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Culo a le encanta la verga
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I own nothing of this, I copy it from my favorite author and put it where I have easy access so I can read the whole story with one page load this story is from P.O.I His page: A New Day A New Me Series Part 1 It's amazing how things that seem so important can change in the blink of an eye or in my case in one moment.

I'm just starting my sophomore year in high school, Guy Donnelly is my name, supposed to be pronounced Gi but I liked Guy better. I'm 5'11", weigh about 165 and have pale skin and blue eyes, I keep my hair short cause of my father but standard it's dirty blonde. That's what I get for Irish decent.

My dad former military moved out west after the divorce, he met my step mom but I call her Mom. Sadly however I got a step sister in the deal, Elizabeth. 5'8" and that wonderful dancer build that comes with weighing less than 130 pounds. Well let me get back to where it started, I'm a decent student, planning on going out for baseball this spring, and I got a girl. Heather, great student and a sophomore too, 5'7" and a little heavy set but it gives her this set of high c breasts that I play with when we're making out.

Tuesday morning and we're in fifth period Math class, and I've got my buddy Derek with me, 6' white guy with a slightly bigger build than me and no brains what so ever. "Hey Guy, so what are you doing after class," Derek asks. "Final period is my studies time and I'm gonna get all my work done before I head home" I reply.

"You're going to be busy anyways Derek, I have to tutor you next period for your English class", Heather chimes in. The bell rings and I grab my bag, "See you two after school" I speak as I head out. Fifteen minutes into my homework I realize I left my coat and phone in my pocket in Math class. I get a pass from my Teacher and head back. I get to the class and my coat is there but Derek and Heather aren't. I ask the TA where they are and am told they left about a minute before class started.

Half way down the hall I run into Margaret, one of Heather's friends. "Hey Margaret, do you happen to know where Heather went?" I asked," I didn't see them in the math room." And that's when I see it, never noticed it before but something like fear just swept across her face. "Umm well I though they went outside to study," She stammers and starts to walk away.

I cut around in front of her," Maggs, where did they go?" "They went to the Music room," she mumbles and rushes off. I start to walk over to the Music room and it was closed but not locked, the lights were off and the blinds closed.

I crack the door and hear breathing and slapping. I slid slowly into the room and there it is right before me, my girlfriend on her hands and knees and my only "real" friend with his pants down plowing into her. I'm stunned then I hear her, "Keep pounding me Derek, keep fucking me." "Oh yeah you like that don't you?" he pants slamming harder into her. That's when the temper kicked in, I've been raised by a military man to be calm, handle my emotions and never lose my cool.

Now here I am and I'm watching my best friend and my girlfriend fuck like pigs. I slap the lights on "What the fuck is this!" I yell out to the slightly captive audience. And there I see it again, that fear. That pure 'Oh My God' fear. They both stare at me shocked and she's the first one to speak. "Guy it's not what you think." she starts. I cut her off, "Really cause it looks like my girlfriend is a cheating whore and my best friend is a back stabbing douche bag!" "Hey man it wasn't like that, we just started…,"Derek tries to explain but I'm done listening and I walk out the door.

The next hour is a blur to me, I get my bag, I leave school early and I walk home. As I hit the edge of the school grounds I hear Derek's car start to pull up alongside me, "Guy, I'm your ride home man, just hop in and I'll at least get you home." I ignore him and keep walking, "Guy please just stop and talk to us for a minute, "Heather calls to me from his car. "You two do me a favor, take the car get on the freeway and crash it into the divider going 90 first," I holler and pick up the pace.

Three hours later I'm home and my step sister is the only one home,"Hey Guy, did you hear that a couple people got caught having sex at school today." And that twinge of rage just comes flooding back. I barge into my room and slam the door. I dress in polo shirts and button ups, slacks and khakis, not anymore. I toss my whole dress, every drawer of khakis, all the polo shirts and button ups. I grab them all and put them outside on my dad's gas grill.

I fire up the propane and strike the match. I don't know how long I was standing there but I do remember my Elizabeth trying to talk to me or ask me what was going on. I hear a big lecture from my Dad when I get home about burning all my clothes but no grounding. I go through my now limited clothing options, T-shirts and flannel shirts, blue jeans, one pair of work boots and one leather hooded jacket I got from my Grandpa last Christmas.

That night as I lay in bed about to sleep I look at my phone, Heather is trying to call me again, she only tried 4 times so far and Derek 6. I start to read the text messages, standard 'I didn't mean to' and 'we weren't trying to hurt you' along with the 'I'm still your friend' and the ever popular 'I hope you're okay'. Last thought before crashing out, 'just don't try to talk to me'.

Next morning went fairly normal, Dad heading out the door to work, Mom making sure I'm okay with wearing 'work clothes' to school, my sister living on her phone with the constant harem that online friends gives to her. I however needed to leave early to catch a bus since my one friend would probably want to talk if he gave me a ride to school and I'm really not looking to get into a fight in my parent's yard.

At the stop I'm there with 4 freshmen who are in their own little worlds when a horn goes off and I hear a girl call "Guy!!" I glance over to see my sister's friend, Korinna hanging out the passenger side of a car with my sister in the back and the muscle of the operation Tracy driving her 4 door Sedan. Korinna is a white girl about Liz's height but with a nice curvy build and short brown hair, Tracy on the other hand is black standing at 6'2" and the athletic build that comes with someone whose dad coaches the girls and boy basketball teams.

"Guy what are you doing here, Derek is at home waiting for you," Liz calls to me from the car. "Not talking about it Liz," I call back into the car. Korinna gets out and Liz follows," I wanna know why you're avoiding you best friend and your girlfriend", Liz asks?

"My business, back off it now," I growl. Now I'm getting stares from all parties involved,"Hey get his skinny ass in my car cause I gotta get to school right now bitches,"Tracy yells. Now I'm stuck, Korinna shoves me in the back seat and follows me in with my sister getting in the front and Tracy peels off to school. "So what happened?" Korinna asks.

"Seriously not talking about it."I reply shortly while pulling my hood down over my eyes. "Okay now this is interesting, so we know you were late coming home cause you walked.

You burned all your nice preppy clothes for the old street trash look and you're willing to take the bus to school because getting a ride from your friend isn't what you want to do today. I wanna know and I get what I want." Korinna leans in and asks. "He's not gonna talk," Liz chimes in," he wouldn't give me up last summer when he knew we'd snuck out to that club downtown." I groan, snuck out poorly, dad grounded me for 2 weeks cause I didn't know where they went.

"This is a conversation I'm not having with any one of you at all," I mutter from inside my hood. "Okay skinny boy," Tracy says watching me from the rearview," what do you want to talk about it?" Now I'm confused," you want to bribe me for my story." Korinna wraps her arm around me and I can feel her breast up against me," I like the idea, we get to ask a question each.

No lying and if the answer is a no you get whatever you want from the person who asked the wrong question. Deal?" Now my head is swimming, I've got my step-sister's two hot friends and they wanna play a game where I can get whatever I want and I'm not really waiting for my ex girlfriend to cough up her virginity anymore.

"Fine, you're on and only 2 questions each and only yes or no." I throw down the rules, hoping they won't bite. "One rule from me," Liz says," we don't get any right you have to dump the full story for all 6 favors." At this point I have to outwit all three of them," Done. Who's first?" For the next minute they feud about who gets the first question finally it comes down to Tracy, Korinna then my Sister Liz. "Okay, is it about homework?" from Tracy. I shake my head. "Okay, me now, did you have a fight with Derek?" comes Korinna.

I shake my head again. "Bad questions girls, did it happen outside of school?" I get from my sister. "Three up and three down, only three questions left, make it count," I tell them pulling my hood back, now Korinna is leaning against me and I can see down her shirt, her breasts are squeezing together and I can see purple down her black top.

"Okay, did it happen after school?" goes Tracy again. Another shake of the head and Tracy is out. "Well this is shitty, ummm.

Okay, did you discover that you're gay and you can't wait to tell Derek the news?" blurts Korinna. She gets silent when everyone in the car is staring at her with the world's most obvious 'What The Hell' looks on their faces. "Well it's down to me or you get to tell us a story," Liz pipes back in,"alright, you do something to cross Heather and Derek?" I sit up straight and I feel my cock start to strain against my pants thanks to Korinna rubbing her breast up against my chest.

"And for the last time no," I look at Korinna," you seriously think I'm gay?" She shrugs and now we're in the back parking lot of school," Thanks for the ride," I start to get out but Korinna grabs the nearest thing to her, my crotch and pulls me back into the car.

"No, you got a story and we get to hear the whole thing or you don't get the favors," she says. "Maybe I don't want the favors, people screw me outta things all the time cause it favors them, Liz has and both of you have cause you're with her," now I'm getting heated," I ask for something in the favor and you don't deliver.

Then you get what you want and I get screwed over, no deal and don't worry about a ride home I'll take the bus," Again I try to leave but Korinna is holding me in place on my crotch and the only thing I can think of aside from getting out of the car is getting out of my pants. "He's right," Tracy comes back into the conversation," he walks we don't have to do shit for him but if he tells us Liz will stay on the safe side of things and Korinna will just walk away cause she doesn't keep a deal unless she has to.

Problem is I want to know, I made the deal I will keep the deal. And if you don't neither of you ever talk to me again cause I was raised better I give my word and I keep it." She turns around in her seat and looks at me," In or out I owe you 2 favors, they stay they owe you 2 each also.

They walk I owe you 6." I look at my sister then Korinna, and then back to Tracy. "Okay," I pull my hood off and recap yesterday from the time I went for my phone and coat, to running into Margaret and finally to the music room and Heather and Derek cheating on me.

All I get is silence for about a minute, I'm a fool and I start to get out for the third time but now I have hands on me all three of them are holding me in the car and just staring at me like I'm a injured puppy. Finally Korinna looks to Tracy,"Hey can I have the keys? I need to talk with Guy." Tracy grabs her bag and hands the keys off to Korinna,"I want them back by lunch.

My sister just stares at me then leaves the car. We sit there for a minute in silence for about 2 minutes. "So I need to get to class but we can talk later if you," I'm cut off by lips slamming into mine and a body pressing me into the car door for a minute I don't know what to do then I just don't care.

I grab Korinna's hips and pull them on top of mine. She breaks from kissing me for a second," this isn't a favor this is for the pain." She lunges back onto me again and I pull my hands up her shirt grabbing a hold of her breasts. She leans back yanking her top off and only breaking the kiss to unclasp her bra. I grab the back of her head and pull my face straight to her right breast, latching onto her nipple with my lips.

"Ahhh shit, it's gonna be easier to do this with your pants off," she gasps grinding her hips into mine and grabbing the back of my head as I suck her nipple harder.

Korinna shoves me off her chest and pushes herself onto her back and starts taking her capris pants off, I follow suit and start getting my jeans down.

As soon as I'm down to my underwear she pulls herself back forward and goes straight to my crotch, pulling my only friend left free. I don't like to think I'm much considering most of the guys in my school are either black, from the islands or the minority white, which is where I get to be.

"Oh god, you're big Guy," she says as she's looking at my now free erect 7 and a half inch penis. "I always kinda thought he was the little Guy," I get out as she smirks and starts working half of my cock in and out of her mouth. I groan under the new sensation of one of my sister's friends giving me a blow job, the warm wet sucking action of her mouth, I look down to see her pull all the way back and look me in the eyes. "Heather never gave you a blowjob or nothing?" she asks licking the hole in the end of my cock.

I shake my head no as she grins wickedly," you watch porn right?" I mutter a yeah in response as she runs her tongue along my shaft. "Okay, I didn't like Gi, he was preppy and boring as hell, he'd probably want to just sit here and talk, maybe even have me hold him," now she's gripping my cock and looking me dead in my eyes with her steely greys,"now I'm here Guy seems real interesting, harder look, kinda angry, and he's got me in a thong in the back of a car missing class.

What is Guy gonna do with me in a thong in the back of a car?" I reach out and take her by the head shoving my cock back into her mouth till she starts to get to the 5 inches. Third time in days I see that look, that wonderful feeling, fear. But not just fear, hunger. I take my cock out 3 inches and slam the whole thing back into her wet warm throat. She gags and I feel her tongue along my shaft as she tries to breath, she slaps the car seat and struggles for a bit but I hold her head with both hands for a little longer as she adjusts her throat.

I take my hands off her head and she pulls me out of her mouth slowly and leaves a trail of spit from my cock to her mouth. I slid myself down and she starts to straddle herself over my cock, pulls her thong aside and presses my member to the entrance to her pussy. "I almost came while you fucked my throat, we should hurry," as I enter her pussy for the first time.

I take a moment to feel the soft flesh wrapped around my cock, warm and fresh and then cold as she pulls up and slides back down slowly. She gasps at me," Give me a second to adjust to the size," I don't let her finish as I slam her hips down and mine up and the same time. I see her arch her back and she grabs the front and back seat with either hand and starts to grip the seat tightly.

I latch my hands tighter on her hips and start slamming my cock in her pussy hard; the car begins to fill with a wet slapping sound of our hips colliding together. It takes me a minute to regain my senses to notice she's matched my hammering of her pussy by trying to pound herself down harder on my member.

Then I get that feeling when I would masturbate but didn't want to cum just yet,"Korinna I'm gonna cum." She doesn't miss thrust," On the pill and about to cum again, so dump a load in me Guy." Needing no prompting I slam my cock as hard as I can grunting, shooting my load in her wet pussy, about the same time I finish my peaking I catch her flooding my balls with sweat and fluid, biting her lip. Spent and wide awake, I hear Korinna for the first time since she finished," Give me your underwear." Not caring I take them off and hand them to her, she pulls me out of her and starts using my drawers to clean the cum that's oozing out of her.

I pull my pants back on and we both get dressed, me now going commando. She gets all her clothes back on and we exit the car. As we start to head to school it's now starting second period and I just realized that I've got 6 favors and my sister's friend's ass on call. As we reach the school doors I grip the hair on the back of her head with one hand and her hips with the other slamming her ass against my groin.

"I know that I don't have to call in a favor for next time but when we do," I whisper," I own your ass and you don't try to stop from moaning." I can see her smirk as she says "Deal." Part 2 First period is gone and second is already started, so I decide to take myself to the office to get a pass.

Haven't been to the office much cause I'm not in trouble much however apparently the new me gets some looks. "Student, take that hood off your head right now," I hear from the offices. I pull it back to see the Principal Mrs. Jackson, an older Black woman, calling to me from her office. "Yes Ma'am," I reply. She looks at me for a second and says," Guy Donnelly, is that you?

What happened?" "I had to walk today Mrs. Jackson," she prefers to be called by her name," and I'm gonna get a pass so I can get to class." She gives me the once over and shakes her head," Right, my office, now." I head into her office, setting my bag down and sitting in the chair across from her.

"Close the door Mr. Donnelly." She says staring straight at me. I quickly get up and close the door, then resume my sitting. She stares at me for a minute then begins," I know that you're not a troubled teen with a history Mr. Donnelly. I also know that you're a good student and you keep some good friends. Now I saw your friend Derek and your girlfriend Heather get here on time this morning but you weren't there, now you come walking in very late, looking like a hooligan and I'm expected to believe that you walked all the way here?

You want to tell me the truth or do you want me to call home?" I take it in for a minute, either I get into trouble for keeping my mouth shut, or again I get to tell my biggest shame to my principal so she can tell my parents for me and I can get help. "Okay ma'am, first off Derek isn't my best friend and Heather isn't my girlfriend," I begin with," I tried to be a good guy Mrs.

Jackson, good friend and good boyfriend. And I got screwed, well actually that was the problem, there was screwing but I wasn't involved.

People wanna take advantage of the fact that I tried to be the good kid, I'm sorry ma'am but I'm not, not anymore. I respect you and I'm not gonna go out and start to cause you trouble but I promise you this, one person here thinks that I'm gonna go with the flow and let them walk all over me and I'll remind them what happens when you back the Irish guy in a corner." She sits there looking at me for a few minutes then takes a pad out of her desk drawer, writes on it and hands it to me saying," Give this to your third period teacher and from now on, either take the bus or don't take so long getting to school." As I take the paper I grab my backpack and start to head out.

Third period I show up with my hood back up and hand my pass off to the new sub this week and take my seat in the middle of the class right next to my sister and Korinna right behind her.

"Hey Guy," Liz asks," What the hell did you two talk about in the car?" I take my bag off and take my binder out," She didn't tell you?" Liz glances back at Korinna who is smiling to herself," No, she's been acting like this since second period." I shrug and reply," I just gave her all I had left, she's really good at taking it and honestly I haven't been better.

You got a good friend there Liz." Liz just stares blankly at me then shakes her head,"Yep, now I'm more confused." Class comes and goes with no homework again, lazy subs. I head off to lunch without Liz and Korinna, get in line and its sloppy joe's made from fresh cat or cardboard and goat cheese pizza.

I settle for pizza with the 20 year old tater tots and milk, head off to an empty table and attempt to eat my meal. Not even through the tots and I see an all too familiar shape hovering by the chair across from me.

"Can I sit down here," Heather asks? I don't even bother to answer. "Guy? Can I please just sit down here and talk to you," she asks again. "Why?" I start to reply," Is it going to make things better?" She sits down at 3 o'clock on the table and sets her tray down in front of her. "Listen to me for a minute," she starts but I cut her off.

"No, I'm not gonna listen to some stupid excuse I want to know one thing and then you can try to talk all you want, How long?" I demand. "I don't know what you want me to say," she stammers. "How long have you and douche bag been fucking each other," I spit out with the subtly of throwing a brick into a duck pond.

She stares at her tray and mutters," Since last May." I scoff loudly and start laughing. I start to see people looking around at me and her at the table and start laughing louder. Now she's looking at me with the 'What the hell is wrong with him' look I'm getting from more people. I stop laughing and just look at her. "Okay, what did you want to talk about that was worth the last thing I ever wanted to hear from you," I say chuckling.

"Can we not do this right now please," she asks looking around at the people staring. I raise my voice," You came over here to me, YOU chose to try to talk to me now in the cafeteria cause I wouldn't make it embarrassing." I perch up on my seat putting my feet where my ass was and pull my hood back off my head. I can see I'm being watched and start to get self conscious of the situation, I've got almost the whole cafeteria looking at me.

Then I look down at Heather and I see it again, fear. "You cheated on me Heather," I yell out to the people watching. "You cheated on me and have been for six months now! You said we should wait, it was something special and we should wait but you decide that instead you're going to fuck around on me with my best friend! The two of you have been fucking each other and laughing your asses off at me for 6 months and you wanna explain to me something that will make all that shit better!" I can see the tears going down her face.

"You want to talk to someone go find Derek, you wanted to play me and fuck him so now go fuck him you pudgy ass, music class, lying, cheating slut!" I stand up on the chair and throw my arms out screaming," Thank you second lunch period, Good Night!" I hop off the chair, grabbing my bag and stroll out of the cafeteria pulling my hood back up.

Fourth and fifth periods go by without any incident, Heather apparently didn't show up for class and I haven't seen Derek. As I'm heading to Studies class I figure I can do without homework period today so I check in with the teacher and head out to the Gym. I hit the gym to see that Coach Campbell has started his Girls basketball practice early, I head up to the top of the bleachers and pull my binder out.

"Hey Meathead," no doubt that's Coach Campbell yelling at me," Why aren't you in class?" I pull my hood back," Sir, this is my studies period, my teacher knows I'm here and I'm just working Sir," he always liked being called sir. He turns and gets back to yelling at the girls.

I finish my work after about 25 minutes, and take up a hobby I didn't do much of since high school started, girl watching. Running, practicing, it's a wonderful thing to see, then I realize I'm being talked to while in my hood. "Hey, you're Guy right, the one who outed his cheating girlfriend at lunch today," this islander girl with a pony tail asks?

I nod in response. "So she did cheat on you," says a red head. I nod again. "Hey ladies, getting a drink doesn't mean talking to the guy in the bleachers," that voice I know to be Tracy, coach's little girl. The two girls, leave and I watch them go, talking all the way back to the team.

I hear the school bell but I can walk home again as far as the world is concerned. I see Tracy head over as they girls break practice an hour after school gets out, probably got some choice words for distracting the girls. "Why come here," she asks? "Decided to see how the gym was this period, didn't know they had practice," I respond smiling up at her, at 6'2" she's still got an impressive figure standing over me, dark brown skin and a tight athletic build.

"Yeah well we do and now I need you to help me some," she states crossing her arms. "I'm not basketball material," I joke but just stares at me. "You wanna help me or you wanna crack jokes, cause I get to run them through outdoor practice and you are gonna help me with a little side project afterwards," She leans down and I can see her athletic bra in her jersey," and you will want to help me." After that she turns and started yelling to the rest of the team that they need to be outside in their running and who knows what else, I grab my bag and head out a different door after them.

I'm sitting in the grass watching the girls run, I take notice that they don't wear the uniforms outside like they do inside, short gym shorts and tight t-shirts. I'm having probably the best afternoon I can when a shadow hovers over me. "What the hell happened to you man," I hear Derek asking me. I stand up and whip around with my hood still over my head and face.

"Seriously man, we've been friends since middle school, you've never once been an asshole like this to anybody," Derek starts in," I know what happened was fucked up but we just want to talk to you about it." "No Derek," I sneer back," you want me to accept it, take it publicly now as opposed to secretly like I have been." He steps forward now within arm's reach," I didn't do this to hurt you, Heather and I it just became a thing that happened, she still loves you man," he speaks but stops as I start laughing.

"She loves me, yet she tells me she wants to wait till the right time for us both to lose our virginity all the while fucking you secretly," I get out between laughs," and now you're here why?" He slumps his shoulders," We're friends man, all three of us, been friends since." I decide I'm done listening," Go back to the cheating tramp, don't come find me again, neither of you talk to me again.

Big thick cock slapping and wank in shower

I'm done with the two of you." He stands shocked replying," So you're gonna throw away our friendship…," I let him get that far, I take my hands and put my palm facing me, crossing my wrists, bending my elbows and slamming the bottom of my hands on either side of his throat with a straight thrust.

I watch his eyes go wide as he hits his knees gasping and clutching his throat. "Here's what I always thought was funny," I whisper kneeling down," all those times you 'stood up' for me.

Now let me tell you I never needed you to defend me, my dad told me you'd be a good friend cause then I wouldn't hurt anyone with what he taught me to do most of my life. When you catch your breath remember you chose this.

Don't come near me again, only warning." I go back to the girl watching and practice which thankfully is still going on despite Derek's display. I don't see him leave and almost hope he would try to fight me, but he doesn't. After the practice is completed I get waved over by Tracy to the edge of the field. I grab my bag and walk over. She hands me some keys," Red key, third door on this side of the building, wait ten minutes." I look at the keys as she turns and jogs back to the gymnasium.

I give it just over ten minutes and get the door open with the key. To my surprise I discover it's the girl's locker room. I tentatively look around and discover that the girls have packed up and headed out, I listen a little closer and hear voices from what I think are the showers. I set my bag down by the door I came in and creep up a little so I can see what's going on. Tracy is standing at the front of the showers with a couple other girls from the team standing around all in their sports bras and panties, and the islander girl and the red head from the gym on their knees in the same.

"I'm gonna go see what's going on," I hear from Tracy as she starts to head to where I came in at, I wait for her to round the corner and see me.

"Jesus," she gasps," what the fuck took you?" "I was just noticing it's a lot nicer here than in the boy's locker room," I joke and again I'm seeing her without a sense of humor.

"Shut up and just do what the fuck I tell you here," she starts in," don't say a word here or outside of here about what happens or I swear to god I'll have my Dad fuck you up." I almost say yes ma'am but smile and just nod. She grabs my hood and pulls it over my head and face and heads back to the girls. I follow after her and keep my head down.

We get to the group and I see the girls looking at me with questions on their faces. "You two decided you wanted to play 20 questions," Tracy starts in to the two on their knees," we got a game in 3 days, I convince my dad to let me run some practice drills and you two wanna talk. Now I know you've heard about the penalty when you fuck up practice, well I decided to up the ante. My friend here is gonna help me teach you not to run your damn mouths." She turns her head to me," take it out." Now and again you see this in porn; I'm standing here living it with a smile like a Cheshire cat.

I remember I'm going commando after this morning and unzip my pants, pulling seven and a half inches out. Immediately the standing girls start talking," Tracy you sure 'bout this," one asks.

Tracy steps forward and glares at the girl, then addresses the two on their knees," who is first?" I decide to take some initiative in the situation and step up to the islander girl first, up close I can see she's got some big tits for a sports bra. "Open your mouth," Tracy tells her. She tilts her head back a little and opens her mouth wide. I look at the girls standing and see some seriously hard faces before I hear from Tracy," Gag her." I pull my cock to her face and mouth and push my way inside slowly and feel nothing until I'm at 5 inches, then I get that warm wet feeling of her throat and she starts to pull back.

Not wanting to piss off Tracy and her gang of seriously hard females I take hold of the Islander girl's head and ram my cock all the way into her throat. Now I hear the other girls talking "Hold out; don't move off it; fuck her face." Only voice I'm listening to is the one that get me to start fucking her face, fast and deep.

After a couple minutes I hear the gagging noise over the other girls talking and feel a hand on my shoulder," Stop now," comes from Tracy.

I let go and back off the girl slowly, she lets me out completely before she closes her mouth. The other girls stand her up and one takes her off to the side. "Your turn freckles," Tracy says. I'm harder now than before and she opens her mouth and I step up to the plate, so to speak.

She's thinner than the islander girl and damn near an A cup, and she does have freckles on her face and her chest. Tracy steps around and grabs my cock in one hand and the back of the girls head in the other then rams my cock all the way down her throat. I look down and see her eyes go wide in panic as Tracy uses both hands to have 'freckles' face fuck my cock.

The cat calling girls get quiet as Tracy takes charge of the situation, I can feel 'freckles' drooling and gagging on my cock I look into her eyes and see them looking up but not at me or Tracy. I quickly whip my head to see Tracy and give her a straight look of rage.

She feels me staring and when we make eye contact I turn my eyes to the red head gagging on me. As good as it feels to have my cock sucked Tracy stops and pulls the girl off too soon for me to get off and the other girls swoop in and help her up, she gasps and staggers off. Tracy looks at me for a sec and motions me to the back of the locker room while she goes and starts talking to the other girls.

"You two like that better than eating pussy," Tracy asks," Don't break practice and don't fuck with the team or next time I won't supervise another one of these again and we got some hardcore dykes who'd love to fuck up some pretty things in here." The two victims nod to Tracy and the rest of the girls get dressed and head out as I hear a shower kick on.

I'm hard and really riled up so I strip down and wait for the last door to close, I come around the corner and see Tracy's frame standing under the water in the shower facing the wall. I hide myself around the corner and speak out," So what do I do now boss?" "What the fuck do you think, get the hell out of here," she calls. Getting a little ticked off," Wait a minute, you call me in here and have me nearly choke a girl out, with my cock which was kinda kinky and now I just get to walk away and not cum?" I don't know what she's doing but I hear more water hitting tile," Well?" "Just go jerk off or something," she calls out.

No chance of that for me today, I round the corner and come up behind her. As soon as she starts to turn and put her back to the wall and latch my mouth onto her right tit, she grabs the back of my neck trying to pull me off as I place my left hand right on her slit, feeling for her clit. I start to rub and suck frantically as she attempts to pry my hand and mouth off her body.

Her hand on my head stops trying to pull after a minute and starts holding my head in place as I flick her nipple in my mouth with my tongue. "Shit that feels good," she gasps. I slid my fingers down past her clit and stick my middle finger in her pussy to the first knuckle. "Okay asshole," she gasps as I start working my finger in and out, I stop and take my finger out and my mouth off her nipple. She slides over to the shower nozzle and grabs it with her hand and pulls me up against her body.

I hike up her right leg and let the left dangle as she uses her free hand to line my cock up with her hole. As soon as I feel the entrance Tracy lowers her hips onto my cock and I feel her smooth taut pussy wrapping half my member.

It feels different than Korinna, warm and wet but not soft, very firm. I push up into her as she starts gasping; she wraps her arm around my neck pulling me tight against her body with me holding her leg up to keep the angle to enter her. Anxious I thrust my whole member into her and feel her body clench up, slowly pull out and slam into her again. She keeps my head next hers and gasps," Keep… fucking… me&hellip.

I'm close&hellip." I lift her other leg up while she holds my neck and the shower nozzle, pulling back slowly again and thrusting myself deep into her pussy. I feel her nails on the back of my head and placing my forehead against hers I start jack hammering my cock harder and faster into her.

"Oh shit fucker I'm CUMMING," she moans loudly, I feel liquid running down my balls that isn't the shower water running down my back. I keep pounding as she rides out her orgasm, then I feel that tingling in my member and start frantically shoving the whole length of my cock into Tracy's pussy.

She snaps to her senses and starts to push me back, almost losing my balance and letting go of her legs. Placing her feet down on the floor of the shower and letting go of the nozzle drops to her knees and places her mouth on the head of my cock starts jacking my penis with her hand. I place my hands on the wall behind her and grunt loudly and the first shots of cum blast into her mouth and throat. Tracy doesn't move just keeps pumping me until I'm spent and starting to go limp.

