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Tied up milf Lady Sonia sucking
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Chapter 6 We walked up to the door at the Temecula stampede, one of the only country bars in the immediate vicinity of Camp Pendleton in southern California. Becky and I were hand in hand until the bouncer at the door asked for our ID's, which he checked and let us in after giving us both wristbands. Since it was an 18+ club (technically), those under 21 got X's on their hands while those over 21 got wristbands.

The bar was relatively dark and very loud. To the right was a mechanical bull and several billiards tables, on the right was a few tables and a counter for ordering the usual greasy bar food.

Directly ahead was several sets of tables and booths with the dance floor beyond. Past the counter on the right was the bad and on the left was the bathrooms, DJ booth and a doorway to an outside patio/smoking post. We made a bee line for the bar, picking a pair of stools and sitting down next to some folks who were obviously military.

Both had high and right hair cuts and exposed dog tags. The bartender, whom I had known from years past walked over. "What can I get. Holy shit, Drew.

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You're back!" "Very much so, how's it hangin' JT?" JT White was THE bartender at the stampede. He was an older gentleman, about 5'8 with hair the color of snow in winter and a beard to match.

He loved what he did because he got to be around military personnel, listen to people talk shit, and dish it out when the time came. Sure, other bartenders may have done the same, but JT remembered people and would never let the past stay in the past. "Things are good my friend, how about you? How's therapy going?" "Ok I guess. This is Becky, she is my therapist, of sorts. Becky, this is JT White." They exchanged pleasantries and we ordered our drinks. I had a whiskey sour made with Wild Turkey and she had a Jack on the rocks.

Soon JT was bringing our drinks over to us. "This rounds on me. It's great to see you again." He said setting down our drinks. "Thanks JT, its good to see you too." Something I think everyone should be aware of about me has not been made known yet. From my experiences in combat and in war torn countries, I always, always keep a knife on me, usually strapped around my right calf, where it can easily be retrieved. In a case like this, where I can't bring it on the plane, I check it in a bag or just buy a new one when I get where I'm going.

It's a comfort item of sorts, like a security blanket.

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We sat there at the bar, finishing our drinks and ordering another round. JT made his rounds behind the bar, making new drinks and refilling old ones. I caught him as he walked by. "Anyone else I know here tonight, staff or otherwise?" I asked. "I think Tyler is here, as well as some new guy he brought. I think he said his name was Ryan or something." He began wiping down the bar and checking his supplies. "Tyler is here?! Oh shit.

Do you remember what he was drinking?" Becky looked almost as happy as me, probably because she had someone else who would keep her company, and keep her safe. "Why don't you ask him yourself." He said inclining his head. We both turned and could clearly see Tyler and Ryan talking to several women. I had seen these women before.

They were the kind of girls who went from military man to military man, trying to get a piece of that paycheck. We headed toward Tyler and Ryan just in time.


Before we could get there, 2 big ol boys walked up to the group. I couldn't hear the exchange over the music, but the posture indicated that a fight was soon to happen. Tyler was a thick headed bastard and wouldn't bow out, while Ryan was his complete opposite, already trying to figure out which way to run. When we got there, one of the guys was about to hit Tyler.

"The fuck do you think your doing!" I had to hell to be heard over the music, but my trained Marine voice was barely strained. "Who the fuck are you?" He asked. He was about 6 feet tall and weighed probably close to 300 pounds. Any other details were lost to me. "Who I am is of no concern to you. Touch him and you'll be eating your meals through a tube for the next 6 months." I said with some authority.

Tyler didn't respond, he just gave me a half smile that said 'thank you'. His buddy however, recognized me as I recognized him. I'd had dealings with him in the past here and none of them ended well for either of us.

Usually he ended up nursing his wounds and I went to jail for the night.

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He put his hand on his compatriot. "Let's go, leave this one be." He said with what I think was a bit of fear in his voice. "Fuck that, I can take him." His anger was at a boil. Even in the low light of the bar I could see his face was red as a tomato. "No you can't. He has nothing to lose, and that makes him very dangerous." His buddy retorted.

"Oh, he has something to lose, he has that broad right there." He said pointing to Becky. I damn near lost it. The red haze of rage had me firmly in its grasp and was growing with each passing second. Tyler has known me for long enough to know when I'm about to lose it and he stepped in. "Oh shit, that's a big mistake. If you wanna fight so bad, let's take it to the parking lot like men." Tyler was smart, he knew that we would be fighting now, he just had to make sure I didn't go to jail.

again. "See you outside sweetheart." He said to Becky as the pair of them walked out the door. I had to maintain my composure as we went outside so I took a few deep breaths. Becky came over and placed a hand on my arm. "You don't have to do this you know. I don't want you getting in trouble." There was concern in her voice as well as a bit of fear.

