Big Tits Anime Teacher Threesome

Big Tits Anime Teacher Threesome
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This was the second night in a row that Brent had made me wear a dildo in my pussy. But tonight in addition to the dildo I had a long thin vibrator shoved in my ass, which made it near impossible to sleep. To make matters worse, throughout the night he would text me and want pictures as proof that both the dildo and vibrator were still inserted deep in me. By 8am when I got up to get ready for work my ass was aching so bad I could barely stand it and I still had another hour with these toys in my pussy and ass.

At 8:50am Brent text me "Sleep well slut? LOL" he asked. "Not really and my ass is killing me" I pouted. "take out the dildo, shove the vibrator in your pussy, suck the dildo clean then the vibrator. Pictures as proof of course" Brent instructed. I cringed at what I was about to do and kept thinking why am I doing this, I don't have to, I could just say fuck you. But I found myself doing exactly as he had ordered. I slid the 8" long dildo from my pussy and into my mouth.

It dangled from my mouth as I laid back and slide the vibrator out of my ass and into my pussy. I took the picture of the vibrator in my pussy first then the one of me suck the dildo. As I took the vibrator from my pussy I slid it into my mouth with the dildo and took the picture. "this should make him happy" I thought.

After I sent the pictures I got ready to leave for work. As I pulled off the street, feeling happy that I made it through the night, Brent text "WTF was that?!?!" "What?" I asked in shock. "that pic u fucking slut!!!

that's not what I wanted" he was pissed. " I told you one at a time" Brent demanded! " I thought you would like the 2 at once" I replied.

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"you don't fucking think, you do as told!" he scolded. I felt horrible, what was he going to do, I knew he would do something. "tonight you have all 3 in you from the time you get home till you leave for work" Brent demanded. "but I have to go to the store after work!" I protested. "to fucking bad! You will go home first, put them all in then go to the store!" I couldn't believe it, this is going to suck majority! At work all day I kept thinking about the task I had in front of me.

3 dildos in me from 6 pm to 8am? Plus shopping at Walmart to do after work. Oh god this is going to be hard, concentrating at work was impossible but by the end of the day I was dripping wet to the point my panties were wet.

I rushed home and ran to my room to change, working at a theme park meant some pretty horrible looking outfits plus I needed clean panties. As I changed I slid the toys in, first the dildo into my pussy which I was slowly growing used to. Then I slid the long thin vibrator into my ass, that hurt a lot even though it wasn't to thick. Finally I took the short thick egg and worked it into my pussy with the dildo.

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I seriously thought I would cry, I was being stretched so much and I felt like I was being ripped in two. I took a photo and sent it knowing he would expect it as soon as he woke up. I slid my panties on and then my shorts and went to grab a drink before I left. Just as I was grabbing my keys Brent texted me "good slut! Now u are to wear a skirt and no panties while you are out" he instructed.


If you knew me, you would know this is something I never do, I never wear dresses or skirts. I own 2 skirts but haven't worn them since I was 18 or so, low cut tops and tight jeans fine but skirts? I almost protested but knew I better not so I went back to my room and changed.

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as I went to leave my mom turned and looked at me as if I had three heads "you? In a skirt? Did hell freeze over" she joked. "nah just felt like it I guess" I replied as I walked out the door to go to the store. As I sat in the car I cringed at the pain of all three being shoved deeper in my pussy and ass.

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When I got to Walmat I got a text "I want a pic now!" Brent demanded. I rushed to the bath room pulled up the skirt and took a quick picture. "there" was all that I typed. "There? that's all you have to say? Who do u think you are?" Brent was not in a good mood tonight and I was going to suffer I could tell. "sorry, just trying to get this shopping done so I can go home, I'm so embarrassed being here like this" I apologized.

