Lesbischen cop Missbrauch jugendlich Mädchen

Lesbischen cop Missbrauch jugendlich Mädchen
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Donnie's Story Dee Dee and I broke some of the news to Andrew tonight. We told him the short-term important stuff anyway. It was all he really needed to know to make a decision about us. Dee Dee and I have been debating about the rest. She hardly believes it herself and sees no reason to involve Andrew yet. But I believe it. And Andrew has to know sometime.

But I'll respect her point of view and keep quiet for the present, I suppose. We dropped Dee Dee off at the Hyatt. She gave Andrew a deliciously demonstrative kiss before she left. Neither of us is jealous of the other, really. But Andrew might derive some benefit from the mild sibling rivalry that is bound to arise out of our sharing the same man.

We love each other, Dee Dee and I. But who can tell what goes on inside the head of a man, if anything?

After all, if he can really tell us apart, won't he also have an opinion of which one he likes better? Dee Dee has a head start, but I want it to be me. I am such a bitch! As Andrew drove us to his apartment, we made small talk. Frankly, I don't remember much of what we said. At dinner I had used the pretense that I would love to see his apartment, but truthfully I didn't care one iota what his apartment was like.

I was desperate to finish off what we had started earlier in the evening when Dee Dee interrupted us. Yes, after the three of us had talked, been introduced, made jokes about the situation ad naseum, Andrew and I finished each other off with a 'quickie'. Even that was more sex than I had had in four years. But that first encounter, the inadvertent one, when Andrew had stripped me naked, swept me off of my feet, and then took me like the dominating male animal that he is: oh my God!

It was transcendental. I do not succumb to the 'I'm going to take it and you're going to like it' type of man. With them it is ego, not sex.

It's a power trip to know that they can dominate another person, and I'm not in to other people's power trips. The female in that coupling is merely a convenient orifice for the male's member.

Any available orifice would do. Andrew wasn't like that at all. With him it wasn't about power, it was about need. He needed me. No other woman in the world would have been capable of filling that need. Just me. Well, maybe Dee Dee. But he knows the difference. He's the only person in the world that knows the difference.

And he still needed me.

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No one had ever come close to needing me like that. It's seductive; powerfully erotically seductive. You are the center of that person's universe. As you realize the incredible need in Andrew, suddenly your need is as great as his. I needed him. I needed him to take me, own me, plant his seed in me.

What does that mean? Is it me or is it genetics? That's the question that has been bothering me all night. I don't believe the man knows what is inside himself. I can give him support and guidance.

He's different, is our Andrew. He's not like other men I have known. His ego is fragile and he considers himself to be just a boy. But he is so much more than that. I can show him that. We can show him that. And we will. Andrew lives in a vanilla garden apartment complex in the Cleveland suburbs.

We walked into his apartment and I saw that it was exactly what I expected: a no frills, functional living machine. Andrew looked a little embarrassed as he showed me around.

We sat down on his very functional but plan sofa in his functional but plain living room. His concession to establishing his identity in the room was the wall of computer equipment: servers, monitors, wires connecting everything. One had to know a computer geek lived here. "Sorry Donnie, if this isn't very impressive. I'm just not into things. I get what I need and use them as necessary, but I don't care about objects.

That's one of the reasons I haven't been that successful with women." My eyebrow went up at that. "Oh? You seem to be quite successful with every woman I've ever seen you with." He smiled a little. "You and Dee Dee are different and you know it. By my standards you are rich. You must have all the toys you want already. You can afford them so you must have them, at least if you want them.

You don't need me to provide you with material goods.

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At least I hope you don't, because if you do you've got the wrong man." I said, "Explain yourself young man." "Donnie, I'm twenty-five years old.

To you that may be awfully young, but in my profession if I really wanted to make something of myself, I would have been well on my way to my first million by now. But I don't. I don't really want to make something of myself. Do you understand that?" "What do you want then, Andrew?" "I'm not sure. I just know I don't want what other people want. I don't want to keep score. I don't want to compare my wealth with other people's wealth, my toys with other people's toys.

I saw a bumper sticker that read 'The one who dies with the most toys wins.' I don't want to win. I don't want to play." This boy's spirit is as beautiful as his body, as his face. He's one of us. I'm starting to be sure of it. "Donnie let's get our cards on the table here. I haven't spoken to Dee Dee about this, because until tonight I wasn't even sure if she was interested in me beyond next Friday.

