Gay movie Levon Meeks is lending Gabriel Kelly a forearm with his

Gay movie Levon Meeks is lending Gabriel Kelly a forearm with his
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The lowering sun melted into the waves as they crashed against the neighboring rocks. The evening had settled into hues of red, orange, and yellow. The ocean was turned into a melting pot of colors, as if an artist with a wondrous wand had extracted only the brilliant shades of nature, and had released them to dance a minuet on the tormented waves.

Their house stood not ten feet from the beach, encircled by the tall rock structures and miles of white sand. They had bought the house after their success as rare antique brokers. Each, on their own right, an expert at their trade. On one of their many world wide exploits, they had located the house at the beach.

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Each called it the "beach house" even though it boasted more than 100 rooms, including two full size ballrooms. It had belonged to a family of royalty many years ago. Through the mismanagement of government funds, the family lost their ancestral home. The house fell to ruin and neglect. It laid deserted for over 50 years before the present owners discovered it.

Through their mutual love of antiques and fine things, they had renovated the old rooms, ensuring that the house lost none of its heritage. Each and every room felt their loving embrace and gentle caresses, as they were repaired, repainted and remodeled.

The house never looked better. She was outside on the bedroom balcony, her long brown hair blowing in the wind. He had seen her there before, and yet each time was as if it was his first. She was in a soft white silk gown that clung to her naked form like a second skin.

Through the moonlight he could make out her small firm chest and taught nipples. The silk lingered near her mid section, as he saw the lines of her firm tummy. His eyes took in each morsel of her, he could almost imagine his hands fondleling her firm breasts, feeling the tightening of her nipples as she grew excited.

Each time he made love to her, it felt is if it was their first night together. Their bodies molding into one and filling each other with hours of pleasure. As she looked down at him, her body yearned to be near him. She felt her nipples tighten into little balls of heated flesh. She could feel the inner part of her legs grow hot. She didn't have to reach down and check to she if she was wet, she knew that she was dripping with desire. His body was as sleek as a panthers, his firmness stretching the folds of fabric that were his clothes.

Hopefully, he would come up soon, and she would be able to hold him. Even though she held him each night, their bodies melting into one, each time was a new experience. Each time she rose to a higher stage of ecstasy. Looking down she was unable to see him any more. She slipped back into the bedroom leaving the bay windows wide open to the sea. They made love every night in this room, with those same doors wide open. The beating of the waves were music to their ears as their own bodies beat together in heated passion.

When he finally found her in the bedroom, she was lying on the bed as if she was Cleopatra on her thrown. The bed was her domain, and he didn't mind.

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He had never slept a night were he hadn't erupted with fiery passion at least twice. His penis twitched with bated anticipation. She had something new in mind tonight, he could see it in her eyes.

She wanted to play with him and push him to a new limit tonight. In the same token, she wanted to play with herself and have him watch. She led him to a chair that was facing the bed and motioned him to sit. She stripped him of all his cloths, except for a G-string. She wanted to see his penis struggle against the fabric as it grew harder and harder. She strapped his legs and arms down with soft black material. Snug enough where he could not move, but not too snug that it would hurt. She then helped pussy on his lap.

Pussy was the family pet, named so because she was a cat and she did remind both of them of a hairy pussy. Pussy, loved to play with his penis. She would tease it with her paws and drive him absolutely crazy because he could not do anything to stop it.

He was surprised when Pussy was placed on his lap. Being tied to the chair seemed exciting, the cat being placed on his lap, seemed.well.too much. Then he saw the smile on her face, and knew the mischief she was up to.

He had seen that look before and knew it almost too well. She went back to the bed and laid down. Still sheathed in silk, her hand caressed her body.

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She felt her body trembled under her hands. She felt her nipples grow hard. She reached over to the nightstand and found the toys and oil. Taking the oil from the night stand, she placed it next to her body on the bed. By this time, Pussy was snuggling next to his already bulging cock, needing it like dough with her paws. In one move, the silk fabric was off her body showing her naked form. She generously applied a layer of oil on her body, caressing each and every inch of herself as she applied it.

She bent over, on all fours, her tight round ass facing him. One of her hands slid between her cheeks as she started to stroke the dripping flesh. She parted her pussy lips so that he could see her fingers playing with the moist folds. She slowly slipped her finger in and out, ensuring she caressed the inner folds. He watched each movement of her hands and fingers, envisioning his hand being in place of hers.

He struggled against his bonds, wanting only to touch and caress her body, making her his. His penis throbbed with desire, growing harder and harder. Pussy was making it hard to concentrate. He felt the growing desire in him to come.

To unleash the wave of heat that was consuming his every thought. She must have sensed his perverse need, because she bent down deeper exposing more of the inner flesh to his eyes. She knew she was driving him crazy because she heard his soft moans over hers.

She wasn't ready to give it to him yet. She wanted to send him right to the edge and hold him there. She wanted him to come with so much passion that he would burst out in escalated tears of happiness.

She turned herself over and started to shave her mound of pussy hair. She looked up after each stroke to see his hungry eyes watching her every movement. She had never shaved herself completely clean before. But she knew that the shaved area would make her more sensitive and would be a major turn on for him. She could feel the difference immediately as she ran her fingers over the soft folds of her flesh.

She could feel the little tremor of an organism take over her body, the warmth spreading down her legs like little electric shocks. As he watched her shave herself, he was very surprised. She had never wanted to shave herself before.

