Show me what you learned at school today

Show me what you learned at school today
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Once upon a time. there lived two beautiful sisters who dwelt hard by a great forest with their poor, woodcutter father and their surly, jealous stepmother. The elder and wiser of the sisters was named Hannah; tall and willowy with a luscious main of auburn curls and apricot-shaded skin that was as fair and flawless as porcelain. Her younger and more impetuous sibling was named Gretel; diminutive and curvaceous with a head of raven black locks and rose-stained lips that were as sweet and seductive as wine.

Hannah and Gretel lived a lowly existence of chores and poverty and were endlessly persecuted by their odious stepmother. Their father had little to bite or break and once when a great dearth fell on the land he could no longer even procure daily bread. He thought this over at night and tossed about in his bed with anxiety. He groaned and said to his wife, "What is to become of us? How are we to feed our daughters, when we no longer have anything for ourselves?" His wife's eyes grew heavy with envy and cunning, "I'll tell you what we shall do dear husband.

Early tomorrow morning I shall take both of them into the forest to where it is at it's thickest and tell them to collect berries for our supper. Then when they have made their way deep into the woodland I shall leave them alone.

Two such foolish girls shall never find their way home and we shall be rid of them for good!" "Oh no!" her husband cried, "I cannot do that!

How can I bear to leave my daughters alone in the forest? The wild animals would soon come and tear them to pieces!" "Oh you old fool!" his wife scolded, "Then we must all die of hunger! Why you might as well plan the planks for our coffins now!" And with that, she continued to give him no peace until he consented. Finally he did concede, "Alright so be it." he said, shaking his head mournfully.

"You shall have your way." His wife smirked heartlessly, that I will dear husband, she gloated inwardly, that I will.

********** When day dawned but before the sun had risen, Hannah and Gretel were rudely awoken by their stepmother, "Get up you lazy sluggards!" She roared, "We are going into the forest to fetch some food! Hurry with you both, you insolent little witches!" Both sisters roused from their slumber and sighed bitterly, "Oh that old hag!" Gretel scorned, her crystal blue eyes flashing with hatred, "Why it's not even day break and already she calls us to collect food?" "That is unusual," Hannah agreed, her autumn curls tumbling down her back as she sat up, "What could she possibly have in store for us today?" she wondered suspiciously.

"I wouldn't put anything past that evil shrew," Gretel pouted as she began to undress, "She hates us and will do anything to punish us. I tell you Hannah, as soon as I find a handsome and rich suitor I shall be off, away from all this drudgery.

You should consider doing the same yourself." Hannah smiled wistfully as she brushed her hair, she was unlike her sister who yearned to indulge more often than not in sins of the flesh and who craved money and riches.

She was simple at heart and only dreamed of true love. However, they both shared the hope of finding the right man who could release them from their poverty-stricken and loveless existence. Both sisters eventually washed and dressed. Hannah wore a long white gown that clung lovingly to her svelte figure and revealed ample of her smooth, creamy flesh. While Gretel poured her lustrous curves into a tight, midnight blue corset that emphasized her perfect feminine form and olive shading.

They both reluctantly trudged downstairs with a heavy heart, "Good morning mother!" Gretel bit out impertinently to the awaiting older woman. The stepmother's eyes narrowed as she observed the two beauties, "There is no time for chit-chat!" she spat back, shoving a basket each into their hands, "We must set off now to collect your supper before it gets too late in the day! Now come you wicked pair!" "But mother," Hannah interrupted, sensing something wasn't right, "Why must we fetch our supper now?

We never usually set off this early. Why the sun hasn't even risen from the clouds and already we must go?" "Don't you ever question my authority you insolent child!" she rebuked, "Do you want us to starve to death and it be all you fault? Now do as you're told!" So the three set out down the garden but Hannah still wasn't convinced and turned back to look at their cottage.

Suddenly she noticed their father gazing sorrowfully at them out of the window and quickly shut the curtain as she saw him. Hannah furrowed her brow with an ominous feeling of what the day held. ********** The stepmother led them into the forest and ordered them to pick berries from the trees, however the fruit was sparse and so she devised her cunning plan, "This is no good!

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This fruit shall not be sufficient for the four of us. You both shall go deeper into the forest and collect as much as you can and I shall wait for you here." Hannah and Gretel both eyed each other suspiciously, "But we don't know our way around the forest," Gretel said.

"We may easily find ourselves lost," Hannah added. "Ha! Foolish, foolish girls! I told you I shall wait here for you therefore you shall not get lost.

Now be gone with you! I shall not tell you again! Go!" Hannah and Gretel seethed inwardly at their stepmother's scolding. "Ugh, what a bitch!" Gretel fumed under her breath as she marched onward into the forest. However, Hannah hovered back for a moment and stooped down to pick up a cluster of white pebbles that lay under a tree. "Impudent child! What are you doing?!" her stepmother nagged. "I um. was just picking some flowers mother," she said, hiding the pebbles in her basket, "they're so beautiful I was going to give them to father." "Nonsense!

You shall do no such thing! Now go with your sister or you shall feel the back of my hand!" Hannah quickly gathered herself up and caught up with Gretel. "What could that old hag possibly be plotting?" Gretel said as she picked some berries. "Well whatever she is up to, I know for sure we will find our way out of the forest," Hannah replied as she dropped a white pebble on the ground for every footprint they made.

Their stepmother smirked cruelly as they vanished amongst the trees. However just before she set off back home she noticed the path they had taken appeared to be mysteriously sparkling under the morning sun. She examined it closer and realized it was a trail of pebbles to help them find their way out of the woods again.

"Why those cunning little witches," and with that she proceeded to scuff dirt and soil over the pebbles as far into their path as she could, so their route was completely hidden. "There you two horrors, now you shall be lost in the forest for good, never to return." Hannah and Gretel wandered idly through the wood, the early morning sun reflecting vividly on Hannah's chestnut main and hazel eyes, and shining brightly on Gretel's coiled black tresses and azure orbs.


The charming melody of the songbirds and the sweet aroma of the luscious wild flowers captivated their senses as they roamed further into the thick forest. "Sister," Gretel began, "What kind of man do you dream of?" she asked. "I dream of a man big and strong, handsome and rich. Who can provide me with anything I want and satisfy me whenever I wish? How about you?" Hannah laughed, "Hmm, I dream of a man who can protect me and fight for me.

and for when I look into his eyes, he makes me all his own." Both sisters smiled at each other as a cool breeze blew through the leaves of the surrounding trees and chilled their bare skin.

