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Gay sex big penis free movietures and best hairy legs gallery xxx I
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Chapter 1 The Three Musketeers Paul: My name is Paul O'Donnell. I'm a tall, blue-eyed, brown haired, athletic guy. My father is a surgeon and my mother works at the child welfare agency. I also have a brother who is eleven years older than me. He is a physician and lives in Jacksonville with his wife and three children. I graduated in engineering from the University of Miami. I dated a lot of girls at the U of M, even had a few long-term relationships, but I never found the "right" woman.

I was never really a wild party person, but I wasn't too reserved either. I have a habit, which you might think is kind of funny. Ever since childhood, I've loved drinking milk. I drink between a quart and a quart and a half every day at breakfast and at dinner. I was afraid my college friends would discover that I preferred milk to beer. Also, I prefer sparkling mineral water to soft drinks with sugar: which I do not like at all.

Still, when I was with friends at college I drank beer, wine, coke, and whiskey, but I would have preferred milk. Especially, low fat milk because it's sweeter than regular milk. After graduation I got a job at a small logistic center near Orlando. I worked with instruments, machines and every kind of technical gadget except for IT parts. My boss retired three years later and the just appointed boss of the center, John Dallas thought I was the best man to manage all of the technical organizations at the logistics center.

I got a promotion with a big increase in salary. I became one of the boss's right hands. The other was the IT and Security leader Pablo Pique, who never let us forget he was Catalan and not Spanish.


Our boss John Dallas who was responsible for the financial, logistic part of the center and we both were together the "Three Musketeers". We worked hard to see that the logistics center was well managed. I wanted to save money for the future so I rented a small apartment that was only a 10-minute walk from the logistics center. I think I was the only employee who went to work on foot. A year after my promotion I met Carol Sweeny, a 5'6", 20 year old curvaceous young blond, with steel gray eyes and size C breasts.

She worked in a shop in a mall. Carol was sexy and being with her excited me.

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I fell in love with her. She became my girlfriend. Carol was very experienced sexually and sex with her was great. What's more, she loved to cook and she was an excellent cook. As the saying goes, "The way to a mans heart is through his stomach or through his dick." She had both bases covered so I lost myself between her pussy and her cooking pot. Her sister Sara was six years older and she was married to a good man, a truck driver. They had three adorable children. I liked Sara's family and I played a lot with the kids.

Sometimes my girlfriend cooked for everybody, and gave her sister a chance to spend more time with her children. Carol's parents were friendly people and they liked me from the start. Carol moved into my apartment. After work we had long sex sessions before and or after feasting on her super cooking. She also cooked for my parents who really liked her. My days usually started with a sex feast. I'd wake up to Carol's lips wrapped around my cock or her riding me cowgirl style or with my face covered by her pussy.

When I was the first one awake, I would munch or nibble her awake.

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A quick breakfast, a shower and the walk to work would follow this. Carol worked shifts in a shop in the Mall. When she worked the morning shift, my morning sex feast was canceled, but on those days I got evening sex fireworks. When she worked in the evening I went to my old High School friends, who lived near Orlando to play Poker. I lost a lot of money playing Poker. One day I was at an Xmas event at our logistic center and I complained to Pablo and John Dallas about my losing so much money playing Poker.

John, who came from Cleveland, Ohio and whose mother was Hungarian, told me there was an interesting card game which could be played with money only, because this game was totally boring without money, but three practiced players would only lose or win about 20 25 bucks after three or four hours of playing, as the smallest stake was ten cents.

Both Pablo and I found it interesting. Pablo told us he quit playing Poker some years before, because he lost lot of money. John invited us to his house when my girlfriend worked in the Mall on the weekends. Pablo could take his wife. John had a three-year old son and a twelve- month old daughter.

Later I learned that he also had a son in Cleveland by his first wife. Pablo: I am Pablo Pique and I was born in a family, which originally came from Catalonia. My family mixed with the Catalan Nationalist Diaspora in the USA, so I got a strong Catalan background. I am a twenty-seven year old dark haired and brown-eyed man of average height, and I want to be a totally US citizen by cutting my family background.

Why? I graduated from Columbia NYC in IT and I lived in my apartment in Newark, because I got job at a great logistic company. My parents lived close to me and I visited them often and they were members of the Catalonian nationalist association. I attended many Catalan national events. I met a nice girl of Catalan origin at such an event.

We were in love soon, or at least that time I thought we were. I did not know her past well, but I had total trust in her. Half a year later I asked Catalina to marry me and she said yes. Catalina and I were living together in my apartment, while the Catalina's family and my parents started to plan the wedding, as a Catalonian event. My young sister, Antonia, was a little skeptical about Catalina, because she knew more about her. Antonia was fantastic later and I was very grateful to her.

Her name is Antonia Swenson now, and she has two children. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Rob, and I visit them in summertime only.

Before I go on telling my story I have to mention that one of my friends was a doctor, an andrologist in Newark, and his work included checking sperm motility for example.


At the time we had less than a week before the wedding when I got a strong cold and my nose was running, so I had to use Kleenex. We had not had any sex for three days and Catalina wanted a little sex with me when I arrived home from work.

We were in bed and I felt too much moisture in her pussy, so I cleaned my hands with Kleenex and I told Catalina I had to go out for a moment. I went to the kitchen and I put my Kleenex in an empty bottle and put in the freezer. Next day I called my boss and told him I had a family emergency so I would be late.

He knew about my wedding and he gave permission. So I took the bottle to my above mentioned doctor friend. Like I suspected, he found living sperm in the Kleenex. I asked him whether there might be living sperm in the vagina three days after having sex. My friend told me it was not possible, and he understood everything. He was also invited as a guest to my wedding and he was almost as mad as I was at Catalina. I called my sister and she had an excellent idea.

