Horny alexa shares her bfs big cock with her bff valentina pornstars big butt

Horny alexa shares her bfs big cock with her bff valentina pornstars big butt
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>>>>>> I was awakened early the following morning by the licking of my ear and the gentle stroking of my cock. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was my smiling Rosie. She leaned down to kiss me, morning breath and all, then slid into position on top of me.

"Remember what I told you last night about morning, noon, and night?" I could only grin as she moved over me, rubbed my cock into her slit, and slid slowly down my pole. "I loved everything last night; it was just incredible and my orgasm was electric. But, this is my favorite—feeling you stretch me. My poor pussy is tingling like crazy. I think I'm going to cum really soon and really hard. Oh, dear God…it feels so…AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OH! OHGODOHGODOHGOD!

STEVEN! STEVEN--OH, GOD! Rosie was thrashing around on my cock, her body twisting and turning wildly and completely out of control as her orgasm claimed reign over her mind and body. I held her tightly just as I had last night. I noticed as I pumped into her that she must have had a vaginal orgasm.

Her clit had been completely ignored during our vigorous mating. Rosie's orgasms were the strongest and longest I'd ever seen. I was almost sorry when I reached mine, soaking her pussy with my slick crème, because it signaled the end of hers. We lay together exhausted, but exhilarated in our love for each other for almost an hour until our breathing returned to normal. Then the alarm rang. We were up at 7:00, showered and dressed and in the car by 7:45.

After breakfast at the diner we caught the 9:03 in Huntington to Penn Station in Manhattan, arriving at 10:09 then it was downstairs to the subway north to the Bronx. We walked into the Stadium at 10:40 then I took her straight to the Yankees Team Store where I bought her an official Yankees jersey and cap. I also bought a clear plastic cube as part of my surprise for her. She wore her jersey out of the store as we found our seats only four rows behind the dugout. "Let's walk down to the field," I told her.

"Bring your program. Maybe we'll find someone to autograph it for you." Rosie was so eager; there was no holding her back. We were there about fifteen minutes, seeing no one, and I could see she was becoming discouraged. Then Alex Rodriguez trotted onto the field. "Hey, Alex," I called out. He turned then smiled. "Hi, Steve," and began to walk our way, much to Rosie's amazement.

I introduced him to Rosie then she asked if he would sign her program. "I'll do better than that. Steve phoned me yesterday to tell me you were a huge fan. I asked all the guys to sign a ball for you. It's a real one with real signatures, not one of those auto-pen jobs. I have it in my locker for you. Hold on a minute." He disappeared back into the dugout. Rosie turned to me. "You never told me you knew A-Rod." "I met him two years ago when I defended his cousin…another DUI case." "Did you get him off?" "No, that was impossible, but I did get him into a rehab instead of jail and Alex was grateful." "Wow…is there anyone you don't know?" I couldn't stifle a laugh.

"Only millions of people, if not billions. I only know Alex because one of the cops at the precinct where they took his cousin recommended me as an attorney. I'd represented his brother, too." A-Rod returned a few minutes later with a ball in its original box.

He opened it and carefully showed Rosie all of the signatures. Then, one by one, the Yankees walked out of the dugout for their warm-ups. Alex called all of them over and introduced us. We shook hands and Rosie even got a few hugs. I guessed it paid to be a really cute young woman--nobody hugged me. We socialized with the Yankees players until 11:45 when I received a text from Harrison suggesting we meet him and Nadia at Lobel's.

I thanked Alex and the other players before telling Rosie, "C'mon, we're meeting Harrison and Nadia for lunch, but we have a bit of a walk. They want to eat at Lobel's which is out behind left field, but the walk will be worth it. Their steak sandwiches are fantastic…not as fantastic as you, but a good second." I took her hand and led her up to the wide walkway out toward left field. I spotted Harrison and waved.

He and Nadia waved back then Nadia walked quickly to greet us.

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She hugged me then turned to Rosie. "It's so good to meet you, Rosalie, especially after talking with you yesterday. You obviously didn't need any help from me. You look great." She hugged Rosie and by then slowpoke Harrison had reached us. "So you're Steven's old-fashioned girl." "Yup…but last night I decided I wanted to be Steven's new-fashioned girl and—boy—am I glad I did!" Harrison and Nadia laughed hysterically and I was sure my face was beet bed. It stayed that way until Rosie said, "What?" Then I joined in, hugging and kissing Rosie who was still confused as we walked into Lobel's.

I wasn't kidding when I had told Rosie that their steak sandwiches were fantastic. Forty minutes later we strolled back to our seats, Nadia and Rosie in the lead talking up a storm. It was great, knowing that Rosie had a friend in my best friend's wife. Harrison's family had been much wealthier than mine. Dad was a successful electrical contractor and we lived well in an upscale community with excellent public schools.

Harrison's dad though was a Harvard Law grad and a founder of what grew to be one of the Island's biggest and most successful law firms. Harrison went to Florida on Spring Break; I went to work in my dad's company. Harrison went to study abroad during his junior year, meeting Nadia at Moscow State University. They lived together for most of Harrison's stay there then she returned to the U.S. with him when his work there was completed.

They were married as soon as he graduated. I was best man and Nick was an usher. We both still lived in Centerport, only a few minutes from each other. Harrison and I sat in the box's rear seats while Nadia and Rosie sat up front. We had a great time cheering everything the Yanks did that day and when the game was over it was clear that Rosie had won over my best friend and his wife.

