Biggest dong for a curvy beautiful babe

Biggest dong for a curvy beautiful babe
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"Oh, gracious me." Edd a.k.a. Double D sits at his desk in the middle of the classroom. Today is Valentine's Day, and most of his fellow classmates have gotten into the spirit. They're trading Valentine's Day cards, candy, love letters and the like.

Everyone's doing it…everyone but the Ed's that is. Eddy is putting his mind to work, thinking of his latest scheme to make money on this day & Ed is deep into his comic book that he snuck to school. Double D would like to join in with his classmates, especially as he stares at one in particular. "The lovely Nazz." He says, gazing upon the blonde beauty as she talks to Kevin.

Double D has had a crush on her ever since the 2nd grade, and has been willing himself to send her a card, expressing his true feelings for her. That wouldn't seem like such a big problem, if it weren't for the "other" woman in Double D's life.

"Hello, boyfriend." She wraps her arms around Double D and gives him a bear hug. The "other" woman in his life…Marie Kanker. She's carrying about a dozen photos, which she drops into his card box. Instantly he remembers back to that Thanksgiving. What was supposed to be a simple drop-off of Food as a show of friendship, turned into him losing his virginity in a 4+ hour sex-a-thon, which culminated with the Urban Rangers "saving" him from his prison.

"I'll be waiting for my Card, Oven Mitt." She tells him, passing him by wearing a seductive smirk. As he watches her shapely body as she walk over to her desk in the back, he can't help but to get an erection. His heart may lie with Nazz, but his manhood has strong ties with that Kanker.

It took weeks of re-education for him to forget about her. But Eddy thinks that Double D may be relapsing. "HEY, SOCKHEAD!!!" Double D snaps out of it to see his friend Eddy standing in front of him. "Don't tell me you're reverting back to liking those Kankers.

ED, GET YOUR GYM SOCKS!!!" "NO! NOT THAT!!!" Double D says. "I'm OK. I'm not reverting. I still have a supreme dislike & fear of the Kankers." "That's better." Eddy says, before turning back to his desk and continuing his planning. Double D meanwhile, decides to see just what kind of photos Marie gave him. Taking a look at one, his face turns Candy Apple Red.

It's Marie…au natural. Quickly stuffing the photo back into the box, he goes back to wondering about his situation…at least until he's interrupted again, this time by Johnny.

"Hey, Double D, buddy!" He says, carrying his "friend" Plank as always. "What's the matter? Why are you so down? It's Valentines Day." "I know, Johnny." Edd says. "It's…just this girl. Hey, why aren't you participating in the exchange of Hallmark Cards?" "My Valentine lives across the country." Johnny says. "We're pen pals, but she's a little weird. She thinks her best friend is a twig. HA! Isn't that crazy, Plank?" The words 'You're one to talk' instantly pop into Edd's head, but good manners prevent him from saying it.

Instead, he nods in agreement as Johnny holds Plank close to his ear. "Plank says that life is too short to be afraid." Johnny tells Edd. "If there's a girl that you like, you should go after her with everything in your heart, or you'll regret it for as long as you live." Edd lifts his head up as his eyes widen in shock over the advice that was given to him…and where it came from. "You're…you're right, Johnny." He says.

"I shouldn't be afraid. I should go after my dream. And I Will!" He grabs a Blank Valentines Day card from off a nearby desk and begins to pour his heart out, writing down his true feelings for Nazz. Johnny walks off, congratulating Plank. "Boy, all those hours watching Oprah sure did help, didn't it buddy?" He says. Double D continues to jot down words onto the card, almost filling up one half. After a few moments, he puts down his pen and reads over what he has just wrote.

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"It's not poetry, but it does fully express my feelings to Nazz." He says, proud of his work. "Now, just to drop it in her card box and…" Edd is cut off by the sound of the school bell ringing, indicating it's the end of the school day.

As all of the students get up to leave, Edd fights his way through the crowd in order to drop the card in Nazz's box. His hand is just mere inches away, when Eddy grabs his other arm.

"Come on, Double D!" He says. "I got a great plan to make some moolah off of these love struck suckers!" "WAIT! NO!" Edd says, trying to drop the card in. "SO…CLOSE…" Alas, the pull of the crowd along with Eddy drags Double D out of the room, and causes him to drop the card on the ground. It would've been left there if not for the last person in the classroom…Ed.

