Hj loving MILF gets her bigtits creamed POV

Hj loving MILF gets her bigtits creamed POV
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My name is Britta. I am a 40 year old widow. This is the story of how I came back to my sex life. That arises the question why would I ever write of my sex life and let the world read about it. The answer is simple. It turns me on to think that there are men or woman actually reading this and masterbating.

It's like they are all Cuming because of me. I find that exciting. So here goes my story. I lost my husband in a car crash that happened 4 years back.

It's amazing that certain days just get imprinted in your head. The emotions the mindset everything it just gets recorded in your head. I think it has got to do something about the emotions u go through. They do the job of recording everything in your head precisely. It was a Friday. He was supposed to take me to this new restaurant in town. But he never came back home. I was dressed in this sexy black dress. I had plans. I was being naughty by not wearing any panties.

But a phone call. Then the rushing to the hospital to see the motionless body of my dear bobby. That was the day everything changed. We never had children. We were not just ready for it. I guess we should have tried. If we had, I won't have been as lonely as I am now. Yes I am lonely. It's been four years since I have been with a man. It seems ok. But a girl who once has had a cock in her pussy, cannot live forever without being fucked again.

Sex is addictive.

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Dick is addictive I didn't even try dating. There were always friends trying to hook me up or people asking me out. But all the sobbing and all those lasted for an entire year. And by the time I came back to my old self and life, all our savings were kind of over.

So I had to start working. I joined this company as a secretary. People tried flirting with me in the work place. But I just acted plain unapproachable .Felt wrong or like cheating Bobby. I know bobby would have wanted me to move on find someone else be happy. I mean I would have wanted bobby to do the same if I were the one who died. Mm four years without companionship. How can u suppress your libido that long?

I used to finger a lot, thinking of bobby's dick moving in and out of my pussy. Then I went and bought a dildo. Even that couldn't suffice satisfying my libido. Well nothing can replace that feel of a live dick in your pussy I guess.

It was becoming frustrating now. But still I didn't go out with anyone. The truth is I was terrified of thinking of going on a date. What will I tell him? How will I tell him what I want? Bobby knew what all I wanted .But this I know I just had to do it. But u know starting trouble. OH I didn't tell u!. Bobby was my high school sweetheart.

He is the only guy I have ever been with. His is the only dick that has visited my pussy. Well not just pussy. All my holes. So here I am horny lonely 40 widow looking for action but too afraid to do anything about it. And I didn't tell u how I look. Well I work out.so I here I am 34 c boobs. And waist line 28 and hips 34.blond hair.

I am not that tall. I am 5 5.Hmm I look ok I guess So one day I was working on my laptop. And it just went off. I thought the battery was empty .So I plugged in the charger and started working again. After 40 minutes. I unplugged the charger and my laptop got switched off again. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with the system.

So I decided I l call up Tyler. Tyler is my neighbor. He is this 18 year old boy living with his parents. Martha and Bryan. So I called Martha's phone and told her about laptop. Martha said she l send Taylor Let me tell you about Taylor. He is a cute boy.

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Well he wears a specs and all. Not big footballer player kind of body but not skinny either. He looks fit. Black hair and blue eyes.

Shit that combo always makes your heart race. Don't they? So I was wearing a white tank top and a black pant. The straps of my black bra were totally out in the open. So I heard a knock on the door and I went and opened the door. There stood Tyler. He looked at my face and smiles and says "Hi Mrs. Hans" And his eye wander away to my shoulders to my bra strap and come back to my face. "Hey Taylor come on in. And how many times do I have to tell you.

You can call me Britta" And I walked in and he followed me. "Taylor so my laptop has got something wrong with it. It won't work on battery can u be a sweetheart and check it out". I asked him to sit down and went in to my room to take the laptop. When I came back he was looking outside through the window and seeing me come averted his eyes.

And smiled at me. He looked nervous So I handed my laptop to him. And just out of curiosity I looked outside to find what he was so interested in. The window had a view to my backyard and there in the cloth line lay my cloths. To be specific the things that would come in his view would be a pair of my bra and panty. A black pair. So I started wondering why. Then I remembered the way his eyes went on to my bra straps when I opened the door.

Could it be that bras turn him on? Well that my bras turn him on. The thought was kind of interesting. Well interesting is not the word. I found myself blushing. And my heart rate increasing. So I kept looking at him.