The gals led the way to the steakhouse with Harrison and me trailing behind. "I can see why you're smitten, Steve. She's an incredible woman. You're very lucky. Has she said anything about how she feels about you?" "Yeah, she's told me about a hundred times how much she loves me.

You're absolutely correct—I am a very lucky man." Dinner was great—great and expensive. I spent more than $500 for dinner, drinks, and tip, but it was worth every penny to see the expression on Rosie's face as each course was served. I was tempted to try the raw oysters, but I knew what Harrison would say and I needed no help making love with Rosie.

The subway station was virtually deserted by the time we had finished eating—just the opposite of the immediate post-game crowd pressing into each other on the small platform and stairway. We talked and joked all the way home, separating when we reached the station in Huntington.

Harrison and Nadia thanked me for dinner; I thanked them for the tickets which were much more expensive than dinner even though the firm had paid for them.

Rosie was still ecstatic on the short drive home. She held the plastic cube with her autographed ball to her chest, placing it in the center of the triple dresser she had commandeered in the bedroom. We undressed each other slowly, taking plenty of time to hug and kiss and grope. That continued in the shower until Rosie had turned the water off.

"Enough, Steven; I am so hot for you now. Please take me to bed and fuck me until I can't move. I told Nadia about my orgasm last night and she was so jealous. I can't believe it either. I've never had a vaginal orgasm." "I don't think that's true any longer, is it?" Rosie blushed as she grinned.

I pulled her into my arms and carried her to bed, placing her gently in the center then climbed in after her. A second later I was kneeling between her legs as her pussy glistened in the dim light from the bathroom. I was tempted to take a taste, but Rosie had asked to be fucked and that's what she was going to get. My cock was oozing pre-cum when I rubbed it into her slit twice then, leaning forward, I pressed home, bottoming out in two quick thrusts.

I assaulted her pussy, but apparently it was exactly what Rosie wanted. Her legs were up and around my back almost instantly as she met my every thrust with one of her own.

I wasn't accustomed to daily sex, having done it three to four times a week when Sheila had shared my home.

Young associates in law firms work very long hours to get ahead. She often brought work home and was exhausted by the time she was done. She was great in bed, but I much preferred Rosie. Rosie's body was smaller and her pussy tighter, plus while I liked Sheila a lot, I loved and was falling deeply in love with Rosie.

Looking back I realized that I had fucked Sheila many times, but I had never actually made love with her. We moved together at a rapid pace so, even with making love this morning, neither of us was going to last very long. Indeed, Rosie began to shake as her movements became even more frenetic. When I moved her legs over my shoulders Rosie was bent in two, but my cock rubbed her G-spot with every thrust and every withdrawal.

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It was merely seconds before she totally lost it. Convulsions ran through her body with such force that I was almost bucked off despite my weight.

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Her pussy pulsed, constricting my organ, and that was all it took. Rosie was plunging deep into the abyss, her eyes rolled all the way back into her head as my first load erupted from my swollen dick. Five more times it erupted until my balls moved away from my body.

I moved quickly to release Rosie's legs. Moving to her right I pulled her onto my body, the blanket following her almost immediately. I realized immediately that I had made a mistake. Rather than move the blanket and sheet down before taking Rosie, now we were pretty much forced to sleep on top with half of the blanket folded over us.

We were both a sweaty cum-soaked mess. My cock was oozing and Rosie was leaking. This blanket was going to need a good washing in the morning. Rosie was already asleep, snuggling into my body as she did every night that we shared my bed. I smiled as I closed my eyes and joined her in sweet slumber. >>>>>> Rosie was awake and seated on the side of the bed when I woke. She was holding her plastic cube and autographed ball, checking out the signatures carefully.

"Oh my God, Steven; Derek Jeter must have been there. I have his autograph on my ball." She leaned over to kiss me then whispered, "This is the best surprise I've ever had. I can't wait to tell my dad. He'll be so jealous." "Do you think he knows…you know, about us?" "I think he does. He's really smart, especially about people and you didn't help any by telling Mom that we hadn't known each other long enough for you to propose." "Why don't we get up and find a restaurant with a Sunday brunch?

Believe it or not, I'm starving, even after that fantastic meal yesterday." "It was great, wasn't it? I loved the lunch, too. I really like your friend and Nadia is wonderful.

It's hard to believe that they met in Russia." "Yeah, if you have enough money you can study anywhere. My folks would never go for that. If I wasn't at school I had to be working in the electrical business. I never received an allowance. I had to work for everything. In retrospect, it was a good lesson to learn. It served me well in college and law school and even better once I began working." "Was working for the Manhattan DA interesting?" "It would have been if only I had a spare second take a look.

I was handed four cases my first day and another six the next. I reviewed everything I did with an experienced attorney for the first two weeks then I was on my own. It was hard work, but I learned a lot. My first week on my own I was assigned a big trial by one of the judges. I must have done okay, because clients started to come in droves.

Now I have too many." "Do you think you might hire another associate?" "Maybe…but not now…not yet. C'mon, one of us needs a shower." Rosie looked down at the juices that had dried on her thighs and abdomen then she looked at me and laughed. "I think you need to change that. You're as big a mess as I am." Now it was my turn to laugh. "Maybe, but you can make me dirty like that any time." Rosie leaned forward to whisper in my ear, "Me, too." She took my hand and we walked together to the shower.

It was just as much fun as all of our previous efforts and I had a strong feeling that would never change. We dressed and I drove us into Northport. I thought that I recalled something about the Yacht Club having a Sunday brunch. Hopefully, it would be a buffet. I was pleased when we walked in to find exactly that. We found a table on the upper deck. It was sheltered from the sun, but outside where we could enjoy the mild spring weather.

