Eine wahre Vielfalt von Vintage Video Vignetten vol 5 bsd

Eine wahre Vielfalt von Vintage Video Vignetten vol 5 bsd
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INTRODUCTION This is the second chapter of "To save her daddy's life". The first told how Jim succumbed to his basic urges and made love to his 17 year old daughter Vicki when they were trapped in a blizzard on a glacier for three days THE STORY CONTINUES Jim and Vicki were minor celebrities when their rescue flight landed at the airport.

Father and daughter trapped in a blizzard had attracted national attention. However the TV and newspapers found little sensational from Jim or Vicki. "No, they hadn't been worried, because they had the right equipment, no they hadn't been cold." "And what had they done for three days?" "Read a bit, played chess, counted snow-flakes.

You know, the usual things when you are stuck in a tent for three days," replied Jim. So the media concentrated on shots of Vicki's dazzling smile and long slender legs, and when the photographers met in the pub later, they agreed that had made their trip worth while.

During the afternoon Jim was busy with the police and air safety authorities. He was able to retrieve his Cessna from the glacier late in the afternoon after air safety had examined it and the air mechanics finally sorted out the injector problem. Vicki had spent a lot of time on the telephone to her mother, Jim's divorced wife, washing, packing for her flight the next morning to her mother.

Two days after that she would be flying to England to start her university studies. She had told her father that she was getting two nice surprises for him. As a result of their busy day they hadn't had an opportunity to talk until Jim returned to his modest cabin in the evening. He didn't notice his first surprise initially as Vicki rushed at him as soon as he came in the front door. They hugged and kissed as lovers, not as father and daughter.

Vicki's breasts and hips thrust into Jim's body as their mouths opened and tongues met. Vicki stood back and did a pirouette in front of Jim. "Do you like it? It's my midnight glacier dress, just for you." The dress Vicki was wearing was a silver satin, almost matching the color of her body when they had danced naked in the moonlight on the glacier.

"You didn't waste any money paying for too much material," Jim smiled approvingly Neither she had, as the dress was low cut at the top starting perhaps an inch above her nipples and high cut on her legs, finishing a foot above her knees. Again no material had been wasted with the fit as it was almost skin tight.

Vicki's obviously bra-less breasts pushed against the material, the shape of her nipples could be seen and the satiny material clung to her waist and hips and thighs. As Jim looked he could have sworn he could see the shape of her pubic mound. It was offset by the light tan of her body and bare legs and by Vicki's cascading dark hair coming below her shoulders. "Sweetheart, you look absolutely stunning.

Come here and be molested." This time he ran his hands up her dress and squeezed her buttocks as she thrust herself into him. They sat on the floor in front of the open fire with all the lights off apart from the candles Jim had lit.

They sat side by side staring at the flames with Jim's arm around his daughter. He looked at her as the orange and yellow light from the flames danced over her dress, over her legs which were exposed almost to the top of her thighs. "Daddy, do you think what we did was wrong?" "Well, there are laws and social codes which say so.

And before we made love I would have been horrified to think of us as lovers." "And after you had fucked me?" giggled Vicki. "Vicki, my darling, and I'm saying this as a lover, not your Dad, it was the most enchanted three days of my life.

I adore you, not only as a daughter but as a marvelous, erotic, beautiful, wonderful, perfect woman." Vicki turned her face to Jim's and they kissed. "Daddy, I want to marry you. I'll never find another man I love as much as you. Or as sexy as you." Her tongue licked his ear. Jim lifted his daughter and sat her on his lap. He couldn't resist putting his hand on her breast which had been tantalizing him since he had seen Vicki in her new dress.

Immediately she put her hand over it to hold it there. She took his other hand and laid it on the top of her thigh so that the side of his hand was just touching her knickers. "Sweetheart, my imagination has run through all the possibilities.

But, number one, you're too young to get married to anyone, number two we can't get married, that's the law. Number three we can't live together because sooner or later people would guess.

We'd lose all our friends, you'd lose your mother, no-one would employ us. And number four we couldn't have children." Tears ran down Vicki's face. "I know Daddy. I had worked that out too." He kissed her tears. "Don't cry for what we can't have. Let's be grateful for the time we have had. The three days we shared with the Gods on their mountain." They were interrupted by the pizza delivery at the door.

They ate their pizza and drank some wine sitting in front of Jim's computer. Vicki downloaded the photos they had taken on the glacier and they spent a hilarious and loving hour going through them. They agreed their favorite was one where they were facing each other, holding each other at the waist, but leaning back slightly, so that Vicki's breasts were perfectly displayed in the moonlight.

But it was the look of adoration and happiness which they both liked most Afterwards Jim stoked up the fire and put on loud dance music. They writhed and jived, sometimes apart, sometimes embracing in the firelight. Vicki kicked off her shoes and Jim took off his shoes and socks. "Daddy, you look hot." Vicki undid his shirt buttons and took it off.

A few minutes later after they had been dancing with their hips grinding together. "Vicki, you look hot." Jim reached up under her dress and removed her knickers.

"Remember how I told you I had two surprises for you," Vicki was smiling as she danced in front of her father. "Here's the second." And as she danced she lifted the front of her dress to reveal her newly and perfectly shaved pussy.

Jim only had a brief glimpse but that was enough to see her puffy outer lips, her pubic mound and a hint of her clitoral hood. He moved to get closer but Vicki danced away out of his reach. "That fire is hot," said Jim and unzipped the dress. It wasn't easy to take off because it was so tight and Vicki had to raise her arms over her head. Jim was in no hurry as he feasted his eyes on the beautiful apparition which was revealed in front of him. The sequence was the reverse of the usual strip show.

Jim raised the dress so that the top covered Vicki's face and her arms were kept raised. This revealed her newly shaved pussy below. He knelt in front of her and gently stroked the creases between her thighs and her pussy, then her pink outer labia, her pubic mound and her clitoral hood. "Daddy, this isn't fair," giggled Vicki from under her dress. Ever so gently he raised her clitoral hood and saw the glistening pearl of her clitoris. Even more gently he leaned forward and licked his daughter's bud, savoring the taste and musky erotic odors.

Vicki gasped and shuddered a little, then Jim moved his tongue across her pubic mound, across her lightly muscled abs and then titillated her navel, flicking it with his tongue. Another little gasp and shudder.

He stood to raise the dress so that Vicki's breasts were now laid bare, her face and arms even more entrapped. The red and yellow light of the fire flames flickered over Vicki's firm uplifted breasts. Her large brown aureoles and hardened nipples beckoned her father and Jim licked and kissed and nibbled.

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Vicki mewed like a new born kitten. Finally he released her and looked at his daughter. Although they had been naked for most of the previous two days, although he had explored and knew every inch of her gorgeous body, her beauty still left him transfixed in love and awe.

Vicki luxuriated in his gaze then walked over and kissed him passionately. Then she punched him on the chest. "Daddy, you are a bastard." Jim went to put his arms around her, but Vicki pushed him away. She then treated him to the most erotic dance show he had seen. Her brown hair swirled and her breasts bounced and swayed in the firelight. She approached closer to him, thrusting her hips, thrusting her pussy at him. She turned around and thrust her bum at him.

Finally Vicki came to him and looked at the bulge in his trousers. "Daddy, I think you're getting hot now." She knelt in front of her father and removed his trousers and boxers. Then she softly licked his rigid cock and pushed her mouth and throat over it. She was a little surprised when Jim gently lifted her head. "Soon, my princess." Jim changed the music to slow mood favorites and they danced in a tight embrace.

Each had their left arms around the other's shoulders, their lips were locked in a kiss and their right hands fondled the other's genitals. As they slowly danced Vicki stroked her father's erection and scrotum. Jim explored Vicki's outer labia then felt the warm slipperiness of her vaginal canal. Up his wonderful fingers came to her clitoris. Vicki knew what was going to happen, she stopped dancing, parted her legs a little, put both arms around Jim's neck then came abruptly to her orgasm.