She told me to tell Catalina I would want to save more sperm for the honeymoon so I would be a hermit until the wedding. Catalina did not suspect anything. It was incredible how Antonia smuggled me out of the church right before wedding ceremony, put me into a motel and she went back to play her Oscar Awarding Role among the guests.

It was a colossal scandal, Catalina, the guests and the relatives waited for me for more than two hours. My car was at the motel and my sister gave me the job advertisement of a logistic company in the Southeast. The headquarters were in Atlanta. I wrote an application and sent my resume to them, and got an appointment for the following week.

I went there by car and immediately got the job in Orlando. I called my boss to tell him I was leaving the company. I gave my new address to my sister. She told me I was the most hated person in that Catalan community, but I was happy to have avoided a cheating bitch.

Two months later I called Catalina and I told the cursing slut that the sperm cells couldn't live outside freezer for three days and her pussy works body warmth. She cursed, but I closed the line. Antonia got a job opportunity in Minneapolis and she, like me, left the Catalan community. She found a good Midwestern guy. My parents did not want to meet me, but Antonia told them everything, when they were in Minneapolis to visit their first grandchild, my nephew.

My parents and I made peace, but I did not go near NYC. My parents told me Catalina became a divorcee now. I do not like cheaters and I prefer 1.5% milk to beer from my childhood. John: I am John Dallas and I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. My father was a high school principal and my mother was a schoolteacher of Hungarian origin. I was similar to Paul Newman, because his mom was Hungarian too, and he was also born in Cleveland.

I had far relatives in Budapest, in Hungary. So I know where Hungary is, unlike Kelly Pickler in the „Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader". I have an older brother, who lives in Cleveland with his family.

During my high school years my Hungarian relatives taught me an interesting card game called „Robber Ulti". It is played with a special deck of cards, which consists of 32 cards in 4 „colors", as hearts, bells, acorn, and leaves. Everybody played Poker in High School but I preferred Robber Ulti. Some class buddies asked me, why I preferred that unknown card game to Poker.

I told them that Poker was like a war, because you must jeopardize much for the victory. Everyday life, however, is similar to Robber Ulti, in witch sometimes you must do just a little bluff in the bid, or sometimes you must bet not much, but just a little, and sometimes you must optimize your loss.

But most importantly, this card game is life-like because you may win even with the worst cards as well. Robber Ulti evolved to a three players' card game in Hungary from the French origin "Marias" through Bohemia.

A bid section or auction is at the beginning and an execution part is at the end of the game. In the execution part the players have 10-10-10 cards only and a player struggles against two ally players during ten-card round. The solitary player has to accomplish what the solitary player declared in the bid section or auction, and the players can rob (hence the name "Robber") the remaining two cards (the talon) from each other for higher value contract in the auction.

He who declared the last highest contract, he will be alone to two ally player, but he knows twelve cards, his ten cards in his hands and the two additional cards (talon) on the table. After High School I joined the army, but before that I lost my virginity with a High School sweetheart. I was in the former Yugoslavia where I was in the NATO peace action in Kosovo and then I went to logistics training and I became a logistics expert in the common NATO Afghanistan action.

It was very interesting when I worked together with an Icelandic logistic expert who was an airport logistic and his homeland sent him to the common NATO action. As NATO ally Iceland lacked sufficient armed forces, this man joined the common action.

He offered me a can of rotten shark and we laughed much about my adventure with one of the most horrid foods in the world. When I became a logistic expert in the army I did not have to hide that I liked low fat milk more than beer, and I got extra milk for myself. I came home a year later and I went to college to learn business administration and logistics. After many unsuccessful dates, I finally met a brown haired, green-eyed girl from Cleveland, who became my wife.

We went back to Cleveland and I got a job at a logistic company. My wife became pregnant and after the birth of our son she became a homemaker in our apartment.

One day I came home accidentally for something and I found my wife with a stranger in our bed. I went back to my job and I asked for some free days for a family emergency, and next day I got an appointment with a divorce lawyer. I came home late and I told my cheating wife I had had to work overtime and I was tired. The following day I went to the lawyer.

He told me there was no fault divorce in Ohio and my soon to be ex-wife would get the children custody after the divorce. He recommended DNA test, because I would not have to pay children support for a bastard, if the child was below four years old. Later during the divorce proceedings the DNA test was positive and I learned little William was mine. We had no house or any other valuable property so only our savings were to be divided.

I divided all our bank accounts and our savings into two parts. I went home and confronted my wife. She was in tears and vowed to everything that the stranger I had seen was the only one and she would be faithful in the future. I told her that many of my colleagues in the army had got the same vows from their cheating wives, but they had found strangers in their wives' bed again some months later.

I told her a cheater is cheater every time and I did not like cheaters because I saw many family tragedies in the army caused by cheating from both parties, both from husbands and from wives. I moved to my parents. Though her lawyer managed to get the judge to order counseling, this was unsuccessful, so after a longer struggle we became divorced.

The child custody was hers, so I had to pay alimony for five years and child support. Then my ex-wife met her High School sweetheart, who was just divorced from a cheating wife. He had not any kids and they " re-boiled the old food" and got married, and that was how I got rid of having to pay alimony.

Some time later her second husband came to me in my apartment and told me he would like to adopt my son, because my son calls him Daddy and they will soon have a common daughter so I should not pay child support at all. I discussed it with him and I told him I would go to a lawyer before my decision.

I got advice from my lawyer and with the help of their lawyer I could give my parental right to the second husband of my ex-wife. With the two lawyers in the adoption contract we wrote the following: my ex-wife would send family photos every half year and I would get a half an hour report about my son on phone from my ex-wife at Christmas.

I would not disturb my son at all until his graduation from High School. However, if some special problems would emerge about my son, I could start a lawsuit in court for getting my parental rights back.

