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Andrea Dipr egrave_ for HER Dolly Garza
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The sun rises slowly on the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. A dim but growing light slowly weaves its way through the open window of John Willington's master bedroom as he wakes from his slumber. He quietly opens his eyes. Another day has begun on his immaculate plantation by the sea. Salty air drifts in on a warm breeze and fills his nose once again with the rewards of prosperous wealth and genetics.

John stirs in his bed and rises. He approaches his window to catch the first glimpse of the day of that rising orange sun lighting his blue southern sky. The year is 1821 and John feels on top of the world.

He stands on a pillar of power and fortune that has been passed down from father to father. His mood is as always grand and pompous and nothing can bring down or change his tilted perception of life, until he hears it. It is a low sound, almost barely above a whisper to his ears, but nonetheless it is there. John Willington is astonished. He steps onto his balcony overlooking the vast fields of his plantation and sees them.

They are walking slowly to the cotton fields with their hoes and plows making noise. John listens and is outraged to hear their voices hum and sing such soulful songs. Why are they doing that? His slaves sing low but sweet. It mystifies him how they could sing at this hour. The slaves pull out their empty sacks and other tools and begin to work in the field, but they continue to sing songs of salvation.

Their voices merge into an emotional chorus of sorrow and redemption like nothing this master has ever heard. Then he sees her. She stands with her hands full of white cotton in the center leading the others in song. She is the ring leader of it all, the initiator of the whole thing. And she sings the most powerful, her voice a rolling wave of thunder, a stinging tail of a bee, and a sweet syrupy pour of honey on the tongue. This girl bellows her lungs out while the others whisper.

She holds nothing back and fills the plantation with the noise of her fearless pipes. All this, enrages John. His slave is not behaving. She is rebelling like an activist, and this pisses stern John off. How dare she sing at the crack of dawn and not control herself in a proper manner?? John Willington quickly dresses and straightens himself up so he looks the elegant part of a noble Southern master.

He races down his ivory staircase and quickly rushes through the foyer of his mansion. The angry tyrant briskly walks down the marble steps of his entrance as he rushes outside. He walks with poise and dignity, but a definite undertone of rage can be sensed as he approaches the crowd of slaves working.

"What on earth are you doing? Are you ignorant or malevolent, young lady?" John shouts at her. The young slave stops singing but does not look up at him and continues to work nonchalantly as if he is not there.

Oh, she is asking for it. Such rebellion from his property first thing in the morning. "You can't answer, slave? Are you dense?" He mocks her.

Yet again, no reaction rises from her and she continues working diligently. The other slaves are stark quiet and fearfully pick cotton as if their lives depend on it.

A rising tension stirs through the crowd intense enough to shatter glass.

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John is boiling red with anger. "You answer me or you suffer the consequences, you filthy thing!" The master yells and is surprised to see the slightest twitch in the young girl's body. Fear escalates through the other slaves but no one even murmurs a sound a budges a muscle. Finally reaching the tipping point, John grabs the slave by her arms and drags her through the dirt.

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The girl is suddenly making noises now by kicking and screaming. She begs the others to help her but no one moves. Her fate is set. No mercy will be shown to this brave girl. John pulls the black slave all the way from the field, up the steps of his house, and across the carpet of his foyer against her will. "I'll teach you a lesson you will never forget. You are going to respect me and obey me! Do you understand?" John orders, but all he can hear is the girl's sobs as her flesh is burned off from the carpet.

She is full on crying and screaming, but he does not relent. He approaches the door to his cellar and pins her to the wall so she cannot escape. With one hand he opens the thick wood door, while the other hand shoves her in place against the wall. She squirms to move but is unable to free herself from his strength.

Finally, he begins dragging her again down the declining stairway of his cellar. With his back, he closes the cellar door back into place and her last chance of freedom is effectively shut away.

Brutally, he pushes her down the stairs until she is rolling and hitting each step with her body. Shouts of pain escape her mouth but otherwise she does not speak. She lands painfully at the bottom with an awful thud.

The torture has begun. John Willington then locks the door with a dead bolt so even the chamber maid cannot enter. He knows that true agony accompanies privacy. No morals or guilt from others will affect his discipline of the young negro.

With a faint smile playing across his lips, he approaches the girl in her heap on the concrete floor. "Well, well. Look where defiance got you. I assume you know what's going to occur now." He teases. Again, she is only silent and looks away from him in an enduring resistance. "You know I can be a really nice man. I can be a great man. But when slaves start acting up and fooling around, I have to step in and fix it.

If not, no work would get done. Would it? I refuse to have you prancing around, acting like no one owns you. Because I do. I own every bit of you, Miss…" His words trail off as he cannot remember the slave's name. He knows he changed it when he purchased her at the auction, but even the English alternative evades him. "Kana." The girl finally interrupts with a firm voice.

