Bj and titjob in pov from amateur slut hardcore amateurs

Bj and titjob in pov from amateur slut hardcore amateurs
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At 4:38am, exactly 8 hours after David had made his command, the two of them began to feel their orgasms start to dissipate, before they finally ended. They fell asleep almost instantly, their bodies absolutely exhausted. Their bedroom was in utter disarray. In their passions, they'd completely ripped the mattress cover off, and onto the floor, as well as the pillows. The mattress itself was also on the floor, with David and Samantha cuddled up lovingly on it, but completely exposed, the duvet having long since been flung across the room in a fit of passion.

The whole of the bed, as well of a lot of the surrounding area, including the two lovers, was covered in a thick layer of cum. It was to be expected of course, since that was the natural result of 8 hours of non-stop ejaculation. At 7am, the couple's alarm clock, which had been knocked onto the floor, went off, waking the two of them up.

They opened their eyes slowly, and kissed each-other softly. "We really made a mess last night, didn't we?" David smiled as he looked around the room. "It was pretty fun though." "Yeah, it was," Samantha smiled, kissing him. "So how did you do it?" "What do you mean?" David asked in confusion. He then felt his wife grab hold of his balls. "David, last night you gave me the most amazing sexual experience of my entire life.

How did you do it?" "Honey, I don't know what you're talking about." "David, don't lie to me. Tell me the truth, or I'll use your testicles as stress balls. "Honey, honestly, I really don't know what happened." Samantha then started squeezing slightly. "David," she said. "I woke up yesterday morning with bigger boobs.


Then when I got home, I had a 5 minute orgasm from you dirty-talking me, before you and I came for 8 hours straight. You know something, and you're going to tell me." She began squeezing harder. "Alright, alright, I'll tell you!" David relented, and he felt his wife weaken her grip on his balls. "But I don't know much. While I was home alone yesterday, I discovered that I have…powers." "Powers?" "I don't know what they are or where they came from.

I just know I seem to be able to do anything I want." "Anything?" "Well, I've not found anything I can't do yet. I just sort of will it to happen, and it does." "Alright, if you can do anything, clean the bedroom up, because otherwise it'll take about a week." "Alright honey, I'll try…" One thought later, and the room was completely clean and tidy.

All the cum was gone, and everything was back where it should be, the bed looking freshly-made. The two lovers were deposited on the bed comfortably.

"Oh my God…" Samantha said.

"This is amazing…" "Pretty amazing," David smiled. "What else can you do?" "Well, I can read people's minds and control them." "…You've not done that to me, have you?" "Of course not honey, just some random people in the park.

I'd never do it without your permission." "You grew my boobs and made me orgasm without my permission." "In my defence, the boob thing was accidental. And I figured you wouldn't object to your husband making sex as spectacular as possible." "No, I guess not." "Want me to turn your boobs back to normal?" "No…I sort of like them.

I've always wanted bigger boobs. Anyway, I need to get ready for work." "I think I'm gonna go to work today too." "David, you still need to rest." "Honey, whatever these powers are, I think it's pretty clear that I'm physically fit.

I'm going to work." "Oh fine then. I'm gonna go take a shower. I trust there'll be no random orgasms while I'm in there?" "I promise." They kissed, and Samantha went for her morning shower.

David meanwhile dressed himself with a snap of his fingers, and called his boss. "Hey Mr Forrester? It's me," David said as his boss picked up the phone. "David, it's so good to hear from you!" Mr Forrester said down the phone. "How are you?" "Fine. In fact, better than fine. I'm incredible. Powerful." "Well that's good. From what your wife said, we were all really worried." "Yeah, but listen, I think I'm just about recovered now, so I'm going to come in today." "Are you sure?

I don't mind you staying off as long as you want." "No, it's fine. I want to come in." "Alright then David, see you later." David hung up the phone, and before long, Samantha emerged from the bathroom. "David, I was thinking…what about the kids?" She said. "What about the kids?" David asked, confused. "I mean, should we tell them about your powers?" "I don't think so.

I think we should wait a bit until I understand them a bit better. Hell, I only told you because you asked." The two of them walked downstairs, where they saw Jack and Molly, who were sat eating breakfast.

"Morning kids, did you sleep well?" David asked them. "Not really," Molly replied. "Why?" David asked. Jack then proceeded to do an impression of David's orgasmic groans. "Oh…you two heard that, huh?" "I think the whole street probably heard it," David said. "How the fuck did you even keep going for that long?