Exhausted myself and her more so we clean up quietly in the showers and get dressed. "One question," she asks me as I'm pulling my pants up," where did you learn to do that? I thought you were a virgin." "Really, you have a coach to learn basketball, how do you think a virgin learns about sex," I chuckle. "Really asshole, you're gonna play games with me now cause I'll still kick the shit out of you," she states grabbing her bag. Not wanting a fight I plainly state," The internet.

My sister got a new phone but I had to beg for one gift last Christmas, a computer." We walk to her car and I put my bag with hers in the back seat, once inside we speed off towards my home. I check my phone and see it's about 45 minutes till dinner time and I have 2 messages from home, one from Liz and one from mom.

"So what do you think I should tell your sister," Tracy asks. I mull it over for a second," Honestly what do you want to tell her, I could tell her the whole thing and she'd think I was lying, you tell her and she'd believe it in a heartbeat." We sit in silence until she pulls in front of my house.

"Here's what happens, you keep your mouth shut about what we did and what you helped me with," she says to me," and if you keep your mouth shut till after I say something, IF I say something this will happen again." I nod in agreement and exit the car, stopping to grab my bag and quickly stuff my underwear from this morning in my coat pocket. As I enter the house, my mom hops out of the kitchen.

"Guy Donnelly, where have you been for the past 3 hours," she demands. "Mom I'm sorry, I was at school, I missed the bus and when I saw Tracy she offered me a ride home after practice," I mumble out with my best sheepish look on my face.

She glares at me for a second and softens her gaze," Alright, well your home and you weren't getting into trouble so I guess I'll just tell your father you were fine." I hug her hello and head back to my room. A couple hours later and we've eaten dinner, my dad is in front of the TV watching ESPN and my mom is cleaning up the table, I'm heading back to my room when the house phone rings. I'm on the couch watching when I hear Mom perk up her tone of voice with the caller.

A few minutes later she hangs up and comes into the living room. "You want to tell me what else happened after school today Guy," she asks sternly. I am confused and racing over the day's events in my head, blankly I shrug my shoulders.

"Guy," now Dad joins in," Your mother asked you a question." Still I shrug my shoulders," Mom I don't know what you're asking for." She steps in front of the TV," I just got a call from Derek's parents.

Apparently Derek wants to leave school, he's telling them that you threatened to kill him." Now I'm standing up but taking a non aggressive posture, last thing I need is my dad kicking my ass," Mom I didn't threaten him, I told him to leave me alone, he's not my friend anymore." Dad looks over to us," first off Guy sit back down, honey, I know you heard what they told you but let Guy tell us what happened.

Now son, why aren't you and Derek friends anymore." I sit back down; mom takes her chair next to dad in front of the TV. "I broke it off with Heather yesterday and told her and Derek today that I was done with them and didn't want to see them again." I know the next question as soon as I finish my sentence, it's mom who asks," What happened with the three of you." I sit back and resign myself to the truth of the matter, my dad cuts me off before I can speak," they betrayed your trust didn't they," I look up quickly," I know that look, they did something and you trusted them not to, something that hurt." We sit silently for a few seconds and my mom decides to speak," Okay, well next time you have life altering moments please refrain from burning any possessions." We all laugh; I hug my mom and smile with my father.

Quickly I head to my room and close the door. An hour later I'm lying on my bed and there is a knock at my door, sitting up I see my sister poke her head in," Can I come in?" I nod and she enters and moves over and sits on my bed, she's got a loose tank top and some cotton short shorts on. "I don't know what happened with you Derek and Heather; I don't know what you said to them at all." I don't say anything as she continues. "You and Korinna had a major conversation in Tracy's car and that's what I want to know about, she's my friend and you two missed the whole first period," she queries," what did you two talk about there?" I shrug and say," it's late Liz, I gotta get some sleep and we gotta be ready, Tracy doesn't want us late tomorrow." She scowls and hops off my bed then grumpily leaves closing the door behind her; I shut off my light and head off to bed.

Part 3 After a Wednesday that would make most people want me dead for my luck my Thursday was actually boring. Get up, eat, do school, come home, and enjoy time with my family. "So your mother and I are heading out of town this weekend," my father says as we're eating dinner. I freeze solid; my internal clock is racing a mile a minute.

My loving sister Liz decides to break the silence," both of you are gonna be gone? For how long?" "From Friday morning to Sunday evening, your father got a bid for a weekend vacation from work and we're going to try to have some fun ourselves," Mom says smiling. I've almost lost my appetite, the Queen of trouble is home alone and I'm gonna get blamed for the chaos she causes.

"Before you two get all excited I'm laying down the rules your mother and I discussed," Dad starts," All the standard rules but we're going to leave you money so you can eat out or get groceries while we're gone." God why have you forsaken me, they're gonna leave her in charge of it all and I'm gonna eat leftovers all weekend. "This is gonna be awesome, I get to eat what I want and have friends over all weekend," Liz starts in, Mom however is quick to cut her off," Actually any of that you have to get cleared with your brother, we decided to leave Guy in charge and he's going to have the money this weekend.

Now I'm hearing the chorus to Ode to Joy in my head, God has answered my prayers. "WHAT," blurts out my sister shaking me out of my joyful moment. "You heard your mother," says Dad," He's going to be in charge so if you want to do something you have to run it by him." I finish my meal in a spectacular mood while my sister attempts to plead her case to our folks.

Next morning we're heading out the door at the same time as our folks as Tracy pulls up, Korinna is already in the backseat. Elizabeth and I pile in, her in the front and me in the back. As soon as I'm in the back I see Korinna in her tight black v-neck and blue jeans, she smiles as we speed off to school. "So you get to make all the rules this weekend huh Guy," Korinna asks. Thank you modern technology," Yep, parents left me in charge for the weekend and I have access to the money only, Dad left me a money card and I'm the only one other than him with the pin number." Now Korinna is grinning widely, Tracy looks like she doesn't care in the slightest and Liz looks more annoyed now than she was last night.

"So all we gotta do is convince you to let us do what we want," says Korinna again, she's leaning back and unbuttons the top button of her jeans. "You two can convince him all you want, I've got a game and my dad is not gonna let my ass out the house for no reason," Tracy states. "It's my brother, the most boring boy at our whole school, the boy who sits on the computer all weekend or hangs out with his band student girlfriend or his not good enough to be a jock best friend," Liz exclaims.

We sit quietly until school; all of us pile out of the car and start to head off to class as I hear someone running up behind me, I turn to see Korinna jog up. "You know your sister has some plans right," she says. "Yeah but no thanks, every time she decides to have some fun I end up with the grounding," I reply. She cuts me off from walking and stops right in front of me.

"I know what she is going to want to do and I've got some things in mind so here's what we do, I'll get her to ask, she's gonna hit you with a lot of ideas, I'll give you a signal and you agree.

After that it'll be smooth sailing till Sunday," she states. I shrug and head off to first period. First and second period come and go, I wind up in third period Liz and Korinna are sitting already and both turn to me as soon as I enter the room. I get into my seat and get ready for class when Liz chimes in," I wanna have fun this weekend." I shrug as she continues," I AM going to have fun this weekend cause you're going to let me host a party and use the card." I almost fall of my chair from chuckling," No chance in hell." She turns and starts whispering to Korinna, she turns back and says," I host the party and you use the card to get stuff for it." I'm still going from her first idea," Again Liz, No." I turn back to face the front of the room as class starts.

Class ends and I head out to lunch and get about 3 feet out of the door when grabbed by both arms and steered off to the cafeteria, Korinna and Liz on each arm guiding me forward. We enter the cafeteria and the sit me down into a chair, then pull up chairs along either side of me and sit down pinning me in.

"Let me explain," Liz starts," I want to have a party, I am going to have a party, I need your help." She pauses on need, like it hurt to say it.

"Maybe I should explain it," Korinna chimes in, she places her hand on my thigh and squeezes lightly," the party she wants to have isn't a party to get you in trouble, we're gonna have a special party." Liz starts texting and in a few minutes I've got 3 more females sitting at my table; an Indian girl about 5'6" who fills out her sweater and jeans with a at least a B cup with her hair in a long braid, an Asian girl about 5'5" thin build with her hair in some punk scene blue and black mix cut short around her face with a loose open neck t-shirt and cut off jeans, and a very familiar looking redhead with freckles in a blue jogging suit.

Liz turns to me," I want a slumber party, just us girls, I need you to use the card so we can party and have fun for 2 nights." I feel the girls staring at me expectantly, Korinna squeezes my leg again.

I'm being set up, I can't figure it out but I know I'm being set up. Then it hits me, I smile at my sister then to Korinna," Nope, not gonna happen." As the 5 of them sit shocked I push my chair back and quickly grab my bag and duck out of the cafeteria. I get to the far side of the Gym and wait; sure enough Korinna comes flying around the corner and almost walks right past me. "What the hell are you doing," she exclaims," we had a deal." I chuckle," we didn't have a deal, you had a plan and I'm having fun." She glares at me for a second and then softens," You're messing with Liz?" I start laughing and she follows in suit.

"Actually there is one thing," I say as I'm ending a good laugh," Why the other girls?" She ends her laugh," what, you don't like girls now?" I straighten up," why do you think I'm here, far side of the Gym, nobody around?" She pushes me up against the gym's outer wall and latches her lips onto mine; I can taste her raspberry lip gloss. She shoves her tongue into my mouth; I grab her hips and pull our bodies together. Her hands wrenches open my jeans and pulls my cock free.

Breaking the lip lock she smiles at me," we don't have time or privacy so I'm gonna make this quick." Korinna drops to her knees and starts working my half hard penis in her mouth, I tilt my head back pulling her hair out of the way with one hand and interlocking our fingers with the other. She uses her tongue and sucking to get me all hard, pulling back till just the head is in her mouth then pushing five of the seven and a half inches down.

I feel her squeeze my hand and look down into her pretty grey eyes, I can feel her smirk on my cock, then she starts slamming her mouth onto me hard and fast. I groan as she works on my member, I start to get that wonderful feeling at the base of my cock then I feel cold air on my member as I grit my teeth, she pulls her mouth off and moves her head to the side while pumping my penis as I shoot out onto the side walk around the gymnasium. I am spent as she puts my member back in my pants and stands back up kissing me again, this time softly.

"So now can I convince you that having me and three other girls stay the night is a good idea," she asks with her eyes closed. I smile," We have shopping to do and I think I want a guarantee." She opens her eyes," Okay, what I have to guarantee," she asks. "Am I gonna have fun or am I getting left out," I say grinning. Korinna laughs," Of course, at least I'll be there.

You think Liz wanted the slumber party." We laugh and head off, me to fourth period and her to go tell my sister the 'good news'. Fourth period comes and goes as I head into fifth and get to my seat, as I'm getting my binder out; I glance up and see Heather at the door.

She looks around for a sec and moves to her usual seat behind me. I ignore her and set about my class work. Half way through the class my phone starts vibrating in my jacket; I reach inside and fumble with the buttons till it goes silent.

Class comes to an end and I pull out my phone and check it safely, it's a text from Heather 'Can we please talk privately, it's about Derek'.

I smirk and turn to see her leave the room. I grab my stuff and head towards my studies class to see Heather waiting for me a couple feet outside the door. "I really need to talk to you," she starts as I walk past. She takes my arm and continues," I need to talk to you Guy." I stop and look her straight in her eyes," I don't care what you need, now let go." She grips tighter," No, Derek is scared. He's afraid to come to school because he thinks you'll kill him.

I know we hurt you, but it wasn't what we were trying to do, I just wanted to be ready for when we were going to do it. I just wanted it to be good." I am about to say something then all of a sudden I see it out of the corner of my eyes, Liz in a beeline for us. Liz grabs my arm and pulls it out of Heather's hand. I look back at Liz and she has a death gaze on Heather who looks more afraid now than in the cafeteria. " Guy, having any trouble," Liz asks?

I shake my head and smile, this should be good. "Liz I just need to talk to Guy," Heather starts but is quickly cut off. "You're a smart girl right Heather," Liz starts," smart, play music, good grades that kind of thing." Heather looks at Liz confused but Liz doesn't stop," My brother is off limits to you, you had your chance and you messed it up for a guy not good enough to play sports and not smart enough to go to college.

Not very smart, but what's worse is he has me and I've got friends." I look a bit and see a few more girls from one of Elizabeth's dance teams walk up and make a small circle around us. Liz smiles," Call this some friendly advice, go about your days, live your life and leave my brother alone." Liz takes me by the arm and we walk to my home studies class. Once Liz and I are seated she looks at me and asks," What did you ever see in her fat ass." I shrug and reply," You kinda limited my options with your 'you can't date my friends' rule, half the school is your friend." She shrugs," well I didn't want things to get awkward when they'd break up with you." I decide I should cash in one of those favors," Okay, I'm calling in a favor; the no friends rule is gone." She drops her pen from on her pad of paper and looks straight at me," No, I can't let that happen." I shrug and reply," remember what Tracy said 'you walk and you don't talk to her again' you keep our deal or lose a friend.

Maybe 2 if Korinna decides to side with me on the deal." Liz puts her head in her hands and shakes her head. Finally after a few minutes she answers," Okay, the rule is gone; you can date my friends IF they wanna date you." I smile and get back to my homework. After school Liz, Korinna and I head out to Tracy's car for a quick trip home.

Liz and Korinna start talking about the party and what they want to do, I generally ignore them until I feel Korinna lean up against me," We need to get to my house first so I can borrow my Mom's car and we can get stuff from the store." Liz looks back at us, "I gotta get the house ready and then we can shop." Tracy pulls us into our driveway," you two decide I'm gonna drop Korinna home and rush my ass back to school." Tracy peels out and Liz and I head into the house.

After about 20 minutes of some cleaning and rearranging the living room Korinna pulls up to the house in a minivan and I head out to greet her when she rolls down her window and hollers to me," Guy get in now." I dash around and get in the passenger side; as soon as my door closes Korinna drives off with Liz standing in the doorway yelling at the vehicle. "What are we doing," I ask as I get my seatbelt on. "Some shopping, how much do we have?" Korinna asks. "One hundred fifty, apparently dad really wants us to not call," I reply smiling," Oh by the way I called in my first favor from Liz, the no dating her friends rule is gone." Korinna pulls into the grocery store parking lot and sits quietly for a minute.

"Why did you ask for that," she asks looking at me confused. Now I'm stunned, I thought this would be a good thing, I could date her, or anyone of a half dozen other girls that I've watched for the past few years. I finally speak," I am tired of these guessing games with women; I did this so I could have freedom to do what and who I want." She looks as me and smiles lightly," I like the idea, maybe you should date someone a little less used." We exit the car and I ponder what she said about being used, inside the store we're off, grabbing sodas, chips, cookies and ice cream.

After gathering more soda and juice for some reason we hit the check out. Cashier doesn't even bother to ask about two teenagers about junk food or a cash card. After piling up all the groceries in the car she pushes me up against the van," Fine you want a relationship, I want someone with more experience than you got now." I'm stunned to hear her say that.

"How much more experience do I need," I ask. "About 2 nights worth of a slumber party hopefully," she replies and lets me off the side of the van as we head off home. As we pull up to the house Liz barrels out the front door and starts grilling Korinna and I," Why did you two leave me here?" Pulling the groceries from the car Korinna grabs the bag with the condoms and a bag from the car. Korinna answers Liz's questioning," Well someone had to stay here if people came over, you want him greeting the girls when they get here." We get into the house with the food, Liz directs me to the camping stuff in the garage for air mattresses.

After about an hour they've got junk food in bowls and beds all over the floor in the living room. As we finish the prep work Liz turns to me and gives me the worst news of the day," Now you leave and stay in your room." I'm a little hurt and reply," I help do all this, I gave you permission for this and spent money on it and now I have to leave." Liz just smiles," All girls slumber party, no boys allowed." I look at Korinna as she winks and smiles to me.

Grabbing a box of sodas and some chips I head off to my room. I'm in my room not a half hour later and I hear the girls arrive, they start chatting among themselves about boys and school and what everyone else is doing. I casually listen in from down the hall when Liz pops her head in my room," Here and the bathroom, stay out of everywhere else and keep the door closed," she informs me shutting the door. Fuming mad I hop on my computer and surf the web for anything interesting.

About 2 hours later I'm starving and not in the best of moods, I head out to the kitchen in athletic shorts and a tight black t shirt. As soon as I hit the living room all the girls go quiet and Liz turns around from the mattress glaring at me," What are you doing out here?" "Food," I reply heading into the kitchen.

About thirty seconds into rummaging the fridge I discover to my dismay that it's all food that needs to be prepped and cooked. Muttering I head back to my room when I get stopped again by Liz," you're not eating now?" I shrug and reply," Don't wanna cook so I'm gonna order me a pizza." About half way down the hall I hear Liz say," okay we'll make a list of what pizza's we want." Now I'm hot, I wheel around getting about a foot away from her.

"You think I'm gonna order you pizza, Why," I say through clenched teeth. She steps back and starts to stammer," well we would like some pizza to and since you have the card so…" I cut her off," No Elizabeth, you have all your friends over, I spend money and let you have a party and as soon as you get done using me for all the setup you tell me I'm not good enough to be around anymore and I have to stay in my room. I'm done helping you, fuck off." I turn and march my ass back to my room, not 2 minutes later there is a knock at my door as I'm trying to find the number for a place on my computer.

I wrench the door open quickly and growl at the little Asian girl on the other side," What?" She backs off for a second then starts talking," Hi, we haven't talked but my name is Natsuko, May I come in." I look down at her, thin frame, maybe an A cup at best, dressed in green short shorts and a black tank top with a sports bra visible underneath. I step back and let her enter; she looks around for a minute and sits down on my bed keeping her feet flat on the floor. I close the door and sit back in my computer chair," What do you want?" "You know you scared the shit out of your sister and the other girls too," she asks.

I shrug as she continues," Korinna is calming your sister down and stopped her from calling your parents, I said I'd come in here and talk to you.

Maybe convince you to come out and sit with us like Korinna is telling your sister to now." My door opens a bit and the Indian girl pokes her head in, "Hey, we're gonna go for a walk and get Liz to cool off," she looks at Natsuko and asks," you gonna be okay here without us?" Natsuko nods and the Indian girl closes the door. I turn back to this short little Asian girl and ask," So why did you decide to come in here and talk to the big bad brother?" She smiles and answers," Actually Korinna wanted to come here talk to you but I said I could get you to calm down.

Also I'd like some pizza and so would the other girls." I scoff and look up at the ceiling," so this is you trying to convince me, who you've known for about four minutes to just do what you and the other's want." I hear her get up then feel my legs get put together, I feel her straddle my lap and put her hips directly on my lap.

"No I want you to join us when they get back," she says putting her arms around my neck and tilting my head forward. I place my hands on her hips and grind my crotch against hers, feeling how tight her hips and ass are.

I lean my head forward and start kissing her neck, Natsuko's head tilts back and she moans as I make my way lower to her collarbone and then to the top of her small breasts.

She pulls back for a second, grabbing the bottom of her tank top and pulling it off over her head and quickly taking her sports bra off in the same fashion. As soon as she's done I lunge my mouth back to her breast and start licking her nipples.

She grips my head with her left hand and places the other behind her back while gyrating her hips against my hardening cock; I take my mouth off her nipple and attempt to stand her up. Natsuko hops off me and back up a bit, turning around and pulls her shorts off while bending over at the waist slowly I see the last bit of her blue panties cling to her pussy before she simply drops them to the floor, I grab the waist band of my shorts and pull them off with my underwear while trying to stay seated.

"Okay, that's more than Korinna talked about," she says smiling. She straddles my legs again; this time facing away and reaching down with her hand guides my cock to her pussy entrance. "Just don't move till I tell you please," she says looking back at me. "What? Why," I respond confused. "Just place your hands on my hips or somewhere else but don't move please," she replies. She starts to lower herself down and I get the head of my cock inside her and I feel her rubbing her clit frantically.

I grab the base of my cock and giggle the head inside her pussy feeling her get wetter as she rubs herself. Finally she lowers her pussy onto my member more and I feel an almost rigid tightness so much more than when I was with Tracy, Natsuko's pussy gets down to the 6 inch mark and she slowly slides back up.

I look at my penis covered in her juices as she gets up to the head and slowly glides her hips back down. This goes on for about 3 maddening minutes, slowly up and down, and then on the last down thrust I feel her start to shake.

I wrap my arm around her waist and hold her convulsing torso against mine till she calms down, as soon as she regains her senses Natsuko slides off me and climbs onto my bed, waiting on her knees facing away from me. I move over behind her still standing on the floor and pop the head of my cock back into her pussy, she leans back into me and says," Now fuck me hard and cum." Wasting no time I attempt to slide my whole cock into her pussy but stop at a fleshy wall.

"What is that," I ask while grasping her hips with my hands, holding her in place. "My baby maker, now please don't stop again," she replies. I start pushing my cock in and out of her slowly, tight and warm like usual but not soft or slick, very ridged.

I pull back three inches and start to fuck her faster, her blue and black hair bouncing with my thrusts. She grabs one of my hands and puts it up on her shoulder, take my hand off the shoulder and grab a fistful of hair on her head, pushing my cock as deep as I can feeling my head bump her womb.

She suddenly gasps and I feel the wall give way as I bury the last inch and a half inside her now yielding pussy. I only pull back 2 inches and start ramming my cock into her as hard as I can, holding her by the hair and hip scrambling to keep pushing my cock into her deepest parts.

Having been mostly quiet this whole time aside from some light whimpering and panting she suddenly starts crying out to me," Watashi o kuso hokan shite kudasai, watashi wa ken suru tsumoridesu! Teishi shinaide kudasai watashi no neko o umete kudasai!" I have no clue what she said but I feel the tingle start, as I shoot my first shot of cum while balls deep in her pussy, her body shakes again as her pussy milks my cock for the last drop of my cum.

We stay there for a minute while she recovers and I try to figure out if I still have legs, finally she breaks the silence," Don't pull out, just carry me into the bathroom." I lift her light frame and waddle us into the bathroom where I finally pull out of her while she steps into the shower.

I sit there for a minute and watch her push my cum out of her, then turns on the water and scrubs up I pull my shirt off and step in for a minute to wash her cum and our sweat off my body. Once we're done and out of the shower we head back into my room, her walking in front of me funny. "Are you okay," I ask as we're getting dressed.

"Yes I'm fine, just really sore," she answers," now can I text my friends and your sister so we can get some pizza and all watch a movie?" I nod," get a list of what they want then I'll order." She grabs her phone and texts one of them, shortly after she gets a reply she shows me a list of pizza's and toppings, 4 in all. It takes the girls about 20 minutes to get back home and the pizza guy a few minutes later to get our delivery to us. We all sit down in the living room, me on the couch and the girls on the floor.

I notice that they all get stripped down to shorts and yoga pants with loose tank tops or pajama shirts. They turn the TV on as we eat and pick some romantic comedy to watch. Hours later it's nearly eleven at night and of the girls the only ones awake now are Korinna and freckles, who apparently is called Hanna, and she's fading fast. I take the remote and shut off the TV and wave night to Korinna who rolls onto her side and winks at me before pulling her blankets up and shutting her eyes.

I head back to my room and crawl into bed, quickly falling into sleep. I don't know why but I'm suddenly very aware that something is different; I sit up and see the Indian girl closing my door quietly. "Umm, you need something…," I start but she turns around to me in the light from my window and strips down until she's naked. I marvel at the sight, got to be D cup breasts if I ever saw them, and her ass is bigger than Korinna's by a good 2 inches.

I pull my shirt off and get out of my shorts in record setting time. She approaches the end of my bed and crawls up the length of it till I have to lean back with her body over me, she straddles my chest and I see her pubic hair, dark and curly I look up to her large nipples and areolas to see her undoing her hair braid. "My name is Lajita," she says sliding down onto me. Part 4 Lajita slides down my left side slowly gliding her hand down my chest and placing her leg over mine.

She continues trailing her hand down my torso as I place my arm under her head and around her back gently stroking her hair. Lajita takes hold of my member and starts tugging; slowly I start to harden while pulling her tighter against me. She cocks her head up a bit then I feel her tongue on my nipple and I shiver at the new sensation. As I harden she doesn't make a noise while licking and sucking my nipple, just maintains the constant methodical pace jacking me off.

I can feel the precum all over her hand rubbing down my shaft and I attempt to move but she holds me in place and sucks my nipple harder. I start breathing heavy as bites down lightly on my nipple, then without warning she takes her hand off my cock and moves it behind her.

This thick Indian beauty in my bed has me hard and slimy with precum as she rolls over onto her side facing away from me. I slide up behind her and start to angle my cock head to her pussy, as I line it up she reaches back and taking hold of me again lines me up with her asshole. I pause for a second as she turns her head to me and nods; slowly I push in feeling her sphincter give way under the pressure of my cock.

I feel her tense up as I get the first three inches in and slowly slide back to the head and press my whole cock into her ass. She whimpers a little then grabs my hip with her hand and tries to pull me in deeper; I start to slowly fuck her ass taking long deliberate strokes. It feels so much tighter than even Natsuko and Lajita keeps grinding her hips back onto my cock as I thrust in. I put my arm under her neck and pull her body against mine; kissing her back while she grinds her ass against me.

I don't know what it is about the noises she makes but I speed up without any prompting, pounding my cock up her ass while listening to the smacking noise of our hips. Barely any light is coming into my room from the window as I look down and see Lajita's ample rear starts to jiggle as I thrust faster.

Suddenly I hear this squeaking sound and slow down to look around for the source. Lajita looks back at me questioningly and grabbing my hip starts to roll over onto her stomach. I move with her and end up on top with the head of my cock still in her ass, reaching down and spreading her ass cheeks drive my cock back in. Now in a much better position I begin again to jackhammer my cock down into her ass grunting all the way, then I hear the squeaking again.

I don't stop my pounding as I look around to see nothing else in my room. I look down at Lajita who has turned her head sideway to look at me, her fists balled up with my blanket and my pillow in her teeth, squeaking. That's her making the noise; I smile down at her and frantically keep thrusting faster into her anus.

Lajita is nearly screaming with my pillow in her teeth, I'm clenching my teeth as I feel my orgasm coming. A few more deep thrusts and Lajita is clenching down on my member with her ass, grunting I shoot the first shot, then the second deep into her rectum. Still cumming in her I feel her push her ass up a little on my cock.

Finally after what seems like minutes I pull out of her with light pop, rolling onto my back and slowing my breathing. I feel Lajita roll off the bed and see her stagger across the room, picking up her clothes and quietly heading down the hall.

Confused but tired I pull my shorts back on and cover up, drifting off to sleep. Groggy I feel eyes looking at me, I open them to see Liz staring at me from my door," Are you gonna get up yet, all the rest of us have been up for about an hour now." I look over at the clock and see it's 10 in the morning on Saturday; I wave her off and roll back over.

I hear her leave but then the smell hits me, bacon and eggs. I lurch myself out of bed and throwing on my shirt head down the hall to see the girls getting the table ready. "Who is cooking," I ask the ladies? It's Natsuko who answers me," It's Lajita; she woke up before all of us and just helped herself to the kitchen." I smile to myself about the idea of the girl who had me fuck her in the ass the night before making me breakfast, well me and the other girls but still, nice thought.

The girls all hunker around the table I stand and eat; they talk about their plans for what to do today.

One by one they all decide to occupy the bathroom, and I thought one teen girl in a bathroom could occupy it for a long time but five of them make military occupation seem shorter. Finally when they end the occupation I see Hanna, the red head, looking at me quizzically. Finally she asks," Why aren't you getting ready?" I shrug in reply," Getting ready for what?" "We're going out to the mall and thought you were gonna come with us," she tells me.

Must have been what they were planning this morning. "Well I'd get a shower but there is no hot water and I'm not heading out feeling like a dirt bag," I tell her," just tell the girls that I'm gonna sit this one out." She shrugs and heads off, some of the girls look a little disappointed but Korinna and Liz seem just fine with it as they pile into Korinna's moms van and head out. I decide to be responsible while they're gone, getting the dishes piled into the dishwasher, cleaning the cooking from the kitchen, then finally getting a much needed shower.

I hop onto my computer and check my email, another few emails from Heather and one from Derek. Jesus, what does it take for some people? I delete the emails without reading them when my phone goes off. Korinna texting me wondering what I'm doing, I reply with just hanging out. Then it goes off again from her, so what do you want tonight. I give it a minute then reply 'surprise me'.

After that she doesn't text me at all. I check the balance on the card dad left, got about 60 bucks left on it and figure I'll save that for later.

I settle into the living room to watch TV at about 1 in the afternoon. As I'm sitting there for about a half hour I get a knock at the front door, thinking it's the girls I jump up to answer it.

Sadly it's just Heather, for some odd reason she's here at my house. "Hi Guy, I wanted to come over and just have it out with you," she tells me with a tone that I've never heard come from her. I remain in the doorway blocking the entry way, looking down at her reply," there is nothing you can say to me that is going to make this better for you. Don't you get that?" Heather shrugs," Maybe it's not about better, just honest. All I want to explain my side of what happened. Can you just hear me out?" I shrug in reply.

She looks up at me expectantly like I'm going to invite her in; instead I lean on the door jam and cross my arms waiting. "Okay since I can't come in I'll explain," Heather starts," back during last August when we were dating I was trying to think of a time where it would be good for you and I to have sex. I wanted our first time to be special and I wanted it to be good for you.