The temperature that morning was in the high seventies with just the slightest breeze. Holding Rosie's hand I led her to the buffet. "Why don't we take a walk-through first, Steven? You know, so we can get the lay of the land?" Yet another chuckle escaped my lips. "Lay of the land?" She responded with a grin and a playful jab to my ribs.

I took her hand again and we walked the entire length of the buffet table. "I usually over eat at these things. I'm just warning you." "It's okay. I know you're eating much healthier now so you're entitled to a reward now and then." "I thought you were my reward," I whispered into her ear as I kissed her cheek.

"And I thought you were mine," she retorted. "Let's get something to eat. Those omelets looked really good." I agreed and we joined the line. Rosie ordered a Western which sounded pretty good, but I opted for a bacon and cheese; we both added bacon and breakfast sausages.

Our waitress brought juice and coffee and we dug in. I hadn't had an omelet in more than a week—not since that first time I had taken Rosie to the diner.

We had a great meal then retired to my house where we spent a few hours lounging on the rear deck until Rosie came and sat in my lap. "Ready for your nooner?" "What ever happened to that prim and proper librarian I fell in love with?" "She spent a lot of time in the research department last week.

Amazing what one can find in the Kama Sutra." "I know; I have a copy on my bookshelf. Try to take it easy on me, will you?

Some of those positions look like they hurt." Rosie reached her leg across the lounge to straddle my hips. "You know I'd never hurt you, Steven." Then she leaned forward to give me the sweetest kiss. I loved that she was aggressive like this. I savored the sensation of having her tongue in my mouth. Unlike many women I'd dated, Rosie was just as eager to have her tongue in my mouth as I was to have mine in hers. Even sexy Sheila rarely pushed her tongue into my mouth. She had always waited for me to take the lead.

She kissed me for several minutes, rubbing her swollen nipples into my chest. Suddenly, she pulled back. "This isn't working," she told me as she pulled her tee over her head exposing her naked chest. A second later she had lifted mine over my head. Shaking her shoulders made me laugh. So many things, I realized, about Rosie made me laugh.

Her breasts wobbled from side to side as her nipples now brushed against my hairy chest. "Mmmmm…much better. You make me so hot, Steven. Even on our first date when we first kissed I felt a jolt of electricity course through my body.

I wanted to fuck you right there in the parking lot." "I can see the headlines now," I replied with a grin. "Lawyer pays steep fine for overdue cock." It was cheesy humor, but Rosie laughed all the same. Then a minute later she became silent, looking into my eyes. She stood, unbuckled my shorts and pulled them along with my boxers down to my knees. She dropped her shorts and sat right down on me.

"I'm glad you came prepared—no bra and no panties. You are so naughty." "I never was until I met you. I really was an old-fashioned girl." She hesitated for a few seconds then threw her head back. "Can we stay like this all afternoon…no, make that all day…and all night.

Dear God, I love this. You are such a wonderful lover." "Yeah," I joked, "just think how good I'll be when I actually move. You're doing all the work." "So…am I a good lover?" "No, you're not good, at all.

You're fantastic--by far the most amazing woman I've ever made love with and the only woman I've ever loved other than my mother." "Why don't you tell me about her?" "Now? Right in the middle of&hellip. Somehow that seems sacrilegious." "Okay, but right after…okay?" Rosie closed her eyes as she began to rock.

I could only think that she was able to concentrate all of her attention to her other senses—in this case to the incredible sense of touch her skin possessed. I had my hands on her slender hips and I could feel the tiny tremors as they passed through her body.

Her clit made contact with my body, but not enough, I thought, to get her off. All the same, she was clearly on her way to a fantastic orgasm. All of a sudden my eyes opened with a start. I have a big house on a big lot, but my neighbors have the same. I thought my deck was visible from some of their homes.

Well, I thought, let them look. Let them see how lucky I am. I drove up, forcing my cock deep into Rosie. She squealed with delight. Before long Rosie was shaking like a tree in a tornado. I was sure that she was going to scream so I covered her mouth with mine. Her grip on my head actually hurt, but a few seconds later I drove into her again, this time lifting her tiny body more than a foot into the air.

My next thrust drove my white-hot semen deep into her womb. I lowered the back of the lounge and pulled my Rosie to me. We lay together—two sweaty messes—leaking onto the all-weather upholstery. My hand ran up and down her back and into her ass crack. Her butt was so muscular that I doubted there was even an ounce of fat in her entire butt. My eyes were on hers as she gracefully moved on me.

Her rotating hips brought me into contact with every millimeter of her vaginal walls. I thought this was as close to heaven as I'd ever get, but I was wrong. Rosie proved that when she began to flex those muscles, rhythmically squeezing my organ.

"Damn, that feels good! How'd you ever learn to do that?" "Lots of practice…on cucumbers, but I guess it's like any other exercise. Exercise builds muscles. Seeing the expression on your face makes it all worthwhile." Then she did it again and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

I came like never before. "You're just incredible," I moaned as I pulled Rosie down with me. Rosie moved down to kiss my cheek then whispered, "I'm glad you think so." Then she kissed me again. Her lips found mine ready and willing and my tongue eager for a little exercise. The kiss lasted for about five minutes or so. I wasn't keeping close track, but our faces were covered with our saliva when we broke it.