You were at it for hours!" "Well…Your mom and I love each other a lot, so we really wanted to do it for hours." "Uhh, you two are so disgusting!" Molly shouted. "I'm gonna go get ready for school!" Samantha worked as a PE teacher and Jack and Molly's school, so David gave them all a lift to the gate. The two kids got out, while Samantha and David kissed. "Have a good day honey," Samantha said, kissing her husband.

"You too honey," David grinned. "Have a really pleasurable day." At the word 'pleasurable', Samantha moaned as she had a small orgasm.

"Oh you bastard…" She moaned as she came. "I know I am," David smiled, before he kissed her again. Samantha finished cumming, and gave her husband another kiss, before she got out of the car.


------------------------------- "Do you accept the responsibilities and duties being bestowed upon you?" "I do." "Do you vow to perform these duties to the quality expected of you by your archangel superior, your mortal masters, and the Lord thy God?" "I do." "And do you accept that, should you fail to perform these duties, you shall be stripped of your rank, and your wings, and reduced to the lowest form of angel?" "I do." "Then I hereby proclaim you to be of the rank "Bliss Supervisor".

Go and do the Lord's work." "His will be done." Dorothea dismissed Luna, who gave her the usual round of thanks and admiration, before she finally left. Dorothea did hate these ceremonies, but it was expected of her. Luna had been given the promotion she'd desired, so she had to do the traditional ceremony.

Dorothea always found it amusing watching how happy it made lower angels to be promoted. Like their new rank was any less meagre than their previous one. Dorothea was of the opinion that if you weren't God or an archangel, you were worthless.

Dorothea was very worried about the new God. She always worried about the changeover, about what it would entail, but this time she was even more nervous. This new God had been appointed without his knowledge or consent, so he was likely to be quite mad about it when he found out. She just hoped that Amia would be able to talk him out of punishing them all. ------------------------------- David was greeted with open arms when he arrived at his office.

Everyone had heard about his accident, so they were all keen to see him. "Wow, you're looking so good!" "Did it hurt? Does it still hurt?" "It's so good to see you David!" Those were just some of the things David's co-workers said to him as he walked into the office. Ahead of him David saw Mr Forrester, along with his secretary, Amy Chambers. Amy was the girl David had cheated on his wife with 10 years ago, back when she'd been their 17-year-old intern.

A year later, Mr Forrester had offered her a permanent job as his new secretary. David wondered how many orgasms she'd had to give him to get that post. And how many orgasms she gave him now to keep it. "Welcome back David, it's good to see you," Mr Forrester said. "Yeah, welcome," Amy grinned cheekily. She'd long since accepted that David wouldn't give in to her advances anymore, but that didn't mean that she couldn't be flirty. "How are you feeling?" Mr Forrester asked him.

"Good. Really good actually. Better than I ever have." "Well that's good. We were all really worried about you," Mr Forrester said. "And if you feel ill and need to go home early, just do it." "Thanks sir, I will." David really liked his boss.

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Mr Forrester was probably the nicest guy he'd ever had the pleasure of working for. He'd definitely have to find some way of using his new powers to reward him somehow.

David sat down at his desk and got to work. As he did, his thoughts turned to Amy, and he remembered the wonderful night they'd spent together 10 years ago. He remembered being amazed at just how good at sex she was. In the years since, he'd realised it was probably because she fucked anyone she could get her hands on, particularly if she could get something out of it. Frankly it was a miracle she'd not threatened to tell his wife about it. David did feel guilty about what had happened.

The following evening he'd given his wife the biggest and most expensive bouquet of flowers he could find, before he spent the whole evening pleasuring her to the best of his abilities. It was the least he could do to make it up to her, even if she didn't know what he'd done.

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Figuring he'd test out his new powers some more, David willed his computer screen to change to a live feed of Amy. He was confused at first, as all that seemed to turn up was a shot of Mr Forrester in his office, typing away at his computer. It was only when David listened closely, and heard the sounds of sucking, that he realised what was going on. David mentally adjusted the "camera" angle, and he saw that Mr Forrester was naked from the waist down, with Amy under the desk fellating him.

David sat watching with intrigue. He'd always assumed that the two of them were having an affair, but this was the first proper evidence he'd ever seen for it. "That was great Amy.

