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Sexy teen stepsis pounded in doggystyle
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​The inspiration for the story: Katrina was tying her hair up in the back in to a loose drooping bun with lots of strands left hanging. She also let her bangs fall over her forehead so they fell just above her eyebrows.

It was her first night in a new apartment with three other girls. They were all high school friends who had just graduated and Katrina was so excited to move out of her Mom's house. Her Mom was a drunk and so was her "husband" Jerry. They hadn't ever officially gotten married but it didn't really matter since they spent almost all their time loaded in one way or another. Katrina had stayed through high school, working two jobs on different days after school (and consequently had terrible grades), while her mother cheated on welfare, mostly because of her younger sister.

Finally in the middle of Senior year her sister had gotten approval to move in with the grandparents. Not a moment too soon, Katrina often thought to herself. . Jerry had gotten grabby that last year, pinching her butt and staring at her inappropriately the last 6 months before she left and she was glad her little sister wouldn't be there to eventually get raped by that gross drunk shithead.

Katrina had been a late bloomer and it had made it easy to spend so much time working because the boys hadn't paid her much attention. Katrina was about 5 foot 3 and was almost equal parts legs and the rest of her figure. She was very pale naturally, though her skin was very soft, smooth and consistent.

Her hair was down to her mid back and while born with brown hair had left it a crimson reddish brown the last year or so. She had been very skinny, all joints and very plain due to a lack of money.

But in her senior year she filled out impressively and now her thighs were twice as thick as her calves and her derriere now stood out noticeably. As Katrina began applying mascara she could hear one of her roommates tossing shit around looking for her book.

Katrina was the only one of the group not going to school. All the other girls had parents with enough money that they didn't worry about rent or tuition, Katrina was scared to death of going broke. She say her bright green eyes staring back at her as she drew on lines to her eyelids.

It always caught her attention the way her boobs jiggled when she applied makeup. She had been near flat all her life and about 6 months ago they had started filling in like the rest of her and she had zoomed past her mother to 34 B's.

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They weren't massive, but neither was she. Graduation had been by the skin of her grades and her focus wasn't so much on trying to better herself significantly but trying to get enough money so her sister could move in with her so she could help steer her right, something her mother never tried to do for either of them.

When she moved out she didn't even know how many months she could last there but then the week school let out she ran into a grammar school friend outside of Burger King and saw her getting into a BMW that wasn't brand new, but couldn't be more than 5 years old. She knew her friend Judy didn't have well to do parents, so she asked her where she worked.

"Oh I work at that new 'bikini barista' place down off Sycamore, it is down past Sheridan. The tips I make there are great." Judy said. "Wait a minute, you made enough money on tips serving coffee to buy this?" Katrina asked incredulous. "I said it was a bikini barista place. So I work in a bikini all day, all year, but lots of married guys come by for a chance to see a pretty girl in skimpy clothes for a minute.

The coffee is about twice as pricey as starbucks, and once I went down a size of bathing suit and showed a little more, my tips have been as much as 30% per customer. 4 girls work at a time and each has their own walk up and drive up window. The windows are all glass from head to toe so the guys can get a good leer." Judy explained.

"Isn't that kind of. I don't know. . trashy?" Katrina had asked. "Think of it this way sweetie, you are only young and hot for a little while, guys will start looking at younger women by they time you reach 25 or 26, so why not use the talents God put on you, ya know?" Katrina hadn't answered, she was just staring at the car.

"You know, we are hiring right now for a couple of shifts, you want the business card?" Judy asked holding a card in her hand out to Katrina. Katrina took it in her hand and thanked Judy for it.

"No problem sweetie, don't pass it up, the pay is $16/hr before tips. Gotta go hun, see ya soon I hope!" With that Judy cruised away. Katrina could barely contain herself. $16 per hour? She had never gotten more than $9. Not to mention no tips. Katrina pressed her lips on the tissue to remove excess lipstick. Now that her makeup was applied, she went to her bedroom to look in the vanity mirror. Her new vanity mirror.

She had gone by the coffee house the day after Judy gave her the card.

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She interviewed with the owner, a older guy who was really nice and very clean cut. He explained he was a military man and had seen men drop so much money on gross street hookers that he had bet they would pay a good amount to see very pretty girls in bikinis while they waited for coffee, and he had been right, and now had three of these houses, all in different cities not far from here. He and Katrina had gotten along well and Katrina felt a warmth to him, in 5 minutes he was more of a father figure than she had ever had.

Katrina spun around in front of the mirror, watching how her tits and but bounced in the newest outfit she had bought for work. While she was in no way required to wear anything other than a bikini and the shoes of her choosing (uggs were big in the winter to keep toes from freezing), girls were allowed to wear whatever as long as it was skimpy.

