Bound and blindfolded Natsumi has her body fondled

Bound and blindfolded Natsumi has her body fondled
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He sees you from afar and says hello. You smile and of course say your flattered but with your mom. You Notice he takes note of your uninterest, but seems to follow and watch you gamble. You catch his eyes undressing you. The lust for your body in them each time your eyes meet.

You relax a little and start to pull you your skirt a bit to help his eyes wander more. You notice he has great green eyes, the look even better with his dark brown hair and scruffy face under his hat and boots.

You stand up and head towards the bathroom walking past him while swaying your hips side to side making sure he is watching as you drop a slip of paper next to him. You glance over your shoulder and see him straighten up from picking it up. Watching as he reads your message to meet him in room 213 in an hour, knock three times and enter only when you respond. He smiles a bright smile and tips his hat casually while attempting to gamble.

As you walk out of the restroom you see him watching your every sway of your hips. You gently brush by him letting making sure he notices your perfume. You make your way back to your seat and casually play a few slot machines. You make sure he notices every time you move to bend slightly to make his heart race. You watch him more actively now. Watch as he almost shamefully stares at you.

You tease him by pulling on your shirt to expose more of your breast to the point your bra is almost fully exposed to all. His eyes fixated you make a motion when his eyes meet yours.

With a coy smile you draw his attention to your skirt as you slowly push it up your leg. Exposing everything up to your hip you cautiously uncross your legs. Your thong clearly visible to the room and watch him from the corner of your eye as he is unable to stop watching.

You draw your hand up your leg cautiously to not gather unwanted attention and slide your underwear aside exposing your clearly wet lips. He bites at his lip as you start to play, first a few rubs up and down getting your fingers wet and you play casually with your exposed pussy. You notice others are enjoying your show and pretend to play a few more times on the slot machine.

You notice it's almost been half an hour and tell your mother that your tired and are going to go upstairs after you run to the restroom quick. As you get up you make no attempt to pull down your skirt as it barely sinks down to cover just below hips.

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Swaying shamelessly down the rows of slot machines, every guy in sight clearly eyeing your perfect body. You walk past him, wink, and make your way to the elevator. Your eyes locked with his as the door closes as you wink at him. Upstairs you gather yourself, your heart racing with excitement as you remove your bra and put on a button up shirt, making sure to button only a few in the middle. You hike your skirt up and under it so it sits high, almost exposing everything.

You get your hair done up straight quick and put some eyeliner and mascara. You retire onto the bed and prop up against the head board after moving it from the wall.

"No need to wake the whole floor." you think to yourself. He checks his watch, the clock, his watch and back to the clock as the time passes slowly. He thinks about how you were able to rub your pussy and expose how wet you were without even the slightest notice from anyone. At least that he remember seeing. He thinks about how hard he was getting and tries to desperately pass the time quicker. It finally arrives; he almost dashes to the elevator and presses the button franticly hoping it will close faster.

He finally arrives at the room. He knocks three times, and listens intently. He hears soft moans and wonders if you heard him, did you already start, is he too late? But he hears you say "it's open". He walks in to you lying against the head board, the soft glow from the TV. It's a young big breasted woman being with someone passionately eating her pussy. Your fingers are wandering all over your body, only up your shirt clearly rubbing your supple breast, the other under what little your skirt covers.

He looks at you and asks "Am I to watch? Or should I help?" You smile and look at him, "eat." Is all you say as you open your legs. He tosses his hat up by you and lies down in front, his arm wraps up and up one thigh. The other brushes your skirt over. He doesn't miss a beat; licking from the bottom to the top of you already wet and ready pussy. His tongue dives inside, tasting the sweetness of your cum he moans slightly in pleasure as he moves up and down inside you.

His tongue only retreats to lick your swollen clit from side to side. Your eyes close and your head slumps back as you moan in approval. His takes his time and you reward him with soft moans. Your cum pleasing his tongue as he cleans every last bit. You decide to reward him for his obedience, and your desire to see what was making his jeans so tight earlier.