"Yes…it was incredible and you are incredible, but it created a problem for me. I came so fast that I wasn't able to take care of you." Rosie laughed. "I'm not worried. The day is young and I'm sure you'll find the opportunity to do me again." She was right. I managed to "do her" three more times before we went out for dinner. We passed a bar on the way home and that gave me an idea. I did tell her about my mother. "I never heard, 'wait until your father gets home.' My mother could be as hard as nails if necessary.

She never hit me or Andrea. She never had to. All she needed was what I always called 'the look.' It could freeze molten lava or melt an iceberg in an instant. One look and you knew she was angry. Even worse that look told us that we had disappointed her.

That hurt more than any spanking--believe me. She was strict as hell, but she loved us to pieces. She was at every basketball and baseball game from Little League through high school. Andrea also played basketball in high school…softball, too.

Mom was always at those games, too unless there was a conflict with one of mine then she'd take turns. We always felt great knowing that she was there." "What about your dad?" "He always saw his job as providing for us. That's pretty much what he did—worked and earned money to provide for us.

He loved us and he showed it when he could, but Mom has always been the glue that held our family together. They're nothing like your parents although they do pester me about getting married and giving them a few grandkids to spoil." "Any progress on that front?" "Maybe," I said with a laugh.

I leaned forward and kissed Rosie then, holding it and her realizing that no matter how long I did it wasn't ever going to be long enough. >>>>>> I kissed Rosie good-bye the following morning in her apartment parking lot, promising to stay over at her place on Wednesday.

I missed her terribly on Monday and Tuesday evenings and told her so during long phone conversations both nights. She loaded more clothes into my trunk when I picked her up Friday afternoon.

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We were almost to my house when she asked about dinner. "Like lobster," I asked. "Never had it; I know that's hard to believe in a true Italian. We had seafood at least once a week when I was growing up." "There's a place just down the road that has a lobster special on Fridays. Willing to try it? I'm pretty sure you'll like it. Think scallops--but with legs and long antennae." Rosie grinned as she nodded her assent and a minute later I pulled into the parking lot at Nick's.

Rosie was surprised; Nick's is basically a dive. Holding her hand I led her into the bar. She looked around before asking, "Are you sure they serve food in here?" "Yeah, but we have to go out into the back to get it." I led Rosie through one of those beaded curtains into a different world.

The bar was loaded with working class men and a few women, most of whom were clearly on the make. Here were mostly young families. We sat in a booth and—yes—I did sit next to her.

I ordered two large mugs of PBR—Pabst Blue Ribbon--telling Rosie that beer and lobster were made for each other. We enjoyed our salads even though they were nothing special, but the main course got Rosie's attention. I tied the plastic bib around her neck while she asked, "What am I supposed to do with this?

Help me, Steven." I pulled the tail from the body then showed Rosie how to remove what I always called the tail flippers.

Then it was a breeze to extract the meat from the shell. She followed my lead, cutting a small piece, spearing it on the fork, and dunking in butter sauce. She was tentative, but smiled almost instantly. "You were right, Steven. I love it!" I kissed her then, smearing her face and mine with butter sauce. She took one look at me and laughed then she turned red. "I look just as bad, don't I?" "You will never look bad, Rosie…a little sloppy maybe, but never bad." I wiped her face with my napkin and returned to my dinner.

We had baked potato and an ear of corn which I explained was also kind of a traditional side dish with lobster. She took a big swig of beer, telling me that I was right about the beer, too. We had a great time, which was hardly a surprise. I always had a great time with Rosie. We were in the car on the way home when Rosie confided in me. "I love beer, but it always makes me fart." "I think it'll be the guest room for you tonight." She swatted my arm as she "pouted." Yeah," I laughed—"Like that would ever happen." We spent much of the night making love, but were up early to go fishing.

After bacon and egg sandwiches at the deli in Northport we walked into the bait store. I listened as the owner told about the fishing the prior week. Blackfish were down, but the fluke were moving in strong. Instead of sand worms I bought a package of frozen shiners and another of squid. Twenty minutes later we were on our way out of the harbor with Rosie at the helm while I changed our rigs. Rather than fight with the hooks I just cut the loops on the leaders before adding gold-colored wide gap hooks on three-foot leaders.

Once that was done I joined Rosie, explaining where we should go and how we would fish. We could fish just off Eaton's Neck outside Northport Harbor, but I preferred to go to Stratford Shoal about a quarter mile east of Port Jefferson. There were often thirty or more boats there, but the shoal is a big place and there was plenty of room for everyone as long as everybody paid attention because every single boat would be drifting with the current.

I explained to Rosie that we were in no hurry. These fish only feed between two hours before high tide and two hours after.

One could still catch fish outside that window, but mostly it would be a waste of time. High tide was still three hours away.   We reached the shoal about half an hour later. I cut one of the squid into triangular strips about four inches long before placing one strip on each hook. Next I added a shiner just above by running the hook through the fish's lips. "If we don't have the squid the fluke will just chomp through the shiner in a second and we'll never have a chance to catch one.

The shiners smell and attract the fluke, but they're fragile while the squid is tough." We started our first drift on the incoming tide, moving from east to west with the current.

I showed Rosie how to lift the rod and feel the weight of the sinker. She learned quickly and after about ten minutes asked, "If I feel more resistance is that a fish?" "Probably; let the line fall back and try again after a few seconds." The resistance remained at the end of the line so I told her to do it one more time then set the hook.

The rod bent, but compared to a blackfish these fish were sissies. The rod handled it easily and soon I had the fish in the net. I usually use a special glove when handling live fish because of an injury from a fin a few years ago. I was cut along my index finger and it refused to heal until I went to a dermatologist at the Stony Brook University Hospital.