It hadn't taken but about 3 days at the job to realize that the girls wearing more suggestive outfits, like teddies or lacy bras and panties got longer lines. The sign at the entrance to the parking lot would tell which girl was in what lane and while it looked confusing to newbies, the owner had bought a double lot so there could be lines of cars or people in multiple directions and consumers could get their girl of choice. Katrina had on a black lace bra with purple satin cups with a lace bow in the middle where it clasped, a barely there black thong, a garter belt, black flower designed leggings and black heels.

It was her 5th new outfit she had gotten. She was halfway into her fifth week on the job and Judy had been right, the pay was great, the tips were nuts, sometimes she got as much as $20 on a $7 coffee. Some times when she got those really big tips like $50 the guys would give her a look like they were waiting for something.

She would give them a big smile and a thank you and move on to the next order, and had noticed some annoyed or confused looks. As Katrina was pulling on her jeans and sweatshirt to cover up her skimpy outfit on the way to the coffee place, she saw her safe in her closet.

It wasn't anything special, but it was heavy, and hard to get into. It took her two weeks to earn enough to get money orders covering her expenses for the next three months of living and everything else had been profit. Since then she had gotten new clothes (some for work), shoes, better makeup, had taken up a tanning bed membership and had her hair done by professionals.

Even she had to admit she was starting to be a very attractive woman, and she was her harshest critic. Katrina got into her barely running chevy, and waited as the car warmed up, otherwise it was likely to stall. She couldn't wait to get a nicer car, and she figured in a month or two she could get a decent used car, but not enough to get a BMW.

That was when she had gotten Judy to go to dinner with her one night about 3 1/2 weeks in. "Judy, what are you not telling me? The job is great, the money is terrific and I have to admit, after boys ignoring me most of my life it is kinda fun to have guys staring and drooling at me, but I still don't understand how you got that car. I even get some tips of $50 once in a while and one time I got $100. $100 for a tip?! But even if I got a ton of those, I would never be able to get a $30,000 car." "No, you won't.

. " "So how do you get all that?" "Oh sweetie, you are pretty naive. No worries, it took me a while to figure it out too. Tell me, have you ever noticed any of the girls disappearing for 15 or 20 minutes in the middle of their shift? And noticed sometimes the guys will still wait for them to return?" "I hadn't really ever thought about it, I mean we all have doors at our windows we can leave through.

What are you getting at?" "When you get those $50 or the $100, do the guys ever seem to be waiting for you to say something more than thank you?" "Well. .um. . .yeah I have, what is that, what are they. Are they trying to get a date? They are a little old." "Well you could call it a date, but I bet they would call it more of a. fling." "A fling? What do you mean, they want you to go on vacation with them somewhere? Like behind their wives back?

I do notice almost all of them have wedding rings." "Katrina, look at me. What do guys want, always?" "Uh. . sex?" "Exactly, sex. The younger the better to them. Those guys are tipping you so much hoping you will make them an offer. It's the "unofficial" side of the business. Word gets around from one guy to another and they developed a system. A good tip means they want to know what you would charge, a great tip like that $100 means they are willing to pay through the nose for a chance.

And I do mean through the nose." "Wait a minute, are you telling me you guys are. . like turning tricks?" Katrina asked, finally cluing in.

"I don't think it is. You see a hooker is on the street taking any cheap john she can. We are young, hot and desired. We can be picky, even saw no to every guy if we want. Some girls have never said yes, you certainly don't have to. But like I told you, you are only the one guys want until you are like 25, why not make real money with it?" "What.

. .do you mean. . .real money?" Katrina asked. "I mean some of these guys will pay a LOT of money for a ride. The most amazing part is few can hold out for more than a minute or two. Hard to pass up that kind of wage." "How much Judy?" "Well it varies, you can give a guy the number you like, and ALWAYS go high. Then you can come down to an agreement amount.

But its always amazing. The least I ever got was my first rendezvous, when I was stupid and took a lowball offer.

I got $800." "800 dollars????" Katrina was white with shock. "Mmm-hmm. That was my worst one. My best ever, was $3500." "Are you fucking kidding me? How did you get $3500? I mean. I don't believe a guy would pay that much for one night with you." "Not one night sweetie, one pop.

You are still on the clock, so you can't be gone for too long. Most times I am back withing 15 minutes all told." "Judy, you are fucking guys for money.

Don't you think that is a bad idea? Your vagina is sacred." Judy had just looked across the table at Katrina. "I have never heard a girl call it sacred before, ha ha. Katrina. . are you. . are you a virgin?" Katrina suddenly felt very small. "Yes. I have worked everyday after school since I was 14.

I have never had time to date anyone. Why?" "Oh sweetie, that is just bullshit from church and ugly women filling your head. Sex is just an activity. But one men will pay a lot for. Plus, you don't have to do it, only if you choose to, and you can be as picky as you want. You know Heather?

I mean, my God, she is so hot I want to fuck her. She is super picky and is looking for a full time sugar daddy. She has tried out 4 guys and come back to work at the coffee house when they weren't what she wanted. But she has only ever given those 4 guys a ride.

But all told she has raked in 10's of thousands. So just decide Katrina, and if you don't want to, don't worry about it. Plus, that is probably not how you want your first time to go.

