Latina takes hard cock from behind doggystyle and hardcore

Latina takes hard cock from behind doggystyle and hardcore
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From somewhere behind them Emily suddenly produced an upright trolley and with a little manoeuvring got Tracey to stand on it and she wheeled her out of the door and into the public part of the store up to where the other four meat girls were standing. "Right let's just get you on the stand and then your all set." Emily said matter of factly.

Tracey hadn't noticed before but the other four girls were standing against a thin metal stand that had a kinda of clamp around the waist and neck of each girl and as Emily pushed her back she felt the clamps firstly open and then spring back into place as she was pushed into position so that she was now effectively held in place, not too tightly but certainly enough to stop her moving away, not that she could of anyway bound as she was!

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"Right then all you have to do now is stand there and look tasty." Emily giggled, "Don't look so worried I'm sure you'll be safe, we've never sold two whole meat girls in one day before and before you know it the shop will be closed and I can let you go." With a quick wink Emily turned around and walked back to behind the counter and Tracey suddenly found herself on sale as a live meat girl.

Despite still feeling nervous and not one hundred percent safe Tracey had to admit that she was incredibly turned on! The feeling of being displayed totally naked in a public place for anyone to look at was almost overpowering to her and she knew that her pussy was soaking wet not to mention that her nipples were rock hard, a fact not helped by the fact that the meat area was quite cold anyway.

Emily did seem to be true to her word though, this part of the store was pretty quiet, it was a good ten minutes before a customer approached the area and they hardly gave the group of five live girls a look as they went straight to the counter and bought some meat from Emily.


A few minutes later two schoolboys suddenly appeared in front of Tracey and with cheeky laughs proceeded to run their hands up and down each of the girls enjoying a naughty feel of a naked girls body before Emily chased them off. "Sorry about that, " Emily giggled as she walked up, "you can't blame them for having a free grope though, just an hour to go now Tracey, told you it would be safe." Emily returned to the counter and served two more customers and Tracey continued to stand there amazed at how ordinary Emily was carrying on even though 5 naked girls were standing ten feet to her side ready to be bought as meat at any time and despite herself Tracey knew her pussy was even wetter than before!

Suddenly as Tracey watched an older man in a dark suit approached Emily and she could see them having a heated discussion about something and even though Tracey couldn't hear what was being said it looked like Emily was on the defence. After a minute the two of them approached the five naked girls and as they stopped in front of her Tracey could hear the man saying, "This isn't good enough Emily, all five live girls still here, you should of sold at least one by now." Tracey could see the look on Emilys face as she bit her tongue, after all she had sold one girl but she couldn't say that as there were five girls standing in front of her boss.

"I think it's getting to the stage where I think about getting a new girl in who can actually sell and maybe put you up for sale with these girls soon if you don't get better." he snapped at the down faced Emily. "Oh no Sir don't do that, I'm sure I can get better." Emily said sadly. "Well you better show me you can and quickly, why don't you show me by selling one of these tonight, I know we haven't got long left but put one on special offer and you can probably still make it." "Yes Sir, " Emily said, "I'll put this one on offer." she smiled touching the arm of a brunette girl on the end of the line.

"No, do this blonde here," the man said and to Tracey's shock he put his hand on her shoulder, " she's got a good pair of tits on her and she's a pretty thing, I'm sure she will sell well, put a nipple tag on her offering a discount and I'm sure you can sell her easily." For a second Tracey saw Emily hesitate as if she was going to tell the truth but then she saw Emily smile and say, "Okay Sir, she's not pierced though." "Not pierced, that's strange for a meat girl, well okay go and get the gun then." He quickly lifted and checked Tracey's breast as Emily left, feeling it's weight in his hand.

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Emily scampered off and the man casually paced up and down for the few seconds it took Emily to return with a stainless steel implement before trying to hand it to the man.

"No you do it you silly girl, you have pierced a nipple before haven't you? "Oh yes Sir of course." Emily replied but Tracey wasn't sure she had but either way she tried to shrink back as Emily approached her with the gun.

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This wasn't part of the deal and she certainly didn't want to have her nipple pierced but with no means of escape or even trying to shout she could only stand there helplessly as Emily took hold of her right breast and pulled on her nipple until it was fully extended. She tried to look Emily in the eye to beg her not to do this but Emily was only concentrating on the job in hand and as Tracey silently screamed she closed the gun around her nipple and pulled the trigger and a solid bolt of steel shot through Tracey's nipple piercing it completely.

Tracey thought she would of collapsed if the stand hadn't of been keeping her upright, the pain was excruciating.

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"Good girl, now put the tag in quickly." she heard the man say and Tracey suffered even more pain as a thick plastic tube was pushed right through her nipple before being clamped shut. Tracey was sure she saw a look of enjoyment of Emilys face as she sealed the tag in place and then took a marker pen and prepared to write on the new label hanging from Tracey's right breast.


