Cocksucking teenager doggystyled in threeway

Cocksucking teenager doggystyled in threeway
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This story is a work of fiction. Like most of my stories, the basic scenario is one suggested by a friend of mine. She had found herself In this situation once, and through discussion, we talked about the basic lusts and passions between two individuals and the internal conflicts they would have to overcome to basic religious morals and overall societal mindfucks the youth of today have to go through concerning sex. I can empathize with the characters, but legally cannot condone sexual relations between a minor and an adult.

Laura and her Youth Minister Chapter 3 Laura rode her bike to the church. The day was pretty, but fall wasn't far off. She thought about the upcoming weekend. Tomorrow they had their end of the summer bash planned. A couple of hours over to the closest water park for a day of splashing, fellowship and eating.

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Like the new top she was wearing, she had gone shopping for a new suit that would be sexy, but in a way that her mom or dad wouldn't blow the whistle. She liked the top, and wouldn't wear it any other day than today. It made her a little nervous. The neckline was a little lower than she normally wore, and the whole thing was a size or two too large, which made it ride even lower.

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But she knew he would notice and that thrilled her. She had gone through the whole thing with boys her age and had done a little experimenting; playing with boys' cocks, even having had sucked one twice. She hadn't minded doing it, she liked it even, but she didn't like all the crap that came with it.

The boys seemed so immature to her, and really she didn't need them anymore, at least not until one came along that didn't act all macho and goofy. No, she had something else. She had Brother Michael. Well she had him, but she didn't. Wanted him but not all of him. Just the part of him that made her feel alive, special, appreciated for her mind, her sense of humor and all those other things that made her feel good about herself.

Laura loved Kelsey, Michael's wife, and certainly didn't want to do anything that would hurt their marriage. She just wished that one day she could have a man like him all her own. In the meantime, she hoped Kelsey didn't mind sharing a little.

She and Michael had gotten pretty close, and he was a friend, probably her closest male friend if she really stopped to think about it. She could talk about anything with him, and knew he felt the same way about her, but strangely after a while they didn't talk much about the couple's personal life, and that was fine with Laura.

Michael made her feel interesting, intelligent and lately sexy. He listened to her and actually absorbed what she had to say, what she thought about and then responded with sincerity. He treated her like a person, not a kid, not a girl.

She liked that. Whether due to hormones or whatever, it only seemed natural to her to begin flirting with him. To tease him and touch him sometimes, winking across rooms and wiggling her little tushy at him playfully.

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It was so fun and so heady, but up to this past week it had been something she could have explained her way out of feigning innocence. Not anymore, she had seen him looking at her differently this past week.


She had caught him gazing at her chest, or her butt or something other than her face when he didn't realize it. He was touching her more now, and she liked that too. It made her forget all those smarmy boys who kept trying to get her to do things, or agree to things so she could say she had a boyfriend.

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She didn't need that, she had something better; a man, a real man, someone who had taste and maturity. If she appealed to him, if he was flirting with her, then that was all she needed to feel secure in who she was, what she looked like, if she was attractive or sexy. The only problem was the one thing they couldn't discuss was sex. It bothered her, she had a drive for it, she liked it, she liked how it felt, and how she felt, but she fought it at times too.

She thought if she talked to him about it, well…that would just be uncomfortable.

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Good girls don't think about sex, much less talk about it. And besides he might draw back from her and give her the standard speech about waiting and all that. She sure didn't want to hear that. Maybe if she could get him to broach the subject… Oh well, she sighed to herself, hitching her shoulders up and walking into the sanctuary.

If he didn't see her sexuality clearly, then maybe she should show him a little more. At least that was the plan. She sighed again, this time from relief as she realized she was alone. Standing at her piano she brought the tip of her finger to her mouth and moistened, then absentmindedly rubbed at the stubborn water spot, the same way she rubbed it every time she saw it. Spreading out the old sheet music she started to practice it, sight reading as she went, starting over and over. While she played, her mind was elsewhere.

She started to feel foolish from the notion of flirting with this man, how much older he was, married, preacher…all that. But still, she couldn't help but daydream a little. Then all the sudden it was like her piano had burst out on steroids!

The volume went from a soft tinkling to a larger fuller sound as it filled the entire empty space of the sanctuary. She was trembling and turned around to see him. Grinning at her, he waved and she let him have it. Not really, but she felt she had to tell him off for startling her, but what really was in her mind was the question of how long he had been watching her?

She felt a little tremble go up her spine and all the doubts she had had just a moment ago were gone in that flash. He was there, and after he fiddled with the AV stuff a bit, he was moving towards her.

She felt a sudden dry constriction in her throat and gulped it down when she remembered the top she had on.


Well here goes nothing, girl, let's show him something. She felt that tremor roll up her spine again then back down when she smelled his scent and felt his firm hands on her shoulders. Surely if he wanted to see, he could, but why not give him a better view and she laid her head over on his hand as she played a particularly soft moving part. Surely he can't miss that! She knew she wasn't showing much, but more than she ever had to him or anyone except for a couple of boyfriends.

She felt a tingle in her belly and after a minute or so she straightened her head and felt him shift. Why would he do that if he weren't trying to get a better angle again now that her head was in his line of sight?

Oh man, maybe it is working!


An idea hit her and she leaned forward, lifting her glasses a bit and squinting at the yellowed paper. "Can you make out that note?" she points to one and doesn't even look back at him. She knows the top is gaping open, she can feel the exposure almost second nature. She feels excited, but knows the bra is going to keep everything covered.

Still… She feels Michael lean over and make a quick read on the note and then lingers a bit, debating it, but her peripheral vision is good and she sees his eyes aren't on the music, but looking down into her top! The tingle goes into overdrive and she stalls a bit, debating more, trying different notes in the chord, hitting some sour ones on purpose to extend the moment.

She hears him clear his throat and chuckle a little and straightens up and looks up at him with a little look of WTF is so funny? He responds by saying he never heard her hit so many wrong notes in his life, and with that rubs the top of her head and excuses himself to his office.

She looks at him with a mock mean gaze but lets her eyes drift down as he turns. Was the bulge in his slacks a little larger now than usual? Did he look and was that the result? She returned to her music and played at it, but her mind was elsewhere& was already looking forward to tomorrow and beyond.