Police gay sex fuck video Two daddies are nicer than one

Police gay sex fuck video Two daddies are nicer than one
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I was disappointed when I learned that Jill would take an earlier flight than mine.


I sat by the window and was pleased that the company provided a first class seat and some the hottest flight attendant I had ever seen. I was wearing a very short skirt and that morning had decided to go without panties. My flight attendant was a very sweet and hot red head with the most amazing body. When we were up she leaned over and asked me in a half whisper, "Hi, I'm Chris, I'll be your flight attendant. I know you aren't old enough, but would you like a glass of wine?

I smiled and her and said, "That would be fabulous, a pink Shiraz please, " I said, as I spread my legs wide, to draw her beautiful brown eys to my young hairless pussy. "Well then…" she said, meeting my eyes, her cheeks suddenly flushed, "Then pink it is." I loved the thrill of flashing this beautiful woman and pondered my next move. It was a mid-day flight and business class was nearly empty except a few senior couples near the front of the section.

As I saw Chris approach I reached down and spread my already damp pussy lips, giving the read head a more enticing view of my young cunt. She brought a bottle on ice and showed it to me.

I nodded and she poured just a taste, and passed it to me. I sniffed at the lip of the glassing aware that Chris was licking her lips over my exposed pussy.

I took a sip and then passed the glass, "Mmmm, delicious. Will you have some?" I lifted my leg slightly as she she looked down directly and my splayed, pussy lips.

"Yes, delicious," Chris sighed as she tore her yes from my pussy and poured the glass. As she leaned over to pass me the glass she, dipped her head and took a long lick along my bare slender neck. "If you want more of that turn left ahead and enter the attendants washroom in five minutes. " she hissed into my ear, letting her tongue trace the inside.

Then she stood up and moved back to her station. I admired her full round ass as she stepped sensually down the aisle. I checked my watch and felt my pussy tingle with anticipation.

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Both couples were fast asleep when I saw Chris move out of sight. This was my cue. I moved quickly up the aisle and entered through the door with the sign " Flight Attendants Only." As soon as I entered Chris was on me, she had already removed all of her clothes.

She took me in her arms and pressed her amble tities into me as her tongue slipped into my mouth and we kissed passionately for what seemed like a long time. My hands traced her slender back and tight round ass, then squeezed the firm flesh. "Oh fuck I must be crazy," said Chris as if in a panic, "You are so young but fuck such a hot slut.

Show my your pussy again you little bitch." I shifted over to the sink and propped myself up on it, and spread my legs, "You like sweet teen cunt huh?" "Oh fuck I've never done this before to a girl so young but I have to have you." With that she circled my narrow thighs with her arms and let her tongue stroke my hot little pussy again and again.

The feeling was so intense and let her tongue plunge into my tight pussy then swirl around my small erect clit. "Oh fuck you taste so good, I have a niece your age and I've always wanted her, fuck now I will seduce the hot little slut." Chris pushed her long tongue deep inside me and I bit my tongue, not wanting to attract attention with my moans.

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Chris certainly knew what she was doing she tongue fucked me then circled her quick tongue over my hard little clit before slipping it deep inside me again. "Lick my fingers slut,' said Chris as she pushed two fingers into my mouth. I sucked on them coating them with my saliva until they were dripping. "You want this don't you, to have your tight teen cunt fucked on an airplane, you are such a little slut, I love it!" said Chris in a harsh whisper.

"Fuck yes, " I sighed, " Fill my tight cunt with your fingers…fuck me!" Chris immediately pressed her fingers half way in, then spit on my cunt and slammed them in the rest of the way. My body jerked with the force of it. Chris began to pump in and out of me, as her tongue lashed out at my exposed clit. Flicking at it and then trapping it between her soft lips and sucking it into her mouth. I wished I was her niece; I would stay at her place every weekend. I pulled on her luscious red hair and she moaned on my clit, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

I loved the smoothness of her fingers stroking inside me, she knew just the spot on my cunt wall that sets me on edge, and brings me off. "What the fuck are you doing to me?" I didn't think I could hold out much longer and then she slipped a third finger inside me, it was too much I cried out with discomfort then as she continued to slam the fingers in and out of me I felt my cunt grab her fingers and draw them deeper into me.

