Naughty orgy action with luscious bombshells big tits and asian

Naughty orgy action with luscious bombshells big tits and asian
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This is a sequel to the CAW #26 story, "Cherry Falls," by @DarkThunder: That story was itself inspired by the Movie, "Cherry Falls": Movie plot: In the small town of Cherry Falls a psychotic murderer is killing off virgins of the local high school.

Story Plot: Maya, the hero, tries to get devirginized, ends up committing incest with her brother Kevin, but then gets kidnapped by the bad guy, but it all turns out alright in the end and the bad guy is captured. While there never was a sequel movie, @tonybs wrote one into his story, "Co-Ed Axe Murderer." So this is the story of an imaginary movie which is a sequel to a real movie which was the subject of a CAW 26 entry.

THX to @tonybs for the sequel idea, but I did have this idea before he published his version. ---------------- So there I was, on the forest path, and that bitch makes a dive for my crotch, and starts licking me. One thing I do know, is I'm 100% hetero. I don't need any dyke bitch going down on me, I have my brother, Kevin, and any number of other boys to do that to me.

Well, I suppose she had an excuse, I was trying to kill her. Well, it wasn't me who's trying to kill her, it's the creepy guy, the old school councilor, the "ThatNiceGuyWithAKnife" Killer.

If you remember back to when he was on the loose, my Dad caught him. We thought he'd been carving up virgins all over town. I'd gotten Kevin to devirginize me specially so the killer wouldn't be interested in me, so what does the killer do, yep, you guessed it, he only goes and gets interested in me anyway.

Hmmm, that sort of, might have been my own fault. :facepalm: Technically, I didn't need to be devirginized, but that led to, well you'll find out as we go on, I don't want to get ahead of myself. Last time, I'd said the being in love with Kevin line as a joke, but it wasn't really much of a joke, as it turned out. Since the devirgining, well maybe :redface:, my feelings for Kevin changed.

He changed. He's not an ass, at all, now, but he does have a fine one. A very muscled, touchable, tight one, ass I mean. It makes you want to bite right… hmm… damn it, that fine ass distracted me.

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Sex tends to have that effect on me, well you'll find that out later too, now where was I? So the killer swears vengeance on everyone who helped thwart him, them promptly ups and kills himself. We all thought that was the end of that, but now a few years later, bodies start turning up… This time, they're all Co-Ed's, turns out they were daughters of people involved with the old case, the daughters of the DA, and the judge who heard the case.

This time though he isn't dismembering them with a knife, they'd been hacked to death with an axe.:dead: Then there was the twitter handle that popped up, "ThatNiceGuyWithAKnifeAgain," claiming he's the same guy doing the killings.

That account got shut down, but "CoEdAxeMurderer" showed up and started tweeting details only the killer could know. Just like last time, it was hidden behind a dozen proxies, so the cops kept it active hoping they could trace it. No one's connected the victims to the old serial killer yet, so now all the Co-Ed's in town are in a tizzy, thinking they're the killer's targets.

I'm a Co-Ed, I'm taking units at the community college, so I'm thinking I'm the killer's target personally, again. But unlike last time, when I got devirginized, there's no good way to be de-Co-Ed'ed. :nailbiting: Pretty soon, the connection was made, and I think it'd be just like the bastard to go after me personally, just to get at Dad.

This whole thing is giving me nightmares, literally!! I mean, I'm dreaming I'm the killer, and chopping people up with an axe. Well that's what I thought, but later I found out, … Well, let me tell you about that bitch! MC! She'd been having lesbo threeways with the two victims who started the virgin thing, the two girls who were found hacked to death with "VIRGIN" written on their thighs.

MC was to be the killer's third victim, before me. We were both in the tied-to-the-chair-in-the-basement-of-a-serial-killer thingy, that Dad rescued us from. Well, I thought the whole thing had scared her straight, she got married soon after, to Dick. The bitch stole him from me BTW. :rage: After things settled down, I thought I had a good thing going with Dick, then she stuck her nose in. Actually, I think Dick stuck his nose in her first, but that's beside the point, she ups and steals Dick away from me, and marries him.

:mad1: I didn't know the first couple of victims, but they were killed around the same time I had those nightmares I mentioned. The nightmares were all dead bodies and blood everywhere. But, one night they took a different turn.

I'm having this really vivid dream, I'm peering in at a window, and I see DC, MC's sister, and Dick in bed together. :wideyed: I'm not sure where this going… I can hear their moans clearly, but what they are saying is muffled, but I'm getting the gist.

I'm not seeing much, just his ass going up and down as he's pounding away at her, she's got her legs around him, her heels digging in to his butt, damn, it's making me think of Kevin's tight ass, mmmm, it is tasty, firm and… what? Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, back to the dream. I'm not getting a good view of anything, even though his ass is great, it's a bit boring, "missionary," and I'm willing them to move!

Just then her legs release him and he goes to move, I'm amazed, then I remember, FFS it is my dream!!! I can make them do what I want, can't I? So, he moves to pull out, and he kisses his way down her body. Looking at her, he takes one puffy nipple between his teeth and nibbles on it, smiling. DC moans, as she grabs his head.

He sucks, and then releases the nipple, leaving it glistening. As he travels down, he plants little licking kisses along her impossibly flat belly, and over her mound. He looks hungrily at her slit, before bending, sticking out his tongue and giving one long, languid, sweeping, lick up the entire length of her center, slowly parting her lips and tickling her clit. OMFG!! It looked so hot! Both of us, no, all of us moaned simultaneously!

I don't know about her, but my pussy was tingling like mad. This was some realistic dream! He got off the bed, and caressed down her legs, got to her ankles, wrapped his fingers gently around them, then suddenly yanked her to the bottom of the bed. I don't know who was more taken aback, me, or her, but she laughed, they both did.

That's good, it's supposed to be fun right? ;) I had an excellent view now. He opened her legs and, as he stood, I got my first look at the cock.


His was a cock, not a penis. A cock I hadn't seen, or touched, for months, and what a cock it was. It was with out doubt, a cock made for porn, real big and monstrous looking (he was definitely given the right name). You know how some guys say that with girl's tits that anything more than a handful is a waste? Personally, I think anything over 8 inches is a waste. Well his was a giant waste! Lol! I wouldn't turn him down though, I'm pissed not stupid!