I had no clue what to do so I was asking Derek about it. He told me that I should practice before you and I did it, I was trying to make it good for when you and actually had sex for the first time. Derek and I both agreed that when you and I started to have sex finally that we'd be done.

That's all." I stand there for a minute thinking about what she said, then I figure it's my turn to speak," Are you done? Cause honestly I could care less about what you'd hoped to do for me and what your fucking intentions were. You think I don't remember what you said to Derek when I caught you, 'keep pounding me Derek, keep fucking me'.

You think I don't have the image burned into my mind. And what was to happen after we had our magical moment, you and Derek just keep quiet while I look like a fool cause you two got away with cheating on me?" I can see her thinking about it, she wants to say something but I'm not letting this happen like that.

I step forward off the porch backing her off the step and continue," Honestly Heather, it was a nice speech, very well rehearsed. But I'm done being lied to and made to look like a fool. You don't love me and you don't owe me shit, but I owe you and I owe Derek." I get very quiet and almost nose to nose with the cunt," come near me again and I'll collect.

Now walk away." She takes a couple steps back and just turns and walks. I wait till she's off the property and head back inside shutting the door and praying that hopefully I am done with this bullshit and others will just move on somewhere away from me.

About four in the afternoon the girls come back from the mall not so many bags with them but I see Korinna stuff a bag in her backpack. They tell me all about how Liz, Lajita and Natsuko all wanted to see a movie but Korinna and Hanna decided to do some shopping. I watch as the girls go about fixing beds and trying to figure out who is going to go to some game tonight then I remember that Tracy has a game tonight.

"Hey girls," I ask loudly," when does the game start?" They look around puzzled when Hanna replies," it's at 6 tonight but I gotta be there at 5 for Coach Campbell's warm up." "And why aren't you all going to see Tracy tonight then," I ask again. Now Liz decides to chime in," Cause moron we spent what we had at the mall and don't have enough for tickets, otherwise we'd be getting ready and heading out." I get up and head back to my room, throw my jeans on and grab my coat and head back to the living room.

They all start looking at me with the 'what are you doing' times 5. "I'm going to go see my first high school girls basketball game, are you all gonna come or just sit here while Hanna goes by herself," I inquire to the girls. Now it's a scramble, bathroom is once again no man's land as 4 girls descend upon it in a mess to get nicer clothes on and get make up done. Once they're done with the primping and changing we pile back into the van, Korinna driving with Hanna at shotgun, middle with Liz and Lajita and me in the far back with Natsuko.

As soon as we start down the road Natsuko starts to snuggles her light frame up against me. "So did you get a chance to have fun with anyone else so far," she asks. I point towards Lajita from the seat where nobody else can see. Natsuko smiles at me and pulls my jacket back to cuddle against me.

We arrive at school and get a horrible parking spot; the girls follow me as I get to the admission box by the gym. I pay with the card Dad left for all of us and we pile through the doors with the rest of the people heading in.

The girls take up seating behind our teams' bench and Hanna starts getting ready for the game. As I sit with the girls watching the warm up I see Hanna talking with Tracy off to the side, they both look over at me and Hanna smiles. The teams start the game and I start checking out the girls on the teams carefully.

It's pretty back and forth for a while but the other teams' captain is vicious, 3 fouls by the end of the first quarter but 2 starters out after getting banged up. Mercifully halftime comes around but down by sixteen. The coaches start going over strategy. The girls decide to head to the bathroom, never understood why they do it in groups.

As I'm sitting there by myself Tracy waves me over to the end of the bench. I walk over to see what she wants. "Okay, I don't know why you're here but I need some advantage in this," Tracy tells me in a serious tone. "Alright but I don't pass for a girl and I told you I'm not that good at basketball," I reply smirking.

"Yeah, make jokes but I need a favor and I need it now," she tells me getting visibly angry," I need you to go sit over by their bench and after the game I'm gonna need you here, can you handle that?" "Sure, but I'll have to tell the girls that I'm gonna be catching a ride with you home and you need to keep your dad from killing me if he finds me in your car," I say joking as I walk around the court to the other side of the gym.

I see the girls get their seats behind the bench across the court; my phone goes off with a text. Its Liz asking me what I'm doing on the other side of the gym, I reply 'doing your friend a favor'.

I watch the Tracy go up to the other team captain and I take notice of her, 6'4" Caucasian girl with blonde hair in a ponytail, she's a damn Amazon. They exchange words and Tracy points over to me, I have my hood up on my head when the blonde looks over, she scoffs and they shake hands.

After that it's game on, still back and forth but our side is making a comeback. I'm watching Tracy and the other captain, Tracy talking some serious trash. The other captain gets redder in the face as the trash talking continues. Finally the other captain snaps and gets benched for fouling Tracy, I look at Tracy and she smiles. I lean forward and just stare at the girl as her coach starts going on about her costing them points by nearly fouling out for no reason.

As the game goes on she keeps looking over her shoulder at me nervously. When they finally put her back in the game she goes straight for Tracy and the trash talking starts right back up. Sure enough not a minute later she's fouled out of the game.

And back getting scolded on the bench, she keeps watching me and some of the other girls are noticing her watching me. Sure enough Tracy and her team pull out a victory and it's a wonderful celebration for the girls after all, I see Tracy start talking to the other girls for a few then Liz and the gang head out.

Korinna looks back to me grinning like the devil and heads off. Tracy makes a beeline over to me. "Okay, it's gonna take a while but head to boys locker room from the outside, far entrance," Tracy tells me before heading off with her dad and team. I head out to see people leaving the parking lot, some laughing and cheering, most just leaving. I head around the Gym and nearly collide with Mr. Campbell. "Dammit meathead I almost knocked you back to diapers," Coach exclaims exiting the Locker room.

I stammer replying," Sorry sir, just trying to catch up to my ride." He waves me past; I head around the corner to let him get out of sight before heading back to the locker room door. I wait for almost a half hour and the sun has long set before the locker room door nearly slams into me.

"Come on in Guy," I hear from Tracy inside the locker room. I step inside and adjust to the light; Tracy is standing against the locker in her sports bra and panties. She motions around the row of lockers, I look down to see the Amazon sitting on the bench in her underwear as well, very muscular build but barely b cup breasts. I lean back around and grin at Tracy. She motions for me to be quiet and strip down. I roll up my clothes in my coat and standing naked Tracy pulls me close grabbing my cock and starts stroking me hard.

"Ask me for a favor," Tracy says while getting me hard with her hand. "What favor should I ask for," I reply placing my hands on the lockers behind her along either side of her head. "Her name is Mathilda," Tracy tells me still stroking my member," Now do you want to help me fuck her for a favor or not?" God her hand feels great working my shaft, I nod my head in agreement.

I see Tracy smile then strip out of her sports bra and panties, once naked she heads around the corner to Mathilda. "Okay bitch, time to pay up," Tracy says walking up to Mathilda. The Amazon turns her head and her eyes get wide at the sight of Tracy naked. "Fine Tracy, deal's a deal but not much you can do to me is there," Mathilda states stripping down. Tracy smiles and motions for her to lie down on the bench, the Amazon complies and lies on the bench face up. Tracy steps around the corner for a second and comes back with three jump ropes, taking the first one and tying Mathilda's hands together under the bench then tying each of her legs separately to a locker door.

Once Tracy has her all trussed up she moves around to Mathilda's unshaved pussy and starts slowly rubbing her clit with her thumb. The Amazon is jerking lightly with not much room to move and clenching her teeth, I can see her breathing getting faster. Tracy moves her face down in to Mathilda's pussy, sucking on her clit and starting to push her finger inside the warm folds.

Another finger in and Mathilda starts jerking around like she's having a seizure, Tracy keeps humming into her pussy as she rides out her orgasm.

Smiling Tracy stands up and moves back over to Mathilda's head, taking it by the ponytail points her head to the end of the lockers where I'm watching. "Come on out Guy," Tracy calls out to me," I think she's ready for the main event." I head out from my vantage point around the corner and approach where they both can see me, Tracy smiling and Mathilda with a wide eyed shock on her face.

"Told you bitch. You're mine till I'm sure you've been fucked like you fucked up my team," Tracy sneers at Mathilda," Guy she's all yours from the waist down." Now I'm hornier than hell and I've got Tracy serving me hairy pussy on a bench. I straddle the bench lining up my cock with the Amazons pussy; I rub my head against her slit feeling the moisture from her first orgasm of the night and see Tracy straddling Mathilda's face.

"Okay bitch," Tracy starts," time to eat some pussy." Tracy lowers herself onto Mathilda's face looking straight at me, I see her tongue stick out of her head and start licking Tracy's pussy. Tracy closes her eyes as the Amazon's tongue works her pussy, slowly grinding her hips down onto Mathilda's face. I decided to get what I am apparently using a favor for and grab Mathilda's hips and start pushing my cockhead into her pussy.

I get about 3 inches in and I'm finding almost no resistance inside I realized of all the pussy I've had, and one ass, this is the loosest I've been in. I push all the way in and while I feel the sides of her vagina I'm not very impressed. I pull back and push myself in straight to my balls, taking long methodical thrusts. I look up from Mathilda's pussy being fucked by my cock to watch Tracy ride her face. Tracy leans forward to get the Amazon's tongue on her clit, looking down at my cock as I keep my methodical pace going in and out of the new pussy she provided.

Quickly Tracy starts bucking her hips faster on Mathilda's face and leans back mouth open grunting as her orgasm hits. Then the fun starts as Tracy starts to squirt all over Mathilda's chin and tits. I start pounding my cock faster into the Amazon's pussy cause watching Tracy squirt was pure beauty.

Tracy moves off Mathilda's face and stands kneels down on the side of the bench watching me pound my cock in and out. "I think we should give her something more to think about," I tell Tracy while keeping up my sawing pace in Mathilda's very sloppy wet cunt.

Taking my cue, Tracy leans up over Mathilda's body and starts rubbing her clit for the second time tonight, only this time frantically paced. I speed up to match the pace of Tracy's rubbing and feel my balls tighten with my own orgasm. Hammering my cock in and out of this Amazon girl's pussy I grip her hips tightly with my hands and pulling out quickly shoot my first shot of cum up to Mathilda's face and the second to her breasts. As I'm finishing my orgasm suddenly I hear Mathilda grunting loudly and with Tracy still rubbing her clit she starts shooting cum out onto my hips and now deflating member.

After a few minutes of quiet recovery Tracy and I undo the knots holding Mathilda down. As she gets up rubbing her wrists I head to the showers to wash the cum off of me.

As I'm in the shower I hear another kick on and see the Amazon running water over her head to my left and Tracy further down scrubbing up with soap. After drying off with a gym towel I head to end of the lockers and get dressed leaving the girls to talk amongst themselves.

As soon as I'm done and come back around the corner Mathilda see's me in my coat and shakes her head. "Seriously that is one crazy fucked up boy friend you got there Tracy," she nervously chuckles out.

Smiling back Tracy replies," not my boyfriend, I owe him a couple favors and he's really good for only having had sex twice." I keep my details to myself and head out the gym to walk home when I hear someone jogging up to me in the parking lot, I don't even turn to see the Amazon catch up to me.

"So you're single then," she asks walking next to me. I simply nod in a reply. "So can I get your number, I'd like to talk to you again sometime," Mathilda inquires. I stop right where I am and look around the parking lot. "You want to talk to me or you want to date me or you want to screw me," I say to her," Which one?" She stands there with a puzzled look on her face the grabs my coat in one hand and starts walking me over to a small car in the parking lot.

"Get in the car, I'm driving you home," she states, apparently finding her nerve again. Not one to argue with a free ride I hop in the other side and before I can get my seat belt on she speeds out of the parking lot. Nothing but quiet for the first couple minutes, then she decides to talk.

"Tracy said you were damaged goods and a real asshole," Mathilda starts in," Have you been fuck up so much that you don't know how to be nice to someone." Honestly I stop and think about that for a minute, Derek tries to talk to me and I hurt him.

Heather tries to talk to me and not only do I threaten her but my sister does it as well. Liz asks me for a favor and I embarrass her just for kicks. And then I remember all the shit that was done, lies and abuse and more shit to eat than I care to bring up with her. "I can be decent to people, but if you want something from me or need something for me you better just ask me plainly or tell me what you want for my help," I state to her as we pull into the driveway.

I give her my number and step out the car, she backs our hand heads off to her home I guess. As I head to the front door I get that feeling that something is up, I listen in and hear music from the living room and the lights are out. Quietly I take my keys out and get the door unlocked. Part 5 All dark outside the house and hearing nobody inside, I unlock the door and let myself in. No one in the house at all, beds are clear, nobody in the kitchen or bathroom and all the lights are off.

Now I'm confused they left 45 minutes before me at least, but they're not here. I decide to text Liz to see where they are and after five minutes there is no response.

It's only Eight in the evening and I figure they decided to go be crazy somewhere else. I settle in front of the TV, turning on the science fiction channel and suddenly my phone goes off. I check it but it's an unknown number texting me.

Checking the message it's Mathilda, just checking to see if I actually gave her my number. I send her a reply that yes I am the asshole she gave a ride home to. She sends me a 'ha ha very funny, I'll see you later'. It's a good hour in front of the TV and still no reply from Liz, I don't have any of the other girl's numbers so I fire off another text to Liz with still no response. It gets into the Ten o'clock hour and still no word, I can feel myself getting tired.

I leave the living room and change into my cotton athletic short and a tank top, grabbing a blanket I head back to the living room to sleep and wait for them to return.

I'm fast asleep when the door flies open and I hear girls laughing and talking way too loudly. The lights fly on in the living room and I bolt up to greet the ladies. "Where the hell were you girls at, I texted Liz but she didn't respond," I ask groggily.

All the girls start laughing at me to the point of falling on their beds and the couch. Confused I start to leave for my bed grabbing my blanket when I smell it, Alcohol. I haven't smelled it since I was a kid when Mom would come home drunk and forget that I was sleeping. I feel my blood start pumping as the girls sit and laugh at some joke they can only get. I begin to head down the hall when my blanket is grabbed; I turn to see Korinna holding the other end.

"Korinna let go of my blanket I'm going to bed," I mutter pulling my blanket still in her hand. She smiles back playfully," You don't want to sleep out here with us, why not? You're not embarrassed are you?" "You're all drunk, I'm not going there cause I have to now get up tomorrow and clean up all this and hopefully get rid of all of your hangover's before our parents get home," I state heading to my room.

"What's the worst that they can do," asks Natsuko from her place on the floor. "To Liz, probably say she can't go out for a week, but I got left in charge," I answer her," Aside from the ass kicking my dad will give me I'll be grounded for at least three months." The girls get quiet with my answer, I head back down the hall and hear them asking Liz if Dad really still kicks my butt.

Sadly I wish I was kidding, when they snuck out Mom got to scold Liz but Dad whupped my ass good and then grounded me for hiding the truth or something like that. I get to my room and make up my bed, quickly setting my alarm for early so I can get up and start the cleaning while they sleep. I hear my door open and check my clock, thirty minutes past midnight. I look up and see Korinna in a bathrobe, her hair wet from the shower. There isn't much light in the room but I see well enough to watch her strip off the robe and keeping the sash in her hand crawl into bed with me.

I pull the covers up over us and she settles in on my right side. After a few minutes she breaks the silence," You'll really get into trouble cause of us?" she asks. I nod," Every time you and Liz have fun you miss something and my dad finds it. Nothing will stop him now; he knows what alcohol smells like." We continue to lay there in silence; I feel her warmth as she puts her arm and leg over me.

I roll from my back to look her in the eyes but she keeps her head down. "I'll think of something, the other girls will help," Korinna says looking me in the eyes then smiling," I have a couple ideas right now." Quickly she rolls me onto my back with her on top of me; I see her grinning down at me as she takes my hands in hers and starts to tie them together with the sash from her robe.

Once together she takes the loose ends and ties them to the top of the bed. She leans down and kisses me once on the lips then gets up from the bed and pulls something black from the robe pocket.

She returns to the bed and raising my head puts some blind fold on me. I feel her weight shift down to my fee and my shorts come off with my boxer briefs. Her weight then shifts off the bed and I hear her step across my room and into the hall, I try to shift my head to move the blindfold to see but it's firmly in place.

I hear more footsteps in the room and the weight shift on both sides of my bed, and then I feel hot breath on my penis followed by a mouth putting the head of my cock in and licking in a circle around the tip. A then a different tongue licking around my shaft, I feel myself harden in what I can only guess is record setting time.

The mouth at the end of my cock pulls off and I feel something being placed over my hard member around the base. Without warning the band on my cock is tightened way too much and I feel part of the band dig in on the underside of my cock.

I tense up and pull at the sash binding my hands and grit my teeth trying to get loose. As I continue my struggle the mouths return to working over my cock with renewed vigor. One tongue working my head and a mouth sucking on my left testicle. My mouth gets opened by lips and then a tongue works its way in, working around my own.

"Okay, I think she's ready," I hear during the kiss, must be Hanna talking. The mouths break from my swollen member, I feel the weight leave the bed and my kisser breaks from my lips.

I feel a new weight straddling my hips and hands lining me up with a hole, then pressure and warm wet of vaginal walls wrapping around my cock. A breast and nipple are put up to my mouth and I start to suck, the hips in my lap are getting heavier as another person straddles me behind the first one riding my bound penis.

The original rider starts to move up and down on my shaft slowly. I hear more people in the room, gasping and light whispering. I'm being watched; the girls are watching one of them fuck me while I can't move.

As this is probably the most erotic scene in my head I start to buck my hips up into the rider's pussy, I hear more gasping as I do. My cock is warm and wet as this girl keeps riding me; I feel the weight behind her pushing her up and down on my penis. "Get her to cum hard, he won't mind," I hear Korinna say. My rider starts bouncing on my member harder and faster, being aided by her helper behind her.

I imagine the helper rubbing her clit, pinching her nipple, slamming her down onto me. Then I feel the rider shudder and shake with orgasm. As she does I feel that tingle in my balls but suddenly I'm in pain and I can't cum, the band pinching me is holding all my cum at the base of my cock.

I start moaning loudly in pain, I feel like my cock is going to explode inside this girl. My rider becomes rigid and I hear her moan even louder as she hits a bigger orgasm than before. Without delay my blind fold is pulled up and my eyes adjust to the light in the room, I see Natsuko off to my right with Lajita staring at me.

Korinna is holding the blind fold and smiling she leans back so I can see my rider. Tight body, lightly shaved brown hair on her pussy, small firm barely b cup breasts, Liz's face contorted in post orgasm. The shock hits me like a quick kick to the gut, Liz is fucking me, and I see Hanna behind her holding her up with one hand on her pussy and the other wrapped around her torso holding her breast. With all the shock it hits me again that I'm still trying to climax but I can't and the pressure is getting worse.

Hanna pulls Liz off me and Lajita helps my stepsister to the floor. Sweat is pour out of me and tears are starting to roll down my face as I languish in blissful agony. Finally Korinna looks back to me and sees my face. "Oh shit, he's really hurting," Korinna exclaims grabbing the band around my cock and pulling it loose. As soon as the band is free my cock starts shooting semen all up my belly and pelvis. The girls marvel at the apparent sight of my orgasming all over myself. Korinna is the first to move in leaning forward and licking up the cum on my stomach.

Natsuko joins her licking lower cleaning up the cum on my pelvis. The scene is sexy, two girls licking up my body. Lajita and Hanna help Liz up from the floor while the girls continue to clean me up; I feel some life coming back into my cock after the sweet torture Korinna gave me. "Korinna, He's getting hard again," Natsuko says rubbing the sore part of my penis.

"You want a turn or should I let him loose," Korinna replies still licking. Natsuko shrugs," I had a lot from him Friday, still walking funny." Korinna gets up from the bed and moving to the head of the bed undoes my wrists, I get up from my bed rubbing them lightly.

Natsuko heads out of the room before me; I follow her down the hall as far as the bathroom. Stepping inside I flip on the light and check my penis, light bruising forming on the underside of my cock.

I wet a washcloth and wipe myself up a little then shutting the light off I head back to my room. I'm greeted by the image of Korinna still in my bed, all naked and with her legs spread fingering herself frantically.

I step in my bedroom and close the door with my cock getting harder at the sight of Korinna playing with herself. Slowly I start stroking but take care due to the painful area at the base of my cock.

Korinna's breathing picks up and I watch her hit a small orgasm. "You done Kori, because I need to try to get some sleep," I tell her climbing into my bed. Quickly she grabs my face and pulls me into a deep kiss, maneuvering me onto of her. She releases my head and I return the kiss, her hands working my shaft again. I grunt as she touches the base where it's sore. "Did it hurt you too much," Korinna asks breaking the kiss? I push forward getting the tip into her pussy, she gasps at the surprise entry.

Slowly she lowers herself down the bed as I move forward pushing deeper inside her. I'm greeted by the velvet feeling of her pussy, very wet and soft. Slowly and gently we grind our hips together, me filling her up as she wraps her legs around mine. "Don't go fast this time," Kori whispers into my ear. I keep the slow grinding pace of my cock moving in and out of Korinna's pussy. I kiss up her neck and start to nibble on her ear; she tilts her head back and starts moving her hips in a circular motion.

The pain in my penis is dulling and I'm getting into the rhythm with Kori hips, I can feel more wetness from her as she starts breathing heavily. "Maybe you should slow down Miss Impatient," I tell her grinning.

She grins back and stops her hips all together while reaching down and pulling me straight inside her so I can't move at all. We lay there for a few seconds then I feel her contract her muscles around my cock, starting at the base and working up the shaft. I groan as she keeps milking my cock, looking down I see her smirk. Little devil girl wants to play; I tighten up my pelvic muscles and make my cock jump inside her. She gasps and starts milking me again only now I'm making myself jump inside her every couple of seconds.

Groaning together as we play our little game of sex tricks she stops and grabs my body and grips me tightly pulling my head face to face with hers. "Really want to cum now please," she gasps through clenched teeth. I back up my member and start sliding in and out of Korrina's pussy fast and softly, not trying to pound thanks to the pain in my member.

I feel her body clench up and I start to feel it again in my member only this time I'm not restrained. Three deep thrusts and I hold the last one inside Korinna's pussy, she moans loudly and that's all I need to set off my own orgasm sending a volley deep inside her baby maker. Our bodies are a tight mass of grinding hips and sweat as we ride our orgasms moaning and kissing. After a few minutes of just laying there I feel my member slide out of Korinna's vagina and rolling off her I lay on my back staring at the ceiling.

Kori pulls up the blanket and rolls away from me snuggling into my bed; I move in behind her and curve my body to hers. She reaches back and takes my arm and pulls it over her body putting my hand on her chest. "Okay, here's the deal," she says as we lay in the dark," You're getting your two favors right now and I'll tell you what they are. No negotiating with me, deal?" "Alright, what am I supposedly agreeing to," I ask. "First off you asked me on Friday about dating Liz's friends, I know you were talking about dating me so favor number one we are a couple and that's final," Kori states like it's a new law of the land," and for the second favor you still get to have sex with other girls." I lay in silence before I answer," I'll take the deal but I gotta ask, why have Liz fuck me?" "Oh God, not my idea," she says chuckling," Hanna wanted to have sex with a Donnelly this weekend but it wasn't you." I lay stunned for a minute then respond," Wait so Hanna didn't come here for me at all this weekend?" I feel her shake her head no and we both chuckle.

Quietly laying there we drift off to sleep holding each other. Next morning I get woken up to Korinna snoring lightly in my arms. Slowly detaching myself from her and getting up I grab my shorts and shirt from last night and head out into the living room.

The scene before me resembles a slumber party got launched from a catapult and landed in the living room. I head to the kitchen and get the coffee pot started, grabbing as many large glasses and mugs from the kitchen as I can. Quietly filling the glasses with water and waiting for the coffee I hit the bathroom grabbing aspirin and ibuprofen.

Back in the kitchen the coffee pot gets done brewing after a few minutes and I see that it's half past ten in the morning. I exhale deeply as I know what happens next is going to hurt me as much as the girls. Heading into the living room I start the wake up process, gently sitting some of them up, shaking others awake. I'm met with the groans and failings of hung-over girls. Lajita is the first up, righting her clothes and leaning from her air mattress onto the couch.

"I didn't drink anything last night," Lajita tells me. "Lucky you, we need them up and moving, each one of them has to drink the whole glass of water with either aspirin or ibuprofen then they can have coffee," I dictate as I head down the hall to my room to get Korinna up. Entering my room I see her still sleeping peacefully all naked in my bed. I kneel next to her sleeping face and gently shake her shoulder.

Grumbling she rolls over to face away from me, move around the bed and shake her again. Finally she begins to open her eyes, rubbing sleep out she smiles at me. "You're not gonna let me sleep are you," Korinna asks starting to sit up in the bed.

I shake my head no and move back into the living room to see all the girls but Natsuko are up and moving. Lajita is passing out the coffee as Korinna grabs her mug and settles in with the girls.

They sit around the table talking about going out last night, Hanna rubbing Liz's back gently. I move back over to Natsuko and kneel down to try getting her up. She opens her eyes and grins mischievously at me. "Come on faker, you need to get up and get some hangover cure," I tell her while prying the blankets off. Playfully grumpy she gets up and joins the other girls as I start deflating beds and get through the tear down. Listening in on the conversation I hear Liz talking about passing out on her mattress, the girls prod her for information about what happened last night but she just shakes her head and tells them sleep and hangover.

It takes a few hours but I get all the beds deflated and blankets and pillows folded and put away. None of the girls help, they all take their time getting showered and changed into clean clothes. I finally get done about one in the afternoon when I get my turn at the shower, all cold water. I make it a quick as I can and cut the water as soon I'm done.

I open the curtain to see Natsuko standing there in a tied button up shirt with short sleeves and plaid school girl skirt, covering one eye in her standard blue black mix. "I need my body scrub," Natsuko tells me plainly. "And you just decided to come get it now when I'm getting out of the shower," I say naked and wet, I see the towel within reach but I'm not going for it. "Well yes, I had to see that again before this weekend was over," she tells me nodding towards my cock.

I reach back and grab the pink bottle I don't recognize from the shower and hand it to her. She takes the bottle slightly disappointed and leaves the bathroom. I quickly dry off and head back to my room to get dressed. Hanna and Lajita leave at about three in the afternoon with their parents. I do the usual meet and greet with parents, tell Hanna's that she had a good time and they weren't any trouble.

Lajita's mother on the other hand was all over me with questions about her daughter. Apparently Lajita's got a bit of a 'willful' streak and Mommy dearest doesn't like it. I simply told her that having her here kept the others from doing things they weren't supposed to. I think she listened to me but then again I'm not about to say that I was balls deep in her daughter's ass two nights ago. Sadly only an hour later my parents got home from their trip and Dad wasn't happy when he saw the girls with sleep over bags.

In true fashion he has me sit on the couch while he starts the interrogation. "One weekend I leave you in charge and you have a sleep over with a bunch of girls, I thought I could trust you with this Guy," Dad starts in with the guilt card," now you want to explain to me why not only are the girls here but why am I smelling alcohol?" "Dad, Liz wanted to have a party, we talked and agreed a slumber party would be fine. I took them to a school basketball game and we got everything cleaned up.

We didn't do anything wrong," I tell him hoping like hell he buys it. "So where did the alcohol come from," Dad asks folding his arms. Now I'm in shit creek without a paddle. Then I see Korinna come in from the kitchen with Mom. "Honey its okay, I'll explain everything later, Guy did what you'd want him to do," Mom tells him placing her hand on his shoulder to calm him down. Dad looks back at her for a minute and then head to their bedroom to talk it over.

Korinna and Natsuko head down the hall with Liz to her room as I remain on the couch to wait for the verdict. Minutes go by as I listen to my Mom, technically Step Mom but I'm gonna give make her a saint if I get out of this with less than a week's grounding. Finally after a few minutes Mom comes back in with Dad and beckons me to stand up. "I spoke with Elizabeth and Korinna; they were able to explain everything to me about what happened this weekend.

Now I don't know how you got them out of that party but next time you don't let Elizabeth or the girls out of your sight when you take them somewhere. Are we clear," Mom asks me intently. "I'm sorry mom, I'll do better next time," I apologize. She hugs me and Dad pats me on the back, wholly confused and not questioning them as to what is going on I leave it alone. Mom and Dad unpack their bags and settle in at home while the girls talk in Liz's room.

Heading down the hallway and back to my room I see Liz waiting in front of my door. "They didn't ground you did they," she asks? I shake my head no in response. "Good, Kori thought Dad might just cause." "Why do you care if I'm grounded," I ask with a little more spite than intended.

"Well considering Mom is probably gonna leave you in charge from now on I figure I'd better start trying to get along with the decision maker," Liz tells me walking back to her room then stops and turns for a second," Oh and next time you decide to fuck me try not to convince my friends to help you do it." Part 6The rest of Sunday went by quietly in comparison to the earlier parts of the weekend. School and a steady stream of average and fairly uneventful days crept through from Monday to Thursday; all the while Korinna and I sat back and tried to figure out this whole relationship thing.

Friday was looking pretty good with all three of us piling into Tracy's car and heading off to school, Kori and I in the back so we can sit together.

"Okay so now not only am I stuck with my brother dating one of my best friends and I get to sit in a car while they fool around," Liz starts in leaning her head on her hand. "Well since you gave him permission I get a guy who will throw down and say fuck you to the world," Kori gloats while cuddling me," Honestly though thank you for letting me have him Liz." Liz groans from the front seat while we pull into the school.