He saw Double D's attempt and helps him out. "DON'T WORRY, DOUBLE D!!!" He yells out to him. "I GOT YA COVERED!!!" He picks up the card off of the floor, but instead of dropping it into Nazz's card box, he drops it into the one next to it, a box labeled M, and head off to join his friends. Outside of Peach Creek High… The kids are all dispersing and heading their separate ways home. At the school steps, Edd & Eddy wait for their partner in crime, Ed. A moment later, he comes bounding through the doors in his usual reckless way.

"The retched shackles of school have been freed!

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And now…" "QUIET, LUMPY!!!" Eddy says, pushing him & Double D into hiding behind the school. Before they can question why, they get the answer.

The Kankers are heading back inside the school. "Lets go double check our boxes!" May says, being her usual giddy self. "Maybe a man sent us a card." "Who cares if some losers try to sweet talk us?" Lee says. "Speak for yourself, Carrot Head." Marie counters.

"I'm looking for a card from my honey." As the three head back inside the school, the Eds come up out of hiding.

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"Heh, I'd like to see the look on their faces when they see their boxes empty." Eddy snickers. "Eddy, I am surprised at you." Double D tells him. "The Kankers might not be favorable with us, but they are still human, with feelings and emotions and…" "Are you done, Sockhead?" Eddy asks, grabbing Double D's arm. "Because we've got Candy to sell!" They make their way down the street towards Ed's house, who only lives a couple blocks away from the school. "What plan is it this time, Eddy?" Double D sighs.

"I've waited for this day for months." Eddy starts. "I stockpiled a truckload of Chocolates in Ed's basement. We can sell them off to these lovesick puppies at $5 a pop, and have enough greenbacks to buy & sell this town!" The 3 reach Ed's house and proceed up the walkway.

Once they reach his front door, Double D & Eddy expect Ed to pull out his house keys. Instead, Ed bangs his head against the door until it opens, then starts laughing.

Double D just shakes his head as Eddy ignores it all together, dashing into the house and straight to Ed's bedroom/the Basement. He grabs the doorknob and looks back to his two accomplices. "Gentlemen, get ready." He says, swinging the door wide open. "Cause we're about to be up to our elbows swimming in…CHOCOLATE???" The 3 Eds look down the stairs into the basement, and see that it has been mostly flooded in melted Chocolate.

Ed develops a smile on his face as he dives head first into it. "CHOCOLATE CANNONBALL!!!" SPLASH!!! Ed's dive creates a wave of Chocolate aimed right at the 2 Eds. Double D, on instinct, dives out of the way to safety. Eddy is not so lucky though, and gets completely covered with the stuff.

It doesn't do much to cool him off though, as he's still fuming. "ED! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE CHOCOLATE???" He yells.

"Indeed." Double D adds. "I am also curious to learn how such a large amount of chocolate could melt into a pool?" At this moment, Double D notices several floating portable heaters in the chocolate. "Ed, are those your heaters?" "Uh-huh." Ed answers, doing the backstroke.

"I was trying to replicate the conditions on Beta One Prime, so that the evil Ice Queen of Pluto could…" "CRIMINEY!!!" Eddy screams. "My plans are ruined because Lumpy over there reads too many Comic Books!" He rolls up his sleeves and looks like he's about to jump into the chocolate to throttle Ed, when a loud, annoying voice fills the air.

"EDDDDD!!!" It's Sarah, Ed's little sister. Wearing the same sneer on her face as always. "Mom says to get out of the Chocolate! NOW!" Not wanting to disobey his mother, Ed quickly climbs out of the Chocolate pool. "She also says you can't stay here tonight, cause someone's gotta clean out the chocolate." Sarah continues. "So you gotta stay with a friend." "NOT IT!" Eddy says, almost a fraction of a second after Sarah finished.

Edd is about to say something, but realizes that now he's stuck with a Chocolate covered Ed who'll be staying at his house for the night.

"Oh, Dear." He says, dreading what the event will bring. Later That Night… "Stupid Double D." The time is 11pm, and everyone is deep asleep in their homes. The cul-de-sac is devoid of life, as is the rest of the neighborhood. But away from the cul-de-sac, across the Construction yard, in the Park 'n' Flush Trailer Park, there sits a lone figure staring out of the window of a Trailer.

