Aubrey Kate takes it up the ass sexy tranny big ass

Aubrey Kate takes it up the ass sexy tranny big ass
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Prologue: Once again, picture a windowless room, twelve feet by twelve feet, Spartan in appearance and in accommodations. A plain wooden chair, a small refrigerator and a queen sized bed.a small shower alcove and nothing else. A steel door locked from outside.

In short, a room with no escape, save through enlightenment. Many have and will call me insane, mad, a twisted pervert. Perhaps.or perhaps I am simply a illuminator in the darkness.a guide to allowing one to reach and achieve all that is possible. The Second: Anita, Joe and Molly. Picture the room again with three people sleeping on the bed.

One is Anita, a woman of forty years of age. Honey colored hair, cut short. She is a woman with a body that edges towards voluptuousness. Anita possesses solid, weighty 38 DD breasts.a stomach thickening from age and childbirth and an ass and legs that are still tight and shapely from arduous workouts.

Pink panties hide her sweetest treasure, a thick lipped pussy, shaved bare save for a short fluff of honey brown muff pointing downward to heaven's gate. The second individual is Anita's husband, Joe. He is a forty-one year old man, healthy, tall and muscled, with a healthy bulge in his boxer shorts. He wears his black hair short as befits a policeman. He and Anita have been married twenty years.

The last sleeping individual is their daughter, Molly. She turned eighteen the day I had them brought to the I-Room.

She has a slim, athletic build. She has her mother's face, but her body is different. Her breasts will never be as large as her mother's.right now being the size of small melons.34C. Her legs are muscular, her butt firm, tight and high as only a young woman's ass can be.

A few wisps of pubic hair do nothing to hide her nubile cunt concealed behind virginal, white cotton panties. This will be a decidedly different experiment than Joanna and Danny. Anita and Joe are very active sexually. Monitoring has revealed they engaged in some sort of sex every day over a thirty day period. Even during menstruation, Anita would engage in oral or anal sex with Joe.

The couple also enjoys an open marriage. Joe delights in "scoring" with women he meets in the course of his duties. He is an honest policeman, but is known as a cock hound for women of all ages.

Anita, a teacher, is not quite as promiscuous, but carries on several affairs, notably a male colleague, a female colleague and her daughter, and several former students. Anita delights in lesbian sex. Molly is at eighteen, still a virgin. A rather shy and studious girl, she has experimented very little with boy has ever gotten farther than copping a tentative feel of her perky breasts.

Lastly, investigating Anita's past reveals some very interesting secrets that may come into play during their time here. Molly wakes first. She stirs, realizing that she is lying between her mother and father. She realizes that except for her panties, she is naked. She sits up, folding her arms over her young breasts to cover them. Molly realizes she.they are in a strange room. "Mom? Daddy? Wake up!" There is teary panic in her voice.

Anita opens her eyes at the sound of her daughter's panicked voice. Taking in her own near nakedness and that of her daughter's and the Spartan surroundings, she sits up quickly. "What the fuck is going on?" Anita possesses a sweet and sexy voice, full of smoke and reminiscent of the wonderful actress, Lauren Bacall and when outside of school uses a vocabulary that would make a sailor proud.

Anita reaches over to shake Joe, even as her daughter scurries to her. "Joe, wake up!" There is fear in her voice, but also anger.

There is an incredible vitality to Anita.a sense of a carnal lioness. Joe wakes up and there is all the expected fear and confusion. Joe, his training kicking in, roams the room, seeking clues for escape.

His eyes cannot help but glide over both mother and daughter. Molly backs herself into a corner, arms crossed over her chest in a vain attempt to conceal them. Anita's breasts bounce hypnotically as she strides back and forth. Finally, I introduce myself. "REMAIN CALM. YOU WILL NOT BE HARMED. YOU WILL SIMPLY BE MY GUESTS FOR A SHORT WHILE." "Who the fuck are you?" Anita demands. "What do you want with us?" I smile as I reply, "I AM KNOWN BY SOME AS.THE CREEP.

THAT NAME WILL SERVE. YOU.YOU ARE HERE TO LEARN." Joe's face pales slightly at my title. He has heard of Joanna and Danny's case. He quietly briefs his family on what little he knows. Mother and son, held captive for three weeks.released unharmed with little idea why they were imprisoned. Joe turns slightly red as he mentions, "There were suggestions.suspicions that he was attempting to get them to have sex." Both Joe and Anita glance at their daughter who seems stunned by that revelation.


Both of them gaze appreciatively at her young, lithe body. The bulge in Joe's shorts swell noticeably. Anita licks her lips instinctively as if considering what Molly might taste like, but shakes her head. "You.fucking creep! You want us to screw our daughter!" Anita flips her middle finger up at the ceiling.

I can't help but grin. I like Anita's style. She's feisty. "YOU ARE HERE TO LEARN ABOUT YOURSELVES AND EACH OTHER. ONLY YOU DETERMINE THE PATH YOU FOLLOW." Anita responds with a profanity laced rant that would make a sailor blush.

I remain silent, enjoying her tirade. They talk, eat and sleep. Joe investigates the room, determined to find a way out. He is very competent, but there is no escape. Molly says little and stays either curled up on the bed or stands in a corner, her arms constantly folded over her breasts. Early during their second day, Molly's efforts to remain modest get on Anita's nerves. "Molly, quit it!" she snaps. "You've got boobs.your Daddy knows it, just be natural and relax." Molly sniffles but finally lowers her hands, face blazing red.

She is lovely with her firm, pert breasts, similar to her mother's only by the long, dime sized nipples both possess surrounded by large, puffy aureoles. By afternoon, all are more relaxed about their partial nudity.

