Anal sex finger male first time This week we see the return of the

Anal sex finger male first time This week we see the return of the
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The Truth About Nikki - pt11 - New Things Except for talking with Anna almost every day and having a few horny conversations with Kevin, my phone had remained silent for slightly over two weeks before I again received a call for a date. It was Chuck, one of the guys from Stu's party.

He asked if we could get together some night that week but that he was busy with team business over the weekend. I told him that we could get together the following evening if he was kewl with that and he jumped on it, I asked him when and where and he said that he would have to call me back in a bit and hung up. I smiled as we hung up, he was obviously new to arranging these things because he had allowed me to set the date instead of just telling me to be here or there at this time, period.

After Kevin's visit I had thought about crossing my legs again and returning to celibacy but had finally compromised with myself and decided instead to pace my evenings out to my original plan of once, maybe twice a month, no more.

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Another part of this decision was to get rid of Henry, there was just some underlying thing about him that seemed a bit weird to me, so I called him and cancelled our entire schedule. I was about ready to head off to bed when Chuck finally called back with the name of a motel, room number, and time to be there. I asked him if he understood the rate, he said he was cool with it and would see me the next night, with that we hung up and I trotted off to bed. The air was cool and damp as I walked across the parking lot to a side door of the motel, grasping the handle only to find it locked.

Beside the door was a card reader, which required a room card for entry. Just as I was about to head for the main office door a guy came around the corner lighting a cigarette and opened the door. I slipped past him and up the stairs heading for room 226. Chuck must have had his hand on the handle because I had barely pulled my knuckles off the door when it swung wide open and he invited me in. Chuck had a cooler on the counter with sodas, booze, and wine coolers in it, he asked if I wanted something and I asked for a wine cooler.

I instantly remembered that it had been wine coolers that had gotten me tipsy the night that I had lost my cherry to Ray. It made me smile and Chuck thought it was for him. I put my overnight bag beside the cooler and slipped from my jacket, revealing my sheer blouse and cold hard nipples to Chuck's gaze. I took a sip of my wine, kissed him on the cheek, and said "Hi" in my best little slut voice.

Looking around I could see that he had spent some time prepping the room, the bed was turned down, most of the light shades had been cocked to one side to dim the light and he had the motel TV tuned to a music channel playing rap.

Other than that it was pretty obvious that he had no idea of how to get things started. I don't know why but his inexperience with women like me pleased me in some way, so I started things off my way. I put down the wine, stepped towards him and cupped his manhood through his jeans while I leaned in and went to kiss him on his cheek but he turned his head and met my lips in a full on kiss.

His cock was already straining against his zipper and I made him moan into my mouth as I gave it a big squeeze during our kiss.

His hands were now moving all over my body, groping my different parts as I released his cock from his pants and stroked his exposed member with my hand. I told him to sit and he settled on the edge of the bed allowing me to slide his jeans and tighty whiteys off.

Then I knelt before him and pulled his top over his head and dropped it to the floor. Grasping his drooling cock again I leaned forward and sucked on one of his nipples, hearing him moan while his hands fondled my breasts through the thin material of my blouse. I looked into his eyes and slowly stood up, asking him to remove my clothes. His hands trembled slightly as he unbuttoned my blouse and opened it, revealing my hard puckered nipples to his gaze. Without a word he fondled my breasts and plucked my nipples several times before his hands headed south toward my skirt.

As his hands slid down my belly I turned slightly to give him better access to the button and zipper on the side of my skirt. As he pulled my skirt down, I turned back towards him so he could clearly see the message on the crotch of my white G-string. There looking him right in the face was my damp pussy covered in thin white satin with the message "I love BBC".

Instead of instantly peeling my panties off he cupped my ass cheeks, leaned in and kissed my pussy. With his face still pressed against me, I hooked my thumbs in my panties and slipped them down revealing my bare, shaven pussy to him.

This novice again surprised me by first kissing my twat, then licking my slit with his tongue. His hands gently slid my panties all the way down my legs and I stepped from them. I rested my hand on his head gently petting his hair as he went back to alternately kissing then licking my pussy lips making me shudder with excitement and flood my pussy.

Chuck finally pulled his face from my crotch and asked me to get on the bed. With my pussy twitching like crazy, I almost jumped onto the mattress where chuck pulled at my hips until I was on top of him in a 69 position, looking directly at his drooling 8 inches of hard black cock.