I wanted this, I needed this and she was about to make me squirt cum all over the small bathroom. My body was out of control and then I felt her short teeth close in on my hyper-sensitive clit, she was grinding it gently back and forth like a slippery apple seedI could take no more.

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her lovely face into my cunt as her fingers pushed into me to the hilt. The cum explosion forced all three of her fingers out of my tight cunt and Chris's face took the full blast of my creamy girl juice. She continued to flick her fingers over my clit and I knew I was about to come again this time Chris opened her mouth and took streams of cum into her waiting mouth. My ass was slipping and sliding all over the metal counter and I bit into my hand to stop from screaming.

Before I could even recover Chris had lifted my convulsing body and placed me on the toilet spreading my legs in at wide angle and she immediately lowered her dripping cunt onto mine and began grinding our pussies together. This was a new sensation for me, my eyes grew wide as Chris looked down on me dominating my body, lifting my narrow ass so my cunt would make better contact with hers.

"You little fucking slut, flashing your hot little cunt on my airplane, getting me all horney and wet, I'm going to fuck you like the cunt slut you are." I couldn't get over the power of Chris's body as she bore down on me our pussies grinding and slamming togethermaking slippery, wet sounds.

My clit was so sensitive from coming only a moment earlier and my cunt button was throbbing and at Chris's every thrust.

I knew l was going to cum again but I wanted to cum with Chris this time. I reached my arm around Chris and even though I had never done anything like it to myself, I instinctively knew that if I twisted my finger into Chris's humping ass it would be enough to set her off.

At first I had trouble finding the moving target yet once my finger tip penetrated her tight ass hole, Chris did the rest of the work herself with each plunge of her cunt took at my pussy my finger sank deeper into her hot ass. I groaned as Chris's thrust became almost animal like her grunts coming from deep within her.

She leaned back pressing her cunt hard into my little pussy as her ass hole swallowed my finger and in an instant a wave moved through her body and she shunted her cunt into my pussy with such force I thought for a moment I would fly from the toilet.

""You bitch, hot little cunt!" was all Chris could get out as a second torrent of cum washed over my tight little body and finally I felt my climax release sending a spray of girl cum over Chris's legs and tummy. It seemed like a long time we lay there exhausted and spent, until finally Chris herd the pilots' voice and she immediately jumped into action getting dressed in what seemed like seconds.

She smiled at me, and kissed me hard on the mouth. Get dressed and when I knock go straight back to your seat." I couldn't believe I had just had sex on an airplane.

And it was amazing. Soon I heard the knock and slipped back to my seat. I took a cab alone from the airport and noticed that there was a card stuffed into my wallet. It was a phone number and Chris's name. She had written, "Cum and visit me and my niece…you are so fucking hot…I mean it really, I want to see you again!" It was mid-afternoon in Los Angeles. The address I had given to the cab driver was a downtown apartment building where the corporate suites were leased.

Let me out in front of the building and could still feel the wetness in my pussy as I stepped out of the cab. I found a street side entrance to the suite marked with brass numbers, up three steps, and a stoop from the brick paved street.

Number 1 69. I wrestled my luggage inside and looked around.

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Not bad. I was tired, and thought again of Chris's pussy grinding on mine which sent a shiver through my body. The bed looked comfortable, and I could hardly wait to get into it. My cell phone rang. "Hello?" "Amy?" "Yes," I answered. It was Jill, "There's been a little confusion with the corporate. My room was somehow mistakenly assigned to someone else. And, there is this big convention in town, so I can't find a room any place.

I hope you don't mind, but it looks like I'll be rooming with you. At least for tonight." "OH!" I sounded too surprised, "No, I don't mind at all." "I'm waiting on your steps, I'm afraid.

See me?" Jill waved, cell phone to her ear. "I looked up. I saw her and my heart was immediately a mile a minute.

I walked up fumbling with the door key. "Well isn't this cozy," Jill joked patting the double bed. I felt better. Yet I didn't know how I could possibly endure this night. I felt so young with her- out at sea. What would we talk about?