Joe and Molly have gotten used to the other taking more than a quick glance. All three are uncomfortable in their having worn them roughly three days.

All have discovered that the shower works and have availed themselves of it. Anita, dripping wet from the shower, begins to step into her soiled panties, then curses and throws them in a corner. She looks up at the ceiling and again flips me a bird. "Are you happy, Creep? Getting your rocks off now?" She rubs her cunt with her palm, splitting her labia apart. "This the show you wanted?" "Mommy!" Molly's cry comes out as a scared sob. She stares amazed at her Mom's angry display.

"Jesus, Anita.just calm down," Joe says. He climbs off the bed and puts his arm around his wife. "Don't let him get to you." Joe turns and smiles at his daughter. "We all just have to stay cool.

We can't control this, so we might as well laugh about it." He kisses Anita's forehead and says, "Well, in as the Romans do. He shucks off his shorts and throws them into the same corner as Anita's panties. His cock is at half mast.fully aroused, it must be several inches of hard flesh. "Omigod, Daddy!" Molly blushes and covers her eyes.

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She can't disguise the fact her nipples have gone hard at the sight of her Daddy's penis. Anita and Joe laugh, embarrassed themselves.

"C'mon, honey," says Anita. We're all in this together. Your panties are as icky as mine. You've got nothing to be ashamed of. Strip!" Molly turns beet red, but obeys her mother's command and steps out of her soiled panties. Her hands go self consciously to her almost bald pussy. Joe and Anita cross the room and hug their daughter.

The hug last for several seconds and then Joe's cock, already at half mast begins to grow and rise, rubbing alongside Molly's thigh as it becomes fully erect. Molly starts and backs up. She stares down at her father's huge erection, amazed and scared at the same time. "Um.I I'm going to take a shower," Molly stammers and abruptly moves away from her parents.

She stays turned away as they move towards the bed. Anita and Joe watch her take her shower. On the bed, Anita glances down at her husband's stiff pole and then looks up at his face. Joe is watching Molly intently as she showers, her eyes closed as she soaps up her nubile body. Anita teasingly runs a finger along the length of Joe's hard cock.

"Pervert.getting a stiff dick over your naked daughter." Joe grins at his wife. "Yeah, tell me she isn't making your twat wet, Anita." Anita shrugs.

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"Yeah.well, I'm horny. You haven't fucked me for two days and I'm so fucking hot I could scream." Joe nods. "Yeah, too. I want you so's not just Molly's sweet body that has me hard.

I'm ready to fuck you right in front of her." Anita kisses him.a long French kiss. "I say we wait until Molly falls asleep. "We're noisy fuckers.think we can stay quiet and not wake her up?" "We can try. I'm so horny, I'm almost to the point where I don't care if she watches.hell, she can cheer us along." She grins naughtily at him.

"What about the Creep?" Anita wraps her hand around her husband's cock. "I need this sooo much. I don't care if he watches either. He can get his rocks off if that's what makes him happy. I just want my hubby to make me cum!" The rest of the day is filled with sexual tension.

Joe's cock is constantly rising as every glimpse of Molly's sleek, shapely body arouses him anew. Anita too is turned on by her naked daughter. She keeps finding reasons to touch Molly.

Molly is nervous and aroused by all the tension. All three finally lay down and it takes Molly a long time to drift off to sleep. Her soft snores alert Anita and Joe and they quietly slip out of bed.

They kiss and hug. Joe pins Anita to a wall and begins showering her body with kisses, his lips fluttering along her long, pointy nipples as he massages and toys with her breasts.

Anita moans lowly as her husband squats and kisses her pussy, her tuft of pubic hair tickling his nose as he uses his tongue to open her cunt lips, then spreading her labia lips wide with his fingers, Joe buries his face in his wife's juicy twat. "Fuck me, Joe," Anita whispers. "C'mon baby, fuck me with that big dick." Joe trails kisses back up her body and moves between her widespread legs. Anita takes her husband's cock in hand and guides it towards her cunt lips as Joe squats slightly to get into position.

Joe is kissing and biting her neck and Anita glances over at the bed. Molly is awake and watching them. For a long second, mother and daughter watch each other. Anita moans then as Joe's cock slips between her wet cunt lips. She smiles at her daughter, her eyes shiny with lust as her husband's cock drives deep into her hot, slippery pussy. She leans against the wall for support, raising her shapely right leg up and wrapping it around her husband's lower back, her heel digging into his butt cheek.

Still smiling at her daughter, a moan escapes Anita's lips as her husband thrusts even deeper into her wet pussy. I detect naughtiness in her smile as she watches her daughter watching her get fucked. "Ohhhh, Daddy!" Anita moans. "Fuck meee, Daddy! Fuck your little girlllll!" Joe moans in surprise and in arousal.

Anita raises her left leg and wraps it around Joe's body.her ankles now crossed in the small of his back.

Joe's arm muscles bulge as he cups Anita's tight ass cheeks and thrusts upward with his cock. Molly's eyes grow large as she watches her father fuck her mother while her mother continue the hot, nasty talk, all the time smiling at Molly. Anita's long, pointy nipples scrape against her husband's chest. "Mmmm.yesss. Daddy likes fucking meee! Daddy's cock is sooo just keeps getting bigger!

Daddy likes sticking his big dick in his daughter's pussyyy! Keep fucking meee, Daddy!" Anita's voice gets louder as Joe moves faster. Anita sobs as her husband pounds his cock deep inside her pussy, but even as she begins to orgasm, she never lets her gaze wander from her daughter.

"Auuuggg.I love you, Dadddyyy! Fuck meee harder, Dadddyyyy! Make your little girl cummm!" Joe gives out a muffled bellow and drives his cock hard and deep into Anita one last time.