. but holy shit, a guy would pay a fortune to know he was your first." "You. .


you think I could get $3500?" Katrina stammered. She didn't think she could ever do this, but that was a lot of money. "Shit, probably way more. The guy I got 3500 from was really horny for me and we agreed on $2000. We were in his car, doing the deed and I could tell he was close so I asked if he wanted to take off the condom and finish inside.

He begged me to let him and I told him it would cost him another $2000. He said he only had another $1500 in his account, so I decided to accept it. I had to douche that night, but I am on IUD so it wasn't like I could get preggo." Katrina felt the vibrations of the car minimize, it was finally warm.

She threw it in reverse and backed down the drive. After she had talked to Judy she had felt kind of sick. She never could have thought of herself as a prostitute. A week later though she began to wonder how much money she could make, but still couldn't really stomach the thought. She had completely put it out of her mind for almost a week.

. until Mr. Johnson came by her window. Katrina hadn't done well at all in school and didn't really care much for studying anyway, but in her freshman year she had gotten William Johnson for beginning algebra.

She had been fond of Mr. Johnson because he was the only guy teacher she ever felt understood that she didn't have trust of men, and he had been very patient and kind with her. She had gotten an A in his class. One of very few A's she ever got. "Hi I will take a grande. Katrina? Katrina is that you?" He had said when he got to the walk up window.

"Oh gosh, hi Mr. Johnson. How have you been?" She asked. "I. .I am g-great. I didn't know. . you worked here. . " "Oh I just started." "Shouldn't you be off at college?" "Oh, maybe some day, but for now I just need to earn some money." Katrina told him.

She couldn't help but notice him eyeball her when he thought she wasn't looking. Mr. Johnson was not what you would call a handsome guy. He was about 50, had a bit of a belly and obviously didn't spend time at the gym.

He hair was nearly gone on top, giving him the "monk" hair-do. Katrina filled his order and he gave her a big smile and a great to see you, along with a $10 dollar tip.

His ears were red as he left her window. She thought little of it.


Mr. Johnson came back each of the next three mornings, and on the third one, he folded a $100 in with the dollar bills for the coffee.

It shook Katrina a bit. She hadn't really bothered to put two and two together but obviously it wasn't Mr. Johnson's first time to the coffee house and if he knew to offer a huge tip, then he also knew why to do it. Katrina couldn't shake the thought from her head that her old teacher. . the only one she ever trusted. . he. . was hoping to screw her. It made sense now; eyeballing her, his acting stunned she was there. He must have been crazy excited to see her there and think she was available for pleasure.

What worried her was how he would react when she explained she didn't do that stuff. Would he be mad? Want his tip back? Embarrass her? It turned out none of those. On his next visit in two days Mr. Johnson showed up at 1:15, the slowest time of her shift. Customers headed back to work and it was always slow again until 3 when she left.

It was dumping rain when he showed up. He ran to the window and wrapped on it with his knuckles. "Hi Mr. Johnson. What can I get you?" "Hey there Katrina. .

" His eyes lingered on her, and she suddenly felt as bare skinned as she was. "I will take a grande frap." Katrina prepared his drink as fast as she could, knowing he was staring at her barely covered ass cheeks. She felt a bit sick to herself thinking that he was probably fantasizing right now about what it would be like to screw her. She brought his coffee to the window, shivering a bit. The rain had brought fall temperatures to the city and a bit of rain was getting into her station.

"Was there anything else I can get you?" Mr. Johnson stood staring at her for a minute. More accurately staring at her belly button chain. He licked his lips once, took a swig of coffee and put it back down.

"Yes Katrina, I wanted to get you. . " Katrina felt herself turning red, "Mr. Johnson. . I know some of that goes on here but I don't do the extra curricular stuff. But if you ask one of the other girls. . ." "I don't want one of those skanks.

I want the little knockout that was in my class 4 years ago. I thought you were gorgeous then, and you have only gotten sexier.

Tell me what you want Katrina. I will make it worth your while." He said in a pleading voice. Katrina could see his shoulders heaving with his heavy breaths. "Mr. Johnson I really, truly don't do that. I. . I--I'm a. . ah. . a virgin" Katrina said so quietly he just barely could hear her over the rain. "Did you say you are a virgin Katrina?" Bill asked her, looking at her over the rim of his glasses, his head bowed. Katrina crossed her arms and rubbed her arms, trying to stay warm, wishing she had bought a space heater.

"Y-y-yes. So you see, I am not even. . " "Oh god Katrina, I want to be your first. Please!" "No, I don't want. . " "Just tell me what you want Katrina!" Mr. Johnson pleaded, bringing his face closer. Katrina sat and wondered for a moment. She decided to give him a price so high she wouldn't have to see him again.

"You really want to be my first? I consider it a valuable gift. I want. . $5000, all in cash." "Deal!" Mr. Johnson said, a tight smile lining his lips. "It will take me a week and a half to get the money out of my retirement. See you when I get it!" With that he bounded off into the rain before she was able to protest.