"Aaaaaaah Daddeeeeeeee." Jim held her tightly until she recovered, then put both his hands under her buttocks. "Jump up and put your legs around my waist darling." She did so as he supported her, clinging tightly with her thighs on his hips. "Now see if you can put my cock inside you." Holding his neck tightly with her left arm and being careful not to overbalance Vicki found Jim's erection. She eased her hips out and placed his knob between her inner labia. With a couple of wriggles she pushed herself herself down, relishing the feeling as her inner depths were invaded.

It was a little awkward but with some more fidgeting, she was clasped around her father's standing body, her pubic bone grinding into his, his engorged penis rubbing against her cervix. She kissed him passionately, sucking his tongue as hard as she could. She hugged him passionately, holding his shoulders as tightly as she could. She wrapped her thighs around his waist as tightly as she could. She clasped his penis with her vaginal muscles as tightly as she could. Jim started to dance and they swirled around the room.

Vicki realized that with his strong arms holding her bottom and waist she didn't have to hold so tightly and leaned back, all the time feeling the lovely sensations of his cock within her. As they swirled she rubbed the tips of her nipples against her father's chest, showered his face with tickling kisses. She gurgled with joy at the weightless sensation of dancing, at the eroticism of his penis wedged deeply into her sexual organs, at the joy of being with her father and lover.

"Daddy, you are so mad in such a lovely way." He carried her to his bedroom and laid her down on top of him, his penis still inside. Vicki's long hair tumbling down beside his head, her beautiful face looking down lovingly at his. "Ride me cowboy," she demanded. "Hi Ho Silver," Jim yodeled and rolled her onto her back.

Their sexual organs were already highly aroused from their penetrating dance. Vicki's hips bounced from the excitement as Jim's pubic bone brought ecstasy to her clitoris, as his engorged cock stimulated her G spot causing her to squirt her female ejaculation. Jim didn't stop. Harder he thrust in sexual delight as her vagina tightened around his cock. Vicki's orgasm continued in multiple waves until he sprayed her cervix with his semen.

Vicki took a pillow down the bed and went to sleep with her father's flaccid cock in her mouth. They overslept the next morning and had to rush to get Vicki to her check-in at the airport. After those formalities were completed they went to the coffee lounge to say their farewells. Jim had not been looking forward to this, but Vicki was far more composed than he expected. The final call came for her flight, they had a tight father-daughter farewell embrace.

"Bye bye darling Daddy." A last hug, a last peck on the cheek and carefully so that no-one could see, a last pat on his trousers over his penis.


"Look after that for me please." Then she walked across to the waiting aircraft without looking back. As her plane flew into the distance, Jim's life seemed cold and dark. Although the day was warm and sunny he somehow felt as if he had locked inside a light-less refrigerator. He checked with the air safety authorities who advised that he couldn't fly until their investigations were completed in three days. "Just the procedures, you know that Jim." That suited him fine.

For the first time since his marriage finished 10 years ago he bought two bottles of vodka, went to his cabin, locked the doors, drew the curtains, took the phone off the hook and annihilated himself The publicity from Jim's "heroics" meant he was extremely busy for the following months. The cash was more than welcome, but he knew the real benefit was that he had little time for himself, little time to feel sorry for himself without Vicki.

He was able to pay off his overdraft at the bank. The unpleasant bank manager now proclaimed him a "valued client". But Jim remembered the penalty fees and penalty interest when bad weather had almost ruined his business a year before. He switched banks with very favorable terms.

He also cleared his overdue accounts with his petrol and parts companies and even managed to save a modest amount. Six months after Jim's fleeting moment of fame Bridget moved to Jim's mountain town with her two children. If she had been a fatalist Bridget would have had good reason to think the Gods didn't like her. She was French but when she was ten years old her parents had emigrated to manage a winery. The language difficulties made it hard for her to make new friends.

Then, 10 years later, her father had drunk too much at a wine tasting killing himself and Bridget's mother in a car crash. He had chosen to kill himself by driving into a brand new, top of the line Mercedes Benz. The insurance company didn't want to know as he had been drunk and the claims from the Mercedes owner took just about all the modest estate.

Perhaps it was no surprise that, grief stricken and lonely, Bridget had married soon afterwards to an older man whom she hardly knew. Perhaps it was no surprise that she chose a man who shared many of the characteristics of her father, particularly the unfortunate ones, even more particularly a love affair with alcohol.

After eight years of putting up with an increasing barren sex-life and increasing verbal and physical abuse Bridget had left with her two children. For two years she had fought and won a custody battle, for two years she had fought and lost a legal battle for reasonable financial support for her children.

As she walked into the terminal at the mountain airport with her two children, Adam aged 8 and Jane, 7 Bridget mused that her life seemed to go in ten year cycles. "10 years old when we migrated, 20 years old when my parents died and 30 when I'm trying to start my life again in a new town." "Look Mummy," yelled Adam pointing at Jim's small reception desk. "There's the Blizzard Hero." Joe, the air traffic controller, had insisted that Jim had a blow-up poster of the newspaper headline prominently displayed as a publicity exercise.

"Can we go flying with him?" asked Jane. "Maybe," said Bridget. Money was tight but she did want her children to like their new home town.

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"We'll see in a couple of weeks." Jim had looked up briefly when he heard Adam's yell. His gaze quickly took in the children and then their mother. "Interesting," he thought. "It's as though she's trying to make herself as unattractive as possible." He could tell that Bridget was tall and slim but not much else as she wore baggy jeans and a figure hiding jersey. Her strawberry blond hair was drawn back austerely from her face into a pony tail and she had no make-up at all and a weary expression.

But her cheekbones were prominent, her complexion perfect. "I think she would be something else with her hair let down and with a smile," he thought.

Two weeks later Bridget and her children went to the airport. Bridget was feeling a little happier. The school where she was teaching French was very professionally run and very friendly. Adam and Jane had settled into school well and had made some friends. Jim remembered them immediately but said nothing. Bridget's hair was in the same austere style, no make-up.

While she wasn't smiling she no longer had that weary expression. She was wearing those same shapeless baggy jeans but he could see that her waist was slim and her the shape of her breasts looked promising under a loose fitting blouse. "How much would it cost for us to have a flight to the glacier?" asked Bridget.

Jim told her and was sad to see that weary expression return to her face. "I'm sorry children, I just can't afford that." Tears came to Jane's eyes and Adam's bottom lip pouted as he tried to hide his disappointment. Jim looked down at his desk to make her feel less embarrassed. "There's a way which might work.

I get quite a few cancellations. If people cancel in the seven days before the flight they still have to pay half the price. So if I get a cancellation, could you afford to pay the other half?" He neglected to add that if he subsequently filled the flight he refunded all the money. He wasn't sure why he had been so generous.

Then Bridget's face lit up in a wonderful smile and her eyes sparkled. That was the reason. "Oh that will be marvelous. Thank you so much." Jim was a little surprised at himself. There was a steady supply of tourists more than eager to bed the glamorous "hero" but whenever he started to develop an interest, his mind when back to Vicki and the attractive tourists departed unsatisfied.

The following Saturday Jim had a "Cancellation." "Hi there Cap'n Jim," Bridget saluted and laughed, but her children saluted with an earnest sincerity. "She's like a rose blossoming in spring," thought Jim. Bridget was wearing baggy shorts which came to six inches above her knee. Her legs were even longer and slimmer than Vicki's and beautifully muscled and shapely. Jim always felt the true test of a woman's legs was the top six inches of her thighs, but knew already that Bridget would pass that test.