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"Stand up for me." You say with a grin as your open your eyes looking down at him. He looks back up at you and stands up with a smile looking at you as your swap over to your hands and knees and crawl across the bed to him.

Down onto the floor in front of you, his eyes and yours fixated together. You crawl up his legs and undo his buckle. You unzip him and fascine the button. Reaching inside you feel his girth. It's what you were hoping was holding his jeans so tight. You pull his erect cock free and look up past it to his face. You are quick to smile as your stroke him slowly and then place your mouth on the head. He leans his head back and moans loudly.

You take his sign of submission to your mouth and take what you can of him. Quickly down and then slowly back, over and over again. As his cock becomes covered in your spit he moans louder. You stop only to tell him to remove his shirt.

As his unbutton and then removes it you pull down his pants further. As he finishes removing his shirt you help him from his boots, his pants, his underwear and then request he put step back into his boots. He does with your help and you reward him with more pleasure as you deep throat his now fully erect cock. He leans back his face full of pleasure. You look up as you let his cock come free. Now dripping wet you look up and him.

"Take me, take me and don't leave me until I am tired and wet." He just look down at you and with smirk he replies, "yes, ma'am." He pulls you up and pushes you on the bed, your hands and knees barely able to get you into doggie as he positions himself behind you on the bed. His thick cock stretches you tightly. It's bigger than it felt in your mouth. You grunt as he pushes it to his hips. Your head leans back in response and you can't help but moan loudly.

He begins with little mercy, faster, harder and doesn't appear to let up for some time. You climax quickly, and multiple times as his cock filling you completely. His hips press against your round ass each time he pushes himself inside you. Once he settles down you lift you head up and see his hat. You reach for it and turn at the waist as you hand it to him. "Put this back on cowboy, and only take it off when I buck." He takes it from you and puts it on, your head still turned you push back on him hard and then draw forward, then push back hard against him.

He smiles and takes the hat and pushes it in the air as he pushes back at you hard. The sound of your body and his make a distinctive clapping noise each time he thrusts into you. Harder, faster, and keeping well pace, for what seems to be lasting forever, in sexual bliss. Your eyes close as you cum again on his cock. You both moaning louder than before, muffling the still playing girls on the TV who are now engage in sex with strap ons.

You both jump as you hear the door pushed in and four attractive men enter. In another situation you would welcome there lustful gaze, but with your cowboy friends cock deep inside you, your only wonder is about why the door wasn't locked. They don't say much as they quickly barge in. The last locking the door behind him as they are quick to enter the bedroom. Your cowboy is quickly pulled, his cock drips from your cum as it leaves. They tie him to the chair and gag him as he attempts to say he is sorry to you.

Your eyes locked into his green now worried eyes. They are quick to surround the bed, you r skirt up and coving only your waist, your breast exposed from the shirt still barely buttoned clings to your sweat covered sides. They smile as one reaches towards you; the other grabs your hand you pull from him as you look to see which has grabbed you. The other gets ahold of your other wrist. They are quick to bind your hands at the wrist, quicker to subdue your kicking legs and force you over.

You try to let a scream but they muffle your attempts with their hands and then with rope. You find yourself exposed, bound, and gagged unable to resist. Your head turned able to see two of them. You find yourself slightly attracted to their muscular figures as they strip their shirts. Pulling their cock from their pants, your eyes open wide in shock. They are still dangling down and bigger than your cowboy friend. They see your eyes and make comments about seeing cocks this big, you over hear one mention hearing you down the hall and maybe now the front desk will hear as well.

The waste little time, your face push down into the bed and ass now high in the air. Your wrists tightly bound you turn your head to see your friend in the chair, bound and watching unable to help. They you feel the first guy get onto the bed behind your glance as his hand grabs your hip.

You see a glimpse of his now erect cock before he presses against your still wet lips. It stretches, more so than before and almost to the point of pain but not.

He is quick to fill you completely as well. Like before, only this time it goes deeper. Your body ready from sex, but not for him. For the now watching in shock as they take turns.

Each of them going for what feels like forever, you force your eyes close. Once they finish taking turns the first time something happens, something changes.