He took one look and asked permission to show it to the medical school students. One by one more than thirty students came in to look at my finger. "You have a case of M. marinum, what's commonly known as 'fish tuberculosis.' The bacterium is related to the TB bacillus, but will be cured relatively easily with a broad spectrum antibiotic." Two weeks later I was completely healed.

Unfortunately, any tests for TB would show positive for several years. Now I lifted the fish carefully, holding it against a meter stick. It was twenty inches long, enough to be legal. I ran the gaff through its gill slit, handed it to Rosie then took a photo using her phone. She sent the photo to her mom. We drifted down the western side of the shoal then returned to start another drift. All told we caught four keepers, the longest at 23 inches--another great catch by my fisherman girlfriend.

We fished through lunch although Rosie did sit in my lap and kiss me between bites of her sandwich. She must be really brilliant because she was able to concentrate on eating, kissing, and fishing.


It was mid-kiss that she caught that big fish. We quit around three that afternoon. I filleted the fish at the dock and drove Rosie home where we showered together and made love for an hour before struggling out of bed to cook dinner.

>>>>>> I always phone my mom on Tuesday evening just to let her know that I think about her. This call was a bit different.


She always asks me to Sunday dinner and I almost always turn her down, mostly because of her unending jibes about my being single in my thirties while my dear sister, three years younger than me was married with two children. The phone rang twice before she answered. "Hi, Mom," I began. (Hello, Steven; how are you, dear?) "I'm well. I guess you heard about the Jacob Miller case on TV. What you haven't heard is how the DA has turned up a regular conspiracy among the highway patrol officers.

You won't hear about it either. The judge has issued a gag order." (Then how is it that you know about it and can speak about it?) "I know because I was the attorney who got the whole thing started and I can talk because I'm not named in the order.

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Also, I know you won't breathe a word to anyone else." (You know me too well, Steven. Would you like to come to dinner on Sunday?) "I don't know. What are you having?" (If you'll come I'll make your favorite—pot roast and roasted potatoes.) "You've got a deal, Mom.

Would it be okay if I brought someone?" (Does this mean we'll finally get to meet Rosalie?) "Yes, but it also means I need to have a chat with my blabby sister." (Don't blame her, Steven. She loves you and wants the best for you. I know she likes Rosalie quite a lot. You know she did not like that bitch Sheila.) "Okay, Mom—it'll be just a small chat. I…I mean we'll see you around one." We'd just left the house and I'd never seen Rosie so nervous.

"What if they don't like me?" "They will. Andrea's already told them a little and they're looking forward to it. Don't worry. You're beautiful and charming and smart. What's not to like?" "Like you're not prejudiced." I had to laugh. "I'm not, not even a little." She gave me a scowl.

"Okay, I'm a lot prejudiced. I'm in love with you. Mom's smart, so is Andrea. They'll know it in a second if they don't already." I pulled the car into the driveway—my parents only lived five minutes away--opened the door for Rosie and took her hand.

Outwardly she was smiling, but inside I knew she was terrified. Her hand gripped mine so tightly her knuckles were white. Mom answered the door, hugged me then stepped forward to hug Rosie. "Welcome, Rosalie. Please come in and make yourself at home. This is Frank…well, actually Francis, Steven's father.

You know Andrea and Nick, of course. This little cherub is Nick, Junior and this is Allison." Dad was about to shake hands, but Andrea stepped forward to hug Rosie and Nick soon followed.

Dad sort of fell in line then Rosie knelt to meet the kids. Instead of a hug she held her hand out for a knuckle bump. The kids laughed, but followed through on the ritual. Allison had a book, but at three she couldn't read so Rosie asked, "Would you like me to read that to you? I work in a library where we have lots of books. I read to children all the time." She sat with her legs crossed and soon enough Allison was in her lap. Rosie opened the book, taking plenty of time to show the pictures as she began to read.

I saw the looks of approval in my mother's face—Dad's, too. The afternoon was a complete success. Mom even asked Rosie for help in the kitchen, something she'd never done with Sheila.

I was sure that Mom was pumping Rosie for information about our relationship. They returned about thirty minutes laughing, Rosie with a cold beer in her hand for me. She sat in my lap and kissed my cheek. Andrea and Nick laughed at my obvious embarrassment. Mom just smiled. We watched the Yanks on TV and, of course, Rosie had to tell everyone about going to the game last Saturday, meeting all the players and getting a signed ball.

Nick, Jr. was especially impressed. An hour later Mom served dinner and I had to admit it was great. There's nothing fancy about pot roast, but I love it and—speaking about love—I was sure that Mom knew I was in love with Rosie. We left around eight, pleading the need for an early start the following morning. "Yeah, right," Mom said as everyone laughed. "Don't hurt him too much, Rosalie. He's not as strong as he thinks." After hugs and kisses we were back in the car where I asked Rosie what she thought.

"I don't know why I was so nervous. Your parents are wonderful people. I knew that about Andrea and Nick, of course. And I love their children." "It showed. I'll bet you're great with kids in the library." "I love kids." Then she leaned over the console to kiss me. I drove home and Rosie had her way with me several times. By the time she was done I was wishing she had listened a bit more closely to my mother. >>>>>> I often have clients ask why my services are so expensive.

On Wednesday morning I was to have a "brief" session in court to resolve the Michael Clark matter. Ten thousand dollars for twenty minutes does seem a bit steep, but I had a preliminary meeting with Mr.