:p I prefer a smaller, thicker, meaty cock and I know just where to get me one of those. :p By now Dick's dick was throbbing and dripping precum! It looked so tasty, as he took hold of it and rubbed the knob end up and down her wet pussy, nudging and stroking it against her clit. I was desperate for him to ram it in. But, he just held it, and put the very tip inside her, splitting her labia open, he pushed in a little and took it out, then in some more and out again, over and over until I could see her begging him to put it all the way in.

It looked so good, as her pink pussy flesh stuck and dragged on his shaft. I'm thinking, "FFS, just fuck her already, then hurry up and do me!" :bored: :p Finally he thrust in deep. Her mouth opened, and her eyes closed. I held my breath; I could almost feel every inch going in. I could feel my own pussy clench as he slid in so slowly and deliberately, unconsciously my hand goes straight to it, feeling the slick juice covering my thighs. I am so freakin' horny! I realize I have no panties on, oh, that's right I was fucking Kevin before I came here, I mean before I fell asleep.

Oh crap, did I leave Kevin handcuffed to the bed? Did I dream that too? Fuck it, I can't keep up!! :confused1: Anyway, Dick grabs her ankles, and holds on to them, using them to fuck her as hard as he can! My fingers have a mind of their own, they're rubbing and stroking my nub, it's on fire.

I'm going crazy; I need to cum. I know what he's doing feels awesome, I know because when Dick used to have me in that position, the angle would have me moaning and cumming, constantly, wherever we were would be soaked, I cum a lot.

DC is no different, she's real loud, "Oh, Dick, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhmmmmm munnnnnohhhhh! Oh, yes fuck me!

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Dick, oh you're so big! Oh fuck my little tight kitty baby!" It's like my own private porn movie, even down to the cheesy, over the top, fake, sweet, baby voiced dialogue (only I keep forgetting, this is a dream, it is, isn't it?) Though I can see DC's not faking anything. Dick is thrusting away, his perfect abs are rippling, his ass and his teeth are clenching as he pumps away, and I can see by her sex face that with every thrust he's rubbing her g-spot. It won't take her long.

My pussy is liberally dripping juice, and my fingers are sliding easily everywhere, teasing my nub, bringing the frenzied tingles converging to the tip. I'm so close. It's like he's fucking me! Oh fuck me! I'm moaning now, but I'm biting my lip trying to be discreet. We're all moaning, but DC is saying over and over, "Oh fuck, Dick! I'm, I'm cumming! Oh! Don't stop! Oh, oh! Oh Dick, I'm cumming, oh, oh!" As she slipped in to her orgasm, my pussy spasmed, and I readily joined her.

My cum flowed down my legs, as I imagined how good Dick's dick would feel in me, my legs shook as I watched her face contort in ecstasy. Though I should be jealous of DC, and I am, I mean he was mine, I'm really hoping MC comes home and catches them going at it.

Right now would be a good time, DC is screaming and cumming, and Dick's reaming that sweet little kitty. (WTF?!! Did I just say sweet kitty? Where did that come from? I'm not interested in girls!!!) :eek: So, I'm thinking the bitch is going to get everything she deserves, if she sees this little scene (that'll teach her to steal my man, karma's a bitch, bitch!) So I'm cheering on DC, when I feel a cool breeze between my legs.

With no panties to get in the way, my cum is seeping down my thighs, and the breeze is making them feel chilly (wow! This is some realistic dream, did I say that already?!) Kevin likes me that way, no not chilly, the without panties part I mean, even when there's no prospect of the handcuffs, Kevin loves me to go commando.

I'll let you in on a secret - sometimes even when Mom and Dad are around, he'll sneakily slip his hand between my thighs and whisper that, only when my pussy juice reaches that certain point, will I be allowed to be touched, but if not then I can't be licked, or fingered, or fucked, or touched, in any way. Let's just say that has a certain effect on a girl, I'm a very good girl. I hate to disappoint.

:smuggrin: Then, something catches my eye, someone's flung the bedroom door open. Oh fuck yeah, it's MC! Here it comes, I get to see her go in to melt down! Boom! Take that bitch let's see how you like it!! :woot: :devilish: She's standing in the doorway, hands on her hips, wearing a really slutty outfit, a see through shirt, no bra (and BTW her tits are freakin' awesome, massive but awesome!!), and a mini skirt that doesn't cover much of anything.

A bit like mine, wait, it's more than a bit like mine. Oh snap!! I'm wearing the exact same outfit!!! I might hate her, and cuss her out, but the bitch has great taste in slutty clothes. Still, it'd be awesome if we didn't rock up in the same outfit though, dream or no dream. o_O I'm standing there, once more with my eyes glued to MC, still waiting for the fireworks to start, when I realize, she's smiling at them, wait, WTF!!!! SMILING!! THIS REALLY IS MY NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

:mad: MC saunters over to Dick, swinging her hips, and whispers something in his ear, a devilish smile pulls at the corners of his mouth, and he nods. DC is confused; her face twisting in disappointment as he pulls his monstrous girlie cum covered cock out of her hot hole. Her juicy labia clinging desperately to Dick's dick, as if trying to keep him trapped inside her.

Dick drops her legs, and MC immediately takes his place, standing between DC's lewdly spread limbs, staring hungrily at her younger sisters soaking, swollen, sex.

MC's fingers are drawn to the fuzz covered lips. Slowly running through her sister's little kitty, she moans, "Mmmmm sis, you look good enough to eat, and you know I'm partial to a piece of furry pie." Oh FFS!!! I thought the bitch was going to get her just desserts, but seeing MC sucking on her pussy flavored finger, I realize her sister IS the dessert!!!!!

:facepalm: I'm fuming, literally shaking with anger, when I'm distracted by Dick's dick. Dick is moving toward the top of the bed to watch; his massive member is enough to distract anyone!! DC and I can't take our eyes of his beautiful rampant cock, bouncing with every step; I defy anyone to be able to ignore that weapon!! Mesmerized by Dick, we both lick our lips, obviously hers are more accessible than mine, as he stops, whispers something to her, and her mouth closes. She looks up at him all wide eyed and innocent (ha!), as he presses down on his slick veiny shaft, before sawing back and forth, sliding his bulbous slippery knob across the middle of her pretty pouty lips (Mmmm, now that's my kind of lip gloss.