Gretel looked about her, "I think we've come far enough, I don't recognize this part of the forest and I don't trust that old sow for leaving us behind." "Don't worry," Hannah assured pointing to the ground, "I've made sure we shall easily find our way back out." So both sisters followed the pebbles, which shone like newly coined silver pieces, in the hope that the trail would lead them out of the depths of the forest.

However as they got mid-way down their path, the pebbles suddenly vanished. Gretel wrinkled her brow, "But Hannah, this is not where we arrived and yet our path ends. How do we get out of the forest now?" Her sister looked on anxiously, "You are right, but I definitely made the path of stones from the entrance of the forest. There are so many trees, so many paths, that I do not know where we are." "Mother!" Gretel called out, "Mother we cannot find our way out!

You must come and fetch us! Mother!" Both sisters called their stepmother until their throats were hoarse but to no avail. They walked a little distance and tried as best they could to find their route out from the forest, but the more they walked the more they traveled in circles, and the more they traveled in circles the deeper they ventured into the murky woodland.

"I knew something was not right when we set off this morning," Hannah confessed, "Sister, I fear that old wench has left us. I fear. we are lost." "Lost!" Gretel cried, "But that cannot be! We shall die of hunger! And what about when night falls and the animals come snaring their prey? We shall be eaten alive! Sister, you know all about the tales of the forest.

You know when the sun sets and the moon rises about the wolves and the demons. and the vampires! This forest is haunted!" The hairs on Hannah's neck stood on end, "Nonsense Gretel. Those are just old wives tales. There is no sense scaring ourselves witless when there is no such thing. Now we must make haste and try to escape before dusk falls." And so both Hannah and Gretel made their journey through the dense greenery. They walked the whole day from morning till evening, but did not get out of the forest.

Their supply of food soon ran dry and they became very cold and hungry. And they'd walked so far into the woods that they became very weary and their legs would carry them no further. So with their eyes heavy with fatigue, they both lie down beneath a tree and fell fast asleep.

********** The lone toot of a distant owl awoke Hannah from her slumber. She opened her eyes wide and realized with much horror that they'd both slept for a large portion of the night and now the previous twilight sky had become immersed into an inky blackness. "Gretel! Oh Gretel wake up!

For we have slept too long and it is now night!" Her sister's dark, thick lashes flickered open, "Oh no Hannah! What is to become of us? It is the dead of night and the beasts have a keen scent; they shall root us out for sure! That's if the ghouls and bloodsuckers don't find us first! Oh Hannah what are we. wait, what is that sound?" Both sisters huddled together and looked worriedly about themselves, "It appears to be some kind of bird," Hannah said as she listened carefully to a fluttering and twittering sound.

The fluttering grew closer, as if wings flapping in the air, and the twittering grew louder, turning to a piercing screech. "Ahhh a bat!" Hannah screamed, as the large winged creature swooped down and flew past her face. Hannah and Gretel being terrified of such animals, screamed and ran as fast as they could. Their feet becoming stung from nettles and their hands pricked from thorns as the bat hovered above them, squawking and brushing past their trembling skin.

However, after chasing them a good length further into the wood the creature flew high above their heads into the clouds and suddenly vanished. Both girls stopped to catch their breath, "Oh that was just horrible!" Gretel cried, "Bats are the devil's servants Hannah and it was after us!

I told you the beasts would find us. they'll find us and kill us! Hannah are you listening?" "Sshhh sister," Hannah whispered, her eyes transfixed in front of her, ". Look!" Gretel looked up to where her sister was pointing and was mesmerized by what she saw. Through the trees and leaves stood a house, no a mansion.

Perched right in the middle of the forest and encrusted with millions upon millions of sparkling precious gems, that glittered like real silver moon beams in the eerie darkness of the night.

"Oh my gosh Hannah! Where are we?" Gretel exclaimed, as both sisters inched slowly through the strange mist that surrounded the mansion. "I don't know Gretel, but I think we've found the answer to our prayers." They both ran excitedly up to the amazing structure and pawed at its foundation. Diamonds, emeralds and pearls all dripped and gleamed from its exterior. The doors were made from solid gold and the windows edged with sapphires.

Opals and rubies twinkled under the stars; its collage of rainbow treasures lighting the night sky. "Oh my! Who could live in this house?" Gretel mused dreamily, "It is a sight to behold!" Hannah peered closer to the wall and discovered a silver embossed house-plate, "Why sister, the owner's name is written right here.

Master Calaway." "You called ladies?" came the sudden deep and husky male voice from behind them. Hannah and Gretel both gasped and spun around, drinking in the vision that had mysteriously appeared in the darkness. Standing before them was a man like no other they had seen. He stood like a giant, was built like a warrior and was dangerously handsome. His piercingly seductive emerald green eyes radiated amid the darkness and scoured each sister with tempting provocation.

His tongue lightly moistened his full yet manly lips and his fingers rubbed the rough stubble shadow and goatee on his aggressive jaw. His style was sharp and alluring, from his glossy dark red hair that was shorn into his neck and peaked at his forehead to the tight black leather that adorned his ripped body. He seemed at once fierce yet gallant, threatening yet enticing, and possessed a demeanor that oozed sexuality. "Now just what are two sweet young things like yourselves doing out in the forest at this time of night?" he drawled, the rough timbre of his voice dragging like velvet against their sensitized ears.

Both sisters stood mesmerized, "We. we our lost." Gretel mumbled out as she glared upon him open-mouthed. "Y-yes. our step-mother a-abandoned us." Hannah added absently as if caught up in some clandestine fantasy.

"Why. that's just about the saddest thing I ever heard," the stranger rasped with secret satisfaction. Both sisters continued to gaze upon this almighty nightly vision when suddenly a peel of thunder burst in the clouds overhead and light droplets of rain began to fall from the sky. The stranger looked towards the heavens then back down to the sisters, "Well now a gentleman such as myself couldn't allow two poor abandoned young ladies to stay out in a storm all night long.

You must come into my house, no harm shall come to you. that I promise," he smirked with an unidentifiable glint in his eye. Hannah and Gretel both surrendered to the erotic forces swirling around them. "Oh yes that is very kind of you, thank you very much," they chirped enthusiastically. "Oh believe me. the pleasure's all mine." he heaved. "Now tell me, what names do you two sweet young things go by?" "I'm Gretel!" the smaller sister piped up eagerly. "Why Gretel, I'm so pleased to meet you," he drawled as he took hold of her hand and kissed it lightly, his contact electrifying her senses and ricocheting through her bloodstream.