I love you," Mr Forrester said after he'd cum. Amy crawled out from under the desk, and kissed him. "I love you too," she smiled. "You know, my wife's gonna be away for a few days for work. So you could stay over and we could fuck all night long." "I'd love that sweetie." David had met Mrs Forrester many times at corporate events. She seemed like a really nice woman, and she sort of felt sorry for the fact that her husband had spent the last decade, if not more, cheating on her.

They had three teenage kids too, so they'd also be affected if daddy's adultery was ever discovered.

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But David could also partly see why he did it. After all, he too had given into the temptation. He and Samantha had been arguing a lot back then, and he'd found comfort in another woman's arms. It did occur to David that now that he had these amazing powers, he could have any woman that he wanted. And there were many, many women that he wanted. But after his brief affair with Amy, he'd vowed to remain loyal to his wife. He just wondered how long it'd be before he gave into the temptation.

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David then gave up on watching them, and decided instead to see what his family was doing. A second later, and the screen changed to a shot of Samantha, who was setting up for the PE lesson while the girls in her 11th grade class got changed. David couldn't resist, and he used his powers to peek into the changing rooms.

In there, he saw two dozen 16 and 17-year-old girls in various states of undress, which was more than he'd ever seen at that age. David decided to spice up the lesson a bit more, so he sent a command to all the girls, as well as his wife. Immediately, every single one of them began removing their clothes, not being embarrassed in the slightest, as though this was perfectly normal to them.

Once they were all completely naked, they ran out into the sports hall, where the equally-naked Mrs Jones was waiting for them. Basketball was on today's schedule, which was good for David, as it meant lots of jiggling naked flesh. He sat back in his office chair, and enjoyed the sight of two dozen teenage girls running and jumping about with absolutely nothing on. It was so tempting to teleport there and order them all to fuck him, but he resisted.

It did occur to David that he'd manipulated Samantha's mind, something which he'd promised not to do, but he figured he wasn't hurting her. And she seemed to be enjoying it. ------------------------------- "Go on Jack, just talk to her." "I can't do that!" "Why not?" "Because she's hot!" David's son Jack was currently stood with his friend Ben in the hallway at school, it being lunchtime. They were watching Megan Holloway, whom Jack had a huge crush on.

They got on well, but Jack had never managed to get beyond friendly chit-chat with her. "You'll never get her to go out with you if you don't ask her," Ben said bluntly. "You can't just ask out a hot girl out of the blue!" Jack said. "It doesn't work that way. And besides, she's been talking to Brad Jenkins a lot. He'd kill me if I asked her out." "They're not a couple though.

They're just friends, despite what he thinks." Unbeknownst to the two boys, they were being watched by Jack's omnipotent father, through his computer screen. He'd had no idea that his son had a crush on a girl.

He had to admit, Megan was pretty hot.


He'd have killed for a girl that hot at his age. Or now, to be honest. "Let's see about helping him out…" David said, before he focused his powers on Megan's mind.

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"Megan, you will ask Jack Jones out on a date. During this date, you will get gradually hornier and hornier until finally, when the date is over, you will invite Jack to stay over with you, where you two will make passionate love.

Your parents will be okay with this, as will Jack's. After you finish making love, you will be totally and completely in love with Jack. You will never ever cheat on him.

You will love him fully for as long as you are a couple. You will never dump him." David then smiled and watched the look on Jack's face as Megan walked up to him.

"Hey Jack, I was just wondering…you wanna go on a date?" She asked. "Um, uh, um…" Jack stuttered. "He'd be happy to!" Ben answered for him. "Yay! Thanks Jack!" Megan smiled, before giving Jack a kiss on the cheek. ------------------------------- Amia moaned loudly as Achré rubbed her wings sensually, since they were highly-sensitive erogenous zones for angels.

The two of them were sat in their hot tub, along with Dorothea. "Having fun there, Amia?" Dorothea asked her friend.

"Very much so…" Amia moaned. "I don't get many chances to relax." "I'm surprised you're relaxing now, what with the God changeover.

You're never relaxed around this time," Dorothea said. "Not that you are ever." "I can relax sometimes. When we have a God that actually does everything properly. And when they actually let me help to choose the new God…" "Well if it helps, I feel like this new guy's going to do alright," Achré said.

"Really?" Amia asked. "Since getting his powers he's stripped helpless women nude, given a boy a permanent erection, turned his wife into a sexpot and had sex with her that would have killed normal humans a thousand times over.