Her tee shirt was tucked into her shorts, showing a slim waist and flat stomach. The tee shirt wasn't tight, but tight enough to have the material jut out firmly over her breasts. Still the austere pony tail, still no make-up, apart from, for the first time, some lipstick. Adam was disappointed that Jane was to be co-pilot first but Jim told him that he had an important job holding his mothers hand as she looked like she might get scared.

A chortle of laughter from Bridget in the seat behind Jim. Jane felt immense pride as she said "Roger, over and out," on the radio to the control tower after they took off. They landed on the packed powder snow on the glacier. The white snow contrasted with the black rocky sides of the moraine, but above that the late winter snow lay deep on the high peaks.

They all had a snowball fight then the children decided to build a snowman. Jim and Bridget sat on a foam mattress and drank some coffee. Bridget had drawn her knees up and sat with her chin on her knees as she fell in love with the view. Jim didn't quite fall in love with his view, but certainly felt a surge as he saw that her shorts had fallen back and his suspicion about the wonderful tops of her thighs was confirmed.

Bridget noticed his gaze and resisted the urge to adjust her shorts. They chatted away. Jim enjoyed the trace of French in her accent. Bridget was a little disappointed that Jim didn't ask for her phone number after they landed. But then, the last thing she wanted was a relationship.

Jim may be charming and her children really liked him, but he was a man. She didn't trust any of that species and she had no confidence in her own sexuality. A week or two later Jim saw Bridget sitting by herself in the cafe and joined her.

He noticed she was back in her baggy clothes and there was no lipstick. Again their conversation was easy and when Jim suggested they see a French movie Bridget accepted before she thought about it. Jim picked her up in his jalopy. The rose had blossomed even more. Bridget was wearing a tight fitting dress. Her arms were bare and Jim noticed that her bum was tight and firm. He felt a surge in his loins when he saw a flash of inner thigh as she climbed into the car.

Lipstick and a little make-up, but still that pony tail. She had smiled when greeting him, but still he had noticed a hint of reservation. Afterwards Jim took Bridget to a bar. He talked quite a lot about Vicki, leaving out cerain details of what had happened on the glacier. Bridget spoke about her marriage. "Would you like to come for a meal on Saturday night?

When I told the children we were meeting tonight they said how much they would like to see you again." "That will be great, I'll bring some wine." Bridget offered her cheek to be kissed when he dropped her home. Later Jim sat deep in thought. Bridget was the only woman he had felt really fond of since Vicki had left. In fact the only one since he had arrived here four years ago. He liked her kids. But he knew her vulnerability from her past experiences, he knew how the children would feel if he bonded to them then walked out of their lives.

He turned on his computer and looked at the photos of himself with Vicki and felt that pang of love, but not as a father. Jane and Adam were waiting excitedly at the door. "Good evening Cap'n Jim," they saluted. "Hi guys, but it's just 'Jim' in your Mum's house.

But he was disappointed when he saw Bridget. Those same baggy clothes, that same pony tail. "I'm sorry Jim, I'm totally disorganized. Could you look after Adam and Jane while I finish cooking and get changed." The kids couldn't have been happier and couldn't stop talking as they told him everything that had happened.

As they were eating Jim was forced to tell them about the time he was a 'hero'. There were 'Ohs and Ahs' as he described the engine stopping, the howling of the storm, the blizzard. "You are so brave Cap'n Jim." "Right, say Goodnight to Jim, it's bedtime for you." Jim looked around at Bridget. "La belle rose in full bloom," he couldn't help himself from saying Bridget was wearing satiny blue hipsters.

They were cut so low her hip bones were showing and they finished at mid-calf. And they were skin tight. The shape of her thighs would not have been more obvious if she was naked and her pubic mound was obvious. Above she wore a short sleeved white blouse, not quite as tight as her hipsters with the lower part tied in a knot revealing a taut slim stomach and prominent navel. Her breasts were no more obvious than the previous time they met, but now that so little was left to Jim's imagination he could now see that all parts assembled into feminine perfection.

Her hair was at last released from that pony tail and hung down in curling blond cascades to her shoulders. Not much make-up, but highlights brought out the beauty of Bridget's cheekbones, eyeliner and mascara made her deep blue eyes even bigger and brighter and lipstick made her full lips even fuller.

The children looked at her, sharing Jim's awe. "Mummy, you are so beautiful. Don't you think she is beautiful Jim?" said Adam. "She makes Botticelli's Venus look ordinary." The children didn't understand that but thought it must be a compliment.

Bridget did understand and blushed. "Bedtime you guys. Jim is that wine you brought meant for drinking or just looking at?" Adam shook Jim's hand and Jane insisted on a kiss before Bridget took them to bed. Jim poured the wine. When Bridget returned. "Bridget, you look absolutely gorgeous.

May I gently molest you?" Bridget held out her arms and put them around his neck. Jim couldn't resist holding her tightly clad buttocks. It was a chaste hug, not hip or breast grinding and their kiss was brief with closed lips. "What was that about a rose blooming?" Jim explained his dislike of her baggy jeans and how her choice of clothes was getting better. Bridget's cooking was delicious and both of them again noticed how easy their conversation was and how much interest each had in what the other had to say.

Probably because she was still nervous Bridget drank a little more than she intended. "I have never worn clothes like these before. I think I was a bit carried away by the salesgirl's compliments. I'll never wear them in public." "I'm going to the shop tomorrow to give the girl a bonus, you look like a 22 year old" laughed Jim. Bridget blushed as usual at his compliment.

Later Bridget reached across the table to hold his hand. "Jim, please don't laugh at me or get angry with me but I need to talk about something which you will probably think is strange." Jim kissed her hand then held it tightly between both of his.

"For some reason French women have a reputation for being very sexy and easy lays. I don't know if this is true, but it certainly isn't for me. "I have told you what my husband was like as a man.

In bed it was the same or even worse. "I was very inexperienced before I married.Since my marriage I have only had time for my children." She sipped her wine and Jim could see tears in her eyes. "So here I am Cap'n Jim, your saucy French woman who has really not had any nice experiences with men and who is as nervous as a school girl on her first date." "Beautiful Bridget, we're not going to rush things." He walked around the table beside her.

"I'll be gentle with you, on one condition. . " he smiled broadly. "What's that?" "You never wear those baggy jeans when you are with me." "You can be so silly," giggled Bridget putting her arms up to hug him.

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She raised her head and kissed him, this time a little longer, this time with her lips slightly apart, this time the tips of her finger's stoked Jim's face. After dinner they settled on the sofa to watch a DVD Bridget had hired. She was relaxed now that she had got her big speech over and done with. She again rested her head on Jim's shoulder feeling the comfort of his arm around her. And it just seemed appropriate that he put his other hand on her knee.

So appropriate that Bridget nuzzled into his neck and gently kissed it. After half an hour Jim suddenly stood up, picked up the TV remote from the coffee table. "Bridget, this DVD is terrible." He switched off the TV. "You don't have to go now?" asked Bridget who had realized the video was rubbish. "No," said Jim sitting down beside her. "Good," said Bridget and moved onto his lap. She sat there nestled in with her face against Jim's neck sending tingles down his spine with her breath.

He had one arm around her. With his other hand he lightly stroked her. First, her hair to clear it from her face. Then he traced the outline of her forehead, her cheekbones, her chin, her lips. Bridget raised her face to be kissed. She opened her mouth only slightly but the gentle persuasion of Jim's tongue opened it more and she felt something like an electric jolt as his tongue entwined with hers.

She couldn't stop herself from holding him more tightly and thrusting her breasts into his chest Jim's hand drifted down from her shoulders to the bare lower part of her back. Slowly and tantalizingly lightly he traced his finger tips up and down the exposed part of her spine.