We signed the agreement and they did everything according to this agreement. I got family photos by e-mail quarterly and not only semi annually, I talked with my ex and her husband for more than half an hour about my son and their family at Christmas time. We were civilized; I did not tell the divorce reason to her second husband, I am not that vindictive. My son had a beautiful sister and they had a good family life.

I did not know whether my ex wife had reformed herself to be an ex-cheater only, or she was just hiding her real nature well. I thought I would never tell my son I was his biological father if they brought up my son well, because we had two new kids now.

When I told this to them, my ex-wife cried at the other side of the phone. That time I remarried with a divorced army logistic colleague. Her husband was a cheater in the army. I knew her ex; he was a pussy hound. They did not have any children, she forgave him once but she divorced him after the second discovered cheating. All my family was mad at me because I had given my parental right up to my ex-wife's second husband.

I think I decided well, because I was not with my son so he could not remember me. After many debates in my family I found a job advertisement of a logistic firm from Atlanta and got a job in Orlando in their logistic center.

My boss went to another brand new logistic center in Jacksonville a year later. I became the boss here after his leaving. My wife liked the sun state Florida and both of our common children were born here. Chapter 2 The Robber Ulti Paul: Pablo and I became very excited about John's invitation and when my girlfriend worked in the mall Saturdays or Sundays, we organized the Robber Ulti training.

John's wife Heather was a dyed blond haired, blue eyed and tall woman with D cup breasts. They had a three-year old son, and a two-year old daughter. Pablo took his new wife, Gina to John's house.

Gina came from an Italian origin family and she was of an average height, black haired, brown-eyed, young woman with C cup breasts, and she was very temperamental. We gathered at John's and the women were cooking and talking while we boys were learning the game.

(Card play rules: It is played with a special pack of cards, which consists of 32 cards in 4 „colors", as hearts, bells, acorn, and leaves. In Robber Ulti there are 2 rankings for the cards: in trump plays the ranks are 1. Ace 2. Ten 3. King 4. Over-knave 5. Under-knave 6. Nine 7. Eight 8. Seven and without trump plays are 1. Ace 2.

King 3. Over-knave 4. Under-knave 5. Ten 6. Nine 7. Eight 8. Seven. The trump plays are next: the least is the simple play with10 cents, forty hundred with 40 cents, ultimo with 40 cents, durchmarch with 60 cents, twenty hundred with 80 cents and in heart trump everything is twice more. John told us he liked to arrest the solitary player's ultimo the best with the ally player.

The ultimo is when the solitary player can win against the two ally players in the last (10th) round using his lowest rank trump card, which is the trump seven card. When the solitary player wins in all (10) rounds that play is called Durchmarch.

Durchmarch $1.20 are the open durchmarch and $2.40 are the open play in hearts trump. The open play is called, when all players show all their cards each other after the first round for the remained 9 rounds. The without trump plays are betli with 50 cents, twice betli is with $1 and the open betli with $2 and there are without trump durchmarch with 60 cents, twice without trump durchmarch with $1.20 and the open without trump durchmarch with $2.40.) In the Betli the solitary player begins and the two other ally players want to achieve that the solitary player is able to win 1 round of the 10 rounds at least because the solitary player will lose if the solitary player wins a round only once!

This is a fantastic play type, because you win the game, when you lose all rounds. (Card Play rules: In the trump plays there are combined type plays as the highest type play is the hearts trump twenty hundred and ultimo with open durchmarch, which is $4.80 cents. The first player gets 12 cards and other two players get 10 cards so first player starts the auction and he sets a money value, for example 40 cents (it may be forty hundred or ultimo in 3 colors except for hearts), and this player puts down 2 cards (talon) on the table with card back, so the first player alone knows the 2 cards (the talon).

If somebody has better card possibility that player can rob the 2 cards (the talon) to declare higher bid, for example 50 cents (betli) and from 12 cards this player must put down 2 cards (talon) on the table again. There is self-robbery as well, when the player declares 40 cents and this player wants to get better cards from the other players.

Now this player wants an open play, but if nobody picks up the 2 cards (the talon), it is one of possibilities for BLUFF. The first part of the game is the auction with 2 cards (talon) robbery (similar to the Poker) and the second part is the execution of the commitment of the bid winner, who is alone against the two ally players.

The lonely player has a little advantage to the two allies players, he knows twelve cards: his ten in his hands and the two cards (the talon) on the table. There are contra and re-contra and a many other interesting things in Robber Ulti.) John explained the rules to us and Pablo and I wrote everything in our booklets.

John told us he would give us back every lost cent until both of us would reach the level of losing not more than $50 a day only. On the fifth game occasions Pablo lost $17 I lost $27.

John gave back our lost money, as he did on four occasions earlier, but he told us that at the next Saturday or Sunday game day everything would be live. On the next occasion we started the live game and John did not give back our lost money, which was $11 for Pablo and $12 for me.

We played Robber Ulti card game monthly at John's. Pablo and I liked to play betli the best and both of us kept saying, "What is a game that you win in loss!" John told us that in Afghanistan he had worked together with two Hungarian NATO logistic soldiers and once he had asked them, if they wanted to play Robber Ulti? The two allied soldiers almost fell out of their seats in surprise. They wondered, a USA soldier could play Robber Ulti?

John told us that one of the two Hungarian logistic solders liked to play Betli with the best in same way as we.

After some occasions we were good at the Robber Ulti, as John was earlier. Whenever we played the gain and losses varied randomly. Pablo: John was a good teacher, so Paul and I learned Robber Ulti well. We laughed a lot on that Paul and I loved to play the Betli the best. We vowed to each other that we would never play Poker. Once when we were playing the two wives looked at us and asked if they could learn Robber Ulti too. So when Paul was with his girlfriend on Sundays or Saturdays we taught the two wives with the same money-back technique.