:p) MC swipes two of her long slender fingers again, through the center of her sisters juicy kitty, a smoldering lascivious look passes between her and Dick, as she thrusts her fingers deep in to his eager mouth. Smacking DC's lips with his cock, while sucking her juice from her sister's fingers.

Fingering her again, I can't help but notice the cream pooling in MC's nails. Time seemed to slow as her fingers travel once more to her own mouth. (Watching, my pulsating, tingling, pussy, drips juice all down my thighs.) MC shoves her fingers over her impossibly pouty lips and deep inside. We both, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm." Immediately, I slap my hand over my mouth :facepalm:!! No, no, I was watching Dick, honest! Grabbing her baby sister's legs, MC pushes them back towards DC's head, motioning for DC to hold them, DC grabs and pulls them back to her ears (flexible little minx), forcing Dick to position himself behind her head, and splaying her furry little pussy's inner pink wide open.

I don't know how they feel, but I'm aching for that first, long, languid, body rocking, lick. I'm sure sparks are shooting from my head. Tingles are coursing through my body, firing everywhere from head to toe, circling, striking my nipples and igniting my clit. Rivers of molten lust are streaming down my legs, and I'm pretty certain my pussy is going to explode!

What? I'm concentrating on Dick; this lesbian stuff does nothing for me. See, I'm watching Dick, he's sitting over DC's head, slowly stroking his monstrous cock, watching his hand gliding easily up and down his full length. His massive cock so engorged it's almost touching his muscly abs. Kneeling he rubs his balls over her face; she wiggles her tongue at him, urging him to bring them to her.

Immediately, she bathes them with her tongue, before cupping them, allowing them to nestle in her hot wet mouth. "Mmmm, yeah!

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Lick his balls, you horny little slut." What?! Why the fuck did I say that? Slurping noises draw all our eyes to MC, kneeling between her sister's legs, ravenously licking DC's spent juice.

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Her fingers spreading the tight fuzz covered lips wide apart, exposing her cute little labia, enticing her tongue to delve in to those perfectly formed pink pussy petals.

She looks hungrily at the dripping nectar before mouthing DC's whole sex. We can all see her swallowing, obviously drinking in her sister's juices, seemingly in a state of complete ecstasy, her eyes burning with lust. (She obviously likes the taste!) "Who wouldn't, I bet the little whore tastes fucking fantastic. Go on bitch eat her, eat your sisters tight little cunt." Who the fuck said that?

That sounded like a guy's voice! This really is one weird ass dream, now it even has an audience? MC is voraciously invading her sisters little kitty now.

Licking, kissing, sucking, pulling her little button, manipulating it in to her voluptuous lips in one fluid motion, repeating over and over, never deviating from the pattern. She's doing something with her hand, I can't see what, but her sister's hips hump, her nipples immediately harden, and her eyes glaze over in ecstasy.

I can't look away. I can't take my eyes off MC, my own pussy sizzling, burning hot, the intense throb is consuming me, it's all I can think about, it's driving me crazy. I can't help but slip in my own fingers, making them glide around my hot steamy folds.

I can't hold back from imagining it's MC, imagining it's her tongue in there, her talented tongue pressing my nub. My knees weaken, and I can't help but flex my hips, humping my fingers, breathy moans fall uncontrollably from my lips.

Now this is weird, if I were watching porn, I'd be skipping this bit. I'd be concentrating on Dick's side of the action, not have my eyes glued to the girls!! Dick's moans shook me out of my thoughts, I look, I can see why he's so vocal. DC is almost swallowing his balls, she's moaning loudly around them, from her sister's onslaught, that you can almost see them vibrating.

He's watching the action between them intently but more so, he's noticed that his, skyward pointing, fully engorged, rock hard, cock has been oozing a trail of precum.

And in fact there's so much of it that it's running down his shaft, and just dripping on the cleft in her chin down her slender neck. A fact that seems to be driving him to stroke his massive veiny cock manically. He's watching it briefly pool in the hollow of her throat before overflowing and seeping between her little titties. Why am I thinking, I'd give anything to suck those mouthwatering little titties?

EWWW!! FFS, I DON'T DO GIRLS!!! Obviously he's been stroking his meat, while watching the action, how could he resist? I know my fingers aren't idle. I'm sure Dick is close, I can see how engorged his cock is, and there's that glint in his eye. He jumps off the bed and pulls away so quickly that DC is still sucking in air, her mouth never closes though, her lips forced permanently open around her moans.

He heads toward MC with a predatory look to her ass, pausing to wipe his cock off on DC's mouth on the way. Kicking MC's feet apart, and giving her ass a sharp spank, he roughly grabs her skirt tearing it slightly, and in one swift motion seizes his massive throbbing cock and with a grunt, rams it right up her creamy cunt. The girls both moan, receiving a ripple effect of pleasure from Dick's entrance. My fingers are deep inside my pussy now, matching Dick as he starts thrusting, banging her fast and hard, using her skirt for leverage.

They're all moaning now, Dick's almost chanting. "Fuck yeah, do it eat her, eat your sister, do it, eat that little cunt, while I fuck you full of jism! Oh fuuuuck!" The moans are reaching a crescendo, as we all get closer to that intense release. I look at MC, she's going wild with pleasure. Wait, WTF am I doing? She doesn't deserve his cum she doesn't deserve pleasure, the bitch, why should she? I could kill her. I could kill the bitch!! "Yes you could, you could kill her, go on she deserves it, you know she does!" The words, the man's words, are spinning in my head, and this red mist descends.

I look down and realize there's an axe in my hand, I don't know how that got there, my hand is twitching, what am I doing? There's that creepy voice again. "You're going to kill her remember, she's not getting away with stealing Dick. You're going to show her aren't you?! Get your revenge!" Their moans begin filtering through to my ears again. Yes, I'm going to show her, I've got to get in there, get in before that bitch gets to cum!!

Gotta find the door! Yes! Getting to the door quickly I realize it's unlocked. No one locks their doors in Cherry Falls, you'd think with a serial killer on the loose (again :eek: :eek:) that they'd know better, but apparently old habits die hard, people however, they die easy.