Brenda's buttocks involuntarily tightened, her hips braced and she pushed her tongue deeply into Jim's mouth. His fingers moved to her belly and Bridget shifted her position, opening herself for his touch. Her stomach seemed to shiver and run away as his fingers moved across her lean abdomen.

Her navel attracted more attention, her hips twitched and she seemed less in control of her breathing. Her mouth opened, her lips hungrily sought his and she sucked is tongue urgently. Jim's hand moved over her blouse to her breast. "God, I thought he said there was no rush," she thought, but moved her hand to hold him there.

However,despite the tenderness of his touch on her nipples Bridget longed to feel his fingers on her skin. She undid the knot tying the bottom of her blouse and Jim's hand moved enticingly up her spine to the clip on her bra.

"What is this, an upper body chastity belt?" muttered Jim as his fumbles got him nowhere. Bridget looked into his eyes as she unclasped her bra then eased the straps off her shoulders without taking off her blouse.

"Satisfied now?" pecking his lips. "Thank you ma'am," and Jim threw the bra across the room before their lips met again. Bridget was expecting Jim's hand to move up inside her blouse and was surprised and a little panicked as she felt him undo the buttons on her blouse.

Then he opened the left side and put his hand to her bare breast. It was Jim's turn to be surprised, but very pleasantly. Despite being 30, despite two children, Bridget's breast was firm and uplifted. He could feel her pointed nipple. He looked down and saw her pink aureole seeming to smile at him.

"One absolutely beautiful, perfect bazooka," he whispered. "It's impossible that there can be another as beautiful anywhere in this country." Then he opened the right side of her blouse. "I was wrong. Another perfect, absolutely perfect bazooka right here. What a coincidence," he smiled, then bent down to nibble it.

He made Bridget even more uneasy, as looking earnestly into her eyes he took her blouse completely off. But then she saw his tender look, felt his tender kiss on her lips, then felt his licking and sucking on her nipple. She held his head to her breast and felt her body hum with delight.

"Mummy, I can't get to sleep," came Jane's call from the bedroom. "Bugger, I'm so sorry Jim" said Bridget. She put her blouse back on and was away for five minutes.

When she returned she stood across the room from Jim and felt her heart go out to him. "Bridget, you have too many clothes on, beautiful lady." Bridget's mind rebelled, but then she felt a stirring in her loins at being gently pushed past her emotional boundaries and took off her blouse. Standing, she leaned over him. Jim raised his mouth and kissed the nipple she was offering.

Bridget lay along the sofa with her head on Jim's lap. His hands moved softly, erotically, arousingly, tantalizingly all over her upper body. At times when she could take it no more she would reach up, pulling his head down and kiss him passionately.

All self consciousness about her body had gone. She loved the way it excited him, she loved the way he excited her.

They agreed to meet at Jim's two nights later. After Jim had left Bridget went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror, still with her blouse off. She had always been proud of her body, but this time, as she looked she saw something new.

Her sexuality. She remembered the sensual touch of Jim's hands over her, his passionate kissing of her mouth and breasts. She remembered her responses, how her body had seemed to develop a will of its own, how it still craved for more of his touch. She stripped off her hipsters and knickers. God she was so moist. For the first time in years she explored her clitoris with her fingers and brought herself to orgasm.

Back at his cabin Jim pondered. This couldn't be one of his short term flings. He knew Bridget was far too vulnerable for that and he also knew how much he would hurt Adam and Jane if he just briefly entered their lives then vanished. But, the more he thought about it, the better he felt. Bridget arrived wearing a short skirt and singlet. It was obvious to Jim that she wasn't wearing a bra. She carried a big shopping bag. They hugged tightly, then Bridget produced a bottle of sparkling wine and two champagne glasses.

"This is for the farewell salute." Jim didn't know what she was talking about but opened the wine and filled the glasses. Bridget took her baggy jeans from the bag, placed them in Jim's fire-place and poured some kerosene from a small container. They raised their glasses and Bridget threw a lighted match. The offending jeans vanished in a cheery blaze. Bridget turned to Jim and hugged him. "You know how you said you weren't going to rush things," she whispered in his ear.

"Mmmmm." "I don't think that's such a good idea." "Mmmmm." Jim stood back. "Beautiful Bridget, you're wearing too many clothes." Bridget took off her singlet and Jim was treated to those beautiful breasts, the nipples pointing his eyes.

"Still too many clothes." Looking straight into Jim's face, Bridget undid her skirt and it drooped to the floor. His eyes feasted on her long shapely legs and brief knickers.

"Still too many clothes." Bridget hesitated, not from fear, but to add drama, then flicked off her knickers. Her blond triangle didn't hide her pouting labia. "Oh my beautiful Venus," Jim breathed in awe at her exquisite beauty. He whisked Bridget into his arms and carried her as she giggled with excitement into the bedroom. Bridget was expecting him to put his cock inside her immediately he had stripped, as her lovers had before. Instead he started kissing even more passionately than the night before, her nipples were pleasured first with his fingers and then with his mouth.

His hand drifted down to her thighs and gently nudged them apart. Tracing across the top of her soft skin at the top of her inner thighs, tracing across the soft flesh between her thighs and pussy, tracing through her pubic hair to her pubic mound. At last she felt her labia being parted, at last she felt his fingers lingering so lovingly as he explored her vagina. Then she gasped as he touched her clitoris and within a quarter of a minute, God so fast, she bounced into an orgasm.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah," Bridget sighed and before she had recovered Jim's fingers had moved to her G spot. Bridget didn't even know what a G spot was until then. Now she found out as she orgasmed again. Bridget had never had oral sex before, but spread her legs and raised her knees without thinking as Jim slipped between her legs. Her inexperience meant that she was totally unprepared for the intoxicating excitement and joy in her loins as Jim's lips and tongue caressed her clitoris and two fingers caressed her G spot.

She groaned as the orgasm surged from her pussy to her womb. Bridget's hips bounced out of control as if nothing else in her world existed except for the explosion of pleasure between her legs. The sensation was so exquisite that she had to pull him up to her face as her hips spasmed and her genitals tingled.

They kissed then Bridget felt Jim's engorged penis part her labia. Her memories of sex with her husband suddenly flooded back. How he had treated her like a piece of liver, how she had just lain there until he had finished his crude rutting. But this was completely different. Jim was kissing her passionately, his hand was caressing her breast, he was keeping his weight off her. But the biggest difference was in her vagina. It was already sensitive from her previous orgasms and his entry was slow.

Each millimeter he entered seemed more delicious than the last. His cock seemed to explore her, finding her most responsive parts. She felt the joy of being filled by Jim's strength, by his masculinity. Instead of hating a penis inside her, now she wanted it deeper and deeper. Bridget thrust her hips at Jim's and felt his penis against her cervix. Jim understood Bridget's need and increased the speed and power of his thrusts.

Still she kept pushing herself onto his cock until her next orgasm overwhelmed her. "Aaaah Aaaah Aaaah Aaaah Aaaaaaaaaah." Then a surge of joy as she heard Jim's animal grunts and felt his jism spray inside her. She clung to him. "Oh my darling, darling Jim." Afterwards they lay on the bed talking. Jim's fingers traced over all her body. Without thinking Bridget reciprocated.

She felt surprised at herself. She was exploring his flaccid penis with her fingers, she had even bent down and pecked it with her lips. Never before had she thought of a cock as anything other than a man's weapon. Now she saw it as her source of joy. "It's not fair Jim. I must have had five or six orgasms and you only one." "To be sure God must be a woman. But I thought you seemed to like it when I came." "I did it was lovely. It was lovely to feel you so excited and happy inside my body." "I felt the same when you orgasmed." And Bridget realized that not only had she entered a new physical dimension of sex, she was in a new emotional dimension as well.