Then I saw him looking at me at times while checking the laptop. He would look at my face and then my shoulders and then go back to the laptop. I wanted to confirm this. I have to say I was getting turned on by the thought that this 18 year old boy is after my intimate piece of clothing .So I said to him "Tyler.

I forgot to take my laundry in. If it rains now. I won't have any bra and panty to wear tomorrow." That did have a reaction on him. The mention of my bra and panties. He just looked at me. Stared and swallowed. I I just went outside. And took all my cloths and came in. There were 5 pairs of bras and panties and lot of other cloths. I took all of them in and came back to the living room where Taylor was working on my laptop. I kept it all on the the sofa next to me.

And then when I looked at him. Now he was looking at me.my shoulders and then the pile of cloths. He continued this for a while and I was sure that he did have fetish for bra or maybe bra and panties After while he came and told me that. He thinks the battery is gone so he could test his theory by taking his laptop's battery and putting it in my laptop and see whether that works.

I said he can take the laptop home and see it works. He smiled at me. I wanted to repay him. Well suddenly this thought passed through my head. Maybe I could give him one of my bra and panties.

But won't that embarrass him. So the least thing I could do was to give him some alone time here with my bra panties.


I said "Taylor thank u so much. OH I didn't offer you anything to drink. Where are my manners? Wait here ok" Before he could protest I went into the kitchen and then I waited in the kitchen for 10 minutes. Then I came back with juice and some cookies.

He did look nervous.

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I gave him the juice. He seemed to be in a hurry. He drank the juice and ate one cookie and then said "Britta I should get going." And he just stood up. I said "Ok, do check out whether it is the battery issue and let me know? Oh wait have my number can text me about it" We exchanged number and he hurried out of the house. I sat down on the sofa and I checked. Well my black bra was missing. He must have stuffed it in his pocket. Strangely I felt good and aroused thinking of that.

The thought of him having my bra didn't go away from my mind.it just remained there. And I started wondering what he would do with my bra. Would he wear it? No way. It won't it fit him. He has a bigger frame than me. Why else would he need my bra?


Would he look at my bra imagine me in it and jerk off. Or would he be using it to stroke his dick. Oh I started imagining him naked with my black bra around his dick.

Him jerking with my bra. It started making me wet. I way lying on my bed. My fingers found its way to my pussy. And then I realized I was super wet. I started rubbing and soon I was using my dildo. Would he cum in my bra. Oh it would be sexy if he could cum in my bra cups .It would be so sexy to see his cum on my black bra cup.

Shit I want to taste his cum. I soon climaxed. And it was long since I had such an orgasm. I knew I couldn't let this go. I had to know what he was doing with the bra. Well I didn't want to embarrass him. Maybe I could help him. Give him more of my bras. He is after all a teenager with raging hormones. The thought of him using my bras was again turning me on. I knew this want in me was not just my mid 40 crysis. This was a result of four years of loneliness and not having sex.

Not having ta dick stuffed up my pussy. I always loved cum. The smell. The taste the feel it always turned me on. And this thought that he l be probably filling up my bra with his hot cum was such a turn on. So I started devising a plan.

The next day He called me up and said that.IT was indeed a malfunctioning battery. He was standing in a computer shop and he was calling to ask me whether he should buy a new one. I said fine. And he said he l return the laptop by today evening. I was so excited to meet him again So I dressed up for him.

I wore a white tank top and a black bra .The bra straps were out and the bra was totally visible through my top. The black color of the bra stood out evidently through my light white top. Just in case I wore my best lace pink thong.

What if he has a panty fetish too? SO I waited and finally he came. I invited him in. He handed me the laptop I paid him for the battery and then when he said bye I said "Wait Taylor, are u not forgetting something?" He stared at me. His face was blank I said "Well what all did u take from here. My laptop returned that. The charger oh u returned that and are u not forgetting something too" I could see his face go pale.

He swallowed hard. And stared at me. "What Britta, I don't understand" I said. "OH u don't. Hmm let me ask u something. Hmm how do I look in this dress?" I could see him so tensed now. He said "U look good Britta" I said "Do u like my top, my white top?" "Yes Britta" "How do I look in it?" "G-g-good" He was stammering. I said "Oh just good I thought I look sexy.

With the bra straps showing out and all. Do u think that is sexy Taylor? When a girls bra straps are out" He knew he was caught. He just stared at me I walked towards him. "Tell me Taylor do u like bras?