The result was interesting because one of the players was the card-dealer and the card-dealer could go to the toilet even could bring cold beer or soft drinks without breaking the game. On one of these occasions when John, Paul and I were playing Paul mentioned that he found it an interesting thing that he preferred milk to alcoholic drinks. His remark opened the floodgate and we all admitted the same habit to each other and to the two wives.

Next time we played, therefore, the wives brought low fat milk for us instead of beer. Gina and I lived in an apartment and we were saving money to buy a house and starting the baby production. Gina was working as a waitress at an elegant restaurant and we were making plans to buy a house and bringing up two kids when we have enough money. Once during our card game I asked the local „aboriginal" Paul whether he would leave Orlando in case the logistic center was closed down.

It was an academic question, but Paul told us that he had his parents and girlfriend here in Orlando. He enjoyed the closeness of the sea and the beach, as he liked diving.

So he would remain in Orlando and look for a new job in the above-mentioned case. We laughed at this, and we told Paul that we, on the other hand, could readily go even to the other end of the USA. John: I, as the leader of the Orlando center, got a request from the headquarters of the firm in Atlanta to go there for a two-day meeting. My deputy was Pablo and I went to Atlanta by car. There I heard that Jacksonville's bank, Hunt, stood by our company and our firm could start an all country expansion.

According to the plans both Jacksonville and Miami logistic centers would be closed sequentially for four months to be reconstructed. After this they would start working again with a three times bigger capacity than before. Orlando should compensate during the two reconstructions. I moaned and thought much about what a lot we would work, but I also had a bad feeling and was unsure if Orlando would go on operating in the future.

We talked through all details of the reconstructions and the compensation of Orlando's center. When the CEO's secretary called and told me there would be a tête-à-tête between the CEO and me, my bad feelings intensified even more. The CEO was very polite and he told me how important was that Orlando could compensate during the two reconstructions.

He was honest in telling me that Orlando was a little obsolete so it would be closed down after the Miami reconstruction. However, the firm offered me a management job in Phoenix, Arizona, where the company wanted to build a huge and modern logistic center. I could take my two key colleagues, Paul and Pablo with me. They would also receive a higher salary and the firm could give a little benefit to recompense us for having to move from Orlando, Florida to Phoenix, Arizona.

The CEO thought we had a chance for success in becoming an all-country corporate, as Hunt Bank was supporting us. He told me I had to investigate if my two other leader colleagues could come with me to Arizona, but in case of positive signs I could inform them about the closing only four weeks before the event.

If one of my two key colleagues would not like to move from Florida he should be clueless. I felt sad for Paul, as he would be informed about the closing on his last working day, because he wanted to remain in Orlando. The CEO said the capacity increasing in Jacksonville and Miami was a company secret.

I had to tell everybody that it would be a simple modernization. I accepted the leadership in Phoenix for a higher salary and the company promised to assist me in finding a good realtor firm to sell my house, and my two key colleagues would get the same help if they went to Arizona. My wife was at home with my children.

I drove home in sadness, because many colleagues would lose their jobs. I especially felt extra sadness for Paul, because I was sure Pablo would go to Arizona, but Paul would never.

I also knew I should work as an actor to play an Oscar Award winning Role both in my job and at home for the next nine months. Paul: Four months after John came back from the two days meeting in Atlanta my girlfriend got the bad news that the shop, where she worked it would be closed in the Mall. The "for sale" sign was on the windows of the shop and she had two months until the closing. The next renter of the shop was a family firm, so they did not want to employ the earlier shop assistants.

I felt sorry for my girlfriend and wanted to help her, so I asked her if she would be my wife. She said yes with pleasure. I got such sex that night that I was in paradise. Carol told her parents and her sister's family the happy news, and I told my parents, my brother's family, and also my colleagues.

We had already organized the wedding when she lost her job so her unemployment did not cause much problem. I used our savings to go Hawaii for a week for honeymoon. John could give me only a week holiday because of the start of the Miami reconstruction. My deputy was Pablo for a week. Carol was at home, went shopping and took care of the apartment. She told me she could cook fine dishes and she could bring the meal to my workplace before lunchtime. I was happy, because I had plenty of work and the fine food brought to my table was a big help from Carol.

Carol's parents, Sara and my brother-in-law were very friendly with me, and my family liked my wife. I felt I was a very lucky guy. She came to the logistic center on foot with the dishes after ten minutes walking, she found me and said she had put the food in my office. I praised her to everybody, boasting about what a nice and beautiful wife I had. Some days she told me she had to go to the city by car so I had to take the empty dishes home.

She told me she had to go shopping. A month after I started praising Carol's cooking art, some of my colleagues smiled at me in an odd way.

It was strange, sometimes awkward. I did not understand anything. I was fat, dumb and happy as the saying goes. Chapter 3 The Betli Play John: There were more than three weeks until the closing of the plant when I had to go to Atlanta for a day so that my direct supervisor could inform me about the details of the closing. He told me that I was to go to Arizona for the weekend, while a team would come from Atlanta with my direct boss and they would start sending away the employees and organizing the final closing on Monday.

I could take my two key colleagues with me, but the following week I would have to investigate which of them could come with me to work in Arizona. That weekend I was a little sad to leave Florida and all my colleagues. I informed my wife of the moving to Phoenix, Arizona and she was a little depressed. I called Pablo and I invited them to our house.

I put him and his wife in the picture that the moving to Arizona would mean a pay rise and an extra benefit. He told me he could come, and though Gina was a little angry, Pablo persuaded her. Heather and Gina vowed silence, because we got large increase in salary and a high bonus. Pablo and I were sad for Paul.

We thought Paul would remain here in Orlando. Pablo: In our firm the security belonged to the IT department, because of the computerized camera system, moving sensors, but I got the pest control, too. Not long before the planned moving to Phoenix I was working in the office and I found problem with the camera's video save program.