It's Marie Kanker, but she isn't wearing her usual devious grin. She doesn't even show a single sign of joy. No, she's visibly upset & angry. She expected to get a Valentines Day card from her "Boy Toy" Double D, but none showed up.

And right now she feels like slamming the trailer onto his head over & over. On the other side of the room, her sister May is having her doubts also, as she paces around thinking of reasons she hasn't received a card.

"Maybe…maybe the Janitor stole all of the cards." She says. "And…and is using them as blackmail. So he can fund his…" She's cut off when a phone book smacks against her head. It was thrown by her sister Lee, who's not in the mood to hear her.

"Who cares, I said!" She tells May. "If the men here are too stupid to appreciate the Kankers, they don't deserve the Kankers. Now come on, let's go to bed." May rubs her head and follows Lee up the stairs to her room. Marie chooses to stay downstairs though, still fuming as she stares off at the moon & the stars from her window…at least until Lee smacks her over the head.

"To bed I said!" Lee reiterates. Marie finally goes along with Lee, but not without passing her and stomping down hard on her foot. "Yeah, yeah, I heard you the first time." She says angry, as Lee hops around in pain, holding her foot. 5 minutes later… Both May & Lee are now in bed sound asleep.

Marie comes out of the bathroom dressed in her pajamas, about to hop in bed also. But as she approaches her bed, she stops at the nightstand and sees her card box on top of it. Not wanting to look at it anymore, she gets ready to chuck it out of the window.

But as she winds up, a card falls out of the bottom of the box. Picking it up off the floor, she walks over to the window to get enough light to read it. The name she reads is the very name she had hoped for…Edd.

She quickly opens the card and begins to read what's inside. "My Darling Dearest, Though I have known you nearly all my life, it has taken me till now to recognize your stunning beauty. You have the features of a goddess, and are incomparable to any other woman. How I long to hold you in my arms, and reveal my true feelings, as we share a moonlight stroll, and plan our future together. I am truly, madly & deeply in love with you.

And I hope that your feelings are the same. Edd" A tear gently rolls down her cheek, as she smiles from the kind words that were written.


The card has touched her heart, in a way she thought nothing ever could. Immediately she runs over to the closet and starts getting dressed, wanting to see her beloved Double D at this very moment.

As she finishes putting on her shoes, she accidentally bumps her knee against the door, causing her sister May to wake up. "Huh…Wha, what's going on?" She silently asks. "Where are you going?" Marie walks over to the window and slides it open, before turning back to her sister with a grin.

"I'm gonna go give my Double D the best Valentines night of his life." Instead of asking why, May just hops out of bed, slips into her slippers and grabs her jacket. "Wait for me." She says. "Maybe I can find my Big Ed, too." And with that, the two Kanker sisters hop out through the window and dash out of the Trailer Park. They cross through the Construction Yard in the dead of night, as they make a beeline towards the cul-de-sac…and their Eds.

Meanwhile… Inside Edd's house, Double D is busy at work putting plastic over the furniture and the pictures on the wall. Everything of value has been taken down and placed in a closet, so that nothing will be broken. As he finishes up, loud pounding can be heard coming from the front door.

Edd walks over and opens it up to see his buddy Ed standing there, wearing pajamas & carrying a blanket & a pillow. "Greetings, Edward." Double D says. "And welcome to my Humble Domicile." "I thought this was your home, Double D." Ed says, to which Double lets out a low groan.

"Just come in, Ed." He says. "OK, DOUBLE D!" Ed charges in from the doorway and leaps into the air, coming down hard on the Living Room couch. Shutting the door, Double D thanks himself for remembering to apply plastic the couch and joins Ed. "Alright, now there is one basic rule that you must follow, Ed." Double D says. "Especially since my parents are out of town." Ed nods his head like a bobble-head doll as Double D continues. "Now, did you tell Eddy my parents were home?" "Uh-huh." Ed answers.

"Oh, I do hate to lie." Double D tells Ed. "But if Eddy knew my parents were gone, he'd plan some wild party that would have my house in ruins. OK, the basic rule is…under no circumstances are you or I to enter my parents room. Understood?" Ed shakes his head again, as Double D continues. "Good. You may sleep out here on the couch, and the TV remote is there so you may watch…" "OH, BOY!!!" Ed yells, cutting Double D off as he grabs the remote.

