Blowjob by curly haired aussie chick

Blowjob by curly haired aussie chick
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I knocked on the door. It was pissing it down and the last thing I wanted was to get cold and wet. The door swung open and Rob ushered me in closing the door behind me. "Hey mate" "het how you doing?" "OK thanks mate come up and we'll get going" he replied.


I followed him up the stairs to his room. He led me in and I was greeted by a nice picture of a naked lady, that kind of form held no interest for me though. I sat down in one of his chairs and he pulled up his own and we began to play on his Xbox.

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After an hour of non-stop gaming he turned it off after curb stomping my head in for the 50th time on Gears of War. "Ok dude I think I have beaten you enough, you wanna do something else?" he asked, "sure you got some food and stuff?", "Yeh dude I'll go grab some "and with that he walked out leaving me to my thoughts in his room.

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I checked I had everything in my bag and waited for him to return. When he re-entered the room I welcomed him and began to eat the large mound of food piled on the tray he had brought up. While doing this Rob and I chatted idly about girls and stuff, eventually the discussion led onto the size of our endowments, "Go on then let's see it" I said "uh ok" he said and unzipped his jeans and took out his member from his jeans, I did the same at the same time releasing my cock as well.

We compared, "hah looks like I win" I said triumphant. I reached across and began to stroke his considerable length gently.

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Rob started and was about to complain but he stopped. I increased the strength of my caress until he began to moan slightly. I pulled away and grabbed my bag.

Before he could complain I grabbed his wrists and tied them together with a length of white nylon rope and removed his jeans and pants altogether.


Then I grabbed a bar and a pair of cuffs out of my bag while he jsut sat there eyes wide in what seemed like anticipation. I attached the cuffs one to each ankle and then locked the bar in-between the two cuffs spreading his lovely legs nicely for me not that he needed much persuasion to do so.


I pulled out a red rubber ball gag and shoved it in his silent mouth and tied it up nice and tight. Finally on went a blindfold to complete the dress. I stepped back to admire my work and grabbed another length of rope from my bag and used it to tie his bound wrists to the ceiling forcing him into a standing position. I made sure he was not in pain and once again stepped back to make sure it was all secure and safe, after all he was my freind and soon to be my lover, i didnt want him hurt.

I knelt down now finally about to get what I always wanted.

My hands went on to his already hard cock and guided the tip into my waiting mouth, just taking the tip in I swirled my tongue around it lapping up all the pre cum and enjoying the salty taste, he was pobviosly exited.

I pulled back and then began to lick his balls slowly causing him to shudder in pleasure. My licks ventured up his shaft back up to the head to lick up any more pre-cum. When done I took him back into my mouth and rubbed my tongue around the gap between his skin and the head. After repeating the circling motion I took him deeper in and let his warm shaft slide to the back of my throat, and then I pulled back and forth pumping on his warm juicy cock.

I reached out and began massaging his balls while I slowly pumped up and down on his length. Then I moved one hand round and began to feel around his tight little hole. I rocked further forward onto his cock causing me to gag and him to shoot his load straight into the back of my throat.

I gulped it all down greedily, god it tasted so good, and lapped up any that had remained on his cock. I stood up and moved around behind him and lubed up my fingers and cock with a bottle of lube I had brought along. I slowly pushed one finger into his tight hole producing moans from his gagged mouth.

Then in went a second and I began to stretch his tight ass to moans from him. Then standing up again I positioned myself at his entry and slipped the head of my by now hugely erect cock into his tight ass. He moaned as the head went in and I felt his ass clench in surprise when I entered. Now that I was in I began to slowly slide back and forth inside him causing him to moan a great deal. I increased the pace till we were both moaning with pure ecstasy.

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I felt him cum again and his ring clamped down on my cock causing me too finally cum too deep inside of him. We both panted out of breath with my cock still deep in him, cum dripping slowly onto the floor form his ass. I pulled out and pulled the slip on the knot that held his wrists and then did the same freeing his ankles and with the last of my energy removed his gag and blindfold, and then as he embraced me in a warm kiss we slumped onto his bed and just kissed in a deep well of passion.

We must have fallen asleep because a while later I awoke wrapped up with Rob in my arms nuzzling up to my chest.

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I smiled and held his beautiful head in my hand and fell back asleep in the embrace of love.