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Maybe I could just go straight to bed. "Well, I think we should have a drink!" Jill grabbed to bottles of beer from the small refrigerator, and twisted the top off mine, handing it to me before opening hers. "Cheers!" Jill said, clinking her bottle to mine. She drank down half of a beer. I drank, too. Jill talked about herself and offered me a second beer, "Don't worry, I know you are underage, but these are 'lite'," she said then flashed her beautiful smile.

Jill revealed, she had started at the company right out of college, and worked hard to get where she is now. I liked this side of Jill. She was always about the job at work, but here she was sharing stories, she was real, not the fantasy that filled my fevered nights. My heart thumped as I admired her beautiful sun streaked hair. I reached up and ran my fingers through my own dark blond hair.

I felt alive, and excited to be so close to Jill. 'If you don't mind lets open one of these bottles of company wine," Jill laughed a throaty laugh. She chose a bottle from the refrigerator and found the cork screw.

Bracing the bottle against her crotch over her short skirt she had the cork out quickly and I, glanced at her firm inner thighs and sighed not as silently as I would have liked. Jill found two stemmed glasses, poured one glass full of wine and handed it to me. I sat the second beer down on the kitchen counter and took the glass from her extended hand. Jill walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, sensually sliding her leather high heeled pumps off her feel and letting them drop to the floor.

Jill started to slowly rub her lovely feet together, and I couldn't help but watch.


I imagined the sensations generated by one lovely foot rubbing against the other, and a warm tingly feeling began to invade my pussy. Did Jill know how aroused her foot rubbing was making me, was this payback for the little exhibition I had given her in her office?

I could see red shining toe nails peeking through the sheer fabric of her pantyhose. I didn't even like to wear pantyhose, but I loved the way it looked on Jill's sexy feet and legs. Suddenly I felt inadequate in my knee socks and skirt and no panties underneath. Like a little school girl. I closed my eyes and took a large drink of wine. This was such an awesome experience, it felt like all my fantasies were about to come true. I stood in the kitchen and watched Jill as she stood up, lifted her skirt to her waist, and slowly pulled her pantyhose down.

I took a big gulp of air. I glimpsed the loveliest burgundy panties and how they hugged her hips her ass and I glimpsed the outline of her pussy in the crotch. Jill sat on the edge of the bed again and slid her pantyhose off, pointing her toes. She glanced up at me, catching my eyes move from her lovely legs.

There was that amazing smile again; Jill patted the bed beside her as she turned on the television. There was no picture, just music. Light jazz. I couldn't say "no". She was my boss. So I joined her and removed my shoes too. I listened as Jill talked about the path her career took after college. I told her that I was still experimenting, and trying t find out enough about the world to decide what degree to take in college. The music seemed to get sexier, and then Jill gave me a look that could only be described as sultry.

I leaned in closer and smiled. "How do you like the company perks, so far, Amy?" Jill asked in a husky voice," her eyes narrowing in a sexy way. "I very lucky to have such a great summer job with such a generous company. I would do anything to keep it. Can I rub your feet boss?" I laughed nervously not expecting Jill to say yes.

Yet she did. I moved to her feet, and began to rub them teasing her with a few tickles. Jill laughed and drank her wine. She leaned back on a pillow, closed her eys and let me continue to rub her lovely feet. My mom owns a book on sexual message and Of course I have borrowed it and some of the pictures of women touching women were so hot I would rub my pussy off before returning it to its drawer in mom's bedroom. I did read enough to know about the pressure points of the feet and the hands.

I rubbed and massaged he spots that I had read about, enjoying the slender, sexy curves of her foot. I lost myself in my efforts, before I realized what I was doing. I'm not sure how much time passed before I heard, 'Mmmmmmm," as Jill moaned softly breaking my trance-like focus on the message I was administering.

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Jill looked up at the same time I glanced up from my attention to her soft smooth foot. Her eyes met mine. She started to speak, softly clearing her throat, "You are very young to know so much about foot message" her voice deep and sexy. "What you are doing feels wonderful," her eyes locked with mine, "So very good." As Jill looked into my eyes, her lips parted.

She took a sip of her wine and licked her lips. It was as if I was in one of my erotic dreams.


