Fine Ass Thot Gettin Ran Not My Video)

Fine Ass Thot Gettin Ran Not My Video)
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If anyone had told me that in less than fifteen minutes, I would be in a bed with my wife and her best girlfriend having a threesome I would have told them that they were out of their mind. Being an average male in my mid-thirties, that enjoyed a good fuck, I was not about to turn down the opportunity to fuck another woman's pussy. Especially, since it was my wife that asked me if I wanted to fuck both her and this other woman as part of a threesome. We were living in an apartment and my wife Janice was next door visiting her girlfriend Linda.

I was sitting in our living room watching a program on the television. Janice came through the door which was not unusual as she would normally be back and forth when next door at Linda's.

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Though this time after entering she stopped in front of me with a strange grin on her face. Finally, she said, "Linda and I have been drinking a little wine and talking about the different men each of us have fucked." Janice continued with, "She also mentioned how both of us have fucked Mel together, and then suggested we should both fuck you." Janice finished with, "Linda sent me to ask you to come over to her place and fuck both of us." The words that I just heard coming out of Janice's mouth could have literally knocked me over and were completely unexpected.

The idea that I had been asked by Janice to fuck both her and Linda took me completely by surprise. I asked Janice if fucking both her and Linda was for real and not some kind of a joke that she and Linda had come up with. Janice said "No, this is not a joke." She said that Linda had been talking about the two of them having a threesome with me. Linda wanted both me and Janice in her bed, and me fucking both of them at the same time. I believe that almost every man has a secret desire to have a threesome with two women; I was no exception and did not hesitate in answering yes.

I was both thrilled and excited to know that I would shortly be fulfilling what was my greatest sexual fantasy. In my mind I was already thinking of all the different things I could do with two women.

I had known Linda now for a few years and knew that she was about five years younger than Janice and single.

In her own way she was an attractive woman despite the fact that she weighed over three hundred pounds. Despite her weight she never seemed to have any trouble getting men into her bed.

I had seen Linda naked on one occasion, at a party she held. It was all couples with the exception of Linda, who wore only a nightgown. The party consisted of some drinking, listening to music and some dancing. Out of nowhere Linda said that it was too hot in the apartment and removed her nightgown. She spent the rest of the evening naked, dancing with whatever man she could, and her huge breasts pushed firmly against his chest.

From some of the things Janice had old me about Linda I made the assumption that Linda would not hesitate to fuck any hard cock that came her way. On numerous occasions there would be a man at Linda's place while Janice was there.

Having Janice there was not something that would stop Linda from fucking him if he did not mind Janice being in the next room.

Linda would tell Janice, that she was going to get fucked and take whoever was there back to her bedroom while Janice waited. There was one man that Linda fucked frequently while Janice was there, that got to know Janice.

He eventually asked Linda, while he was fucking her, to ask Janice if she would join them. Janice herself, after our marriage, confided in me that prior to meeting me that she had been fucked by numerous guys living in her neighborhood.

There were also two men that were now currently fucking her on a regular basis. One of these men was the one that asked Linda to have Janice join them.

There were also five other men that she fucked, some of which she would fuck occasionally. Including Janice, I had only fucked two women up to now, one of which was prior to meeting Janice. We went next door to Linda's apartment and back to her bedroom. When Janice and I entered the bedroom Linda had the lights on and I could see her lying on the bed, completely undressed, waiting for us.

She must have assumed that there was no way that I would turn down such an offer. No one made any effort to turn the lights off and they remained on the entire time we were there. Janice and I both started to remove our clothing while Linda laid there and watched us as we were undressing.

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After I had finished undressing I got onto the bed and lay down on my back beside Linda with my upper arm pressed against her breasts. Janice finished removing her clothes and then lay down on my other side with her body pressed against me. I had never imagined that one day I would actually be lying naked and sandwiched between the naked bodies of two women.