"And I am Hannah," her sister announced, wanting some of what Gretel was getting. "Why Hannah, what a beautiful name," he whispered, his intense jade jewels capturing hers as he also blessed her fair skin with a kiss. Opening the door to his mansion, he motioned them inside, "My name is Calaway, but you can just call me.

Master." ********** Both sisters entered the house that was just as decadent on the inside as it was on the out. The walls were painted deep crimson with carved golden angels and gargoyles adorning each border. The abundant plumes hung in a lavish purple and a large, blazing fire roared in the open hearth. Tall, scented candles threw a warm, romantic hue over the surroundings, while each item of classic antique furniture was seemingly much larger than you would find in any normal abode.

"Now I want you two sweet young ladies to go on and make yourselves right at home. You both must be chilled to the bone, you need to go and warm yourselves up nice and good by the hearth over there." he lulled in a voice even more inviting than the fire.

Both sisters smiled shyly, "Why thank you Master," Gretel said in a small voice, tingling all over as she glanced upon her tall, imposing host. Hmm she learns fast, Calaway thought to himself slyly, "Well now it's the least I can offer Precious," he said to Gretel before turning his attention to her sister, "And how 'bout you Hannah, do you wanna thank the Master too?" His deep, throbbing masculine voice made Hannah's heartbeat quicken, "W-why of course.

thank you so much" Calaway raised a lazy eyebrow, "Thank you so much. what?" he drawled slowly, staring at her intensely. "Um. M-master. I meant to say thank you so much Master." Hannah stammered. "Why now that's a good little girl. you wouldn't have wanted me to make you say it now would you Hannah?" "Uh. I. I. um." Calaway laughed huskily, "Why, no need to be nervous Little One.

Now you both go and warm yourselves up like good girls. There's a nasty storm brewin' outside and I need to make sure everywhere is all safely. locked up." Hannah and Gretel both nodded and did as they were told. As they warmed themselves by the hearth, Calaway took a moment to feast his eyes upon his two lovely visions of delight.

He could barley believe his luck tonight, one was usual. but two delectable creatures discovered in one nocturnal flight of fancy was something else all together.

and he was certainly going to make the most of his night's treasure. He audaciously undressed both sisters with his eyes.

Mmm, what tasty treats they were. How Hannah's skimpy dress exquisitely curved the outline of her small, rounded bare breasts, how Gretel's half unlaced corset seeped ample of her soft olive flesh; and he could only imagine the untouched goodness encased further down within their garments. Calaway licked his lips as he felt a stirring in his crotch and a stiffness in his cock.

ooh fuck, what a succulent virgin landscape in which to paint his passion upon. "Are you ladies feelin' a little better now?" He asked as he latched the last bolt on the door and drew the curtains. Both sisters reddened slightly and nodded, their cold trembling bodies grateful of the heat the fire provided. "That's good," Calaway approved, "You must be starved too. take a seat and make yourselves comfortable.

I'll fetch you some wine and fruit. that'll really get you warmed up." he smirked suggestively. As he went to prepare the food Hannah and Gretel sank slowly into his large leather settee.

In much awe and excitement Gretel whispered to her sister, "Oh my Hannah, who could he be? He is like no man I have ever laid eyes upon." "You're right sister," Hannah replied a little breathlessly, "He is a curiosity to be sure." "Mmm, and I'd like to get very curious with him," Gretel replied moistening her full, pouty lips.

She found herself captivated by this mysterious man. So big and strong he could break a normal man in two. So handsome he could make any woman beg and whimper for his attention. And a man who lives in such lavish surroundings must surely have riches galore.

Why, she thought, he is the man I have always dreamed of. "But we must remember sister," Hannah continued, "He is a stranger. we know nothing about him and we are here alone in his house. We must surely tell him about our home in the hope he can lead us back." Gretel tutted, "Oh Hannah, look at this house! Look at this man! Why do you want to go home when we could have adventure here? You cannot tell me that being here with him does not thrill you to the core.

He is a specimen to behold!" Hannah was slightly taken aback at what Gretel suggested but as she looked up to see Calaway entering the living area again, a scarlet flush washed over her face and she experienced the same warm, moist sensation she first felt when he had spoken to her in his unmistakable rough, dominating manner. She could not deny she was as equally entranced by this man as her sister.

From the bewitching sensation his gaze commanded to the intricate patterns of unearthly beings and tribal markings that decorated his fair skin; he exuded a strange hypnotic quality that made Hannah feel she was thoroughly at his mercy. Surely, she thought, he must be touched with the devil. "Are you sitting comfortably girls?" Calaway asked as he placed down a tray full of appetizing exotic fruits; candied apples, sugared plums and lucent syrups, along with two tall chalices of dark red Claret.

"Mmm, very much so," Gretel affirmed, her eyes lighting not only at the sight of the delicious delicacies in front of her but more so at the mouth-watering specimen that had brought them to her. She picked up a succulent piece of sweet fruit and took it between her hungry lips, "Oh Master, this tastes so good!" Calaway grinned, oh she couldn't be riper!

He then turned to her sister, "My, my Little One, you're awfully quiet, seems as if the cat's got your tongue. Are you comfortable too Hannah?" he asked slowly and deliberately. Her eyes traveled timidly up his taut body to his demanding green glare, "Y-yes, I am." He cocked an eyebrow and didn't release her from his gaze until she'd said what he wanted to hear. "M-master," Hannah added, realizing what he was waiting for.

Calaway grinned with satisfaction. She was as equally edible as her sister, but slower on the uptake. why, she may need teaching a lesson. "Now ladies, I want you to eat as much as you can and whatever you do, don't forget to drink your wine. that'll make you feel real good." Gretel had already devoured most of her share of the fruit and picked up her goblet that was filled to the brim with the dark red liquid, "Hmm, I've never tasted wine before," she confessed.

"Well now there's a first time for everything'." Calaway rasped, "Try it. I promise you'll like it." Just as Gretel brought the wine to her lips, Hannah still couldn't shake the feeling that despite the stranger's generosity and his undeniable magnetism, there was something about him that wouldn't allow her reason to trust him. And as her sister was just about to take her first mouthful of wine, intently watched by Calaway, Hannah's eyes glanced in the direction of the large gold-framed mirror opposite.

Suddenly her jaw dropped as she realized with much horror that Calaway stood directly in its view, but yet. no reflection! With a heartbeat palpitating in utter fear she screamed, "No Gretel!" Lunging at her sister and knocking the chalice from her hands.

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"It is blood Gretel! He is a vampire! Run! We must run for our lives!" Gretel gasped with shock and Calaway's eyes flashed with indignation as both sisters leapt up and rushed to the door, frantically trying to escape.