Bridget's sensuality blossomed over the next few weeks. First her sexual desire. In the first year of her marriage her husband stimulated her clitoris with his fingers she sometimes orgasmed, but never from a penis.

Now she found she was multi-orgasmic she wanted to make up for her lost years as quickly as possible. Jim did his best to help. Then her fascination with delighting Jim's body. She had never liked the appearance of a penis, never wanted to touch one let alone kiss one.

Now she was a penis worshiper, or rather Jim's penis worshiper. Without his asking she started kissing and sucking his cock. Initially this was in gratitude for the beautiful oral sex he performed on her. However, even that first time she started to love it.

She loved feeling his masculinity and hardness in her mouth, she loved the way she could bring him to ecstasy, she loved exploring with her lips and tongue and teeth and fingers to find new ways to delight him.

She surprised herself by loving his semen. Sometimes she would swallow it, other-times she would smear it over her face so that she could savor that intimate cloying smell; Jim's smell.

Sometimes after sex she would spend an hour or more kissing, licking, owning, loving Jim's cock She became proud of her sexuality.

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She would sit flaunting her body, flaunting her genitals as Jim's gazed. She felt like a sex Goddess. She loved his devotion to finding and fulfilling all her needs. Her body was his to do with as he wished because Bridget knew that above all, he wished to bring her pleasure and excitement. Bridget had seldom thought about anal sex before and when she had it was with revulsion. She became aware of Jim's interest as he more frequently licked her anus during oral sex. To please him, certainly not out of desire, she had said, "You can fuck me in the ass if you want to darling." She had been nervous of the pain and couldn't understand why anyone would want to do it.

The first time was less painful than she expected but her mental barriers were still there. The second time, when perhaps she had drunk more than she should have, Bridget was more relaxed.

She orgasmed from Jim's fingers on her clitoris then had shrieked in excitement as an orgasm consumed her from her navel to her bowel. Now when Jim asked, "Where should my cock go first?" Bridget would often kneel in front of him and part her buttocks. THREE MONTHS LATER It was late spring. Bridget and Jim had taken his boat out onto the mountain lake and had landed at a secluded and uninhabited bay. Jim had prepared some dinner and they sat arms around each other in the late sunshine.

The blue lake glistened in the sun, the high mountains, still with snow towered behind. Over the intervening months Bridget realized she was utterly in love with Jim. It wasn't only the sex which just seemed to get better and better, they just seemed to be soul-mates.

They never ran out of conversation when they were alone together, they both made each other laugh so much. Although they didn't have much spare money they always found ways to enjoy themselves. Her children loved him and Jim was clearly very fond of them.

Whenever she was with him she felt a mixture of contentment and excitement. She knew Jim was very fond of her, but had always avoided conversations on the subject of living together. As was always the case in private they wore no clothes. Bridget had realized very quickly that Jim had no interest in sexy underwear, only what was underneath.

When she had her Brazilian done she had left a little triangle of hair above her clitoral hood, but went used her razor the next day to remove that tiny thatch. Jim sipped some wine and stared into the distance.

"Do you think we should get married?" Bridget's heart skipped a beat. There was nothing she wanted more. "Sorry darling, I didn't hear that." Jim sighed, "Do you think we should get married?" "I don't know. What do you think Jim?" "I suppose I could do worse." "I suppose you could," agreed Bridget and poured her glass of wine over him. Then she added. "But are you a good catch for me? What are your financial prospects." "Well things aren't great now and I can only see them getting worse." "Hmmm, no money.

Do you think I will get bored with this cock?" "I could get an implant." "Well, I don't know Jim. You have a pathetic line in marriage proposals.

You have no money. And you need a cock implant." They sat in silence staring at the lake.

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"I suppose we might as well," said Bridget taking his glass of wine and pouring it over his head. "OK," said Jim. "You stink of wine. Go and swim in the lake." Jim dived in, When he emerged the icy snow fed waters of the lake had shrunk his manliness to a fraction of its normal size.

"If I knew you were that small, I would never have agreed." They ate their food and drank their wine in silence. Bridget who was overwhelmed with happiness snuggled tighter into his embrace. Occasionally Jim kissed her on the nose. The evening got cooler.

Jim fetched a rug from the boat which they draped around their shoulders as they sat side by side. "I almost forgot this." Jim passed Bridget a small velvet covered box. Bridget opened it and took out the diamond ring. It was fabulous.

Bridget couldn't bear to think how much it had cost. She knew it was far more than he could afford. Jim put it on her finger. Bridget glowed with happiness as the diamond glinted in the evening sun. "It's a bit small isn't it?" "To match my cock." "Ah, of course." Bridget grabbed Jim's cock in a far from delicate grasp. "Say it." "Say what?" "You know, you bastard, say it now," giving a twist. "That hurts." "Say it now." Jim put both his arms around Bridget.

"I love you with all my heart, beautiful Bridget." "Good, you may fuck me now." "Do I have to?" "Yes." The next evening, after their engagement party Bridget said, "I got a ring for you today Jim." "Where is it?" "You have to take my clothes off." "Do I have to?" as he lifted her tank top then lowered her skirt and knickers.

There it was, a ring through her outer labia. There was a small heart shaped medallion hanging from it. Bridget passed him a magnifying glass. On one side it read: "Reserved for my darling Jim forever". The other side: "Trespassers will be amputated". Jim peered at her pussy through the magnifying glass. "Your clitoris is very big tonight." "What are you going to do about it?" FOUR MONTHS LATER Bridget and Jim's arrived at Nice airport in the south of France.

Jim's feelings were mixed. He was really looking forward to seeing Vicki again but what would happen with the three of them together? Bridget and Vicki had spent a lot of time on the telephone together and seemed to email each other a lot.

Vicki had said how thrilled she was that they were engaged and how lovely Bridget seemed. Bridget had also told him how lucky he was to have such a wonderful daughter. But how would he react when he was in physical contact with Vicki? How would she react? Vicki was at the airport already, having flown in from England With a shriek of "Daddeeeeeeee!" she flung herself into Jim's arms.

Bridget was a little surprised at the body hugging embrace and the kisses each showered on the other's cheeks. But then Vicki turned to Bridget. "Oh Bridget, you are so beautiful and thank you so much for making my Daddy so happy." And she gave Bridget a hug which was just as tight, but did refrain from kissing her. "Daddy, how does such an ugly man as you have such a beautiful fiance?" "Jim, how can such an ugly man as you have such a beautiful daughter?" Jim couldn't see the joke but both women laughed hysterically and fell into each others arm and hugged again.

Then they each took one of Jim's arms and led him to the airport cafe. There seemed to be an instant bonding between Vicki and Bridget, so much so that Jim felt slightly out of the conversation. After a few minutes he left to sort out the hire car and baggage. When he returned the girls were examining Bridget's ring, their heads close together. "It's huge," said Vicki. "It must have cost a fortune." "I haven't dared to ask," said Bridget.

When Jim came closer Vicki asked, "Daddy you are so stingy, why did you give Bridget such a small ring?" "He said it was to match his penis," said Bridget and then was slightly shocked at what she had said.

"Oh poor Bridget, how terrible for you," said Vicki in mock concern, knowing full well how lucky Bridget was in that respect. Jim took a hand of each of them and led them to the car. After they had unpacked at the hotel Bridget wanted Vicki and Jim to have some time together and went shopping. Jim and Vicki met at the hotel cafe. Jim reached across the coffee table and took Vicki's hand. She took it to her lips and briefly kissed it. They looked into each other's eyes, at first solemnly, then smiling.

"Vicki, I didn't think you could be more beautiful, but you are." Vicki brought him up to date on all that had happened. Her studies were going well, she had made lot's of new friends. No boyfriend at the moment, she had dumped the only one so far.