I don't she has ever been in a situation quite like this. "It'll be OK babe, this will only take a minute. If you don't wanna watch, that's fine, Ryan can look after you while I sort this out." I said taking her hand. At the mention of Ryan's name, she gave me a look of 'are you serious, he was just about to leave Tyler high and dry'.

"If I can't talk you out of it, then lets get this taken care of." I wasn't going to let them slide. I had a plan and Tyler set it up perfectly, whether he knew it or not. The others headed for the door, but I went back to the bar.

I ordered up a shit of Wild Turkey, downed in and we all went outside. The tingling sensation had just vanished when we saw them standing across the street. As we approached, they turned to face us. The loudmouth standing out front and his smarter friend hanging back a bit.

I pulled Tyler aside before we got too close. "If anything happens to me, get her out of here." " Aye sergeant." It was just like old times. New ranks but old times. I kissed Becky and told her I loved her before walking across the street. My opponent said nothing, no words were needed. He was big and slow, a bad combination. I saw his Wild haymaker coming from a mile away, dodging under it and appearing within his guard, knife in hand.

I placed it against his throat, stopping him instantly and effectively derailing any plot he may have had. I reached my hand around his waist and held firmly, whichever direction things went was entirely up to me, and not once did I lose my cool. "If you so much as glance in our direction again, I will carve you up so bad they will need dental records to identify you. Do I make myself clear?" "Y-y-yes" came his shaky reply.

"Good, now I trust we can all get along now?" "Y-yes sir." "Good, now I want you to go over there and apologize to her for making her feel uncomfortable so far from home, then you're to apologize to my friends for being a giant piece of shit." "Of c-course." I was a bit lost in the moment, but I did notice a few things, his buddy had taken off, probably leaving a trail of excrement behind him. I also noticed the faint smell of piss. Looking down I saw a large wet spot on his trousers and I don't think it was from spilling a drink.

I lowered the knife to a concealed position and we walked calmly back to where everyone was standing. He hung his head in shame and spoke softly with a shaking voice.

"I'm sorry that I'm such a piece of shit, ma'am I'm sorry for making you feel uncomfortable so far from home, and sir, I'm sorry for the way I acted." "There's a good lad, now run along and change your clothes. Nasty ass motherfucker." He scurried off down the street as I placed the knife back in its sheath. When I stood back up, Becky threw her arms around me and kissed me.

When she finally let my face separate from hers, Tyler and Ryan patted me on the back and congratulated me for not losing my cool. We went back in the bar and ordered another round, on Ryan for being such a bitch during the confrontation. He took it in jest, as it was meant and we went to the patio so Tyler could have a smoke.

"Dude, that was amazing. Did you see how bad he pissed himself?" Tyler said laughing. We were bantering back and forth for a bit when Becky whispered in my ear. "You OK? You haven't stopped shaking yet." She was right, my hand was still trembling and no matter what I did, I couldn't stop it. "I'll be fine, it'll pass." I said with a smile.

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"Seeing you in action against that inbred swine made me so fucking horny. I want you so bad right now.". She was such a temptress, but she was my temptress.

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" save it for later baby, we haven't even danced yet." We kissed, not paying attention to the looks we were getting from Tyler and Ryan. Ryan cleared his throat in a manner that said 'hey, we're still here'.

"Grab a girl boys and lets dance!" I said as I grabbed Becky's hand.

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We danced to the first song while Tyler and Ryan tried to find girls. Tyler had one by the end of the second song, yet Ryan returned to the sidelines empty handed. Becky noticed it too. "I'm gonna dance a few songs with him, if you don't mind that is." "Please do.

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I'll see about finding him his own girl. I love you Becky." "I love you too. Drew." She said with a smile. As she walked off I grabbed her ass, then left to go get another shot. I sat at the bar and talked with JT for a bit, looking back every once in a while to see how Becky was doing. I wasn't concerned for her safety, being that Tyler was no more than 10 paces away at any given time.

After another shit, I set out on my mission. I talked to some girls here and there, talking up Ryan and seeing if anyone would bite to no avail. I wasn't about to admit defeat and soon found a pretty girl sitting by herself on the patio and smoking a cigarette. "Would you happen to have another?" I asked making conversation. I only smoked on rare occasions but my hand still hadn't stopped its involuntary movement so I figured I'd see if it would help.

