Incredible hot brunette Kortney Kane

Incredible hot brunette Kortney Kane
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Louise and Rose had always been friendly ever since they became step-sisters. Every weekend Rose would come and stay and their house to be with her Mother so Louise and Rose soon became very close. Rose was a teenage girl, the same school year as Louise, and had dirty blonde hair and small, sensitive, a-cup, breasts with pale skin.


Louise on the other hand, was slightly tanned with shiny brown hair and bouncy b-cups. One weekend they found themselves alone in the evening as their parents had decided to go out for the night and they had planned to watch tv, eat popcorn and stay up late until they got back.

"Bye!" called Rose as their parents drove away.

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Louise was meanwhile in the shower, leaving Rose to set up the television. The two girls sat watching tv, looking for any interesting programmes they could giggle at, such as sex programmes for adults. However, they never found any, so instead decided to switch off the tv and just talk in their room.

"I heard," said Louise thoughtfully. "That if a boy licks his fingers and rubs a girls nipples then it feels really good" "Oh, really?" Rose didn't dare suggest anything, but even as Louise had said this she imagined Louise doing it to her own perky nipples. They lay talking for about ten minutes until they became silent.

"We could try it out." Louise said quietly. "Our nipples?" Rose said quickly, and far too hopefully. But Louise, becoming excited got down to Rose's bed took off her pyjama top. Her small breasts bounced wonderfully with the sudden movement, and Rose hastened to do the same.

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They sat there staring at each others breasts until Rose pinned Louise down, making a beeline for the pink buds. Rose grazed one with her fingertip and, as she did this, Louise moaned slightly, while her nipple became erect.

Rose then pinched the other one hard, watching it grown as she did so.

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Louise did this back to Rose, who was now panting hard. they lay their, squeezing, twisting each others nipples. Rose began flicking them between her fingertips, then, forgetting to just lick her fingers and rub Rose, she seized her left breast, massaging it in one hand, and began a vicious attack with her tongue, licking and flicking the little pink nipple this way and that whilst pinching and twisting the other.

Rose began a sucking motion on Louise's breasts now and they both lay there, sucking, flicking and twisting themselves into mountainous pleasure. "Lets rub our nipples together!" cried Louise. And so, they sat up forcing their pink buds back and forth against each other, up and down, all around in circular motions, the stimulation becoming too much. "Oh my God! Please let me touch your pussy!" screamed Rose, as hers was becoming increasingly wet, soaking through her pyjama shorts.

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They tore off the remains of each others clothing and Rose dived on to Louise, she rubbed her little clit fast in circles and, when she was wet enough, began pumping her fingers in and out of her. At this, Louise groaned harder than ever, "Oh God yeah, fuck my cunt!

YEAH HARDER!!" Rose climbed on top of Louise, her dripping pussy now an inch away from Louise's mouth. Louise couldn't help herself, she slowly stuck out her tongue, and touched Rose's throbbing pussy.

"Ooh Louise that feels good" gasped Rose. And so Louise grabbed Rose's arse, squeezing her cheeks, and began a fierce attack on her clit.

Louise pushed her tongue hard to the pumping clit and wiggled it left and right at insane speeds.


Just as Rose began begging for more, Louise shoved her tongue into the waiting hole, and finding Rose's G-spot, repeatedly licked the inside of her walls causing her to scream out in pleasure. Meanwhile, Rose's fingers were working Louise into ecstasy.


"Wait!" Louise cried. "Please can we rub our pussys together? I've always wanted to!" And so, the two girls sat opposite each other, and slid together like a puzzle, in the scissoring position. "Ready?" Rose gasped, her aching pussy centimetres from Louise's. And they touched. The hot, wet pussy's slid and slipped together, squelching as the juice seeped out of their holes.

Their clits mashed together, back and forth against each other, creating a flicking movement over and over again. They grabbed each others legs and pulled, with all their might, fucking each other's wet hot cunts.

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"Ohhhh fuck I'm gonna COME!!" Louise moaned. And Rose, feeling the same grabbed her nipples and pulled them hard as they both were groaning and panting with pleasure.

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"Ohhh GOD YES, YES ROSE!!" "Yeah you fucking like that?" "Ohhhhh god." They both groaned as a massive orgasm waved through them, making their thighs twitch and their pussies throb with pleasure.