All of us pile out of Tracy's car and head off to class. During second period I get poked from behind in my seat. I turn around and see Natsuko's brown eyes staring at me.

Baba i njen ljubavnik jedan

I can see she's rocking her punk hair still, short jean shorts with suspenders and a black t-shirt that reads 'Not for the Innocent', thigh high socks all black and red stripped. I shrug at her and she mouths 'after class'. I follow her out after the bell as she heads to one of the common areas, such a tight little ass on her as she sits down.

"Okay, first off you're dating Kori and that means we can't have sex anymore so onto my problem," Natsuko says as I stand there," I have a brother, he's a junior and he's kinda… hopeless." "Alright, so what do you want me to do, beat the crap out of him," I ask chuckling. Shaking her head no," I need you to help him get laid, either that or get him to do what you did and say fuck it." I stand there mulling it over when the bell rings; I wave her off to class and jog to mine.

I get there before attendance and sit in front of Kori and next to Liz. We work through class and as soon as it's over I turn around to Korinna and smile, she smiles a puzzled smile. We exit class and head to lunch, Korinna and I get in line with trays and after getting our near prison quality food I lead us to a table with Natsuko.

"I've got some good news for you Natsuko and some bad news," I tell her while eating. She gives me this odd look and replies," Okay, bad news first." I smile," Well it's probably gonna hurt and it's gonna take some time." "Okay and the good news," she asks drinking her milk. "You were wrong about us not having sex," I smile at Korinna. Korinna freezes in place and just stares at Natsuko for a minute before speaking," Okay, how did you have sex with Guy? You couldn't even have sex with that stoned dropout Evan, the punk with the Mohawk and the 5 inch cock." As soon as she says that I'm choking on milk and trying to keep in from coming out my nose.

Both girls stop their conversation to make sure I'm not dying at the table. I end my fit and push my tray away. "Well he's your boyfriend," Natsuko finally replies," you know what it's like better than I do." "Okay Natsuko," I push my tray away and speak to her," Where is my target?" "Blue wind breaker, white button up shirt with the other Asian kids," Natsuko points behind me to a table.

Exactly what I'm gonna do I don't know, or if it'll even work but I get up from the table and head over to the table with the Asian kids. Pulling my hood up I walk around the table behind him, grabbing his chair I pull it out with him in it and turn him to face me.

"Get up and leave that fucking coat here," I tell him from my hood. "Ummm but I don't know you," he tells me, I see everyon else at the table back away, fear of the unknown. I take him by the collar and stand him up, nearly dragging him out behind me.

I can hear some of the other kids talking about us as we leave the cafeteria. I get him around the side of one of the buildings alone and put him up against the wall. "Okay listen I don't have any money but I can do your homework," he starts in pleading with me. "Stop begging if I was gonna hurt you man I would have just knocked your ass out of the chair back there," I nearly spit on him just to get him to stop," What is your name man?" "Junichi, and you're not gonna hit me," he asks straightening himself up.

I get a look at him, about 5'7" and maybe weighs 10 pounds less than me. Dressed in a white button up shirt and brown slacks, dress shoes and a belt with black rimmed glasses. I feel like I'm looking at a memory, a sad and pathetic memory. I pull my hood off so he can see my face. "So I am gonna ask you a simple question and I need a straight answer," I state to him," Have you had pussy since pussy had you?" As soon as I get it out of my mouth I see his face get red and embarrassed, I shake my head and grab my phone to send a text message off to Kori saying I'd be getting home by myself today.

"Okay, you got a girlfriend," I ask him putting away my phone. "No my parents say it'll get in the way of my school," he replies getting his back off the wall. "Okay so they feed you bullshit at home, no wonder Natsuko is so different," I chuckle," I know there's a girl you like so who is she." "Why do you think you know so much about me, you didn't even know my name," Junichi comes back getting angry.

"Touched a nerve, good. Now find the girl you're interested in and tell her you want to meet you after school, make her meet you here after school," I tell him heading off to my next class. "What if I don't do it, you can't make me," Junichi calls after me.

I stop and turn to look at him. I simply smile and pull my hood back on and march back to class. Last 2 classes of the day come and go easily enough; Derek decided to come to fifth period and sat in a different seat leaving Heather by herself. I snickered about the break up to myself. I head to sixth class and check in with my teacher then head out to the cafeteria. Not much homework to do thankfully so I sit and go through my phone, no new texts.

"Did you kick my brother's ass or what," I get asked by Natsuko and she flops down in a chair next to me. I shake my head no and hand her my phone, she punches in her cell number. As I tell her what I told her brother. She shakes her head in response. "He's not gonna show, you're lucky he didn't get a teacher," she tells me putting her feet on the table.

I shrug and tickle the back of her knee causing her to yank her feet from the table and give me the 'dick' look. Smiling I lean back in my chair as she quickly plops her ass down in my lap side saddle. "Found out the terms of your relationship with Korinna," she tells me. "Good for you, check and see if your parents are gonna be home today," I tell her grinding my crotch against her.

I know that she's talking to one of her parents on the phone but since I speak no Japanese I decide to focus on what is important, Japanese punk girl ass on my crotch. I slip my hand onto her leg and slide my fingers inside her shorts. Gently she starts grinding her ass downward all the while talking quickly on her phone.

"So they won't be at the house but they'll be home by seven," Natsuko tells me hanging up her phone. "Good, cause if your brother does what I told him to then maybe I'll be able to help him out," I tell her feeling the skin of her upper thigh. I look around the cafeteria and see no one around; pulling my hand out of Natsuko's shorts I reach up and grab her tit through her shirt.

She gasps but instead of pulling away she gets up and straddles my crotch and sits down on my lap again. I grip her hips with both hands and she starts grinding her jean clad hips against mine, placing her hands on my head and pulling our faces together. We jam our tongues into each other's mouths hard, fighting to either establish dominance or check the other's tonsils.

Madly Natsuko starts trashing her hips against me; I move my left hand up and grab her tit again. Gripping her tit hard I feel no bra, just nipple and flesh around it. Natsuko breaks our kiss to speak," I swear to god if you don't fuck me today I'm gonna take you home and rape you." I smirk at the idea of her 'raping' me while she gets off from my lap and sticks her hand down her own shorts.

She pulls a finger back out and I see some wetness before she sticks it in her mouth and sucks the fluid off. I will never know why that look from a woman sucking on something is so hot. She sits back down in her chair with just enough time to ponder what is gonna happen today when her brother enters the cafeteria.

He's got his windbreaker back on as he heads over to our table. "Natsuko do no yÅ ni kono shÅnen o shitte imasu ka," Junichi says to Natsuko, I think he asked her a question.

"Okay big brother it's just rude to not speak English in front of him," she replies. He sits down at the table and looks from her to me with a puzzled stare. The three of us sit in silence when a girl walks in from behind me. All of us turn to see her, about 5'6" white girl, curvy figure with c cup breasts and matte black to her jaw line, pale skin and a few face piercings.

She's dressed in black and green tripp shorts and a button up black shirt; her boots are knee high metal and leather stompers. She heads over to our table and drops her bag on a chair. "Okay Jun you little shit, I'm here and it's almost after fucking school now how the hell are you gonna help me pass my algebra test," she asks completely ignoring both myself and Natsuko.

"Umm Katy this is my sister Natsuko and her friend, I don't know your name," Junichi starts with introductions tentatively. I get up and stare down at Katy; she glares up at me for a second then sits down in the seat across from Natsuko and I.

"So Junichi, this is the girl you brought for today, really," I ask him with a look of disbelief. Jun simply nods his head, either he's got a death wish or he really needs to get out more. I grab my bag and Natsuko follows my lead. "Okay, we're going back you your house Jun, so get your shit. And you sunshine," I turn to Katy," you wanna actually do shit and come with us or just talk shit here?" I head out with Natsuko and Jun trailing behind us when I hear those boots come stomping after us.

Natsuko leads us off school grounds and into one of the adjacent nicer neighborhoods. After about twenty minutes of walking we get to what I can only guess is Jun and Natsuko's parents house, two floors of 'yes we have money'. Junichi gets the door open and we pile inside the house, nice furniture. I drop my bag by the door and put sit my ass down on the nice love seat in the living room.

Junichi sits in one of the chairs around the coffee table while Katy puts her feet up and lounges on the couch. Natsuko just heads off to her room. "Okay so Jun has you to thank for the ass kicking I'm gonna give him for fucking around with my math test," Katy decides to tell me.

"No I'm the one Jun gets to thank for getting him laid," I tell her smiling. "What is he gonna fuck his sister," Katy asks puzzled. I smile and point at straight at Katy, who laughs for a second then looks from me to Junichi and back again.

"Oh fuck you asshat! No chance in hell I'm gonna fuck Jun, you need balls to fuck me and he don't have any," Katy exclaims standing up. "Oh so can fuck him over but he can't fuck you. Go ahead and walk, I personally guarantee that the second you see him tomorrow at school you're gonna miss all the free shit he did for you because if you walk all the homework and test prep are cancelled," I tell her smiling.

I look over at Junichi to see him blanch at the idea of not doing what she wants. She gets up from the couch and stomps off to I guess the bathroom. "Are you crazy, she's gonna kill me," Junichi whispers to me as soon as she's out of the room.

"Dude, if you don't reach into your pants and find some bigger balls you're gonna be a virgin on your wedding night if you're lucky," I tell him leaning forward from my seat," Stop acting like a fucking pussy and tell her that either she puts out or you turn her ass in for the homework you did for her." "How do you know I did her homework," He asks me stunned?

"Man you offered to do my homework cause you thought I'd kick your ass, you'd do her homework just to get her to wear a tight t-shirt," I say chuckling. I see him mulling it over when my phone goes off; it's a picture message from Natsuko. I open the file and get a view of her shaved pussy with a message 'wish you were here'.

I reply back for her to get out here and help me with a problem in my pants. I put my phone in my coat pocket as Katy comes back out from the bathroom. "Okay Jun get me through this test for Monday cause I got shit to do this weekend," Katy tells him grabbing her backpack. "No," Junichi replies shortly. "What the fuck do you mean no," Katy asks. "I am done doing your work for free, either you start to learn to do this shit on your own or you figure out how to pay me for my work," Jun tells her standing up from his seat.

Katy gets into Junichi's face for a second glaring straight in his eyes then shoves him into his chair. I sit back and watch Katy pull her shirt open then take off her black and blue plaid bra; I check Junichi's face to see if he's still alive or if he died of shock. As soon as Katy's topless she spreads Jun's legs apart and starts pulling his pants open. "Holy shit, go bro go," I hear Natsuko say as she enters the room.

I turn my head and see her in a pair of blue panties and nothing else. I start taking my pants off as Natsuko gets on the other side of the love seat and finishes pulling my cock free. As soon as it's out of my pants Natsuko has it in her mouth working three inches in her mouth and jerking her hand up and down my shaft.

I look over to see that Jun is packing about five inches himself and has Katy licking up and down the shaft. He looks over at me to see his little sister with a mouth full of my cock, I motion to Jun to grab her head and shove his cock in her mouth. I watch him try to angle her head and she takes him in her mouth working slowly up and down.

I shake my head at him then grab the hair on the back of Natsuko's head and shove it down to five inches on my cock. I feel Natsuko gag and drool on my member.

I watch Junichi grab Katy's hair on both sides of her head and start jamming her mouth on his dick; I see her start to struggle for against his grip and the chair.

I take my hand off Natsuko's head and she keeps up with her drooling on my cock, I move my hand under her body and down to her panties. I get my hand inside her panties and go right past her clit and stick my index finger in her pussy to the second knuckle. I watch Natsuko pull her mouth off my cock and get up from the couch pulling her panties off. I get up and strip down with her as I see Jun still making Katy gag on his member.

"Hey man, either get off or fuck her," I tell Jun sitting back down on the couch. Natsuko moves in between my legs and turning her back to me lowers her tight pussy on my cock, I've played this game before and I let her work herself up and down my shaft.

Up and down four inches of my cock going in and out of her tight Japanese pussy. I look over to see Katy in her matching green and black panties putting a condom on Jun and pulling him on top of her, it takes him a second to find the right spot but as soon as he's in he goes right for her tits with his mouth and starts fucking her fast and deep.

I turn my attention back to Natsuko as she speeds up on my shaft; I feel her womb bumping the head of my cock. I watch her push down as hard as she can trying to force my cock into her womb; I give her a few tries before I pull her cute ass off my cock. Turning Natsuko around I move to the center of the love seat and pull her to straddling my lap. Natsuko lines my cock up with her pussy and slides down till my cock head is resting against her baby maker.

Gripping her hips I start sliding her up and down on my member while she grabs the back of the love seat. I keep Natsuko bouncing on my cock but keep out of her womb, I feel her getting frustrated and look up at her face all scrunched up. I glance over to see Jun all the way into Katy's pussy fast, she's holding him against her but looking over and watching Natsuko attempt to take more of my cock. We make eye contact and Katy rolls her eyes, I nod to her to get into it. "Come on you fucker and get off," Katy tells him while grabbing Jun's hips and slamming him harder into her pussy.

Back with Natsuko I hold her hips steady and start thrusting up into her fast bumping my head against her womb. I feel her getting wetter and look up to see her biting her lip, I hear grunting from the couch. Jun is about to cum and either Katy is faking it or she might actually be enjoying it. After a few seconds I hear Katy moan loudly and push Jun out of her, snatching off the condom and jacking him off as he cums on her stomach.

I feel my own orgasm building and Natsuko is starting to shake with her own orgasm. I feel her start to shake and as I get the tingling in my balls and slam the head of my cock straight into Natsuko's womb while pulling her hips down.

She screams out as I grunt and shoot my first load into her womb, she presses her body against mine. I hold her hips down hard against mine as I continue to shoot my semen into her womb, suddenly she gasps loudly and squirts on my hips and abs. Natsuko pulls my head back and jams her tongue in my mouth.

We kiss for a minute before she grabs her panties and pulls off my cock and jams her underwear to keep from dripping my cum out on the floor, she staggers off to the bathroom.

Katy gets up from the couch and follows after her, while Jun sits down on the couch. I grab my clothes and start getting dressed while Jun seems to be processing what happened. "Okay, now from here on you do what you want man, throw out those fucking prep school clothes and get some damn jeans or something.

Lose the blue windbreaker and get a better looking coat," I tell Jun pulling my pants up. "Why should I do that," He asks getting his underwear on. "If you dress like a nice guy you get treated like shit, if you act like a nice guy you get treated like shit," I tell him pulling my coat on," tell people fuck you and look the part, stand the fuck up for yourself." "Okay but what about school or my parents," Jun asks as I grab my bag.

"Do the work and just tell them what they want to hear, it's not rocket science. 'Mom and Dad I got my good grades and people leave me the fuck alone now it's a win/win'," I mimic him as I head out the door. "But wait, aren't you gonna say goodbye to my sister," he asks as I head across the lawn.

I turn around and pull up my hood; shaking my head no I proceed to walk back to the school to hopefully catch a ride home from Tracy.

I hit the school grounds and see the parking lot is almost empty, I check my phone and see it's about four thirty. I shoot my folks a text saying that I'm out and will be home before eight. As I hit the parking lot I hear someone running up behind me. "Hey shithead, what the fuck are you thinking just walking out like that," I hear Katy from behind me. I turn to see she did a quick job of getting dressed.

I keep my hood up and continue walking through the lot with Katy keeping pace. "So you just fuck Jun's little sister then head home," Katy asks me. "More like we fuck each other then decide to go about our business, why the fuck do you care," I ask in reply.

"So you just fuck her then what, head home," she asks again. "No I fuck her in front of her brother, then I text my girlfriend to see what she's doing while I head home," I answer her smiling. I pull my phone out and shoot Kori a text making sure she's okay, I tell her I'm walking home but don't need a ride just yet. She replies with an okay and asks if we're gonna hang out this weekend, I tell her we're gonna have some fun at her house and put my phone away.

"You really just texted your girlfriend, didn't I hear about you breaking up with her at school," Katy asks. "Yeah, that was old girlfriend I broke up with," I hold out my phone," this is new girlfriend, Korinna." "Seriously, you have a girlfriend and you just fucked a girl and blew your wad in her. Now you're making plans to hang out with her this weekend," She asks confused. "Yeah, that's pretty much it," I reply nonchalantly.

I see her shake her head as we continue walking. After about a half hour we pass a trailer park and she heads off the sidewalk and up the drive.

"Hey asshole, you wanna come inside my place," she yells at me. I shrug and follow her to a trailer in the back, white and a sea foam green paneling with a crappy yellow datsun parked out front.

I follow her inside and am greeted by the sight of good living, dishes stacked in the sink, an ashtray that hasn't been cleaned in probably three months, and a trash can filled with empty beer bottles. Katy bypasses the living room kitchen combo for a room at the back of the trailer. Apparently this is her room, a queen size mattress on the floor; poster's lining the wall for different bands and clothes all over the floor.

"Nice place, I love the 'my fucking hole' feeling you got here," I tell her chuckling. "Okay, I let you come in and you decide to make fun of my shit," Katy yells throwing her bag on the bed and slamming her door. "No you brought me in here cause my cock is bigger than Jun's and you wanted to fuck it," I retort calmly.

I drop my bag and pull my hood off my head; I can see Katy's pissed. As soon as my hood is off I see the shot coming as she slaps me on the right side of my face. I've been hit enough times that she really needs to work on her follow through; I pull my face back up and smile.

I see she's still pissed and she reels back for a second shot, I step inside her swing and slam my body into hers and up against the wall. I pull her hips against mine and jam my tongue into Katy's mouth; she grabs my head and tries to pull my head back.

I let her get my head back only to latch onto her neck with my teeth and lips. Katy tries grabbing the back of my head to pull my off her neck, I keep my body locked against hers.

I bring my hands up from her hips to the front of Katy's shirt ripping it open and sending buttons onto the floor, I push her tit up with my hand taking my mouth from her neck to the top of her breast.

It takes me a minute to get her bra down so I can get a nipple in my mouth, its rock hard and about the size of a half dollar. Finally Katy goes from grabbing my head to holding it in place, moaning lightly as I keep her in my mouth. Quickly she goes from into it to trying to rip my ears off my head with her hands. I finally let go from pain and as soon as her nipple is out of my mouth I get shoved backwards, tripping over the bed falling backwards.

I look up to see Katy getting out of her pants quickly followed by her bra and panties hitting the floor, I don't move from my spot on the bed when I kick off my boots and get my pants off.

"Get out of your fucking clothes asshole," Katy says crawling on top of me and pulling my coat and shirt off. As soon as we're both naked Katy flips around and starts jamming my cock into her mouth. I pull her hips around and start rubbing her slit, feeling her moan on my cock as she keeps bobbing her head up and down. I keep rubbing as she pulls her leg over me to putting her pussy in my face. "Eat my pussy bitch," Katy says taking my cock out of her mouth and sitting up. I keep one finger on her clit and figure porn should be right about this one too as I jam my tongue right in her pussy hole.

Katy starts grinding on my face, sliding her pussy back and forth across my mouth and nose. I keep shoving my tongue in her hole every time it gets near my mouth. Katy moves my hand off her clit and starts rubbing it herself off, I can hear her gasping as she starts to hit her orgasm.

I use both my hands to keep her hips in place so I can fuck her pussy with my tongue. "Oh shit fucker I'm coming," Katy screams as she hits her orgasm covering my mouth and chin in her cum. I swallow as much as I can as she pulls her pussy off my face and moves to the head of her bed, laying down on her back and breathing heavy. I go to move on top of Katy but she closes her legs and rolls to her side. I try to move behind her to get inside from behind when she rolls onto her back keeping me from getting close again.

"Man, I'm done, get your shit and fuck off," Katy says turning her head towards me. I'm harder than a calculus class and now I'm getting turned down after being invited in. I start to get up like I'm getting off the bed then throw myself over Katy's chest and use my hands to pin her arms down above her head.

I grip her wrists with one hand and take my cock with the other and push the head against her closed mouth. She starts to turn her head away so my cock hand and grabbing her nose turn her face back to my cock, as soon as she's out of breath and her mouth open I give her as much of my seven and a half inches as I can in her mouth.

Katy tries to pull her head back so I grab the hair on the top of her head and start pulling her head forward so she gags on my cock. "Now you suck my dick you cock tease," I tell her smiling down into green eyes.

I let her head go back and start moving her mouth back and forth on my cock in long deep strokes. Feeling the back of Katy's throat I push my cock deep while pulling her face till my balls are resting flat on her chin. I feel and hear her gag on my cock and drool starts to run down my balls. I let go of her head and keep one wrist, use it to flip her over onto her stomach pulling her ass up in the air.

I stand my hips over her rear and covered with drool I line up my cock head with Katy's asshole. I press in slow and deep watching my member invade her rectum. Deep in 5 inches and slowly back out till the just my head is still in. I feel Katy grunting into her pillow below me. "What was that, did you say something," I ask Katy smiling as I steady my cock at her asshole.

"Fuck you asshole," She spits out at me from her pillow. "Oh, fuck your asshole, okay since you asked," I reply jamming my whole cock directly down into her sphincter. Katy bites into the pillow as I start hammering my cock downward into her ass. I see her pulling her pillow around her face hearing her scream, I pull her arm back to get her face out of the pillow.

Katy's howling fills the room accompanied by the sound of our hips slapping together. Pulling out of her ass I move Katy onto her hands and knees pushing my cock back into her ass. I wrap one hand around her throat and pull her body against mine.

I start thrusting in and out frantically, choking her with one hand and slapping her ass with the other. She's grunting and gritting her teeth as I pound her ass, I move my hand from her throat to her breast.

"Oh shit, please cum you fucker," Katy gasps. I get that tingling feeling in my balls and proceed to unload four strong streams of cum into her colon, we both scream out in the orgasm. I keep spewing into her anus for about thirty seconds before pulling out and flopping down on her bed. Katy collapses with me on her bed, both of us breathing heavy.

After a few minutes she rolls on top of me and cuddles in. "Really, you warm up to me now," I ask confused. "You know how hard it is to get good hate fucking," Katy says kissing me once on the lips. I think about getting my phone and checking the time but I got punk girl on my chest. I figure out I'm not gonna get out of here anytime soon so I grab a blanket with my foot and pull it up over us as we drift off to sleep.

Part 7Ever get that waking up in a strange place feeling? I woke up groggy to a poster of some punk band and a body next to me breathing. It takes me a second to realize that I'm still at Katy's place and she's still asleep. She's facing away from me and still naked from our fuck fest earlier. It slams into me like a train that I have no clue what time it is and I still haven't been home yet. I lurch out of bed and scramble for my pants and get my phone out, only been here 2 hours.

One text, its Liz asking where the hell I am. I pull myself all the way out of bed to hear Katy stirring from the bed; I pull my jeans on and head to the rest of the trailer to find the bathroom. As soon as I get into the kitchen living room area and am greeted by an older woman in maybe her late thirties, shoulder length brown hair, curvy but in the slightly overweight or out of shape category with nothing on but a bathrobe and some ugly slippers.

"Well who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing in my home," the woman asks me with a lit cigarette in her mouth. "I'm Guy, I'm here with Katy and I need to find the bathroom," I reply wishing I had remembered a shirt. She looks me up and down and points to the end of the trailer.

I head past her through the living room and into probably the worst smelling bathroom outside of a truck stop I've ever been in.

I put toilet paper on my hand to get the lid up and piss. As soon as it hits the water the bathroom door opens and there is the woman again staring at my penis. "So that's what was making Katy scream earlier, you know how to use that thing on a grown woman kid," she says staring at me from the doorway. I shrug and finish peeing, she backs out of the doorway and I quickly retreat back to Katy's bedroom.

As soon as I get the door closed I see Katy sitting on her bed pulling her bra on. "You met mom," She asks getting dressed. "Yeah, and apparently she wants me to take a turn with her," I chuckle pulling my shirt out of the pile of clothes and finish getting dressed. I see Katy isn't finding it very funny and drop the subject while we finish getting dressed. I grab up my school bag and head out of Katy's room and from there get out of the trailer as quickly as I can before her Mom decides to talk to me again.

I'm almost five feet out the door when I hear the yelling behind me start up, Katy and her Mom screaming at each other as loudly as possible. Something in me is screaming just keep walking and get the fuck out of here but I decide to hang out and see if things calm down.

I set my bag down and lean next to the shitty yellow Datsun parked next to the trailer. In true fight fashion it just gets louder and more violent sounding as time goes on. After about ten minutes the door flies open and Katy stomps out of the trailer and slams the door behind her before sitting down on the porch. "Seriously, you want me to get you a towel and some fight advice before you go back in there," I ask Katy from the front of the car. "Fuck, you're still here," she looks up to me from the porch," I'm about to kill that bitch.

She wants to know if I'll fuck one of her boyfriends so she can get him to buy her booze tonight." I shake my head at the thought, drunken slob mom offers up daughter for alcohol.

It sounds like a bad Jerry Springer episode. I start to think about what to do, I know what I could do but then again trailer fires don't really end well. After a few minutes I get a plan together.

"Go back inside and grab 2 bags, school and a big one for clothes," I tell Katy standing her up from the steps," I need to get something from inside." Katy just shrugs and heads back inside with me right behind her.

I look around but don't see Katy's Mom; I whip out my cell phone and start snapping pictures with the camera. A couple of pics of trash, alcohol and just the bathroom in one shot are all I think I'll need.

Katy steps out of her room with her bags as we head out grabs the car keys off the wall. We load up in the Datsun and peel out of the trailer park. We drive in silence before I give Katy directions to my parent's home and let her pick.

Katy pulls into a parking lot behind the movie theater and turns the car off, quickly gets out and sits down on the hood. I get out and walk around to the front of the car. "Okay Guy, what the fuck are you doing," Katy asks confused. "Solving your problem," I state plainly. "Why? You got a girlfriend, apparently you got girls who will fuck you so why help me," Katy asks again," What the fuck are we doing here?" "Well I should ask you that, you parked here," I look around the parking lot, the sun is going down and dinner should be ready soon.

I pull my phone out and text Mom asking her to set an extra plate. I look at Katy again, same black and green tripp shorts and a long sleeve black and blue shirt with a t-shirt over it. More than that I look at her face, I see she's scared and doesn't know what is going on. Her nerves have lost the adrenaline from fighting with her mom and she's scared.

I cover the few feet between us and lift her head and mouth to mine. She tastes a little salty and doesn't react at first but after a second Katy wraps her arms up into my coat and around my body. I'm calm as she breaks the kiss and shakes her head. "You want to know why still," I ask Katy.

She shakes her head and we get back in the car and head to my home. As soon as I get out the car I see my dad standing in the doorway with his arms folded. I take a deep breath and walk up to the front door with Katy. "Hey Dad, this is Katy, Katy this is my Father Mr. Donnelly," I say introducing Katy to my father. "Hi Katy, I need to talk to my son so go inside please," my dad replies stepping aside so Katy can enter.

Katy looks at me then ducks inside the house, I can see her try to figure out what to say to mom as dad closes the door. I set my bag down incase this gets bad. "So you're dating Korinna, and you bring this, girl Katy home with you tonight," Dad starts in," Now I'm just wondering what my son is getting himself into. I need a really good explanation here." "Dad, I'm just doing the right thing here, Katy is in some bad trouble and if I was in trouble you'd want me to go where it's safest right, I brought her here," I tell my dad.

"Okay and this tells me nothing about why she's here, if she has problems then take her to her parents," Dad counters. "Alright but just look at these," I take my phone out and pull up the pictures," This is her home, I was helping Liz's friend Natsuko and her brother and his problem and they introduced me to Katy. Katy said she'd get me home and that is what I walked into. I met her mom who in a matter of minutes propositioned me then tried to whore out her own daughter for alcohol.

I had her grab her some clothes and wanted to talk to you about letting her stay here and maybe you can get her some help. She lives in a hell hole with a demon for a Mom!" I finish my exclamation and settle down, Dad starts flipping through the pictures.

It takes him a few minutes to get through them all but once he's done he takes my phone and heads inside the house. I follow Dad inside as he goes through the living room and into the kitchen with mom. Kay and Liz are giving me the 'what did you do' look when Dad comes back out of the kitchen a couple minutes later and motions us to come eat.

We get to sit in the awkward silence for a few minutes and eat before someone decides to break the silence, thank god it's Mom. "Katy you can stay in either the Liz's Bedroom or we can take the fold out bed in my office out and you can sleep there," Mom offers pleasantly.

"Ummm stay? I mean you're place is nice but I could get in some shi- errrr trouble with my Mom," Katy stumbles over the words.

"Katy, my boy knows bad when he sees it, you want to go back to that then we can't stop you," Mom replies," but my husband and his boy know what it's like. You can go back and eat shit OR you can take the hand up and say thank you." I'm stunned, Mom swore, Liz is petrified, Dad is eating and Katy doesn't know what to do but nod her head and keep eating.

Dinner gets done and Dad decides to take Mom and Katy back to the trailer to return her Mom's car and get the last of her stuff.

Katy looks nervous but Dad has his game face on for this and Mom is driving as they head off. "You are such a fucking asshole for a boyfriend," Liz tells me as soon as they're out of the driveway. "Excuse me but what the fuck are you talking about," I ask. "You fuck Kori and half my close friends, and then you decide to date Kori, now you bring home your new girlfriend to live with you.