His heavy testicles jerk up and down as he pumps his load up into his wife's womb. "Cummmmingg, Daddy! Your little girl loves your.ohhh.creamy cummm, Daddddyyy!" Anita spasms, tightening her arms and legs around Joe's body as she orgasms.

Exhausted, she winks at Molly and puts a finger to her lips. Molly smiles uncertainly and nods. As Joe begins to carry Anita back to bed, she rolls on her side away from them. Joe eases Anita onto the bed, her groaning as his cock slips out of her grasping cunt. "Mmmm, baby.that was lovely," murmurs Anita as Joe gets into bed. "I can't believe we didn't wake Molly up!" he replies.

Anita giggles. "Maybe we did. Maybe she watched us fuck and is just pretending to be asleep." Joe groans. "Jeezus,'re so nasty sometimes." Anita leans over and kisses him, her tongue slipping into his mouth.

"It's what you love about me, Joe. I'm a nasty, slutty whore." Joe yawns. "Damn right.and you're my nasty, slutty.yawn.whore." Joe falls silent and then begins to snore. Anita waits a few minutes and then whispers. "Molly, you still awake?" Her daughter rolls over. In a tiny voice, she replies, "Yes, Mom." "Are you okay, honey? We haven't scared you or anything?" As she talks, Anita turns on her side, facing her daughter. Her hand glides silently down towards her pussy.

"Molly replies, "No.I'm okay, Mom. It was.I don't know. I've never seen two people actually make love before." "Well, Molly, I hope we haven't scared you off it. Making love is a wonderful thing. It's how we made you. It's natural.what men and women are meant to do." As she speaks, Anita swirls two fingers into her cunt and then when they're coated with pussy cream and semen, licks them off her fingers. "Does it hurt, Mom?" Molly asks. "Daddy's thing looks so big!" "Mmmm.sometimes it can hurt, but even then the pain is sweet and when its it was tonight, it's incredible!

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Your father is a wonderful lover!" Anita scoops another two fingers worth of her husband's sperm and her own cunt sauce and slurps it down. Molly realizes what her mother is doing. "Mommy! What are you eating?" Anita laughs. "Um.well, actually, I'm eating your Daddy's sperm." Molly wrinkles her nose. "Ewww.yuck!" "Now sweetheart, someday you'll discover that the taste of your man's sperm is one of the sweetest things in the world. There's nothing wrong with it.whether you're sucking your man's cock or eat it after it's mixed in with your own pussy cream." To emphasize the point, Anita again slips her fingers into her cunt and swirl them about.

"That's gross, Mom." Anita snickers. "Really? Now tell me the truth. You ever play with your pussy?" "Mom!" "Well.tell Momma the truth." Molly blushes in the dim light. "Yes.yes I have." Anita smiles and says, "Now.tell me you've never licked your juices off your own finger." Molly ducks her head as Anita pokes her in the shoulder.

"C'mon, tell me the truth, Molly." Not able to look her mother in the face, Molly replies, "Yes, Momma. I do that sometimes." "Does it taste good, sweetheart? Do you like it?" Anita uses a finger to tilt her daughter's chin up so they can look at each other eye to eye. Molly nods. "Yeah.I like how my pu.pussy tastes, Mom." Anita chuckles wickedly. "There you go. And a man's jism mixed in with your cunt cream will taste even sweeter.

There's nothing nasty about it. There's nothing wrong with sex, baby, as long as whoever you're with is a willing partner." Anita again slips her fingers into her well fucked cunt and brings out a large glob of semen mixed with her own juices. She brings it to her own lips, then pauses, eyeing her daughter.

She smiles like a naughty child and says, "Molly, would you like to taste it? Would you like to taste your Daddy's sperm and my pussy cream?"" Molly's eyes go wide in surprise as do mine. Anita seems caught up in a desire to continue her naughty actions from earlier. "Go ahead, baby. You'll like it, I promise." Molly seems stupefied for a second then giggles.still the embarrassed teenager. "Really, Mom?" Anita nods and almost brushes her cum covered fingers against her daughter's lips.

Tentatively, Molly sticks her tongue out and barely licks at her mom's fingers. She smiles. Molly licks again, then draws her mother's fingers into her mouth and sucks them clean. "Mom!, I like it!" A little blob of semen is smeared at the corner of her mouth.

Anita replies, "I told you so, sweetheart!

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Oops! You missed a bit." Anita leans in and licks cum off her daughter's mouth, then teasingly runs her tongue over Molly's lips. Molly starts, but doesn't pull back. Anita gently kisses her daughter and whispers, "I love you, baby." She runs her hand through Molly's hair and says, "I guess my little girl is growing up.

We better get some sleep. Lord knows what tomorrow will bring." What it brings is a lot of tension. Anita and Joe are flirty, kissing and grabbing at each other.

Molly tries to pretend she didn't watch the night before, but she continually blushes every time she looks at her father and his semi-hard cock. Joe picks up on her nervousness as well to Anita's obvious amusement.

"What?" he says, standing with hands on hips, staring at his wife and daughter lying on the bed. The erotic sight of his naked family makes his penis rise to the occasion. "What's going on?" Anita smirks, even as she reaches out to squeeze Molly's hand. "Well, honey, I guess we were louder last night than we realized. We had an audience." Joe stares at them for a moment, then laughs. " that all? Sorry Molly, your mother and father are a couple of noisy fuckers." Molly, her face bright red, decides to imitate her mother's brassiness.

She reminds me so much of her mother as she glibly responds, "Please, Daddy. You can't live in our house all these years and not know that you and Mom are.noisy fuckers!" Her mom and dad burst out laughing and then give their daughter a big hug.

Joe climbs onto the bed and all three begin talking about last night's lovemaking. "So, baby. Mom and I didn't shock you?" asks Joe. "No, Daddy. But." Molly's voice trails off.