Instinctively my mouth opened and I lowered my mouth over his exquisite cock head and had my first taste of his salty pre-cum. As my lips tightened around his cock and my tongue swirled around his nice fat cock head, his hands pulled my hips down to his face and he drove his tongue deeply into my pussy hole.

The deep flicking action of his tongue within me made me moan around his throbbing cock and squirm my pussy into his face even harder. It is a wonderful thing to have a man lick and suckle a woman in that place and a rare privilege for a woman of my social stature.

This was the second time in only a month or so that a man had given me this treatment and I now fully understood why men enjoyed BJ's so much. No matter how much I tried to concentrate on Chucks cock in my mouth his licking, sucking, and nibbling on my clit and pussy lips was driving me to the point of orgasmic overload, and soon. As I felt the first quivers of my orgasm raceing up my spine I ground my pussy into his face and surrendered to its pleasure.

Chuck continued to lap at my flooded pussy until I was finally forced to pull my hips from his lips or go crazy on them. As I moved to the side to keep chuck's expert tongue away from my pussy, he pushed me off of his cock, climbed in behind me and shoved his cock into my sopping wet pussy with a satisfied sigh. It felt so wonderful to feel his stiff cock stretch my pussy, his balls rhythmically slapping against me, and his firm hands pulling me fully onto him with each stroke that I soon felt another climax building within me.

As Chuck fucked my aching pussy, he told me that he loved the way my cunt sucked his fucking cock, there wasn't anything better than fucking sweet white meat like me, and that the only sloppy seconds he was going to fuck tonight was his own.

He was in charge now, slowly fucking my pussy, taking his time, and I was loving it. My belly was churning like a mixer and I told him to fuck my pussy good and make me cum. He replied that he was going to tear my nasty ass up and pulled me back hard on his cock. And began pumping his fine cock into me just hard enough to make a nice wet smack with each stroke.

I felt the orgasm rushing up my spine, as he felt the first shudders ripple down my back he slammed his cock into me hard and fast, making my hole go crazy.

I bucked beneath him as he knelt behind me saying, "take it bitch, take it" over and over until my climax subsided. He slowed his pace and rubbed my ass as he asked me "you like that slut? you like the fucking cock, don't you?". After the great orgasm he had just given me, all I could say was "Oh yea baby, I love that fucking cock". Chuck's sweet steady fucking brought me right to the edge of another orgasm and he sensed that I was very close, he began to smack his tool hard into me every once in a while, sending ripples of pleasure through me.

Finally he began fucking my sopping wet hole harder and faster with every thrust, while asking me "you want it bitch? you want that fucking nut in ya?, I whimpered back to him that I needed to feel his hot fucking cum fill my pussy. His grip tightened on my hips and he thrust himself into my very center with all the force he could muster, and then exploded.

Cum gushed into my waiting pussy while Chuck moaned "take that fucking cum baby, take it". As he pulled his softened cock from my soaked pussy and flopped onto his back beside me, he muttered "fuck bitch, you got a nice cunt". I moved to him and suckled a moment on his nipple before his hand pressed against the back of my head and he told me to suck his fucking cock, not his tits. With his hand guiding my head I engulfed his sperm coated cock, pressing my nose into his gooey ball sack.

His grip tightened a bit and he arched his groin up into my face while he told me what a fine cocksucker I was. As I began to work my tongue around his semi-hard cock he said that most white bitches didn't suck dick for shit and that I must have sucked a ton of black meat to be so fucking good. For some reason it made me feel good in a way to have him compliment me on my abilities, but it struck me a stupid comment to tell a hoe that she was a good fuck. Chuck's cock rose to full attention again and he told me to mount him reverse cowboy.

As I repositioned he slid up and leaned against the headboard then guided my pussy onto his cock until I was fully seated. His hands on my ass he I began to rock back and forth on his cock enjoying the wonderful sensation of his rigid tool fucking me at such a different angle.

I felt his fingers rubbing my cum splattered pussy then move to my bung hole and begin working in circles around it, coating my puckered hole with his slick seed. I continued to milk his cock, enjoying the wonderful sensations of his hard cock grinding into me then he slipped one finger then two into my ass hole and began to work it around inside me.

I must have moaned when his fingers entered me, and he said that my ass was fucking tight. He went on to say that he hated fucking another guys cum, like he had the last time. I told him that I was enjoying tonight too just as he pushed me off of his cock and rubbed it against my bung.