Are you seriously fucked up enough to think Kori will be fine with this," Liz barks at me. I think for a second and grab my phone to update Kori on my night. I get a response after a few minutes saying she's fine and that she's okay with Katy living here as long as I'm still her boyfriend.

I tell her of course but we should talk more about it Saturday. I turn back to Liz with a smile on my face. "Guess you're still the only one with the problem sis," I tell her still smiling. "You're a pig," Liz retorts shoving past me and heading to her room. I head to my room and hop on my computer, nothing new on any of my usual sites.

Kori pops on and tells me about the meltdown that Liz is having with her through text messages. I ask Korinna what she thinks about it and get 'silence' for a few minutes then a simple reply 'she's jealous'.

Liz jealous, either Kori is right on the money or really far off. I shoot mom a text asking if everything is okay, she tells me the cops are involved and she's been looking around for a Cops camera crew. I figure they're gonna be a while so I head down the hall to Liz's room. "Liz can I come in for a sec," I ask leaning in the doorway. Liz is laying on her back sprawled out on her bed texting with her phone, a loose pink t-shirt and some grey cotton shorts.

"What do you want," she asks not even looking at me. "The morning Kori and I missed first period was because we had sex in Tracy's car," I tell her sitting down on her bed," I don't really know how it happened but it did and we were really happy with it.

I figured you should know since it's been making you jealous that I've been paying attention to your friends and none to you." "What the fuck are you talking about," Liz exclaims bolting up from the bed. "Well we figure, Kori and I, is that you're jealous cause I'm not having sex with you but I am with some of your friends," I tell her trying to keep from grinning my ass off.

"I'm not jealous that you're fucking my friends," Liz starts," I'm pissed because now it's not just my friends but other people at school. I have to listen to people talking about how you're such a badass now and you've got women hanging all over you and now people think I'm the weird one." I can't take it anymore and I start chuckling, after a few second Liz joins me.

We sit there having a real moment of just enjoying it. Finally we settle down and I can hear her get serious when she starts talking again. "So when we were having sex was it any good," Liz just asks me with no warning. "Honestly I don't think we had sex, I think I was turned into a dildo with a pulse by your friends," I reply," besides I know you've been with other guys, why not just ask them?" "Well you've been with some of my friends and I figure you'd be able to tell me if I was any good like Kori seems to be," Liz says pulling her feet in to sit legs crossed.

"Kori is really good, but honestly you and I really didn't have sex. I was tied up and blind folded and you had help from the girls, plus you'd been drinking," I tell her pulling my leg up underneath me. "Well I'm not now, we can do it now if you want," Liz says leaning toward me on the bed. "Okay, strip down then," I tell her taking my shirt off. Liz looks puzzled for a second but starts pulling off her clothes.

We get stripped down to just my boxer briefs and Liz in her grey panties. I pull myself all the way onto the bed and sitting up on my knees I pull her legs out forcing her to lay down on her back. I take her heels and put them in the air pulling her panties straight up and off her body, throwing them on the floor. Liz parts her legs and starts to lower them to the bed as I lower my face down and start kissing the inside of her thighs lightly. Liz smiles a little and closes her eyes as I place my tongue on her slit.

I slowly work my tongue up and down her slit, as I reach her clit Liz tenses up and starts pawing at the bed but as soon as I reach her hole she lowers her hips and starts pushing her pussy deeper onto my tongue. I lower my body all the way down on Liz's bed and bury my tongue onto her clit, lightly humming into her pussy. Liz clenches up and starts thrashing around so I wrap my arms under her thighs and around her pelvis to hold her in place while I start licking faster. I glance up to see her moaning and nearly rending one of her pillows in half with her hands.

I feel her body clench up for her orgasm and tighten my grip on her hips and speed up my tongue moving in circles around her clit. Loudly Liz screams into her pillow, biting down on it with her teeth. I slow down my tongue lashing of her clit as she starts to come down from her orgasm.

As soon as she's done I pull my head up from her pussy and roll off the bed. I hear her breathing heavily as I quickly dart back to my room and get into my locked drawer at my computer desk. It takes less than a minute to dig out the condoms I bought when I started dating Heather and rip the box open to get one out and get back into Liz's room.

I see her still on her bed and as soon as she sees the condom she waves me to her while sitting up on her bed. I get over to her and tear the wrapper open as Liz pulls my boxer briefs down off my hips, my cock bounces out of my shorts.

"Shit that thing is bigger than I remember," Liz gasps taking the condom out of my hand. I chuckle as Liz rolls the condom onto my cock all the way to the base, I've never had one on before and it feels like my dick is wrapped in a sausage casing. I watch Liz back up the bed and I crawl up between her legs, taking my cock in my hands I rub the head up and down Liz's slit till I find the hole.

As soon as I get lined up with Liz I pull her legs up onto my shoulders and push my cock deep into my stepsister's pussy. It's tight but that's about all I get from with the condom as reach the base of my cock inside Liz's pussy.

Liz is breathing heavily with her eyes closed as I pull back half way and push slowly back in. I start working in and out of Liz at a methodical pace; I feel her squeezing down on me as much as she can. Suddenly I see Liz's phone go off, it's Mom calling. I watch her hand lunge for the phone and answer the call. "Yeah Mom," Liz answers pushing her legs off my shoulders and around my hips. Liz reaches her hand down and pushes my chest away from her; I keep myself inside her pussy and bring my knees under us pulling her ass off the bed.

She's only answering in yes and no with me inside her. I start to get bored and slowly start moving inside her. As soon as I start moving Liz starts to shake her head no, I smile and grabbing her hips with my hands start thrusting half my cock in and out of her pussy as quickly as I can.

Liz starts biting her knuckle to keep from moaning into the phone with our mom. "Okay mom I gotta go I don't know what Guy is doing in the living room," Liz blurts out ending the call. Liz starts moaning loud as I'm hammering in and out of her pussy, I look down at where we're connected and see her pussy juice on the condom. I'm starting to feel like I'm getting close and look to see Liz's b cup breasts moving from the hammering in her pussy, Liz wraps her legs around my hips and back clamping down with her legs and squeezing me with her pussy.

I feel my orgasm rising fast and don't stop thrusting as I reach my peak and empty my balls into the condom inside Liz.

My vision is blurry while I finish cumming and Liz is lying on her bed weakly when I pull out from her. I sit down on the edge of the bed and pull the condom off and dump it in Liz's trash then proceed to get dressed again. After a few minutes Liz starts moving and gets her own clothes on then stumble out of the room and into the bathroom, I hear the shower kick on. I head back to my bed room and send another text off to Korinna telling her Liz will be fine.

She replies with a kissy face and I smile at the pure craziness of the situation. After about another half hour Liz is out of the shower when Dad, Mom and Katy arrive back at the house with the last of Katy's clothes. I get into the living room to see my Dad carrying a garbage bag of clothes with Mom and Katy's hands empty. As soon as she sees me Mom walks right up to me and hugs me like she did the first time I was a baby.

"You okay Guy," she asks keeping me next to her. "Yeah Mom, I'm fine," I tell her hugging her back confused. "That place was a hole and you're such a good boy to help her out of there," Mom tells me still hugging me. I let her keep hugging me till she let's go after about a few minutes. Dad simply nods to me and hauls Katy's 'bag' back to Liz's room. It's about nine thirty at night when everyone gets settled down. Dad doesn't want to talk about what happened but Mom is all over the questions.

As soon as Katy's mom figured out Katy was leaving apparently she signed some emancipation forms in front of a cop and then threw a bottle at the officer when he tried to tell her it needed to be done in a court.

Mom said that Katy was gonna be living with us and as long as she followed the rules there wouldn't be any problem getting custody of her. Liz freezes at the thought but amazingly keeps her mouth shut. We all turn in that night exhausted and I'm lying in bed when I hear my door open. I sit up and look from the bed to see Katy in a big t-shirt with her naked legs sticking out. "Hey hero, can I lay here for a bit," Katy asks after closing the door.

"Katy I'm really tired from today and need to sleep," I tell her from my pillow. "No not that, just need to relax for a bit," Katy says crawling into bed and resting her head on my chest. "Okay but you need to be out before Dad wakes up," I tell her wrapping my arm around her head and neck.

She warms up in my bed quickly and we doze off to sleep. My last thought being let Dad find me, I died after a hat trick. Part 8 Waking up to a cold bed is one thing, waking up with your Father opening your door at five thirty in the morning when you still have an hour left for sleep is not the most joyous ways to wake up.

I look over to my Dad and see him wave me up and out of bed, he's got his workout clothes on and I figure I'd better follow suit. I quickly get up and dress as he leaves the doorway. I get out to the 'garage', Dad converted it to a gym/fight room and by the time I get in he's got pads on.

I gear up for the onslaught and get on the mat across from him. "Explain something to me boy," Dad starts in with some easy left jabs I can deflect," new clothes, new girlfriend, a lot of new girlfriends from what I can tell but no new friends.

What's the plan boy?" "Plan sir," I ask back keeping my guard up. "You can think a lot of things about people son but don't think I'm blind and dumb," another volley of jabs," Korinna is one thing but I know Katy and that Asian girl too. Don't make me repeat myself." "Well I'm with Kori but all the girls choose me, I don't force anyone to be around me," I jab back with my right," if they got problems with what I do and who I'm with then I don't need them in my life." "And what do you do if I have a problem with it," Dad replies.

Well shit, Dad not allowing my new life is about the one thing I can't get past. He can put a stop to anything that happens in this house. No Kori or Katy or anything that I've done for myself over the past two weeks. The next thought to run through my head is I should have kept my left up as Dad catches me right in my temple with a sharp right.

I hit the ground like a sack and roll to my back. "Now that tells me all I wanted to know," Dad says helping me to my feet," You can do this Guy, you just remember to keep your guard up cause people are going to fight you for what you have." We continue sparring for another forty five minutes when Mom enters the gym.

"You are going to be later for work honey, and you Guy," Mom turns to me," School is cancelled for the day.

Your sister and Katy are probably going to have some sort of plan for the day so I'm leaving you in charge while I'm out." The morning goes pretty smoothly, Mom trying to patch me up with the first aid kit. Liz and Katy start talking about what to do with the day when my phone blows up with text messages from Kori and Jun of all people.

Kori is wondering if I can come over and Jun says he needs some serious help with his family. I tell Kori that I'll be there but a friend needs help and let Jun know that I'll have to come by this afternoon. Kori is fine but Jun says he needs me sooner, I tell him that I can't leave now but I will as soon as possible.

I leave the girls to their plans in the living room and retreat to my bedroom. I flip my computer on to check the news about the school, Teacher's Walkout. I chuckle and check a few shopping websites I can't afford anything on. After a few hours Katy pokes her head in my room. I'm still at the computer as she sprawls out on my bed. "So I finally got the whole story from your sister," Katy tells me, she's wearing a schoolgirl plaid skirt black and blue colored and a black sleeveless tee with some band I don't think the name is in English on it.

"The whole story or just the recent events," I ask turning from my computer. "Just the recent shit, you got fucked so you're taking charge of your shit," Katy says grinning. "I just don't let people fuck with me and mine," I reply sharply. "Well I'm just gonna guess that includes me so I have a question," Katy starts propping herself up on her elbows," Why did your dad hit you?" "Honestly, I dropped my guard," I manage to spit out while chuckling.

"Your guard," She asks with a puzzled look. "Yeah, my fists. Block punches and kicks, keep them from hitting you in the face," I put my hands up like I'm fighting. She starts laughing with me about it and we enjoy the moment. I decide to let her lounge and turn back to my computer and load my music off my computer.

As soon as the first song hits I get spun around in my chair and I meet Katy's gaze with a little surprise. "Does your Dad beat you," She asks concerned. "Only on the mat, I'm too old for spanking," I reply back with a smile. "Does everyone have to fight with him," Katy asks now getting on her knees in front of me. "No just me, it's training," I reply as Katy starts pulling my shorts down. Katy gets my shorts down off my hips and around my ankles, I'm not hard but that doesn't last long as Katy starts stroking me with her hand.

I notice her eyes, green eyes, and she's got that wicked grin. I watch as takes the first three inches of my cock in her mouth slowly working back and forth. I lean my head back as Katy goes to work on my shaft, jacking the base with her hand and working her mouth on that last 3 inches.

That tingle starts and I place a hand on Katy's head to get more but she pulls it off and gives me the 'no' look with her eyes. Katy removes her hand from my shaft and starts bobbing her head up and down as almost as quick as I'd be moving her head if she let me move my hands, I try to put my hands on her head but as soon as I move them she grabs mine with hers. The rushing back and forth of Katy's head hit frantic and I get that tingle way to fast.

I start cumming hard and grit my teeth as I shoot ropes of cum down her throat as she pulls back to the head and takes the whole load in her mouth before letting my cock fall from it and swallowing. "Now you can go about your day sir," Katy tells me standing up and walking out of my room. I marvel at the skill of the blowjob Katy just gave me and pull my shorts back up. I resume my searches for new shit I can't get but start realizing I'm a little sweaty from Katy and have dried sweat from working out with Dad this morning.

I head out to the bathroom and take a shower, afterward getting dressed in my jeans and a black t-shirt. It's about thirty minutes past noon when Mom gets back home. Katy, Liz and I are sitting in the living room when she drops a small mountain of files on the dining room table. "Katy get over here cause I need your information with all this paperwork and you got to make this decision," Mom tells Katy from the dining room.

"What is all this," Katy asks as we all head into the dining room. "This is freedom," Mom says pointing to a pile of folders, then to another," and this one is our family. You get to pick one of these but first, Guy you're leaving." I'm stunned as Mom walks me out of the room, and hands me some cash. I want to argue but I can see she's got the 'Mom' look on her face so I stomp off to my room throw my boots on and grab my leather jacket.

I'm not in the best of moods being kicked out so everyone else can work on shit I started doesn't help. I hear Mom try to ask where I'll be but I slam the door on her and am off. I get about ten minutes away and Liz is blowing up my phone with her usual 'what the hell are you doing' bullshit.

I delete the message to see another five from Jun who apparently forgot everything I told him yesterday and regrew his vagina. I text him to say I'm on my way to the school and to meet me there. City busses are not fun and they leave much to be desired when it comes to speed of travel.

After an hour of riding I hop off at the school, no picket lines here which makes the school a locked up graveyard. I'm still fuming from being kicked out and as soon as I get to the front of the school and see Jun sitting there, blue jeans and a t-shirt and no windbreaker. "Well you want to tell me why the fuck I'm here at school when there are no classes," I ask nearly spitting the words out.

"Well I need help man, you gotta convince my Mom that this is cool like it is with your parents, she's flipped out and is gonna ship me and Natsuko to a boarding school cause we're insane in her mind," Jun blurts out frantically. "Okay, first off you need to take the fucking tampon out and calm the fuck down. Second just talk to your Dad and have him fix her," I reply sitting down on a planter ledge.

"My Dad is a bigger pussy than you and I were before this. She is in charge of the family not him, you need to get her to let me try to be this," Jun tells me sitting down next to me," Can you even do this or not?" And now I'm taking care of everyone's problems. I get up from the planter and start walking to Jun's house, as soon as I hit the edge of school grounds I realize that Jun is following me. "Okay I don't know what I'm gonna do but either this is gonna hurt or it's really gonna hurt so you are gonna take your sister and get the fuck out of dodge until I tell you otherwise," I tell Jun as we hit the driveway to his house.

He nods in agreement as he opens the door to his place; we both take our shoes off once inside and I head up the stairs to the bedrooms. It takes a second to find the parents' bedroom at the end of the hall.

I don't even wait for Jun to catch up I just head into the parents' bedroom and start looking around, queen size bed with white comforters and pillowcases, a hard wood floor and old looking dressers and end tables. First thing that catches my eye looking around the room is the laptop charging on the dresser.

"Hey Jun, is this your mom's," I ask opening the laptop up and logging her in, no password, either way too confident or way to comfortable. "Yeah it's Mom's," Jun says entering the room," What are you doing with it, she'll kill you." I get a big grin on my face and wave him off loading up her internet history and email. I catch Jun pacing the room worried when Natsuko comes in the door and lights up when she sees me.

I turn my head from the computer and smile to her when Jun pulls her aside and they start talking fast in Japanese, some days I wish I had subtitles for life. I get back into her email.

Her first name is KImiko, lots of messages from a Cassie and fun they have out during the day. Then I see a couple links come up in the oldest emails, I know what it is almost immediately and my plan is set. "Okay, how long till your Mom gets home," I ask copying the history and emails then shipping them off to my computer. "She'll be back soon, what are you gonna do," Natsuko asks me, she looks nervous. "Trust me, I have a plan," I say smirking," but you two need to be gone and don't come back here till I text you and only me." I see Natsuko wants to ask questions but Jun is trusting me as he leads her out of the room, I hear them get down stairs and shut the door after themselves.

Now that they're gone I strip down to my underwear and hide my clothes under the foot of the bed behind my boots. I move the pillows and sit at the head of the bed lay in my boxer briefs and wait patiently. I must have been waiting 15 minutes when I hear the front door open downstairs and I woman's voice calling out to Natsuko and Jun through the house.

Another minute and the door to the bedroom opens and there I'm hoping is Jun's Mom, 5'7" Asian milf goddess, C cup breasts in an athletic bra top and yoga pants with her black hair done back in a pony tail. "Who the hell are you?! Why are you in my house," I see her start to get agitated by my presence on her bed.

"My name is whatever you want it to be Ma'am," I reply calmly," Cassie says this if for the 'favor' you did her a while back." "What are you talking about, Cassie put you up to this," Kimiko asks crossing her arms. "I don't know who Cassie is Ma'am, I get a phone call telling me that I have work to do then they give me a time and a place," I stretch out a little," So here I am Ma'am." "And what work do you do," Kimiko asks me losing her hostility and starts to get curious.

"Honestly Ma'am, I'm here to do what you want me to do. Cassie's instructions were 'Male who looks young enough to be a teenager, must act the part and play along'. I'm here and if you don't want me here I can leave, I get paid either way," I tell her simply as I start to get up from the bed. I don't get far when she stops me with a gesture and motions me to get back on the bed; I comply like a 'good boy'. I watch her step out of the room to her adjoining bathroom, I hear the faucet and Kimiko comes back into the room in just a very thin white thong.

"Two things, where are my children? And second, anything I say or want," Kimiko asks me crawling onto the foot of the bed. My brain freezes for a second, her eyes are locked onto mine and they're so brown they look black. Finally my words come back to me," I told them that I worked with their father and needed get some papers from his office then gave them a twenty to get lost while I waited. And as for your second question," I shift my demeanor to very innocent," Yes Ma'am." Kimiko's face broadens into a smile as she crawls up my body, kissing and licking her way up my stomach and chest finally stopping while straddling my hips with hers.

I lean forward placing my face in her chest and latching onto her nipple gently. Kimiko gently grips the back of my head as I flick my tongue over her nipple; I grind my hips up against hers eagerly. "Shhhhh, slow down boy we'll get there," Kimiko tells me pulling me off her breast and laying me back down on the bed. Kimiko slides down my body like a serpent, dragging her frame down mine and slowly pulls my underwear off. My cock comes free and I see Kimiko's eyes widen a little; she looks up at me and smiles then quickly lowers her head and shoves most of my seven and a half inch cock in her mouth.

I lose myself in the sensation of Kimiko licking my shaft inside her mouth and sucking my cock like it's a meat straw. I wrap my fingers in a handful of Kimiko's hair and gently pull her mouth off my cock until the last 2 inches then push her back down to the base.

She groans on my shaft and it sends a chill up my spine, I've had good blowjobs but this Kimiko is a pro and she's taking me down with no gagging at all as she bobs up and down the length of my cock. I have my eyes closed when she stops and drags her mouth off my rigid member.

I watch her ass slide in the air as she pulls her thong off. I start to lower my body down the bed but Kimiko has a different idea as she moves me out of my spot on the bed and pushes the pillows to the floor. Kimiko stays on her hands and knees and I marvel as her near thirty four inch ass go right in the air and her face lowers to the bed.

I take my cue to move up behind her and get in-between her legs, I rub my cock up and down her slit for a minute till she reaches between her own legs and pulls my cock against the entrance to her pussy.

I push myself inside slowly as Kimiko gasps at the size, for a mother of two she's tight. As soon as I get all the way inside her pussy Kimiko starts rubbing her clit and backing her pussy onto my cock, like mother like daughter. "Just stay still and let me do the work baby," Kimiko tells me speeding up her pace.

I let her work as I watch Kimiko's ass move, her pushing back onto my cock. I decide to give her the fucking that I was 'paid' to give; I grip her hips with both hands and start pounding her pussy with deep hard thrusts. I hear her open mouth groans and gasps as I plow her hot pussy. I am staring at her ass and decide to spice it up a bit, I wet my thumb in my mouth then start rubbing it against her asshole.

Kimiko pauses for a second as I touch her hole then lowers her head as I push up to the first knuckle in her ass. "Oh god you are a bad boy aren't you," Kimiko purrs," now stop playing around and fuck your new mommy hard so she can feel you cum." As hot as Kimiko looks the dirty talk hit that switch I needed, I leave my thumb in her ass and use my free hand to hold her by the hips for leverage as I start to pound her pussy with my cock.

There is no holding back with either of us, Kimiko rubbing her clit and pushing her hips back, I'm fingering her asshole and trying resize her pussy hard and fast with my cock.

I'm grunting along with her moaning, suddenly I feel her pussy clench up on my cock and her asshole clench up on my thumb as Kimiko lets out a long groan for her orgasm. I quickly pull my thumb and cock out of Kimiko and flip her over onto her back, as soon as she's down it takes three strokes of my cock to get me to shoot my load all up her body and one good shot hitting her tits. I feel great and not as tired as I thought I'd be, Kimiko just lays there as I start to get dressed after finding my underwear.

"I haven't been fucked like that since before my marriage," Kimiko tells me glowing from the bed. "It's defiantly a first for me Ma'am," I reply zipping up my pants. "You don't have to do that anymore, we're both adults here," Kimiko says rolling to her feet and sliding off the bed. "Not exactly true Ma'am, I've kinda been lying to you about that," I tell her smirking.

"What," Kimiko says freezing in place," what have you been lying about?" "Well I'm not some male escort, I actually go to school with your kids. Natsuko and my sister Liz are friends," I tell her smiling. "You little fucking bastard, I'll tell your parents what you did," Kimiko growls angrily.

"Actually you won't. First off your children are gonna dress the way they want and do what they want save for school and homework. You're going to let them be individuals and not little victims like you made your son into," I'm building up to the big statement," And you're not going to ship them off to some boarding school where you can ignore their attitude that I've given your son." "You don't tell me what to do with MY children in my house you shit," Kimiko is furiously getting clothes on," I run this house, not you and not my husband either, what I say goes around here." "Oh, so then when I get home I should just start emailing the entire PTA list with your web browser history," I state watching the color drain out of her face," Or how about the video that's streaming to my computer from you laptop webcam to your husband and anyone else on your mailing list.

You can tell my parents if you really want to but then again I'm not the one who took 'advantage' of a highschool student." Kimiko is frozen in place for a solid minute, then frantically rushes to her laptop and as soon as it kicks on she is looking at herself on the cam and sees the program streaming to another source.

I see her face break from shock to tears as she collapses to the floor crying. I give her a minute and see that she's really crying, I kneel next to her and pull her head onto my shoulder and let her cry and babble for a minute. "You're gonna ruin my life," Kimiko get's out in between sobs. "No, I'm trying to help Jun and Natsuko," I tell her wiping her hair from her face," Let them be themselves, let them talk and date and fuck.

You let them be people and they'll probably love you more for the freedom." "But you'll ruin my life," Kimiko says looking at me with her deep brown eyes. "No ma'am, I'm making your boy like me, and I won't do anything to your life if you don't mess with their's.

On that you have my word," I state plainly. I help Kimiko to her feet and walk her to the bathroom to clean herself up while I stand there and watch.

After regaining her composure she turns to me with a very soft look on her face. "I let them dress and act out what they want minus academics and all this stays private," Kimiko asks me from the mirror. I nod my head and finish getting dressed before grabbing my phone and texting Natsuko, I tell her to head home and that everything will be fine with her mom. Natsuko replies with a standard level of disbelief and joy. I head back into the bathroom and turn Kimiko around to face me, taking her by the waist and kissing her deeply.

She is shocked at first but wraps her arms up in my coat and hood returning the kiss. "Anytime you want to relive this you just email me or text me from your daughter's phone," I tell her breaking the kiss and heading down stairs.

I don't wait for her to say goodbye or anything else and I get out the front door and head back toward the school. I quickly check my phone and see it's two in the afternoon and text Kori asking her how she's doing. I freeze when she replies that her and her mother are at my house with Liz, my mother and Katy. What the hell is happening? Part 9 I'm walking through the school grounds in complete confusion, Kori and her mom are now involved in the situation that I started for Katy and I'm not allowed there.

I shoot Kori a text telling her I'm at school and really want to see her. It takes a minute but I get a reply of she's on her way so I sit and wait at the front of the school, it takes about twenty minutes for her to pull up in her Mom's van. I watch her get out, Korinna's got on a purple v-neck sweater and some hip hugging jeans, and she heads over to me and sits down next to me at the front of the school.

"You got your hood up again and that look on your face. You wanna talk to me about it or are we brooding," Korinna asks me after a minute of silence. "I'm pretty sure you and I are in trouble if I don't talk to you about it," I reply sullenly from my hood. "Okay so just run me through it because I spoke with your mom and she's really confused by what happened and you came off like an asshole, but more so a real one and not the cute kind," Kori tells me smirking that cute little smirk she had in Tracy's car the first time.

"Well you've met Katy, her life was shit. No bullshit I mean real shit, I just couldn't leave her alone to that so I just tell her to pack her shit and we leave. Fast forward with my convincing my Dad that I'm trying to help someone and to this morning now the whole thing that I got started and I'm kicked out. It's like my word on the whole plan doesn't matter now," I just vent out to Kori. We sit in silence for a minute and Kori finally starts laughing a little.

I'm really confused and now my sympathetic ear is laughing. "Wow, you're really not looking at anything are you," Kori starts still chuckling," You are too close to what is happening. You're Mom had you leave so she and Kori could come to a decision without you influencing her.

You really didn't think that she needed to make the decision by herself without you?" I'm officially wearing the asshole sign and feel about the size of a grasshopper with my girlfriend schooling me on the situation. I stand up and pull my hood back and just soak in my stupid for a few minutes. Kori gets in front of me and slides inside my coat wrapping her arms around me; I put my arms around her and just hold her for a few minutes. "Alright butthead, let's get you home so you can apologize to your Mom and see what the hell they decided to do," Korinna tells me unwrapping herself from my coat and arms.

We get in her Mom's van and start the drive back, I find out that her Mom is legal counsel and my Mom wanted her there for advice on the paper work. And apparently Kori and Katy have been swapping stories about me in Liz's room while the Mom's work it out.

Still wearing my 'I done fucked up' look we arrive at home and I head into the house. I'm greeted by Kori's Mom and my Mom sitting at the dining room table working. I finally see Kori's mom for the first time, longer hair but same deep brunette and a fuller figure with glasses. Honestly not bad looking for a woman with a daughter who is her but twentyish years younger. I drop my coat on the couch and beeline it up to my mom's chair, pull it out with her in it and drop down on my knees in front of my Mom.

"Mom, I'm a dumbass. I'm sorry but I'm a real stupid person sometimes," I apologize with a big mouthful of humble pie. "Guy, I forgive you.

You're my son and it'll be fine. Besides at least you were smart enough not to fight with me about it," Mom jokes at the end of her accepting my apology.

Mom pats my shaved head and waves me off. I make eye contact with Kori's mom for a second, I think its approval but I've met her just now so I don't push as I go grab my coat and head to my bedroom. I walk in the door and am greeted by all three girls sitting in my room talking and going through my clothes and personal belongings. "Okay, what the hell are you three up to," I ask hanging my coat on the chair.

All three of them stop and get a 'cat caught in the fish tank' look. Slowly they start putting my belongings back collectively sit down on my bed; I take a seat in my chair and wait for my answer. "We were taking inventory, you need to go clothes shopping," Liz decides to be the first one to speak. "Inventory of my clothes, why," I'm wondering what the hell is being planned by the three little devils. "Well babe, you need to think about where you're going with your whole 'brooding time bomb' thing," Kori answers me smiling.

"I'm being myself Kori, I'm not going anywhere," I tell her confused. "Okay girls, my turn," Liz states grabbing her phone and loading up a video," this is you telling Heather off in the cafeteria. It's got 400 hits off the school chat site and nobody even likes the school site.

People are asking who the hell you are cause you broke the whole quiet code of being cheated on and didn't even try to get revenge." "She's not kidding, even the punks and Goths I talk to and chill with were talking about it, you made people pay attention," Katy chimes in. "The point is people are wanting to know where this is going and who you are, you could do shit with this," Liz picks back up where she left off," you should do something with it." "We should do something with it," Kori says smiling.

"Oh god, it was just me telling her to get lost," I blurt out. I'm honestly wondering what people are thinking if my bit of personal drama and thinking it's a statement about something other than my life. It was just one guy having it out with one girl in a cafeteria. "No point to doing anything about it girls, it happened and it's over. Derek and Heather are leaving me alone, I won," I tell them simply.

