Teen carter cruise cosmic fuck sweet eighteen first time

Teen carter cruise cosmic fuck sweet eighteen first time
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I came home that night in a terrible mood, last thing on a Friday I had history with Miss Willis and you cannot imagine a more conceited, stuck up, priggish woman. You expected smug condescension from teachers, it went with the territory but she treated every single one of a class of sixteen year olds like they were nine, me included.

The worst part was she was only twenty three, barely out of university and only a few months clear of teacher training. The weather didn't help either; grey skies, a bitter wind and clouds that couldn't decide if they were drowning the earth or just pissing down.

Of course in some ways my life had taken a massive upturn recently; Lilith, my genie, was still as eager to please as the day I got her and I fucked her most nights, the thought of a blowjob before starting on a mounting pile of homework had kept me going for the last hour and a half. When the school bus finally came to my stop I was glad to leave the chattering of year sevens behind even though it meant a ten minute trudge through the driving rain in nothing but a school uniform.

Making it home half running I slammed the door shut against the elements, allowed my heavy school bag to slump to the floor and kicked off my shoes caked in mud as they were. The idiotic things were not meant for weather like that or, I suspected, to be worn outside for any appreciable length of time. In short I was tired, frustrated, cold and soaked from head to toe.

I needed to warm up and decided to do something I didn't often do and take a bath, for the most part I was a shower in the morning kind of guy but the rain felt as though it was working its way through my blood stream. Making my way up the stairs I headed straight for the bathroom, a light was on, hardly a good sign.

Fearing the worst I tried the handle anyway hoping that Erika (my bitch of a supposed step mother) had just left the light on. Sure enough though it was locked, "That you brat?" the question was muffled by the door and the splashing, apparently I wasn't the only one with hot water in mind.

I didn't answer and she must have taken that for a yes because she followed up with "Go and do your homework or something, I'm busy; and don't you think about sitting on the sofa after being out in rain like that!" Wordlessly I stalked off towards my room.

I hated Erika, I hated her for the way she treated me and my dad (like an ill behaved child and a cash machine respectively), for the way she tried to act the mother when my dad was around and for treating the house I grew up in like her own private fiefdom.

At the same time though I lusted after her; bitch or not she was beautiful, older than me she was still young at just twenty six and her body was wound tight by exercise with very pert if not overly large breasts. Being 5, 6" she was a few inches shorter than me when she was not sporting her usual three inch heels and long golden hair made her more or less the perfect object of a man's desire. Some people get a Porsche when they near fifty; my dad already drove a Jag so he had picked up Erika instead.

Our house was fairly large and there was a downstairs shower I could have used but I was pissed off, frustrated and (being a teenager) horny. A new plan began to come together, one that had been in the back of my mind for a couple of weeks ever since I was left Lilith. Entering my room I found my genie's box in my desk draw under a pile of old CDs where I had left it, the last thing I wanted was the cleaner spotting a nice box and deciding she needed a new place to keep her trashy fake jewellery.

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Putting the box on the desk I opened it allowing Lilith to spring out. She was perfect in every respect, slightly modified since I had become her master with a bald pussy and larger breasts than her previous owner had favoured. "Good afternoon master," she said bobbing a tiny curtsy despite her diminutive size and nudity "May I grow?" she asked, when she was in the box the genie was only about eight inches tall though it was interesting what she could do with a penis even at that size.

Usually I said yes after all you can hardly fuck someone only just taller than your cock but now I had something else on my mind.

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"Not right now; listen I want you to cast a spell on Erika," I said "If I am able master I shall cast all the sex spells you wish on this woman but I must be close to her the first time." While she spoke I was undressing, not immediately for sex but mostly just to get out of my wet clothes, as I was unbuttoning my shirt I said "But she can't see you right?" "That is right master." "Ok then," I said pausing, I had taken off my blazer, shirt and socks just leaving me in trousers and the underwear beneath "get into my pocket and stay out of sight.

When I say the words 'I wish you were my sex slave' I want you to make her really horny but totally obedient to my commands. When I say the words 'that will be all' I want you to make her fall into a deep sleep for a few hours or so and not remember what happened when she wakes up.

Do you understand?" "Yes master, all shall be as you say," Lilith smiled "I have been waiting for this master, may I watch while you play?" I could hardly resist a chuckle even in my foul mood "Sure, why not, you can give me pointers." I said only half joking; my little Succubus had just under three hundred years experience sucking and fucking and there was plenty she had to teach a boy like me.

