Three cuties many dildos and more fun

Three cuties many dildos and more fun
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Sometimes you don't realize how good you got something until its gone. Take my girlfriend for example. We used to have the greatest times together. before she went. I recall a time when we were off to see a movie at a theater. It was pouring down rain and the movie was sold out. "Well so much for our evening." She said in a flustered British accent.

Just hearing her talk made me want her so badly. The cold rain hit her perfectly trimmed body, causing her to press her large firm breasts into my chest. "Don't worry my love.

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We'll think of something. We stood together on the sidewalk, an overhang protecting us from the sheets of rain that fell.

I raised my arm to hail a taxi cab. I pulled off my coat to cover her as a cab slid to a stop in front of us. The cabby asked me where we were headed and i directed him to my place. As the cab took off, my girlfriend Allie snuggled even closer to me and planted a soft kiss on my lips. I instantly returned her kiss with more force and energy than hers, back and forth we played this game until we were locked in a deep passionate kiss, her tongue exploring my mouth.

"We're here." the cabby announced. I paid him and Allie and i headed to my house. The rain instantly drenched us. I looked over at Allie and noticed that her soft blue blouse clung to her chest revealing her erect nipples. I unlocked the door and in we went.

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Immediately, we resumed our game of kisses. As we continued to kiss, i worked my hands up the back of her shirt and proceeded to unlatch her bra.

We broke our kiss only long enough to pull her soaking wet shirt off of her body. She now stood before me holding her black lace bra over her breasts with one hand. A devious sexy smile crossed her face as she slowly dropped her bra to the ground showing my her perfect breasts to me.

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She then pushed me down into a recliner behind me, knelt on the ground and began unlatching my jeans. Allie slowly pulled the zipper down and spread the two sides of them wide. Looking at my bulge she said, "Well someone's happy to see me." Laughing she pulled down the front of my boxers allowing my member to spring free.

Allie helped my member out all the way taking the length of it into her grip.

I let out an audible moan when her warm breath hit the sensitive skin on the head of my cock. Opening up her mouth she put her tongue around my dick's head coating it with her saliva. "Come on baby, take it." I coaxed. She then opened her mouth wider and proceeded to take all nine inches of my cock into her mouth. First just the head, then inch by inch my cock disappeared into her beautiful mouth. I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat and she began easing it down even further.

The sensation of the warmth and wetness of her mouth around me was almost enough to make me orgasm right there. She started moving her head up and down very slowly, working my dick for all its worth. Little by little she increased her speed until i began rocking my hips with her movements.

I grabbed hold to the back of her head to push more of myself into her mouth. She moaned loudly as she increased her speed.

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Soon enough, i was full on fucking her mouth. Allie wrapped her mouth tighter around the base of my dick because she knew what came next.


The intense feeling of ecstasy swarmed through my body as i shot a load into her mouth. She continued to suck on it. Lapping up every drop of my cum. My dick stared to soften as she pulled herself from it, still licking the cum from her lips. "Now. Its my turn." She pulled me onto the floor and mounted my chest, rubbing her wetness across my bare chest. "Come on. Pleasure me darling." Completely aroused by her begging, I threw her back in the chair and went to work.


I dropped to my knees my dick quickly growing hard between my legs once again. I brought my face close to her sweetness feeling the heat she brought. At first, I started massaging her clit through her tight pink panties that were sopping wet.

"Mmm." moans escaped her lips. I started rubbing harder and harder on her clit, causing her to respond by spreading her legs wider, placing each leg on the outside of the chair's armrest.

Her small panties were barely covering her and i couldn't take it anymore. i ripped them off of her revealing her swollen pussy begging to be fucked. "Fuck me. please." She begged me. "Not yet my love." i teased. I came closer to her pussy and landed a soft kiss on her "other" lips. I could tell she wanted it bad because just at that little kiss she tried throwing her hips into it, trying to catch more of it.

I then took my index finger and traced my way with it to her hole, sending shivers across her body. Then i plunged my entire finger into her pussy quickly. A gasp flew out of her and a smile crossed my face.

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I started making back and forth motions with my finger causing her to start rocking her hips with my movements. She rocked her hips harder as i started licking her clit with a hard tongue. "Ohh.more baby more." i decided to take it up a notch sticking in two more fingers into her tight hole. I moved faster and faster causing her to buck her hips wildly. Just as she was getting worked up.

i stopped. "What the hell?" I smiled again and moved closer to her sweetness. I plunged my tongue into her causing her to squeal with pleasure. I started fucking her with my tongue and it sent her into a frenzy. She began fucking my face, grinding her hips and pussy into my face.

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She grabbed a head full of my hair, giving her more leverage into her thrusts. "Ooooh.


escaped her lips as i felt her pussy tighten around me and i knew she was cumming. then her warm juices flowed from her and onto my tongue. Without hesitation, i lapped them up tasting her. loving her. Allie sat panting from her last orgasm.

I licked her sex off my lips and let out a small laugh, "we're not done yet, baby." She smiled back and began massaging her bare breasts, "I'm ready for you." Allie sank to the floor from the arm chair and laid her naked body atop of me.

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"Fuck me." She whispered these two words into my ear." My dick was rock hard by this point and I wasted no time. I grabbed a hold of her hips and guided her pussy over my cock. Allie Slid down upon it and immediately began rocking back and forth on it. Riding it.

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Back and forth she rode moaning and gasping with pleasure. She increased her speed as her experience became more pleasurable. "Oooh yeah baby. Come on." Then, without warning, i got up from the floor, my dick still inside of her, And sat her up against a nearby wall. She wrapped her sleek legs around my waist and i began fucking her hard standing up. Her pussy sliding up and down around my dick felt indescribably amazing.

Loud moans now escaped my lips. I then laid her on the floor and made her spread her legs wide her backside to me. I took my dick sopping with her juices and softly and slowly entered her beautiful round ass. She gasped with a little pain, but that instantaneously was overtaken by pleasure. "Oh yeah, darling. Hit me harder. harder." She begged me to pound her ass harder, so that's exactly what i did.

I put my hand on her ass for support and began fucking her hard pounding my dick in and out of her as fast as i could. Allie started screaming in pleasure. Suddenly that familiar wave of intense pleasure surged through my body and i shot my load into her ass. I took one last thrust into her and pulled out collapsing on the floor next to her. "I love you. my Allie." I kissed her and we snuggled close as our night of pleasure had ended.