Why muddy the waters with true confessions? Next week we might have said to each other 'live long and prosper' and then just walked away.

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For that kind of relationship she knew all she needed to know about me." "I have no ambition. There. Now you know. You two ladies are at the top of your profession. I'll never be at the top of mine. I don't care about my profession that way. I do it because it's fun and it puts food on the table. But that's all it means to me." "Andrew I thought you were going to call us 'girls' not 'ladies'." "When we are talking business you are women, ladies.

When we are talking personal you are girls. This is business, not personal." "Oh! A Godfather aficionado!" "Donnie, I'm not sure you are taking this in the spirit I'm giving it. I'm trying to explain to you who I am and what you can expect if we are together." "Andrew, sweetie, we already know who you are.

Don't expect us to be shocked by telling us that you don't like living in the material world. We are like you in that at least. We are doing what we like to do. It fulfills us. Yes we each make $150,000 a year plus expenses plus benefits. But that's what the job pays. We do it because it's what we do." "Christ, Donnie, you girls make $300,000 a year and I paid for dinner? This is one sexist world!" I said, 'Honey, that's one of the things we want to change.

Do you know something?" "What?" he asked. "I've got a secret. Dee Dee and I didn't tell you everything. Sorry, Andrew, but you're just not ready to hear the whole story." "Aw, come on, Donnie. Don't do this to me. If you didn't want me to know, why bother even telling me the secret exists?

You chicks are weird!" "Oh, so we were ladies, then we were girls, and now we are chicks? We seem to be losing status in your eyes.

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Sorry, Andrew. I won't talk. I guess you will have to torture it out of me." I'll admit there might have been a little laughter in my eyes. The look in Andrew's eyes was priceless. If I could have caught it on camera I could have sold it to Cosmo for their cover. It was feral. It was unadulterated lust. It was wild need. He transformed himself instantly from this concerned carrying young man into a passionate lust-filled male animal needing to mate.

I felt a rush of fluid in my loins. Andrew stood and drew me to my feet. We embraced and kissed with passion and want. Suddenly I was swept off my feet and he was carrying me to his bedroom. Andrew's Story These girls have the sweetest most indirect yet upfront approach about sex. On Wednesday Dee Dee has asked me if I wanted to relieve my tension the 'old fashioned way'.

She was asking if I wanted to fuck her. She just blew me away. There is just no subterfuge in the woman. And now, Donnie, who had been being flirtatious and teasing as I tried to tell her my tale of woe came right out and asked me to go down on her. She was so sweet about it. She held out this carrot, this secret the girls have been holding back on me.

She must want to tell me, but she wants me to force it out of her. And she obviously knows how I made Dee Dee talk last night. I made her talk with my tongue.

It was hot. I don't know. It was the way her eyes looked when she essentially challenged me to torture the secret out of her. They were laughing, not at me, but at the fun she was having. This easy humor of theirs is so sexy. We had been having an intellectual conversation when out of nowhere she makes an offhanded proposition and suddenly I was consumed with lust. We kissed; and then I just picked her up and walked into the bedroom. I guess I kind of forgot the foreplay part.

I can torture it out of her. Just watch me. I'll have her begging for mercy. I can't wait. I found the clasp and zipper on her dress. It slid off her shoulders and suddenly she was in her bra, panties and stockings. Damn what a beauty! Her skin couldn't be softer. Even her curves were soft.

Everything about the woman is soft; sensual; delightful. I was vaguely glad that I had remembered to make my bed this morning. Having Dee Dee come to my apartment tonight hadn't even crossed my mind.

And Donnie didn't even exist as far as I was concerned. Yet here I was with this fabulous, fabulous creature ready to make love; yes love. The passion was almost overwhelming but the fact is I love her. I met her at 6:45 this evening and I am wildly madly in love with her at 10:30.

Figure that one out. It's got to be chemical attractors. I unsnapped her bra - a skill I became quite adept at in high school - and then those round soft perfect mounds were free to my touch. She has soft symmetrical white breasts with small dark nipples. They are so soft and light they practically float away. I lifted her again and placed her on my bed. At least I had regained control of my faculties enough to avoid a repeat of the monkey fucking I had given her when we first met.