"Remember when I asked you if I will ever find as good a lover as you? Well he was a long way short." Jim didn't know what to say. "Does Bridget appreciate what she's got?" "I haven't heard her complain." "When are you going to marry her?" "When she tightens up her act." "Very funny. You are so lucky, she's such a nice person and so beautiful." "You two seem to get along very well." "Perhaps it's because we both love the same man." The conversation got less personal. Jim talked about his business and the tourists he had met.

Vicki gave Jim all the details of her university life. After coffee they strolled around the city center. Vicki held Jim's hand and he really couldn't think of any reason why she shouldn't. By chance they met Bridget and the three of them strolled hand in hand, exploring the beautiful narrow streets. The had their evening meal at a restaurant. During the meal Jim excused himself to go to the rest-room.

"Bridget, it's been lovely to meet you at last. Daddy is so lucky to have you." "I wondered why Jim was so good with my children and why they love him so much. I can see you have a really lovely relationship with him." "Yes, I do. There are times when I miss him so much." Bridget noticed the tears welling up in Vicki's eyes and put her arm around her in a comforting hug.

This caused Vicki's tears to flow even more and she hugged Bridget in return. Vicki pulled away. "Gosh this is so childish of me. So pathetic. Daddy told me how your parents died when you were my age. I was so sad when I heard about that." This caused both women to hug each other again. "Right that's enough of that. We have two weeks together and we aren't going to spend it all bawling our eyes out," said Bridget.

Neither Jim nor Bridget had slept well on their long flight and went to bed early. There was an urgency to Bridget's sexual needs. "Fuck me darling Jimmy, please fuck my ass," as she knelt in front of him.

Jim inserted a lubricated finger to relax her sphincter. "No, Jim, I want your cock now." His cock plunged into her puckered pink anus without the usual preliminaries. Bridget grunted with pain and bit the pillow as Jim's engorged cock split her bowel.

But then her muscles relaxed to accommodate his powerful thrusts. Her grunts turned to groans. "Harder, oh harder please, my ass fucking darling." Jim's loins spanked into her buttocks.

His fingers reached under and roughly massaged her clitoris. Bridget's orgasm started with her whole body shivering then her loins tightened and the surge swept her from clitoris to anus.

"Aaah Aaah Aaah Ooooooaaaaah." Her limp body would have collapsed to the bed but Jim held her tightly by the hips as his thrusts mounted in ferocity. For another minute he pounded as Bridget moaned and then the surge from his loins through his cock and into her rectum. They lay in a close embrace, kissing. "Goodnight my darling, I love you." "Goodnight beautiful Bridget I adore you." They slept in late the next morning. The phone rang on the bedside table. "Where are you guys?

We're supposed to be meeting for breakfast," demanded Vicki. She came up to the bedroom. Bridget was a again little bit surprised to see how Jim wandered around in front of his daughter in the briefest of underwear after their shower. Her long, thick blond locks took some time to dry. "Bridget, your hair is so beautiful. Do you want me to brush it for you?" asked Vicki.

Bridget passed the brush. Vicki first gave her a scalp massage then brushed strongly. Bridget's wavy cascades glistened when she had finished. Bridget and Vicki wanted to see more of the old parts of the city. Jim was bored with sightseeing so they went by themselves. The bond between the two women grew quickly.

Perhaps it was because they were both only children and saw each other as the sister they never had Perhaps because they both had had lonely childhoods, perhaps because the both loved Jim.

They chatted and giggled as they walked. When they had tea Bridget told the story of her marriage. "He sounds a real bastard. Why did you stay with him so long?" "Looking back it was stupid. But I had my two lovely children and I suppose I was scared.

Scared of the confrontation, scared of having no money and scared of being alone." Vicki stroked Bridget's hand as she saw the anguish on her friend's face. "You and Daddy seem very happy." "Vicki, I love him so much. Everything about my life is so happy now. My children love him and he is just so wonderful with them." Bridget didn't let go Vicki's hand.

After lunch all three went to the beach. Vicki who had grown up with surf beaches was a little disappointed with the calm water, but decided she would work on her tan. Both she and Bridget were wearing the smallest of bikinis. They lay on their deck chairs and she was a little surprised to see Bridget take off her bikini top. "Everyone does here," said Bridget noticing her look.

Vicki looked around and saw almost all the women were sunbathing topless. "Should I do it Daddy?" "When in Rome, do as the Romans do," smiled Jim as he gazed in fascination at two perfect sets of breasts. Vicki's nipples were brown, Bridget's pink. Vicki's were slightly bigger but he has always admired Bridget's.

It still seemed extraordinary to him that at the age of 31 and having had two children that Bridget's breasts could be so firm and uplifted. "Isn't Bridget beautiful Daddy?" "Do you think so? I hadn't really noticed." Bridget poked out her tongue at him. "I think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met." Vicki reached out and stroked Bridget's hand "And you Vicki, you are so lovely," Bridget didn't let Vicki's hand go.

Jim went for a swim. Bridget lay on a towel. "Could you put some sunblock on my back, Vicki?" It was more like a massage than simple sun protection. Vicki loved the texture of Bridget's skin, her lovely slim back. The side of Bridget's breasts were exposed as she lay and tentatively she applied the sun block there. "You are as wonderful a masseuse. I loved that scalp massage you gave me this morning." "Would you like me to do your legs?" "Please." Vicki started on Bridget's calves, then progressed to her thighs.

"Mmmm, that's lovely," murmured Bridget, spreading her legs slightly. Bridget's bkini bottom was tiny. Most of her buttocks needed attention. They were firm but moved under Vicki's hands. She marveled at their lovely shape and firm feel. Bridget, eyes closed, parted her legs to let Vicki cover the top of her inner thighs. Vicki had never felt any physical desire for another woman. A gay girl at university had tried to seduce her but she had politely declined. But she loved the feel of Bridget's skin and was feeling a stirring in her loins from the intimacy of where she was touching.

Her fingers ventured right up to the edge of the brief bikini between Bridget's thighs. Was she starting to pant? When the massage was finished Bridget took her hand and kissed it. Soon Vicki needed sunblock on her back also. A similar lingering massage. Vicki couldn't describe the feeling as Bridget tantalized the side of her breasts. Vicki was tempted to tell Bridget that she could do her own thighs but parted her legs.

After Bridget had finished they lay face down, side by side, saying nothing and holding hands. Jim returned, noticed their hands and smiled. "We had better get a move on ladies." The three of them walked in their now familiar fashion, one woman one either side of Jim holding an arm. The only difference from before was that Bridget and Vicki were bare breasted as they talked and laughed on their way to the changing sheds.

It took three hours to drive to the village deep in the beautiful French countryside. They phoned their landlord and were directed to their home for the next ten days.

It was an old stone farmhouse on the side of a hill. Below stretched vineyards until they reached the river basin where an enormous oak forest went as far as the eye could see. Two mighty rivers twined their way through the forest and several unspoiled villages, all as old as the one they had just been through, could be seen nestled in the hills.

The farm house had been fully modernized inside and had a spa pool in the front courtyard looking over that magnificent view. "Bridget you were so clever finding this for us. It's perfect," exclaimed Vicki. "Just what I need, a spa," said Jim.

After they had unpacked he took a bottle of wine to the pool. He felt obliged to wear a swimming costume although he was far from happy about it. Vicki and Bridget joined him, but after their time on the beach didn't bother with their bikini tops. Jim sat between them and arm around each of their shoulders. Bridget was at peace with the world. Here in her homeland for the first time in 20 years with the man she wanted to spend her life with.

She looked at Jim's face then moved his hand from her shoulder to her breast. And Vicki was such a darling, a kindred spirit, and, she looked across, so so beautiful. She remembered her feelings when Vicki had massaged her scalp and when she had applied the sun-block. She found herself looking at the tiny V of Vicki's bikini with a strange feeling. Vicki's feelings were a bit more mixed.

