Wife Elissen Sweet Gets Ass Stretched by BBC and Meek Cuckold Lends a Hand

Wife Elissen Sweet Gets Ass Stretched by BBC and Meek Cuckold Lends a Hand
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I am Mike Williams i go by several nick names quick fist ,big M, and funny ones like TomCat, Hoss i dont know why tho I am 6'0 i have a 6 pack very noticable one in under armor especially i have a regullar size dick 9 inchs i thinks thats regular and thats just fully erect.

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It was the 3rd football game and I was starting at Running back and my Girlfriend Hannah Haley, she goes by HH head cheerleader Hannah Banana, and mine to her at cutie hotty baby all the good ones Hannah is the type of girl with 36C boobs and a nice ass shes only 5'2 though, was cheering and were at the phacility just walking around talking and kissing now and then but the coachs always caught us so we kept getting in trouble so i said "come on baby lets get out of here the coachs are gettin on my nerves" and she replied by "well we dont have to leave we can just kiss later" and i responded by "baby i love kissing you your have that cherry lip gloss on and you know i love that you seducer" and she just smiled and giggled.

(2 Hours later) The game started and it was a tough game but we won and i was all bruced up if you play football you would know the feeling the score was 36-28 so i am getting checked out by the coach and Hannah comes in and says "awww you look cute when your injured or in pain" and i replied by "yea yea lets see you play squishy" and it went downhill from there she got mad and hit me and left so i was in deep shit.

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(figure of speech). (The Next Day its a Saturday) I call Hannah and i am apologizing "baby i am sorry i did not know you would take offence cant we just forget it happened" and she said "no your gonna have to keep apologizing untill i think you have learned ur lesson" and i said "baby cant you just come over and we can talk it out and she said "maybe what do i get out of it" and i said "my apologies" and she said "well i guess" and it took a few hours then she knocked on the door and i answered and i say "hey" and go in for a kiss but she stopped me and she said "not untill we work this out" and i said "awwww ok" so we go up stairs and my parents are not home so its baically alone time.

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We started talking and it goes on and on rather not tell you all of it its mostely apologies and her yelling at me thats basically it, and finally she starts acting tough saying shes stronger then me i and got the usual "whatever" from her and she jumps on me but shes tickilish in the sides and right above and right below the boobs and the stomach and i tickled her and kept going untill she said i was stronger and she never did so i pulled her shirt off and kept tickling her.

(we've seen each other naked its cool) I knew she would not last long in this tickle war finally she gave up and i picked her up and rolled over and she was sitting on my chest and we started making out (i dont wear shirts at my house) and while we were kissing i undid her bra and set those beautiful tits free and massaged them while kissing her.

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Finally i rolled her back over (I have a king size water bed) and we broke off the passionete kisses and i went down and would suck one massage the other and back and forth for a few minutes this went on and then i ran my hand down her pants and played with her pussy.

I undid her pants and she was a clean shaver she had a little strip above it not long and not short its a little bushel strip, and i started licking it and she bucked i was basically eating her out and her moans were intoxicating to my ears and i loved hearing them it just got me harder finally it was my turns she got my pants and boxers off when she removed my boxer my dick almost hit her in the face but she loved my dick and she started licking up and down it and sucked on my balls jacked me off and sucked it and when she hit about 7 inchs she gagged on it but she did great after about 20 mins off sucking and jacking off i cummed and spurted 4 times in her mouth and she swallowed every bit and we 69'd then she gave me the best tit fuck in the world and i cummed on her boobs and face then we did anal 2 positions and i cummed just once then we finally got the real stuff she was scared at first and i said her i will let you do it and i let her sit on top and it took her several times but she worked it in but she screamed at it popped her cherry and the mixed pain and plesure was making her moan and the blood and her cum was coming out of her and we just fucked we did 4 positions her on top her falling ontop of me then me on top well me grabbing her thighs and fucking her and doggy style which is the best and we did it in my room and i cummed in her then in the shower the living room got a good blowjob in the kitchen anal in the parents room 69'd on the couch blowjob in the rocking chair in the living room.

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We fucked for hours in general and it was great i dont know how many times i cummed in her mouth or pussy or anal or on her body but i really hope she did not get pregnant i was stupid to not use protection but the plesure was good and i loved it.