You start to build to climax as he enters you again. Forcefully and to his stomach, the stomach you found yourself strangely admiring when he first removed his shirt.

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You open your eyes to one of them stroking his impressively sized cock as he looks down on you. He sees your eyes close, but full of passion now. Your muffled moans are heard by all, when you open you look briefly to your orginal, intended partner.

His cock is hard again; he is enjoying it now too. You look back to the good looking man looking back at you. Your eyes meeting he asks "Should we remove your gag? Are you going to be a good little girl now?" You find your head nodding in agreement, shocked by your own actions.

He removes the bondage from your mouth, but is quick to fill your mouth to the back of your throat with his cock.

You find your eyes closing in pleasure as he fills your mouth over and over again. Your nose doesn't feel a thing, it's so long, so thick. You open your eyes as he pushes deeper now gagging your slightly as you moan when he pulls back. You find yourself cumming on one of their cocks. Your pussy tightens hard and he lets out a moan and slaps your ass. They all laugh and talk about how hot of a little slut you were down stairs. How hot it was listening to the two of you earlier. They start to take turns now on both sides.

Your mouth busy, your pussy filled to the brim. The more you moan the give it to you harder. Doing their best to make it hurt just enough to hear a slight whimper inside your frantic moans.

They take notice and one demands to know "If we untie you are you going to take it like a good girl from now on?" Slapping your ass as he waits for his friend to remove his cock so you can attempt to answer. Your able to get out a muffled yes master that is interrupted quickly from his cock being forcefully inserted back in.

Straight back to the gagging point again. Your sweating you notice when they stop, cheeks still stinging slightly from their spankings. They untie your quickly after flipping you forcefully put softly to your back.

You thank them, you actually hear the words "Thank you, masters" as they do so. Now from your back you are quickly greeted to one now demanding you stroke him, another putting his cock only into your mouth, able to breathe easy as the third starts to fuck you.

With your co-operation they go slower, but faster enough to make you close your eyes and moan pleasurably. The fourth stroking his large cock near your cowboy you look down at him. You notice your friend is watching, hard as he was earlier.

He looks hot tied up you think. His boots still on, hat next to him. The fourth man, his body towards you, slightly defined muscles covering him.

He notices you looking at your friend; he turns slightly towards him and puts his cock next to his face. "You like this little slut? You like your little friend here? Watch this." He ungags him, and puts his cock in front of his face.

"Suck." He tells him. "Suck my big fucking cock and if you play nicely maybe you'll get to fuck this slut with us." He looks to you, you nod slightly.

His mouth quivers slightly as it is invaded cock. You watch as he attempts to suck cock for you. Your eyes roll back, you moan, exciting the man fucking you.

He starts to ram his cock into you. It hurts, you try to move but are quickly restrained and unable to ask him to stop as your gagged with cock. It hurts, but it also feels good. They rip your shirt clean off, then your skirt. Now naked and unable to resist these four men taking turns making you moan in pleasure with a little of pain. You look back to your friend. He is trying hard you think to yourself, he almost seems to enjoy it. You watch as he closes his eyes and starts to move his head back and forth taking his cock while the good looking dominate man admires his new cock sucker.

Your head is quickly moved back to accommodate the girthy cock in your mouth, you look up at him over his flat stomach and over his well-built body to see him looking down at you. He tells you in a stern voice "That's not for you, your cock is your mouth.

Now suck little cock slut." He slaps you hard enough to make a noise but not hard enough to hurt, much. You obey him and look up at him as you slide you mouth deeply over him and then back away from it.

Making sure to be extra loud to please him while you start enjoying the forceful nature of your captors. The third man unhappy with his lack of play lays on the bed, you try to look but are quickly corrected again. You are unable to resist as you feel them lift you up and he slide you onto him.

You feel his hands over your hips and then across your swollen wet lips unable to resist as you feel the head of his thick cock push against what little space is left from the other cock still deep inside you.