The local law obliged the local firms to erase the security camera video records after one week, if there were not any criminal events. Our program should have deleted the files after one week. However the error I noticed was that it had accordingly saved more than one month's video files. I looked at them accidentally and I found a very strange thing. I came upon an almost forgotten camera that had been monitoring a long unused premise, where large mattresses were piled up and somebody had built a bed from some of these mattresses.

The security camera showed an exact porno scene and I discovered the porno star woman was Carol. When she took the dishes to Paul and she also did a cheating sex practice in this unused premise. The logistic center had two gates, with a one-way rule for trucks, but the pedestrians could move in both directions at the security guards.

When on foot, Carol came and went through the first gate, but when by car, she used the second gate and came out a little later, so she had more time for cheating. The same guard could not notice it whether Carol was longer time in the center, in case of two gates usage.

Carol had a magnetic guest card that she got at the gate and she used the guest card at the two different gates, when she came by car, that is, when she appeared in the recorded sex scenes. I checked the time of the magnetic card use in the security software and compared the time of the sex scenes.

I found Carol cheated, when she came by car and she used two different gates to avoid to be caught by the guards, so she had possibility for longer time to stay. I deleted the files of the other security cameras, but I studied these records and saved them on a thumb drive.

I found seven colleagues from the twenty-one members of the staff of Paul who made sex in this premise with his wife. There were three gangbangs with five or four male colleagues of the seven scumbags. I now knew that Paul would go with us to Phoenix, Arizona. I went to John and I told him I was sure Paul could go with us to Arizona. John was skeptic about it, so I showed him the amateur porno videos. John and I did not like cheaters and five of the seven of Carol's lovers were married.

It was too much for us to discover a sympathetic woman to be a slut cheater. John and I cursed the slut and the scumbags, but at least we had the second idea to smuggle Paul to Arizona. John: I explained to Pablo if we showed these videos to Paul he would not go to Phoenix. Either the police would arrest him for beating up some of Carol's lovers or he would be taken to hospital, because the scumbags would beat him up.

We felt we almost had the solution, but it took a long time to work it out. Finally, our brainstorming was successful in solving the problem. So Pablo ran to his doctor acquaintance, whilst I looked for a good divorce lawyer and a PI firm.

We told Paul there is some emergency so he was the deputy until our return. He was totally ignorant about the closing of the firm, about his slut wife's cheating on him, and about our rescue campaign.

I found a good divorce lawyer and I asked a PI firm to investigate the girlfriends of Carol's two bachelor lovers and the exact addresses of her married lovers. I financed all this from my savings. We organized everything so Paul would able to deal with them for the next days. I called Pablo and Paul into my office and I locked my door so that Paul could not run away.

Pablo put the thumb drive into the computer and he showed us the amateur porno movies featuring his slut wife with the seven scumbags.

Paul wanted to run to kill them together with his slut wife. He became so excited that he shouted he would kill everybody. The flash came, when Pablo began to explain something. Pablo started loudly, "Stop yelling! Listen to me! Shut up!" Paul looked at Pablo and he choked up his last words.

I would never forget Pablo's words, when he said to Paul, "Paul! Betli Must Be Played!" Paul looked at Pablo in a strange way so Pablo repeated again, "Paul! Betli Must Be Played!" Paul was quiet, but he still did not understand anything. "Must lose to be winner! Now you've got a true living Betli game!

Paul, you'll lose, but you'll win at the end! " Pablo exclaimed. Paul and I understood Pablo's words at the very same moment. Then it was my turn to continue Pablo's explain, "I couldn't tell you before, but this logistic center will be closed down in three weeks…however, it doesn't necessarily mean the end of your position and our friendship…there's a way…" I took a deep breath, "…do you want to come with Pablo and me to start a brand new modern center in Phoenix Arizona without your slut wife?

Moreover you'll earn higher salary and you'll get bonus." Paul agreed with relief, „All right. I understand you entirely. I've to play Betli now for three weeks. So I'll go with you, my buddies, to Arizona! I lost everything here…a cheating bitch and I could win a new life in Phoenix." "One more thing…" Pablo told him, "You're an emergency case, so you'll go to Dr Robert Thomas urologist, who'll give you a medical prescription as if you had a contagious infection in the urogenital organs.

You've to take this medicine for three weeks, and sex is forbidden for four weeks with your cunt wife. You'll get placebo of course, but your wife won't know that.

Now go back and eat your slut wife's food, as if nothing's happened. After lunch, you must run to the divorce lawyer. He'll see to it that all the documents will be ready for the last work day on Friday here." Then I said, "I'll pay the PI.


I'll also speak to headquarters in Atlanta; we'll fly to Phoenix all three of us on our last week's Sunday. You should take your car to your parents on the last Saturday, because we'll take a cab to the airport." Then I threw my car keys to him. "Now, please, take my car and see Dr Thomas, his address is in the GPS." "Thank you my Buddies. I'm off to see Dr Thomas then," replied Paul simply and then he left.

Pablo and I looked at each other contentedly. Pablo: I thought back to my cheating bride in Newark and I remembered how difficult it was to hide my anger until the wedding day. I also thought of my medical appointment with Dr Thomas almost a year before, when I saw him with a small kidney stone problem.

I was lucky because the kidney stone was born easily and the medicine was effective. We talked about cheating women. I told him my story with my bride and that my friend, the andrologist, assisted me to check the living sperm cells from the frozen sample on the Kleenex.

We laughed and he confessed that his wife was a cheater, too. He said they had two daughters and his ex had got custody of the kids and the house. He could see his daughters every second weekend only. He remembered what a distress it was to pretend he was too tired for sex until the last day when the divorce lawyer was ready with the documents.