That's when I see the look, the 'are you serious' from all three girls. Liz just shakes her head and leaves my room but Kori and Katy smile and get up and stand me up from my chair. Slowly they both walk me over to my bed and put me in the middle laying on my back. As soon as I'm down both of them pick a side, Korinna on my right and Katy on my left cuddling up to me under my arms. The girls engage in small talk between themselves I simply drift off under their chatter.

I wake up with the two girls not in bed but on my computer looking at the school site. I check my clock and see it's 6 at night; I get up from bed and see the girls watching the video of my 'outburst' from the cafeteria.

I shake my head and head out to the dining room. All the paperwork is put away and the women are working on dinner. "Guy, Mrs. Patrick is going home now but she wants you to come over to their place for dinner with her and Kori. You'll be nice enough to go right," Mom tells me about the invite expecting the right answer.

I nod my head back to my room grabbing my coat and tapping Kori on the shoulder. She follows me back to the living room. Her mom heads out to the van and we follow, Kori freezes when I hop into the back of the van. Slowly she gets into the front and we're down the road.

"So Guy, you know that Kori's dad loves knives right," Mrs. Patrick tells me. "No ma'am, I didn't know that," I reply quietly. Kori is quiet and her mom is watching me from the back seat. Now I'm a bug under a magnifying glass as we pull into Kori's house. I've been here a total of one time and that was to pick up Liz and that was a year ago. We exit the van and head inside.

From the inside I can tell Kori's mom does really well for them and I can smell some wonderful food cooking when I see Kori's dad exit the kitchen. My dad is six feet tall like me just heavier; Kori's dad is black which throws me off my rocker but not as much as this six foot five monster with a cleaver and an apron.

"Is this him," He asks Mrs. Patrick. "Yeah this is Guy, Guy I want you to meet my husband Carl," Mrs. Patrick says introducing me. I put my hand out to shake and watch as Carl nearly crushes my hand with a shake, I try to stand my ground as best I can when he starts laughing. "Okay I can't do this, the boy didn't run and he's trying to keep from dropping to his knees," Carl laughs letting my hand go.

"What? This was staged," I ask checking my hand for broken bones. All three of the laugh and we move into the dining room for dinner.

Apparently Carl is a chef and Mrs. Patrick aka Mary's second husband. I don't bring up what happened to the first one. It's all a good meal and they settle down in the living room while I help Carl with the dishes. "Okay boy, here's the deal. Mary and I have a really good vibe with you so I'm gonna tell you this straight.

Korinna doesn't make a lot of good decisions when it comes to boys; I've given a few of them flying lessons. You didn't run and you tried not to show that I was crushing your hand so I know you're tough, be smart and just keep her happy and I'll keep Mary off you when she finds out you and Kori are having sex," Carl tells me in more of an advisory speech than a conversation. We settle down in the living room watching television for about 2 hours when I realize that Kori's parents have left the room on the couch with Kori.

I look over to see she's been watching me for God knows how long.


I see the look in her eyes and lunge across the couch locking lips and pushing her backwards till she's lying down on the couch with me on top of her. I'm not in a hurry and neither is she as we're getting out of our clothes. I get her down to her black panties and no bra when she puts on the breaks. "Do you love me," Korinna asks with no warning. I'm frozen in place with the question, love her?

I'm racing with a million thoughts about what to say when I hits me like a brick. "I love you Korinna," I say a plainly as I can. Kori pulls me back in for a kiss, this one not lustful or frantic.

It's soft and full of passion as Kori wraps her arms around me pressing me against her chest. I trail kisses down her neck and latch my mouth onto her nipple. Korinna arches her back lifts her ass of the couch, sliding her panties down and off.

Her hands work my cock out of my boxer briefs as Kori runs her hand along my shaft lightly before pulling me into her pussy. It's so much hotter than the sleep over I think she's gonna melt me, I pull my mouth off and kiss her gently again slowly pulling out and sliding back in. Kori starts moaning lightly in my mouth and I feel her start contracting her muscles on my cock.

"Baby, I really wanna feel you cum with me okay," Kori asks quietly breaking our kiss. I speed up my thrusts trying to keep the noise down, long and fast in Kori's velvety pussy. I am suddenly aware of my surroundings, the TV is still going, Kori is gasping, and there is a light thumping noise from up stairs. Wait, thumping from up stairs? I get the mental image of Carl pounding out Mrs.

Patrick on their bed upstairs and I stop for a moment. "If you listen carefully you can hear your mom and step dad having sex honey," I tell Kori smirking. Kori gets that devilish grin and I start moving again trying to keep as quiet as I can only faster now. I feel Kori's hands on my hips slowing me down, making me feel her muscles even more.

We're hitting our pace when I hear loud moaning from upstairs, Mary just came. I don't know why but I think about Kori in ten years, a fuller figure after having a kid, my kid maybe. The tingle creeps up on me with the thought of getting Kori pregnant and she's noticing my cock getting harder inside her. "Say it again, please," Kori asks me with some desperation.

"I love you Kori," I manage to get out between gasps. As soon as the words leave my lips Kori's body stiffens up and I'm bucking into her as she orgasms, I feel her teeth in my shoulder and that tingle ride up from my balls as I cum hard with three big shots into her pussy.

We're warm and covered in sweat, I don't move at all after I finish pumping her full of my cum. We lay there for almost 10 minutes when she taps me and I pull my body off her's and realize my penis is limp and already out of Kori.

I start to get dressed as Kori quietly ducks off to clean up. I'm pulling my shirt on when she comes back wearing a bathrobe. "You know you didn't have to tell me you love me," Kori tells me quietly. "You could have said you loved me back," I reply smirking.

Kori slugs me in the shoulder and mutters to herself shaking her head. I finish getting dressed and Kori get's the couch clean from a little mess we made. Pulling my jacket on she grabs the collar and yanks me in for a kiss. "I do love you, you dork. It just took me a while to see past the image Liz made of you," Kori whispers breaking the kiss. "It's okay, it might be because you took my virginity but I love you to babe," I reply resting my forehead on hers.

"You know you can still have sex with other girls right," Kori tells me. "Really, we just dropped the love bomb and I can still have sex with other women," I ask confused. "Well Katy likes you and Tracy keeps talking about some girl from another school who is blowing up her phone trying to get in touch with you.

Just promise me one thing, I was here first," Kori tells me smiling her cute little ass off. "Of course babe," I tell her breaking the hug. We say our goodbyes at the door and I decide to walk it home. I decline the offer for a ride since it's kinda late and I don't want to disturb her folks. It's a wonderful night in Washington which means it's lightly raining as I pull my hood up and head out. I figure it's about nine at night when I hear a car pulling up behind me.

I don't turn but I can see I'm in their headlights. I turn to see and am blinded by the high beams for a second. "Hey you need a ride," comes an accented voice from the car. I hear people getting out and turn to face the car fully when the headlights go out. I'm blinded and in the dark when something solid smashes me in the gut.

I go down hard to have feet meet me in the back and ribs. I'm getting worked over for I don't know how long when I get dragged to my knees by two people. "You piece of shit, you think you can have sex with my fiancé and I wouldn't find out," the accented voice tells me from behind a ski mask. I babble something then start coughing; I'm 'helped' with my coughing fit by a weak right to the face. "You fuck my Lajita and you don't think I will know," the voice tells me again.

"Lajita's your fiancé," I ask pained. Another right and I start to taste a little blood. The two guys got me tight by the arms and are doing more to keep me up than I'd like right now. "I know your sister help her to betray me," the voice spits out. "Really, I didn't know she had a fiancé. I didn't have time to ask while she was letting me fuck her in the ass," I manage to get out my last words.

That's about the straw that broke my nose as a foot crashes with my face. The two goons holding me on my knees let go after the kick and I'm being bashed across my back by something solid driving the wind out of me. I'm out of it and can hear them talking about going somewhere far and too. I think I may have been hit in the head when I get some focus.

"I told you that we'd help you cause she's your girl but I'm not helping you tie him to the bumper of the car so you can drag him," I hear a familiar voice say. "I said we do whatever I want to make him pay and that was the deal," the accent spits back angrily.

"Hey we're not killing him cause he embarrassed you two, you said if we help you you'll put in a good word with the band girl your dating's friends," a new voice, deeper than the others. Band girl, familiar voice, and Lajita.

Derek got some back up and decided to take his shot after all. I start to attempt to stand when a big foot steps on my back and pushes me down. "Hey he's still moving," says the deep voice. "Knock him out and I'll take us home," I hear Derek say. I'm lifted up by my coat and turn to face the car when I see the bat they hit me with in the accent guys hands and another large person behind him. The accent hands off the bat and the last big guy takes the best swing I've seen right before the lights go out.

Part 10 I feel groggy and completely confused; the sun is just beginning to come up by the light in the sky. I realize that I'm tasting blood and dirt, I have a sharp pain in my shoulder and I'm really cold. I figure out I'm not home in bed and today is gonna suck.

I roll to my stomach and figure out I'm lying in a rock field and I have no clue where I am. I stand up and try to get my balance only to fall flat on my ass. I remember my phone in my coat pocket and pull it out to be greeted by a cracked screen, no calling for help either. I sit for a minute trying to regain some sense of balance and as I check myself over, I'm bruised all over my ribs and back, my nose is fucking broken which is screwing with my breathing, and I've got some dried blood stuck to my head.

I reattempt standing again and make it to my feet. Now I can see that I apparently got moved while I was unconscious and I was pretty sure I'm off the beaten path. I stop to listen for a few seconds, and then I hear car engines and tires to my left. I guess that's the road and head off looking for a paved road. I must have been walking for about ten minutes when I hit a road and see a Circle K.

I stumble up in pain and head through the doors. "I not want you kids messing up my store, you take your drugs and you leave right now," I'm told as I'm guessing is the standard greeting the Indian man has. "I'm sorry sir, I'm not on drugs. I was jumped last night and left in a field, my phone is broken can I use yours," I reply trying to stand up straight.

He comes around the counter and usher's me right back outside. Wonderful way to start my day, I figure out the street I'm on and start walking when I get honked at by a car. "Hey kid, are you okay," I get asked by some guy in a coupe. I just shake my head no in response.

The man gets out and I see he's wearing medical scrubs as he approaches me. I let him help me into his car and as soon as he's inside we're off. "Okay I'm going to take you to the hospital and from there we'll call your parents," the nice male nurse starts to tell me as he drives. "No hospital, just take me home please," I tell him resting my head on the window. "Okay kid, my name is Jake and I hate to be the one to tell you but you've been smashed in the head and I'm pretty sure you didn't notice the split in your head.

Now unless you live with a doctor and his own nurse you need a hospital now," Jake tells me in that tone adults get when they decide you're stupid and can't think for yourself. I sit quietly as we pull in the hospital and Jake rushes me into the E.R. I'm welcomed to the wonderful feelings that come with an examination and interrogation since I've been beaten and stabbed. I keep my answers simple and don't bother to say more than 'I don't know' and 'I can't remember'.

It takes a half an hour and I'm getting my stitches, all seven of them, when my dad shows up at the hospital. I barely listen in when the doctor goes down my list of injuries, broken nose, small laceration on my head, mild concussion, bruised ribs and back, finally to be topped off the stitches in my head.

My dad speaks with the police officers and they get information of my last known whereabouts from Dad before we pack me into his truck and head back home. Nothing is said on the drive home, but Mom is waiting inside. Dad gets me out of the truck and inside the house all of two seconds before I have Mom hysterics raining down on my head. "I'm not letting you head out to Korinna's house again. I can't believe what happened to you. What is the point of training if he gets beat up by someone in the dark," Mom decides to deliver her exclamations to Dad and I.

"Honey, he got jumped; they hit him with a bat. I taught him a lot but I can't teach him how to keep fighting when you have a piece of wood crashing into your skull," Dad replies trying to rationalize with mom.

The arguing brings Elizabeth and Katy from their rooms which makes the police questions seem like nothing. The questions and accusations are killing me and I figure I have the greatest way to stop it. "Can I go to my room please, I feel like I'm gonna fall down," I tell everyone grabbing a chair for 'balance'.

Mom is the first one to jump at the chance to help, putting my arm over her shoulders and down the hall into my room. She helps me out of my coat and takes my boots off before laying me down on my bed. I lie there in pain as mom leaves the room while I start to go over the list in my head. Derek drove the car, probably his car and had the others put me in the trunk to move me but why?

Lajita has a fiancé who not only figured out that she had sex with me but has some pull with others and a bad temper; I'm guessing he stabbed me. The other two guys I don't even know, one wants to get a girl and expects Derek to help with that, good luck. One didn't seem to want to hit me, need to figure out who they are. The day passes quietly for me, Mom brings me food and feed's me, Dad just checked on me once, Liz decided that the inquisition could wait till the parents were gone.

Thankfully I get company when Kori and her family come over, I can hear Mom and Mrs. Patrick having a heated discussion in the living room when Dad and Carl decide to break it up and get everyone to calm down.

Blessedly I get a knock at my door and Korinna pokes her head in. "Hey can I come in," Kori asks just walking in and coming over to my bed. "I guess you can come in," I tell her smirking as she sits down.

"I should have taken you home last night," Kori says starting to cry. I sit myself up in pain and pull her in for a hug. One thing that is really pissing me off now is that after all this, they planned it and caught me alone and knocked the shit out of me.

Now they made someone who did nothing to them cry, MY girlfriend is crying because she thinks it's her fault this happened. Then it hits me like a bat to the head, kinda. How did they know exactly where I was? "Honey, please stop crying. The people who did this to me are at fault; you are sweet and kind and have a great ass.

How could you have caused this to happen," I try to comfort her with some sweet words. "But look at you, your face is messed up and you got stitches… wait did you say I have a great ass," Kori's tone changes from sad to that wonderful annoyed woman. "Well you can't beat yourself up for something you didn't do," I reply smirking.

"Okay at least you have all your teeth," Kori tries to brighten her mood and mine. I lay back taking her with me and lying down on the bed. I'm finally in a good enough place head wise to fall asleep comfortably as possible when I doze off. I wake up hours later to Mom bringing me food and my bed being one occupant shy of when I fell asleep.

Mom sets the tray down and helps me sit up before I get to eat soup and a sandwich. "Alright, I was overreacting with you never seeing Kori again and the training in your Father's dungeon.

Now did you tell the police everything you could remember," Mom asks with that inquisitive tone. "Yeah Mom, it's just really blurry and it happened so fast," I lie to her, I don't want to but she just wouldn't understand. "Well if they can find the Green river Killer they can find the guy who jumped you," Mom says taking the tray and heading out of the room.

"Hey Mom, can you tell Liz and Katy I want to see them," I ask her as she gets to the door. Mom just nods and exits the room, I sit there wondering how I'm gonna approach what comes next.

Its a couple minutes before both girls enter my room and flip the light in the room on. Katy sits down on my bed while Elizabeth takes my computer chair and pulls it up to my bed and sits down. "Okay, Mom and Dad are at the other end of the house so I can say this now," I start in," I got a really good idea of who did this to me and why. I just have one problem and I have to ask something now, Liz did you post where I was on Facebook?" "What, of course I did it was huge.

Nobody survives Carl, why," Liz replies with some enthusiasm. "Well Elizabeth that's how Derek and his friends knew where to find me," I tell her with all the cold I can muster. It's moments like this I don't get very often, Liz is speechless. She is sitting in my computer chair with a shocked look on her face and Katy is just glaring a hole through Liz.

Instinctively Liz starts to get up but Katy wheels around the bed and gets in her face. "I'm not the most caring person in the world and I like you so just understand that I'm really not a smart person but if someone is cheating on my brother I wouldn't have them on my facebook page," Katy growls at Liz.

"I don't have him on my page. Once I found out about you and Heather I took them both off," Liz replies to me defending herself in the chair. "What kills me Liz is that you were talking about my life on your page which really kills me when Lajita's fiancé was one of the other three people who did this," I tell Liz and Katy letting more information out.

Katy returns to her seat on the bed and looks like she's calming down, I finally notice that both girls are wearing tank tops and cotton short shorts. The major difference is that Katy has a bra on probably because of Mom. "I'm not mad Liz, you didn't know and you're not to blame. But I do need to ask you a simple question and I want a simple answer from both of you," I tell them once I have their attention again," Are you going to help me get even or are you going to tell Mom and Dad?" "I'm in, what do you need me to do Guy," Liz is the first to reply.

"I need information, I need the numbers off my phone, and need to talk to Lajita," I tell Liz. Elizabeth simply nods and whips out her phone and slides over to my computer. Katy sits there like a bump on a log before I nudge her. "What, I'm in I just don't know what you need me to do," Katy tells me," Unless you want me to get a knife to cut their balls off." I think about the idea for a second, while Liz just turns her head slowly to figure out if she should run out of the room.

Finally Liz gets disgusted and with her work and hops back on her phone. "Okay, I can't do anything with this so I'm text Natsuko and I'll have her get her brother to work on it," Liz tells me while punching keys on her phone. "Alright, well I need to talk to Lajita this week," I reply scooting upright fully on my bed. Elizabeth gives me a nod and exits my room still typing into her phone. I let her get onto her 'network' of friends and I start to try to relax when it occurs to me Katy hasn't moved from her spot on my bed.

"So I talked with your girlfriend while you were out," Katy tells me hesitantly. "Okay, how did that go for you two," I ask. "Well I need to know if you're a one girlfriend guy or is there room for more," Katy asks brushing her hair back behind her ears. "Well Kori is my girlfriend yes but she says I can be with other girls," I tell her wondering where this is going. "Well what if I want to be your girlfriend, I mean your girlfriend like Kori is," Katy says with a more serious tone.

Dad brought it up morning after Katy came to live here, people wanna fight me and people want what I have. I never thought I'd have to put myself against one of the girls on this.

"Well what are you asking me for," I start in hot towards Katy," You want some good word or assurance that I'm gonna be there for you? Haven't I proved that? You knew me less than a day and I convinced my Dad and Mom to take you in and get you out of your Mother's shit hole. What are you asking me for?" "Hey fucker, I'm really not in the mood for a fight I just want to know if you love me or not you jackass," Katy exclaims storming out of my room.

I'm really not sure what the hell is going on with Katy but I don't have the time to explain things to her. I shamble from my bed to my computer; I hop on the facebook and see I have apparently become famous.

I'm being asked if I'm dead, like I'd be able to reply. Interesting to me is the friend requests, some guys and girls from school along with Natsuko, Jun, Kori, Tracy, and one from Mathilda.

The last one takes me a second to remember who she is then it hits me, Amazon basketball player. I accept the ones I know and shoot off some messages to the others with general 'I'm okay' and 'I'll see you Monday'. I send Mathilda a message saying I should have contacted her sooner and would like to chat when I get a new phone. Kori pops online and I ask her about her talk with Katy, she tells me that she thought me having more than one girlfriend would be fine as long as I don't play favorites with her or Katy.

Now I get why Katy was so hard up for answers, she wanted to know if I would want her. I tell her what I told Katy and Kori decides to blow up in internet fashion on me. I finally tell her I didn't know what was going on and that I'd fix it.

I decide not to drop the bombshell about what I know and tell her that I'll fix things with Katy and just ask her if she's sure? I get a 'duh, it's why her and I talked'. I smile and gingerly head back to my bed, it's about eight in the evening and I need some sleep. My door opens up and I can tell I'm not alone again in my room, as it closes I roll onto my back and wait to see who is there.

I feel weight at the foot of my bed and someone crawling up over my body, I reach up and get my hands pinned down by my 'stalker'. "What's wrong with me," it takes me a second to figure out its Katy. "Well first off you're on top of me and even this much weight hurts on my bruises," I reply grimacing. "No jerk, what is so wrong with me that I can't be your girlfriend," Katy asks making the question a little more clear.

"Other than my now evolving reference point on relationships nothing," I get out trying to shift her off my ribs. It takes all two seconds before Katy starts kissing me, softly and tenderly like I haven't had from her. It's a sweet moment save for the pain of my bruises which I ignore as she lets my hands go.

I snake my hands up Katy's waist and under her tank top, trailing my fingers along her sides. Katy sits up off of me, straddling my hips and pulls her top off then gets off my bed and starts going through my dresser drawers. "What are you looking for," I ask getting out of my clothes off as painlessly as possible. "Condoms, I know you have some, Liz told me," Katy says still going through my drawers. "They're in the big drawer in the computer desk, metal box," I tell her finally naked.

I watch Katy strip out of her shorts as she crosses the room to my desk, it takes her about a minute to get a condom from the drawer and get back onto my bed. I don't let her get the condom open as I pull her back up onto me and kissing her again. Katy lets the full weight of her naked body rest on me and I groan at the pain from my bruising. I feel her settle in with her weight ontop of me when she breaks the kiss and smiles.

"Either I'm your girlfriend too or I'll just lay here till you start crying in pain," Katy says with a wicked grin. "Okay you're defiantly my bad girlfriend," I groan out in mild pain. I see her smile and she lightens the pressure of her body weight on mine.

We kiss again, soft and tender like the first time. I start getting hard against Katy's hips and I think she knows it when she slides off and gets the condom open. I see the condom in Katy's mouth as she takes my cock in her hand and uses her mouth to roll the condom onto my cock.

She takes a couple seconds with her mouth on my cock before she positions her pussy over the tip and slowly lowers her vagina on my member. I watch as Katy sits upright with my whole cock inside her grinding forward and back slowly. I can feel the heat and pressure of Katy's vagina through the walls of the condom. "I'd feel a lot more if I didn't have to wear a condom," I whisper to Katy placing my hands on her hips as she grinds her pussy onto my cock. "Yes you would, in nine months you'd feel like a highschool daddy," Katy whispers not stopping her hips.

Wow, I never thought about that, I've only ever cum in one girl and that's Kori. I start to ask myself if she's on birthcontrol when leans forward and stops grinding. I start to try to move but katy stops me and gets that 'stay still' look in her eyes. I feel Katy bucking her hips up and down quietly letting keeping three inches inside her while she fucks herself with the rest of my cock. Katy starts gasping and grunting, slamming her hips down onto mine. I feel her tightening and get that tingle, I pull Katy's body down onto mine and finally start thrusting into her from below.

"Do you love me Katy," I ask her not slowing down the our thrusts. "Yes, please love me too," Katy's whimpers pounding her hips into my thrusts. I take her by the back of the head and kiss her. She stops for a second and warms up just long enough to moan her orgasm into my mouth.

I start fucking my hips upward as fast as I can dump a load into the condom. I feel my cock jerk and spasm while Katy just lies on top of me warm and cuddly. I don't know how long we lay there but Katy is the first to move pulling her body off of mine and quietly getting dressed. I get the condom off and find my shorts when Katy decides to break the silence.

"You don't love me do you," Katy asks in a beaten up tone. "Actually I do love you, you're everything a guy could want in a bad girlfriend," I tell her from my spot on the bed. I'm flung onto my back and Katy is all over me again kissing me fast and passionately. I reply in kind kissing her back. We make out for another few minutes when she pulls off of me and calmly pulls off of me. "I can't sleep here tonight but I really want you, me and Korinna to have a night with a bed," Katy tells me heading out of my room quietly.

Wow a threeway with my now good girlfiend and my bad girlfriend. I pull myself in to bed and check my alarm, gotta get up at six in the morning. Time to work the pain out in the gym and get my plans in motion.

Part 11 Buzzer goes off at six and I'm out of bed as quietly and quickly as my body will move me. I get into my work out shorts and a tank top and creep through the house and bypass anything not resembling the garage/gym. I stretch out a bit then it's all heavy bag, it takes about ten minutes for my body to wake up when I really start to feel my bruises. As much as it hurts I keep remembering the kick that broke my nose, the last bat swing, getting blinded and held down so some Indian fuck can tell me why he hates the fact that I have a big enough cock to fuck his fiancé and he doesn't.

I don't know how long I've been hitting the bag but it's not moving like it was when I started. I stop and pull back from the body shots I'm giving 'gigantor' number 1 to see my dad holding the bag.

I move into kicks and I never understood that fucking Rocky movie and breaking ribs in a side of beef until now. "You going to talk to me about it or should I just tell your mother that you're having serious issues," Dad asks me still holding the bag.

I shrug and let off another kick and take the tape off my feet to check. Dad points me to the bench and sits me down to do the check himself. "I have to tell your mother something boy," Dad asks again. "I want pain, I want to give pain and I want to lick the blood and tears off their faces and have their families watch me do it," I reply angrier than I was that first day when I found Heather and Derek in the music room. "Okay, so tell her you're working things out and will be fine," Dad says smiling.

I look at him with a puzzled look, did I just get a blessing or an alibi. Dad rewraps my foot and we get back to me and the heavy bag. We're at it for I don't even keep track of how long before he stops me and directs me to the shower.

I pass Mom in the dining room who smiles weakly to me and gets back to making breakfast. I'm out of the shower and see that it's about eight in the morning; I get dressed and watch as the girls pile out of their rooms for breakfast.

I get through my second plate and realize that Mom, Liz and Katy are all staring at me while Dad eats and reads the paper. "Am I interesting this morning," I ask downing my last piece of bacon.

"Are you feeling okay honey," Mom asks. I shrug and clear my plate in the sink then head off to my room to look at facebook and I decide to update my status. 'Up and fighting mad, good breakfast and time to fuck people up' I leave on the page. I read the post and get to site surfing. I cool off after a bit and see it's eleven when I get a knock on my door.

Jun steps in and freezes when he sees my face. "Holy Christ did you get into a fight with the football team," Jun asks closing the door. "Nope but I really want to meet up with them again," I reply letting him have the chair.

He takes the seat shaking his head and plugs my phone into his laptop then both of them into my computer. I let him work and get a book and hop onto my bed to read. "Okay so what did you say to my Mom the other day," Jun finally asks me. "Why man, does it matter," I reply remembering his mom.

"Dude she is calmer than I've ever seen her, she is taking Natsuko out for shopping and lunch, they are buying me clothes while they are out, and my Dad apparently got lucky for the first time since before Natsuko was born cause he's smiling," Jun tells me looking up from the computers. I shrug and head over to the computer/cable thing Jun has assembled. He runs over all the technical babble about phone book, sim card and salvageable info.

He uploads my phone numbers to my address book on my computer when Katy pops in. "Hey Jun, Guy your Mom says she's gonna go get you a new phone and I'm getting some clothes," Katy hesitates on the last word," We'll be back later since you have company.

Oh Jun, be here when I get back so you can walk me through my studies." "Alright, get yourself a tough hooded jacket," I tell Katy as she heads out. "Did she just talk to me like a person," Jun asks me. I chuckle and go over the whole story of what happened when I got jumped and that I knew one of the guys who did it. As we're talking I notice he's wearing blue jeans and a thin white T-shirt. "So what's with the shirt," I ask. "Only t-shirts I own are undershirts," Jun tells me pulling at the thin white shirt.

"Here man, wear this and get it back when you get better ones," I tell him tossing him a black JTHM shirt," Also tell your sister or mom to get you a tough hooded coat." I watch him put my shirt on and send off a text message to one of the women. I get back to showing him my bruises on my chest and back.

"So you're going to get even with them I'm guessing," Jun asks. "No, I'm going to make shit hurt," I reply coldly. "So what can I do man," Jun asks me. I pause for a second.

He wants in, he's known me for less than a week and he's going to help me beat some ass. I start laughing till my bruises stop me and he's got a puzzled and pissed look on his face. "What the hell is so funny," Jun asks hotly. "When was the last time you were actually in a fight," I get out trying to slow my breathing. "Doesn't matter, you can kick some people around and they're just going to hit you back. If you really want to get payback you need to hit them with something that says 'I can own your ass'," Jun says calming back down.

"Okay consigliore, get me info so I can break them but I will kick someone's ass for this," I tell him pointing to my nose and the stitches on my head. I tell him exactly what was said and let him do the networking with his friends. While he works we bullshit about school and girls, he tells me he couldn't get the girl to come by the day he brought Katy to his place.

I sit back and think about it for a few minutes. We discuss Katy being here and I explain the situation and have him save all the pictures on my phone. I walk him through how to talk to the girl he wants and what to do if she hesitates. "Okay so what if she flat out says no," Jun asks.

"Then you walk; don't talk to her unless she finds you. Don't hang out around her, and don't speak to her friends about her," I tell him," If she's interested she'll come to you otherwise she ain't worth the work you'll do to get her to pay attention. My facebook starts getting messages from Mathilda on it. Jun lets me have the chair and I respond that I'm here. She says she tried texting me, I tell her about my phone when I hear a clicking.

Jun is taking pics of my nose and stitches with his camera phone. I get back to Mathilda and tell her what happened, she gives me the 'wait that was you and you're still alive'.

Apparently the rumor is that a high school student was mugged and beaten to death. I ask her what she's doing today and agree to meet up with her when she's free in an hour; she says she'll pick me up since I should avoid walking.

"Wait, you're dating Katy and some girl named Kori, now you're going to meet another girl from another school named Mathilda later today," Jun says to me confused. "Is there a question in there or just a statement of my life," I ask Jun. "Well I'm just wondering if you're starting a harem or something," Jun inquires. I try to explain the situation with Kori and Katy, and then add to it some of the other women I've been with since this whole thing started leaving out Tracy and his mom.