You try to say no but only manage a weak resistful sound as he forces himself inside you. Squirming they all make a laugh and make comments about how they are going to stretch your pussy out like a slut. Flooded with the new sensation of cocks stretching you, another filling your mouth you close your eyes and try to go back to enjoying it.

What choice do you have? The only person that knows anything is still tied to a chair forced to appease these new masters. Your eyes shoot open as you feel one of there hands come crashing against you ass cheek. You let out a slight sound of resistance but are again met with more cock pushing deep into your mouth.

Again he spanks you, again you make a slight sound unable to tell them it hurts. If only they'd go slower you think to yourself as you again feel him slap your now stinging ass. You feel the one under you grab a handful of exposed breast strong and ruff he plays with your engorged nipples and rubs your breast. You feel a rush as you start to cum from it all. They feel your body tense around their cocks and the one slaps your now red ass and holds in hard as he starts to thrust forcefully.

It hurts as it stretches you more, but from your fresh cum it doesn't hurt as badly as before. You moan thru the swallowing of spit now starting to cover your chin. They take notice of your enjoyment, thru the extasy flowing thru you from this new sexual conquest you hear them make mention of how round your ass is.

The muscular body beneath you moves and you feel him let go of your swollen supple breast and grabs each side of your hips.

You pulls, stretching you ass open to the air. You feel the sudden sensation of what must be a tongue start to work it's way towards your exposed hole. It's warm, soft and wet. The sensation from being stretched, spanked and slapped makes it welcomed. Your moan of approval only makes them more forceful in their thrusting and the tongue pushes inside you. Your eyes looking up at this man who is making you suck his cock, you see him looking down at you lustfully.

"Thanks right slut, you look at me." He says firmly as he slaps you again. "Look at me while I gag you." Pushing himself deeper into your mouth that before you gag slightly and close your eyes in objection.

You feel him slap you again. "No bitch, open them." You open your eyes again, slightly teary from the sensation of his cock filling you. "That's right; watch me fuck your mouth. Watch me make you a slut." You lock eyes with him as he continues his attempts to fit himself all the way.

Unable to each time, but little by little he pushes in deep and then recedes only long enough for you catch your breathe. You take the chance and look. Your cowboy is now fixated on watching as you see he is free to watch from his chair. The slap is painfully this time as you are reminded of your task at hand.

Your head quickly snaps back to looking forward, your eyes back up at his. "Your being a bad little slut now and bad little sluts get what's coming to them." Your mind races as to what more they could do, what more could be punishment than being forced to take so much cock in your mouth.

Two cocks stretching you swollen, now aching pussy. You rock your hips back and forth now unable to find a reason to resist the pleasure of their two large cocks. That's when you feel the tongue stop, the tongue that had been stopping the spanking. You feel a hand spank you again. Harder, and then harder again. You start to yearn for his tongue as you let a slight whimper of apology thru your gagged mouth.

You feel the bed move slightly as you feel yourself become straddled from above. You tell yourself "No, please no more." But you know that it would fall on deaf ears. You feel the last cock press against your now wet ass.


It's big is all you think, it's to big as he pushes the head of his thick cock in slightly. You try to tense up. You feel him stop as you and then you feel a hand again disciplining you.

Your body stops resisting as you fight it in your head. Unable to resist you feel him start to enter. Feel him and the others now stretching you further. He is slow and steady as he enters. You feel the man under you stop but the only behind just seems to go forever.

Your eyes close as the last bit of you becomes filled now. They make applauses to each other about how far they've taken you. How far they have violated you sexually. Your face again feels the slightly firm hand slap against you. Your eyes stay close as you adjust your body to let them fuck you.

Once again you feel him slap you, still not hard though, but enough to bring you back to remember to open them. Looking down at you he smiles and pulls his cock free of your mouth finally. Bringing his face down close he holds your chin firmly as he says "You like this don't you? I can see it in your eyes your enjoying this, huh?

You always wanted this but never tried to go thru with it." Your head goes up and down and mouth opens slightly. The musk of sweat fills your mouth, as you taste the air. You hear yourself tell him, "Yes, yes master I have, please don't stop." Oh we won'tyou're not done until we let you leave.

