Huge gyno mirror in her brutal pussy

Huge gyno mirror in her brutal pussy
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Friday of my 13th birthday, I had finished school for the summer and had walked home with my friends, we chatted and I received my birthday presents as we walk and because of this I was a little later getting home. When I got home Dave was standing in the Kitchen, he screamed at me, "Where the Fuck have you been you little bitch?" "I was walking home with my friends, not that it is any of your business Dave" I said defiantly, 'now if you don't mind I'm off to have a bath' and I stormed upstairs.

I had just got in the warm bubbly water when Dave stormed into the bathroom - he wouldn't allow any locks on the doors inside the house, only the basement and his and my mothers bedroom "you selfish little slut, this is my house and you will not talk to me like that" he screamed at me, grabbing my wrist and yanking me out of the bath, "you will have to be punished" he continued, trying to force me over his lap.

I struggled and tried to pull away, but he slapped me in the face and hissed that it would be much worse if I didn't obey, so I let myself be pushed onto his lap. He started spanking my bare, sopping wet bottom, which stung more because it was wet. He spanked my bare ass hard 13 times - one for each year of my birth - and paused, so I started to get up, "not until I tell you bitch" he hissed, smacking the back of my head.

He put his hand between my thighs and pushed them apart, "and you had better keep them open slut" he warned. He spanked me again, close to my pussy lips - I had just started to get curly light blonde pubic hair - I squeaked in surprise. "Oh I bet you like that you little slut", I looked up at him confused and he was smiling maliciously, "I've seen you, wiggling around the neighbourhood, teasing all the men and boys, including me" he spanked me hard again the same place, causing me to squeak again.

He then did something he had never done before, he pushed one of his big rough fingers into my young virgin pussy, causing me to cry out, and this made him slap me. "You keep quiet you little whore, you're making me do this, you are making me have to punish you for being a little whore" he sneered, he then began pushing his finger in and out of me roughly, hurting me.

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I struggled and tried to get off his lap, but he grabbed hold of my long hair and spanked me hard, then chuckled, pushing his fat thumb in my ass, making me scream in pain. "If you try and escape again my fist is going up there, got it?" he wiggled it roughly before pulling it out and wiping his thumb clean on my hair. He pushed my legs open again, pushing two of his fingers in my pussy, wiggling then around hard.


He started to laugh as my pussy started to lubricate it's self because of the stimulation - even though he was still hurting me, "See, I told you that you drove me too this" he sharply pulled his fingers out of me and inspected them. "Well well Ami, it seems you are a very dirty girl and need a bath after all" he said with a wicked grin, he hauled me up off his lap and pushed me into the bath.

"Lie Back" he barked at me, at first I refused, not wanting the same treatment as before, so he shoved me back - causing me to bang my head, "Open your legs and hold onto the bath" he barked again, I shook my head, so he grabbed both my legs, holding them either side of the bath tub. "Well then, let's get you clean", he then rubbed soap all over his hands, I was dreading what was coming next, he then shoved two soapy fingers in my pussy, which stung so much it made my eyes water, I whimpered, pleading with him to stop.

"Oh does that hurt little baby Ami?" he sneered at me, pulling out his fingers and putting more soap on his hands, "Get on your hands and knees slut" I started to protest but he cut me off my slapping me, so I did as I was told. He then started soaping my ass and in between my ass cheeks, "Grip the bath" he ordered, I did as I was told, not wanting to get slapped again. He pulled apart my ass cheeks, scooping up the excess soap onto his fingers, then without warning he shoved his soapy forefinger into my virgin asshole, making me cry and scream in pain.

"Shut up bitch, I need to clean you remember" he wiggled his finger about pulling it out and applying more soap and shoving two fingers back in.

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He wiggled them roughly, then pulled them out and turned on the shower; he hosed the soap off my body and pulled me up and out of the bath. He then drained the tub and pushed me so my body was hanging over the side, my hands leaning on the bottom of the tub.


He then began spanking me again, using so much force I was almost propelled head first into the tub. After 50 slaps on my ass he stopped, I turned to try and look at him, but he pushed my head back down. As he did this I felt something poking my in the ass, all this punishing had given him an erection. "Are we done yet?" as soon as I said it I regretted it, he exploded with anger, "WE WILL BE DONE WHEN I SAY WE ARE DONE, AND JUST FOR THAT I WILL HAVE TO PUNISH YOU FURTHER YOU LITTLE SLUT" he was shaking slightly.

He started spanking me again, then he stopped and pushed my legs apart, I thought he was gonna stick his fingers in me again, but then I heard his zipper come down. "No!!" I screamed "This is your fault Ami, you drove me too this, and now I must teach you the ultimate lesson", I felt something line up with the entrance to my pussy, "No! Stop!" I cried "I'm still a Virgin!" "Good, then this will hurt enough to teach you a lesson" he grinned, holding onto my shoulders, he thrust all 10 inches of himself roughly inside me, bursting through my hymen and hitting my cervix.

I screamed in pain, my body trembling from both the pain and the position I was in. He began thrusting himself in and out of me, grunting every so often. "My god you are so tight, well you won't be when I'm done with you" he chuckled.

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He suddenly started thrusting harder and faster, hurting me more, he gave one large grunt, thrusting himself entirely inside me, spewing his cum all over my insides. I was sobbing by this point; Dave looked down at me, smiling cruelly. "Aww did that hurt, does little Ami need some pleasuring?" He pulled out then reached down and started playing with my clit, after a while my body started to respond, which spurred him on.

He moved his finger faster over my clit, causing me to let out an involuntary moan. "Oh I bet you like that don't you slut, well I need more service and only one thing is gonna cut it" he pulled my ass cheeks apart and shoved his finger into my asshole, causing me to cry out, he pulled out and aligned his dick with my puckered ass, "Nooo not there" I whimpered "anything but in there" but he just chuckled and shoved the head of his cock into my ass, making me scream.

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He then shoved his entire length into my ass, tearing me, I started to scream but he hit me until I shut up. He then continued to shove himself in and out of my ass, making me cry and whimper the whole time, after what seemed like an eternity I heard the familiar grunt and he shoved himself fully into my ass, cumming inside my ass. He spanked both my ass cheeks then pulled out roughly, "Don't think this is over whore, you got a whole world of punishment to come yet" he growled, pulling up his trousers and heading to the door, just before he left he turned to me, "run a new bath, you are filthy", and with that he left the bathroom laughing.