She couldn't believe it, had he just agreed to give her $5000 to get to have relations with her? Was he crazy? Didn't he realize she gave him such a crazy number so he would turn her down? Katrina had to turn on the wipers of her hunk of junk, it was raining again. Raining to match her mood. She was getting close to the coffee shop and her 6 hour shift. But it was after her shift that her mind on.

Was she really going to do this? The tears she was holding in told her she was. Why hadn't she just said no? It had been 9 full days before Mr. Johnson reappeared. He walked up to her window on that sunny day, a huge smile on his face.

Without her saying a word he plopped down a stack of cash. Katrina saw the $5000 dollar wrap tag. She couldn't believe it, he really was going to give her $5000. "Mr. Johnson, I only said $5000 because I thought you would think it was too much, I really don't. . " "Katrina.

. ." He said, reaching out and taking her hand in his. "I need this Katrina. I have dreamed about you ever since your first day in my class. Please don't deny me my fantasy Katrina." Katrina saw a tear slide down his cheek.

She saw the desperation in his eyes. It was obvious that he truly did want her more than anything, and she still had a small spot of weakness for the man who had been so nice to her. "Ok. . " She said quietly, not having the nerve to look in his eyes.

"Oh thank you Katrina! Thank you!" He kissed her hand. "So, um, when?" Katrina didn't really care, she had very little life outside of her job right now, so she decided to make it after her last shift of the week. "Thursday. I get done here at 3 PM. Why don't we meet in the parking lot for Safeway?" "Done! Don't you worry baby, I will treat you like the diamond you are!" He literally skipped to his car, light as air on his feet.

That had been three days ago. Katrina watched the street light through the swipes of her wiper blades. It went from red to green. She could see the coffee shop from here. She felt like a convict walking to the chair. She wanted out. She wanted to cancel, but didn't feel she could.

She pulled into her spot and looked at herself in the rearview mirror. She finally felt like a desirable woman, yet she was about to sell the only true gift she had to give. She cured at the girl in the mirror and ran through the rain to her station. She never had been a clock watcher, the days always went quick there.

But today, she wanted to slow that clock to a crawl. But rain meant busy days, since coffee was nicer on a cold day. Unfortunately, the hours passed like seconds, and she saw Mr. Johnson's car pull past her window, and saw him wave on his way to the grocery parking lot. Katrina did her mop up work and ran under the rain back to her car.

She cried for about 3 minutes before getting composed. She touched up her make up in the car and drove up next to his car in the parking lot.

She rolled down her window and he his. "Did you want to just follow me?" Mr. Johnson asked through the rain. "Ok. Don't drive too fast. My car doesn't run that well." "Don't worry darling, I won't lose you!" He said as he rolled up the window and pulled out of the drive, the only thing he was going to want to pull out of that day. Katrina followed him, avoiding her own eyes in the mirror, ashamed of herself, and still wondering if she could go through with it.

It was a tense drive for Katrina but it wasn't especially long. Mr. Johnson lived in a normal ranch style house in a suburb just off the highway. It was yellow with white trim. Katrina sat pulled up to the curb and took a few breaths, listening; the wipers swung back and forth, the rain pelted the windows and roof.

The cacophony of sounds were swimming around her mind. She clicked off the motor, still hearing the rain. She looked through the window to the house, the water cascading down, blurring the view. She saw Mr. Johnson standing in the garage, out of the rain. . waiting. Waiting for her, waiting to take her. Her virginity. Her innocence. Her self worth. She was gonna trade it all for $5000.

She blinked quick to keep back the tears, took a deep breath, and opened the door. The rain was pounding now and she felt the noise beating her ear drums and she ran through the rain to the garage, her sweatshirt and jeans already damp.

Mr. Johnson smiled and put an arm around her shoulders and lead her to the door, and into the house where she was going to take her first dick.

She had to blink again to keep her eyes from gathering too much water. She walked into the kitchen, her heels clicking on the floor. The heels were black strap numbers, they matched her undergarments. She pushed her wet bangs back so water didn't drop into her eyes and she heard Mr.

Johnson flap out his umbrella behind her and then kick off his shoes. "Well, gosh, we're here aren't we?" He said, putting a hand on her waist and turning her around. He pulled her to him, and her hands reflexively went to his chest, pushing back just a bit, she still hadn't given in to what she was about to do. Mr. Johnson brushed a few fallen strands of bangs back to the side. He then used that hand to stroke her cheek with two fingers.

"God you are so beautiful Katrina. So. . so. . pretty." He had a distant look in his eyes, they were staring at her, drinking her in, his mind beginning to flood with hormones and his body beginning to rev up, anticipating making love to her. Katrina could feel herself shaking, she was so nervous. Was it going to hurt? Would he be gentle with her? Would he try to make her let him doing it more than once? She felt so exposed and unsure of what to expect.