He remembered asking her to at least 5 times. Each time she agreed she would, but each night their passionate embrace left no time to shave the critical area. She said she would surprise him some day soon, but he never really though that day would come. As his eyes watched her shaving, he felt his rock hard penis twitching.

He felt the hot come spurting out of his cock in torments. His organism came simultaneously with hers. He only wished he was able to feel himself inside her. With that thought in mind, his penis started to get hard again. This was a first. It usually took him a good 20 minutes between organisms to get hard again. It was easier for her. She could come 10 times to his one.

Sometimes he wished he could be a women and experience multiple organisms one after another. She saw his G-string become moist and knew that he had cum. She was filled with a little bit of disappointment because she had wanted to feel his hard pulsing cock within her.

She loved when he got really deep inside her. He was very well hung. He had a large enough penis that she could feel him up to her belly button. He filled her so completely. His width was perfect, too.

Large enough were it was snug but not that large to hurt. Then she saw the familiar twitching of his big penis. Right before her eyes, his penis came to life again. It was growing under the tender pawing of Pussy. She got off the bed and approached him, catlike. She came close to the chair allowing him to take one of her hard nipples into his mouth. He sucked the tip of the nipple while stroking it with his tongue. She started to moan. He knew she was ready for more.

She removed Pussy from his lap. He assumed that she had something else in mind. She bent down in front of the chair and took his penis into her mouth. He really enjoyed when she gave him head. She was an expert.

She would suck on his penis while stroking the under lip of flesh with her tongue. She would move his penis up and down out of her mouth as if she was fucking him. Several occasions he was unable to handle himself and had come into her mouth. The first time she looked a little green, but every time after that she took his come and begged for more.

Tonight was different; he sensed she did not want him to come into her mouth. She loved sucking on his penis. It had a salty flavor that was like none she knew. She kidded him that they should use his come for flavoring in soups and sauces.

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Somehow the idea sort of repulsed him, mainly because he could envision her actually using his come as a spice in some of the marvelous dishes she served. He could envision it now, a guest asking what the delicious ingredient was and her response as to the true nature of the spice. She didn't mind, she loved teasing him and in turn, she believed, that he liked teasing her.

She came up from his throbbing penis and looked him in his eyes, he was ready to come again. She loosened his ties a little. With effort, he would be able to snuggle free from them. She sat on his penis facing him, inserting the hard lance into her very moist wet pulsing pussy.


She felt her walls greedily holding onto his shaft. She started to rotate her hips and move up and down. She slowed down only to take each of his nipples into her mouth, sucking and licking each in turn. She liked to gently nibble at them and make them a little tender, he seemed to enjoy a little pain like she did.

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He knew what she was intending when she loosened his bounds a little. With a bit of a struggle he was free from them and able to hold on to her tight little ass. When they fucked she enjoyed when he spanked her. With each spanking her pussy became hotter and wetter.

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He could feel the first throbbing of initial organism. She usually had several little ones and a large organism when he finally came inside her. Coming together was an intense pleasure for both of them. He never discovered how they had gotten their timing so in sync.

But right from the start, they were able to come together, and boy was it sweet. He stood from the chair, her legs wrapped around his body and his penis deep inside her.

He laid her down on the bed and took each of her firm breasts in his mouth. Each taste was new for him. Her breast had a sweet flavor to them. The skin was so soft. He enjoyed nibbling each hard nipple until she squirmed underneath him. This evening she had to pay for torturing him. He slipped his penis out from inside her and turned her over.

She waited in anticipation, when he took his penis out from inside her. When he turned her over and bent her down on all fours she was hoping that he would put his hard penis in her tight ass. She liked being fucked in her ass. The pain was so sweet that it made come in convulsions. She felt her ass being spanked. She usually had to be real bad to get her ass spanked. She liked being bad. He took one of the toys from the night stand and inserted it into her hot cunt.

Then he took his penis (her personal toy) and inserted it into her ass. She moaned with pleasure. She felt him insert one of the toys into her hot cunt.

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The folds of flesh molding around the toy and holding it in tight. She felt the rippling excitement of her body as she waited in anticipation for his next move. She felt him stroking the inner folds of her buttocks with the tip of his penis.

He started to apply a little lubricating jelly on the outside and inside of her tight little ass hole. Each time his long finger moved in and out, she felt the strong urge to come. She started to rotate her ass with each move.

Moving in rhythm with the motion of his finger. In and out, in and out, in and out. With each in move she pushed her ass a little closer causing his finger to go in deeper. He was preparing her for his penis and she couldn't wait. Initially, the first penetration hurt a little, but after it was in her for a while, she would start to feel herself come.

She had to wait because she wanted to feel him come with her. To feel his hot sperm splash deep with in her tunnel caused her whole body to shake in a screaming orgasm. He sensed her urgency and inserted his penis deep within her, moving slowly in and out. Each time he move in she snuggled her ass closer to him, causing him to go in deeper.

She liked it deep inside her.


She felt him insert his whole penis inside her. The initial pain moved away quickly as her body started moving with his rhythm. The heat swelled in her body and burst in millions of colors as she orgasmed and felt his hot come shoot deep inside her. His body convulsed against hers as they came together. With each convulsion came a new shot of sperm. He laid on top of her totally exhausted and still feeling the reminisce of their love making.

He turned to her, holding each soft mound of breast flesh in his hands and kissed each in turn. He moved his mouth to hers and shared a deep warm kiss. He told her how much he loved her as they snuggled together to go to sleep. She snuggled against his chest and before allowing the waves of sleep to pull her in, commented to herself that this time was the best.