Hannah yanked at the bolts but they would not unlock and Gretel clawed at the windows but they would not open. A large clap of thunder roared and a fierce crack of lightening struck as both sisters screamed in terror and desperately thumped their fists against the door and cried for help.

The previous agitation in Calaway's eyes now turned to cruel amusement as he reveled in the sister's fruitless attempts for freedom. He licked his teeth, "And just where do you think you're goin' girls?" he riled, rubbing his tongue along his fangs. Hannah and Gretel yelped and huddled together as Calaway approached them with painful slowness. "Hahaha, you can act scared now but it was a different story just a second ago now wasn't it ladies?

I know you both wanted my big cock. I know you both wanted me inside you, fucking you senseless over and over again! Why I bet your pussies are jus' pourin' right now aren't they? You can't hide it, you can't hide and anythin' from me! And I'm gonna make sure you get what you want girls, I guarantee it!" Hannah and Gretel trembled both with fear and although they could barely believe it.

pure carnal lust. "Now." Calaway rasped, lowering his hand to his crotch and beginning to rub it into hardness, "the only question is. who's gonna be first?" Despite being momentarily transfixed by his captivating allure, Hannah somehow managed to shake herself from his powerful hold and ran hastily along the living area, pulling open a door that led out into a long hallway.

She didn't know just where it led to, but looking back and observing the ravenous glint in Calaway's eyes, the sharpness of his fangs and the protruding stiffness of his body, she gathered her terrified wits and ran as fast as she could down the darkened corridor unwittingly leaving her sister behind.

Calaway chuckled as he observed her, "So I take it I'll be havin' you for seconds? You can run sweet Hannah. but you can't hide!" He than glanced down to her sister who stood immobilized against the door, her brow sweating and her bosom heaving. "Why Gretel, I knew you were a fast learner." he said as he strode closer to her, "I take it you wanna be my main course?" Gretel's breath was ragged with fear and desire. She did want him, and want him bad, but a vampire?! A bloodsucker?!

This notion petrified her beyond belief, and without thinking a moment longer she also lurched from the door across the room.

"Oh no you don't!" Calaway growled as he sprang like a bird from it's cage and swiftly captured Gretel between his powerful arms, imprisoning her from escape. She screamed, but wasn't sure if it was because of fear.

or delight. "Now, now my pretty, you don't wanna disappoint the Master do you?" he asked as he took one hand tightly around her waist and used the other to gently caress her flushed cheek. Gretel writhed and looked into his eyes, their hypnotic quality vehemently boring into her without relent. "N-no. M-master." He trailed his thumb over her swollen lips and delicately moved it inside her mouth, "I didn't think so Gretel. but you do know that you were a bad girl just now?

You do know that I won't stand for people tryin' to run away from me?" Gretel swallowed hard; dizzy with the sensation of his callused thumb erotically fondling the warm inner recesses of her mouth, and dizzy with the fear of the consequences of her actions.

"I'm going to punish you Gretel," Calaway whispered, his voice heavy with lustful dominance, "I'm gonna punish you until you're beggin' to be my slut.


Is that clear?" Gretel's large blue eyes widened but before she could squeeze an audible sound from her throat, Calaway swooped down and kissed her voraciously.

After her initial shock diminished and as his large, meaty body pressed against hers, she greedily accepted his mouth, murmuring with approval as he speared his tongue between her lips. Calaway unlocked his mouth and laughed raucously, "Haha! I told you I'd make you like it!" And with that he hoisted her over his shoulder and began to scale the long winding stairs leading to his bedroom.

Gretel's heart felt as if it would burst from her chest as she hung limply over his shoulder, without the any strength to fight off his advances, and secretly. without any inclination. There were many stairs, many hallways but finally they came to his bedroom. He opened the door and threw Gretel down onto the huge, black silk-quilted four-poster bed.

The room was immersed into darkness save for an array of flickering tea-lights, their flames dancing rapidly as the wind blew through the sills of the window, and the lightening flashing sporadically, capturing Calaway's features that were seething with sex.

A hush had settled on the room, his breathing was heavy and sinful as he stood back and glared down upon Gretel who lay temptingly before him. "You know what you did wrong girl?" he said, his voice a soft low growl.

Her large blue pools gazed up at him, her head nodding softly, her body quivering. He ordered her to roll over onto her stomach, telling her to bury her face into the soft covers of his bed. She did as he told her. "Now lift that sweet ass to me!" he ordered. Every nerve in her body stood on end, yet she felt her instincts were to obey him, never to question him. Calaway's heart raced with pure animal lust as he watched her wriggle her body to a seductive kneel, her hips lifting erotically off the bed.

He smiled lasciviously as he walked over and sat on the edge, taking his hand and maneuvering it under her long gown and stroking it up along her inner thigh, watching her squirm, feeling her body tense. He then took both of his hands and lifted her dress up to her waist, pulling her panties down to her thighs. "Mmm nice, real nice." Gretel whimpered into the bed sheets as his hand smoothed over the soft flesh of her ass cheeks, seeking the perfect spot to place the kiss of leather against her skin.

He felt her struggle to be still, "Now, now precious, don't make me lose my temper," he warned, giving her a sharp smack on the buttocks and making her squeal with surprise and excitation. "You just lie nice and still and whatever you do, don't lift your head off that bed." He stood up and took his stance, unbuckling his belt and sliding it from around his waist. He wound it around his knuckles a few times and pulled it tight, his face set in a look of pure satanic pleasure.

Gretel didn't move but she could hear him behind her, could hear him breathing and the soft rustle of clothes. Anticipation swept over her being. all was silent, all was still. Then suddenly.

'THWACK!' "Ahhh!" Gretel gasped and plunged her face into the covers as his long, thick leather belt lashed out at her tender ass. Her immediate reaction was to lift her head up as she gasped with slight pain, but to do that would ensure more punishment. She bit down on her lip and dug her fingers into the pillows. Then again, like a bolt from the blue.

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'THWACK!' The strike of hard leather against her soft flesh, thrusting her forward, tainting her creamy buttocks with sharp, red bites.

'THWACK!' "Ah-ahh!" Down came the strap; not once or twice, but over and over again! Whipping her faster and harder, making her squeal and squirm and violently buck her body. 'THWACK!' 'THWACK!' 'THWACK!' She yelped with pain as Calaway's eyes lit up and his lips curled into a devilish smile at her now crimson ass, "Oh damn Gretel." 'THWACK!' "I'm gettin so fuckin' hard watchin' your sweet lil ass get all red and beat up baby. Oh fuck yeah." 'THWACK!' Again his belt struck, its loud smack joining the strikes of lightening from the storm, both sounds echoing fiercely around the room.