:laugh: They are easy to find, I just have to follow the sounds of sex, and there's plenty of that. My anger is rising, watching her (the bitch!), go down on DC and Dick pounding away at her. Grrr :mad1: I'm fuming! Seeing their naked bodies writhing in front of my eyes. Dick is letting everyone know he's going to cum, and the bitch is moaning in to her sisters tight little kitty. I'm livid. I just can't hold back any longer. Raising the axe, I scream and try to dash in, but I'm glued to the spot.


It takes all my strength to drive forward. Finally, I manage to rush the trio, and run forward swinging the axe at the bitch, trying to chop her head off. But she looks up, well they all do, but she's quick, and ducks out of the way. The axe catches DC instead, and disembowels her. Now, all hell breaks lose, DC is screaming like she's been disemboweled, she had been, so I suppose she had an excuse.

Dick is staring back and forth, at me, and at DC, not knowing what to do, so I raise the axe and hit him. I get his neck, like I was aiming for, but his head didn't come off. You know, it's really difficult to actually take someone's head off with an axe, it's not as easy as it seems in the movies (this is a dream, it's not a movie yet! I wonder who they get to play me?

:p :p) I never realized that til now. (You know, when beheading was used for executions, even professional axemen would need to take a couple of blows to do it, just ask Mary Queen of Scots.) "Hey, we're a little busy here!!" The voice buts in! Oh right, anyway, his head doesn't come off, but his neck starts spurting blood all the way across the room.

I must have got his jugular vein, it does that. So there's, literally, bloody hell on the bed, but I hear the door behind me slam. The bitch has abandoned DC and Dick, and run off to save her sorry hide. She has no loyalty that bitch, the least she could do was to stay and try to fight me off.

Damn her, she's not getting away, I need to follow; I'm not too far behind her as she's running down the road. She ducks into the forest to try to get away from me, trying, but not doing a very good job of it. She'll keep looking back to me and stumbling, and I just walk steadily and inexorably towards her, that would be a really creepy scene if this was a movie.

:D MC trips over a tree root, and goes sprawling (I bet no one saw that coming, yeah right!!:rolleyes:) So I catch her up pretty quick. She's on her knees, her breasts are hanging free, well, breasts, doesn't do them justice, melons is more like it, humongous ripe melons!! Her shirt is pretty much ripped to shreds from the trees (uh-huh!) She's more or less naked now, I see everything, I get right up to her, I think I've finally got the bitch, and raise the axe.


That's when the lesbo slut rips off my mini skirt, and makes a dive for my crotch. I'm shaved down there you know. When me and Kevin did the devirginisation thing, he saw how little hair I had. So I said I shaved, but it had grown back.

After that, I had to carry on shaving, or he'd know I just had hardly any hair down there. He likes it shaved anyway. And that's where you all came in, but that's just the start of it. Like I said I don't do girls!! I'm 100% hetero! And no lesbo is going to turn me in to a dyke! Her face is still buried in my crotch, so I reach for her hair to yank her off, but for some reason when I get to her silky tresses, my fingers comb through and latch on. Why am I pulling her in tighter?

Oh, this is so wrong, my hand seems to have a life of its own again. It's smooshing her face hard in to my creamy wet pussy. This is wrong; I don't do GIRLS!! I don't… I can't do… it…but I can't stop, My hips are undulating, this is not good, Oh fuck I can't… I can't stop, ok, now I'm riding her face. Oh holy crap!! "Oh! Lick me bitch. Yeah! Eat my juicy cunt." Whoa!

My voice is getting a little deepe… Ohhhhh, OMFG!! She's frickin' awesome. Shit I'm going to have to get her to give Kevin a few lessons when I wake up. "When you wake up?" "Uh huh, yeah, when I wake up." "Wake up?" "Yes, when I wake up." "Wake up!

You are awake! What makes you think you're asleep? You're just another stupid slut, like the one that's between your heterosexual??? legs." "You mean I am awake? Those thoughts, they were yours!

And the killing dreams? They were dreams weren't they? Were they dreams? Please tell me they were, and that I didn't kill anyone, OMG!!!!" "What do you think? I needed to possess someone, to use someone to wreak my revenge on this shitty little town, and who better than the sheriff's daughter! Muwahahahaha!!" OMFG!!

I'm being haunted by the serial killer!! My getting turned on by watching MC make her little sister cum with her mouth, the irrational comments about wanting to suck DC's sweet little titties, making myself cum to the lesbian activities, and thinking I'd enjoy fucking with girls all came from him!!

I knew something was out of whack!! I'm not in to girls, phew! I'm starting to see the big picture here, so I think at the ethereal presence in my head, "Losing control of my arm and not being able to attack her when I ran to the bedroom, WTF was up there? I'd have thought you'd have wanted me to run in and start hacking them up like a…," "Well us guys have to stick together; a guy should be allowed to cum over his bitches!!" "What the hell would you know about cumming on bitches, you sick freak?

You're a fucking virgin!!!! You've never cum on anyone but yourself!! LOL, LOL!!! It really sucks TBY!" Now it's all falling in to place; none of it was a dream. "I really did those awful things, the murders I mean! It was all real and it was all you!! The creepy guidance councillor!!" "Ding! Ding! Ding!!!!! Go to the top of the class! Finally, the stupid slut gets it! It took you long enough, you just about sent me crazy with all the: 'who, said that?' 'That didn't sound like me.' All the 'WTF's, and best of all that 'audience' comment, I mean, COME ON!!!" "Wait, wait, you haven't heard the best bit yet!

The best revenge will come when Daddy realizes his little girl's the 'Co-Ed Axe Murderer' and that he's going to have to take you in. Sadly, you're going to resist, and one of you isn't going to make it. Considering you shouldn't bring and axe to a gunfight, I'm thinking it's you.

Then in a fit of despair he'll kill himself, so win-win!" "Then with law enforcement in disarray I can really go to town!" Cue maniacal creepy laughing in my head!!!

I'm kind of losing interest at this point, all I can think about is MC's amazing tongue, her mouth is working some magic on me.

If I'd known she was this good I'd have just given her Dick, hell, I'd have given her anything. Her face is ensconced deep between my legs, and she's touching a spot that is making my knees tremble. Luckily, there's a tree nearby, I need the support.

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My soft, smooth, bare, pussy lips are pinned obscenely wide by her fingers; her flat tongue is lapping long quick strokes up my center culminating with a gentle swipe to my clit hood. (Guys never usually get that bit right, they tend to point their tongues too much, well from my POV!) She's making love to my pussy, and it's driving me wild.