Do u like black bras or all bras?" I took his hand and put it on my boobs. He just looked at my face and then his hand on my boobs. He looked at my face again and bite his lips and then pressed my boobs. A moan escaped my lips. I wanted him. I just forgot all my plans and then I kissed him on his lips.

OH It felt so good to be kissed again the feel of your lips being sucked by someone. Especially your lower lips. The feel of someone's tongue on your lips.

And then the feel of sucking on a tongue and then the feel of your tongue being sucked After the kiss I looked at him. His eyes wer closed.

I asked him "What did u do with my bra?" He replied "I used it" "For what Taylor" He looked tensed again he looked at his hands on my boobs again. Pressed it once more then he must have felt confident. He said. "I used it to stroke my cock. And then I cummed and filled the cups with my cum." Oh that was such a turn on. The thought of that. His cum in my bra cups I asked "Well do u need more bras" His face lit up "Oh yes Britta" But u have to do it before me.

He looked at me. I couldn't make it out whether it was confusion or shyness that was on his face. He just stared at me. I said.

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"Ok if u don't want to its fine. You won't get to enjoy these." By saying this I walked away from him. But while I walked I removed my top and threw it on the floor. He called, "Britta" I Stopped and turned and gave him the full view of my upper body. My black bra was kind skimpy. If he looked at it carefully he could make out my nipples. Especially coz they were erect. He just looked at them and swallowed hard.

I said "Yes Taylor" That just woke him up from his trance. He looked at my face and then unbuckled his pants and let them fall. He was wearing red boxers underneath. He pulled his boxers down and there it was a 6 inch dick all erect and thick. His pink head looked so good.

So tempting. He started stepping out of his boxers. I said "I want your boxers" He just took it and threw it at me. I looked at the boxers and examined his crotch area it had wet spot. Shit the thought that this wets pot was for me was such a turn on.

I looked at him. He was looking at me .He looked so cute standing there with that erect cock pointing at me. I looked at his cock and I said "stroke it" He took his dick in his hand started stroking it. Shit that looked so hot. I asked "Baby do u need my bra?" He nodded. I unhooked my bra. I could see his breath increasing.

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I looked at his eyes. they were on my boobs. I slowly let one strap fall from my shoulder. Now one of my boobs were exposed. The right nipple was out.my pink nipples was out for his pleasure and he started stroking that hard dick so hard. I removed my bra fully and I stood there topless before him and then I threw the bra too him. He caught it and he wrapped the bra around his dick and then started stroking The sight was so arousing I couldn't help it.

My hands went to my nipples and I started pulling my nipples and then before I knew it my hands were going inside my panties and rubbing my pussy. I was unbelievably wet. I started rubbing my clit. And on seeing that he started stroking even more harder. It was as if he was possessed. Suddenly he moaned and said "Britta I am gonna cum" I said "Catch your cum in my bra cup" He had already started cumming it was getting all over the bra.

He kept on stroking and my bra was all covered with white cum. seeing this made me cum. It was awsm. It was the best orgasm I had in years.

I took my hand out and it was wet with my pussy juice. Seeing this he called out "Britta" I looked at him. He walked towards me and then took my wet finger in his mouth and sucked on it.

Shit that was so sexy seeing him savoring my pussy juice. Then he looked down at his flaccid cock and the bra in his hand. I smiled and took the bra from his hand and then just wore it right before him. The wetness of his cum could be felt all over my chest.

My right nipples were coated in his cum. and the smell of his cum and the feel of his cum. I knew I was going to finger soon He was looking at me with a totally goofy face.

I smiled at him. And gave a peck on his lips and said. "U should go home. I l be wearing this bra for the rest of the day. Night, I l need the bra to rub on my pussy. Get dressed sweetie." I gave his hardening cock a stroke and walked to my room. I came back in 5 minutes and he was all dressed up.

He looked at me and smiled and said "Bye Britta" I smiled and said bye and when he turned back I called him "Tyler " And then threw a new bra to him He looked back and caught the bra. I said. "I expect u to catch the cum tonight in this bra's cup ok. I want this bra cup all wetty and smelly with your cum tomorrow morning .I l be waiting for u .I don't have any other bra to wear to work" You should have seen his expression. He stared at me with his mouth wide open. I again pecked on his lower lips.

He closed his mouth and smiled. Then walked out of the door.