Clark followed by two turbulent sessions with Michael in which he all but refused to see reason. Thank God meetings like this are few and far between.

I had also met with the ADA handling the case three times to negotiate what I felt was a fair agreement. I began my session with Michael by describing what he should expect.

"You will have to appear in court and state to the judge that you were responsible for your actions. You will also have to state that you agree with the penalty. If you don't you will be taken off to prison because you're already on probation and you've managed to fuck that up." "There must be something else," he whined.

"Yes, Michael—there was, but you blew it. The alternative was probation and a suspended license. Instead of using your head you got drunk—that's a misdemeanor for someone your age—and got behind the wheel. You were cited for reckless driving and driving while impaired and driving with a suspended license. You had the opportunity to act responsibly. That WAS your alternative. I can tell you that Judge Purdy is furious with you. He gave you a chance and you made him look bad." "Why is that my problem?" There are days when I wished I had become an electrician like my dad.

This was obviously one of them. "It's really quite simple, Michael. Let me state it in terms even someone of your limited intelligence can understand. He does not have to accept the plea bargain I worked out for you. He will not accept it if he thinks you are trying to pull another fast one—if he thinks you are not sincere when you speak in court.

Instead of rehab and community service you'll be sent to prison. It'll be minimum security, but even that can be terrifying. Someone your age and build can expect to be raped daily, probably more than once a day, too. That's all I have to say.

You go home and think about it and if you get caught driving while impaired again you can find another attorney. I don't have time to waste on fools." I rose to indicate that the meeting was over. "Meet with me in the court at 9:00 Wednesday morning.

Wear a suit and tie and get a haircut. You know what he needs, Mr. Clark. Make sure he does it." The Clarks were actually early and Michael looked appropriate for his appearance. He was obviously terrified. We walked into court and, as expected, Judge Purdy looked like he had just sucked a lemon. I stated my name and that the ADA and I had reached a plea bargain.

"We agree that Michael has a serious problem that would be better served in rehab than prison. We have checked and there is an immediate opening in Willard. Additionally, we agree that 400 hours of community service will help teach Michael responsibility." Purdy asked Michael to approach.

This was the moment of truth. Fortunately, Michael was suitably meek and contrite. I was relieved when Purdy banged his gavel in acceptance.

I thanked the ADA for his assistance. I closed out the case by telling Mr. Clark to bring Michael's suitcase to the jail entrance in the basement. The guards would handle the rest. I wished Michael well, shook his hand, and returned to my office where I moved on to the next case. Rosie and I went fishing early Saturday morning, returning mid-afternoon so we could attend a musical at a nearby amateur theater.

We spent Sunday in Manhattan strolling through the Museum of Modern Art before grabbing the train to Great Neck where we ate a great dinner at Peter Luger's, an outstanding steak house. We made love each night and it only kept getting better and better. I hated dropping her off at her apartment Monday morning knowing that I wouldn't see her again until Wednesday evening. >>>>>> I usually phoned her after dinner so I was a bit surprised when she called me just after six while I was driving home.

I knew something was wrong immediately. She was crying and almost hysterical. "My apartment, Steven; they want to make it into a condo. What will I do?" "Calm down and relax, Rosie. Can you come to my office tomorrow morning?

Bring the letter and see if you can find a copy of your lease. Okay? No more crying; this isn't like a death in the family. Everything will work out just fine." She thanked me, still sniffling as she ended the call.


I had no idea what I'd do to help her. I knew almost nothing about real estate law. That wasn't quite true; I did know what to do.

Once home I gathered the materials I would need and placed them into a manila envelope. The envelope went into my briefcase. I got to the office early in anticipation of seeing Rosie and I wasn't surprised to find her there waiting for me. She ran into my arms and we hugged each other tightly.

I leaned down and we kissed briefly then I led her into the building. I looked at the letter first. It notified residents that the complex had been sold and units would be combined to form three bedroom/two bath condos. I was into it about twenty minutes when Joyce told me that Harrison was on the phone for me. He got down to business once we had said hello.

(Steve, you know Rosoff, don't you?) "Unfortunately, I do. I will never understand why your father made that asshole a partner." (He's why I need to see you for lunch today.) "I have Rosie here with me this morning. Okay if I bring her?" (Of course, but I'll warn you in advance that I need a big favor.) "Okay…Ben's at one." We ended the call and I returned my attention to Rosie.

We checked over the lease, but I couldn't find anything I considered illegal. I explained to Rosie that most leases were worthless, providing virtually no protection to the lessee. "But, what will I do, Steven?" I handed her the envelope from my briefcase.

"I think you'll find everything you need in here." Her face showed her confusion, but she took the envelope and tore it open. One by one her hand removed a garage remote, a small square of paper, and a brass key. "What is this, Steven?" Pointing to each item I told her, "garage remote, key, and alarm code to my house…now our house. I want you to move in with me. I've wanted it for a while, but I didn't think you were ready." "But…what will I tell my family?" "Tell them the truth.

Rosie, you're a twenty-nine year old woman who pays her own way in life.

What do you pay for rent…electric…cable…internet? How much do you think you'll have to pay me for those things? I only know that I hate saying good-bye to you on Monday mornings knowing that I won't see you until Wednesday night. I miss your smile and your wit and I miss you in my bed." Rosie smiled her special smile then leaned forward to whisper, "I think you mean 'our bed.'" Then she leaned the rest of the way and our lips met for a delicious lingering kiss that ended only when Joyce stood in the doorway clearing her throat.