As he held his cock, I slowly pushed back, feeling his fat cock force his way into my ass, sending a shudder up my spine and drawing a deep moan from Chuck. His hands grabbed my hips and began pulling me further down his cock and he began telling me how fucking hot it was, seeing my asshole stretched tight around his fucking cock His cock made me whimper and wiggle as he fucked more of his cock up my ass at this strange angle and he said it was incredible when my asshole clamped on his meat.

Finally his balls pulled tight against my pussy making us both moan with the pleasure we were experiencing. Now that he was balls deep in my ass, he began to push me off then back onto his cock, fucking me harder and faster with each and every flex of his strong hands on my hips.

Getting fucked like this made me grunt a bit with each full thrust up my ass and I felt a wonderful orgasm quickly building in my belly. Chuck was behind me moaning "yea, take that dick, fuck that tight ass, Take it bitch" and other things while fucking me harder and harder onto him. My orgasm washed over me and as I shuddered on Chuck's cock, he grunted loudly and began filling my quivering hole with his hot sperm. Chuck was bucking against me and telling me to "take that nut, take it fuckin deep" until his hips finally settled to the sheets and I sat down on his cock still buried deeply in my creamy ass hole.

Chuck was rubbing my back and saying how fucking good it was and how it was worth the price just to fuck my ass. I slipped from Chuck's cock, went straight to the bathroom, got a hand towel, a warm washcloth, returned to Chuck and cleaned him thoroughly. As I handled him he rested against the headboard with that silly ass smile that men get after they have cum and just watched me wordlessly.

I threw the soiled towels on the floor and chuck asked for his drink on my way back, which I handed him before picking up my wine cooler and sitting on the edge of the bed.

Initially I thought that this was just a rest break, but after we had chatted about different things for maybe 15 minutes Chuck said that he needed to shower and get his ass home. I stood to go with him but he waved me back down as he closed the bathroom door. After Chuck had dressed and left, I checked the envelope he had passed to me on his way out and found that he too had either tipped me well or paid for the entire night, in either case, I was very pleased.

I then showered, dressed, went home, retrieved my son before ten PM and went to bed. One day, several weeks later Kevin called for one of our weekly chats, he gave me a guys phone number and told me to tell him that Kevin referred me and then gave me a code word. He then went on to tell me that it was a swinger club that met a couple times a month and was for women who wanted black men. He explained that he had never attended, but that several of his clients were deeply involved in it. Kevin also explained that they filmed their parties, just so I wouldn't be surprised.

Another week or so went by before I dialed the number and heard Tom's deep voice for the first time.

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I told him what Kevin had told me to say, and Tom's manner seemed to change a bit, became more friendly and outgoing. We chatted for maybe 5 minutes where I basically answered a bevy of questions from Tom before he finally gave me the next party date, location, and another code word to give at the door. It all sounded so James Bond to me that it took me the entire next week for me to decide whether I even wanted to give it a try.

It was a Friday night in late May of 2002 when I drove into the parking lot of the expensive hotel north of the main part of the city and locked the van. I asked for the proper guest at the desk and was sent to a suite on the third floor. When the door opened I was looking at a six foot black man of about 35 or so, he asked how he could help me and I gave him the code word that Tom had given me and the copy of the lab report that I had been told to have.

He steeped back allowing me to pass into the suite and closed the door. Turning, he took another close look at me and said that he was Tom and asked if I was Nikki. After saying yes he said that I looked beautiful tonight and guided me into the main parlor of the suite. There were probably 20 people already there mixing and drinking, some soft soul music played from somewhere, but the thing that caught my eye most was the amount of camera equipment and lights that were scattered around.

I queried Tom about the cameras and he said that they recorded only for club use and fuzzed out faces and tattoos. He offered me a drink and then walked me around introducing me to the other guests. The ladies varied in age from about my age to over 40 something and the same with body styles, everything from slim and petite to the fairly plump. Most had wedding rings on but Tom had only introduced two ladies as being married to men that were there.


The men also varied in age from their 20's to 40's but most were in fine shape with the exception of a few that were a bit fat. I counted a total of 13 men and 8 of us ladies and asked if this was the whole group.

Tom explained that they had about 50 total members but rarely did more than this show up at any one get together. He wandered off and I began mingling with some of the ladies and found that they were all happy to explain the way this swinging thing worked.