"Monster Movie Marathon." He laughs almost uncontrollably as he turns on the TV. Immediately the movie starts up. It's 'The Killer Heart from Calcutta.' And while Double D may not be as big of a fan of this as his buddy, the movie does remind him of something that happened earlier in the day.

"Oh, dear. I forgot to drop my card into Nazz's box." Double D says. "Impatient Eddy, rushing me out of class." "Don't worry, Double D." Ed says. "I dropped it in the box." "You did?" Edd responds surprised. "Why…why thank you Ed. That was awfully nice of you." "No problem, Buddy." Ed says, eyes still fixed on the TV. "Dropped it in M for Nazz." "Uh, Ed?

Nazz is spelled with an 'N'." Double D tells him. "Which means if you put it in 'M', it went to…" Double D begins to think of everyone in his class whose first name starts with an 'M'. He narrows it down to the females, then eliminates those who're not in class that period. After a moment, he determines the answer, and it sends a chill down his spine. The only girl to have a name start with the letter 'M', who was in class, and had a card box…was Marie Kanker. "OH LORD!" Double D yells, panicking.

"Ed, you just gave my Valentines Day card to Marie KANKER!!!" "KANKERS? WHERE???" Ed yells, also panicking. Double D jumps to his feet and rushes the door. "They're probably coming over now! QUICK! We must barricade the doors." Reaching the front door, Edd begins locking all 12 locks on the door, insuring that no one will come through the front. As he finishes, Ed slams the couch against the door, putting up for a barrier.

"A Couch for Blocking!" He says. Unfortunately, Double D didn't get the chance to move. "Ed…couch…on me." Double D squeaks out. "Sorry, Double D." Ed says, removing the couch. Double D moves out of the way as Ed puts the couch back on the door. "Ed, barricade the back door and keep lookout!" Double D orders. "I'll check upstairs." He dashes up the steps with surprising speed. Once he reaches the top, he runs over and closes the hallway window, locking it down tight.

"All the windows must be locked." He says to himself. "Can't leave them a way to get in." Scrambling around all of upstairs, he shuts & locks down every window he can find. He even considers checking his parents room, but doesn't as he remembers their window is always locked. After hitting the last window, he breathes a sigh of relief and walks into his room.

He sits down on his bed and picks up a book to read, trying to calm his nerves. But he starts to shiver a little when he feels a cold draft. "Where did that draft come from?" He says to himself. "Highly unlikely that I would feel it.

I've locked down every window in the house. I'm sure of it." And that's when it hits him. He did lock every window in the house. But the draft came in the direction of his window. He slowly turns his head towards the window, hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

He gets the ladder, and sees Marie Kanker standing in his room. "Hello, Boyfriend." Meanwhile, downstairs… The refrigerator is pushed up against the back door, indicating Ed has done his job.

He sits on the floor in the Living Room now, eyes refocused back on the TV Horror Movie. But as the action goes on in the movie, a loud banging is heard coming from the door.

It's as if someone is trying to knock the door off of its hinges. Ed turns to the door, and lets his imagination get the best of him.

"IT'S THE HORRID NIGHT BEAST FROM BETA ONE PRIME!!!" Ed is proven wrong, though. As the door finally gives way, the couch is sent flying back to its previous Living Room spot. He looks up at the doorway and sees his worse fear…May Kanker. "Hiya, Big Ed." She says, wearing a seductive look. "RUN AWAY!!!" Ed makes a mad dash to get away, but May gives him a shoelace tackle that stops him. Ed begins to yell for help, fearing the worse will happen. The yell comes across Double D's ears, and he becomes even more afraid.

"ED! What's going on?" He says. "Oh that's just May." Marie tells him. "She wanted to tag along." "This isn't happening…" Instinctively, Double D begins to plan his escape, so he can help his friend and get as far away as they can. But that's nullified when Marie pounces on him, tackling him to the floor. She ends up on top of him, legs straddled. "How were you able to get in here?" He asks.

"I learned out to break locks in Shop Class." She answers, which doesn't surprise Edd at all. "I knew you'd get me a Valentines Card.

And I got something special for you, boyfriend. CHOCOLATE JAWBREAKERS!!!" She pulls out a heart-shaped box filled with the candy. "Uh, Marie?" Double D says, feeling he should tell her the truth.