The first thing I remember myself doing was to reach out to a different pussy with each hand as I felt two pair of hands playing with my very erect cock. I initially cupped each pussy with my hand and then started to rub them while my fingers found their way inside of each one.

It only took a few seconds before I had the fingers of one hand inside of Janice's pussy while the fingers of my other hand were inside of Linda's pussy. I was doing something that I thought would never ever happen, playing with and putting my fingers into the pussies of two different women at the same time.

After a few minutes of fingering their pussies both Janice and Linda changed their position and lay on the bed with their heads toward the foot of the bed. With this change they both continued to play with my cock, the two of them stroking it together. Before I had a chance to realize what was happening I felt a pair of lips encircle my cock and begin to slide down to the fingers that were holding it upright. I looked down and saw that Linda had my cock in her mouth sucking on it while Janice was holding my cock for Linda.

Janice had my cock in an upright position for Linda, holding it with her hand at its base. This would happen for a short while and then they would switch to allow the other to have my cock in her mouth. I watched them suck and then switch a few times and then turned my attention to the two pussies, one on either side of my head. With both women lying on their sides I had Janice's pussy to the left side of my head and Linda's pussy on the right.

I only had to turn my head from one side to the other and have my mouth on the pussy of either Janice or Linda. First I would lick and suck on one pussy and then turn my head and do the same with the other. I kept going back and forth between Janice's and Linda's pussies a number of times.

I was running my tongue along the length of each of their pussies as I probed its depth while using the same motion of a cat lapping milk from a bowl. Then I would occasionally start sucking on their clitoris or suck the entire length of one of the outer lips of their pussies into my mouth and then suddenly push my tongue as far into their pussies as possible. Even though I knew which of the two pussies I had my mouth on, I was able to tell them apart by their taste. Janice's pussy had an almost sweet and mild taste to it; while Linda's pussy had a more pungent and sharp taste to it.

We then changed position so that both Janice and Linda were laying on their backs next to each other. This allowed me to do a sixty-nine with each of the two women. When my face was in either Janice's or Linda's pussy I would lap at it with my tongue and put my tongue as far into their pussy as I could reach.

I would also take parts of her pussy into my mouth and suck on it the same way that she was sucking on my cock. The entire time that this was happening she would have my cock deep in her mouth giving me a blow job.

I would then change to the other woman and do the same to her, again going from one to the other. While I had my face buried in the pussy of either Janice or Linda I had as many fingers as possible in the pussy of the other woman and was fucking her with my hand. Because this was my first time with Linda I wanted to have as much of her pussy as possible but I also did not want Janice to think that I was only interested in Linda. Whatever I did with Janice I would do to Linda and what I would do with Linda I also do to Janice.

I tried to treat each of them equally. What they were doing to me was different; it was up to them to divide their time.

We finally got to where I was on my back and Janice or Linda would straddle my face and I would eat out their pussies while the other would suck on my cock and give me a deep throated blow job. Again they would frequently change positions. Each of them wanted to have their pussy ate and also give me a blow job.

I could only accommodate one at a time on each end. The entire time that all of this was happening any of the six arms that were free were playing with the four available tittys.

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The three of us spent a considerable amount of time playing with and exploring each other's body in addition to a lot of oral sex. One of the things that I enjoyed the most was when both Janice and Linda would simultaneously place their mouths on either side of my cock and move them both up and down in unison. Then on occasion one of them would take the entire length of my cock into her mouth.

Janice eventually said to me that I should fuck Linda before I fucked her. I had been waiting for this part of our being together as the whole intention of the threesome was for me to fuck both Janice and Linda. I knew that my cock would soon be entering and fucking the pussy of a woman that I had never fucked before. Until then I had only fucked two women. The first was a girl that I knew before I met Janice. The next was Janice and we began fucking each other shortly after we started dating.

Until this night Janice was the only woman that I had been with since we first fucked each other, until I fucked Linda.