"But what, honey?" asks Anita. "Um.while you guys were, uh, doing it.what was all the weird talk about?" "Weird talk, Molly?" says Anita. Molly blushes even more than before. "You, fuck me Daddy. Fuck your little girl, Daddy." What's up with that?" Anita and Joe look at each other and blush a little.

Anita replies, "Well, sometimes it's fun to have a little slutty, nasty talk going on. It helps us play out fantasies that get us extra excited." "Fantasies, Mom? What kind of fantasies?" Molly's face is serious and eager to understand. Anita looks at Joe and he shrugs and says, "Go ahead, babe. We always planned to tell her when the time is right." Molly looks confused. "Tell me what?" Anita blushes and if afraid of her daughter's reaction. "Um.well, Molly, the truth is, all the Daddy talk turns me on because.well, because your Grandpa Dan was my first lover.

My Daddy took my cherry." Molly's eyes widen. "Grandpa? You mean Grandpa fu-fucked you!" She shivers and her nipples swell, into long, hard points. Anita's nipples also swell as she continues. "Yep, Daddy let me crawl into his bed when I was about your age. Until I married your daddy, he was my number one lover!" Anita grins evilly. And before you ask, yes, your Grandpa still likes to fuck me today.

Your Daddy doesn't mind." "And that's why your mother likes to sometimes fantasize about him," Joe says. He reaches over and pats her on the thigh. "You never forget your first lover." His daughter shivers and her small, pert breasts heave heavily. A sexual flush spreads across her upper chest. "Okayyy.and Mom and Grandpa fucking and Mom moaning 'Fuck me, Daddy,' does that turn you on too, Daddy?" Joe grins and shrugs and replies, "Well, a little bit, yeah. I love how slutty your Mom can be, but that's not my fantasy." "It sure isn't," giggles Anita.

"When your Daddy is feeding me his big dick and I'm crying out, 'Please, Daddy, fuck me Daddy, fuck your little girl,' your Daddy has his own fantasy going on." Molly looks at her father, puzzled. "Who are you fanta." Realization dawns on her face. "Oh!" she says quietly. "Ohhhh.OHHHH!" Molly looks at her father, him smiling at her as only a father can, his cock now huge and swollen, slapping up against his stomach. For the first time, she sees her father looking at her not just as a father, but as a man.a sexually aroused man.

"OHHH!" She jumps up, hands fluttering nervously. "Um, I.I'm going to.Daddy.I'm going to take a shower!" Molly flees into the shower, pointedly facing away from her parents. Anita smiles at Joe and says, "Well, the cat's out of the bag now.

I think we almost made her cum! She stretches out like a big, sexy cat. "Telling her about Daddy and me damn near made me cum. She eyes Joe's hard penis and spreads her legs wide. "Looks like you need to cum too!" Joe raises an eyebrow in mild surprise.

"Right now, babe?" Anita moves to kiss her husband, her tongue pressing hungrily into his mouth. They kiss passionately and Anita pulls her husband on top of her. As the kiss ends and she thrusts herself up at her husband, she says, "It's time. We've waited long enough and it'll be Molly's choice. I don't care about where we're at or that fucking creep. I want you and we both want our baby.if she's willing. Fuck me, Joe.let's show our little girl how wonderful love can be!" By the time Molly emerges from the shower, her mother and father are deep in the throes of passion.

I am amazed. Her parents seem now willing to throw caution and restraint to the wind, allowing themselves to feast on their passion.

Slowly, Molly approaches the bed, eyes wide with awe of her parents' boisterous lovemaking. Joe has Anita's legs draped over his shoulders as he deeply thrusts his cock into his wife's pussy. Both are sweating. Anita is screaming, "Fuck me with that elephant dick! Fuck me, Daddy.

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Make your baby cum.fuck me.fuck your little girl hard, Daddy!" Molly comes to the edge of the bed and her mother and father smile at her as they fuck. Anita reaches out a hand. Molly takes it and allows herself to be pulled onto the bed, resting on her knees. Her nipples swell even more as she allows her eyes to roam over her mother's and father's bodies. Her gaze is drawn again and again to her mother's cunt.labia spread wide, gleaming wetly as her daddy's cock is buried again and again in Anita's wetness.

"Itssss okay.mmmm, fuck me, Daddy! Okay, Molly.Mommy and Daddyyy.oh yesss, fuck me Daddy with that big cock! Mommy and Daddy love you!" Anita squeezes her daughter's hand and cries out, "Cummminggg, Daddy! Your Daddy cock is making meee cummm!" Anita goes into orgasm.her body shaking, her legs stiffening, spreading wider and sliding off Joe's shoulders. Joe grunts, "Watch out.mmmm.Molly!" Expertly, her rolls Anita and himself over, making his wife groan as they land, driving his cock even deeper in her steamy cunt.

His hands grip his wife's ass cheeks and he moves her up and down on his stiff rod until her orgasm recedes. Regaining control of her herself, Anita is the virtual embodiment of a carnal whore.

Her body arches and stretches, her lips curling into a sneer as she grinds her pussy down, burying her husband's cock deeper in her aroused pussy. She shivers with delight, her heavy breasts shaking.her nipples swollen and throbbing with excitement.

"God I love this dick!" she moans as she begins to ride him.

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Anita glances over at her daughter. "Your daddy has a fine cock!," she purrs. "It's big and thick, baby girl." She moans and squeezes her breasts. "Mmmm.yes, it's a good Daddy cock.this big Daddy dick made you. Don't you think it's beautiful, Molly? Doesn't Daddy have a mmmaahhh fine pussy fucking cock?" Anita asks Molly. Molly glances up at her father, tries to smile and then hesitantly nods. She is excited and scared. Anita slowly pistons herself up and down, letting her daughter see Joe's cock, glistening with her juices, go in and out of her pussy.

