Panty solos for panty lovers

Panty solos for panty lovers
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On my knees infront of Paul i liked the cum from my face, showing him that i swallowed.He stood above me with his huge, thick cock hanging infront of my face.It was soaked with cum, his large cockhead throbbed as his cum dripped down to the floor like a dripping tap.He was breathing fast and sweating, i could feel my cock still rock hard beneath my undies.Before he even had to ask me i faced his still hard cock and let the meat slide into my mouth, paul groaned in sweet plesure as i licked all around his cock, sliding deeper into him.

my mouth reached its limit just close to the end of his cock and i pulled back gathering the cum into my mouth. I remained on his cock head and just sucked it for a few extra seconds as i rubbed his balls, letting the silky cum fall into my fingers and across my hand."Hey lets get on your bed, if you wana do more?", he offered to me, i agreed.He stepped out of his trousers and boxers and took off his shirt and we both got on my bed.

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He got above me as we both slid up to the top of my bed, my head resting on the pillow.His naked body was so large and his dick hung beneath him, i could feel the tip gently flow across my chest as he moved down to my tight white hard cock tingled and throbbed, i had never been so hard in my life.It clearl bludge through my boxers as he looked down at it and grabbed the sides of my boxers and slid them down. My 7 inch cock shot out infront of him, my foreskin slowly fell back showing my purpley cock head.he moved his head down and started to slowly suck my cock up and down.His mouth was wet as he got all my cock into his mouth.i moaned to my self as he carried on sucking, letting his hands wonder all over my body.

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He rubbed and stroked my balls, smoothed his hands across my belly and slid them down my waist.i was breathing faster and deeper as i could feel the the plesure from him sucking my virgin cock.I coudnt think, all i knew was to lay there and let him take me to a whole new world, which he was use to."Oh, paul, that feels good.", i told him through my heavy breathing.Paul pulled up smiling,"i know babe, i'm gonna make you cum and swallow you too.", he told me.I moaned like a girl as he quickened his pace on my cock, like i did.

I started to jerk me fast and hard and then move in to lick my cock lenth an balls.


His tongue was so wet on my cock, he let it slide everywhere.I never imagined i would ever get a blow job, especially one like this.Every second was plesure as i was only use to my own hand, but now this man was sucking me like i had sucked him.With one hand jerking me off into his mouth, his other hand grabbed my waist, gently stroking it every few seconds.i was in constant plesure and not bothering if i made rediculous noises.

he enjoyed sucking me and hearing me moan in a high pitched noise in slow bursts.My pre cum had already slickened things up, his hands where wet from my cum and so was his mouth.My cum had gotten all down my cock and on my balls, and i thourght i could feel some down near my ass."OH MY GOD!", i called out.The plesure was rising in me, the speed of his hands where too fast to see.I just layed there facing the cieling, holding onto the sides of my bed, my body was shaking and so was my voice, yet no longer nervous.

I could just see Paul below sucking with great concentration, both his hands and mouth moving overtime.

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if only i could be like that. I was callign out louder than ever, the plesure was way too much, yet so amazing.My body was using all it's muscles, my chest moving pacefully up and down as his hands moved across them, his fingert tips delacately moved through my tonned chest with precision.The the muscles in my legs spasmed, i stretched them wide in the air.They shook violently, my toes clentching together.My whole body spasmed together,"OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!".i called out like a girl or a child."Its ok babe, your nearly there.",Paul told me.

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And yes i was, i was going to have the best orgasm ever and shoot my cum all over.My body rapidly shook, my body tensed all over as a wave of plesure shocked through my body.I wailed outloud, i didnt care if anyone heared.Shot after shot of cum erupted from my cock, shooting off on my sheets and on Paul.My orgasm carried on, i screamed more."Oh yes babe, your so good.", Paul told me.The orgasm slowed down then went as i breathed steadily again.My cock felt so strange, but now i was relaxed.I felt in love.

Paul came up next to me and wrapped his arms around me, could hear us both breathing deep.We faced each other and our cocks touched and so did our sweat.i felt like i loved Paul."Oh i fucking love you, i love your body so much.".

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Paul told me as his hands felt around my waist. His body was so big and warm next to mine, it fel good.I put my arm around him too and out eyes caught each other,"I love you, paul.", i said, and then out lips met and we kissed passionately, my hand on his cock and his on mine.


Oh god his cock felt so good