Janice positioned herself on the bed so that she would be able to see my cock as it entered into Linda's pussy for the first time. I was still on my back and Linda had entire the length of my cock in her mouth. It was then that Linda took my cock out of her mouth, stood facing me with a leg on either side of my hips and then squatted down as she prepared to take my cock into her pussy. Janice then took my cock and as Linda lowered herself, Janice positioned my cock at the entrance to Linda's pussy.

I watched as I saw my cock being swallowed by Linda's pussy as she lowered herself onto my cock. Linda's pussy was now wrapped completely around the full length of my cock.

Once past the vaginal opening of Linda's pussy the familiar tightness I felt from Janice and the girl I fucked before her was not there.

Linda had placed so many large objects inside of her pussy that she had permanently stretched it out of shape. With Linda sitting on my cock the way she was the only thing that I had to do was lay there and enjoy being fucked.


This was our first time and she enjoyed initiating me to her pussy. After a few minutes of being fucked this way I did start pushing up to meet her as her pussy came down and around my cock. The entire time that we were fucking Janice lay next to us watching my cock as it was sliding in and out of Linda's pussy. After Linda finally stopped fucking me I got up off my back and positioned myself over Janice. I slowly entered one very wet pussy that was ready to be fucked.

I was able to feel every ripple within her pussy as I slid my cock into her depths. Janice and I fucked each other for a while as we reassured ourselves that even though I had just fucked Linda everything was fine with us. Even though I knew that Janice was being fucked by other men, I never saw her while she was being fucked. We both needed this as a way of saying that there is nothing wrong with fucking another person.

Linda lay there beside Janice and me as we were fucking; giving us some needed time to settle our emotions, but also watching me fuck Janice. I soon learned that one of Linda's favorite positions for being fucked was to be on her back with her legs pointing up, and spread far apart. This position with me lying on top of her when we fucked would give my cock deep penetration into her pussy.

While I was fucking Linda, Janice was lying beside us, watching me as I fucked Linda and touching both of our bodies to reassure us that everything was fine with her.

I fucked Linda for a while and then turned my attention over to Janice and started to fuck her while Linda watched us. Janice would draw her legs up and bend them at the knees while spreading them far apart when she was being fucked while on her back.

This made for the same comfortable nest to be in that Linda had given me. It also allowed my cock to penetrate deep into Janice's pussy. Linda was constantly touching both of us while she watched the entire time that I was fucking Janice. At times Linda would even put her hand on Janice's pussy and touch my cock while I was fucking Janice. Despite the fact that she was touching and kissing me her main effort went into playing with Janice's tittys and kissing her.

I kept going back and forth fucking Linda for a while and then fucking Janice for a while.

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It was then that I started to experiment with all of the things that I could do now that I had two pussies to fuck. We did things as simple as the two of them lying on their backs, side by side, while I would go from fucking first one and then the other. I would also fuck one of the two and have my face buried in the pussy of the other.

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Then I would then change who was being fucked and have the other pussy in my face. They both would go wild when I would suck on their clitoris in the same way they had been sucking my cock earlier. One of the other things that we tried was that I would fuck either Janice or Linda and while she was being fucked she would suck on the pussy of the other. We would then switch who was being fucked and she would then suck on the pussy of the one I had been fucking.

On all of these I would fuck first one of the two and then the other and then repeat doing this, fucking both of them a number of times. At times as I was fucking one of them the other would either have as much of my hand in her pussy as possible or I would be playing with her clitoris.


I would occasionally feel the hand of whoever was not being fucked touching my cock and the pussy that I was fucking. I to this day have no idea how I was able to fuck them for as long as I did without cumming in one of their pussies before I wanted to. I was able to last through at least four hours of nonstop oral sex and fucking before I finally had an orgasm.

When Janice saw that I was close to an orgasm she got off of the bed and picked up her clothing.Janice then went into the living room where she waited for me to finish fucking Linda.