"Joe.Daddy Joe, I believe your daughter is turned on by your big, hard, cock!" Joe laughs. "I think she's turned on by both of us.she's eyeing your tits and pussy too. Molly, do you think Mom's sexy?" Molly looks away, her face beet red, then turns back and nods again. She is breathing heavy, nipples extended and swollen, her hands flutter about her sparsely haired pussy.

Her virginal labia lips have flowered and spread, exposing her moist, pink cunt. Her juices are flowing and her thighs glisten with her arousal. Anita licks her lips and purrs, "Molly. I know you're horny. You can play with yourself. Mommy and Daddy don't mind." Molly looks at her father who winks and nods his head. He reaches out and takes her hand as Anita had done earlier.

He squeezes it in encouragement. I am agog with amazement. My research had shown potential for this family, but it is as if a dammed river has exploded out of control. Never in my most fervent hopes did I foresee this! As Anita continues to fuck up and down Joe's erect pole, moaning, "Fuck me, Daddy.make your little girl cum again," Molly slowly slips her free hand between her thighs and begins to rub her tender, moist flesh.

"Ohhh, baby," coos Anita. "That's sexy! Mmmm, you're making Daddy's dick grow inside me!" Anita leans forward a little, her tits dancing and bouncing. "You're even making Mommy wetter!" she whispers to her daughter.

Molly whimpers, "Ohhh, Mommy!!" as she looks longingly into Anita's eyes and then downward where her father's cock is disappearing inside her mother's pussy. Molly slides a finger over and around her now exposed clitoris. "Mommy's sexy, huh, baby?" murmurs Joe. "Do you want to kiss Mommy?" he asks. Molly moans and nods. "Do it for Daddy.

Give Mommy a big kiss for Daddy!" Molly rises up, still on her knees, still holding her father's hand and with her free hand fingering her tight twat. She leans into Anita, their breasts and nipples mashing together. Her lips press against her mother's. Her mother opens her mouth and slips her tongue into her daughter's mouth. Molly moans in surprise and then moans again as she offers her own tongue, instinctively moving into a passionate soul kiss.

For several sweet seconds, I watch with amazement this incestuous scene. Joe drives deep into Anita's pussy, thrusting ever upward, making his wife moan into their daughter's mouth as their tongues twirl and dance. Molly's fingers work feverishly between her legs, rubbing her little, erect clit. Little whimpers of pleasure rise, smothered and faint, from her lips as she squeezes her father's hand. Joe gazes lovingly at his wife and daughter locked in a sapphic kiss and groans, "Ohhh baby!

Daddy's cumming!" He drives his hips upward, spearing his thick dick deep into his wife's womb and growls as he empties his balls of a heavy load of semen. His testicles jerk up and down as he pumps jism into Anita's pussy!

Anita's eyes go wide as she is filled with her husband's hot sperm and she moans against Molly's lips as she wraps her arms around her daughter's now sweaty body, finger cupping her daughter's taut ass cheeks. Anita explodes into orgasm as Joe continues to pump his seed into her pussy. She screams, breaking the kiss, "Fuckkk! Cumminngg! Yess, Daddy, cummm in my pussy!

Make me pregnant, Daddy! Make me cum!" Being a participant in her parents' lovemaking compounded by the sensation of her mother's naked body and her dad's eyes roaming over her own naked and sweaty body, sends Molly over the edge as she plays with her clit and rubs her cunt lips. She sobs, "Mommy-Daddy! I'm cummminggg!" For several seconds, all three are writhing in the sweet torment of orgasm, before all three collapse, Molly lying next to her father while Anita collapses on top of her husband.

"Goddamn, Joe," Anita sighs. "You must have dumped a gallon of spunk in my pussy!" She kisses him and then trails a hand over to Molly's thigh.

"Mmmm, baby, that was something out of this world. Are you okay?" Molly gasps for breath, her chest heaving. "Y-yes, Momma. That was.wonderful!" Joe groans, "I love your pussy, Anita.'re still milking my dick!" Anita giggles as Molly, still has the wherewithal to ask, "You're doing what to Daddy, Mom?" "I'm milking his cock.using my pussy muscles to squeeze every last sweet drop of sperm out of your Daddy's cock!" Joe looks so happy and so worn out.

"Mom feels so a (yawn), a steaming hot, wet, velvet hot and juicy!" He yawns again and within a few seconds is snoring. "Yep, I wore your Daddy out again!" giggles Anita. She raises her hips and moans happily as her husband's cock slowly slips out, a big, half erect pole of sperm and cunt cream covered cock meat. Anita falls over to the left of Joe, leaving him between mother and daughter. She looks at her daughter who is eyeing Joe's thick, cum covered cock.

Anita smiles and takes her husbands penis in one hand. "Time for a snack, huh, Molly?" Anita leans over and takes a lick of her man's penis.a streamer of jism running from her tongue and splattering against her chin and neck. "Mmmm. Remember what I said last night?" She smacks her lips. "Nothing tastes better than cum and pussy cream all stirred up together!" Molly looks confused and interested. Anita takes another lick and waggles Joe's cock at their daughter. "Would you like to try it, baby?" "Mom!

I can't.can't lick Daddy's thing!" Anita sticks out her tongue. "Well, you don't have to if you don't want to. But Mom knows her daughter's been admiring her Daddy's thick ol' dick. And you know it tastes good.remember?" Warm and sticky.Mommy's pussy cream and Daddy's sweet semen. You want to, don't you? You want to lick your Daddy's cock?" Molly bites her lower lip (the eighteen year old has a sexy overbite).