Amongst other things." "That's only typical behaviour. Can you blame the guy for using his powers sexually? I think you'll find it was your idea to make mortals crave sex," Achré said. "I did that so that people would reproduce," Amia said. "I didn't expect it to become the centre of everyone's lives." "Well sex is pretty awesome, you have to admit," Achré said, and Amia let out a gasp as he touched that one little bit of her wings that really got her going.

"You seem to enjoy it." "I enjoy it because the original God gave me a mortal body," Amia replied, trying to talk through the wingjob that she was being given. "Don't complain, I'd love to be like you," Dorothea said.

"I would love to forget that my mortal life ever happened. Frankly I'm not too keen on the time I spent as a normal angel either." At this point, there was a knock at the door. "The drinks you requested, my Lord and Ladies," said a young, timid voice from behind the door. "Come in!" Achré shouted. The door opened, and in walked an angel who appeared as a young boy, dressed in his pure white robes, without wings. He had his head bowed to his archangel superiors.

"About time!" Dorothea shouted at him. "You're lucky I'm too relaxed to punish you right now." "I'm sorry Lady Dorothea, I'll do better next time Lady Dorothea," the boy said timidly as he handed them their drinks.

"See that you do, or I'll get Lord Achré to 'show you his workplace'. Understood?" "Yes Lady Dorothea," the boy replied, before leaving. "You really shouldn't be so hard on them," Achré said to his fellow archangel. "They're all trying their best." "Well their best isn't good enough. I promoted a girl today purely because someone else changed to being a Guardian Angel, so there was a space free, not because I thought she particularly deserved a promotion." ------------------------------- Molly Jones was sat in her maths class, doing a test she had NOT prepared for in the slightest.

Who needs maths anyway? She could count, and surely that's all she needed? She stared at the list of questions and tried to make everything make sense in her head, but it just wouldn't. The information wasn't there. David was disappointed at this, but honestly he wasn't surprised. Molly had never struck him as a particularly studious girl, but having it confirmed wasn't a happy moment.

He didn't want to watch his little girl fail though, so he decided to work some magic on her. He willed that Molly would instantly become amazing at maths, and get all the questions 100% right. No, wait, 90% might be better. Don't want it to look like she's cheating. David watched on proudly as Molly felt the knowledge flow into her head, and she started writing happily as she suddenly knew exactly how to answer every single question.

She looked around at all her classmates, who were struggling, and she just grinned. ------------------------------- David turned the computer screen off, and his stomach rumbled. He'd not bothered bringing a packed lunch, and conjuring one up would just be too easy, so he decided to head home to eat. David got up, and walked to Mr Forrester's door. He could however hear the sounds of naked flesh thrusting against naked flesh, and moans of pleasure coming from the office.

Getting the message, David sent a mental command into Mr Forrester's mind, willing him to think that David had told him he was going home. He also willed the two of them to have unlimited sexual stamina for the next 24 hours. David's drive home was rather uneventful, with him mostly brainstorming other things he could use his powers on. All his nerves about them were gone now, so he was fully confident that he could do just about anything he wanted.

It did create a moral dilemma though. Did he really have the right to manipulate people like this? After all, if he'd pulled down those women's trousers the previous day he'd have been arrested, but did the fact he'd done it with his powers make it right? David pulled into his driveway, and walked into the house to make himself some lunch. What he saw when he walked in however surprised him. In the middle of the living room was a beautiful girl, dressed in white robes with golden trims.

She was on her knees, and bowed before him. "Who the fuck are you?" David asked her. "Hello Lord, I am Amia," the girl smiled. "We need to talk." ------------------------------- Author's message: So I've had several comments (Mostly on other sites) complaining that Chapter 02 was too similar to Bruce Almighty.

The sex scene at the end was indeed intended as a tribute to the movie that inspired this story, and maybe I went a bit far with it, but I assure you that is all there'll be. The rest of the story will be pure DragoTime content.

This chapter's slightly shorter, mostly because there's very little sex in it. But as I've said before, I don't like cramming in sex where it's not welcome. Plus there was lots of it in the last chapter. There will indeed be plot to this story, and the plot will start next chapter. I wanted these first 3 chapters as sort of an introduction to the story, before the plot properly starts.

Incidentally, naming characters is hard. I mean, I barely ever give characters surnames, mostly because they're hard to think of, and largely irrelevant. The girl Jack has a crush on in this chapter was originally called Megan Parker until I realised that's the name of Miranda Cosgrove's character in Drake and Josh. Frankly I like naming angels/genies because you can call them any random combination of syllables.