He offered me his help in case one of my good friends or I was to have the same problem. He could give us a prescription for such a medicine during the use of which sex is forbidden for some weeks, which should be enough time until the divorce proceeding starts.

He knew of course a drugstore where placebo was sold for his prescription. He told me I had to keep it secret, because he could lose his practice for it, so I could recommend this secret service for my best friends only.

"Pablo," he said to me, "I don't like cheaters and I'm sure they deserve to get back exactly the same behavior from their mate." "I agree with you a hundred percent," I assured him.

I was lucky I remembered what Doctor Thomas offered and I told John this would be a benefit for Paul to avoid his slut wife until leaving for Phoenix. So we recommended this for Paul, who was happy to get it.

John told me Dr Thomas was a treasure for Paul. We were doing our routine work when Paul was coming back with the sex prohibiting prescription and the bottle of placebo capsules. We quickly organized a flash meeting to train Paul how to do the best acting for his wife and his trash colleagues when she would bring the excellent homemade food. We advised Paul to tell his colleagues and his wife that he had to go to X-ray and laboratory examinations for Dr Thomas, so the cover story to hide the meeting with the divorce lawyer was totally ready.

Paul would show Carol the sex prohibiting prescription in the evening. Though Paul was excited, he could still play an average theatrical role well enough. He went to the divorce lawyer in the afternoon. John arranged everything well and the divorce lawyer would organize the delivery of the official documents to Carol's hands the last Friday before our departure to Phoenix.

Paul: I showed the sex prohibiting prescription to Carol from Dr Thomas. She showed sadness, I did not know if it was honest or not, but I was not interested at all. The next days were running quickly, she watched TV, I surfed on the net and I learned much about Arizona and Phoenix. I read much about the neighboring Mexican state, Sonora, too.

I read about the same type of small beach resort areas at the California Gulf in Sonora as the one at home I would soon be leaving and missing so much. I thought about having to drive a bit longer way to get there than I did in Florida, but warm seawater must be the same everywhere.

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I did not like the overcrowded beach resorts and to be honest Florida was overcrowded for me. I was civil to Carol and I thought I would make a good secret agent and so would John and Pablo. They did not say anything to their wives about my going with them to Arizona. I did not go to John's to play Robber Ulti after Carol lost her job, but John and Pablo were afraid that the wives might accidentally tell the secret to Carol.

I did not tell my parents and my brother either. John informed his boss that I could come with them. We had a telephone conference in John's office with his supervisor and the HR experts from the Atlanta headquarters.

He would also go with us to Phoenix, and we would check the new employees together. The logistic center was not ready, only the walls and the main public utilities were completed, so the mechanical instruments, furniture, IT system etc. would be assembled and installed under our supervision. It was indeed a greatly interesting work to start a new plant and I was so excited that I almost forgot about my cheating slut during office hours, except for the lunchtime.

I hated my seven-scumbag colleagues, so I avoided them and tried to connect less with them. I was sorry to be leaving my parents, my brother's and my sister-in-law's family. I became a good average actor. John: Pablo, Paul and I became a good strong team and we did everything in secret, my wife and Gina were so sorry for Paul and Carol.

Paul's plane ticket was in my office and he rented an apartment near the new logistic center. He would go to work on foot again. On the last week on Monday I organized a meeting with my two key colleagues and after the secret preparation for the closing I told them my extra plan. I told them we had to put money into a common foundation to hire the PI firm I had found.

I went to this PI firm after Pablo discovered Carol's sex adventures and I asked for information about the two bachelor colleagues of the seven scumbags. The PI firm knew their girlfriends, so I asked about the price of an extra service, that is, the secret handing of the porno videos to the wives and the two girlfriends.

A year later I also charged the PI firm with the family state investigation of the seven porn actors and Carol's newer life. I told the sum of the offer of the PI firm and I was surprised when Pablo replied that he was willing to give even more money to our common foundation for this aim.

He told us about his slut bride and his sister's fantastic revenge plan. He hated cheaters, but he was amazed at my attitude, as he did not think I was so vindictive. I told Paul and Pablo that Carol was over the top for me, though it might be my anger against my ex-wife that came back and erupted against Paul's slut wife now.

Paul was glad for the payback stating that a plan like this, if accomplished well, could be a healing up psychological benefit for him to restart his life with fewer burdens in the future. I detailed the plan for the theatrical play to be performed on our last workday on Friday and also the porn video action. Pablo and Paul almost fell off their chair laughing. It came handy that I had earlier asked the PI firm how much more money it would cost to send the porno videos to Carol's parents and her sister, as it now turned out that I had correctly foreseen Paul's extra claim.

Paul laughed honestly for the first time since his betrayal.

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We would be in Phoenix when the video was delivered. I thought of my ex-wife, and of how lucky she was we had a common son, because that was why I was civil with her. Pablo: On Tuesday John told all staff that next Monday there would be an inventory and an inventory team would come from Atlanta, and Miami and Jacksonville would work during this time instead of us. Paul was reserved. I organized an extra meeting for the security staff on Friday so the all security guards were in the logistic center.

The input of goods decreased and on Thursday it ended. The logistic center began to become almost empty by Thursday evening. Paul: John and Pablo were sensational to cover our transportation to Arizona. I became a secret agent apprentice. I organized every bank saving share action in a way that I told my cunt wife and my colleagues that I had to go to a follow-up medical check-up to Dr Thomas. I tossed a few things into my bag, shoved my driving license and my new bankcards in my pocket.

I told my wife I would have to go to my parents' hospital after work so I had to use my car. I put some of my clothes and my laptop in the boot. Twenty minutes later I parked my car at John's house and John took me to the office. We discussed the scenario of our last day's theatrical play. At twelve o'clock a young, tall, gum chewing brown girl in blue jeans came to John's office with a bag and she sat in his office.