The more they explained, the more I liked the whole system. These were people who came here to have hot nasty sex and a good time. The best part to me was being able to say no to one guy and yes to another if you wanted, this was an option that had never been open to me before and that one rule convinced me to give this a try.

Then the gals began breaking down the guys, giving me a full description of each mans assets and sexual preferences. I also learned why there were so many married ladies. Most were cheating on their husbands who thought that they were somewhere else tonight but a few had white husbands who knew where they were and why, but were ok with it. I had heard of cuckolds before but this was my first time around anyone who lived this way so I asked this gal to explain it to me. She was very open in her description of her marriage, they loved each other but he had never (in her words) satisfied her sexually so with their marriage in danger he had told her to get some on the side.

She went on and explained that she made him bring her to this group several years earlier and offer her to the men, that in doing this it became their decision, not just hers. He was out of town but she said that he normally would be here tending to her needs and watching.

It all seemed strange to me but who was I to talk. Soon the lights dimmed somewhat and couples began dancing to the music. I was standing to the side when a tall black man of about 40 came over, introduced himself as Bill and asked me to dance. As we moved together to the slow music, I could occasionally feel this mans cock brush against my thigh and without having to even look I could tell that he was sporting a nice fat cock that was already semi-hard.

Couples around us began making out and disrobing each other before moving toward comforters that were scattered around the large suite.

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Bill leaned in close and said that he knew that this was my first time here, so I shouldn't feel like I had to join in if I didn't want to. But as we danced there together, his cock touching me and seeing the couples here and there, fucking and sucking each other, I knew that I wanted to join in.

I slid my hand from Bill's back and slipped it between us, rubbing his hardness through his trousers before telling him that I was ready to give it a go if he was. He took my hand and walked us toward an unoccupied blanket on the floor while telling me that he had been ready ever since I had walked into the room.

I was expecting him to quickly pull my dress from me and ravage me but he began by gently kissing me as he slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my dress. As he slipped it over my shoulders his mouth moved down to my breasts, sending shivers down my spine. I noticed that there was at least one man filming us as we made out, Bill must have followed my gaze because he whispered in my ear to ignore him and just focus on the pleasure. Bill released my dress and it slipped to the floor leaving me in only panties and bra.

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The bra was next as bill expertly popped the center clasp one handed while he kissed my neck He knelt before me, kissing my body all the way down to my navel as he went. He said that he was privileged to be the first to welcome me as he hooked his thumbs into my panties and ease them over my hips and off. He leaned in, kissed my mound and said that I smelled like pure sex should smell. I could already feel a fire beginning to rage between my legs and knew that if he parted my pussy lips, my juices would probably gush from me.

I had forgotten the camera, I was totally focused on this man and I wanted him within me, and now. I knew that I should have teased him by slowly disrobing him as he had done me but I could wait no longer.

I knelt down with him and quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it from him; next his trousers met the same hasty removal, finally exposing his swollen uncut cock to me. As Bill struggled a bit to get his trousers off over his feet, I wrapped my hand around his wonderful fat cock and savored the feel of it pulsing with his rapid heartbeat. As soon as his was free of his pants, I pulled Bill to me and guided his hardness toward my dripping hole.

The feel of his cock head entering me sent an electric shock racing up my spine, making my entire body tremble beneath him. Bill rolled his hips toward me driving his cock deeper into my pussy and my legs automatically pulled up and crossed over his back, allowing him to enter me even deeper. As Bill pressed his tool into me I moaned and told him that it felt wonderful to be filled with his cock.

As bill's balls pressed against me he moaned into my ear that it felt so wonderful to be able to fuck me to the hilt, that some women couldn't take it all. I kissed his ear and asked him to fuck me with his big cock.

Bill began to work his wonderful, thick 9-inch cock in and out of me, sending ripples of pleasure through me with each stroke. My entire body was tingling so much from Bill's fucking and kissing and nibbling that I never felt the orgasm coming.

It hit with the force of an earthquake, I completely zoned out as I thrashed and bucked underneath Bill's onslaught. As I opened my eyes, there was Bill looking me directly in the eyes with a huge smile on his face. He blurted out " holy shit girl, I thought you was gonna buck my ass off". We both laughed and I told him that I didn't want him off of me yet, that I wanted him to cum too.

