Asian ladyboy wanks cock and anal toys

Asian ladyboy wanks cock and anal toys
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Hi this is james and im 19 yrs old and im from france and my parents have been separated and im living with my mom.My mom name is Ava and she is 36 years old stunning beauty.She is fair in complexion and so sexy.she is 5'4 inches tall and pink lips,blue eyes,long haired brunette.Her body is so hot to handle so huge melons round and firm sexy navel huge ass cheeks which giggles when she walks away.Her sizes are 36-34-44 and her melons are ripen watermelons and are so huge.She always wear sleeveless jackets and short skirts.she always shows her huge clevage and bulging melons out and her sexy navel as she workout regularly and she is so sexy.her ass giggles when she walks around.Every men on seeing her will die to fuck her hot body and they tried to flirt with her and she is so attitude she neglects every men.But she has huge fan followers in social medias like instagram she upload her images showing her sexy fleshy body.Many men will try to flirt with her and she always ignores them.

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But she responds them well and good. Every men in my college knows about my mom and they are in friends of mom list.Mom was being ignoring them but she wants some huge dick satisfy her needs and her pussy wants to be pounded so well and good and i have seen her moaning and fingering when she is bathing.Defenitely she need good fuck.There was a senior named lexington and he is an american black stud.He is so well built and very dark he supplies drugs to students and he earns a lot from that and he have many girl friends and he fucks them and he uses them as call girls for others by blackmail their nude pics and vids.

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He was debared and he was in my batch and he used to talk to me.He some how found about my moms beauty and he asked about my mom.And i told about ourself and he saw the pics of mom in insta and his eyes was wide open oogling at her huge tits and sexy asscheeks and he told be okk bro i gona take this milf to date and fuck her hard and make her my lady.

Hearing this rubbish i was shocked and I couldn't do anything now.He sent requests to mom and she doesn't accepted that and he waited for a while and after 2 days she accepted his request.Then he slowly started to chat on with her. Mom doesn't know that he was my senior and she was going on chatting with him and he flirted with her description of her with sexy msgs and she was totally under his control.They both were ready for next session.Date and fuck and about mom weakness is guys with toned abs and huge shoulders and he was so huge and he is well capable of getting her.I found something fishy that mom was chattin very late night and this continued.He kept on asking her for a date and she ignored him by telling some reasons and finally she agreed one day and he took her to his beach house for a date.

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Mom wore a white bikni showing her melons and huge cleavage and her milky huge thighs and she was so sexy like a mermaid.He took her for a lunch and he kissed her and hugged her.Mom was amazed by his physique and he is so dark and after the lunch they spoke for a while and he told babe ava u look so sexy and ur melons are so huge and my cock will explode anytime so please help me and she smiled at him and told okk and they went into a villa and it was so private and both entered the bedroom and they started to kiss and lex was so eager to tear her pussy apart and he kept on sucking her pink lips and his huge arms started to press ger huge melons so hard and he sucked her nectar from her lips and he bite bite lips and kissed all over her neck and face and now he removed her bikni and mom wore a white bra which was arresting those huge melons and he was shocked to see it wooww babe u have some epic melons and he pressed it so he removed her pink panty and now her pink shaved pussy was visible and her huge milky thighs and sexy legs were treat for him.Now mom was completely nude infront of him and he took pics of her and she was asking why he was taking and he told that its their first date and it must be remembered for a while and he took many still and mom doseny know about him and she agreed and he now removed his clothes and mom was shocked to see his huge ripped black body and his huge arms and shoulders and he is so muscular and strong and she watched his boxer packing huge cock and now he removed it and mom found his huge 14 inch python ready to plough her pussy so well and now he was nude too.Now he made her lie on bed and jumped over her and started to suck her huge tits her nipples are so erect dark and looks like grapes and her areola is so big and dark.

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