He stands back up and places his cock in front of you. Your mouth lustfully opens as your start to suck him. He doesn't even thrust forward as you find yourself sucking this cock, this cock that fills your mouth around completely, with a lustfulness that could only come from the want of it. They are almost rhythmic with their motions, one is in you completely you feel his hips, the other away, then switching. From your pussy, to your ass you feel the almost painful stretch of them inside you.

But you are unable to resist what happens quickly. You feel your body again tense around them as you cum again. They feel your warm body accept their violation of you and thrust harder still. The sensation fails to subside as they carry your orgasm to the next. Hands again touching you all at once, your breast, your hips, your back and now the back of your head. You watch as the man fucking your mouth almost passionately holds your head agreeing with how you are swallowing his swollen cock.

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As you look up at him he glances to the cowboy sitting there. His cock swollen from the excitement of the orgy now unfolding in front of him. He stops and looks down at you. "I think you need one more little slut girl, don't you?" He pulls himself from you and steps from the bed. You find yourself unwilling to look at what could possibly happen. As if you are trained to be a slut now. You feel the bed move again as he steps back up and to his rightful place in front of you.

Your mouth open with acceptance he enters you again. Feverously as if time was lost you suck him. That's when it happens, you feel the bed rock again as the cowboy steps onto it. You feel his legs you had admired earlier straddle you as well. Then you feel a cool and wet sensation as something is pressed across your ass. The man violating your ass pulls back to the tip of his quite girthy cock.

You feel the cowboy now pressing against you as well. His cock slides in with what feels too easy and then presses deep. You moan and close your eyes.

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There is no slap so you keep them close and moan more as they both begin to work in and out. You feel the sensation again as your body tenses, hands grabbing everywhere.

You cum, harder than you feel you've ever done before as the world spins and you fall into what must be pure ecstasy. They keep going as you feel drunk from this sensation. Your orgasms continue to build on each other, unable to resist each time it happens as one, turns to two and then three. You hear there shallow breathe and grunts.

They cheer each other on as the guy behinds you begins to slap harder against you. He is going to cum, you feel him get tense as you slides free of your pussy. You feel him step alongside you and your head is turned to him. You open your eyes now drunk with lust as he strokes his cock in front you. Releasing his cum over your face you feel the warm sensation from each pulse of his cum. Your watch him step from the bed as your mouth is again violated. You taste his cum while the man in front thrusts in and out more.

You feel the other stranger on top that stretched you so far tense as well. You feel his cock pulse inside you as he cums deep inside you. He thrusts deep and frees his cock of you once it has gone softer. The cowboy continues to fuck you as another orgasm builds deep in you.

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You feel the man under you tense as he grabs your breast harder now and then wraps his arm around your waist pulling you down and his cock deep. His seed explodes inside you, your body quakes from it as you feel the cowboy tense as well. No, no please not inside me you think, but unable to express your thoughts they cum and leave you on the bed with the last man.

He looks down at your cum covered face and smiles as you feel him tense. Your body quakes from slightly from being release from their sexual conquest of you. He pulls free and forces you to take his cum. Your face now drips from their seed.


Your pussy and ass stretched from this you quickly fall to the bed as he releases you. You never heard them get dressed, never heard them shower or leave. But you awake hours later to someone moving your hands. You feel drunk still from the sexual ecstasy that you were left with as your hands are bound at the wrist again.

You feel your ankles tied to separate legs of the bed. You find yourself lying face down, legs spread apart and propped up as if to be violated again.

The next sound you make out is the distinct sound of the bed squeaking as someone presses against the foot of it. You feel the warm, soft sensation of a tongue now. It massages your aching pussy. Making all the stretching and tearing from before seem to just subside completely. You moan in acceptance of this pleasurable experience. You open your eyes and see in the reflection of the bed side mirror a woman in lingerie laying behind you eating you.

You stare as her mouth moves up and down cleaning you. Pampering you from top to bottom, making you feel that sensation build again. You watch as her near perfect body supports her every move. Her exposed legs, her big round covered breasts, he long golden hair.