My face was red when I broke it, but Joyce laughed.

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"Don't stop on my account, but you have a potential client here. Want me to turn him over to Jeff?" I nodded my assent. I spent the rest of the morning catching up with paperwork and researching two cases that were on my calendar for next week while Rosie read a novel she'd had in her purse.

She decided to phone her mother around noon. I thought that was a good idea. "Hi, Mom; I have bad news. My apartment complex was sold and they're doing away with all the one-bedroom units to make condos." (Well, why don't you move in with Steven? Aren't you already spending the weekends with him?) "Mom…how long have you known?" (Well, I never actually knew until now, but how you two felt about each other was pretty obvious way back at the cook out.

Even an old fuddy-duddy like me could see that. I assumed it was only a matter of time. So, are you moving in with him?) "Yes, Mom; he gave me a key and the garage remote this morning.

I was afraid you would disapprove." (Rosalie, you're a grown woman. You've been on your own for years and you've always made good decisions. Besides, like every other woman you have needs that have to be addressed. Your father and I like Steven, so what's the problem?) "Thanks, Mom; I have to go. Steven is taking me to lunch then I think I'll start moving my clothes out to his house." She said good-bye, ended the call, and climbed into my lap.

"I guess you heard. Mom knows all about us." "Good, now what say we go to lunch?" We walked out to the car and I drove the three blocks to Ben's. I thought we'd be early, but I must have spent twenty minutes finding a place to park. Harrison must have had a lot on his mind; he was there before us. We had just taken a booth when I asked Harrison about his problem. "Like I said—Rosoff; that man is openly anti-Semitic.

He hates Jews." "Uh…Harrison—you're Jewish. Isn't there anything you can do? Just because he's a partner doesn't mean he can get away with that. You must be able to get rid of him or at least discipline him." "That's only part of the problem. He's had a young associate specializing in real estate law named Marvin Cohen, an orthodox Jew, and he's made life miserable for him." "Is he capable?" "Oh, yeah—top ten percent at Harvard, Law Review--the whole deal.

He's about ready to sue and the firm can't afford the negative publicity." "Okay, so dump Rosoff and you'll be way ahead." "That I can't do; he has several huge clients who like him. If I dump him now there's a good chance I'll lose them. He's agreed to retire in three years." "Okay, what's the favor?" I already had an idea but I wanted Harrison to say it. "All of my problems will go away if you'll take on Cohen.

Before you say no, keep in mind that he'll bring virtually all of his clients, including several national developers with him. Last year he billed more than 1250 hours at $250 an hour. I pay him $125,000 a year and he brought in more than $300,000 in billings. You'll make a bundle off of him." "It's not quite that simple. I'd have to hire another paralegal and another legal secretary, plus I just hired Jeff Barnes at seventy-five plus five percent of his billings.

I can't bring Cohen on and pay him more." "Okay…here's what I'll do. If you don't clear more than a hundred grand after expenses for Cohen, the para, and the secretary I'll make the difference up to you." "I guess you really want this to happen.

Things will be a bit tight in the office, but we'll get by. Anyone else I'd insist on a written agreement, but I'll take your hand on it." Harrison took my hand and it was done.

"When do you want him to start?" "Tomorrow--now how about we talk about something more pleasant? Rosie, would you like to see Hamilton?" "You mean the musical…the big one on Broadway?" "Yeah.

I have four tickets for the orchestra Saturday night at eight. The show's producer is a client. I'll even treat to dinner." We made the arrangements once we had ordered then we relaxed and enjoyed Ben's coleslaw, pickles, and hot pastrami sandwiches.

Rosie left right after lunch. I gave Joyce the news as soon as I was in the office, telling her to place ads in Newsday and the New York Times then I went in to see Jeff Barnes. I couldn't justify paying someone I had never met more than I was paying him. I agreed to pay $125,000 or the original $75,000 plus five percent of his billings—whichever was higher.

Of course, he agreed. >>>>>> I phoned Rosie's cell as I left that evening. She answered on the first ring. She'd been able to get almost half her clothes into her Corolla. They were now safely in her closet and her dresser.

Then she asked me if I liked veal parm. "I love it," was my reply. (That's good; I've been pounding the veal for the past hour.) I told her how much I loved her and raced to my car. I pulled into the garage forty minutes later and a few after that I was reminded that Rosie was an excellent cook. And so began our life together. I'd love to tell you that it was all peaches and cream, but it wasn't. We had our spats and arguments like every other couple, but Rosie had a rule that she never broke.

We never went to bed angry. No matter how much yelling or anger had occurred earlier we still made the most wonderful and all-embracing love that night. Most nights neither of us could remember what the argument had been about.

We had a fantastic time with Harrison and Nadia in Manhattan. We agreed to take an early train into Manhattan so we could take a spin through the Diamond District. I wound up buying Rosie a set of diamond stud earrings that she insisted on wearing and a tennis bracelet with two rows of diamonds on either side of a central row of sapphires. She wore that, too. Unsuspecting shoppers can be taken advantage of in the Diamond District with second class goods being sold at first class prices.

Many will only accept cash. Not every shop is totally above board, but I knew this one was. I had defended the owner, one Sam Schulman, successfully in an assault and battery case.

He had been looking at a minimum sentence of fifteen years so he owed me big time. Even better, Nadia had brought her loupe. Her father had been a diamond cutter in Moscow.