She refuses to let her existence be shaped or erased by him. "I thought I told you it is Hannah now. Don't you hear a damn thing someone says to you?" John questions, but to no surprise, she does not answer him again.

"Very well, you will be Kana for this. Insolent and stupid Kana who came from nothing and is nothing. When you have suffered enough and find reason again or some wits, you can be Hannah once more." John Willington explains and she spits in his direction. Astonished, he backs away slowly from her open act of aggression.

"You will pay for that, bitch." He asserts, and then quickly takes thick woven rope and ties her wrists together. He attaches the knot of the rope to a metal hook attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling. The position keeps her standing and able to move in short distances, but suspended and restricted from leaving.

He then tightly ties her ankles together so she cannot move her legs or kick him whenever he comes close. And yet, Kana stands boldly, which irritates him like an itch that will never go away. The slave tests his ego and this bothers him. So only too happily, he goes to retrieve his braided whip and salt shaker from a Saratoga trunk in the room. Upon returning, John begins to pull off Kana's tawdry dress of rags to expose her flesh for hits of his whip.

It is then that he is amazed to see her cocoa colored skin look so smooth and polished in the candle light. So womanly and sensual, he is momentarily lost for words.


John then pulls her thin dress all the way off until it lies in wrinkles on the floor and her full body stands unsheathed before him. He sees it, all of it. Her heavy breasts sit proudly on her chest with a fertile roundness that allures him. They are so full and stunning in their massiveness. He keeps studying her every feature. Kana's nipples jut out large and charcoal colored against the chocolate skin of her breasts.

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An ache almost takes over him to take one of her lovely nipples and place it into his warm mouth where he could suck it vehemently. He would roll his tongue over her pointy tips and lavish in the tender texture of her womanly breasts. But he resists the urge. John must remain serious and angry.

He does not want to lose himself in the presence of such low company. Yet, her body calls to him. It calls loud and urgent as every pheromone in his body screams for her flesh. Her body is mature and curvy with hips rolling out like lush hills and valleys sculpted into terrain. She is a masterpiece. A fire burns in her soul that is not easily tamed by him, and this begins to awaken his own private desires. John Willington walks slowly around Kana, taking everything in. He sees her thighs are thick and caressing her large mound of a pussy.

Dark black hair coils in kinks around her guarded entrance like vegetation of a jungle. This arouses him, but John doesn't let on. He then looks into her face and sees big dark lips of a mouth and the most splendid pair of large almond shaped eyes that hold brown pools of irises. They are ridged with long black lashes that transfix him to the core. She is breath taking, and he never noticed before until this moment.

This wonderful moment when Kana is hoisted up in front of him like an artistic statue on display. John grabs his long whip, suddenly remembering his dominant place in this in this situation, and lashes it straight across Kana's ass.

A loud crack breaks through the air and silence, surprising them both. Kana grunts, but otherwise makes no noise. John whips her again across the other cheek with even more fervor, and sees a slash tear and swell her skin. Her ass is plump and fat, and is soon decorated with lines in intricate directions as he continues to strike her with the whip.

She yelps and whimpers, but doesn't speak. "I don't feel sorry for you, Kana. You and I both know you deserve this. And deep down you know your acts are wrong, so you want this. Yes, you want to be punished. You crave my whip across your skin… and the suffering through your body… so you can be atoned for your behavior. You want me to hurt you, Kana." He whispers with hot breath against her ear.

She shivers but cannot move away. He smacks her ass and watches it jiggle like a current. He smacks harder. And harder and harder and harder. Soon her flesh is raw and burning. John next takes a fist full of her black curly hair and pulls her head back so she is staring straight up into his white face. He bends his neck down ever so slightly… and licks the tears pouring down her cheek bones. The taste is salty and delicious. It makes him want more of her ebony body.

"You're making me have a hard time here. I can't remain indignant when you tempt me this way, Kana." John whispers. He lets go of her hair and allows her to level her head again. Then he walks in front of her so they were staring at each other face to face. "I'm going to fuck you, Kana.

Have you ever been fucked by a white man before?" He asks and she could see an erection thicken inside the rich silk of his pants. Her eyes widen with fear as she carefully shook her head no. He unfastens the buttons of his pants and pushes the cloth down until his cock busts out the seams and stands in plain view. Kana gasps with horror. "I've never seen white dick before&hellip." She mutters low and John smiles at the remark. He is well aware that the black men slaves have long penises with thick girths like baby elephant trunks dangling between their legs.

He knows he is nothing compared to that, but he also knows he is no pipsqueak himself. At seven inches of pale and thick dick, John Willington has filled many dames with ecstasy in his time. He knew he could reach the deepest parts of their anatomy and provide them with pleasure like no other. This is also part of his master ego. However, John has always had sex with tiny, petite framed white women who tip toe around mansions in tight corsets.