He kissed me and said that the only problem he was having was not cumming in my tight little hole. As Bill went back to fucking me, I clamped my pussy on his cock and told him that I didn't know if it wasn't him being so wonderfully fat, but whatever case I loved the way he felt.

I could feel Bill's strong heart pounding louder and louder within his chest as he pumped his cock a little harder and a little faster into me with each full stroke. His constant kissing and nibbling was again brining me to climax and I was able to warn him before the next explosion ripped through me. Just as I was recovering, Bill moaned "ohh shit" and explode within me with enough force that I could feel his hot seed gush into me and fill me almost to overflow. Bill lay there for just a moment before lifting himself from my sweaty breast and asking if we could do that again after he had rested.

I looked into his soft brown eyes and told him that he was welcome to service me any time he wished to. He rolled from between my legs, but before I could put my legs down a voice told me not to move, that he had a perfect shot of my hot creamy cunt.

I had completely forgotten about the guys and the cameras, but as I looked down between my legs, here was a camera aimed directly at my freshly filled pussy. The cameraman told me that I was going to love the video and then asked if I had something left for a horny brotha in need. I looked toward his crotch and saw that he had a beautiful rock hard cock jutting straight out from his belly. I knew that he was hard because he had just watched Bill and me and I was a little proud of myself that I had affected him.

So without hesitation I just reached out to him and told him it would be my pleasure to help him cure his problem. He quickly motioned for another to take over the camera duties and slid between my legs and entered my sperm filled box.

As this new man buried his cock fully into my womb with one powerful shove of his hips, he introduced himself as Mark and said that the tape he had just shot was truly hot stuff. I kissed his ear and told him that we should make an even hotter one.

He laughed and said that his 6-inch equipment didn't compare to Bill's but that he would try to please me. I locked my legs over his back and whispered into his ear that I could already feel his cock working its magic inside me. Mark wasted no time bringing me to a boil either, he was so worked up from watching Bill and I that he began pounding my pussy hard and fast almost immediately. The power of his fucking had my belly doing flip-flops within minutes and I told him that he was going to make me cum soon.

This only spurred Mark on, and he redoubled his efforts to pound my hips into the blanket, forcing me over the edge into a wonderful back clenching orgasm. As my climax subsided I whispered to Mark that I wanted to feel his hot cum flood my pussy, this helped push Mark over the edge and he gripped my ass cheeks and exploded inside me, grunting at each powerful spurt of his baby juice gushed into me. His grip relaxed on my ass cheeks and he slowly withdrew from my now dripping pussy and rolled to my side.

I slowly lowered my legs to the carpet, but kept my legs apart for the new camera guy to film whatever he wanted to.

I was aware of the camera now and it made me feel sexy in a way to be filmed with these men, it was like the tape I had taken from Ray's house years ago.

Every time I watched it I became very horny and excited, it was as if I could really feel those men inside me again, their cocks pushing and stretching me in all those different ways all over. This time I didn't offer myself to the camera guy, I needed some rest and something to drink, so I got up and headed to the ladies room.

The action had moved throughout the suite because when I turned the corner into the restroom, here was another couple fucking on the counter top. I turned to leave but the guy told me to go ahead, it didn't bother them.

When I returned to the main room I just began wandering around seeing what the others were doing and sipping on my now warm drink. It was like walking thorough a room filled with pure sex, everywhere I looked there were people laughing, joking, drinking, fucking, sucking, and just playing sexually with one another.

The entire atmosphere of this room was charged with sexual energy and I loved it. I felt completely at home here, naked; sweat soaked, and splattered with sperm, like this is where I should have been all my life. Looking around this mass of other sweaty bodies I realized that these people had struck upon the perfect way to satisfy their sexual needs and fantasies.

Each person here could indulge and explore their own individual sexual desires, it was so opposite from my life as a hoe where I was expected to perform for the man without regards to my wants and desires. I made up my mind right then and they're that I had just found the proper channel for my sexual energy. I would become a swinger, if they would accept me. As I strolled about I found some women sitting on chairs sucking any cock that was presented to them.

I watched them for few minutes until the tingling in my belly forced me to act. I walked over and asked if I could join in and a guy instantly pulled another chair over and said that I was more than welcome. It felt a bit strange to just sit down and suck a guys cock, but then again, it was something that I enjoyed so I decided to go for it.

The guy who had gotten me the chair introduced himself as Brad and after I introduced myself I eagerly sat down and guided his 8-inch cock into my mouth.