I picked the pale daemonette up gently and put her in my pocket where she nestled down into a warm lump pressing against my outer thigh. Now we were ready to go. Walking back to the bathroom I could still hear the odd gentle splash and smell lavender wafting from beneath the door frame. Our house was big and well appointed but as with many of the houses round about it had been built well over a hundred years ago.

The door was locked but I knew from experience that the bolt was not very secure and that the door was slightly too small for the frame. Grasping the handle I lifted it up and began jiggling the whole door forwards and backwards, this created a loud rattling which Erika obviously noticed "Hey! I am still in here you stupid boy!" she yelled 'Oh I know you are' I thought and carried on "Hey you little bastard stop that!" she cried but I wasn't listening, after a few moments the bolt slipped free as I knew it would and I opened the door.

There she was sitting in the bath as naked as the day she was born and considerably more beautiful. Her golden hair had turned dark and was plastered to the side of her head but the water dripping from her wonderful curves was compensation for that, my dick started to stiffen.

Yelping she quickly covered up her bosom with its rosy nipples crossing her hands in classical pose. Her pretty face though was definitely closer to Bosch than Botticelli twisted as it was with anger "What the hell do you think you are doing you pathetic little freak!" she yelled "Get out before I beat you bloody!" I was not scared of her threat, even if I hadn't had Lilith she wasn't anything like as strong as me but that was not the point.

I wasn't here to rape her, Lilith meant I wouldn't have too, my step mother would beg to have me use her before the end. "I wish you were my sex slave," I announced triumphantly as she paused for breath between profanities "What the fuck are you talking about!? When your father hears of this he will.oh!" Half way through her next ultimatum my step mother's eyes glazed over and she let out a low moan. Shaking her head to clear it she opened her mouth as if to continue berating me but stopped with a look of confusion, clearly my Succubus was at work.

It was time to test this new spell. "Lower your hands, let me see those fine titties of yours," I commanded, two weeks with Lilith as my obedient slut had made me better at commanding; it was all in the inflection really. Her hands trembling Erika said "Yes," and lowered her hands to her lap "Yes what?" I demanded seeing just how intricate the spell was, seeing if any refinements needed to be made before continuing "Yes sir?" she ventured tremulously, like an uncertain child desperately seeking an adult's approval "That will do," I confirmed, I got enough 'master' from Lilith, Sir would feel good especially coming from this slut.

For a moment I just admired those high firm breasts of hers, a little smaller than ideal they were still ample and her pink nipples stood delightfully to attention as the last drops of water began to drip down from her torso into the bath below. From the doorway I couldn't see anything below Erika's slim waist, walking further into the room I moved closer. The bath was large and vaguely triangular fitted as it was in one corner of the room. Bubble bath had clearly been added but it looked as though the lazy whore had been in so long they had mostly faded away leaving her body on display under the water.

Her legs were clamped tightly together, knees raised up with her hands clasped around them; that would never do.

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"Open your legs bitch," I demanded, slowly she obeyed placing her hands on the rim of the tub to keep herself upright as she eased her thighs apart and gave me my first glimpse of her pussy. Under the water it was a little distorted but it was still a pretty sight to see, not bald but neatly trimmed with a single strip of hair just above her slit.

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Looking back at my step mothers face I saw perfect confusion; part of her, a big part probably, couldn't believe what she was doing but the rest of her loved it so much she could not think of doing anything but obey my every whim. "Tell me slut do you ever play with yourself?" "Yes sir," she said breathlessly, her eyes widening as if she could not believe that her mouth had betrayed her so, well her mouth would be doing allot more than that eventually I had no doubt.

"Do you like fingering your tight, wet, slit?" I was loving this, "Yes sir," "Then tell me in those words slut, you are a slut aren't you?" I pressed "I. yes sir; I am a slut and I like to finger my tight wet slit like a slut," she was getting smoother each time, the spell clearly settling into place and banishing her inhibitions completely "Then show me whore, show me now." Biting her lip, perhaps as the last vestiges of Erika's self control made a doomed sally on her consciousness, my new toy plunged one dainty hand beneath the surface of the water and began rubbing the outer folds of her pussy, her fingers brushing through the lips.