"I fear that there is an explanation as to why…GLOMPH!!!" Marie stuffs a couple of the chocolate Jawbreakers into his mouth, almost choking him. As he starts to suck on them, she leans in close and kisses him, just as aggressively as the last time they kissed. As her tongue wiggles into his mouth, Double D is overcome with a feeling of Déjà vu. He's reminded of that Thanksgiving Night, and all that happened. And the surprisingly pleasant, yet messy, sensation of chocolate jawbreakers & her tongue in his mouth begins to turn him on.

As she moans and continues with the kiss, Edd finds his hand moving down her body, longing to palm & squeeze her plump backside as he did before. But he fights off the feeling, and pushes her away from him. "LOOK! A Monster Truck parked outside!" He says, mouth covered in chocolate. "WHERE?" She says, jumping to her feet and running to the window. Edd takes this moment to run for dear life. "RUN AWAY!!!!!" He scrambles to his feet and out of the room, as Marie turns around. Instead of chasing after him though, she just smiles to herself.

"I love it when my man plays hard to get." She says, before giving chase. Double D, outside in the hallway, frantically searches for his Ed so they can escape. "I must find Ed." He says. "Who knows what could be happening to him! He's probably…UGGGHHH!!!" Marie delivers a Linebacker-like hit to Double D, immediately sending him to the ground, with her on top of him.

But he doesn't give in, as he tries to claw his way out of her grasp, which is nearly impossible with the hold she has on him. As Double D keeps going, he looks down the stairs to the Living Room and sees Ed & May on the couch. Instantly he starts to think that Ed's in trouble, but as he looks on, he sees that it's far from that. May has her head buried deep between Ed's legs, giving him a phenomenal blowjob.

After a minute, she brings her head up and takes his Cock out of her mouth. A massive 11 inches she had down her throat, it takes both of her hands just to grip it. "How'd you like that, big daddy?" She asks. Ed just responds with his usual chuckling laugh, too overloaded with pleasure to speak words. May knows he likes it though, and starts to lick the shaft, as her hands gently play with his balls. She gleefully works on his Rod, giggling as her tongue runs up & down the shaft, and around the head.

Soon, Ed starts to feel himself reaching his limit. Since it's his first time, he doesn't know how to describe it. "Oh no. My trouser snake is turning into a volcano." He says, confusing Double D. But surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, May knows exactly what he's talking about. "You're gonna cum?" She says. "Cum in my mouth, baby!" She wraps her lips around his manhood once more, urging him to let go. On instinct, Ed tries to hold on.

But her subtle head movement cause him to lose control. He grits his teeth and lets go, as his Cock erupts deep inside May's mouth. She stands pat though, never taking her mouth off of his Rod, and taking in all that he shoots out. After a moment, she pulls his manhood out of her mouth and swallows his load in whole, before licking her lips, enjoying the taste. "Mmmm, YUM!!!" She says as she notices Ed is still ready to go.

"Alright, yer still hard! Then let's go, babycakes." As she slides off her red shorts & her panties, the two are unaware that they're being watched. Upstairs, Double D is in shock by what he just saw.

"My word…did she just?" "Yep." Marie says, interrupting him. She rolls him over onto his back and climbs on top of him. "That's her specialty. She's had a lot of practice on cucumbers and Mom's Dildo. Let's watch the rest." She lies on top of him as they both look on, watching May take in all of Ed's 'Trouser Snake'. Once it's in, she starts rough-riding him, as if he was a bucking bronco.

"OH YEAH! FUCK ME, BIG ED!!!" She screams. "This is even better than Buttered Toast!" Ed proclaims, thrusting deep inside of May. Meanwhile, as Double D & Marie look on, Edd starts to become aroused yet again.

The action downstairs, coupled with Marie's well-developed body pressed up against his does the job of making him hard. "Oh, no." Edd thinks to himself. "I'm starting to get an erection. I have to move before Marie notices and…" Too late.

Marie can feel Edd's hard pipe, and proceed to make it harder by rubbing against it. "All this action is making you ready, Boy Toy." She says. "Let's take this party into the room." Edd's eyes widen. He knows exactly what she means, and doesn't want any part of it. In a last ditch effort, he crawls out of her grasp and dashes down the hall, with her right on his tail.

Panicking, he finds the nearest door he can go through, and opens it. Unfortunately for him, it's the door to his parents' room. "Oh my." He says in shock, still holding on to the doorknob. "What have I done?" He doesn't get the chance to contemplate on it, as Marie tackles him from behind. The two end up on Edd's parents' bed, with Marie on top of Edd.