For a pretty girl it may be rare to be naive about sex and a virgin, but she was, and it was all the more evident now. "You're shivering beautiful. Let's get you out of those wet clothes, hmm?" Katrina felt like cursing at him. Pretending he wanted her clothes off to warm her, he just wanted to get started. Why didn't he just say that? She undid her pants and was pushing them off when Bill left and reappeared with a towel just as she was pulling off her sweatshirt.

He flapped it out behind her and pulled the sides around her shoulders, wrapping her in the large towel.

He held her in half of a hug and rubbed slowly on her arms, warming and drying her. Katrina began to feel the same comfort and warmth from him that had made him her favorite teacher. She found herself resting her head on his chest, losing herself in the feeling of being cared for, as long as it would last. Bill rubbed her back and arms for a bit more before one hand slipped under her towel and started massaging her back.

Katrina was dry by that time and had a feeling of calm come over her. She knew it was coming, she was going to be with this man, and her nerves about it finally vacated. Katrina lifted her head and looked up at Mr. Johnson. He smiled to her and leaned down, pressing his lips onto hers.

She felt his kiss once, twice a third time. Then she felt his tongue push at the opening of her lips until she parted enough to let him in her mouth. It was the first time a part of his body entered hers. She instantly noticed the slight hint of what he had eaten for lunch and it nauseated her, but she figured that was part of the deal. Of the $5000 sitting in her safe. He made a deposit and she took it, she couldn't back out now. He was kissing and massaging her until the towel slipped off. He pulled her a little closer and that was when she felt it.

His erection was raging and it touched her exposed belly, just above the waistline of her thong panties. She let out a muffled surprise murmur into his mouth. He pulled off for a second, "It is so ready for you sweetie. So ready." He planted his lips on hers again and continued to kiss her. She felt his fingers tracing up and down the line of her back. She was starting to calm and get used to his touch and tongue when in a snap motion, so fast she was caught off guard he pulled the sides of her bra together and unhooked the clasp and the bra was undone.

Katrina pulled back hard, startled at his boldness, but Katrina was held close by Mr. Johnson and he wasn't letting her go. She looked up at him again, a scared look on her face.

"M-m-m-mr. Johnson, don't. . " She whined, her voice shaking. "Now, now sweetie. No reason to worry. Don't be shy. I promise you can do no wrong, I want you with every fiber of my being, I won't do you wrong." Katrina had bought her hands into a crossed position holding her bra on. Bill put his other hand on her shoulder, sliding the strap off but Katrina still held her arms crossed, blocking it from coming off. "Katrina. . it's time sweetie. You named your price.

I paid it. Now be the girl with integrity I know you are." Katrina didn't exactly fall for his words, but she saw a look in his eye that told her the sweet kind Mr. Johnson she had known was still there, but holding back his "Mr. Hyde." She felt strongly that if she resisted much more, she might find herself being man handled.

She figured that would be far more unpleasant and dropped her arms. Mr. Johnson grasped the bow in the front of her bra and pulled at the purple satin and her bra slid off, exposing her breasts to a man for the first time.

She had her head turned to the side, eyes squinted, wishing she could just skip ahead to the end. She heard Bill gasp as he got his first view of her breasts. Mr. Johnson had fantasized about many of his students, dreamed and schemed on how to seduce one but had never been successful.

He had fantasized for his whole life of ravaging the body of an underage but overdeveloped teen. But a knockout former student who was only 18 and still a virgin was damn near the same and he was practically giddy at the vision of the living sexpot before him. He plopped down onto one of the chairs for his dining table and his hand around her waist yanked Katrina to him. With his other hand he squeezed her right breast, watching the natural mound bounce back into place after each pump.

He dropped his hand to her tummy and lunged forward, clamping his mouth over her protruding nipple. "Oooof! Oh god. . " Katrina moaned softly, trying not to sound as disgusted as she felt, feeling his hot breath and then tongue on her perky breast. Katrina tanned in the booth with her bikini on and her breasts had her natural pale color with deep red nipples a tan line separating her private areas from her tan exposed figure.

It drove Bill Johnson all the more wild, he had always loved tan lines. His right hand drooped from her waist now to her buttock and he began to massage one cheek. It was so firm while being so supple, he practically came right in his jeans. He worked his fingers under the ass strap of Katrina's thong and she felt it pulled out of the crack of her ass and he worked it over her cheek until in was pressing in from the outer half.

He now had freedom to roam. Katrina felt her breath quickening. Mr. Johnson was being aggressive but gentle. He was motivated and enticed, but controlled. She was thankful for that, but she already was feeling icky and they had only barely started. She had envisioned in her mind more what Judy had described. She thought he would lay her back on the table or perhaps bend her over some piece of furniture and wham, bam, thank you ma'am and she would be on the way home.

But he seemed dedicated to taking his time, and she wasn't sure if that was better or worse. After all, it would be nice for her first time not to be a mindless fuck, but then again, as much as she liked Mr. Johnson, she wasn't sexually attracted to him at all. Katrina yelped, "Oheeeeowwww!" She never expected to feel Bill's finger push against and quickly into her ass sphincter. Her asshole clenched around his finger and his teeth bit down on her nipple.

