Die Brustwarzenfolterung geht weiter

Die Brustwarzenfolterung geht weiter
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Wizard of Oz part 1- Original fic by MISTER BIG T This is a rather darker approach on the storyline of the Wizard of the Oz, a classic story. Warning, this has reference to child abuse and beating.

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Dorothy walked down the alleys. The snow had begun melting and the water was forming small rivers that danced towards the sewers. She pulled her coat closer; she was getting colder.


But she was afraid to return to home, afraid to face her mother. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ever since the rather unexpected death of her husband, Dorothy's mother had started drinking hard time. And if that wouldn't have been enough, she always became violent and almost brutal during the times she was drunk.

"Dorothy? Honey, will you go buy me a bottle of whiskey?" she asked as Dorothy had tried to sneak past her to her room. Dorothy slowly turned to face her mother who had gotten up to her feet. "But mother how can I get money for it?" she asked. Suddenly Dorothy's mother slapped her. "Even with your ass! If you come here without my drink I'll kill you!

Do you understand me Dorothy? I WILL KILL YOU!" she yelled to her child.

Dorothy was walking towards the pub as she held her painful cheek. She quickly dried her tears with her gloves; she was already cold enough as she was. Getting into the pub, she smelled the horrible stench of an alcohol that greeted her. She hated them. She hated them all. "Hey miss, aren't you little too young to drink?" the bartender laughed as he pulled the bottle away from her. "Please… Give it to me I'll do anything," she begged while she attempted to hide her cheek. "Hey I know boys!" one man suddenly spoke up as he stood up and continued with "Let's do a Dorothy aid!

We collect her money for the booze and in return, she strips," as he laughed. Other drunkards laugh answered his own laugh. "What?? . But it's cold…" Dorothy protested and suddenly placed her arms to cover herself.

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"Aye but you want the booze don't you? So who's willing to pay?" the man laughed. "I am," one man said and threw a quarter over a desk. He had a badly shaven beard and a dirty hair and he gazed at Dorothy with a mad light in his eyes that made her shiver and want to run.

Soon other people began giving quarters and shortly after the money was ready. And Dorothy did her part; she removed her clothes for short period of time, took the liquor and quickly got dressed before she was laughed out of the pub. Bastards. She hated them. She hated them all. Suddenly however, she stopped.

She was sure she had heard a small voice. Suddenly a small dog puppy came behind trashcans and gave her a lick on her left cheek.

She giggled.

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The fur of the dog was beautifully white much like the cold snow that surrounded her. "I'm Dorothy. Let's be friends," she spoke to it.

"Why don't you be friends with me too?" a voice suddenly asked. Dorothy turned to see the bearded man next to her, when suddenly he took hold of her pigtails and pulled her towards him. "Show me how you lick lollipops," he laughed as he began to unzip his pants. However, suddenly there came a growl. And it wasn't coming from the puppy either.

Both Dorothy and the man stopped in an instant and remained quiet. An another growl came. Alley dogs… The two of them had entered their turf. And would not be allowed to exit alive. Soon two dogs took bite of the man's hand and his chest and as he struggled, Dorothy was able to grab the puppy and make a run for it. "Aaah! Help me!" she suddenly heard the man yell. She saw, as the man was being torn apart, one dog hanging from his crotch, one from the hand, and one from the throat.

"I hope you die in hell!" she screamed and ran off towards her home as she started to get close to it. But a dog had been chasing her.

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It took hold of her leg and she dropped the bottle. The door opened and her angry mother came and kicked the dog away. "Little bitch!" she yelled and tried to grab Dorothy but she was able to run.

She hated her. She hated everyone. But most of all, she hated herself. But now… She had found a friend. AT THE SAMETIME… "Master!" screamed a man with a blue hair as he ran along the halls of the Emerald castle. "Master, it's the witch!

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She has returned!" he proclaimed with a terrified voice. "What? I was sure she was killed by the destined ages ago," Oz replied as he got up from his throne.

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He moved over the small crystal and looked deep and saw a burned village, where winged humans who build like monkeys were slaying humans. "So she really has returned…" he sighed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dorothy walked around the town. She was close of getting frozen and she laid against a nearby wall as she attempted to catch her breath.

"I'm so cold." she coughed. The puppy between her legs trembled likewise and snuggled desperately against Dorothy as it tried to stay alive. But suddenly. Suddenly, there came a light before Dorothy's eyes.

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For a terrible moment, she thought she had died. But then she realized that the light was calling for her. Reaching towards the light, Dorothy could feel the world beginning to spin as her life would never be the same again. Loud thud came as she dropped to ground. She looked around and saw that the snow was gone. There were long fields of green grass and beautiful flowers. Again she thought that she had died and went to heaven. But this thought lasted only for a second as the beautiful green grass suddenly began to be painted with a red color.

Slowly she moved her sight lower and gave a scream. She had fell straight on the top of some old woman, breaking her neck and killing her in an instant. "YOU!!!!


How could you kill the sister of the witch?" one villager gasped as he saw Dorothy. "Now our entire city is in danger! She will curse us forever!" another villager exclaimed. A woman nearby began weeping.


Dorothy did not know what to say or do. "I. I don't know where I am or who you are but I'm sorry. I came here because of a shining light and." she started to explain but she was never able to finish that sentence as suddenly someone from the gathering crowd yelled, "She knows magic!

She must be working with the witch!

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Get her!!" Before Dorothy could speak for herself, someone hit her on her head hard and everything went black. To be continued.