They contain their fragile bodies inside the safe haven of home all day. John would simply load them up with cum and then leave them in their beds to be dainty for another day. But he never made love to a thick, firecracker black woman before who rules her own mind.

He never even came close. And the idea thrills him. This unique experience, this challenge of will, the dominating personalities at battle, - all of it has John Willington's blood pumping. "Plez don't touch meh, suh. I'll screm." Kana solemnly warns. This only makes John laugh out right with a loud cackling sound that billows through the room.

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"That's cute, but these walls are sound proof, dear. And even if they weren't… who would care? No one questions me in my own home. I can do as I see fit to my property." John delicately explains to his suspended slave.

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He then steps around her body and suddenly kicks her to her knees on the floor, shocking her. The chain clicks as it extends.

John next roughly pulls Kana's thick thighs apart and reveals her dark meaty cunt.


A whimper escapes Kana as she dreads what is coming for her. "No! No! No!" She shouts repeatedly over and over, but he is now the one doing the ignoring. He took the handle of the whip he had just used to slash her earlier and forcefully shoves it into her wet pussy mouth.

He plunges it in and out with depth speed, each time he pulls out, the handle glistens with moisture. Kana tries not to moan, she doesn't want to give him the satisfaction.

But the sensations he is giving her strangely does feel good, and that scares her. She can feel the rough leather of the whip handle rubbing her inner walls, and for some reason, it feels quite nice. It is nothing she has ever experienced before. Her pussy oozes with hot liquids that slide down the whip handle and drip onto the floor. "Looks like you are excited.

You're soaked, Kana. Do I turn you on?" John asks with a voice as vicious as a shark. Kana groans but avoids making eye contact.

He is the white devil. His veins show blue through his skin. His people kidnapped her from her home. They separated her from her family. They made her work for the rest of her life for nothing. He bought her. And now he is about to fuck her and she… likes it??? Kana can't let her lust speak for her, she is going to be a free woman one day and fucking the enemy is not part of the plan. And yet here it is happening.

Why couldn't she just spit in the missus's breakfast like she wanted to instead of singing like a show girl in the fields? John pulls the whip out of her soaked cunt and drops it on the floor. Now it is time for the real fun. His dick can barely stand another second of waiting. He needs to release inside her badly, his balls ache with the need.

And her fat pussy is gorgeous it is an African paradise brought from the other side of the world just for him. Here is this curvy young black woman and he is new to her and her mysteries. Slowly but surely, he mounts the tied up servant and brushes his skin gently against hers. This is going to be his ultimate wild secret.

A secret so big it threatens to change his entire relationship with her. Things can never be the same. He levels his engorged dick with the opening of her most private hole. Kana shivers under his touch and protests once more but it was too late. With no more hesitation, he thrusts himself into her hot black pussy. He feels the splendor of his dick rub against the smooth walls of her insides. It feels so damn good. Even Kana moans at his entry, a bubble of wonder escaping her quivering lips.

John Willington starts picking up speed, feeling the warm juices coat his shaft. Wave after wave of vibrations burn their way through her cervix and she can barely hide her enjoyment. In this moment now, they are nothing but animals following their natural instincts.

John pounds Kana's vagina with tremendous force in the cellar. He fucks her until she can no longer think or speak, just feel. His penis navigates in and out with lightning speed and wedges her body with the swollen red head of his dick. In seconds, Kana is quaking with an orgasm that ripples through her body and causes her to moan out of control. John Willington snickers at the battle he has just won.

He has finally conquered Kana completely as his dirty little slave. She is his. She will be compliant to his every whim and desire. Oh, he will let her walk among the other slaves and tend to her chores like always.


But now, when night strikes he will find her and screw her again and again. His dark sex toy that will always give him a good fuck when he needs it. And if she gets pregnant? Oh, well. So be it. The child will be cared for and raised with the other slaves, and he will steal the delicious milk in her tits for his self. Yes, he will hog her and keep her to himself. The thoughts circle in John's head as he foresees their kinky and explicit future together.

It causes him to finally reach his own orgasm inside Kana. John bucks against her wildly and ejaculates a hot spurt of white cream inside her womb. He fills her up, his tantalizing cum coating every inch of her inner pussy. Kana makes a groaning noise that is somewhere between a moan and a sob. The deed is done. John has filled her to the brim with white devil jizz. As a final strut of his victory, John drops her belly first onto the cold concrete floor. The chains clink loudly again as they extend to their limit.

He slowly unties her ankles and wrists, and then leaves her there on the floor and walks away. She stares after him, a hopelessness touching Kana's eyes. However, he does not look back. John goes up the stairs and opens the cellar door, and then returns to his duties as a prominent Southern master. Kana lays in a puddle of sweat and juices on the concrete and almost wants to call for him but what can she say?

Indeed, there was no mercy. ---Aria Black---