrotum and began massaging it. That was the last straw for the African; he let loose with a primitive grunt and began pounding into Joelle frantically, emptying his seed into her with abandon. The Peruvian woman began keening loudly, her legs now wrapped around him tightly as she rode that ebony rod to her own shattering climax. The sight of their shared orgasm was enough to set me off, and I gripped Janie's hips tightly as I rammed my dick home, emptying my nuts into her vaginal vault with a long groan.

Her cunt was rhythmically clenching on my cock as she screamed her way through her own climax, the feel of that heavy black nutsack twitching in her hand obviously intensely arousing to her.

The four of us collapsed on the ground, utterly spent, as the seductive smell of pussy and semen wafted through the forest air. It had been quick but intense, and we soon lapsed into a companionable silence, each man holding his woman in his arms as we drifted off to sleep.

To be continued.