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I've been permanently drenched throughout this whole dre… er, night. My hips have a mind of their own, they're undulating gently against her face, complimenting her slow sweeping tongue technique, they're forcing her nose to rub through my folds to nudge my clit. Oh, I'm breathless with lust. Moans force their way from my mouth incessantly - "ummmmmmm's, ohhhhoohohohoh's oh fuuuuuhhhh's." Making me lightheaded, and desperate to cum.

She changes her approach now, she starts to French kiss my pussy (something I'd just witnessed her doing with DC). Hardening her top lip she clamps it over my clit, concentrating on the flat part below. Beginning circular, rubbing, licks, grazing with her raspy tongue up my center, and trapping my clit between those luscious lips when she sucks.

Now, I know why DC was writhing around that bed. She keeps up the pattern relentlessly, circling deep in my flesh, the incessant rub, swirl, and suck is propelling me in to a fuck lust I've never felt before. She manhandles my perfectly peachy (if I do say so myself ;)) heart shaped ass. Her orally fixated invasion synchronizes my breath, my rolling hips my moans, literally sucking me in.

Delving deep the motion of her mouth delivers floods of erotic pleasure. My fingers wander, pausing to twist my erect nipples, on their journey back to her hair.

I'm shocked when my tightened grip produces an even more exaggerated reaction. Moaning desire forces me to thrust up to her face, the deep throb in my crotch is driving me dangerously to fuck her face, to use her as a living sex toy and never stop until I drown her with my girlie cum. Oh, WTF?! I freeze as she starts to add a finger, then realize this must have been what she did to her sister. She's stroking the entrance to my creamy pussy hole, and Oh WOW!! It's phenomenal. She enters me a little, not too much, just enough to tickle, the not knowing if she is going to insert one or more fingers has me hot as hell.

I'm bucking wildly, but to her credit she never loses the suction on my slit. She grips my ass tight. My pussy is sizzling, fluttering around her finger, clamping, flexing deep inside.

The sexy exertion has my voice breathy and stilted. Hoarsely I manage to mumble my orders. "Ohhhhhh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Suck it, suck it now, suck it hard! Ohohohhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" My pussy clenches deep inside, my breath catches, riding the wave of the ultimate pleasure, hanging weightless only sublime tinglings rolling over my entire being. Thinking of nothing but being eaten by MC, rubbing her face all over me, owning her, her intense suckling on my sweet pussy, she draws my orgasm directly in to my clit, and finally, with a long slow relaxed moan, I let go, and my cum floods out.

Each contraction squirting, flooding more and more hot cum over her face. I can feel her swallowing, but she can't keep up, there's just so much it's covering us both. Gradually as my orgasm dies, I let go of her hair, and shakily slide down the tree. OMFG, that was some come!! I hear a massive intake of breath. With that MC jumps to her feet, my pussy juice covering her face, neck, and dripping from her humongous melons, her heaving, bouncy surprisingly perky melons. She wipes her face off on her arm, licks her voluptuous lips, turns, and runs off, but not before stopping and flashing me a shy smile.

:shy: (WTF is that about?) I'm still recovering, slumped against the tree reeling from MC's onslaught when creepy serial killer guy pops up, raging "Get up you lazy dyke, go get her"!! "Go get her yourself." I won't be going anywhere any time soon, I'm fucked. "And BTW, I'm no dyke, I had no choice, she forced herself on me, this is all your fault. I DON'T DO GIRLS!!" (They might do me, but I DON'T DO GIRLS!!!) MC ran off and took her talented tongue with her, the bitch (maybe that should be her new name), but not before her mini skirt catches on a tree and rips right off.

Now she's running around everything hanging out, in just a tattered see through shirt. I have to say, she has one fine body; it looks amazing swaying in the breeze. Not an ounce of spare flesh on her, those humongous melons jiggling as she runs, and she doesn't have a bad ass either, not as nice as mine (obvs :smuggrin:). What? I can appreciate a fine looking woman cant I?

That doesn't mean I'm in to girls!!!?

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She does have a very talented tongue, I'm glad I didn't kill her. I'm sure I'm still 100% hetero, that doesn't mean anything. "Well that was all you, nothing to do with me you stupid bitch, so now, how many % hetero does that make you now?" Though the way her humongous melons are bouncing, it looks painful to me.

Sexy, but painful. I'm glad I have my modest, but perfectly formed, perky breasts. I've blossomed a little since the killer was on the loose last, more grapefruit than orange now. The creepy killer guy carries on urging me to get up and go after her, I keep arguing with him, then it strikes me, he's done it again, so I say/think/whatever at him, "Hey! You're not killing Co-Eds, you're a Co-Ed doing the killing, just like last time when you were the virgin!" That really annoys him, so he stops arguing and starts doing.

I'm not going after MC, so he just ups and takes over. I'm just watching as he makes my body get up and walk off. He sucks at it though, you try using someone else's body like that, and find out how hard it is. My body is stumbling all over the place, even if he didn't suck, the knees were not going to cooperate after that cum anyway. I don't see the next bit of the story, but I do catch it later. It's at the sheriff's office, Dad and Kevin are there, Kevin is goofing around with the camera on his phone, so he videoed the whole thing.

MC bursts into the sheriff's office, she's wearing just the ripped shirt. That's when Kevin drops the phone, well who wouldn't if a humongous breasted nearly naked girl runs right in to you, so it gets wedged somewhere and continues to record the scene.

MC blurts out, "It's Maya!" hey that's me she's talking about, "She's the axe murderer!" I'm not the murderer, it's the creepy guy, but I can see why people are confused about that. My Dad looks even goofier than usual, when she says that, of all the weird things to happen in the town, this must be the weirdest for him. Imagine your daughter is an axe murderer. This first thing you think is, "There must be some mistake." MC carries on, "She killed my husband and sister in our bed, and she caught me on the forest path, she almost had me, but I managed to, err …, distract her and make my escape." I must say she was very distracting, you know, when you see unrehearsed real life on video like that, you'd swear you were watching a cheesy horror movie.

If that were acting, it'd be laughed off the screen, but it's real and it's frightening for those in it. On Kevin's video, we now see Kevin leave, obviously forgetting the phone, which is still recording.