Gretel was in pure in agony, but not only from pain. but from increasing ecstasy. The more he whipped her the more she wanted it, the more he beat her the more she craved to lift her head and scream in pleasure. She felt her juices running ashamedly down her inner thigh, and widening her legs she arched her back and threw her head back, aching for his touch. "What do you think you are doing?" he uttered in a low animal growl, his hand drawing back and releasing a short hard 'whack' of the belt against her glowing cheeks.

"Want this to stop?… is that it Gretel?" he asked, as again he bought down the belt against her. Her body jerked, writhing under each kiss of his leather. Breathlessly, she moaned "No.

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please don't stop!" Fearing this exquisite torture would end, she remained motionless. Her head buried deep into the covers. She waited. Calaway gloated with glorious satisfaction, "Don't stop. what?!" "Master! Don't stop Master!" 'THWACK!' He gave her what she wanted, the lethal sting of the belt digging into her flesh.

She could hear herself screaming, not from pain now, but from sheer joy. Pain mixing erotically with pleasure was pulsing through her veins. With each hard whip her muscles clenched and she rubbed her pussy ferociously against his bed, her wetness seeping through the sheets.

"Ooh more! More Master!" She muttered with lips pressed against the bed covers, her pussy blooming, ready to cum. Calaway smirked and stopped, "You want more is that it Gretel? You like me beatin' you?" he panted. Gretel nodded fervently, writhing her pussy against his bed, desperate for his touch, "Yes! Ooh beat me Master! Beat me good!" Calaway smacked the belt against his palm, "Are you givin' me orders girl?" "I.

No. I. uh." Gretel stammered. 'THWACK!' "Never give the Master orders!" 'THWACK!' Gretel cried out with delight as he began to beat her again. Her hips began to buck with the rhythm of his whips and Calaway's cock surged and throbbed with each bite of the leather. 'THWACK!' "Ooh Yes!" Gretel moaned.

'THWACK!' "Yes!" 'THWACK!' "Ohhhh!" She was on the verge, so close, his beating thrusting her towards cumming all over his bed, but then. nothing. Gretel's thighs trembled, she needed it, and she needed it now.

Daring to move, she inched her head to one side and met his green gaze. Calaway chortled and dropped his belt to the floor. He slowly walked over to her and rubbed his cool fingers down along her spine, then lower, lightly touching her swollen ass and then massaging the rising red marks that decorated each cheek. "You enjoyed that didn't you girl? You enjoyed it like a dirty slut!

Know how I can tell?" He thrust his hand between her luscious thighs and drenched his palm with her juice. "Oh-ah!" Gretel trembled, instantly pressing herself onto his palm. "Uh-uh Precious," he chided, removing his damp fingers, "I need to see how much you want me first.

I need you to tell me. Now turn over!" It was incredibly painful for Gretel to turn and sit on her aching backside, but obeying his command she did it slowly and surely.

She clenched her teeth and winced as her smarting ass pressed against the bed sheets and looked up into Calaway's demanding face expectantly. "Good girl. Now take those panties all the way off and open those thighs nice and wide, let me see that wet cunt!" She obeyed his command and lay spread-eagled before him, the faintest of sinful smiles twitching at the corners of her lips as she took in his magnificent form.

"Good!" he smiled, "Now touch your clit for me, and tell me how much you want me!" Gretel took a finger and pressed it against her swollen bud. She imagined it was him, his lips satisfying her burning desire, "Oh. I need you Master!" she delicately circled her erect nub.

"I feel so hot and wet for you," she surveyed his body, envisaging his cock deep inside of her. "Ooh I need you," her fingers showed the milky traces of her need as she rubbed faster, "Oh I need you to touch my clit Master. Ooh I need you to beat my pussy. please!" Calaway growled with hunger, unable to resist her anymore and lunged toward the bed, grabbing her up and pinning her against the wall.

She panted breathless with excitement as they both knelt on the bed, Calaway moving his fingers under her gown and over her engorged clit, playfully smacking her cunt then separating her folds to allow her slick secretions to pour out over him. "Ahh. Master!" cried Gretel! Pushing against him, delirious at his touch and beginning to grind against his fingers. "Oh yeah, that's it Gretel. that's a good girl," he whispered as his breathing deepened and his fingers delved further, buried deep, quickly slipping inside of her and moving in a laborious circular motion.

Her hips arched and bucked of their own accord as his middle finger brushed the small crescent of smooth flesh just below her quivering clit and jerked it off. "Mmm. Oh! Oh! She groaned as her thighs opened wider and she moved her body to force his finger toward her rock hard nub.

"Ooh does that feel good Gretel? Do you want it faster? Harder and faster?" Calaway baited. She moaned with glee as he roughly rubbed her clit and finger-fucked her cunt with all his might, "Are you cummin' baby, are you cummin' for the Master?" "Ahhh!

Yes!" She screamed with rapidly pumping hips, "Ahh! Yes! Fuck me Master! Ooh fuck me like a slut!" "Ha!" Calaway growled, "That's it you dirty fuckin' whore, beg for me!

Beg for your Master!" As he felt her reaching her brink he began to nibble the sensitive skin below her ear. Then putting his succulent mouth on the place where her shoulder ends and neck begins he sucked teasingly. Her head fell back, her squeals increasing as he continued his assault. He let her arms fall to her side and reaching around with his free hand he pulled the corset off of her breasts, revealing them in all their perfection. His hand moved over one of her ivory mounds, squeezing it firmly, making her nipples grow and glow a deeper shade of strawberry while his fingers fucked her rapturously, and making her pussy blossom and drip with ecstasy.

"Uh! Ah! Ah!" She yelled with approval, on the verge of release. Calaway waited for the exact moment. mouth poised. ready. waiting. "Oh Master!" she thrust, "Ah yes!" And just as she came, a thunderbolt ripped through the sky and Calaway plunged his sharp fangs deeply into her delicate neck.

She screamed with instant shock and pain. with glorious satisfaction and throbbing climax. His teeth sank into her and gorged on her flesh as two distinct trails of fresh red blood began to run down the arch of her neck and over breasts. Then after a few moments of sucking with greed, Calaway finally lifted his head, licking his bloodstained mouth with orgasmic pleasure, "Mmm Gretel. now you're mine, now you belong to your Master." With her eyes half-closed, bordering on unconsciousness, she trailed her tongue along her full, wine colored lips and gave a little moan of delight.