I realized what was happening. "Very good?" I almost hissed at her. She nodded, 'yes' and I lifted her foot to my lips, and swirled my hot young tongue over carefully pedicured big toe.

Looking into her half-lidded eyes I let my tongue wash over the sensitive arch of her foot before sucking each and every toe slowly into my mouth letting my tongue tease over the soft balls of each toe. Jill moaned loudly with her arms closed she immediately spread her legs wide on the bed lifting her dress exposing the wet crotch of her satin panties. "See how wet you make me you bad little girl?" Jill hissed her eyes still closed. As I lifted her other foot and passionately sucked on her perfect big toe I reached out and let my index finger lightly trace Jill's pussy slit through the satin smoothness.

I felt her lips part under my tough and to my surprise, Jill's clit pocked out against the satin. I couldn't believe it was so big, and not knowing why I gave it a gentle pinch and twist.

"Oh you are a bad girl, so very bad," said Jill thrashing her head back and forth on her pillow. I was on fire. My cunt was screaming with want for this beautiful woman.

Jill opened her eyes, they were sharp with desire, "Oh Amy, so young, so fucking hot!" Keeping eye contact I straddled Jill's mature hips. I looked down, her eyes were telling me what she wanted. "I've wanted you since the first day I saw you," I whispered, unbuttoning and opening her jacket, then slipping it off her. "I wore the sexiest skirts and tops to work only to catch your attention and turn you on. " Jill smiled up at me and seemed to enjoy being undressed by one of her young office girls.

"That's why I showed you my wet thong, " I unbuttoned her blouse tossed it aside then unhooked her bra's front enclosure, exposing her big creamy tits. "I did it because I sensed you wanted me too," Jill only nodded and made no more to stop me. She moaned with pleasure as I leaned over and took her large stiff nipples into my mouth, one at a time, teasing the hard flesh and dragging my sharp straight teeth over them.

Jill mewed and stroked my hair. 'So pretty, I too have wanted you my love, your beauty, your grace, your tight young cunt," she sat up and pulled my face to hers.

The feeling of her full lips on mine was amazing and unlike Chris's darting urgent tongue, Jill, moved her tongue in my mouth as if in an elaborate ballet, turning pirouettes around my tongue and drawing my tongue slowly into the hot wet confines of her mouth. I couldn't get enough of her mouth her tongue and the sweet flavor of her mouth.

Finally she broke off the kiss, and pushed me hard against the head board. Jill's smile was slightly wicked now.

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"Yes you're the summer girl I want to fuck, except in my fantasy I'm the one in charge." I was suddenly afraid and I sat against the head board with my knees drawn up.

Jill roughly parted my knees, "Oh you are a bad little girl, not wearing panties on a workday, what should a good boss do?" Without warning Jill lightly slapped my exposed pussy three times with the flat of her hand. I squirmed but didn't cry out. The truth was I kind of liked it. I closed my eyes as Jill slipped her middle finger into my pussy. It felt so fucking hot.

'Oh so wet, just like a slut I thought you were," said Jill in a teasing way. Jill leaned forward and kissed me. My tongue danced again with hers sensuously exploring, and drinking her, my lips exploring the softness of hers. Now Jill was only wearing sexy burgundy satin panties. She quickly removed my top and bra and my small hard nipple before taking it between teasing teeth.

I groaned and shivered. Jill helped slip my short skirt off my legs, then she rolled off my knee socks. Taking a foot in her hands she returned the favor by letting her tongue wind its way through my toes taking each one into her hot mouth.

I was in ecstasy when our starving lips met. These were the kisses that I longed for each night in my bed, furiously rubbing m y pussy hopping my mother won't discover my soaked sheets the next morning.

My breath caught sharply as I was overcome with passion, "Yes, Jill, yes, make me your slut," escaped my lips.

I didn't mean to say it. Feverishly our hands and fingers explored each othe3r's bodies. I sensed that Jill took an intense thrill from touching my young forbidden flesh. "Touch me, Jill, please touch my young pussy, it's yours," I hissed up at her.

Jill looked in my eyes and her fingers gently parted my slick pussy lips, "Yes, when you spread your legs in the office that day, I came undone in my desire for you, it was like nothing I had ever felt before." One of Jill's finger nails traced my inner lips then circled my tender clit.