"WAIT, NO!!!" Edd pleads with her. "This is my parents' room!" "Ooh, you're so kinky Double D." She says, turned on by the chance of doing it in a forbidden place. Edd tries to explain more, but can't once she starts peppering him with kisses. Traces of her lipstick mixed with chocolate cover his face, just before she smothers his lips with hers. He does find out the answer to what happened to his chocolate Jawbreaker, though.

It was in Marie's mouth, and she deposits it back into his. Breaking the kiss, Marie starts to creep down Edd's body, until she reaches his boxers.

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Pulling them down, she immediately grabs hold of his Rod and takes the jawbreaker out of her mouth. "Now I want something else to fill my mouth." She says, before engulfing his Cock. She takes to it like it was a Jawbreaker, sucking the head first while holding onto the shaft. Memories of the first time he experienced this flood Edd's mind. "I didn't think it was possible, but she's actually improved." He thinks to himself. "My god, the tongue-work alone is extraordinary.

No! I must not ejaculate! I must fight the urge!" Marie is on top of her game, as she gives Edd the special treatment. She plays with his Cock, licking the base while massaging his balls. Her hand gently strokes the shaft, making sure that Edd continues to get pleasure.

She takes it back into her mouth once more, and begins to work feverishly on it. At this point, Edd begins to lose control. He starts to move his hips a little, and force his Cock down her throat. Marie welcomes it, and takes in as much as she can, deep throating him until nothing left of his member can be seen.

Edd starts to run his hands through her blue hair, as she rocks her head back & forth. Her lips feel like velvet as they tighten around his shaft. Her tongue flails wildly in her mouth, as it circles the head over & over.

It becomes too much for Edd to bear, as he feels himself approaching his limit like a herd of charging bulls. "I…I…MARIE, I…" He can't get the words out, much to his distress.

And when Marie pops his cock out, it erupts, spraying all over her face & her shirt. Surprisingly, after all that, Double D is still hard as a rock. "Marie, I am so sorry…" "That's just perfect!" She says, feeling disappointed, which only makes Edd feel worse. "I wanted you to cum in my mouth." Those words cause Edd's heart to skip a beat.

"Never have I met a woman who's this amorous!" He thinks.


"NO! No, Edward. You are in love with Nazz. Your heart belongs to Nazz…doesn't it?" The debate in his mind is put to a halt when his eyes catch Marie pulling her black shirt off, revealing her round, perky bare breasts. Obviously she didn't bother with a bra tonight.

She then pulls off her green cargo pants to show she's also going commando. No panties. "This is not natural!" Edd thinks to himself. "How is it possible that I'm attracted to someone so unsanitary. She doesn't even wear undergarments." He wants to turn away in disgust, but his eyes won't let him. She crawls over to him like a predator stalking prey, and straddles him once more.

The head of his manhood rubs against her wet pussy, and begins to throb with anticipation. His mind & heart don't want any part of this, but his Cock can't wait to dive in. Marie, wearing nothing but her socks now, grabs hold of his Rod and pushes herself down onto it. She coos with each inch that ventures inside of her, until it's all in. Double D is about ready to have a Heart Attack.

The idea of him having sex with a Kanker in his parents' bedroom is enough to make him run off and repent. But actually doing it… "I'm going to hell!" He thinks. "They're gonna give me a spot right next to Eddy. I may as well had made reservations for it." As Marie begins to rock her hips back & forth, she looks down at her 'boyfriend'. A moment later, Edd looks up, and their eyes meet.

As Edd looks up at her, with the moonlight shining off her face, everything negative about the situation just goes away. At that moment, he's just filled with a tremendous feeling of love & pleasure, and he wants more.

They kiss once more, this time with Double D giving it his all. The passion of this moment runs through his body. "I…I feel so alive!" He thinks. "Never have I felt so alive!" Marie almost yanks Edd's head off, wanting to keep the kiss intact.

He embraces her tightly, as their tongues battle each other within their mouths. It's an explosion of passion that makes him forget, or not care, that she's a Kanker. He doesn't care about Eddy's warnings, or even about Nazz for that matter.

All he cares about is that right now, it's Valentines Day. And for the first time in his 17 years of life…he's not alone on this day. They separate, and start to catch their breath.