The rest of the scene is pretty boring, just Dad doing his job, dispatching the EMTs to get the bodies, and getting MC's side of the story.

He gets her a blanket to keep her warm. Then, it gets interesting again. The blanket falls off MC's shoulders, and she doesn't make any move to pull it back on. Dad is obviously interested in her humongous melons, they're still swaying, even without a breeze. She puts her hand on his thigh, if you squint you might think he had a hard on. That's gross, my Dad's never had a hard on in his life, obviously both Kevin and I were an immaculate conception.

Parents never have sex. OK, maybe parents used to have sex, but old people never have sex and my parents are old, so I'm sure they don't have sex anymore. I'm sure once you're over 30 you stop having it. So no way did my Dad want to do anything with MC, unfortunately he's proving that idea is a load of crap!

It's disgusting, and looking at the vid all I want to do is close my eyes stick my fingers in my ears and go, "laallaaalaaaallaa" :singing: to stop it penetrating my brain. But it's just like an accident, where you just have to slow down and take a look.

It's disgusting, but we (me and Kev) couldn't tear our eyes away from the screen, and I'll never be able to unsee that now .:facepalm: :bag: MC coughs quietly, and almost shyly, to get Dads attention :shy: (shy???

WTF?? That bitch ain't shy, well I don't have to tell you that). She coughs again, and says to Dad, "I never did thank you properly for saving my life from the last serial killer did I? I'm really thankful, and grateful, really, really, grateful, maybe I could show you just how grateful I really am?" See, what did I tell you about real life dialogue sounding lame and cheesy? All this time she's looking at him, all hot, damsel in distressy like, and hot (Did I just say hot?????

"Get out of my head creepy guy!" He definitely made me think that, of course he did…, I like boys!!!) Barely making eye contact, looking from him to the floor, all coy like, and that thing that isn't in his pants is growing bigger by the second (come on, I mean she's virtually naked right in front of him with her massive melons swaying gently with each breath.

Who wouldn't get horny?) :redface: MC notices the bulge too, and taking it as a green light, she moves in. Dad's watching her nearly naked movements, her melons bouncing as she swivels his chair towards her, and kneels between his legs.

His mouth drops open as she pushes his legs open and slides her hands up each leg slowly inching towards his crotch.

Inside, I'm screaming, "Come on Dad, FFS!! She's the same age as your daughter, as ME!" Trust creepy guy to pipe up - "Maybe that's half the turn on you stupid slut. Anyhow, it's every older guy's dream to have a tight young Co-Ed worshipping his cock." Hmmmm? No! Stop that! ANYWAY! So, she's biting her lower lip, with a sly grin because she's now running her hands around the outline of his trousered member (Oh, kill me, kill me now!!) Before pulling his zip down she pops his button, and out springs his rock hard rampant penis, pointing to the ceiling.

We hear him moan. (Hmmm, reminds me of Kevin, he's definitely his father's son.) I just noticed, OMFG! My Dad goes commando!

So gross!!!! (Cue creepy killers thoughts that maybe he'll make me fuck him later.) OMG, am I getting wet and horny? No, no surely not, that's him controlling my body, isn't it? Geeze fucking one family member at a time's enough… please!! MC looks pleased (bitch!) She looks smug, running her fingers up and down the shaft before grasping it, and pulling it forward toward her wet luscious pouty lips.

Her tongue snakes out, the tip flicks around his helmet and delves in to the little cleft. She circles it before dripping saliva on to the shaft. That allows her to smoothly pull his foreskin up and down in time with her teasing licks. Dad's moaning incoherently now, as she moves down to his balls, sticks her long tongue out, locks her doe eyes on to his, and licks slowly all around his sac.

Her delicate clasping fingers never losing a beat. Stroking him gently, her tongue travels achingly slowly upward to his purple throbbing knob. Spotting his precum beginning to pool, she laboriously gathered it all up, sliding her tongue this way and that until she'd garnered every drop. "Mmmm"ing and sighing she closed her eyes and swallowed. Dad's knuckles were white, gripping the chair arms, and I'm sure I heard him growl (if it wasn't coming from my Dad, it would have sounded soooo fucking horny!) Tasting his cum must have done something, because she got this wild look in her eyes, and dived straight for his pulsating penis.

She almost inhaled every inch of his solid, thick, perfectly sized, penis in one swift movement before lifting and slowly suckling down again This time her puffy lips were tightly closed around the shaft as she descended. She got him in all the way to the root with this descent, swallowing him in totally and I'm sure I saw her throat swell as her tongue swished and groped his heavy balls.

OMFG!!! That bitch is deep throating my Dad!!!! Mom's gonna be so pissed! Dad however, looks like he's in heaven, so she must be really good! (Why does that bitch have to have her mouth all over my men? Remind me why we didn't kill her again?) His eyes are rolling upward, and his moans are really loud. I suppose he would be, with a fucking hot, sexy naked Co-Ed devouring your junk, and drooling all over your balls. (Did I just call her fucking hot this time!?!

Fucking creepy killer brain…?) She rarely looks away from Dad's eyes as she vacuums up his stiff penis over and over again, you can see her cheeks hollow from sucking hard every time she pulls up. She does that classic blowjob thing of letting it fuck her cheek, it looks like it's trying to burst through before it emerges from her lips with a pop and her mouth travels sideways down his veiny length.

Again, cheesy, but it looks awesome! And judging by Dads face it must feel awesome too. Gagging, she comes up for air, and her hand slides around his knob again, saliva and precum make it so slippy that her hand becomes a blur. Stroking fast, she decides to move down for some more ball action, and one by one, gently rolls them in her wet mouth. Dad's going nuts now (maybe Mom doesn't suck his nuts? Damn what am I saying, they don't even have sex!) Or more likely he's close to erupting.

His hips are thrusting, and he makes a grab for her hair, so she lets his balls fall out of her mouth with a plop, as she moves back up to his engorged penis. There's a naughty glint in her eye, she's going all out now to make him blow his load.

Licking the head like a Popsicle, her lips form an 'O', she gently, delicately, starts to stroke his knob in to her mouth, he's mumbling something, wait, now we hear it "ohhhhh fuuuuckkkk me!" He shouts.