"Oh yes Master. anything you say." He lay her sleeping form down upon the bed and wiped the blood from around his mouth, his eyes lighting with the devil's touch, "Now Hannah. it's time for you to come out, come out wherever you are!" ********** Hannah's heartbeat continued to race as she crouched down behind one of the long black curtains that hung against a stained-glass window in the winding, dimly lit passageway.

waiting with baited breath. A flash of lightening struck!

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"Ah!" She gasped; her fingers gripping the plumes till her knuckles were white. She'd ran along one dark hallway after another, entered one door after another, until she found what she hoped to be a hiding spot of safety, and she could only hope her sister had done the same.

A bolt of thunder bellowed overhead! She jumped, her body shivering. But she had no choice only to hide until she thought of a way to breakout of the mansion without Calaway finding her. Calaway. the thought of him sent chills down her spine and unlocked feelings she denied existed. Shaking her mind of such thoughts she buried herself lower behind the curtain where she hoped to remain in safety till dawn.

But then suddenly. "Oh Hannah!" His deep baritone boomed as he paced the adjoining hallway to where she was hidden, a look of seductive determination etched upon his rugged features.

Hannah quickly put her hand over her mouth to silence her gasp and sat tight as she heard his heavy footsteps slowly heading towards her. "Oh Hannah! What's the matter, don't you wanna come out and play? Because I know you do girl. I know you wanna play with the Master real bad!" Hannah trembled, breaking into pallor, a cold sweat mingling with a deep heat.

His footsteps drew increasingly closer then suddenly stopped. She held her breath and clenched every muscle in her body. "Gotcha!" He roared as he yanked back the curtain and laughed aloud.

Hannah screamed and scrambled to get away but Calaway grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her up into his arms, "Not so fast Little One! Do you wanna make the Master angry?" "Ah! Let me go! Let me go!" She pleaded as she thrashed her arms and legs and wriggled to break free. "Look into my eyes Hannah! he commanded as he gripped her by the hair and turned her face close to his. "No!" she yelled, carefully avoiding contact with the mysterious crystal green orbs that would drain her of all her senses if she made their contact.

And as quick as a cat, she struck her small hand across his face and lacerated his skin with her nails. "Argh!" he momentarily loosened his grip and Hannah taking advantage, deftly escaped his clutch and sprinted as fast as she could down the hallway. He took his fingers and mopped up the faint lines of blood running from his cheekbone, "Hahaha!" he chuckled huskily, licking his fingers with the tip of his tongue.


"You can do that as much as you want Hannah. I like that!" and with equal swiftness, he gritted his fangs and chased after her. She ran through a small candle-lit passageway and through a door that led to a set of stone steps. She turned back and observed Calaway's shadow looming closer, swallowing hard, she ran up the steps until they led her to another hallway lined with doors. The wind roared around the house and the rain hammered against the windows as she ran the length of the passage and tried each door, but they were all locked.

"I'm gettin' warmer Hannah!" Calaway gloated as he grew closer,". And harder!" She yanked frantically at each knob in turn until one of them finally opened. Rushing inside she slammed the door shut behind her and stood breathless. The room was immersed into pitch blackness, so she carefully felt along the walls for a lantern. Finally she came upon one and turned it on.

Suddenly in the cold light, her eyes widened and the blood in her veins froze at what laid before her. In the centre of the room was a long black coffin, the lid slightly ajar revealing its red silken interior.

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Hannah's mouth dropped and she let out a loud, shrill scream! Suddenly the door swung open, "Well, well Hannah we meet again!" Calaway heaved. "But I think my other bed will be more comfortable don't you?" After lunging and capturing the elder, terrified sister within his undeniable strength, Calaway once again headed back to the master bedroom and booted open the door.

Hannah almost felt like relenting in his manly, muscular arms but knew she couldn't allow it, so continued to wriggle and squirm for freedom. However as they entered his room she suddenly stopped with fresh fright as she caught sight of her sister who was perched by the window. The moon was beaming down upon her like a spotlight in the darkness, and Hannah could detect something different about her, something luminous yet supernatural.

She looked almost. ghostly. "Gretel!" She cried, pleading for some kind of response as Calaway set her down to her feet. "She won't answer you Hannah." Calaway said as he slowly brushed his hands from around her waist and strolled up next to her sister, "Isn't that right Gretel?" Gretel responded fervently to her Master's voice by sliding her arms around his neck then taking her tongue and hungrily licking from the base of his throat, up to his lips.

paying extra attention to the bloody scratch marks on his cheek. She then threw her head back, her slinky tresses caressing her back and revealing the fresh bite mark on her neck.

She threw Hannah an intense blue glare and flashed her fangs at her with a wild laugh. "Oh my!" Hannah screamed in utter shock! Froze to the spot! "Now, now Hannah!" Calaway reprimanded as he took her by the wrist and pressed his hand over her mouth.

"You only scream when I tell you to scream understand? You only scream when I fuck you is that clear? Your sister disobeyed me Hannah, and looked what happened to her.

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only you've been much worse!" He ran his fingers down the nape of her neck and felt her tremble in his arms, then attaching his mouth to her ear he whispered, "But that's okay isn't Hannah? Because I know deep down you wanna be my whore don't you? I know you're not gonna mind one little bit!" Hannah's body was coated in sweat and she remained stunned into silence as Calaway strode backwards, never taking his eyes off of her, "You make yourself comfortable Little One." he directed to Gretel as the younger sister took her place on the soft-cushioned ottoman under the window, the moonlight mingling with the lightening, blazing down onto her skin.

Calaway took his place at the foot of the bed, looming large amongst the shadows of the partially lit room and his eyes penetrating Hannah with a searing glow, "Come and kneel before me!" Hannah's eyes flitted to Gretel who smiled provocatively and nodded urgently, encouraging her sister to do as she was told. She tremulously looked back at Calaway and with small, hesitant steps, obeyed his order.

Lifting her long, frayed gown slightly, she put one knee to the floor, then the other. Her eyes staring directly into his bulging crotch, her body quivering at what to expect. He looked down upon her lustfully, "Undo my pants!" She shakily took her fingers and unbuttoned the tight leather form the centre of his sculptured thighs. Then slowly, she undid his zip and pulled it all the way down which suddenly made his long, thick cock spring out to greet her.

She gasped and trembled slightly at the sight of him exposed, feeling an aching throb beat deep in her pelvis, her sex getting hot and needful. Calaway let out a long sigh as his throbbing member escaped its constraints, "Pull 'em right the way down now Hannah, like a good little whore!" She nervously began to ease his pants and his underwear down; he helped her by levering them over his buttocks and onto his thighs.