Oh, we are going to monkey fuck, no doubt of that, but first I'm going to make her talk. She wants tongue?

Donnie will get tongue like she never got before. I removed my own clothes, just tossing them on the floor, not knowing or caring where they went. Then I was with her. She molded her body to mine. We kissed and cuddled just a bit. I said, "Won't talk huh? Do you want to bet?" The light in her eyes turned on.

It must be a genetic marker or family trait or maybe I'm just nuts. "I promised Dee Dee. I'm not going to say a word, no matter what you do!" She was smiling with her eyes. She has this cat-like quality. Cat must run in her family, because that's what they remind me of: cats that like to be petted; cats that rub against you and purr.

She was purring now. I'm willing to accept her challenge. Maybe I can't make her talk, but we'll both have a hell of a time trying. I worked my way down her body. I had to stop at those gorgeous tits. I now have access to the four most beautiful tits in the universe. (Not at the same time, of course.

I've been told that in no uncertain terms.) What they lack in quantity they more than make up in quality. I found I can cover one entire tit with my mouth and suck on that sexy erect nipple. God it felt great! I can remember back in college. If I happened to be dating a small-breasted woman and a fraternity brother commented on that fact, my stock response was 'anything more than a mouthful is a waste'.

I had no idea how right I was. Donnie's breast was a perfect mouthful. I would have been very unhappy if I couldn't get the entire thing into my mouth. I don't know why, but there it is. I just went to town on that breast. Finally I forced myself to leave it because I had been remiss. I hadn't paid attention to the second breast. It fit into my mouth just as perfectly as the first one had. Donnie's eyes were watching me. Her small hands were in my hair, guiding my head, pulling me to her.

My hands were exploring where my mouth had yet to go. I felt that slender womanly waist. Her hips flared in roundness. Her ass checks were soft and round, everything about Donnie is soft and round.

I pulled myself lower and finally my mouth gave up its hold on her tit. It wasn't easy. I could have suckled on that tit all night. I envied her babies. They will get to dine there. I worked my way down her body, but I knew now it was time to get to work.

She wanted to be tortured? Torture time is here. There was a time when a pussy kind of grossed me out, I guess. What was I, maybe 16? I couldn't imagine going down on a woman. For some reason, the concept of her going down on me was perfectly fine. I just wasn't ready to reciprocate. Now there was nothing I wanted more in the world than to devour that beautiful little pussy. In the manner of a true blonde, Donnie's pubic hairs were short and sparse.

What am I saying? I've been to bed with a couple of dozen women in my life, I guess. I haven't exactly been keeping a spreadsheet listing hair color while correlating the quantity and texture of pubes. All I know is, the last two women I've been to bed with have been blondes, and both of them have sparse and short, curly and soft pubes.

Coincidentally both of their last names are Martin. I lifted Donnie's legs onto my shoulders. I wanted to be able to look at her as I ate her pussy. I love to look into her eyes. They are expressive, round, blue-green, electric.

I started with her feet.


She has these small, dainty feet. I'm no foot fetishist, but no man could help but love those feet. I licked her arches. I sucked on her toes, one at a time. I ran my tongue up ankle, blowing and kissing as I went. I reached her knee and tongued the back of it. Now I was getting into Indian territory.

I slowly licked my way up the inside of her thigh, getting closer and closer to her sexy cunt. I could smell her. Already she was wet and waiting. Nope. I wasn't ready for a frontal attack. Moving to the other leg I applied the same kind of loving attention to that soft, smooth beautiful thigh.

Damn I could do this for a living. I started blowing softly on Donnie's pussy. I could see by her expression that she was anxious. I leaned in and kissed her lips. A long soft moan came from her other lips. "Have you had many men do this before, Donnie?" She shook her head no. "Never!" she gasped. She was having a little difficulty talking. Oh boy, this was gonna be fun. My tongue snaked out and traced her lips, from bottom to top. My finger was playing with the skin between her pussy and her anus.

I've always found that to be the perfect distraction for a woman. Doing that with your fingers while licking her pussy lips is a double dose of distraction. It gets them going alright. I forced her legs higher, bringing her knees closer to her chest. I think my face was about a foot and a half from her face. She had a ring side seat to this one.