His first (barely) coherent words since this all began! There's a horny, "I need your cum," look on her face to encourage him (you know what I mean!) Her hands are weighing his, now full, ball sac, urging them to release what's inside.

As she sucks, and strokes, and licks, her tongue swirling, tickling, teasing. The full tantalizing onslaught has Dad panting. Now clenching her hair, his feet flex, and he jerks his hips, as we see his pulsating penis deliver pump after pump of hot creamy cum in to her waiting mouth. She's still staring at him, rolling his balls, as he shakes and quivers, giving her every drop he has.

A tiny strand drops from her mouth, but she pushes it back in, and swallows three times to eat his load. Dad groans watching intently. (Now, we all know, she goes mad for cum!!

MC is a cum slut! And a very talented one at that!) "I told you I was grateful, Sheriff." MC said as she slowly licked and cleaned her Juicy puffed lips. (Damn that bitch is good!) :mad: Hearing the stuff MC was spouting, Kevin had run off to find me. I hadn't gone far; creepy killer guy was doing a crappy job of controlling my body. That could have been because I was arguing with him the whole time, not to mention I'd just had one crushing orgasm.

:D It was then we noticed Kevin. Creepy killer guy flies in to a rage, and launches us forward raising the axe, and going on the attack. "Arghhh, let me at him, let me kill the prick!!" So I grab my arm, and start arguing with him. "No, not Kevin, not my brother, leave him alone!

Get out of my head! Get out of my head! Don't you dare touch him!!" It must have looked weird. My left arm is hacking away at the air, and my right is grabbing it pulling it back, my body is jerking everywhere. Kevin is standing looking at me totally bemused. "Sis, it's me, Kevin! What's going on?" I can hear him, but it's taking all my strength to stop creepy guy taking over. "Leave him alone, I ♡ him. I ♡ Kevin. I do, l love him, I love my brother; you can't have him.

I love him, I love HIM, I LOVE HIM, I mean, I REALLY, LIKE, LOVE LOVE HIM!! I LOVE KEVIN!!" Somehow, the more I say it, the louder I scream, the quieter creepy killer guy gets.

He isn't so strong, he's getting weaker, IDK but my body seems to be coming back to my control! I faced Kevin and almost screamed - "I LOVE YOU KEVIN!!" :inlove: And my arm just fell, the axe hanging by my side. You see in the previous installment, err, I mean when creepy killer guy was alive; I wasn't really joking. I mean, I had an idea, but this, all this, this crazy shit, kinda cemented it in my mind. I think it must have been that realization that allowed me to break free from creepy killer guy, from him possessing my body, and stopped me from killing Kevin.

You can't kill someone you love. Not a true love! :inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove: That realization propelled me in to Kevin's arms, the axe was dropped in the process. "Oh Kevin!" I fling myself at him, throwing my arms around his shoulders, pressing tightly against him. The relief sweeps over me, and before I know it everything comes tumbling out. I'm babbling about being possessed, the things I saw and did, stuff with MC, DC, and Dick.

Tears are streaming down my face, and I'm almost hyperventilating doing that weird howling, crying, hiccupy, thing in between every word. (You girls know what I mean!!) :cry: :arghh: :arghh: Kevin's like, "Shhhh May, calm down, take a breath, I can't understand you…" (I can't even understand myself so he's got no frickin' chance!) "… What do you mean?

… Who's dead? Who's killed … you did what? … Who? … Guidance council … He's dead May, you're not making any sense, Ahhhh come here, it's ok. Ok." I feel him wrap his arms around my shoulders, cupping my head, and rubbing my back pulling me in tight to him, burying my head in the crook of his neck. I can't help but breathe him in.

Immediately I'm home, safe, loved, and I begin to relax in to him. Mmmmm! He smells all fresh and manly, slightly woody (Oh wait… that could be me, I did just nearly melt in to a tree after all!!) :jawdrop: :x3: Oh wow!! How did I not notice how broad Kevin's back was, how strong his arms are, how tall he is (funny what being possessed by a serial killer makes you notice :p).

Though I didn't notice that throughout this time I must have been caressing him, rubbing up against him, slowly, and maybe sexily. Kevin must have noticed it, but it wasn't til I felt "IT"! :x3: The beginnings of his hard on pressing in to my belly, that I realized he must have been feeling it too! :shy: His hand was rubbing, lower and lower, down my back, he was pressing against me now. Our breathing deepened when his hand reached my ass, my eyes closed, and we moulded in to each other with a collective sigh.

His cock flexed :wideyed:, the tingling flooded back in to my bubbling pussy, and I found myself nuzzling and nibbling his neck, little moans of lust dripping from my lips, both sets.

It got hotter and heavier, our hands roved, we undulated against each other, basically dry humping, though from the way my lips were sliding around my aroused nub, clearly it was the only thing that was dry! Kevin's husky voice turned me on almost as much, as his hand did slipping up my legs along my soaking wet thighs, when he groaned, "Ohmmmm, fuck May! You're so wet; I think you forgot your panties! I'm so glad you remembered." As I said, Kevin likes me to go commando; I'm a very juicy girl if you hadn't noticed, something Kevin loves.

Kevin's caresses, the way he's pressed tight against me, his hands gripping my tight ass, and the way he's nibbling on my neck caused a yearning in my entire body, a yearning for his thick cock, a yearning to have it buried deep inside me, ohhhhhh, mmmmm, oh!!

(What?? I'm the only one who didn't get fucked throughout this whole freaky escapade, I'm desperate!) His hands smoothly followed the rounded curve of my pert ass, and slipped effortlessly between my ass cheeks. My tight hole clenched as his fingers slid through, rubbing my wanton holes, they slithered between my folds, running back and forth over my slippery clit, exciting me further, smearing my succulent juices. My knees buckled. I couldn't stop from blurting out, "Oh Kevin, please, I need you; I need you inside me." His cock lurched (oh fuck, so did my pussy!) From its position on my belly, it must have been to its full, thick, meaty, length, it pressed in deliciously.

Our lips connected with a vengeance, saliva swapped, hot tongues brushed, invaded, coiled, tangled, and tussled. The heat ramped up, as my hand wandered down to his confined meat, rubbing and squeezing it there, before slowly sliding his zipper down, and my desperate fingers maneuvered in to his jeans.