It was a mix of pain and pleasurable feelings all onto a girl who didn't really want either. She tried to stay calm, but something going up her ass didn't feel anything close to natural, despite the twinge of sensual vibes she got. Katrina looked to the side and saw her reflection in a side window, and she saw her form, gyrating in response to Mr. Johnson's mouth, hands and finger. She was impressed how womanly she looked, how effectively her body curved, even without her intending it.

Maybe she had been too uptight about sex, she thought. Mr. Johnson bounced to his feet and pulled his finger out and went back to kissing Katrina, this time hard and pushing his tongue in deep.

"Don't worry baby," he said between probes, "I am not that big, you will be able to take me no matter how tight you are." Katrina went back to feeling icky, as Mr. Johnson's comment, while meant to be a sexy affirmation, was not pleasant for a young girl to hear from the man who was going to fuck her.

Katrina felt Mr. Johnson scoop her up in his arms, his tongue never stopped probing. She was carried, almost completely nude save a pulled aside thong and black heels that were clicking together as he carried her to his room, and she wished her heels would work like Dorothy's and take her home.

In his room the rain was louder, the patio door was a little ajar and the cool breeze made her skin goose and her nipples hard erect. Mr. Johnson sat her on the side of the bed, her heels on the floor. He took her hands in his and laid them on his erection. Katrina forced herself not to recoil. "I want you to undo my belt, my pants and take it out Katrina. I want you to do it for me." Mr. Johnson instructed. Katrina's small hands undid his belt through the large metal buckle until it flapped free.

She undid the button on the top of his jeans and felt her breath catch in her throat as she pulled down the zipper. She had never seen a penis in person, and she was now very nervous and her heart was pounding, threatening to pop out of her chest. Katrina tugged at the pockets of his jean and they slid over his hips. He was wearing boxer briefs and the tent forming out from his groin was a sight to her. While in reality he was modestly in size, the tent looked huge to Katrina's virgin eyes.

"Now take off my underwear. . " Mr. Johnson said in a gravely voice, the forthcoming lust palpable. Katrina slipped her slender fingers into the elastic of his boxer briefs and pulled down, watching the tent of his point down as she got them lower and lower. She saw the pubic hair, then she saw the base of his engorged penis, and she was struck by the thickness of an erect manhood. As she continued to pull down, her eyes widened as she saw more and more shaft. When she got all but the head exposed the hard on popped itself free of the underwear and jiggled up and down before settling, sticking straight out, pointed at her nose.

Karina just stared at it, her first. She was surprised by the dark purple shade of the head, and how swelled it looked. She thought it seem ed like it might pop. She saw the tiny slit on the end, and she saw a small drop of clear liquid coming out the tip, like a soap dispenser. She knew what cum was, even though she had never seen it, but she wasn't sure what that stuff was, after all it wasn't white. Katrina just sat there, naked for the most part, a much older man's penis just a few inches from her face, and perplexed.

She didn't have a clue what to do, she had assumed that once his pants were off, he would push her back and stick it in so she could get it over with. But he didn't seem to be in a hurry. "Don't be shy sweetie, I am ready to get started." "I. . what, like, position did you want me to get into? I have seen a few in pornos but many of them look. . " "We'll get to that soon enough my little angel, but for $5,000, I think I deserve a little foreplay, don't you?" "Foreplay?" Katrina asked.

"Yes sweetie, I won't make you do it a lot, but you need to give me a blowjob for a couple of minutes." "Oh. . .well, I don't really know how. . " "Don't worry, its very simple. Hold it with one hand and lick it like an ice cream cone some of the time and the rest of the time, suck on it just like it was a popsicle. It's is hard to do it wrong, just don't put your teeth on it." Mr. Johnson instructed.

Katrina hadn't been planning on sucking on it at all and didn't think it sounded appetizing, but figured she had made her bed and had to sleep in it, literally and figuratively. She wrapped her fingers around the base of his engorged cock and was shocked at how warm it was.

It was like the handle of a boiling pot that didn't have a wrap on it. She leaned in close, closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out. She was caught off guard that it tasted just like skin. For some reason she had expected a penis to taste different, to be different. She licked it on the underside twice, like an ice cream and on the third one let her tongue go over the tip.

His pre-cum caught on her tongue and the taste of that really caught her attention. She opened her eyes in reaction and when she looked up at Mr. Johnson she thought he was crying. His face was shaking and he was biting his lip and breathing so heavy. He didn't seem unhappy so she continued to lick for another minute when she felt his hand settle on the back of her head and she was pushed forward, and took his penis into her mouth about halfway down his 6 inches.

