Cute brunette babe Jane in Insomnia pussy masturbation

Cute brunette babe Jane in Insomnia pussy masturbation
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'Fucking Hell Mother!' cried Sharon as her mum came into her bedroom where she was lying with her skirt up and her knickers down masturbating furiously and just about to cum.

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'Why the fuck can't you knock?' Her mother stood in the doorway watching her as she jerked about on the duvet, writhing and twisting and finally with a strangled moan arched her arse off the bed and climaxed! 'Feeling better for that Shaz?' she asked.

She stood there in the doorway in a black leather micro skirt and black hold-ups and a black sleeveless T-shirt beneath which it was very obvious she wore no bra. Her 38D tits stuck out perkily and her nipples were hard and erect as they always were when she had seen her daughter shoot.

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Sharon and her mother Jayne were members of that rare group of women who actually came in a jet of juice. Indeed Jayne had once starred in a porn film in which she had half filled a wine glass from several feet!

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Sharon had learned from experience exactly how far down her thighs to pull her knickers when lying down for a wank and as usual had managed to catch most of it in her gusset although some had splashed her thighs. As Jayne knelt by the side of the bed and pushed her face into her daughter's soaking cunt Sharon pulled her own top of to reveal her own hard nippled 36C tits.

'C'mon Mum' said Sharon, ' 69 with me; I can see you've got no nix on and I know why you came in here . ' Jayne climbed on the bed and stuck her arse in her daughter's face.

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Sharon grabbed hold of her mother's arse cheeks and pulled then apart and buried her face between the sweaty crack. She breathed in the sex heavy scents of her mother's anal and vaginal regions and ran her toungue from the small of her back over the puckered ring of her rectum and down under into the shaven haven which was her mother's cunt.

Her mother in the meantime with her nose buried in Sharon's hairy fanny was licking the remains of her orgasm out of her pink sticky folds and teasing her clit back to a state of intense excitement.

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An idea occurred to Sharon; 'Mum' she said, ' Shave my pubes off will you?' 'Only if you fuck me first' replied Jayne. 'have you got 'the Beast' in here?' 'Bedside cupboard' said Sharon and Jayne reached in and pulled out a double ended dildo which she pushed into Sharon's slippery twat to half its eighteen inch length and then lay back on the bed with her thighs wide open so that her daughter could mount her in the missionary position and lose the other nine inches inside her own well lubricated cunt.

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They started to move together; rocking their hips in unison; squeezing each others' tits and nipples amd deep french kising each other. Like mother like daughter, they each reached a finger into the other's arsehole and buried a middle finger deep into the other's rectum.


With rapidly increasing movements they bucked and heaved until with mutual screams they both sprayed their cum around the shaft of their mutal cock and onto each other's belly. ' FUCKINGGGGGGG HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL' screamed Jayne 'OHHHHHH SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT' screamed Sharon. Later, when they got down to a normal pulse rate, Jayne went to the bathroom and came back with some shaving foam and a pack of disposable razors.


She foamed her daughter's muff and gently started to shave off Sharon's dense pubic forest. Afterwards she washed the newly exposed labia down with tissues dipped in warm water.

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It looked so good that Jayne asked Sharon to clean her own fanny up and of course Sharon was happy to oblige. They lay together with their legs open and set up a digital camera to take a photo of their vaginas and as they looked at the result Sharon started to laugh. 'Whats so funny?' asked Jayne 'I've just thought of a good title for the picture' 'What?' ' :P and LesBoy' 'Oh Yes .

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but you'd better explain . they won't understand .


much too subtle' ' Well its a pair of cunts'