He moaned in to our kiss, when my fingers connected with his slippery cock, and my thumb slid all over the tapered head. Kevin had gone commando too! :eek:. (He's his father's son in more ways than one!!). :eek: What is it with our family and underwear???? :p I really needed to release his cock from its confines, tearing open his jeans; immediately I made a beeline back to stroke his lush thick member.

Our lips never parted even when his finger drove deep inside my creamy pussy. We couldn't get enough of each other. Fingers curled, stroked, slid, and rubbed in slick juices, they felt so good rubbing fast inside my tight walls. The air filled with a slick sucking noises. He was hitting the right spot, my cuntal muscles clenched his dexterous finger, rippling over it, my climax was building quickly as was my cum.

Was his? Suddenly, he pulled his finger out and broke our kiss.

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My face fell. Kicking off his jeans with a lusty grin, he backed us against a large smooth tree. Hoisting me around his waist as we went, a pert peachy ass cheek in each hand, he slid me along his chunky cock, gliding through my slick pussy lips.

Watching intently, he pushed, deftly splitting my inner pink open, oh so gently. Slowly, the head dipped inside, in and out, over and over, and over, delving deeper with each tiny tantalizing thrust. Faces contorted in exquisite ecstasy, my tightness clamped his girth, Kevin and I relished the measured tease. He does that a lot, he says the anticipation heightens the arousal. I think he does it because it makes me squirt, and that drives us both wild! Though enjoying every slow, sensuous, invasion, I thought I'd go mad with the desire to be full.

Kevin eased all the way in, right up to the hilt, like he was in no hurry to bury his cock in me. I felt every torrid inch entering my tight tunnel. We moaned, savoring being as one, holding still for a moment quivering, enjoying the intimate ecstasy. The heat radiating from our bodies was intoxicating. Spurred on, our lips seemed magnetically drawn together, in fierce, fiery, sizzling, desperation we began fucking frantically, working hard against each other.

My legs wrapped tightly around his waist digging in to his ass, his arms wrapped tightly around my ass gripping hard while he pounded me in to the tree. My puckered nipples scraped against Kevin's chest, visible through my shirt, catching his attention, eagerly he dipped to take one between his teeth, the material only adding to the sensation. As soon as he bit down, shock after shock, shot straight to my crotch causing my pussy to clamp down. I could feel every throb of his fat pulsating cock, my pussy reciprocated, seemingly fluttering spasmodically, around him.

It always amazes me how effortlessly his cock tickles my g-spot (that's the reason I prefer Kevin's cock, give me a thick chunk of meat over a monster porn dick any day!) :D I could feel my orgasm coming and soon. Our breathing faltered, both moaning loudly (I love to hear a guy moan!) Hearing Kevin moan made me desperate for more.

I knew he was close, I was too, but I wanted us to cum together, I felt so naughty whispering in his ear, and I thought it would do the trick. ;) "Mmmm, ohhhh Kevin, your big cock is going to make me cum, can you feel it? Can you feel my cunt milking your hot cock brother?

I'm going to squirt all over your gorgeous hard meat, please cum with me Kevin, cum in your sister, squirt deep inside me baby, fill me up, fill up your sister, give it all to me, please. Ohhmmmmmmmmm." He started moaning and mumbling, "Oh yes, feel my cock splitting you wide open! Here it comes sis. I'm going to fill you right up with my hot jiz. Are you ready May, ready for your brother's seed? Take it all, sis fuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkk!!" Slamming in to me, his awesome cock fucking harder than ever before.

Unsurprisingly, the incestuous words did it for me too. "Ohhhhhhhhmmmmmm, oh, ohhhohoh!!" My pussy spasmed as soon as he spoke pushing out scalding hot cum over Kevin's cock, as it spewed blast after blast of cream filling me deeply. As the last of his cum decorated my tight stretched pussy, I felt his mouth wander to my neck, and suck hard. The hickey he left marking me as his. It felt so slutty, my brother's mark for all to see but only we'd know, this was between us, a reminder of our love.

We're panting and necking, slowly coming down from our exertions, Kevin gently lowers me to the ground, kissing me all the way, lowering his face to mine, he looked deep in to my eyes, "Maya," He whispered, "I love you too! And that's no joke! I really do May." His smile made my stomach flip.

:eek: !!! OMFG, Kevin loves me too!!! Damn when did Kevin stop, being a stupid ass? Oh yeah, it was while we were fucking! :p :p Straightening up and getting dressed, we begin to walk back to the jail. Kevin's cum is running down my legs as we stroll, he can't take his eyes off me.


"Umm, May? So now are you going to tell me why you're not wearing a skirt?" Ohhh, this is going to be one hell of a story (did someone just laugh?) Hmmm, I wonder if Kevin is as easily distracted as I am? What am I talking about Kevin's hand is checking how far his wet cum is down my thigh, and we all know how that ends! ;) :D Three months later: So, ATM I'm out on bail, they're still trying to work out what to do with me.

Am I a murderer? Am I insane? The shrink says I'm ok so… (creepy guy is still here, no one knows.) He's settled down recently, he's making more sense, no more ranting. He can be kinda handy; I'm never alone, and it's a thrill having your own private audience. MC, DC, and Dick, have forgiven me, somehow I managed not to kill them, and they all believe I was the victim. Turns out MC was jealous, of moi, she had the hots for me (natch. :smuggrin: :p) That's why she stole Dick and rewarded my father like 'that' (yuk!

Pass me a sick bag!) She was trying to get my attention. To think all she needed to do was get me possessed, that got my attention. :p My father is a lot more mellow now. Mom and him got more lovey dovey, and started having sex (don't, a, a, not a word, lalaalalaa.) I think he taught her some tricks he picked up from MC. (MC still 'rewards him from time to time (yeuk!) but I can't deny him the use of her multitalented mouth.) Now MC, DC, Dick, and I have foursomes, funny once you've been possessed by a creepy serial killer you become a lot more open to new experiences.

MC, Kevin and I also have threesomes. She's taught him a lot about licking pussy, but she knows, no stealing Kevin. She can borrow him, but he's all mine. Sometimes MC and I have parties of our own, well once you've had her tongue, there's no going back. But that stuff is down to Creepy guy he really loves to watch all that, especially the lesbo action, that's his favorite, so you see it's all for him. Me I'm 100% hetero, I really don't do girls, honest. :D xoxo.