I sucked on the lips of her cunt, pushed a finger, then another into her sopping pussy. She was hot. She began to moan and hump against my face. She was vocal. That surprised me, since Dee Dee barely said a word while I ate her. "Do it Andrew. Eat me. Oh, God Andrew, please I wanna come. Don't stop, baby.

Make me come, sweetie. Please I need it. I need you. Make me come. Now, please. PLEASE!" I was feeling too good to torture her tonight. She liked this way too much. I wanted to make it special.

I can torture her some other night. This night was just for her.

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"Donnie, honey, do you like my tongue in your pussy? Do you like me to suck you clit? Feels good, huh. Yeah, I bet it does. Come for me baby. I want to see you come." I stoked up the pressure. My finger found her G Spot and began rubbing it. My lips sucked in her clit and I tongued it gently but firmly.

We looked in each others eyes, and that was when she started to scream. "GODDD! OH GODDD! SO GOOD. Oh SO GOOD!! BABY DON'T STOP!! OHHHH!" Her hips were flying into my face and I was riding her like a cowboy, trying to keep my lips in place for the duration of her orgasm. I sucked her through it and she was almost rapidly building towards another. Her juices were everywhere, her face a mask of passion.

She was beautiful. Her second climax seized her. I felt her whole body clench and shudder. Donnie collapsed on the bed. She was crying and babbling, taking gasping breaths, trying to fill her lungs with oxygen.

I crawled up to her level, took her in my arms and comforted her. "It's alright, Donnie. You'll be okay honey. Just relax sweetheart. Just relax." She threw her arms around my neck and began kissing my check, my lips, my throat. "Thank you, Andrew. Thank you! Oh, honey I never even imagined anything like that. Oh God, how did I live through that? I can't believe it. Where did you learn that? Thank you darling." "And I didn't even ask you any questions, I'll have you know." She said, "It doesn't matter.

I couldn't have answered them coherently anyway. I can barely breathe now." "Do you want to talk about your secret now?" I asked. She shook her beautiful head. Her breathing had begun to return to normal, but she was still gasping a little. Her neck and chest were red with the blotches caused by her passion. "Andrew, honey, now is not the time to talk about anything.

Tomorrow; we'll talk tomorrow, I promise. I'll convince Dee Dee that you are in 'need to know' status, okay? Then you'll know everything we know. But tonight please let's not waste time on words baby. I'm only here a couple of days and I want to remember every minute of them." "Me too, Donnie.

Watching your climax was one of the most beautiful, sexiest things I've ever witnessed. It's all I can do to keep from ravishing you right now. But give me a clue, will you? What is this all about." She smiled and her eyes fired up. "Your clue is this: You are One of Us." "What the hell is that supposed to mean Donnie? I don't have a twin brother." "That's all! You asked for a clue and I gave you one. Use that vaunted intelligence on it, but do it later.

Right now I've heard idle talk about ravishing. Please, Andrew. Don't hold back on my account." Her eyes were smiling and shining at the same time. Damn she looked hot! I attacked her. My erection was rock-hard. You try spending half an hour going down on the world's most perfect cunt and not be effected by it. I can't. I slid into her in one stroke and began to rampage through her pussy.

I cradled her head in one arm, felt her tits with my free hand. I kissed those soft lips, but my cock was plundering her. We were fucking for all we were worth. I was plunging into her and she was hammering back at me. We were two wild animals pounding each other with our lust. Her first cock-induced orgasm swept through her and was gone, but who cared?

There were plenty more where that came from. These girls' cunts were made for my dick. They fit me perfectly. They massaged me, warmed me, gentled me, and raped me, all at the same time. Donnie's lust was endless, like she was making up for four years of abstinence in one violent heart-stopping fuck.

Donnie began to scream. Her knees were over my shoulders. I was sunk deeply within her cunt, practically entering her womb. My balls were slapping her ass as we fornicated like animals. Finally she reached her apex, her scream was long and shrill. I felt her pussy spasm and my sperm was practically sucked up my length and into her cunt.

I was seeing sparks, stars, just bright lights and sounds.


My ears were roaring, our shouts were echoing through my bedroom. Donnie fell limply to the bed, no longer able to move. Her eyes were closed and I thought she may have passed out.

I collapsed on top of her, no longer able to hold my head up. I was breathing in long deep gasps, trying to bring myself down from that delirious mating. I knew instantly that I couldn't handle many of these or I'd be a goner. Death by fucking indeed. -- to be continued