Pablo and I came to John's office and the girl took the divorce papers out of a big envelope. We directed the theater scene for the scumbags and my slut wife.

Pablo told the guards to escort my wife and her seven lovers to John's office and so they did. When I, Pablo, John, the young girl, Carol with the dishes, the bastards and the ten guards were all in John's office, John took a bottle of champagne and he poured a little for her seven lovers, Carol and me. Holding my glass I stepped forward to say a few words, "Thank you for your participation in the faithfulness test. I'm lucky and I can get rid of a cheating cunt before any childbirth." Everybody looked at me in a strange way, especially Carol, when the gum chewing young girl asked her, "Are you Carol O'Donnell?" "Yes," Carol answered.

"Served," said the young one and she gave the big envelope with the divorce documents to my wife. John turned to the guards and instructed them, "Will you please escort the ladies out of the plant, and the colleagues back to their job?" Carol looked back at me with an astonished look in her eyes. I look back at her scornfully.

"My parents will go and fetch my personal things. Good-bye my cheating cunt slut," I said to her finally. I had my last lunch from Carol and it was delicious. John told all the staff to go home and he added that on Monday the inventory would start. The guards drove everybody out of the logistic center. We remained at the place to close everything down, and then John took me to their house.

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When Pablo arrived at John's place with Gina we told the two women everything. I would come to Phoenix, as a part of our revenge, and my divorce has been arranged. When she got the news, Gina laughed very loudly with us. John gave me the guest room for two nights. Like Pablo and Gina, John had sent everything to Phoenix already, so the house was almost empty.

My soon to be ex-wife Carol did not telephone at all, and I thought she knew it was a waste of time to cry for forgiveness. I took my car to my parents and I told them that Carol had been cheating on me and I was going to divorce her. I also informed them about my travel to Arizona and I asked them not to tell anybody and in particular not to tell my soon to be ex-wife. I assured them I would give my brother a call from Arizona, and then I went back to John's place by cab.

On Sunday we traveled to Phoenix by plane. I had a week to arrange my life in Phoenix. Carol did not phone except for one single occasion when I was at home in Phoenix and I accidentally answered my mobile. I heard her yelling, "You son of the bitch, bastard, why did you send those videos to my parents and my sister?

Rot in the Hell!" "Same to you, darling!" I replied and closed the connection.

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I laughed out loud and I told my two friends about the phone call and they laughed together with their wives. This was a big dose of medicine for my psyche. Chapter 4 In The Desert State Paul: We worked hard, sometimes even twelve hours a day to start the brand new logistic center and to train the new staff. Four months later our efforts fructified and the plant was working all right. For the past three months we had been fixing the mistakes and now finally everything was in order.

My lawyer also did a good job on my divorce and I was free four months after my leaving for Arizona. We played Robber Ulti on a Sunday monthly. When everything worked well Pablo got three weeks holiday, and he went to Thailand with his wife.

When they came back Pablo told us that Gina was four months pregnant with twin daughters. After a week of work I also got holiday from John. I looked up Sonora state in Mexico on the net and I went by car to the Sonoran seaside at the Gulf of California.

Finally I found a less known small beach resort at a half deserted seaside not far from Hermosillo. I had a diving license and I bought diving equipment with compressor. I stopped at Hermosillo in a motel and I put almost everything in my room.

Next day I went to this small place which was fortunately unknown by American and Canadian tourists. I was born in Florida so I was good at Spanish, or Castellano, as some people here called it.

I drove to this small beach resort and I got a good room and also special storage for my diving equipment in a small hotel. Around my hotel there were vacation houses. I hired a motorboat and I went out to sea for diving, and I enjoyed myself looking at the sea life. When I got tired and started to run out of compressed air, I came up from the deep water slowly to avoid caisson illness and went to back to the small port.

When I docked and embarked from the motorboat, I saw a beautiful girl trying to start her motorboat, but apparently she had a problem with the engine. As I was an engineer I could easily help her. The girl turned out to be a true Sonoran chica, but she spoke English well.

Her English was much better than my Castellano was. We introduced ourselves. She was Señorita Angela Benitez from Hermosillo and she was here with all her family.

Her father, mother and her eight-year younger brother were in their vacation house. I got to know that her father was a businessman from Hermosillo, while she was a French and English language teacher, so her good English knowledge was no longer a wonder to me.

She taught in a High School in Hermosillo. She was tall and she had dark brown hair and brown eyes. I loved her on the spot. She went to the sea alone. I had lunch in the restaurant of the hotel and took a siesta after lunch to avoid the too strong UV radiation. After four o'clock I went to the beach to swim. On the beach there were only five families in fifty meters distance from one another.

I met Señor Benitez's family there. To my surprise Angela waved at me and she introduced me to her family.

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Señor Emilio Benitez spoke a little English. Señora Sofia Benitez did not speak English but their fourteen years old son Felipe spoke some English he had learned at school.

So sometimes we spoke English sometimes Castellano. It was a little mismatch but we enjoyed each other's company. I felt sympathy from them. The older Benitezes were a little fat, but they were not obese at all. Felipe was a smart boy; he told me he liked math, sciences and IT. I was an engineer so I could easily strike the right note with the young brother of Angela too.

He wanted to be engineer. They were very excited to hear I did diving. Señor Benitez asked me if I could help him next day to buy two sets of diving accessories in Hermosillo and to teach them diving. Señor Emilio could take his daughter and me in his Mercedes Benz to the shop. Señora Sofia could remain with his son. Next day I got up early and the hotel staff learned quickly I liked low fat milk the best from the previous morning for breakfast.

The Benitezes picked me up at the hotel and we went to Hermosillo. On the way I learned that Señor Emilio had always wanted to dive but in the effort to make money for the family he forgot about his old dream. Then now, when his daughter told about me at lunch the previous day, his childhood dream came back to him and he became enthusiastic.