When the head got to the back half of her tongue she started to feel her gag reflex. Partly from natural reaction, part from disliking the taste, and partly from knowing what he used to pee with, was now in her mouth. "Unnffff-uck Katrina. Oh damn!" He panted and he guided her back and forth. Back and forth. She felt the rounded bottom of his mushroom cap gliding on her tongue, his penis slicked with her sweat. She let him guide her, her one hand on his base still, the other other flattened against his thigh.

She started to settle into a rhythm and was thinking it wasn't too bad, all things considered. She was getting used to the taste, and the noises he was making was making her feel more and more confident of her ability. She felt him moving his hips along with her head, and the pace quickening. "Ahhh. Ahhh! AHHHH! AAAAHHHHHHH! Shit! I'm gonna, gonna, I gotta pee!" Mr. Johnson shouted as he yanked his cock out of her mouth and ran to the bathroom, his steps hampered by his convulsing hips.

Katrina heard him grunting behind the bathroom door. She wondered why he hadn't got to the bathroom before they started. The grunting stopped and she heard nothing for a while. Then the sink running and the toilet flushed. Mr. Johnson came out and Katrina thought it looked almost like he was drunk. His eyelids looked heavy and he looked like a guy who had just woken up from a nap. She walked slowly over to Katrina. "Sorry about that sweetie, it just hit me out of nowhere." "That's okay" Katrina said quietly.

She looked at the clock. They had been there for almost an hour already. She thought the whole thing would be over faster than that. "I'm sorry, can you suck it for another couple minutes? I need to get it hard again." "Sure" Katrina felt like she had done it right before, better to do more of that then screw up the sex part.

At least he would feel she did something ok. She was far too naive to know being young and hot meant she was good at sex no matter what she did. She took him in her mouth again, now feeling confident about her technique and tried to notice what pressures or movements got the most reaction out of him.

It was a very different sensation to suck on a flaccid 4 inch penis and feel it grow in her mouth to full size. She had no idea that Mr. Johnson had cum while in the bathroom, he had yanked open the door to the shower and let loose.


He was afraid she would say it was all over after he popped and he had successfully hid his orgasm from her. This round took about 5 minutes, and Katrina was starting to really work his cock with her mouth when she felt him withdrawal. "God dammit Katrina. You are a fucking champion cock sucker. But I am ready now baby, let's do this." He peeled off his shirt and tossed it and grabbing her waist, hoisted her back onto the bed.

He had a nice pillow top mattress, better than anything Katrina had ever slept on. He crawled up the bed to her and began to gnaw and suck on her breasts again, his white hot erection pressing against her thigh, pulsing and throbbing. He was grunting now as he sucked on her and she began to feel some pain from his teeth on her body, especially her nipples, which we so sensitive. But the pain didn't last as Mr.

Johnson lunged upward, his lips kissing hers, then her neck then the nape of her neck and back and forth all over her. Some of the time it was just his tongue out licking her all over, tasting her body. She now felt his manhood pressed between their bellies.

She could feel his heart beating in his cock, and against her tummy. He was grinding his hips to her, pressing his cock harder to her, as though through osmosis it would sink into her pussy. Finally he paused and pushed up no his hands, staring at her, then her breasts, then her fresh, unused but well manicured pussy lips.

"It's time baby, I can't hold out any longer!" He did one last kiss, his tongue probing her mouth, in and out, mimicking the motion his cock desired to do. She felt his eye boring into hers, his shoulder moving, which she felt was gripping his cock, and lining him up. "Wait! I have a condom in my purse!" She shouted, glad she remembered.

Mr. Johnson had a bit of a disappointed look on his face, he had thought he was going in bare, but Katrina had listened well to Judy, and she planned to take her old teacher, who she now saw as a perv, to the cleaners.

She slid out from underneath him and grabbed her purse off the kitchen table and came back with the condom and handed it to him. "Oh yeah, we wouldn't want you to get pregnant." Mr. Johnson said, though in his heart, that was exactly what he was hoping. Get her pregnant, convince her to marry him, and have 20 years of a hot little pussy to fuck.

Mr. Johnson ripped open the package with his teeth and rolled the condom on. "Ok, there we go, now let's get to it!" He was panting from over stimulation of wont to be inside this precious little darling.

To be her first, to take her innocence, to know he was the first to ever explore her pussy. Katrina felt him spread her lips in their missionary position and then she felt the tip of him pressing against her hymen. He pushed again, her hymen just starting to stretch.

"Oh damn you're tight Katrina. God damn baby!" He moaned as he kissed her again, his left hand slid under her back and grasped the back of her neck. His right hand rubbed up her thigh and under her ass, where he gripped to assist in pulling her to him as he pressed into her.

Katrina felt her hymen start to loosen and the very tip top of his cock was inside her. It wasn't even in far enough to touch the side walls of her birth canal but the feeling of him inside her at all, even just in theory cause her to start to panic. "Oooo! Wait, ok? Mr. Johnson wait.

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Bill! Jesus, it's going in. I don't want to do this, please pull it back out!" "It's not even really in yet baby, it's okay, just relax." Katrina pressed her hands on his chest, shaking her head. "No, I changed my mind, I am not ready to lose my virginity! I never thought you would agree to all that money!" "Just relax Katrina, we're here and we're doing this, so just try to enjoy it, I promise I won't be holding it that long.