"So what do I do if Katy tries to pay me for help with school work with sex," Jun finally asks. "Well since you're not with the mystery girl then I say go for it if that's what she's doing," I tell him calmly," honestly since Katy and Kori know I'm having sex with other girls I figure that you're safe enough." He nods and gets back to his friend networking; I start to hate this part of the game.

I'm stuck watching other people gather information while I sit around nursing wounds and get angrier about not doing. The door opening snaps me to my senses, its Dad motioning me out to the living room.

I round the corner and see all 6'4" Amazon build of Mathilda clad in blue jeans and a flannel shirt with a denim jacket. "Are you heading out and is the Asian boy staying here," Dad asks. I head back and grab my coat, leaving Jun instructions for what I want with information and to leave me a message on my computer if Lajita wants to talk to me.

I tell Dad everything will be fine I just need to clear my head and step out with Mathilda. We step out and I see she's got her little car with her and I pile in the passenger's side and we head away from my home. "It's been over a week," Mathilda decides to break the silence," and you haven't called or texted or nothing.

Now you want to meet up and you look like you've been beaten with a stick." "It was a bat," I reply chuckling," they hit me with a bat." "You got jumped and now you wanna hang out with me," Mathilda asks pulling into a decentish neighborhood.

"I need someone I can talk to who isn't everyday involved in my life," I tell her as we pull into a single floor house's driveway. We get out of her small car and she unlocks the door letting me inside. It's a little like true bachelors pad only a little cleaner, older furniture and random mail piled up next to one recliner. I pass the living room and follow Mathilda to her room. I never thought I would walk into the room my dad probably dreamed of for me as a baby but I just did.

Sports posters on the wall, a damn weight bench in the corner and a twin bed up against the wall for space. I let Mathilda take a spot on her bench while I sit on her bed. "So not many guys come over I take it," I ask moving back up against the wall. "I don't get much company period," Mathilda tells me looking at her hands in her lap," I don't have a lot of friends at school." "You are the captain of your basket ball team and you don't have friends," I ask slightly dumbfounded.

"I'm a freak, Dad raised me for years and now that I'm old enough he takes more work driving truck," She tells me still staring down," I got weights for my fourteenth birthday for fuck's sake." "And I'm the product of a drunk and an ex-military combat junkie," I tell her pulling back my hood," You are a six foot Amazon, just figure out what you want and do it.

I know why I'm here but do you?" Mathilda finally breaks from looking at her hands and looks straight at me with a little fear and sadness. I watch her get up and motion me to stay put while she heads out of the room. I take my cue and strip down to my boxer briefs and lay down under the covers. "Okay, if you laugh I swear to god I'm going to make what happened to you this weekend look like a trip to Disney land," I hear Mathilda ask from the hallway.

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I watch Mathilda come back around the corner, yellow lace bra and matching panties. I pull the blankets back and invite her over into her own bed.

She walks over quickly and slides into bed with me, pulling the blankets over us. "I'm really nerv…," Mathilda gets about that far when I stop her talking with a kiss. I start to wrap her up in my arms when I get pull by my hips and rolled onto my back. Quickly my shorts get yanked off and I watch Mathilda slip under the covers. I feel Mathilda take my cock in her hand, it's rough and unfamiliar as I let her stroke me hard when I feel her lips on my cock.

It's warm and wet but not familiar take maybe 2 inches at a time. "Okay, put your hand on what's not in your mouth and work it up and down while you use your mouth," I tell her pulling the blankets off her head. I feel her put her hand back onto my cock as she follows my instructions slowing giving me her presumably first blowjob. Mathilda starts slow and almost methodical but it's starting to feel good and I am fully hard now but I want more.

I let her keep working while I move us to our sides and after some prodding have her facing me on her side in a sixty nine. I get her to spread her legs a little bit, I realize she could probably crush my skull with her thighs but I pull the nicest panties I've seen aside and start tonguing her clit.

Mathilda reacts immediately with moaning on my cock and lets it fall from her mouth gasping; I wrap my arm around her hip and bury my face into her pussy. I realize that she shaved for this since that night in the locker room as I take my tongue and run it in circles along the entrance to Mathilda's pussy. I can hear her moaning loudly but nothing prepares me for the leg vice on my head, I can't move so I shove my tongue as deep as I can get it into her pussy.

I can feel Mathilda trying to put my cock back in her mouth but all I get are light licks when she locks up again and I take my first real taste of Mathilda as I get a rush of her juices in my mouth. "Oh fucking shit I came," Mathilda tells me gasping. I muffle out 'I noticed' from between her legs, she lets go and I get some air in my lungs and roll onto my back. I feel movement on the bed and see Mathilda stripping out of her panties. I sit up and move to my knees, I let her get her panties off before pushing her down onto her hands and knees.

I move up behind her pushing her knees together and slam the whole of my cock inside Mathilda's pussy. Mathilda's pussy is tighter like this and it feels better with each thrust, I see trying to keep her face in the blankets on her bed. It's good but I get that feeling like something's missing; I'm not wanting a soft time with her. I grab Mathilda by her blonde hair and pull her face out of the blanket, the angle lets her squeeze me harder and I keep hammering in and out of her pussy.

Finally I get her to stop gritting her teeth and starts moaning with each thrust. "I'm gonna cum in you soon," I tell her accentuating each word with a thrust.

"No, wait," Mathilda tells me trying to stop," I'm not on birth control." "Well you should figure something out soon," I smirk down at her still watching my cock hammer in and out. I slap Mathilda's ass and get a quick gasp, I see her try to get her balance but I keep her head where I want it. More hammering and I can feel her tighten up like she's coming again; I thrust fast in and out then just stop suddenly.

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"What, why did you stop? I almost came," Mathilda asks me. "Well maybe it's my turn," I tell her leaving my cock buried in her," Now you tell me why you should get to cum again if I can't cum the way I want?" I grind my hips against hers, Mathilda moans from the teasing. I watch as she starts bucking her own hips back onto my cock to get herself off. I smile a little at her attempts then slowly start to pull out of Mathilda's pussy.

"No please don't stop," Mathilda begs me with half my cock still inside her. "What's in it for me," I ask slowly pushing back inside. "Ohhhhh, I'll take it in the mouth or whatever just let me finish pleeeeease," Mathilda begs me trying to keep her hips still. "Okay," I tell her, then letting go of her hair I grab her hips and start thrusting as fast as I can," Does my new bitch want to cum now?" "Yes, please make me cum," Mathilda moans out.

"Tell me what you are and I'll finish in your mouth," I tell her thrusting deeply into her pussy. "I'm your bitch, make your bitch come please," Mathilda begs looking back at me. It's all the consent I need; I reach under her and start rubbing her clit while taking short thrusts in and out of her pussy.

It takes a few seconds before Mathilda lets out a loud groan and I feel her squirt on my balls. I get that tingle and pull out of her pussy and lay down on my back, motioning her to my cock. I get her face over my cock and shove it into her mouth.

She put her hands on the bed as I face fuck four inches in and out of her mouth. I feel the tingle again and holding Mathilda's head in place shoot off into her mouth and throat. Mathilda panics for a little bit and gags but I feel her swallow as much as she can. I let her head go and she quickly lets my deflating cock fall from her mouth.

I rest my head on her pillow while Mathilda steps out from the room for a minute. After a couple minutes I see her come back in from the bathroom, she sits down next to where I'm laying on the bed in her nice lingerie. "So I'm your bitch now," Mathilda tells me smirking. "Well I have two girlfriends who know I'm having sex with other girls, might as well just round it out to three," I tell her checking my stitches on my head.

"Let me see those," Mathilda takes my head in her hands and turns it to look," That was defiantly better than the first time by the way. I just wish some of the bitches at my school could have seen me fucking like a porn star. It'd make them jealous little bitches." "Wait a minute," I bolt up from the bed," What did you just say?" "It was better than the first time we had sex," Mathilda says puzzled. "No, the other thing," I ask her. "I figure if the girls who think I'm a freak at school saw us having sex like that they'd be jealous," Mathilda says again more puzzled now than before.

It hits me like a bolt from on high, Lajita's 'fiancé' was the ringleader. I warned Derek but he talked him into it. I can get to Derek and the other's but that asshole needs a real lesson in payback. And now thanks to Mathilda I got the best idea I've had all weekend. I take Mathilda by the head and kiss her deep and softly till she relaxes up against me. We stop kissing after a few minutes and she rests her head in my lap as I sit against the wall on her bed.

"So are we going to even see each other again," Mathilda asks me quietly. "Yes, you're the tough girlfriend," I tell her smiling," and you're brilliant. But I don't like you being at another school so I think you should transfer at the beginning of next year." My not-so-little Amazon girlfriend perks up to the thought and I have her and I start getting dressed, it's been about an hour and I know I've got to bring Jun and Katy up to speed.

We head back home in Mathilda's car and I promise her I'm not playing around with her as my third girlfriend. I get back inside at home and am greeted by a new cell phone and Jun is walking Katy through math at the table. I text Kori and Mathilda immediately with my phone to let them know I'm back in communication and decide to chill out in my room till dinner. The rest of the evening goes fairly well. Dinner happened with Jun joining us and his mother and Natsuko coming by to pick him up after dinner.

Jun's Mom recognized me immediately but simply smile and greeted me like we'd never met before confusing the hell out of her children. After they leave I head back to my room. It takes about ten minutes before I have Katy coming into my room unannounced.

"Okay so what is the deal with the giant your Dad was talking about," she ask me sprawling out on my bed. "Tough girlfriend," I tell her sitting down at my computer," she kinda rounds it out to a good number for me.

Plus I am pretty sure you and Kori aren't the jealous types." "So Jun is really wanting to help with your whole revenge thing and I'm wondering where I stand in all this," Katy tells me changing the subject. I start to lay out some of the details for my plan and stress that if I don't get Lajita to speak to me it's gonna be more fighting and less fun. We talk a little more before I decide that I need some sleep and kick Katy out so I can get up tomorrow.

I have my first Monday with Katy in the house and it goes about as well as expected. I'm up sore, showered in pain and eat breakfast while mom checks my stitches and nose. Tracy shows up on time to take us to school. I get in the back with Kori and sit in the middle so Katy can sit on the other side of me. I'm gently cuddled on the way to school. My arrival at school is met by staring and people whispering, probably about what happened to me.

I exit the car and pull my hood up to see Katy wearing her black and green tripp pants with a 'Slipknot' band t shirt and Kori has her brown Capri pants and a blue sport tank top on.

What catches my eye more so is once out of the car both Katy and KoriKaty a denim one with some studs in the shoulder and some different patches and Kori a bright green hoodie with angel wings on the back in fake stones.

I smile about the coats and they flank me as we head off to class, I watch Kori and Katy head off to their classes after getting a kiss from both and I get to my first period. Not much happened in classes and Kori, Liz, Jun, Natsuko and some new Asian girl sit at the table 'my' lunch table.

I can hear people talking while I eat but a poke from Liz draws my attention to Lajita sitting at a table with an Indian boy and two larger guys, one black and one islander I think.

"Liz, I want their names and either I meet with Lajita today or I swear you'll have to live with the stigma of 'my brother killed people during lunch'," I get out of my mouth growling. Liz pats me on the shoulder and I watch her head over Lajita's table and after some talking her and Lajita get up and leave the cafeteria.

"Hey Guy are you doing okay," Jun asks from his seat at the table. "I'm wonderful," I tell him finally noticing the girl with glasses next to him," Who is she, and why the fuck is she at my table." "Dude, this is my new girlfriend Lilly," Jun gestures to his girl in glasses. I take a second to actually acknowledge this girl, a little heavy set but cute, shoulder length black hair and brown eyes.

I nod to her and finish my meal when my phone goes off, it's Liz and she says to meet her in the by the library. "Meet me in the Gym during homeroom," I tell everyone at the table and head off to the library.

I get to the library and see Liz talking to a scared Lajita. Both turn to greet me but it's Lajita who looks nervous. I nod to Liz and she heads back to the cafeteria leaving us alone. "Did I do something you didn't like," I ask Lajita from my hood. "No," Lajita answers sheepishly. "Then why did your 'fiancé' get his goons to do this," I say pulling my hood back and letting her see my broken nose and stitches.

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That's when the waterworks start, Lajita starts crying and speaking in her language. I let her calm down and have her sit on one of the benches. "He's not my fiancé, my parents didn't want to let me marry him and he's taken it very personal," Lajita tells me wiping her tears. "Well then I need your help getting him back," I tell her kneeling down.

"But he'll just have his friends come after you again, fighting won't fix this," Lajita tells me quietly. "I have a plan but you need to help me, either that or I get to use some gratuitous violence," I tell her smiling. "Okay but what is it you have in mind," she asks me. "During homeroom meet me in the Gym," I tell her helping her up then heading off to class. Fifth period is the point I have been waiting on since Saturday when I enter the classroom and see Derek and Heather sitting and talking at their old seats.

I enter with my hood back and watch them get quiet as I take my seat. Class goes well aside from the creepy quiet in the seats behind me. At the end of class I turn to Derek and smile. "Is something wrong Derek, did you want to say something to my face," I smile at him coldly. "Man are you okay or something, we can talk if you want," Derek asks nervously. "Sure, what did you do last Friday, you two go off and have some fun," I ask still cold.

"Ummm, Derek was hanging out with his family Friday because I had practice," Heather says wondering what I'm talking about. I just smile big and head out to homeroom with my hood up. It takes a second to get a slip for the Gym and I head out. Girls are having basketball practice and I see that I'm the last one to show up for my meeting. Kori and Katy are quiet while Liz, Lajita, Natsuko and Jun are chatting amongst themselves.

"I know some of you are with me in what I have planned but I am going to need everyone's help to pull this off," I start telling them," Liz I need information from you, I want to know who the goon squad is with the guy who's stalking Lajita. Katy and Natsuko I need to meet with whoever heads up the punk groups in school soon. Jun you're my right hand on this, I need eyes in the back of my head and you have your 'geek' squad to make it happen." I start to lay out different details on my plan to everyone, I learn that the 'fiancé' is called Kamran and his goon squad is with him for four classes and his homeroom.

I let everyone figure out their parts when I get pulled aside by Kori and Katy. "Okay, I think you need to calm down babe," Kori tells me," your plan isn't going to work." "What part," I ask half heartidly.

"Okay, I don't know what you're going to do about Derek or Kamran, but the other two guys you're just going to lead into a field and beat with a bat," Kori says with a 'really' expression. "I'm waiting for the negative on this Kori," I reply. "You follow my plan then and I'll get rid of the goons," Kori tells me heading off to where Tracy is practicing with her team.

I start to follow when Katy sits me down on the bleachers. I watch her move behind me and pulling my hood back she checks the stitches on my head. I close my eyes and just enjoy her hands touching my head when she starts talking. "I can take you to talk to John today," Katy tells me," but he's either gonna fight you or want to fuck me to get whatever you're asking for." "Okay, so I get to fight him.

Is he like a martial arts god or something," I ask Katy leaning back into her lap. "Wait, you want to fight him. I could just have sex with him," Katy says with a level of disbelief.

"Katy, maybe I didn't make it clear when I said you were MY girlfriend," I tell her smiling," now where the fuck do I find Johnny boy?" She gets up from behind me and leads me out of the Gym to the parking lot. At the far lot I get to a black station wagon with a group of punks sitting around it. I motion Katy to wait and putting my hood up approach alone.

"Which one of you is John," I ask loudly. I watch the crowd part and get to look at Johnny, about six foot tall black guy. He has a short Mohawk and is wearing torn up tank top and olive green cargo pants.

I see enough piercings in his face to make one Swiss army knife. "Who the fuck are you and what the fuck you want," Johnny rudely asks.

"I'm Guy, I was told you were the one who didn't need to live at home because you have flop houses," I tell him being annoyingly polite. "I got my own places yeah, why the fuck do you want to know," Johnny asks me again. "Well I want to use one to really fuck up this preppy kid," I tell him still with the ultra polite tones.

I hear Johnny and his friends laughing, not sure why but he places his hand on my shoulder I'm guessing to help with his joke. "Get the fuck out of here," Johnny tells me walking away. "Really want me to leave," I pull my hood back so Johnny and his friends can see my face," What about after I get back to the office bleeding from my stitches after you assaulted me." "What the fuck are you talking about, you're not…," is about as far as Johnny gets as I reach up and pull the first stitch out of my head.

Seeing that I have their attention I start walking forward and remove the second stitch. Its amazes me that as much as it hurts I'm still marveling at people with amateur tattoos and piercings looking like they're going to vomit.

I back Johnny up to his car by the time I get the third stitch out. "You're hyena's, you look really tough and as a group you are very scary looking," I tell Johnny wiping some blood on my hand," but aside from that what do you do? Nothing, now either you or I come to an agreement or we find out how much blood can leak out of my head before people call the authorities." I place my bloody hand on his shoulder and watch him just stare at me in a level of disbelief.

The other punks have cleared a circle around us and aren't really moving, just standing wondering what I'm going to do next. "Okay, I'll help but seriously are you going to kill this guy you're after," Johnny asks me. "No, that would be too easy, I'm going to ruin his dreams," I reply smiling.

I take my hand off Johnny's shoulder and walk back over to Katy who as soon as I get close just kisses me on the spot. I enjoy the moment till she pulls back and marches me to the nurse's office.

I get my head wrapped and tell the nurse it was itchy and I didn't realize what I had done till too late. School ends and I catch the bus with Katy, Kori and Liz home. My afternoon and evening are pretty normal; Mom is upset about my stitches. I'm sitting at my computer when I get a chat message from Lajita asking me what I'm planning for Kamran and her.

I tell her it'll happen soon and it'll be after school if she can get free, she replies that she'll help but doesn't want to be a part of any violence. I make no promises and end the conversation with that. Tuesday morning is another uneventful start to a fairly boring day.

I get up out and to school like normal. It's the start of third period when my phone buzzes in my coat. Tracy texts me to say to get out of class as quickly as I can. I head up to the teacher and say I'm feeling dizzy and ask to see the nurse. I head to the office but get stopped along the way by Hanna, the red head from the basketball team.

"Tracy told me that you need to get to the Gym and hide behind the bleachers till she texts," Hanna tells me heading off to the gym. I'm confused but I head over and get behind the bleachers, quietly avoiding the teacher running the class through volleyball. About fifty minutes of co-ed volleyball and I watch the teacher dismiss the class to the locker room. It takes a minute before I see some of the students talking, a couple girls and the two 'bodyguards' for a few minutes before the girls head off the their locker room.

"Kori told me you needed those two gone so we did you a favor," Tracy says nearly scaring the shit out of me. "What the fuck is going on," I ask Tracy getting a hold of myself.

"Wait till the guys go into the girl's locker room then go get my dad at the office," Tracy tells me leaving the Gym. Sure enough it takes a few minutes and I watch the guys look around for a minute then sneak into the girl's locker room. I let the door close and head out to the office and catch Coach Campbell in Mrs. Jackson's office. "Coach Campbell, I don't mean to interrupt but I was coming here when I saw some guys sneaking into the girl's locker room," I them groggily.

"Mr. Donnelly are you okay," Mrs. Campbell asks me taking me from the doorway and sitting me down in a chair. I watch Coach leave the office in a hurry and one of the female teacher's follow him out. Mrs.

Jackson gets me a glass of water and what happens next is pure priceless art. I watch Coach Campbell walk two boys in their underwear across grounds during lunch time to the office and sit them down in the lobby. At Mrs. Jackson's request he helps me to the nurse's office, I let both of the guys see my face and smirk lightly. I get a clean bill of health from the nurse and get out just in time to get a quick bite for lunch. I see Kori and the gang all sitting at the same table and head over.

Sitting down all of them just kinda look at me smirking. "Okay what's so funny," I ask trying to eat my crappy pizza. "Two down man," Jun tells me holding up his phone. I see the video feed on his phone of both guys from the locker room being marched across the campus. I look at Kori who is smiling big; I shake my head and march out of the cafeteria without a word.

I head to the Gym and sure enough she doesn't miss me this time when she follows me. "What the hell did I do," Kori asks rounding the corner. I shrug and put her back up against the wall, kissing her deeply. She's stunned for a second but warms up to the kiss quickly, wrapping her arms in my coat. I bring my hands inside her shirt, rubbing them on her warm skin I trail my left hand down her stomach and slowly back her up against the wall of the Gym. "Didn't we do this before," Kori asks me breaking the kiss.

I smile and shake my head no then slide my hand from her stomach down her capri pants and inside her panties. It takes a second for her to open her legs but as soon as they get apart I find her clit and rub my fingers on either side of it slowly.

Kori's head rests on the wall with her gasping lightly as I rub her clit and start to kiss her neck. She puts her arm around me and pulls against her side giving me better access down her pants. I speed up my rubbing when I get another body pressed against me, it's Katy licking my ear and grabbing my cock through my jeans. I'm getting hard but I can feel Kori getting wet so I speed up my fingers on her clit eliciting a deeper moan from her.

Katy is not letting up off my cock and has moved onto the other side of Kori placing her free hand up Kori's sweater and onto her breast. Kori is writhing as we both work her over, her hips bucking against my hand and fingers. "Ohhhh fuck I'm gonna cum," Kori moans before going rigid. Katy and I hold Kori up and keep playing with her body as she orgasms hard and grips me against her.

Gasping she regains her balance and I remove my hand from her pants and Kori grabs my face and kisses me causing Katy to have to let go of us both. After the kiss Kori adjusts herself and both girls stare at me for a second grinning. "Oh I know that look but I am saving it for later," I tell them both," Katy, tell Johnny boy that I need that place by the time homeroom starts.

And Kori?" "Yeah Guy," Kori responds. "Gonna need you to get your Mom's van and bring some toys," I tell her smiling. We head back to classes and the rest of the day the school is buzzing, apparently some guys got it in their head that the girls in third period Gym were gonna have some sort of sex party with a couple guys but when the guys got into the girls locker room and stripped down they found they weren't invited.

After that it took the timely intervention of Coach Campbell and some screaming girls to get the 'perverts' out of the locker room. I'm defiantly going to make this up to Kori. Derek and Heather on the other hand look really off during fifth period.

Heather is quiet and but trying to be nice but Derek is avoiding eye contact and mumbling a lot. I let him stew; I've got something planned for him later. I get a pass out of homeroom and text Lajita; she's waiting in the parking lot with Johnny and Katy. I get out to them and see Lajita in a pink skirt and blouse, and Johnny has a vest on with Hyena patched on the back. I chuckle at the patch as I approach. "Hey if we're hyenas than what are you," Johnny asks me. "I'm a tiger, I don't need a pack but I can use one," I tell him from my hood," And if you don't kill me I'll come after you and everyone who looks like you." Johnny shakes his head," Okay Katy, we hang out but this guy makes really wonder if I'm gonna get jail time for doing this." Everyone looks at me for a second and I just shrug and get into John's car with Lajita, I give Katy a kiss and tell her to meet us once her and Kori are ready.

"So what is it we're doing," Lajita asks me. "Do you want Kamran to be bothering you for the rest of your life," I ask her. Lajita shakes her head no and I explain the part that she's going to help me with. Johnny even starts looking at me in the rearview as I describe how it's going to play out. "Okay but if he's not broken then I want him gone," Lajita tells me with a very serious look.

"Done, won't be the first time John has had to gang beat a prep kid, right John," I say smirking at him. "I got half my crew waiting man, I'll be ready if you need me," Johnny tells me pulling up to one of the abandoned office buildings downtown. We all exit the car and Johnny does a meet and greet with his crew, a chubby Goth/punk girl waves me inside the building.

I lead Lajita inside and on the third floor we are a bedroom which is basically a few mattresses on the floor and some broken furniture. I get a sturdy chair and put it to the side for Lajita to sit in and set myself down on the mattresses while I wait for Katy and Kori to do their work. "So how is Kamran going to get here," Lajita asks me. "Kori, her and Katy are jealous that I'm spending time with you so they're going to get Kamran and bring him here to get you.

And then we get to have some fun," I tell her smiling. I can see she's tense and really nervous about this so I decide to lighten the mood. "Why did you come into my room that night during the slumber party," I ask Lajita to kill time. "You were nice to me. Guys I deal with at school weren't because I had Kamran around me all the time so they treated me like he did," Lajita tells me. "Okay but I've never talked to you before the sleep over," I reply wondering what she's talking about.

"I've been over with Elizabeth before, you were always polite and didn't talk down to me, you even got the door for me when I was over," Lajita regales me with my apparently very chivalrous nature. "Okay so you wanted to repay me for being a nice guy with sex," I ask a little confused. "Well I didn't want sex to be with someone like Kamran so I just took the opportunity," Lajita tells me," My mom knew what I was doing and she was fine with it.

It's not like you didn't want to." "No I was very much wanting too… Wait, your MOM knew," I ask bolting up from the mattress. "Yes, my culture is very open when it comes to sex. You westerners are really kinda prudish, and why anal sex is a fetish I'll never know," Lajita tells me as I sit in stunned silence.

After about 20 minutes I get a text from Katy on Kori's phone saying they're here and heading up. I motion to Lajita to go hide in the corner as I take off my coat and move into the hall. Loud footsteps from the stairs. Quickly enough I see Kamran get to the top of the stairs and slow down when he sees me. "How's it going Special K," I call to him from the hallway.

"You give me back my fiancé and you do it now or I swear," Kamran says covering the distance. "You swear what, you'll get your bodyguards and Derek to help you jump me," I tell him standing my ground," Funny thing, I don't see your boys here, and Lajita came here with me. So who brought you here?" I watch him freeze for a second so he can take it all in, my girlfriends got him to come here, drove him here and he walked in on his own with no help he can trust.

He starts to look around then focuses on the open door behind me. "You give her back to me now," Kamran tells me weakly. "I didn't take her, she came here with me. Now you got a choice, I'm hurt and you've got no backup this is your shot Special K," I tell him reveling in my new nickname," you want to prove you're a real man or just a spoiled kid with money?" I can see Kamran get angry and watch him rush me the remaining fifteen feet between us and take probably the best swing he's had in his life at me.

Problem is only way to not see this haymaker is to be blind and deaf. I step back letting the swing go past my face and as Kamran goes off balance I lock my arm under his swing in a half nelson and bring the other around his neck in a choke. I let him struggle before kicking his leg out bringing him to his knees. "Now I wonder where I'm going to leave your body," I tell him applying pressure to knock him out.

As soon as he's out I call for Katy and Kori, the rush up the stairs with a small bag in tow. Johnny quickly follows and helps me move Kamran to the room. Lajita looks on as we strip Kamran down and duct tape him to the chair naked, Katy gets a ball gag into his mouth. I strip down to my underwear and watch as Johnny heads out. "Okay I'll be waiting downstairs when you need me man," John says heading out.

I watch him leave and take a seat on the bed. My attention turns to the girls, Kori has purple panties and a matching bra with black lace where as Katy by contrast is wearing a black sports bra with a plain thong. Finally turning my attention to Lajita white bra with little pink flowers on it and just some regular white panties.

After we are all 'dressed' I let Katy do the honors smacking Kamran awake. It takes him a few seconds but as soon as he sees me on the bed he starts struggling. The girls sit down next to me except for me Lajita who is standing behind Kamran. "Hey Special K, enjoy your nap," I ask him once he's stopped struggling so much. "He looks like he needs an explanation and I think 'someone' should tell him what's going on," Kori says looking to Lajita.

I watch Lajita step around the chair and into his field of view, I can't see his face but I've got a pretty good idea what his expression is. "Kamran, I hate you. You treat me like I'm property and I'm not. I'm not your fiancé and I'm not your girlfriend," Lajita tells him," Now you are going to watch me do things with Guy that I will NEVER do with you." Lajita turns around and takes her bra off in front of me releasing her breasts before crawling across the bed and pulling my shorts down.

I move myself off the wall and the girls move off the bed leaving me and Lajita alone on mattress. As soon as I'm lying down Lajita goes to work giving me a not so amateur blowjob. She does a wonderful job working four inches in and out of her mouth; I lay my head back and relax. I look over to see Kamran struggling with his bonds and grunting into his ball gag. I help pull Lajita's hair out of the way so Kamran can watch Lajita work my cock with her mouth.

Katy and Kori on the other hand have some ideas of their own as I see them going through the bag Kori brought. I watch the girls' fish out two small pearl vibrators and move over to Lajita's rear, slipping her panties off I hear the vibrators kick on. Lajita starts moaning on my cock as the Katy and Kori use the vibrators on her, I watch Lajita whip a hand back grabbing Katy's wrist and moving it.

"Up there and you better have something bigger in there for later," Lajita says putting my cock back in her mouth.


"Katy I think she's done with giving Guy oral," Kori says moving away from Lajita's ass. I watch Korinna head back to the bag when she stops and looks over at Kamran then starts laughing. We all stop and look from Kori to Kamran when Katy starts laughing too.

"Oh fuck he's got a hard on, you can see it there in his mountain of pubic hair," Katy blurts out laughing. We all start chuckling except Lajita who gets my attention by moving her mouth faster on my cock. I lay back and let her work enjoying the sensation of Lajita's mouth working even faster now. Suddenly she stops and starts moaning loudly letting my cock fall from her mouth as a small orgasm hits her.

I watch Katy move away from Lajita as the orgasm ends, I watch Lajita get up and stand in front of Kamren. "Look at me," Lajita says moving his Kamren's face to look at her," He is going make me cum again and you're going to watch me let him cum inside me you asshole." I can see Kamren still trying to struggle but he's fixed on Lajita as she moves back over to the mattress and me. Lajita straddles my hips for a second when I see Kori stop her and stand her back up and motion me up. As soon as I'm standing I see what Kori was getting out of the bag, a six inch black strap on fixed to her hips.