She was so happy to see her father again. But sitting in the pool beside his near naked body she felt this overwhelming physical desire to be wrapped around that cock she loved so much. She didn't resent Bridget. She was glad Bridget made her father so happy and already she felt that Bridget was the best friend she had ever had.

She looked at Bridget's long shapely legs under water and remembered the pleasure she had felt when she massaged them. She remembered the thrill she had felt when Bridget had stroked the intimate upper parts of her thighs.

"You women are drinking like fish," Jim exclaimed and went to get more wine. When he was out they moved beside each other. Having had Jim's arm around them before it seemed natural that they should put their arms around the other's shoulder. Their legs were touching under water. Jim returned. "I'm stuffed if I'm going to wear these any more in a spa pool," said Jim stripping off his swimming costume. Perhaps the wine had made him braver.

"You can't go waving that in your daughter's face," laughed Bridget. "Come and sit on this side of me." Now Bridget was in the middle with both Jim and Vicki with an arm around her. Bridget's hand was over Jim's penis as she wasn't quite sure whether Vicki should be exposed to it.

"And I'm stuffed if I'm going to wear these any more in a spa pool," said Vicki and eased herself out of her bikini briefs. Although the water distorted the view, Bridget saw Vicki's outer labia, soft and puffy. "She's got a Brazilian.

I wonder why?" thought Bridget by then realized that Vicki was certainly not a virgin. She didn't really know what to do herself. "Ah well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do." All three were now naked but as they chatted away and drank more Bridget soon forgot her nakedness. From time to time they turned on the air-jets and Bridget spread her legs enjoying the feeling of the bubbles across her genitals.

When she did so Vicki noticed her labial ring and medallion. The sun started to set casting a golden glow over the rural landscape. They enjoyed their view and planned some trips. Jim got out to make some supper. By this time two bottles of wine had been consumed and each of the women had drunk more than half a bottle. They were relaxed. Already each saw the other as the best friend they had ever had. And with the time at the beach and now in the spa pool they were more and more appreciative of each other's body.

"That massage you gave me on the beach was so lovely," sighed Vicki as they held hands. "I'm so glad you liked it.


I was in heaven with your lovely touch." "I wasn't sure I should have touched the sides of your breasts." "It was strange, but I was wishing you could have touched them all over." Vicki looked at Bridget, her body bathed in the golden light of sunset. "Can I touch them now?" "I think you should, just a little bit," Bridget croaked then gasped as she felt the tickle of Vicki's fingers on her nipple. "Would you mind if I kissed them? "I think you should, just a little bit." "I've never done this before." "Nor have I." Bridget felt Vicki's nervous light kiss and flicker of her tongue.

"Did I do that right?" asked Vicki looking up. "That was beautiful," Bridget sighed. She gently lifted Vicki's head, put her arms around her and they kissed. Their mouths opened at the same time, their tongues entered each other's mouth at the same time, their hand went to each other's breast at the same time. Jim came through the open door, saw what was happening and went back inside.

Vicki noticed him, but Bridget facing the other way wasn't aware. Vicki and Bridget separated. "That's an interesting ring you have down there," Vicki whispered. "Would you like to see it?" Bridget's voice was a croak. She eased herself out of the spa pool and sat on the side. She had to part her legs to give Vicki access. Vicki's fingers moved along Bridget's thigh to her labia where she gently lifted the medallion.

She lowered her head to have a closer look. Bridget had felt the delight of Vicki's fingers, now she felt her breath on her pussy. Bridget softly stroked her hair. "I can't read the writing. What does it say?" Bridget told her and Vicki giggled. Then on an impulse she bent further and kissed Bridget's pubic mound. A thrill went through Bridget's loins. She spread her legs more and leaned back. Vicki changed position and her tongue found Bridget's clitoris. But then a chill went through Bridget.

"Was she mad? She was making love to a woman. She was being unfaithful to Jim who was nearby. And she was doing it with Jim's daughter." "I'm sorry Vicki, darling. I can't do this to Jim." "Do what to Jim?" Jim's voice came from the doorway. "Oh God, you've seen," shrieked Bridget. "Yes, I've seen the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my life." Jim came over and sat beside Bridget, his arm around her." "Oh Jim, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me." "My beautiful Bridget.

There are only two women I love in this world. Only two women I will ever love. You, my darling and Vicki. Nothing could make me happier than you two loving each other." Vicki had got out of the pool and sat on the other side of Bridget, her arm around you also. "This is crazy," said Bridget. "You mean you don't mind." "Now that you have got this far, I would mind very much if you stopped because of me." Then he hesitated smiling.

"Provided, of course, that you will still need my cock from time to time." Bridget giggled and grabbed his penis.

"Vicki is lovely, but there's no danger of that." Relieved, she turned and kissed Vicki. "Jim, darling, are you really sure?" But he had gone. "I'll see you two in the morning," he called from inside the farmhouse. Vicki and Bridget dried each other and hand in hand went to Vicki's bedroom.

For a long time they lay facing each other in a tight embrace. "It seems strange holding each other like this with no cock sticking up in between," giggled Bridget. "But your breasts feel so beautiful." "And your pussy is lovely and soft. And what's this? It's moist already." They lay kissing delicately and exploring each other's mouth with their tongues.

Their hands explored the unfamiliar intimacies of a woman's body. Bridget had been fascinated by Vicki's breasts the first time she had seen them on the beach and wriggled down to suckle her brown nipple. The effect on Vicki was instantaneous. She sighed, held Bridget's head tight and parted her legs. Bridget fingers went to her genitals. Her thighs, her public mound, her outer labia, all the more exciting Vicki.

At last Vicki felt her two fingers open her inner labia and penetrate the slipperiness inside. "Oh darling Bridget you are so lovely." Bridget was unsure what to do next, but then remembered how Jim stimulated her clitoris. The effect on Vicki was as magical as it always was with Jim. Vicki's body started jerking, her hips writhing. All Vicki's pent up frustrations from a year of enforced sexual abstinence were released in her orgasm.

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh Oooo Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh," That released the last inhibitions of both women. Vicki put her face between Bridget's legs. "Now I understand why Daddy liked sucking my cunt so much," she thought as she tasted Bridget's delicious musky, erotic juices. She also remembered Jim's techniques and as she licked and sucked Bridget's clitoris, two of her fingers rubbing the sponginess of Bridget's G spot with the inevitable effect of a shrieking, panting, bouncing orgasm from Bridget.

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After she had recovered her breath Bridget asked, "Have you really not done this before darling, that was so wonderful?" "No you are my first, and only woman. But I did remember what a lovely lover had done for me." "He must have been so fabulously sexy." "He was. I doubt I will ever find a man as strong, as tender as erot." "That's the same way I feel about Jim." "Is it really?" said Vicki smiling to herself. At 11 in the morning Jim brought in some brunch.

The day was already hot and the women had thrown back all their bedclothes. They were lying side by side, their inner legs entwined.

The outer legs splayed wide and each had a proprietorial hand over the other's pussy as they dozed. Bridget woke when Jim came in and leaped off the bed and gave him an all embracing hug."I love your daughter so much, she is so sexy." Then it was Vicki's turn. Her naked body crushed against her father. "Bridget is so naughty, she's tired me out." Bridget saw the naked hug and Jim's lingering stroke on Vicki's bare bottom but as she loved both of them so much she wasn't upset at all.

In fact she thought they looked beautiful together. They sat out at the balcony table, four beautiful naked breasts taking Jim's mind off his food.

Bridget pondered about Vicki's totally relaxed nakedness in front of Jim. Naturally she was happy with Vicki being fully open to her but thought, without making a judgment, that it was unusual for a daughter to be like this with her father.