But all the while she couldn't take her eyes off his cock! It was so big, so ready. it was all she could do to stop imagining it inside of her, moving up and down and in and out! Making her increasingly wet. "Now take hold of it Hannah! Hold my cock!" Her stomach fluttered with desperate delight as she swallowed rapidly and wrapped her small palm around his erection, feeling it pulsing in her hand with desire.

She moistened her lips, starting to feel a hunger she couldn't quench. "Now put it in your mouth and make me cum!" he commanded. Hannah's heart raced, her lips blossoming with arousal. She licked the dryness from inside her mouth and slowly but surely took his cock between her lips. "Mmm!" she moaned as her cunt beat furiously, tasting his smooth texture as she slid him deep into her mouth and greedily fondled him with her tongue. Calaway hissed and gripped the sides of her hair, "Uh, that's it baby.

all the way in, nice and deep!" He slowly began to thrust his hips as she took him deeper, building up a languid rhythm as she licked him all the way up and down his shaft and pumped the base of his cock with her hand.

"Ugh! Uhh! He groaned, gleeful pleasure etched upon his face. "Uhh! Yeah, suck that cock nice and hard!" She slid him quickly and firmly in and out of her mouth as her hand followed behind; gripping, twisting and providing extra friction and pressure.

His taste became stronger as he began leaking a copious amount of pre-cum, arousing her further as drops of it caressed her tongue and traveled down her throat. Oh he tasted so good! Ooh she was so wet! She wanted him so very badly! Unable to keep from squirming herself, she shifted on her knees and stepped up her attack on his prick.

Wetting him thoroughly, her tongue massaged his moisture down his length and she sucked him in long, hard strokes, giving him a better view of his juice-soaked cock bobbing in and out of her mouth. He ravenously licked his lips, "Uh fuck yeah!

Ooh that's what I want! Give the Master what he wants Hannah! Now!" He bent his knees and began to thrust faster between her lips. She whimpered, her pussy hot and wet as she tightened her oral grip and bowed her tongue, increasing in speed and force and digging her fingers into his jerking buttocks as he humped her furiously in the mouth.

He clutched her tousled hair between his fingers, driving into her as she sucked him to ecstasy. "Ugh! Uh! Uh! Uh! He grunted and roared as he felt the growing spasms leading him to release. He grabbed Hannah's face and lifted it so her dilated pupils met his burning gaze. "Ugghh! Uh! That's it, uh, suck your Master good and dry! Ugh! Her pussy rained with rampant lust as he burst into her mouth in a torrent of thrusts and cum. She swallowed as much of his salty seed as she could, his overflow leaking from her lips and dribbling down her chin.

He withdrew from her mouth, an evil smirk stretching his lips. "Well, well Hannah, you did good girl! Now it's time for your reward! What do you want Hannah? Tell the Master what you want!" She wanted him to fuck her so much it hurt! Her loins throbbed as she looked into his demanding face and wiped his seed from around her mouth, "I. I want you. to cum in my pussy!" she begged. Calaway liked what he heard; he looked over to Gretel who had been observing the show with glee, then back to Hannah, "Louder!" Her breasts heaved and her eyes glazed, "I.

want you to cum in my pussy!" "You're talkin like a little whore Hannah! Is that what you want? You want me to fuck you in the cunt like a whore?!" "Oh god, YES! I wanna be fucked! I wanna be your whore!

Please Master!" He laughed and sprinted down to her, capturing her delicate wrists in his strong grasp and pushing her onto the bed, "Get on your stomach, lift your hips and spread you legs!" The lust was pulsing unbearably in her blood now, and she obeyed. His cock was stiff and fully loaded again as he got on the bed and knelt behind her, shoving up her gown and ripping off her wet panties.

His eyes flitted to Gretel who lay seductively on the ottoman, stroking her fangs with her tongue, "You watch and enjoy it! he commanded, "Give the Master a nice view!" He then turned his attention back to Hannah, the purest was the one he wanted the most!

He spread her thighs even wider and grabbed her up, taking complete control. Her breath came out in short, wispy gasps as her silken buttocks pushed back against his cock, desperately begging for his fucking. Clamping his hands around her waist he moaned loudly as began to slide his cock into her crack with agonizing slowness. Her body initially resisted his masculine invasion before accepting and wantonly receiving it.

"Ahhh! Oooh!" She wailed with pleasure as he rubbed his cock up her crack over and over before slamming into her passage in one smooth motion.

"Ahh Yes!" She cried as his force shoved her forward, unable to believe the sensation of his thickness invading her tight pussy.

She pushed back towards him, wanting more, all of him! Heated with passion they were both pulled into a frenzied, steamy state of abandon. The flashes of lightening shone against his tattooed, statuesque figure and lit his fiery green orbs as he fucked her mercilessly with savage sensuality, and she willingly took him inch by inch, the ecstatic pleasure outweighing the painful intrusion. Hannah's cheek was pressed against the pillow and she could only squeak with unadulterated lust as he plowed into her, ramming his groin against her ass.

Calaway heaved and grunted, gnashing his fangs, soon ready to taste her sweet flesh. As he thrust he gazed over to Gretel, salivating as he watched her draped languidly, masturbating herself to his consummation of her sister.

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He laughed outrageously and returned his focus to his current lover, pummeling her without ease. His enormous cock felt glorious inside of her as he humped her ass, gliding into her pussy, the tip of his organ flicking her clit to the point of her losing control.

"Oh! O-ohhh! she moaned louder, starting to pump against him with a fury, desperate to feel his seed fill her and needing him to urgently release her. "Ugh! Uh!" he groaned breathlessly, "You startin' to cum whore?" "Ooh yes Master!" "Yeah fuckin' right you are!

Ugh! His pace quickened even further and she began to move her hips higher, taking him in longer and deeper strokes, her inner walls clamped down on him as he rammed into her hard, the magnificent sensation of his prick working into her butt and satisfying her sex overwhelming her.

As she convulsed again and again Calaway's own orgasm claimed him and triggered hers. Hannah screamed with a concoction of mild pain and immense pleasure as his body tightened behind hers and he buried himself deep.

"Ahhh! Oh-ahhh!" His hands were bruisingly tight around her hips as he pumped his creamy cum deep inside her. Tight rhythmic convulsions clenched within her cunt and a high pitched wail left Hannah's lips as they rocked and rolled with the storm; the thunder crashing as she cum repeatedly to his unrelenting thrusting.

Suddenly Calway grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to him. Her tits jiggled with his pelvic pounding and her neck arched over his shoulder, "Oh fuck Master! Bite me! Bite me!" she pleaded. He widened his jaw and as the last pitch of lightening from the storm struck against the window, Calaway feasted upon her flesh and claimed her sweet, virgin blood.