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We had a great steak dinner and I paid for a cab to the theater. The show was great, surpassing our expectations. Rosie and I were in bed, naked as usual, by 12:30. "Steven, I feel a little guilty about spending all that money. Nobody really needs expensive jewelry." I leaned over Rosie and moved between her long slender legs, stopping briefly to plant a tender kiss on her naked mound.

Moving up I impaled Rosie on my cock. I was working myself into her slowly when I asked, "Remember when Harrison told us that Cohen had billed 1250 hours? Well… over the past five years I've probably billed an average of 1800 hours at $500 each.

That's an average of $900,000 a year. Overhead comes to about $400,000 a year, including my salary of $200,000 so I've had a profit of at least $500,000 a year. Of course, I have to pay taxes on both salary and profit, but I've been able to minimize that by careful investments, like this house and no-load mutual funds for a 401(k).

My net worth is just a bit over three million. That okay with you?" "Huh? You feel so good inside me that I wasn't able to pay attention. I'll just trust you have enough to take care of me." Then she became silent and I knew she was concentrating on making love with me. Some women are screamers, others are quiet. Either way was okay with me so long as she put all of herself into it and no woman I'd ever known had put more of herself into the act of making love than Rosie.

Even a slut like Sheila couldn't beat her. Her hips were actively bucking and twisting when it hit. For a woman who had never experienced a vaginal orgasm before me she was now having multiples every time which was at least once daily.

Tonight she surprised me by squirting, bathing my abdomen and our sheets in her aromatic juice. I was still going strong when her second hit. It wasn't quite as strong, but I'd have bet that most women would have been more than satisfied. Rosie was sated as I drove relentlessly into her, steamy white cum erupting from my cock until I was barely able to support my weight on my arms.

I rested on her, kissing her neck and ear while we both recovered. I slid off and Rosie moved right into position as she pulled the blanket over our bodies >>>>>> Marv Cohen was early for his first day and he impressed me with his energy and sincerity.

I told him about Rosie's situation, asking him to make sure that they didn't take advantage. He told me not to worry. He laughed when I showed him to his "office." It was still full of files, copy paper, and old furniture. Jeff graciously offered to share his until we could set Marv's up properly. He had a thought when I told him and Jeff that they would get their own secretary and paralegal to share.

"I used a secretary at Bell Jacobs who is really excellent. Her name is Rachel Knox—Anglo-Saxon name on a rabbi's daughter. Rosoff never picked on her because he doesn't know she's Jewish although she's heard many of his crude comments, but she's just about in the same position I was in—ready to sue." He assured me that she would come in a heartbeat, but I knew I had to phone Harrison.

He wasn't happy, but agreed to let her go when I told him she was thinking about suing for discrimination. She came to work the following morning.

We had the offices set up by the end of the week, even installing a low railing with a gate just inside the entrance. There were three upholstered chairs there for visitors. We solved some of the space problems when Joyce suggested turning her desk ninety degrees and placing Rachel's facing it. We did the same with Geoffrey's and the new paralegal who wouldn't start for another month.

Jeff, Marv, and I reviewed the application letters and resumes after work one evening then I asked them to hold the interviews. They learned a lot about me that evening.

It may be my firm, but they had my trust and, even more importantly, they would have to work with the person who was hired. They recommended a real fireball—a girl who had immigrated to Long Island from Ireland and who had the reddest hair I'd ever seen and a temper to match. Fortunately, she was an excellent worker.

>>>>>> Rosie and I had a wonderful summer. We spent many evenings on the boat, eating big heroes from the deli for dinner while we fished or just drifted aimlessly.

Rosie even surprised me one evening when she spread several beach towels over the bow seats then pulled my shorts and boxers from my body. She had me naked in seconds then joined me. I was lying on my back when she climbed onto me for a long searing kiss. I was reminded of our first time together when she shifted position to allow me access to her oozing tunnel.

She probably told me four or five times a week how much she enjoyed when I entered her, stretching her vaginal walls seemingly to the breaking point. Except that we both knew how much a pussy can really stretch. Once I had bottomed out she began the slowest rhythm imaginable. She clearly wanted this to last. Luckily, we were anchored in an area where there would be no boat traffic. Looking up into Rosie's eyes I could see her total love for me. I thought at the time that I could see all the way into her core.

What I saw there proved to me that we would be together forever. We spent several Sundays at my parents' home and a few with her parents. I learned quickly where Rosie had learned to cook.

Sunday dinners with her mom and dad reminded me of my early experiences with Nick and his family. Before I knew it the summer was almost over. Labor Day was only a week away. Rosie and I were cleaning up the dinner dishes Monday night when I asked her, "Know what Friday is?" "Yeah, last Friday in August; in fact, the last day in August." "It's much more than that.

It's our three month anniversary. We should make it special, don't you think? Where would you like to go for dinner?" "How about Nick and Andrea's?" "As much as I love my sister, Butera's is hardly a romantic restaurant. Wouldn't you like someplace more romantic and intimate?" "No, that tiny restaurant will always hold a special place in my heart. It was our first date and where I first started to fall in love with you.

That's where I want to go." It wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind for what I had planned, but it would have to do. The week flew by and Friday evening I picked up Rosie at the library at seven just as I had exactly three months ago. I led her to our table, hearing the same remarks we had always heard and hearing Marie make the same answer.

We ordered and I waited for our iced tea to arrive before I began. I couldn't believe how nervous I was. "Rosie," I began, taking her delicate hands into mine. "I…uh…what I mean to say is…well, uh." "Geez, Steven--are you okay? I've never heard you at such a loss for words." I was nervous, terrified actually, as I slipped out of my chair.