"I have a shower in my office, and I went there and soaped my body down and I thought of you with me squeezing my ass and tits, pushing your fingers deep inside my dripping cunt. I knew then you would be mine, you had to be." At that instant Jill's middle finger entered me to the hilt and the finger nail of her index finger flicked back and forth over my clit.

My ass lifted off the bed with the sheer pleasure she was giving me. "Oh my, your pussy is so tight," Jill cooed now sliding her finger in and out of me with some ease. " Oh yes, Jill, fuck me, you can do anything to me, I want you to take all of me." I groaned my hips humping in rhythm to her finger strokes.

"Your little cunt is so warm, so wanting, it's so pretty Amy, you have a lovely cunt do you know that?" I nodded and let out another moan as her finger nail dug into my sensitive clit. "I have to taste you; I need your hot young juices on my tongue," Jill said breathing heavily.

I felt Jill's warm tongue licking delicately at the outer lips of my pussy. Her tongue was too far from my pulsing, engorged clit for my liking. I heard her moan when she tasted my cunny juice, and I felt her breathe in the scent of my cunt.

Then Jill she removed her finger and pushed her tongue deep into my cunt lips and into my tight hole. I know that sound escaped m y lips, but it was something I had never heard before, a n animal growl of pleasure that came from somewhere deep within me, it was as if my little cunt had grown up and was speaking for itself.

Unlike the fierce quickness of Chris's tongue on my pussy, Jill was moving at a different pace. It was as if she was worshiping my young cunt and I loved every intense second of it. I never imagined a tongue could move in so many different directions. Jill's tongue was dancing over my clit, flicking it up, down backwards and sideways. It was the most pleasurable thing I had ever felt and to increase the intensity, Jill began to work two fingers into my pussy.

"Such a small cunt," Jill signed, lifting her head, "Are you going to let me fuck you Amy? That's it relax and take it, let me fuck you the way you want to be fucked." Jill sucked my throbbing clit into her mouth and proceeded to give my teen cunt a good hard finger fuck. I pulled wildly at my nipples, knowing I couldn't take much more from my dream lover. I craved the taste of Jill's pussy and I begged her to get into a sixty-nine.

Immediately she straddled my face Jill lowered her hips and I lifted my head between her perfect thighs. I lapped at her mature cunt, feeling the fullness of her slippery cunt flesh as her juice ran freely into my mouth. I parted her tender cunt lips with my fingers, and flattened my tongue out against her large clit, licking from the base to the sensitive end. I rubbed and licked my flattened tongue up and down he clit in a circular motion, the slickness in her pussy kept my tongue gliding and swirling over and around Jill's sweet and puffy clit.

I pushed two fingers into Jill's soaking wet pussy hole, and felt her cunt walls grab at my fingers, as if to say she wanted more, soon I had three fingers flashing in and out of the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Relentless I sliced my hot, wet tongue over and around her puffy flesh shaft. I never imagined a clit could be so big.

I loved it and wanted to show Jill just how much. While Jill moaned and cried at my cunt licking she never let up on her own. Jill was now using the flat of her tongue to assault my exposed clit flesh while she was twisting and pounding to fingers into my slippery cunt. Soon Jill began to move her hips writing to meet my flashing tongue and pounding fingers. As I pushed my fingers deeper, her wet clasping cunt began to tremble.

She began to cry out, as if she was about to reach her orgasm. The sound of her growls pushed me closer, as she sucked my clit mercilessly through hard sharp teeth. I bite down on her tender flesh and we both began to convulse and cum our bodies shuddering together, jerking involuntarily and creamy cum shot from your pussies at the same instant washing over our faces. I pushed my mouth hard over Jill's cunt hole and took the next volley of cum deep down my throat.

Jill did the same as I felt her licking and sucking on my cunt lips as I erupted in my final ejaculation. I continued to suck at Jill's cunt lips, gently licking and suck her juices from her lovely tight hole. We lay together quietly mewing, and exploring each other and languishing in the afterglow of our amazing sex. At some point it dawned on me that my boss had just become my lover. I wonder what mom would think about this.