"No, no I really don't, iiiiiiiiieeeee! Mr. Johnson-on-on. P-p-please pull it out!" Katrina said in a hoarse whisper as she felt her hymen give more and his whole cockhead had made it inside her, it was now touching the walls of her tight pristine pussy.

She could feel the hymen was about to stretch completely and give him access. She only would be innocent and pure and clean for a few more seconds. "Oh fuck! Damn you are so fucking tight! Arrrrgh!" Bill grunted, holding her tight and fully knowing she wasn't moving off his bed until he had cum. "Mr. Johnson please pull it. . Mr. Jooooooooooohnsoooooooon!" Katrina cried as she felt her last shred of innocence give way and Mr, Johnsons johnson pushed into her body, sliding in up to halfway down the shaft.

Katrina's eyes were screwed shut and her lips pressed as she tried not to cry. She had decided as he was pushing in that she didn't want to be what she now officially was. A whore, a slut, a woman who sold her body. She felt like she was truly the trash she had always wanted not to be. "Holy fuck Katrina. Oh fuck baby. Oh yes. Oh god it's so tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! Ungh, baby!" Bill roared as he began bucking his hips hard, trying to get her to loosen inside enough to take all of his length.

He still gripped her neck and thigh, pumping, pumping, pumping. As Katrina got passed the fact that she was nothing but a cheap whore, she found she really had no other reservations. She let her other leg hook over his waist and she slid her arms over his shoulders and hugged him, focusing on the sensation of his erection, and the sensual friction it was causing in her groin.

After an initial numbness she was feeling a great tingle, and figured she should get every good feeling she could out of her first time.

"Oh god Katrina, you feel amazing baby! Oh fuck, hhhmff!" Katrina felt the speed of his thrusts, now getting his cock fully into her, increasing and every third of fourth pump she would feel his leg or hips spasm.

She didn't know how she knew but her feminine instinct told her he was getting close to finishing. "Oh Bill. Bill you are so big in me! Bill are you gonna cum?! Are you gonna cum?" Katrina asked, trying to use the sultriest voice she could create. "Oh fuck yeah baby, I am gonna cum so fucking hard!" Mr.

Johnson yelped, pumping faster. "Do you want to cum inside me?" "Yeah baby I am gonna cum soon!" "No," she said, grabbing his face in her hands and making him look at her. "Do you want to take the condom off and cum inside me?" "Y-y-yes!" He panted, still pumping. "I want another $2000." Katrina hissed.

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"O-oh-oh-ok! Ah-ah- ooooooh!" Bill said through gritted teeth as he pulled his penis out of Katrina's body. He was shaking as she got to his feet and ran down the hall to the safe. He had to take $10,000 out of his account at a time so he thankfully had the cash on hand. He was barely able to get back to the bed, his body wanted to just cum right there. He dropped the $2000 on the bed next to Katrina's head and slid up to her on his knees.

He yanked at the condom until it came off and plunged his cock back into Katrina's warmth. He grabbed her hips and hoisted her ankles onto his shoulders.

"Alright sweetie, here we go-oh-oh-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" He only got in two pumps on re-entry before the first torrent of white man juice exploded from the tip of his cock and bathed Katrina's insides with his sperm. "Katrina watched his face as he let loose inside her. She thought of the sex ed videos she had seen, she thought of the dirty comic she had seen at her friends house, she thought of the porn videos she saw online. She thought about what was entering her body.

That her old teacher was emptying himself inside her, that his baby batter was rocketing upwards to her reproductive organs, and that it was possible her teacher could in fact impregnate her. "Oh Katrina, oh shit baby, oh I'm cumming!" He wrapped his arms around her legs and was pulling her up, her ass off the bed as he continued to slam home, a second wave of thick warm semen flowing into her.

She looked to the side, at the rain pelting the window, she breathed in the smell of sex, of cum, of fluids. She couldn't believe she was here, fucking an ugly old man. But she thought of the money, the $7,000 her pussy had earned.

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"Oh, oh god!!! AAARRRRRRRFFFFF!!!!!!!" Bill dropped her legs which fell to the bed as he fell forward, catching himself on his elbows. "Arf, arf, umph, umph, umph. Hmmph. Hmmph. Heh. Heh. Oh. Oh. Ho." He had still been pumping lying on top of her, the sweat on his stomach slick against her flat tummy.

Finally empty, he collapsed onto her, breathing deeply. She held him, feeling some kind of obligation to be close to him after what they had just shared. She thought about what it meant to be a whore. She thought about what it meant to be a slut. She thought about what it meant that she was no better than her mother. And she thought about how much money she could make, now that she was damaged goods.

She heard Mr. Johnson snoring softly on her, and listened to the rain pelt the windows. She let herself drift off to sleep, no longer wanting to think about her new career path.