She glances at her sleeping father, then at her smiling, naked mother. Molly leans over, her hard nipples dragging along Joe's stomach. "That's my big girl," coos Anita as Molly sticks out her tongue and runs it up the shaft of her father's cock, licking it like it's an ice cream cone.

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Anita leans in and kisses her daughter on the lips, spearing her tongue into Molly's mouth to steal a little tasty semen. "Mommy,'s sooo good!" Molly giggles. "Lets clean Daddy up together, Molly!" says Anita. Mother and daughter both begin licking Joe's cock, their tongues twirling around the crown, dancing and dueling as the lick the last creamy bits of cum off his cock.

As they finish, both mother and daughter rise to their knees, locked in a passionate kiss. Anita's hands roam busily over her daughter's body. As the kiss ends, she whispers, "Does my little girl really like the taste of Mommy's and Daddy's cum?" Breathless, Molly moans, "Yesss.oh Mom, that feels good," as Anita starts to nibble on her neck. Carefully, Anita pulls Molly across Joe's body and then lays back, easing her daughter down on top of her. Anita's full heavy breasts flattening out around her daughter's smaller tits.

She kisses Molly again as her hands squeeze the eighteen year olds butt. "You can have some more of Daddy's cum and my pussy cream, Molly. It's hot and juicy and it's all yours if you want it." Murmurs Anita as she spreads her legs.

Molly sobs with desire and looks down between their bodies. She licks her lips hungrily. Shivering with excitement, she slides down her mother's body partway.kissing her mother's breasts, lips closing around Anita's long, dime sized nipples and sucking on them gently.


Molly slides lower until she can see and smell the rich, musky fragrance of Anita's semen filled cunt. Anita's moist, mostly shaved pussy is wide open, pink, wet flesh frosted and oozing semen. Looking upwards and her mother, Molly says, "Mom, is this wrong?

I want to lick, pussy. Am I bad for wanting that?" Her voice quivers with desire. "Molly, darling, Anita replies softly. "I'll tell you what my Daddy said the first time he climbed between my legs. 'Honey, if you love each other and you want it, go ahead.

If it feels wrong, stop or tell me to stop.' Molly, do you want to eat Momma's pussy?" "Yes, Mom. I do!" Anita reaches down and strokes her daughter's hair. "Then Momma's pussy is all yours!" Molly makes her mother moan as she eagerly presses her mouth to Anita's cunt and runs her tongue up and down her mom's sloppy pussy. Hungrily, greedily, Molly laps and slurps up the thick, creamy mixture of cunt juice and semen.

At one point, she raises her face from her mother's slit, her cheeks shiny and wet and dripping with cum, grinning from ear to ear. "I love you, Mom," she sighs before diving into her mother's muff again. As she licks Anita's sweet, pink cunt, she begins to take note of what appears to be pleasurable to her mom. "Ohhh, baby! Mommy loves how her little girl eats pussy!" Anita gasps as her daughter runs her tongue over her tender vaginal flesh.

Molly laughs when Anita squeals with delight as her probing tongue rolls over her turgid clitoris, repeating the motion again and again until Anita sobs, "Ohhh, Molly! Making Mommy cum!" Anita drenches Molly's face with pussy cream, bucking her pelvis against her daughter's face. When she is able, she sits up and pulls Molly to her, kissing her wet, cunt soaked face.

"I love you, baby! Mommy loves her little girl so much!" moans Anita as she kisses and fondles her daughter, her hands cupping Molly's tits, rubbing and teasing her long, erect nipples.

Mother's and daughter's faces are flushed.their eyes bright with desire. "Mommy wants to taste her baby's naked pussy!" Anita groans, pushing her child down on the bed. Anita dives between Molly's legs, straddling her in the sixty-nine position. Even as Anita's fingers spread her daughter's tender wet twat so she can lick Molly's lovely pussy, Molly instinctively rises up and resumes eating her mother's cunt! Anita's expert tongue quickly has Molly gasping and moaning.

Molly cries out, "Mommy! That.ohhh ahhhh, Mommmyyy. It feels sooo gooood!" Anita rolls them over, bringing her daughter on top. Between sobs of joy, Molly is furiously lapping her mother's cunt, bringing her closer to another orgasm. Joe wakes up and smiles as he watches his wife and daughter eat each other's pussies in a passionate, incestuous sixty-nine.

Joe eases up behind Molly's twitching ass, massaging her tight butt cheeks and leans in. He and his wife kiss and then, faces close, both tongue their daughter's juicy pussy.

Molly moans as her newly discovered pleasure is doubled, but I don't think she's yet aware that her Daddy is now licking her cunt. Joe rises up slightly and spreads his daughter's ass cheeks and runs his tongue over his little girl's pearl of an asshole! Joe swirls his tongue around the edges of her little hole and then as Molly jerks up, squealing as orgasmic shocks rush through her, her father spears his tongue into her virgin ass!

"Ohhh!" Molly moans as she raises up from her mother's cunt, pussy juices dripping from her face. She turns her head and sobs, "Daddddyy!" as she sees her father's face pressed against her butt. Molly explodes with the first major orgasm of her life.waves of pleasure exploding within her as her father tongues her asshole and her mother laps her wet pussy. Molly collapses and her mother and father scramble around, sharing their daughter's exquisite tastes with gentle, passionate kisses.

Joe slips his face between his little girl's thighs and begins eating Molly's wet pussy while Anita, her face slick with her daughter's juices, kisses her before working her way down Molly's slender body, stopping to suck on her daughter's nipples, before finally joining Joe in tonguing their child's pussy once again.