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Janice's intent in leaving was to allow me to be alone with Linda so that we could fuck each other to a climax in private. I would have preferred for Janice to stay by my side and touch me while I was cumming in Linda's pussy. After Janice left the room I once again cradled myself between the upright legs of Linda and slid my cock deep into her waiting pussy. I started to fuck Linda for what would be the last time that night. I wanted to give Linda the best fuck that I was capable of doing by making her have a very strong orgasm.

I was also trying to impress Linda with my ability to fuck and wanted to show her that I would rank among the best of the many men that she had been fucked by. As Linda approached her orgasm she threw her arms back over her head and grabbed onto the headboard of the bed and started moaning loudly. She did not release her grip on the headboard until we had finished fucking.

Linda had now lost complete control of her body and had become a wild fucking machine. She had reached the point where only two things existed, her pussy and the cock that was fucking her pussy. She by this time was fucking me as if she would never be fucked again and started yelling "Give it to me baby.

Give it to me baby. This is your fantasy." I thought to myself "Fantasy hell! The only thing I am doing is fucking my next door neighbor and thoroughly enjoying myself as I'm giving her exactly what she wants." I could feel the reaction of Linda's body under me as she was experiencing what had to be a massive orgasm.

Almost immediately Linda let out with a loud yell that sounded like an animal in intense pain. On that queue from Linda, I had my orgasm along with hers and exploded with a huge load of cum being propelled into Linda's pussy followed by as many as a half dozen additional discharges, each smaller in volume than the preceding. With my last shot of cum into Janice I then collapsed, exhausted, on top of her. Despite her excessive weight and loose pussy Linda did give me one very good fuck.

We lay on the bed for maybe another couple of minutes while she continued to hold me as she kept hugging and we exchanged kisses. Linda wanted for us to lay there and kiss while in each other's arms as if we were ever lasting lovers. At the time for me it was an opportunity, with the approval of my wife, to fuck a pussy that I had never fucked before.

Linda and I finally got up off of the bed, and I put my clothes back on while she put on a nightgown. We walked out together into the other room where Janice was waiting for us. Janice greeted us with a smile on her face and said to me, "Did you enjoyed fucking Linda?" to which I answered, "Of course." Her next comment was, "I don't have to ask if Linda enjoyed getting fucked.

I heard it." There was a little small talk between the three of us and the decision was made that we would have to get together again for another threesome. Janice and I left Linda's and went to our own apartment, going directly to bed. Even though I was exhausted from fucking both Janice and Linda, and in particular Linda, I entered into Janice once again and started to fuck her.

Janice did say to me, "As many times as you have fucked me after I have been fucked by another man, this is the first time that I have fucked you after you have been fucked by another woman." The sensation of fucking Janice in the privacy of our own bedroom was completely different as opposed to fucking her when a third person was involved. We lay there in the dark, making love to each other, and talking about the things we had done with Linda earlier in the evening before we drifted off to sleep.

For me there was never any emotional attachment to Linda and prior to this night I had never considered the possibility of ever fucking her.

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Linda wanted every man who fucked her to fall in love with her, but for me she was a neighbor that loved being fucked and now that I had fucked her for the first time she would always be available whenever I wanted to fuck her. I had found a woman that I could enjoy fucking without being emotionally involved.

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Linda and I did continue to fuck each other on numerous occasions with and without my wife Janice participating. Linda's pussy was noticeably looser than Janice's to the point that Linda's pussy was not able to tighten around my cock which has the girth of almost five inches.

She probably stretched the muscles at the entrance to her vagina completely out of shape by the dozens of men, her numerous toys and vegetables that have been inserted into her.

On the other hand, when I had inserted all five fingers of one hand into Linda's pussy I was not able to push my hand into her pussy as far as I could with Janice's pussy. It wasn't that her pussy would not open up enough but it was her pelvic bone that was stopping my hand. I also learned that Linda's pussy did not have as much depth as Janice's pussy.

If I were to push the entire length of my cock, almost eight inches, into Linda's pussy when in the doggy position it was going in too deep and was painful for her.