"to bad lol you already fucked up! Now instead of being full till u get up u r keeping them all in till u leave for work and wearing the dildo at work!" he demanded. I almost began to cry. I walked around walmart for almost 90 minutes grocery shopping and checking out. The whole time the toys poking out of my hole. I was so scared that someone would see, I'm pretty sure a few people did when I had to get things of low shelves. When I stooped down I felt the one in my ass slip and I had to tighten my ass to pull it back in me.

With all the walking it felt like I was being fucked nonstop, the toys kept shifting, moving and sliding, causing me to get wetter and wetter with each passing minute. "oh god, if im this wet from just this time how bad will it be tomorrow at work with a dildo in me all day?" I thought.


Again I wanted to cry but knew I couldn't. I headed for the car to go home, I wanted to cum so bad so I asked if I could.

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"no you fucking bitch u only cum when im with you!" Brent replied "but I will make you a deal, tonight is my short night, I will be home by 7am" he informed me. "be at my place with all three in you and whit the skirt and no panties on when I get there and I will make you cum" he continued. "ok I will be there but what about your girlfriend?" I replied. "don't worry about her she wont be here" he told me. I got home and started unloading the car. My mom came out to help as I was bent over the edge of the trunk grabbing a few bags.

"Have fun?" she chuckled. I had forgotten I had a skirt and no panties on! Had she seen what was in me?

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If she had she didn't say anything to me directly. As I finished Brent messaged me "pic now!" I knew I only had a couple minutes or he would get mad. "can I take off the skirt?" I asked as I took the picture.

"you fucking dumb bitch I told u to just do as told and if u would have kept your mouth shut till I got the pic I was going to tell u to put shorts on but now you stay in the skirt all night!" was his reply.

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I sent the pic and begged him to let me put shorts on because my mom was home and knew I never wore skirts. "lol to bad, tell her your new boyfriend wants you to get used to them." he laughed. That was one of the longest evenings ever. I sat the best I could on the couch, mere feet from my own mother with three toys filling me, "god im such a slut" is all I could think. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse Brent messaged me "Still watching tv in the front room?" he asked.

"yeah, sitting on the couch" I replied. "Good, where is your mom?" he questioned. "sitting at the opposite end of the couch" I said feeling dread.

"start rocking back and for lightly till I say stop" Brent instructed "but?!?!?!" was all I could type. "DO IT NOW!" Brent screamed. I began rocking just a little, working all 3 toys in and out of my pussy and ass. My mom would glance at me then back at the tv then back at me. "you ok?" she asked "yeah im fine" I said trying not to show emotion. About 10 minutes later Brent text me "stop." Thank god! "thank you, that was humiliating" I messaged back.

"that's nothing compared to what u are about to do! Lol" he told me. " walk in front of her, drop your phone and bend over at the waist showing her your full ass and pussy when you pick it up!" he demanded.

"what?! Please no! she cant know what im doing!" I begged. "DO IT NOW AND I WANT HER CELL NUMBER YOU SLUT!" I had pissed him off again. I sent him her number and then prepared to do as told. I stood up and began to walk past my mom as if I were headed for my room. I dropped my phone on the floor and bent over to get it exposing all 3 toys hanging from my ass and pussy. "nice show" she chuckled "that's got to be hard" She had no idea! I walked to my room for a moment and wanted to cry.

Just then I heard her phone go off, who was texting her, she never got text messages, oh shit BRENT! "KC your boyfriend said to get your ass back out here and not to change" my mom shouted.

I was so humiliated! I slowly walked back into the room as she stared and grinned. "next time you give my number to someone tell me first" she said.

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"what did he say?" I asked "that's between me and him" she laughed. A couple minutes later my phone buzzed "she liked the show and told me she thinks its funny that u r my bitch" Brent remarked.

"go sit in the chair across the room with your legs open! If you close them she will tell me and you will be punished!" I got up and as I walked to the chair my mom smacked me ass and said "good girl!" As I sat there I wanted to cry, in 3 days I went from being a very independent woman to this.

3 toys in my pussy and ass, my mom watching me be full and reporting back to Brent and tomorrow wearing a dildo to work? What had I gotten into?