Looking at each other again, they both know they want to action to start back up. She rocks her hips again, and Edd starts to thrust in unison, pumping in & out of her soaked snatch. He brings her chest in close and begins to fondle her breasts, sucking on the nipple of the right one.

Marie holds him there as she cheers him on. "OH, YEAH!!!" She screams. "SUCK MY TITS, DOUBLE D! GO!!!!" Double D is in a moment of Zen.

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The two lovers are now dripping in sweat, which is sure to stain onto his parents' bed. And the springs have more than gotten their workout, which won't go unnoticed. But Double D could care less about any of that. In fact he doesn't have a care in the world…until he reaches his limit. "Marie…I fear…I fear I'm about to…" Too late…again. He tries to hold back the urge, but it's useless. As Marie reaches her orgasm, Edd does also, shooting his load off in the deepest part of her.

Marie can feel Double D filling her up, and savors this moment even more. Edd on the other hand, is right back in panic mode. "Oh lord, what have I done?" He says. "I've injected my sperm into you. You'll get pregnant for sure. And I'm only a senior in High School! I'll have to drop out & get a job, or start actually following Eddy's schemes to…" He's silenced when Marie leans in to kiss him once more. The kiss is enough to calm him down, though as she pulls away, the questions still lurk in his head.

"You panic too much, Double D." She says, grinning. "But-but…how can you be so calm?" He asks. "I just impregnated you." "No you didn't." She counters. "I'm on the pill." With that, she lies down on top of her man, and rests there, not bothering to take his Cock out.

Edd's heart has had the workout of its life, as he reflects back on what just happened. "I've just had the best sex of my life…from a woman I should dislike severely." He thinks. "In fact, I should push her out of my bed and run for dear life. But…I can't. I…I think I am in love with Marie Kanker." Instead of questioning it more, he decides to just rest.

European MILF Hardcore Sex Adventure

What happened tonight will go down as the most eventful night in his life. And he doesn't want to ruin it with questions. Meanwhile, downstairs, Ed & May are also spent from their marathon of love. May sits on top of Ed, his 'Trouser Snake' still deep inside of her, as they watch cartoons, giggling and laughing at the funny parts. Two Days Later… It's a few minutes until the start of school, and most of the students are waiting outside. In the midst of the crowd stands Ed & Eddy, as they wait for the third member of their trio.

"Where the hell is Double D?" Eddy says. "You'd think Sockhead would be the first to show up on Mid-Term day." After looking through the crowd of students, Ed finally spots a black skullcap heading towards them. "FOUND 'EM, EDDY!!!" He says, grabbing the skullcap and pulling it, along with Double D, over to their position. "It's about time you got here, Sockhead." Eddy tells him.

"We may have missed Valentines Day, but we can get the job on St. Patrick's Day. I got the perfect plan.

I took one of Rolf's pigs and dressed him up like a Leprechaun. Then we…" Eddy stops when he feels a pair of eyes behind him, watching.

He turns to see Rolf standing there, with a not so pleasant look on his face. "So, YOU are the one who kidnapped Wilbur, short & stumpy Ed-boy." He says, before raising a Rake. "Rolf will pluck out your eyebrows as the Weasel plucks the chicken's feathers!" Eddy dashes off inside the school, running for his life with Rolf hot on his trail.

As the other students pile into the school, Ed & Double D join the crowd. On their way, Double D feels someone playfully pinch his backside. Upon looking, he sees Marie & May walking past, smiling seductively & blowing kisses. Double D discreetly waves back, as Ed looks on confused. "I don't get it, Double D." He says.

"Aren't the Kankers supposed to be Bad to the Bone?" "Yes, my dear Ed." Double D answers. "But…sometimes Bad can be good. Like what happened a couple of nights ago." "Yeah, they were our little sluts." Ed says with a grin.

"ED!!! I am shocked." Double D tells him, outraged. "May & Marie are not sluts! They're…they're just amorous." "Oh, OK!" Ed says, before becoming confused again. "Uh, what does amorous mean, Double D?" "It means…it…means…uh…" Double D tries to think of a way to explain it to Ed that's simple enough for him to understand.

Realizing he doesn't have years to waste, he just gives him a modified answer. "Oh…it's a nice way of saying they're sluts, Ed." "Oh, OK! Then May is my little amorous, Double D!" Ed says, as the two friends head inside for another school day.