Behind The Scenes With Campus Sluts

Behind The Scenes With Campus Sluts
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This is my first story so bear with me. I have been thinking of writing this since started reading this forum and it has brought back a lot of memories.

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My husband has on different special occasions, given me the gift of a massage. Sweet of him. I now think that he has wanted to see me being touched by a different man all along. All of the other massages over the years have been a rather soothing, straight forward massage with me lying on a massage table naked under a towel while getting a very relaking non-sexual massage.

I have always wondered what it would be like to be touched in a sexual manner by a strange man.

I found out on this occasion. I had been a litle sore from working out. I had recently taken a job as an aerobic instructor at the gym that I work out at for some time and was doing a few classes every day so I was in need of a good massage.

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Rob, my husband, had arranged for a massage therapist to come by in the evening to give me one. We had gone out to a lite dinner and then I took a shower when we got home to freshen up for the massage therapist's arrival. When he arrived Rob had him place the massage table in our bedroom/ bathroom suite by the tub and mirrored closet doors.

He told me to get ready and cover with a towel that he had placed on the table. He was a rather good looking guy with a large package that I could see through the thin pull on shorts that he was wearing. I could see that he did not have any underware on and yes, that did excite me.

I could feel my pussy opening up and getting wet as sexy thoughts went through my mind. After lying face down on the table, he came in the room and closed the bedroom door behind him. He started massaging my shoulders and back right away and then moved down to my lower back. I could feel him lower the towel over my ass and I could envision him looking at my pussy that was completely exposed from behind and I could feel my juices start to flow. I was very turned on. He massaged my lower back and would rub my butt cheeks and pull my legs to the side as he massaged me.

I knew that he could see my wet pussy clearly and that turned me on even more. I have had the Brazillan lazer treatment and am completly hairless from asshole to belly button so I knew was looking at everything.

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He would "accidently" slide his fingers up on my inner thighs and barely touch my labia. When I didn't complaine he was a litle more aggressive and touched my anus and was rimming me. By now the towel was on the floor. After massaging my legs all the way to my toes he asked me to turn over and I did without asking for a cover.

He again started with my hands, worked on my shoulders and worked all around my breasts. I was aching fo him to take me at this point but he just worked all around them, massaging everything but my nipples. He had me on fire. He finally touched both of my nipples at one time and I had a strong orgasm. My stomach tightened up, my pussy was flowing, I held his hands over my nipples until I came down.

He then rubbed my stomach, slipping down to just at the top of my clit, teasing me, making me squirm and he brushed his by now very hard cock against my hand. I got the message and gripped him and sat up and pulled his shorts off. I had never felt this large of a cock in my life, not that I have been very experienced but he was larger than I had ever felt.

I could feel the pre-cum on the head of his cock and he moved away from me to massage my lower body. He lifted my leg and massaged from my foot down my leg and when he got near my pussy he would linger and just come close but not touch.


I wanted him to just climb on and fuck me. I knew that Rob was waiting in the living room and that excited me even more that I was getting this with him nearby. He commented on how my cleaned off pussy looked and that got me even hotter. After doing my other leg he let his hand slip up and insert it in my pussy all the way in one stroke. I clenched down on him and he fucked it back and forth in me while his other hand pushe down to my ass.

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Somehow he rimmed me again and inserted a finger in my ass at the same time. I was in heaven. I had another orgasm with a finger in my pussy and one in my as. I wanted to feel that big boy of his and pulled him up on me.


He slid back down the table though and started sucking on my swollen clit. I could feel his tongue probing me and sucking me and his finger still in my ass.

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I had another orgasm and he immediatly got on me and rammed his cock in me, spreading me open like I had never felt.

I gripped him tightly, feeling him thrusting in and out and felt him push hard against me and felt his cum blast in me. I came squirting out around his cock and he withdrew leaving my pussy stretched open and full of cum.

What a feeling. Well, I cleaned up, he left and my husband asked me how it all went. I noticed that Rob had a tent in his shorts so I knew right away that he had probably been watching through the bathroom window.

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My next story will take off where this one ends. This was the start, it gets much better.