"Perhaps they used to belong to a nudist club," she thought. "I'll ask Vicki later." "I'm taking the car to do some exploring," said Jim. "Will you two find something to do for a few hours?" "I'm sure we will," said Bridget patting Vicki's thigh. She desperately wanted Jim to fuck her, but thought of Vicki and then thought how much she would enjoy a day with her new lover." Jim's cock was straining in its erection at the sight of his two beauties and he felt an agonizing sexual need in his loins.

But he thought that the women's relationship would be cemented if they were left to themselves. After he had left they showered then went for a walk through the vineyard and down through the forest.

The oak trees towered over them, but the forest floor was clear Birds flitted through the leaves chasing insects. It was three hours before they returned, hot and sweaty from the climb up the hill. Another shower, both delighting in giving and receiving scalp massages and having their hair brushed.

Naked, they took a blanket out into the garden and lay together in the dappled shade under an olive tree. This time the sunblock was rubbed in with truly erotic massages. Now that they had become confident and accustomed to each other's sexual responses their love making was leisurely and passionate. Afterwards as Vicki lay in her arms, Bridget asked, "Vicki darling?" "Mmmmm." "You seem very happy when you are naked in front of Jim." "Mmmmmm." murmured Vicki, but a feeling of dread run up her spine.

"Were you members of a nudist club?" Vicki thought. "Well in a way I suppose we were. It was quite a small club." She didn't mention that Jim and she were the only members and the clubroom was a tent on the glacier for three day. "You look lovely together," said Bridget. Vicki went inside and got some pillows. She and Bridget then lay on their sides in the 69 position. Most of the time they idly explored each other's intimacies with their lips and fingers, but two or three times arousal overcame them and clicking of crickets was interrupted by groans of delight.

Jim had explored the local shops and studied maps for sights to see. Then he went on a leisurely hike of his own through another oak forest. He returned late in the afternoon.

Vicki and Bridget were asleep under the olive tree in their 69 position. "Bit of discipline needed here," thought Jim. "They are so lazy, all they do is have sex and sleep." But then he looked in a different way and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the tangled limbs, by the contrast between Bridget's blond hair and Vicki's dark flowing locks.

God, he needed to fuck Bridget. God, he needed to fuck Vicki. He brought out some tea. The girls sat down cross legged as he told them some of the trips he had planned. Vicki adjusted her position. As she was sitting cross legged her labia were spread. Bridget looked and remembered the delights she had experienced in those beautiful feminine parts. Then she realized that Jim must have the perfect view of Vicki's intimacies.

Neither of them seemed to be aware of this as they chatted away nonchalantly. "Vicki tells me you used to be members of a small nudist club." Jim saw the look of anguish on Vicki's face. "Yes, it was very exclusive. Perhaps you could join it one day." "No thanks, Jim, I'm more than happy with just the three of us." "Perhaps you are right." "Bridget thought you and I looked very lovely together," said Vicki.

"You do, you really do. And you look so happy which is so nice," said Bridget. As none of them had eaten since brunch and the sun would be setting in an hour they decided to have an early meal then watch the sunset from the spa pool. There was no debate about swimming costumes this time, they were not even considered. Bridget was in seventh heaven, her male lover on one side of her, her female lover on the other.

She alternated between kissing and hugging Vicki and Jim. "You always get the wine Jim, I'll get it this time." Bridget climbed out of the pool. It took her a little time as she decided to make up a fresh fruit platter. When she returned she saw Vicki was sitting on Jim's lap. She thought they looked lovely together. She wasn't upset. For goodness sake, she was making love to both of them and loved them both equally but in different ways. Suddenly, like tumblers in a combination lock, it all fell into place in her mind.

She stood and thought for quite a long time, then joined them in the pool. "Jim, darling, you know that nudist club, we talked about before. I think I would like to join it when we get back." Jim and Vicki both felt a chill deep in their stomachs.

"It has. . sort of disbanded." "Where did it meet?" "Up in the mountains." "Where about in the mountains?" "You know, up there in the mountains." Bridget kissed him on the cheek. "Yes, I think I do know. Up on the glacier." Jim and Vicki stared at their wine glasses and said nothing. "And this club really only lasted for three days, didn't it?" Again silence.

"And you and Vicki were the only members." "Bridget I can explain, it was my fault, I seduced Daddy." Bridget's voice turned icy cold. "Jim, sometimes you can be an absolute bastard. You know that don't you?." "But Bridget darling, we haven't done it since I met you." "That's exactly what I'm talking about.

"Only a bastard would spend three, nearly four days with my darling Vicki, who loves him as a lover as well as a father and not do anything about it. "Only a bastard wouldn't have fucked her by now. "Jim, here's young ring back." With a dramatic gesture Bridget threw her diamond ring in the pool. Jim's mind was in a whirl. He couldn't understand all the different currents in Bridget's conversation. Bridget got out of the pool. She bent over Jim and surprised him with a loving kiss.

"You can bring that back to me tomorrow morning after you have given Vicki what she deserves." Then she tickled his nose with her nipple.

Unable to contain herself anymore she burst into laughter and walked away leaving a stunned Vicki and Jim looking at each other. Five minutes later Jim and Vicki were in bed. Jim was on top and Vicki's legs were wrapped around his waist. "Daddy darling, do you remember how we fucked that first time.


Could you do it like that again please." So millimeter by millimeter Jim entered his daughter's welcoming slippery vagina until he touched her cervix. Vicki tightened her vaginal muscles around his cock. "On my dear Daddy I had forgotten how wonderful this is." Jim started his movement concentrating on Vicki's G spot, her hips started to buck in rhythm with his.

Jim felt his and Vicki's excitement mounting and withdrew his engorged penis momentarily. "Please Daddy, I want to come on your cock." Still tantalizingly slowly he brought her almost to her peak and kept his daughter on the verge for what seemed an eternity to Vicki.

Then he thrust harshly, taking Vicki over the brink as she lost control of her loins when the surge of pleasure overcame her. "Ooooooh my lovely Daddeeeeeee." Jim thrust as deeply as he could, spraying his semen onto Vicki's cervix. Three hours later after they were both exhausted they went to Bridget and joined her in bed. "Does he deserve to give me back the ring, Vicki?" asked Bridget drowsily. "You know my Daddy.

He certainly does" "I'm going to report you to the child welfare agency the next time you don't fuck your daughter, you bastard." Bridget kissed Jim, turned her back to him and reached for his hand to put on her breast. Vicki lay behind Jim and tenderly held his cock. The next morning Bridget woke early.

She disturbed Vicki as he arose from bed. "You still have some catching up to do darling Vicki. I'll bring some breakfast in a few hours. "Thank lovely, darling Bridget," Vicki kissed and hugged her. Vicki had a strong recollection of how wonderful she felt in her father's arms, but her memory had lost the details of exactly what. But over the next three hours she relived those experiences as if for the first time. How exciting he was, how tender he was, how masculine he was how he could bring her to orgasm when she wasn't even expecting it.

And she took delight in tantalizing, arousing him, bringing to ecstasy. The remaining time in France was sexual bliss. There were no favorites between partners. Probably Bridget and Vicki spent most time together.

After all, Jim had two demanding women to satisfy. After all, God is probably a woman. They went for a few hikes in the forests and had some meals in the restaurants in the village. But the days they enjoyed the most were spent in the dappled shade of the olive tree. When their sexual needs had been met Bridget and Vicki would lie on either side of Jim as he read a book out loud.

His voice was the only noise apart from the chirping of the crickets and the songs of the birds. Many of their evenings were spent in the spa pool watching the sun go down over their glorious landscape, watching the soft golden sunset paint its colors on three bodies.

EPILOGUE Three months later Jim and Bridget married. Vicki flew over for the wedding and then spent a week with her mother. Then she joined Bridget and Jim in Bali for the last week of their honeymoon.