Anita slides down further to find Joe's penis swollen and stiff again. Sloppily she sucks him, making his shaft wet and slippery. Molly is riding a wave of orgasmic energy and lust. "I love you, Daddy!" she moans, her hands on his head, pressing his face against her almost bald mound while he slurps up her heavily flowing cunt cream.

"Is Daddy's girl ready?" gasps Anita. "Is Molly ready for her first Daddy fucking?" Anita slithers up the bed to cuddle with her daughter, stroking her daughter's sweaty, aroused body. Molly's eyes are wide with excitement.

"Yesss! Please, Daddy.fuck me.fuck your daughter! Please, Daddy.I want to feel your big thing inside me!" "Oh, baby girl, yes!" moans Joe as he rises up and moves up his daughter's lithe body. He eases himself on top of her, kissing her passionately, sharing her own cunt juices with her, smearing her face with her own wet desire.

Molly's almost bare labia is spread wide, glistening.the lips kissing the length of her father's hard penis as it rests lengthwise between the folds of her pussy. Molly hunches her pelvis instinctively, a woman-child offering herself for mating. The moment I expected to take so much longer is upon us all. Anita kisses her daughter, then her husband.

All three share a look of desire. "Ready, Molly? Ready for your Daddy to fuck you.really make you a woman?" Anita purrs. Molly's mom is incredibly aroused. She shivers with excitement as she reaches between her husband and daughter and as Joe raises his hips, she places his erect, throbbing cock between her daughter's cunt lips.

"My little girl is so wet. It won't hurt much, sweetheart and Daddy's cock will feel so good." "THE MOMENT OF TRUTH IS AT HAND," I say, making them all jump. Anita glances upward. "This is what you wanted, isn't it, Creep? Leave us alone." "WHAT I WANT IS FOR YOU TO DISCOVER THE TRUTH ABOUT YOURSELVES.TO FIND YOUR TRUE PATH. YOU HAVE REACHED THE MOMENT OF TRUTH." "Meaning what?" Joe growls. "MEANING THIS IS WHEN YOU MUST FACE YOUR DESTINY AND MAKE A CHOICE.

WHAT IS YOUR DESIRE?" They all jump a little when I flick a switch and the door to the I Room swings open. "YOU ARE FREE TO LEAVE. IS LEAVING MORE IMPORTANT OR IS MAKING INCESTUOUS LOVE TO YOUR DAUGHTER MORE IMPORTANT?" Joe and Anita look at each other. Anita grins evilly, but it is Molly who makes the decision.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" she sobs, throwing her hips upward, her cunt swallowing her father's cock head. "Love me, fuck me, Daddy!" she cries. Anita smiles and nods. "Fuck your daughter, Daddy Joe! Show her how wonderful incest can be." "I love you both so much," Joe sighs and he thrusts his cock into his daughter's virgin pussy. Molly makes a small noise of a moan as she breathes in sharply.her moan getting higher and louder as Joe's thick cock drives deep into her pussy, her moan becoming a loud exhalation of pain and lust as her father rips apart her hymen as with a steady thrust, he buries his cock all the way inside his daughter's tight, loving cunt.

"Daaaaaaaddddddddyyyyyyy! Ohhitthurrrtttssssooofulllsooobiigggdaddddyyy!" Anita smothers her daughter's face with kisses, kissing away her tears even as tears of joy stream down her own face.

"Daddy loves you.Mommy loves you, Molly." Anita's hands busily and lovingly caress Molly's firm, perky breasts. "Ohhhh sooo biggg, Mommmmyy!" Molly sobs. "Daddy isss sooo big!" Molly writhes on the bed, pinned down by her father's cock.her body overwhelmed with sensations, not knowing what to do. Anita scoots around and taking her daughter's ankles, raises them and crosses them behind Joe's backside.

"Oooohhh, Mommy! Daddy big bigggerrrr," babbles Molly as her mother's actions send her to a new plateau of pain and pleasure as her father's cock finds a little more room. "Fuck her, Joe. Fuck your daughter nice and easy," whispers Anita.

"Show her how beautiful your dick can make her feel." Slowly, Joe begins to move, gingerly easing his cock halfway out of Molly's tight pussy, then ever so gently, thrusting his thick meat back inside.

As Molly squirms and moans, Joe showers her with kisses, whispering, "My baby has such a perfect pussy.just perfect for her daddy's cock. Damn, Molly, your little daughter pussy is sooo wet and hot! Your tight pussy is made for Daddy's cock!

I love you, Molly. I love you, my baby girl." Joe establishes a steady rhythm, pumping his swollen penis in and out of Molly's cunt. She writhes and sobs, but even amidst the cries of pain, there is now an undercurrent of pleasure. Gradually, her body begins to respond to her father's cock, trying to thrust upward to meet Joe's downward thrusts. Her wetness increases.her arousal evident from the strong aroma of her violated pussy.

Molly wraps her arms around Joe's neck and her legs tighten their grip. She kisses her father passionately as his coarse chest hairs brush her erect nipples, making them swell even more.

"Fu-fuck-fuck meee, Daddy," Molly moans. "Puh-please, fuck meee with that big thing!" Their steady pace quickens. Joe groans as Anita joins the fun, spreading her husband's ass cheeks and rims his asshole with her tongue.

"Cummmm, Daddy! I-I'm cummmminggg!" cries Molly. Her voice rises to a scream as the first cock induced orgasm of her life turns her into a fiery ball of incestuous lust! "Cummingg.oh god, Daddyy! I love you, Daddddyyyy!' "I love you, Molly!

Daddy loves you!" roars Joe and he thrusts deeply into his daughter's pussy. Molly screams with soul shaking pleasure as her father's hot semen scalds her womb. Joe groans as Molly's twat tightens around his penis, his daughter instinctively milking him for all his seed. Long minutes pass as they recover from their mutual orgasms, both father and daughter gasping for breath. Anita isn't ready to quit.