"Sure. Here ya go." She presented a pack of kools, my old brand. I took one and borrowed her lighter. "Mind if I join you?" I asked "Not at all. Are you here all alone?" "No, I'm here with some friends but they are dancing and so this time I'm the 5th wheel.

How bout you?" She developed a far away look on her face. It was a mix of sadness and anger. "I was here with a friend, but she took off with some guy and now, here I am." I felt bad for her.

That same thing had happened to me plenty of times, but I never thought much of it. I guess the other side has it worse. "You can hang with us if you want. I'm Drew." "Jessica, nice to meet you. Your friends wouldn't mind?" "Not at all. In fact, I have a friend who would love to meet you.

He is a bit shy, so go easy on him." "I make no promises. How about you buy me a drink and then we go meet with your friends." She had a big smile on her face. "Deal." We went back over to the bar and ordered up some drinks. I had another whiskey sour and she had a martini.

We sat there making small talk and talking about Tyler and Ryan. I pointed them out and then she got a sad look in her eyes. "But, he's dancing with someone now.


Kinda sucks after you talked him up so much." "He's dancing with my date. He's so shy he never would have approached you, so I had to make sure he wasn't lonely." Her smile came back. "You're a good friend." "I try, come on, lets go cut in." We finished our drinks and walked up to them on the dance floor. Ryan saw us coming and looked scared shitless. I made introductions and took Becky back, leaving Ryan and jessica to their own devices.

Becky and I danced another song away. "You smell like you had a smoke. Should I be worried?" She asked accusingly. "Not at all my dear. Killed 2 birds with one stone actually. I got Ryan a girl and got my hand to stop shaking." "He is so shy and awkward.

I wonder how long this will last?" She said, glancing over at them. He was a bit awkward, but he was a good kid. He just needed to come out of his shell.

After a few more songs, they called last call and we ordered up another round. Grabbing an available booth, we talked and told stories of times past, met new people and learned things about old friends.

Before we knew it, closing time came and we headed for the parking lot. Ryan and jessica were together as well as Tyler and his girl. After saying our goodbyes, Becky and I headed back to the hotel. Tomorrow was our flight home and we were going to be on it.

It had been a fun few days back in California, but I was more than ready to be home. We pulled into the parking lot, went in the room and stripped down to nothing. Normally, seeing Becky even close to naked would give me a hard on, but now I was only half way there at best. Becky was all hot and bothered and didn't mind sharing it with me. I had just laid down in bed when her panties came flying at me. Trying to be cute, I grabbed them and sniffed them, finding a rather large wet spot which was still warm.

"I told you I wanted you, but you didn't believe me did you?" She had that seductive look about her again. Next thing I knew, my dick was standing at attention.

"That's better. I'm tired, but I figure we can please each other one more time before bed." Only a fool would turn her down.

"What did you have in mind, foul temptress?" I said playfully. "I want you in my mouth, then I want to ride your face until I cum all over you." "Then why is your beautiful backside not in my face, nor your lips around my Private?" I smirked. She said nothing, just straddled my face and took my cock down her throat. The sensation was almost more than I could take, but I held out for her as best I could. Focusing on the task at hand, I licked her wet pussy slowly up and down a few times, getting small moans as a reward.

I worked my tongue faster across her slit, pausing several times to suck on her clit. She would return the favor by deepthroating me until she gagged. "Holy. Shit. Baby. That's so fucking good!" I said between mouthfuls of hairless pussy. "Tease my asshole baby, I'm almost there!" She cried. My finger traced her crack until I found her tight hole.

I gently teased it, taking in the sounds of her as she neared her climax. I felt her start to shake a bit, so I used a trick that I'd been saving for just such an occasion. I slipped a finger into her ass just as I felt her warm fluids flow onto my face. The sweet taste of her cum was enough to take me the rest of the way.

I put my hand lightly on the back of her head and shot several ropes of spunk into her mouth. She moaned with each twitch of my cock and each glob of my essence that followed. When I had finished cumming, she swallowed every drop, then climbed off of me. She pulled the blanket back and we both got under it. She rested her head down on my chest and listened to my heartbeat.

As I was being whisked away into the arms of Morpheus, I heard her voice one last time. "I love you Andrew." "Love you too Becky." Was my intended response, though how much actually made it out of me is entirely up for debate.