"How much discount Sir?" "Well as there's not long left before we shut better make it 50% to be on the safe side, make her the offer of the day." Tracey felt rather than saw Emily writing on the label as she pulled her nipple down by the tag to make it easier. "Okay now make sure you bring any customers over for a good look at her and do the hard sale on her." the man said before turning sharply and leaving.

"I'm so sorry Tracey, I didn't know I would have to do that to you." Emily said looking at Tracey.

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Tracey looked back not wanting to pay to much attention to the definite twinkle of excitement in Emilys eyes! In any case she couldn't say anything in reply and a minute later Emily turned and went back to the counter. Within a few minutes a new customer approached the counter, a middle aged woman and a teenage girl and Tracey saw Emily talking to them for a minute before she stepped out from behind the counter and brought them over to where the five meat girls were standing although it was obvious what girl Emily had bought them over to see!

"We have this girl on special offer today Madam, as she can see we are offering her at 50% off today." "50%, that's a big discount, what's wrong with her?" the woman said snootily. "Oh nothing madam, she is prime pussy meat I can assure you." Emily said sincerely. Tracey suddenly squinted in pain as the teenage girl took hold of the tag in her nipple and roughly twisted it around. "Well I don't know, I really only came to buy a few dollars worth of meat, not a whole girl." the mother said.

"It would certainly work out cheaper in the long run if you bought a whole girl,"Emily said in her best sales voice, "there's plenty of meat on this one and you can freeze the cuts to eat later." "Yes but the last time I bought a whole girl it got very messy chopping her up, we probably gave half the meat to our dogs." the woman said and made to walk away as if she had made her mind up.

"Oh that's not a problem Madam, " Emily quickly replied, "We can cut her up for you into the best cuts of meat, and if you like we can mince her head and hands and feet so you have plenty of dog food as well." "That sounds like a good deal Mum " the teenage girl said," you know Max and Rex loved that meat last time." "Well true they did eat it all up didn't they, " the woman laughed, "Well let me think about it and I'll come back once I've done a bit more shopping." The two of them walked away and Tracey breathed a huge sigh of relief, that was miles too close!

"Don't worry, I knew they wouldn't buy you, she only had $5 to spend." Emily giggled, "anyway I've got it all figured out, once we shut I'll quickly let you go and then show Mr Chambers the till receipt for the other girl we did sell earlier and he will be none the wiser." Tracey was relieved, for a while there she believed that Emily really did mean to sell her after all!

"So hold on in there for another 15 minutes or so and I can let you go then." Emily giggled before turning and walking back to the counter.


The fifteen minutes seemed to take a lot longer, although she was still excited by being on display the tight ropes and uncomfortable potion were seriously starting to cause her pain now. Only one more customer came over to the meat section in that fifteen minutes, a middle ages man that Tracey vaguely knew from around her street but to her relief he hardly looked over at the live meat girls and left without saying anything.

Then with five minutes to go Tracey saw Emily take a phone call and it all seemed to change, she seemed to almost sag against the counter top and looked ashen and as she put the phone down Tracey saw the man in the dark suit coming towards them and Emily quickly rushed over to to meet him right in front of Tracey. "Mr Chambers that was my mother on the phone, my dads had a heart attack and I really need to go to the hospital, my boyfriend is on the way over to pick me up, is that okay?" she said desperately.

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"Yes of course it is dear. " Mr Chambers said putting a hand on her shoulder, "don't worry about a thing, I'll get Katie to shut up shop here." "Oh thank you, I'll just wait for my boyfriend and then I'll go." Emily said holding back tears before hurrying back behind the counter and through the door out back. Tracey was seriously alarmed now, although she felt sorry for Emily what did this mean to her!

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A minute later she saw a blonde girl come through the door with Emily just as Emily's boyfriend came into view on the other side of the store and Tracey saw it was John Richards, a boy she knew from school. "Thanks very much for closing up for me Katie," Tracey heard Emily say, "I just need to tell you about blondie here." she said pointing at Tracey but before she could say anything else John reached her and gave her a big hug.

"Come on we better get going, I'm double parked," John said and then his eyes suddenly rested on Tracey's naked body. "Hey isn't that Tracey Smith, I always wanted to bang her when I was at school," he suddenly laughed.

Tracey suddenly saw Emilys eyes harden as she looked at Tracey. "What was you going to tell me about blondie Emily?" Kate said. "Oh nothing, just that she's the deal of the day today, she's tagged at 50% off but Mr Chambers said we could practically give her away at this hour." Tracey looked in shock at Emilys smiling face as she said, "In fact if you don't sell her before you close up give her to one of the guys out the back to cut up and save her tits for me will you, I'm sure John would love one for tea tomorrow night?" she smiled up at her boyfriend.

"Sounds good to me, they look delicious." John laughed as he took Emily by the arm and started to lead her out of the store