********** The night was drawing to an end but dawn had not yet broken as Hannah and Gretel's father searched through the forest. His guilt over abandoning his daughters had escalated beyond his wife's reasoning and once the storm had settled, had made his way out into the wood by lamplight. The rain had washed away the path of pebbles left by Hannah and it gleamed easily enough for him to trace it so far and then make his own trail to search for their whereabouts.

However following him step for step was his wife, incensed with fury, "Why you old imbecile! Why do you not listen to your wife? We are better off without them!

By now your search is fruitless, they will be dead of cold and hunger and we shall soon be following suit if we continue!" "I cannot leave my daughters alone if the woods any longer! Even if their souls have taken flight I shall not allow their bodies to fester!" Then just as that moment. "Father! Father! Oh help us father!" "Hannah? Gretel?" he shone his lamp into the distance as their faint, hollow voices called out to him.

"We're over here father!" "My daughters! They are alive!" As he ran towards their cries, his wife could not believe they had managed to survive the storm and promptly chased after her husband to confront them. "Give me that you old fool!" she spat, pushing him to the ground and snatching the lantern for her. His eyesight was poor in the dimness and could barely see his wife's figure as she scurried on ahead of him. "I'll teach them!" She scowled to herself, "Think they are coming back home?

Ha! I shall soon see to that!" The clouds were rolling overhead, it was not far from dawn but yet the forest was still steeped into thick darkness as the flickering lantern lit the trees and cast shadows on the fallen leaves.

The stepmother grew somewhat weary of the dank mist that was suddenly encompassing her and her pulse gained speed with each uncertain step she took. "Fie! There is nothing to fear in this wood!" she reprimanded to herself, "Damn you insolent trolls! Come out this instant?!" "Are you scared?!" Their ghostly voices chimed, seemingly echoing around the woodland. Her features tinged with paleness, "Curse you haggard witches, playing tricks with me! Damn you pair! Where are you?" "We're here!" Their stepmother practically jumped out of her skin and spun around, waving the lantern in front of her!

"Well hello again mother!" Gretel smirked. "Why, we couldn't be happier to see you!" Hannah riled. The stepmother looked upon them with widened eyes and unaccountable apprehension. Both sisters couldn't have looked anymore ravishing than they did at that moment.

To look into their eyes was to star gaze, their orbs twinkling like unearthly constellations. Their skin was almost transparent, their beauty almost visible from the inside. And their whole demeanor seemed at once unkempt and wild yet peaceful and fulfilled. They appeared not of this world. "W-why you pair! What have you been up to?

Where have you been? You should be dead! No longer to bother your father and I!" Hannah and Gretel both grinned at each other, "Oh we won't be bothering you anymore mother!" said the younger sister. "That's right," continued Hannah, "Just like you won't be bothering the land of the living!" And with that, a deafening, blood-curdling scream filled the forest! Hannah and Gretel's father jumped with fright at the stricken cry, "Oh no!

My daughters! My wife!" He'd lost his way somewhat without the lamp but continued to scramble through the branches. On his shoulder he carried his tools for woodcutting and for safety, took out his axe as a weapon.

As he ran toward the sound of the gory scream the light from the lantern could soon be seen glowing just ahead of him. He scampered toward it, realizing it lay on the floor. "By good lord what has happened? Why does this lamp lie here?" And as he picked it up and shone it across the muddy grass it suddenly captured the body of his wife!

Laying stone dead, her open eyes aghast with fright and her throat cut wide open! "No!" her husband dropped to her side, "My poor wife! What beast could have done this?" "Father! Oh father! Thank goodness you're here!" cried Hannah and Gretel as they suddenly appeared from the darkness, their hands stained with blood.

"Oh father it was terrifying! A vampire did this to mother! He killed her outright and now he comes after us! He shall drink our blood if you don't kill him first! Oh please father!" Their father was relieved to see his daughters alive but his eyes etched with bewilderment, "Why girls, you are feverish due to the storm and petrified due to the darkness.

A wild beast will have surely killed you're poor step-mother, vampires are only myth my dear children. there are no such thing." "You wanna say that to my face?!" Their father gasped as from behind him, Calaway stood tall and foreboding amongst the trees.

Eyes blazing with evil intentions, fangs eager to carry them out! Hannah and Gretel screamed and both pushed their father towards the Master Vampire, "Oh no!

It is him, he comes for us! Save us father!" Their father trembled with unadulterated shock and fear, and with shaking hands lifted his axe and took a swing at the vampire. "Hahaha!" Calaway derided as he effortlessly knocked the weapon clean from his hands to the ground. "I have no time for this old man, you know daylight and all?! So prepare your soul for the Lord because I'm going to send you to him!" However just as Calaway lunged for his throat, the father quickly pulled two stakes of wood from his bag and formed them into a cross.

thrusting it into Calaway's face! "Arrrrggghhh!" Calaway hissed and shielded his eyes, "Nooooo!" Hannah and Gretel gaped open mouthed and stared upon each other with disbelief! No, this could not be! "There you demon! You shall not take my daughters and you shall no longer haunt these woods!" Calaway scurried backward, "Arghhh!" The sign of the cross burning his eyes. And just as the father cornered him against a tall oak tree, he took the sharpest stake of wood and with all his strength was just about to drive it through Calaway's heart, when suddenly.

'SLIIICCE!' Hannah and Gretel cut off their father's head with his very own axe. Calaway took his hands from his eyes and watched with surprised glee as the severed head plopped to the mud and his body dropped beside it.

"Well, well girls, I'm impressed! You don't know how proud you've made your Master!" Both young women laughed, their smiles filled with sin as they ran up to Calaway and and wrapped their limbs around his body, nuzzling at his lips and neck and stroking his hair and face. for they were freed from their drudgery. they were his girls. they belonged to their Master! Calaway raised his eyes to the sky; night was almost fading and light would soon sure come.

"Now, now my sweet ladies. we'll have plenty of time for more fun tonight! The sun is gonna rise and we need to sleep.

are you comin' to bed with your Master?" "Oh yes!" Hannah purred, nibbling his ear. "Mmm. what ever you command!" Gretel affirmed, pecking his cheek. Calaway smirked with rapturous satisfaction, "Heheh. yes! Come now my sweet ladies. My beautiful Creatures of the Night!" And as he enveloped them into his arms a flash of light burst forth from their bodies.

leaving three fluttering black bats flying back towards the mansion, and they all lived. happily ever after. The End.