With two fingers she began rubbing her tight cunny in short circles stimulating herself with the practiced ease of a woman who knew exactly what she was doing. When her fuck hole was as wet with her juices as the bathwater Erika slipped two fingers up inside and began to screw herself fingers moving relentlessly. Pulling out she stroked her clit as I watched on. With no prompting from me her free hand began squeezing her pert tits, pinching at the sensitive nipple and rolling it between painted fingers.

Unable to contain herself or simply unwilling my toy began moaning softly. Two fingers disappeared back up the rabbit hole hammering faster and faster as her cries became sharper and louder, she was getting very close to climax.

"Stop," I ordered, with a look of pained disappointment my step mother withdrew her pussy soaked fingers. I wanted Erika begging for release not happy and satisfied "From now on you will only be able to come with my permission, clear?" "Yes sir," Needless to say this show had made me rock hard, my cock was pulling painfully at my trousers.

Taking them off along with my boxers I made sure to fold them carefully on a wicker chair which sat in the bathroom for no reason I clearly understood, it was stylish apparently. Still it did the job; I certainly didn't want Lilith falling out of my pocket or anything like that. Naked now my cock stood proud, my step mother's eyes fixed upon it, to my joy she actually licked her lips in anticipation.

Well that might come later, now although I was a good deal happier I was still wet and freezing from the rain, crossing the last barrier between the two of us I climbed into the bath.


It was plenty big enough for us both and I slid down opposite Erika. The water was only warm rather than the near scalding heat I usually preferred but the company was much improved, normally I didn't have so much as a rubber duck. Baths are supposed to be relaxing but I had one organ that was far from relaxed, standing upright the head jutted out just above the surface like some carnal periscope "Come here whore," I said, beckoning her closer.

Kneeling up Erika shuffled towards me until our faces were inches apart her legs almost straddling me, but it wasn't her face I was interested in. Grabbing her hips I guided her down until the head of my cock rested just at the very entrance to her pussy. Pulling her down as I thrust upwards I instantly buried half of my eight inches in her luscious cunt.

Her hips met mine with a splash and she growled with an animal lust while I slowly slid the rest of my cock inside her. As my balls met her arse I pulled back while she responded to my gentle suggestive touch and raised her hips until little more than the head remaining inside her tight fuck hole, then the fucking really began. The bath water sloshed and splashed as I pistoned in and out of her; arching her back the whore who was riding me moaned louder still and arched her back while her fingers clung to my shoulders, nails digging in as she fought to stay upright while I hammered her cunny.

My hands roamed across Erika's body, stroking, squeezing and pinching every inch of her soft thighs, flat stomach and taut arse. Her bouncing breasts looked delicious as they danced in front of me, my tongue darted forwards licking and biting at her tits, sucking and nibbling at her nipples and all the while her groans of mounting ecstasy drove me ever more wild with desire "Hahhhhh.

can. mmmm, please can I.ha.ha.

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can I come sir!? Oh please!" he begged just as it wanted, just as I had predicted she would, but it wasn't enough. For a few moments more I let her squirm, truth be told I was damn near to coming too but I managed to keep a fairly even tone "No bitch not yet.

First I want to hear you say something, something true. In fact I wish you would always have to say this before you come, now and forever even if you don't know why," as I said that her eyes glazed for a moment and I knew my wish had become true "'I am a gold digging whore', simple enough slut, if you want to come then call yourself a gold digging whore," she didn't hesitate, not for a single second and I knew then that she was completely mine, nothing of her self control remained or if it did it was buried so deep it would have taken a full scale mining operation to unearth.

"I am a gold digging whore! A gold digging whore!

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Oh God!" she screamed and as she screamed she moaned with pleasure. My step mother's love juice added a little more liquid to the bath.

I didn't last long after that, grunting I rammed my rock hard dick deep within her slick cunt and shot string after string of cum into her womb. I didn't know if she was on birth control, right then I didn't care. Pushing the slut away from me I pulled the plug, the bath was now so filled with our fluids that sitting in it would only make us dirtier.

"Get out of the bath cunt," I said and she scrambled to obey standing by the side of the tub with water as well as my cum dripping down her legs. Fucking her once had been good but I wasn't done yet. I could simply have wished myself hard again but I felt that for this the old fashioned way might be more fun. "Get on your knees you filthy slut," I commanded, instantly my step mother fell to her knees on the wet tiled floor.

Crossing over to her I took her upturned chin in one hand and looked down into eyes clouded with lust, adoration, fear and, just at the edges, hate. "Open your mouth," she did so, taking my softening cock still covered in her juices and mine I slipped it inside "It's not coming out until I am hard again so get sucking bitch," I ordered, she set too with a will.