"Honey, roll over, put Molly on top!" she hisses. "Molly, don't let go of Daddy's cock. Squeeze it, sugar." Molly moans as her daddy, cock still buried deep in her pussy, picks her up and rolls over, leaving his naked daughter sprawled on top of him.


Her legs dangle wide, showing Joe's slowly softening cock still wormed in her young cunt. "Mommy's turn!" chortles Anita and she dives between her husband's and daughter's legs.

Her tongue flutters across their joined genitalia, slurping up the oozing semen, pussy juices and virginal blood from Molly's freshly fucked pussy. Daughter and Husband moan happily as Anita teases Joe's cock and Molly's twat with her long, nasty tongue. Molly suddenly sobs, "I.I can feel Daddy getting big again! Daddy's thing is growing! Indeed, Anita's attentions have spurred Joe's penis to full erection again. I watch in fascination as Molly, almost in continuous orgasmic stupor, rocks on her daddy's stiff rod while her mother tongues their co-joined cock and cunt until both Joe and his daughter cry out in orgasm.

Molly convulses helplessly as her body is swept by orgasm only to literally cum again when finally Joe lefts her up and off his cock, her pussy clasping.attempting to cling on to his slithering free with a wet, meaty plop. Almost unconscious, Molly lies spread-eagled on the bed, moaning ecstatically as Anita buries her tongue her in her daughter's pussy, lapping up the massive amounts of Joe's semen mixed in with Molly's pussy juices.

Molly does somehow summon the energy to suck Joe's cock clean, her sighs and gasps muffled as she sucks her father's dick like a pacifier. Gradually, Joe shifts his position and buries his face in Anita's sopping wet muff. I watch, fascinated, at the incestuous glory of a mother-father-daughter daisy chain. Finally, all three fall asleep, a tangle of flesh, contented and sweaty, whispering, "I love you," to each other.

The next morning, I find them again making incestuous love. Joe is ramming his hard, erect penis into Anita's asshole while his wife furiously eats their daughter's tender but wet pussy. I hate to interrupt, but.

"GOOD MORNING." All three stop. "Good morning, Creep. Have you gotten what you wanted?" snaps Anita. "I HAVE BEEN PRIVELEGED TO WITNESS LOVE IN ITS PUREST FORM. BUT HAVE YOU ACHIEVED WHAT YOU WANTED?" Joe is slowly worming his cock in and out of his wife's backdoor even as he speaks, "We always hoped to bring Molly into our circle.our way of loving.if she wanted this." "YES.I IMAGINE I HAVE SIMPLY ACCELERATED THE PROCESS.

HOW DO YOU FEEL, MOLLY?" The eighteen year old girl smiled shyly. "I'm.I've dreamed for a long time being with Daddy and mmmoohh, Mom." Molly smiles down at her mother who is naughtily teasing her clitoris. "I've always wanted to know what it is that made Mom and Daddy make those noises in the night. I love fucking.I love fucking Mommy and Daddy." She stretches like a big cat, thrusting her pussy into her Mother's hungry mouth.

"I'm glad you brought us here. You may be a weirdo, but thank you." "YOU'RE WELCOME, MOLLY.

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PLEASE, DON'T LET ME INTERRUPT ANYMORE. CONSIDER THE NEXT FEW DAYS AS A HONEYMOON." And words fail to describe the primal, incestuous eroticism of the next seven days as Joe and Anita teach their daughter the ways of lovemaking. Can words truly describe the expression of sheer delight on Molly's face the first time she gives her father a long, languorous blowjob only to be rewarded with a facial shower of thick streamers of hot semen.

Only a Raphael or Michelangelo could truly portray the fierce expression of incestuous lust on Anita's face as she squats between her husband and daughter, Joe burying his huge erection up her asshole while Molly fist fucks her, her daughter's hand buried in her twat up to the wrist. And then it is over. The family wakes up in their own home, snuggling in Joe's and Anita's bedroom. Before calling the authorities, they spend one last evening of making furious, passionate love in a vain attempt to state their incestuous appetites before the media storm begins.

The media acts as it always does, obsessing with the story until the next sensational event occurs. My three guests act as my previous guests have, offering details of imprisonment, but not expanding on the new path the family has begun to travel.

The media expounds on the nature of "The Creep," bringing in psychiatrists and criminal experts to create profiles on who and what I am. Again, the same FBI agent voices suspicions of a sexual nature, but Joe's police colleagues will again shout him down in indignation.

After a few weeks, the media moves on and the family gets back to their lives. Things have changed. Anita and Joe still have an open marriage, but both are more centered on home and Molly.

All three share one bed now and their passion for each other is enormous. As time passes, they are finding themselves more attracted to each other.a sexual trinity of incestuous love that sustains their appetites and feeds their spirits more than any lusty romps any had experienced prior to their visit to the I-Room Two months after their visit with me, I send my attorney to visit them. He reveals his role as a representative of "The Creep" and gives them a savings account deposit book in their name with a balance of a half a million dollars.

He also discusses my island community somewhere near Tahiti and on my behalf offers Joe a job as our island's police chief and Anita a job as a school teacher. He explains our philosophy.our religion of family love. They barely have time to smile at each other and get a happy grin from Molly before they say yes. Two months later, I am happy to greet them as they arrive. I am given the rare privilege to touch Molly's rounded belly.the belly of a young woman who is four months pregnant with the son that she and her parents have made together.

Her loveliness is matched only by that of her mother. Anita too is pregnant and glows with the beauty that only motherhood bestows.

Some would argue that the very nature of Joe and Anita draw questions as to the validity of the I-Room. For my part, I deem the I-Room a success again and I look forward to its next occupants.