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His slender cock slid all the way down my throat until his wet balls pressed against my chin making him groan and comment that I was a gifted cocksucker. His cock smelled like sex and tasted wonderful, I could smell the pungent odor of his sperm and taste it's saltiness mixed with whatever woman he had just been with, it was intoxicating.

His cock grew hard within just a minute or so and he began humping his hips into me in perfect harmony of my efforts. Gently stroking his cock with two fingers of my left hand while fondling his tight balls with my right soon had him moaning with pleasure and begging me to make him cum.


I ran the index finger of my right hand down the back side of his balls and began massaging that area of skin that lies between a mans balls and his ass. As soon as I began this treatment I could feel his groin tighten and his cock erupted into my waiting mouth.

His hand had dropped to my head and he gently held me there until I had swallowed every drop of his salty seed before his hand released me and he stepped back. I got up and continued my stroll around the room, sipping my drink and savoring the way it and the semen tasted together. I found Tom sitting on a couch watching the goings on and asked if he wanted company.

He patted the seat next to him and I plopped down and surveyed his body as he surveyed mine. Tom is about 6'2 or 3, fairly slender and toned. He appeared to work out enough to keep any flab from forming on his jet-black frame. His flaccid cock lay on the leather cushion between his legs, and appeared to be fairly thick and maybe 8 or so inches if it were hard.

He asked if I was enjoying my first visit and I smiled and told him that I not only enjoyed it but I was hoping to become a permanent member. His left hand had slipped down to his cock and he was now slowly stroking himself as he replied that I would be accepted without a problem and he would give me a copy of the club rules later.

The sight of him stroking his cock made my juices begin to flow again to the point that I finally asked if I could help and placed my hand over his. Tom removed his hand and let me take charge, so I slipped from the couch and knelt between his legs and guided his semi-hard cock into my mouth as I peered into his eyes. His eyelids fluttered as my lips closed around his cock and my tongue began circling his cock head.

Again, I could taste not only his sperm but also whomever the woman was that he had been with. Tom's hands clasped both side of my head and he rolled his head back against the cushion as I slipped my mouth down his entire cock until I could feel it entering my throat. I forced myself to remain in this position and swallow several times, clamping my throat on his cock as if it was my pussy before sliding back up to catch a breath.

Tom moaned that it felt wonderful when I swallowed his cock like that so I did it several more times before his cock finally reached it's fully swollen state, preventing me from further deep throat action, he was just too fat when hard to swallow. His hands pulled me from his swollen cock and he asked if I wanted to fuck, I smiled and slid from between his legs and straddled his lap, allowing him to guide me down onto his rigid manhood. As soon as he had me impaled on his hard cock he repositioned my legs upward against the seat back and cupped one of my ass cheeks in each of his hands.

With my feet on the cushion beside his hips and my knees almost in his armpits, his cock felt like it was a foot long as he began pulling me up and off his cock before dropping me back down to his lap. The sensation of being deep fucked like this was awesome and I told him that it truly felt wonderful. Tom laughed and told me that it felt like his cock was trapped in a velvet vise and that this was the way he always dreamed of dieing, "fucking some hot tight pussy".

My belly was churning already and I began pressing myself back down his cock with more and more urgency and force. Just as I was struck by a tremendous orgasm, I noticed that Tom was no longer holding me, I was pounding myself onto his cock and he was just enjoying the ride. My climax hit me hard, making Tom hold me to him until it subsided. He continued to pound his cock into me for another minute or so before slamming my hips against his and pumping his black seed directly into my womb.

It felt wonderful to be completely full of cock and cum but my legs were beginning to cramp so I reluctantly slid from his cock and leaned back on the couch beside him. As we rested in silence for a few moments I again reviewed my decision to become part of this group and could find no drawback to joining it. I had enjoyed a wonderful evening and had done exactly what I had wanted to do, had enjoyed some really good sex, met some nice people, and best of all, had no worries about catching something bad because of the testing policy of the members.

I finally said my goodbyes to Tom, got my list of group rules and he told me that he would call in a day or two about my status and the next party. Dressed and heading for the door, Bill stopped me and gave me a sensual goodnight kiss before passing me his card and asking for my phone number too. He said if it were ok he would call for a date, maybe later in the week. After telling him that I would enjoy that, I slipped from the room, and went home as an almost official swinger.

My next diary post will be entitled "The Truth About Nikki - pt12 - adding to the family