Very clearly this was not her first time sucking cock, with a slut like this who liked older men it probably wasn't even her hundredth time sucking cock. I was young and virile so it was not too long before my member began to harden in her mouth, as the minutes passed Erika's tongue slid up and down my rapidly swelling rod until at last I was fully turgid. "That's enough, you're not swallowing my seed today you shameless cum slut," I growled shoving her face away from my crotch "I hope for your sake it's nice and wet because it's going in your arse," I gloated.

For the first time since the very beginning she blanched "In my arse sir?


But that's. no one has.I mean." "Shut up," I said. So she was an anal virgin, even better. "Put your hand on the side of the bath and bend over," I ordered. I could see the reluctance in her eyes but the spell was stronger and she did as she was told, spreading her legs as wide as they would go while still supporting her Erika was displayed perfectly for my viewing pleasure. Placing a hand on each cheek I spread them open giving me easy access to her tightest fuck hole.

Reaching over the top of my spread eagled beauty I snagged a bottle of shampoo; it was makeshift loob at best but better than nothing. Squirting a little onto my hand I made sure that my index finger was thoroughly coated before making my approach. Slowly I wormed my finger into that tight tunnel. Her muscles spasmed and resisted but I kept on pushing relentlessly until it was all the way inside "That's not too bad sir," my stepmother said "I thought it would hurt more than that," "That was just my finger you stupid slut, that was just to give you a bit of slickness." I withdrew my finger no more quickly than it had gone in.

Finally positioning the head of my cock at her backdoor I said "This is my cock," She said nothing, there was nothing to say. The head of my dick was much fatter than my finger, pressing on the little hole I felt it open up just a little, enough to begin. My wicked stepmother let out a groan, it did not sound quite like the ones earlier, there was more pain in this. Onwards I pressed working deeper into her shit hole, stretching a tunnel that had never before been invaded. Erika squirmed beneath me, it was delicious.

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I took it slowly; this was not something to rush. The spasaming of my fuck toy's tight sphincter massaged my cock gloriously.


At last I bottomed out, balls resting on her peachy white globes. Withdrawing a little way I thrust forwards far faster than I had before, the bitch below squeaked. Again and again and drew back a little way and slammed forwards once more, building pace, building rhythm. My climax too was building, her arse hole clung like a vice around my cock as if determined to wring ever last drop of cum from me. Interestingly though I was not the only one, as my fucking grew smoother Erika's cries started to sound less like pain, though that was still there for a surety.

Dripping my hand between her legs I inserted two fingers into a dripping wet cunny "Oh I think you like this, do you like being ass fucked you little whore?

Do you like a big, young cock ramming your shitter?" "Yessss," she growled as though the words were being ripped from her lips by an outside force, which of course they were though that did not make them any less true. As I skewered her arse hole my fingers began toying with my step mothers' pussy, finding out which buttons she really liked pressing.

"Hmmmm," she moaned as I inserted a third finger and began pounding her pussy harder "Oh.oh.ahhha I am close, oh so close!

Please don't stop sir!" she all but screamed "Stop what?" I said drawing every last morsel of this experience out, indulging in every depravity I could think of "Please don't stop.ahhhh-ha-ha.please don't stop fucking my ass and fingering my pussy sir!" she was lost in the waves of lust that overwhelmed her, apparently she didn't mind a little pain along with her pleasure "Well if you want to come you know what you have to say," I prompted "I am a gold digging whore!" If the rain had not been lashing so loud the neighbours would have heard for sure.

Flooding my hand she came shuddering and moaning. Job done I took my hand away from Erika's spasaming pussy and placed one on each cheek. Stepping up my speed my cock hammered in and out of her tight tunnel like a proverbial jack hammer until with a loud moan of my own I shot a thick spurt of cum up my step mother's shit hole.

Pulling out I grasped my cock and directed the last few streams onto her back. Sighing I stepped back exhausted. "That will be all," I said, instantly Erika curled up in a ball by the side of the bath and drifted into a deep sleep just as I had asked.

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"Well done master," I looked over to where my trousers rested to see Lilith's head poking out of the pocket "You fucked her forcefully and well," "Thanks," I replied, by now I was used to her slightly archaic complements "but now I have allot of cleaning up to do before she wakes up."