Angela wanted to learn diving, too. At once I got friends on the outlandish desert beach resort. We bought everything for two sets of equipment.

We bought also a compressor for filling up the compressed air bottles, and two diving clocks, which were important to measure the speed of elevation from the deep to prevent caisson illness, as that might be fatal.

The nitrogen of the high-pressure air goes to our tissues and at quick decompression could cause small nitrogen bubbles in the blood and embolism could occur in the brain. I became scuba-diving trainer for two weeks and I got Sonoran style homemade food free of charge. Both my students enjoyed diving and Angela and I fell in love and soon we were in my hotel bed.

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She had C cup breasts and I sank in her beautiful body. I was a very experienced lover to her against she was not virgin. She had previously attended the University of Monterey where she had also been a member of a folk dance group.

Though she had had a serious relationship with a guy in the university folk dance group, her lover had chosen someone else, so after graduation she had come home alone. I was the second man in her life after her disappointment in love.

Her parents had modern views, they were rather broad-minded, and so their daughter and I could walk hand in hand on the beach and the streets of the small beachside resort. I did not deny I was divorced but Angela was not repelled. She thought we were in same boat. We discussed that she had a US visa so she could come and visit me in Phoenix before the school time. Her parents were glad for me.

I thought they knew I was not a short-term adventure or a fling for their daughter. I went home full of love for the first time in a long time. Pablo: I wanted to go to Phuket Island in Thailand and my wife was pregnant but we did not tell anybody, because we wanted to announce it when we came back.

We were some days on Phuket Island and we visited some places of natural beauty as the James Bond Island was. Gina was happy and grateful to me to take her to such nice places.

We were in Bangkok and at the North Thailand mountainous area and I also went on an elephant back safari. However I did not allow my pregnant wife to climb on the back of an elephant, because I was afraid that the baby might have a problem in an accident. We went on the Mekong River by ship and we spent half a day in Laos.

We would not go on such a long trip for some years. When we came back we told everybody I would soon be a daddy. My sister and her husband in Minneapolis were the first who got the news about my twin daughters.

Antonia laughed and she said I could be sure the DNA test would be positive. Back home Paul went to Mexico and when he came back and congratulated us on the soon to be birth of our twins, he also told us he had found a beautiful nice chica from Sonora. He said that Angela would come to Phoenix by plane, because she had US visa. We all were glad for Paul to find happiness again. John: To be a boss was a great responsibility, so I had to work hard to start the logistic center.

My two leader colleagues Pablo and Paul worked as hard as I did. We were a strong team. When the logistic center operated well and I did routine work I got at home in time and Heather and our children were happy.

My house was a friendly one in the suburb. When Pablo and Paul came back from their holiday we went to Boracay in Philippines, because I had read on the Internet that this tropical beach was the best in the world.

I found a hotel recommendation for families with young children and we started our adventure on the white sand beach of Boracay Island with the palm threes. We enjoyed it very well. I was on the net one evening and I found a funny website about a strange sex practice which was astonishing for me at first.

I preferred milk to beer, so I read all the website about Adult Nursing (ANR) and I found other websites about this sex practice. I showed these websites to my wife and she did not find it disgusting, moreover, she asked me if I wanted to try it. I knew she had enjoyed breastfeeding our children, so I told her why not? So we started to be an ANR married couple. We induced the breastfeeding with longer breast stimulation time for weeks.

We did two sex sessions daily at that time and my wife got a lot of orgasms and euphoria from the adult breastfeeding, except when I was not at home or sometimes there were special circumstances as a long travel or having to go by plane. We were lucky she did not get pain from the breastfeeding, but orgasm and euphoria.

We did this in secret from friends, relatives etc. Pablo and Paul were clueless about our ANR sex practice too. The ANR was called the most underground sex practice in the World and the 99% of the pairs hid their sex practice from others. My wife and I decided we would be the 1% exception. When our friends and their families would be behind the baby-producing program we would tell Pablo and Paul about ANR, because they preferred milk anyway.

Paul: Angela was in Phoenix with me for three weeks and then she went back to teach at the High School. I went to Hermosillo every second weekend by plane and she came to Phoenix for a weekend every month. We were in love so half a year later I asked her if she wanted to be my wife. She said yes, so we had a civil marriage in Hermosillo in the City Hall. John asked for the report from the PI firm in Florida about my ex-wife's lovers and my ex-wife. It turned out that the two bachelors had lost their constant partners, three wives had divorced her husbands and while a wife had remained married after counseling, and reconciliation, a wife had not started divorce at all.

I had not any good feeling for them. The two wives, who remained married, had more children, so I understood, why they did not divorce their bastards. I am sure these two husbands lived not too happy family circumstances. My ex-wife had become a sex worker in Jacksonville. I thought she was good at that profession. After our wedding Angela waited for the wife visa from the USA and she got it when the High School closed for the summer. Soon we would start the baby production.

Angela learned the Robber Ulti too with the money giving back technique and we the three husbands and the three wives played this card game in two groups. Once I lost 25$ and my wife won 21$ and we laughed at the fact that our family lost only 4$ after four hours of playing cards. On one occasion we played Robber Ulti at John's. My wife was three months pregnant at that time.

Gina and Pablo put the twins to bed in the guest room at John's house and we started playing Robber Ulti in two groups. The wives looked at us in a funny way when Pablo had to play betli after the auction, because Pablo told us loudly, "Betli Must Be Played!" and we laughed with Pablo. Some months after the wives heard these loud sentences from Pablo and our laughing, my wife asked there, "Why does Pablo say always emphasizing Betli Must Be Played and why do you laugh at him together?" "Why…why?" said the other wives smiling.

I replied to Angela, "You know, honey, if Pablo hadn't told me that sentence, we would never have met in Sonora…" The End