I watch Kori lay down on her back pulling Lajita on top of her, it takes them a second but I watch as six inches of strap on disappear into Lajita's pussy. I watch Lajita's pussy bounce up and down on making that squeaking noise she made our first night together, Katy gets on her knees in front of me and starts taking my whole cock in her mouth covering it in her spit.

I move behind Lajita and push her hips down on to the strap on. I take my cock line it up with Lajita's asshole; it takes a second but after a little pressure I slide balls deep inside her ass. I don't know who's face had more shock to it, Lajita's or Kamren's. Lajita moves her hips a little but stops and tries adjusting with the two of us inside her.

I hear her grunt but not in the 'having a good time' way. "Please fuck me, I can't move so you two need to fuck me," Lajita whispers to Kori and I. I use my hands to hold Lajita's hips in place as start sliding my cock in and out of her asshole; quickly I feel something moving with me inside Lajita.

I pull back and notice Kori is thrusting in and out of Lajita's pussy fast. I decided to take a cue from my good girlfriend and move onto one knee propping my other leg up and taking a handful of Lajita's hair in one hand and the other on her hip start pounding my cock into her ass.

Lajita isn't squeaking anymore now she's just moaning with her head back. I see Katy watching us as Kori and I make Lajita into a puddle of orgasm. I hear a new moaning and shift my gaze down to see Kori starting to have and orgasm of her own. I don't know what is going on with that strap on but with the two of them moaning and the noise of our bodies slapping together I can feel my own orgasm coming on.

Lajita turns her head back to me then looks straight at Kamren as she gets quiet then I hear liquid slopping around then get a moan from Kori as she lunges up and latches onto Lajita's nipple while cumming herself. I watch them a little then get that tingle in the base of my cock, I let go of Lajita's hair and grab her shoulder pushing her down onto the strap on while slamming my cock in her ass as the first shot of semen fills her colon.

We all lock up and I feel the rush of my orgasm as Lajita clamps down on my cock finishing her own orgasm. We sit in silence till I back out of Lajita's asshole, I take deep breaths and watch her get up and go over to Kamren. I watch her take his head and whisper something in her language before walking away.

The rest of us start to clean up and get dressed, packing up the bag and cleaning up my cock and Kori's hips, apparently Lajita came so hard she squirted on her. While the girls finish everything I wave them out of the room and as soon as they're gone grab a piece of glass from a broken window.

I walk over to Kamren and pull up a chair in front of him and sit down. "Wow, you know man you aren't looking so good," I tell him looking at the glass in my hand," you feeling alright?" He shakes his head weakly and I can see he's been crying, I must have missed that.

I reach over with my free hand and undo the ball gag letting it fall from his mouth. He sits there looking at the floor and I can't figure out what else. "Hey Special K, are you there," I ask him again. "Why did you do this," he asks me back weakly. "I didn't know you had a thing for Lajita when it happened, and it was nice when we had sex the first time," I start to explain," But you couldn't just come to me like a guy and say something, you couldn't talk to me like a man. So you find Derek and decide to hunt me down and ambush me.

I'm really having a hard time understanding that." "She was mine, you took her without my permission and you defiled her," Kamren tells me starting to get angry. "No she belongs to herself, maybe she would have liked you if you weren't such an piece of curry based shit but that's what happens when people rely on old ways," I tell him pulling my bandage back from my stitches," You think this scar is four or five inches long?" "I don't know what you're AAAGGGGHHHHHHHH," Kamren gets out as I lunge forward with the glass taking the edge and dragging it across the side of his head leaving a gash about five inches long.

"Now we match pal, don't worry a couple stitches and you'll be fine," I say taking the glass and cutting him one hand free," Lajita is done with you now, I hope you understand that. Now here's my word on this, you got jumped, you can walk your ass to the road from here and get some help." I watch him pull his hand free and grab the side of his head where I cut him.

I walk around him and place my hands on his shoulders. "Now just remember this, I'm not going to see you again and you're going to leave Lajita alone otherwise this will seem like a day out with your family," I tell him.

I watch him nod, then start to walk away and remember one last thing. I storm in front of Kamren and taking the bottom of my boot smash him in the nose. Kamren hits the floor on his back and holds his nose and face, I can see blood coming out between his fingers. "Hey, we're even man.

Use this and you might get out of here in time for dinner," I say to him wiping off the piece of glass and dropping it next to him. I exit the building and see the girls talking with Johnny. They all look at me kinda freaked out as I walk up. "Anything we need to know about Guy," Kori asks me. "Oh nothing, just an eye for an eye," I tell her smiling," I am hungry, let's go get dinner." I take my phone out and text Mom asking if we can have company over, Lajita declines and asks if Kori can drop her off at home first.

We get her back home and I walk her up, she gives me a hug and smiles heading inside. I get back to the van and we get about five minutes down the road when Kori stops the van and both girls look at me.

"Okay, we need to know if you're going to go get jail time for what you did after we left," Katy asks.

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"No, I just gave him a cut and a broken nose like he gave me, aside from that he's kinda feeling like he can't please the woman of his dreams and now he's gonna leave her alone," I tell them both from the back seat. "How much more are you planning to do to them all," Kori asks me.

"Just Derek left, after him I don't need to do anymore," I tell them both as Kori heads back down the road to my home. Just one more, one more and I'm going to have fun with this. Part 12 The rest of Tuesday went by fairly uneventful save for Katy being really quiet around me for the whole night. Wednesday morning started normal, I wake up early so I can get my shower before everyone else takes the hot water.

I'm relaxed and gingerly rubbing my stitches when the sliding door on the shower opens. I try to get the water off my face but I have no time as my back is put up against the shower and lips are latched onto mine.

I trail my hands down my kisser's back and get my hands around a nice round ass. "Morning Katy," I say breaking the kiss. "You are planning on making yesterday up to me I hope," Kate tells me kissing down my neck. "What did I do to you yesterday," I ask as my cock hardens against Katy's body. "It's what you didn't do to me yesterday, everyone else but I got attention. My turn," Katy tells me dropping to her knees. I watch Katy take my cock in her hand and start stroking it with purpose.

She leans her head forward and starts to lick up and down my shaft before plunging her mouth down three inches deep on my cock while continuing to stroke me with her hand.

I lean my head back and enjoy the warm water and Katy's warm mouth for a few minutes when she stops and stands up. I turn Katy around and push her up against the wall; I spread her ass cheeks with one and start rubbing my cock head against her asshole. I hear Katy moan and watch her back her asshole onto my cock letting the first inch slide inside her.

I move both my hands to her hips and start sliding all seven and a half inches of my cock in and out of her ass. "God your ass feels so warm," I tell Katy pumping the last three inches of my in and out of her asshole. We rock our bodies together gasping in the water when the bathroom door opens. I whip my head over to see Dad's figure heading towards the toilet. "Hey buddy, just using the bathroom before I leave for work early," Dad tells me lifting the toilet seat.

I quietly turn Katy and my body to put my back to the glass door, I watch her turn her face towards me as she smirks and backs her ass onto my cock. I groan a little and mash her entire body up against the wall. "You little minx I'm gonna fuck you silly for that," I whisper into Katy's ear. "Don't need silly, just wanna make you cum," Katy purrs back sliding her hand down and rubbing her clit.

I hear the toilet flush and Dad wash his hands in the sink, the whole time grinding my hips against Katy's ass. I nibble on her ear and try to keep my cock buried in her ass as I feel her rubbing her clit frantically. "Hey Guy, don't take all the hot water, your sister and Katy need some too," Dad says heading out of the bathroom.

As soon as the door closes I start hammering in and out of Katy's asshole as fast and hard as my hips will let me. I can hear the wet slapping noise of my hips and Katy's ass cheeks slamming together almost over the shower. I open my eyes long enough to see Katy biting her hand to keep from screaming. I grab a fist full of hair on Katy's head and turn it to the side to see her face, she opens her eyes wide at the sensation and we look at each other long enough for her to take her hand out of her mouth opens her mouth groaning out an orgasm.

I don't let up on fucking Katy's ass and soon enough I kiss her cheek and lips as I groan and shoot a deep load of my semen into her rectum.

I pull out of Katy's ass and wash my dick off as she soaps up quickly. I watch her lather up and rinse off then we quickly exit the shower and dry off. "Don't leave me out next time you have sex romp," Katy says ducking out of the bathroom in a towel.

Morning goes by normally and we head off to school in Tracy's car. As we pull into the parking lot I decide to let the next bombshell of my plan drop.

"I need to talk with Heather and let her know that things are okay," I get out as the girls start leaving the car. "Okay now you've lost it," Korinna tells me getting in my face," You wanna be friends with her again, WHY?" "Easy Kori, I'm not doing this for that reason. I got three girlfriends; good, bad and tough," I tell her placing my hands on her shoulders.

"Okay but why, why won't you tell us the whole plan," Kori asks in a worried tone. "Honey, anyone else knows it all and people will talk or try to stop me," I tell her," Trust me, this is working out perfectly." I see her nod but I know she's not convinced, I watch the girls disperse and head off to my first class.

The day goes smoothly and I text the girls during lunch saying I'll be busy and just eat without me. I head off to the library to find Heather, I had Jun find out where she's been eating lunch since I called her out in front of everyone in the cafeteria.

God I love the nerd community, Jun got one of the girls from his friends to keep Derek occupied with some Gym help during lunch, gotta pay him back for that favor. As soon as I'm inside the library it takes me all of a minute to see Heather sitting quietly with her friend Margaret.

I head over and see both of them get scared as I approach the table. "Hey ladies, Maggs do you mind if Heather and I talk privately please," I ask quietly pulling up a chair to their table across from Heather. I watch Margaret mumble and quickly leave after grabbing her bag.

We sit quietly for a minute when I decide to break the ice. "Listen, I know everything has gotten really tense with the three of us," I start in from my hood," I've been really hard on the two of you about all this." "I don't know what you're talking about," Heather stammers nervously from her seat.

"Heather I'm not here to make you nervous or scared I'm just trying to make some peace with all that happened," I tell her taking off my hood and keeping my face downcast," I've been beaten up and left for dead. Now after all that I just wanna try to live peacefully and I just want to at least be able to walk past my former friends and not have to think about hurting someone just to be left alone." I hear her get up and move around the table to the seat next to me.

Quietly she puts her arm around me and we sit quietly at the table for a minute. "I know what happened between us was fucked up and I don't expect you to trust me like that again but can you just let me be a friend," Heather asks quietly. I smirk at the thought then lightly nod my head, I can hear her sigh and feel her rubbing my back like she used to when I was stressed.

I drop my smirk and sit my battered head and face up so she can see me. "One thing, just let me talk to Derek myself," I ask her," It was really hard to come to even say anything to you but give me some time so I can just try to talk to Derek myself?" I see her nod lightly and relax; we sit and talk about little things.

She tells me about how she and Derek have been trying to work on a relationship but she's having trouble because she can't talk to him much without explaining everything.

I chuckle at it, his lack of forethought. We hear the warning bell for fourth class and grabbing our bags we head off to our separate classes. Fourth period comes and goes as I head into fifth I see Heather and Derek talking from their new seats on the other side of the classroom. Heather is trying to talk politely but Derek is obviously agitated about something. I let them go about their business as class rolls on and head out directly to home room afterwards.

I'm only there about two minutes to get my pass and head out to the cafeteria. It takes a few minutes but Kori is the first to show up followed by Jun and Katy. They take seats around the table, Kori directly opposite of me and avoiding any contact. "Okay, I know I've been really secretive about what I'm doing and not everyone here agrees with how my plan is going.

I don't need anyone's help with the last part," I tell them," but I want it. You won't understand why but I am still asking for trust." "One question man," Jun asks," Are you trying to or going to get yourself killed?" I shake my head no and start chuckling. I start to lay out the last parts of my plan minus Friday night, the night I end it.

I see them all mulling over their own parts, Kori and Katy more than Jun. School ends and we head to Tracy's car, all the girls get into her back seat leaving me in the front with Tracy for the first time. The drive is short and as soon as Katy and Liz get out of the back Kori just moves to the front seat and Tracy takes off. I spend the next couple hours by myself in my room when my phone get's a text, its Kori telling me she doesn't think it's worth my time to make peace with Derek.

I tell her that I'm tired of the suspicion and need to let it all calm down. I don't get another response that night. Before bed I get a knock at my door and Liz enters before I can tell her to come in. I see she's wearing her pink cotton short shorts and a tank top. "Are you really going to ruin everything with Korinna and the other's just to make peace with that asshole," Liz asks me moving to the foot of my bed. "I just need you all to trust me, is that so hard," I ask in reply.

"Okay, we got you two of them facing expulsion from school. Then we got you Lajita's stalker. So now you pull a complete turn around and just want 'peace'. Everyone thinks you've lost your mind," Liz says sitting down on the edge of the bed.

I feel done with the talking; I grab Liz's shoulders and pull her up the bed. I position her so that her back is against my chest and her ass is against the crotch of my shorts. I start running my hands up Liz's side and slide them inside her tank top groping her breasts. I feel her grinding her ass back into me; I can hear her moaning lightly.

I get her ass grinding against my now hard cock and decide it's time for some real fun. I take my hands from her breasts and pull her legs apart, and then I take my left hand and push it down into Liz's shorts and quickly find her slit.

"Oh fuck that's good," Liz moans lightly leaning her head back. I start rubbing the length of her slit and move my right hand back up to her breast. I move my fingers down and insert my middle finger into Liz's pussy, immediately she starts bucking against my finger and I barely get a chance to put another inside her with all the thrashing.

Liz is getting wild when my door comes flying open quickly and Katy darts in shutting it quickly behind her. "I knew you two were fucking," Katy says with her personal devil grin on," I wanna get in on this." Liz starts to get shy but I give her a few thrusts from my fingers and she's 'relaxed' again. Katy doesn't bother to strip off her pajama pants and t-shirt, just grabs Liz from my grasp and pulls her off my groin and turns her onto her hands and knees facing my crotch.

I pull my shorts down and watch as Katy takes Liz's head and gets about half my cock in her mouth on the first push. "Guy, don't let her stop and blow your load in her throat," Katy tells me moving behind Liz and pulls her shorts down off her ass.

I watch Katy kneeling on the side of the bed start rubbing Liz's pussy with one hand and groping her breast with the other. Liz starts moaning harder as I take the back of her head and work five inches of my cock into her mouth. I lean my head back and enjoy the sensation of my stepsister's throat when I feel Liz grunt with my cock in her mouth, I look to Katy who has moved behind Liz and looks like she's pumping her arm in and out of Liz's pussy.

"I think she could take more than a couple fingers," I see Katy say smiling," see if she likes this." I watch Katy's arm move a little and Liz's eyes go wide as she starts groaning on my cock loudly. Katy is pushing Liz's whole body forward as I buck my hips into her face. I listen to the gagging/moaning coming from Liz's mouth when I get a tingle in the base of my cock then almost violently shoot my load into her mouth.

My vision blurs from the orgasm but I know my cock has fallen from Liz's mouth thanks to her grunting, I look down to see her cum then get rolled onto her back by Katy who moves on top of Liz and starts holding her while she catches her breath. "I knew she was a freak but that was fucking hot," Katy says smiling. "What the brother/sister thing," I ask pulling my shorts up.

"No she stuck her finger in my ass," Liz says a little angry. "Well next time don't talk to me about how much fun it would be to try it," Katy replies gently nudging Liz.

We sit quietly for a few minutes before Liz fixes her clothes and leaves Katy and me alone in the room. Katy sits up on the foot of my bed and stares at me with a serious expression. "You're not planning to make peace are you," Katy finally asks. "What did I say I was going to do," I ask in reply. "You said you wanted to make peace and end the hostility or some such shit," Katy says.

"Just remember that I said that, only that," I reply smiling. I watch Katy's face go from confusion to realization. I just lean back as Katy crawls over me like a cat and rests her body over mine staring into my eyes. "You're probably the most complicated person I've met and defiantly the most dangerous, it's really hot," Katy says smiling," now you tell Kori this like you told me or I will for you." I watch Katy quickly get up and leave my room, I know she'll tell Kori if I don't but I can't keep giving away the end game.

I push myself under the covers and try to figure out my most difficult part of the plan, how to tell Kori. Thursday morning and the usual bustle of everyone getting ready for work and school passes as normal until Tracy and Kori show up and I get some bad news.

"You're not getting a ride today," Tracy tells me from the driver side window. I stand there dumbfounded then coldly pull my hood down over my face and walk away to the nearest school bus stop. It's an interesting ride to school with the freshmen on the bus. I get to school with about five minutes to spare before first class and get my seat. First two classes go by quickly but as soon as I'm in third period I'm getting the silent treatment from Kori and Liz but decide to ignore it as class gets underway.

As soon as class is out I grab my bag and leave as quickly as my feet will carry me. Sure enough I'm not half way to the cafeteria when I get grabbed from behind by Kori. I stop and just watch her from the quiet of my hood.

I can see she's torn up about something we're doing but I decide to keep the silence. "You really have it all planned out," Kori asks me finally.

"Yes," I answer her. "And none of this suicide shit Jun keeps talking about, there is a plan and Katy says I really have nothing to worry about," Katy asks me again. "I am just make peace, and I really need you to trust me and remember what I said," I tell her smiling. Kori grins lightly to me and heads away from the cafeteria.

I get inside the cafeteria and after getting my lunch I sit down next to Jun and Lilly. Lilly is quietly eating and Jun is making polite conversation when Lilly decides to interrupt. "So do I have to fuck Guy to be considered part of the group," Lilly asks. I don't know who choked harder, Jun or I. When I finally get my coughing fit down I hear Jun talking to Lilly in Japanese. They take a few minutes of talking and Jun is giving me a very serious look. "Dude, I don't speak Japanese.

You might want to fill me in if you're expecting some answers," I tell Jun smirking. "Man Lilly asked if she has to fuck you to be considered one of us," Jun re asks for Lilly. I notice it's about the end of lunch time when Kori pops into the cafeteria and makes her way over.

I watch her take the apple from my tray and take a bite from it. "It's done," Korinna tells me," so why are they looking at you like that?" I chuckle and explain the situation to Kori who just smirks and shakes her head before pulling Lilly aside and talking with her privately.

We all head out after lunch and get to our classes which go by quickly till fifth period. I show up to class and see both Heather and Derek sitting at different tables, Derek isn't looking at me and Heather's giving me the 'help me Obi-wan Kenobi' look. I take my usual seat and let the whole thing go on without me as class begins. Class ends and I'm almost knocked out of my chair as Derek hurries out of the class room.

As soon as I get my bag and exit I have Heather chasing after me in the halls. "Derek thinks we're having sex," Heather finally blurts out. "Why the hell would he think that," I ask stopping in my tracks. "I don't know, he said your girlfriend told him that we were having sex while she covered for us," Heather tells me on the verge of tears.

"Okay, I'll fix this but I need you to talk to him and tell him I'll meet him tonight where we met last Friday," I tell her quickly leaving for my home room. After school I don't have to take the bus home, apparently Tracy is willing to give me a ride home today and I get to relax in the back seat with Katy and Kori again on the ride and give Kori a long kiss goodbye before I head inside the house.

I'm home for about twenty minutes when I get a text message from Heather asking when to meet Derek, I tell her eight tonight and start to get myself ready.

We eat dinner at six and I ask my Dad if I can head out till eleven. I get permission but Dad asks me if it's really important, I nod my head and tell him that I'll be with Mathilda. I help clean up after dinner and get myself in a mindset for plans. Seven thirty rolls around and Mathilda is right on time, I tell mom and dad I'll be back later and head out to the car.

As soon as I'm inside Mathilda peels out and we're off and down the road. "Okay so I'm just supposed to drop you off at a gas station and leave you there," Mathilda asks me focused on the road. "Yep, I needed you for this cause I know you'll be able to drive away from me and won't come back cause I asked you," I tell her in reply. I see Mathilda nod her head as we pull into the parking lot of the Circle K.

I pull my hood back and give her a kiss before getting out of the car and heading past the gas station. It takes me about ten minutes but in the dark I recognize the rock field when I come to it.

I decide to just wander around fiddling with the phone in my inside coat pocket. I guess I was there for about twenty minutes when I heard someone walking up to me from behind.

I smile to myself knowing its Derek when I turn around to greet him. I can see he's holding something in the poor lighting. "I didn't think you'd be here alone, you decide not to bring friends with you," Derek asks me. "I don't need friends for this Derek," I tell him tapping a button on my phone and pulling my hand out of my coat. "Yeah well since you decided to take out everyone else who left you here I figured I'm gonna get you before you get me," Derek tells me.

I finally see Derek's right hand, a nice hunting knife. Now I'm racing, this is not what I expected. I hoped he'd bring his bat but a knife makes this more difficult.

I need to stall for time. "Why bring a knife, I just wanted to talk and settle this," I tell Derek keeping my distance. "You're a idiot Guy, I looked out for you and Heather just liked me better man cause you didn't have the balls to fuck her like a bitch like I did," Derek starts in," Then you try to prove you can take me but I had your number and getting people to help me was fucking easy.

You trust people too much now you want to make peace and have everything go back to you being the smart guy well I guess you don't get what you want Gi." Now I'm smiling, I hate being called Gi and Derek knows it. I know he's angry and trying to get me to back down. I open my arms and approach. "You really want to kill me Derek," I ask him," are you really that insecure about all this?" I get the last words out of my mouth when Derek lunges with the knife; I pull back from him and watch the blade go past my face.

I move my hands in front of me and duck under Derek's backswing. I think about how I have never tried to learn knife fighting from Dad or if he even knows how to. Derek sees me pause and tackles me to the ground and puts himself on top of me. I can see him turn the knife upside down and I reach up grabbing his hands and struggle with him before he can stab me. I roll him off of me and quickly roll away and spring up to my feet, I watch Derek get up and after a little handiwork get the knife up from the ground.

I can see Derek thinking about what to do next and I figure I better take a chance while he's debating about his next move. I duck towards his offhand and watch him bring the blade up to where he thinks I'm going and I quickly dodge to the outside of his arm and latch onto his wrist and elbow with my hand. I see his punch coming and lower my head as Derek's knuckles pop against the top of my skull. I shove him away and see him flexing his hand in pain. I decide to get in closer and feint my move against him but this time instead of reacting he swings a little too quickly at a downward arc tearing my denim jeans open with the blade and sending a wave of pain into my leg.

I grab the wound with my hands and fall to the ground gasping in pain. I look up to see Derek smiling, I know I need to stall and keep my distance but I can't run let alone stand up. It's almost like a movie, I can see him cover the five feet between us and raise the knife up so I can see the blade, what I hear next is the best sound of the night.

"Freeze, put the weapon down and place your hands on your head," I hear from coming from behind Derek. I look to see flashlights, two of them and they're advancing on Derek and fast.

I can tell Derek is confused as he turns to see the police officers pointing pistols at him when he turns to look back to me I quickly still puzzled. I make eye contact and smile at him, I know he sees it and the rage hits his face and he lunges towards me.

I hear the gunshots from the officers and my face is covered in warm liquid. I watch Derek hit the ground and I move over to him and roll him on his back. I can see the wounds, he's got them in his chest and I can see he's still conscious. I hear the officer's calling on their radios for an ambulance. "Since I have you here Derek maybe this would be a good time to confess," I tell him holding pressure on his wounds," I knew you'd come here looking for a fight, I wanted you to.

I told everyone including your girlfriend I wanted peace. You did this to yourself Derek, and now I want you to look at me so I can watch you die. You broke my trust, I let you go. You decided to bring people and come after me; you should have killed me then." I feel hands pulling me away as one officer helps me up and the other tries to stop Derek from bleeding.

I start feeling fuzzy and black out from blood loss. I wake up in an ambulance hearing a man talking on a radio about a cell phone call to nine one one. I can see my leg bandaged and there's a tube sticking out of my arm. It gets harder to keep track and I lose consciousness again.


I don't know what's going on but I can hear people talking and it sounds like everyone is worried about something. "Hey can I know what's going on," I ask the people present. "Hey buddy, are you okay," Dad tells me taking my right hand as my vision clears up a little. I can see just about everyone is here, Kori and her parents, Mathilda, My family too. Dad settles in and starts to tell me what happened.

It's Friday in the afternoon, Derek was shot three times and died on the way to the hospital, the police asked everyone what was going on but all they knew is that I was planning on meeting Derek to make peace with him and he decided to attack me. The police searched his car and found a bat with dried blood and hair fibers in it.

They figure Derek attacked me and want to confirm that I was the one who called nine one one. "I'm just glad you're okay son," Mom tells me as most everyone starts to head out. I watch everyone leave except for Kori who hangs back; she pulls up a chair and takes my hand in hers.

I can see she's upset and scared. "Did you really have to take it this far," Kori asks me. "Baby, I love you, I love all you girls. But I can't have you lying for me," I tell her," Did you all talk and figure it out on your own." "Yes, we did," Kori says rubbing my hand with hers.

We sit quietly before she gives me a kiss on the cheek and leaves me to my sleep. ONE MONTH LATER It's Friday and I get a call from Kori asking me to come by with Katy. We take the 30 minutes to walk down and I see Mathilda's car in the driveway. At the door Katy doesn't even knock and just walks in, Korinna's parents aren't home and I watch Katy disappear upstairs. I reach the top of the stairs and make my way down the hall, after a month I'm walking fine.

I find them in Kori's parents bedroom giggling. I get into the room and see all three girls stripped down to their panties, Katy is wearing a white and black plaid thong, Mathilda has pair or red panties and Kori is in a pair of silk purple panties.

"We won, now we get our victory party," Katy tells me as they beckon me over to the bed. I cross the room and as soon as I get to the bed all three girl's pull me onto the bed and flip me onto my back, pulling my clothing off of me till I'm naked.

Kori starts kissing me deeply and I feel a mouth latch onto my cock and start bobbing up and down quickly to get me hard, then a second mouth taking my testicles and sucking on them. I shove my tongue into Kori's mouth and she responds back with hers. I'm hard as a rock when all the girls take their mouths off my body, I start to move but Mathilda apparently goes first as I feel her straddle my hips.

I feel my Amazon slide my cock into her pussy. It's warm and wet as she grinds her hips back and forth keeping my whole cock inside her. I feel her pussy clamping down on me when I see Kori hop off the bed, I turn my attention back to Mathilda as I see Katy move up behind her and snake her hands down to Mathilda's pussy. Not wasting time with nice and slow Katy goes all out with clit rubbing and after a minute I feel warm release on my cock and hear Mathilda grunting out her orgasm.

Kori helps Mathilda off of me and onto the bed, I get up and see Katy distracted by Kori and Mathilda and decide to have some more fun since I haven't gotten off yet.

I grab Katy by the shoulders and turning her around bend her over the bed with her ass up and her legs off the bed, I reach down and yank her panties off her ass. I smile to Kori a little and after lining my cock up slam it deep into Katy's asshole. I'm already good and hard but not very close so I just start ramming my cock in Katy's ass hard and fast, I listen to her screaming and spitting profanity into the blankets.

"Oh Christ you fucker," Katy grunts out from the blankets. "Oh god she looks like she's gonna pass out when she comes Guy," Mathilda says watching Katy's face. I lean my body upright and taking a handful of Katy's hair continue railing her ass. I see Mathilda staring in wonder as I fuck Katy but Kori has moved to the head of her parent's bed and is lightly rubbing herself off.

I slap Katy's ass and hear her howl as I arch her back pulling her hair, a second slap and she starts shaking as stop moving and leave my cock buried in her ass. I pull out and help Mathilda pull Katy onto the foot of the bed. I look to Kori at the head of the bed and walk around to her, as soon as I'm close she leans up taking me by the neck and pulling me into and kiss while moving my body so I'm laying in between her legs.

I try to angle my cock to her pussy but she takes a hold of me gently and guides me in slowly till I'm buried in her vagina. I thrust slowly to let her try to build her orgasm as she continues rubbing her clit.

Kori's insides are so hot I look down to make sure my cock didn't melt, quickly she stops rubbing her clit and takes my head while looking me in the eyes with a 'please cum in me' gaze.

It makes my cock jump a little inside her and Kori latches onto my mouth with hers as I feel my cock erupt shooting a month long injured dry spell load into her warm pussy.

Kori is moaning with me as her orgasm hits from my own triggering it. We lay there quietly for a few minutes as I finally relax and Kori helps me roll off onto my back. Mathilda quietly moves up onto my right side with Kori on my left. I see Katy stirring and after pushing my legs apart gives me a sloppy cleaning job with her mouth before moving in between Mathilda and my leg. We all relax and drift off to sleep.

Problem with sleeping in a bed with three girls is that they don't want you to move. It's eight at night when I get the call of the bathroom and after working my way out of the naked girl pile I get into the master bathroom for a long piss.

As I head back to the girls in bed I notice my phone going off, I quickly check the message, Heather wondering if I was busy. I shake my head and take a pic of the three girls sleeping naked then just decide not to send it and say reply with a yes. I drop my phone and crawl back into my girlfriends arms on the bed.

It's not perfect but who said revenge was about people seeing you happy, it's about you being happy and them living with the regret. Or in Derek's case dying with it.