Stud assists with hymen examination and screwing of virgin chick

Stud assists with hymen examination and screwing of virgin chick
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Shannon, I never liked Dave, and I don't think that there are many people who do. I mean, he has plenty of friends, but there are only a couple that really "liked" him. In my mind he was a bully and a braggart. He was what many might call "a man's man", arrogant, brash and gregarious. We were the same age and we had gone to the same high school, but I barely knew him back then. Actually, the only reason I had heard of him was because he was always getting into trouble, and his notoriety of being a "bad boy" was known throughout the school.

We ran in different circles. I was a "jock", lettered in football, basket ball, and track. I was elected to the student council and president of the photography club. I seemed to be well liked, quiet and bashful. That's another area that Dave and I differed.

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He always had some giggling girl trailing in his wake, where as I was a virgin until near the end of my first year at Florida State where I majored in Photo Journalism. As far as I know Dave never went to college. His dad owned an auto parts store and Dave went to work for him right out of high school.

It seemed to work well for him because when I was home for Christmas my junior year, I read in the paper that their parts store business had grown to fifteen stores throughout the greater Atlanta area.

When I returned from FSU I was able to get a job at the local ABC affiliate TV station as a remote camera man. I also did side video photography jobs like weddings and reunions, that type of stuff.


That's how Dave and my paths crossed. I picked up my ringing cell phone and answered "Bill's Video." Hey buddy, I don't know if you remember me or not but we went to high school together.

This is Dave Bennett." Surprised, I answered, "Sure, I remember you, how have you been?" "Fuckin great! Hey Bill, Tommy Denton says you do videotaping." "Sure do, why, are you getting married?" Dave belched out a nasty laugh and practically yelled out "FUCK NO. I want you to film my brother's bachelor party." "Well I have never done one before," I said hesitantly, "but I guess there's always a first time.

I took down all of the pertinent information, as I hung up I wondered if I was getting in over my head. At thirty three, I still had not married and had not yet even had a serious relationship. The longest was for about six months.

I had a couple of old girl friends that were fuck buddies, but that was it. Dave wanted two video cameras for the shoot, one for overall coverage and one for close ups. For some reason I really wanted to do a good job for Dave, so I decided to add a still camera to the mix for free. I was still in touch with my old high school camera club buddies and I used them whenever I need help on a job.

So I called John Knowles and Mike Carver and booked them for Friday night. Friday, the guys met me my home and we loaded up my van with the equipment we would need. Dave was paying a pretty penny for this event and it was a good thing too because I really needed the cash. Video equipment isn't cheap. We arrived early at the banquet hall that Dave had rented, I instructed Mike and John to bring in the equipment and went in search of Dave.

The hall looked like it could hold about fifty to seventy people. I noticed the caterers were setting up a bar and setting out a small buffet of finger foods. Dave was going all out for his little brother. I found Dave with a couple of other guys dragging in a king size mattress in through the back door. They leaned it against the wall and covered it with a sheet. I tapped Dave on the shoulder and stuck out my hand. "Dave, I'm Bill Evans." Turning, Dave looked up into my eyes and said.

"The video guy right?" I nodded, and we shook hands. "I'll never forget that play you made against Riverdale to win the county championship. Hella'va fuckin catch." He said still pumping my arm. "Thanks." I mumbled. Dave had definitely let himself go. In high school he had a fairly decently body, now it looked more like it belonged to Tony Soprano rather than Tony Danza. Whereas I had continued to work out and keep fit, Dave had put on some serious weight and his gut was beginning to hang over his belt.

We probably both weighed the same but I was six three and he was about five ten or eleven and like Soprano, he was losing his hair. I asked Dave, "Give me an idea what you are planning and if there is anything special that you would like me to make sure is in the video." "I'm sure you know how to do your job, however there is one thing I would like.

I want you to make it into two parts, the bachelor party, and then the cunt. Think you can handle that buddy?" Then he turned and started to walk away, stopping he turned and looked back at me. "Before things get moving why don't you go and interview the entertainment." "Where are they?" I asked. He pointed to a door on his right that said "LADIES." Then he was gone. "Makes sense," I said to myself. Mike and John had the equipment stacked neatly over by a baby grand piano that was pushed in to the corner out of the way.

We surveyed the area and I gave them their assignments. Johnny was to operate the stationary long shot video and Mike would run around getting still shots. I would take one of the portable cameras and follow the action. I snatched up the shoulder mount video and headed for the "LADIES" room.

I knocked on the door and a squeaky female voice asked "Who is it?" "Camera man," I yelled. "They want me to interview the entertainment." I heard excited giggling and then. "Come in". Pushing the door open, I ducked down to make sure the camera cleared the door frame and with video running I strolled in to the bathroom. There were three women; two were standing in front of a large mirror putting on gobs of makeup. The third was sitting in one of those metal banquet hall folding chairs.

She was leaning back against the tile wall, the chair was on its back legs and the girl had her feet dangling down in front. I thought she was attractive, very pretty even. She had blond hair, brown eyes and what looked like a very nice body. It was hard to tell with the oversized T shirt, baggy jeans and sandals. She reminded me of the girl on the hit TV show "LOST" named "Shannon". She had practically no makeup, only some lip gloss and some light blue eye shadow.

One odd thing about her was that she had only one earring, it was in her left ear and she didn't seem too happy about being there. I walked up to the two at the mirror and asked their names. How long they had been doing bachelor parties and what was it they liked most about doing them. I finished up with the two strippers and walked over to the sad blond in the chair. I got down on my knees in front of her and asked her what her name was. "Shannon" . "And why are you here".

"I'm the cunt". Stunned, I mumbled something and was at a loss for words, finally I stuttered out, "why only one earring?" "It's Dave's identification method." "Identification method?" I asked confused. "Yea, if Dave sends someone to me he just tells them. 'It's the blond with one earring.' I belong to Dave". She said firmly. "You are Dave's girlfriend?" "No, I belong to him.

He owns me". I laughed and said, "That went out of style a couple of hundred years ago." She shrugged and stared back into the camera. "How did you end up being Dave's property?" "His younger brother Robert gave me to him on Dave's thirtieth birthday." "How old are you?" "Twenty." "And how long have you belonged to Dave?" "Three years." "I assume that before you belonged to Dave, you belonged to Robert." "Yes." "How did Robert come to "own" you.

"He won me in a poker game from my dad." "And how old were you when this happened." "Fourteen" "And what will your contribution to tonight's festivities be?" "I have no idea, but you can bet it will involve a lot of fucking and sucking." "You don't seem to be very happy about being here." "I'm not, but I do whatever Dave tells me to." "Anything?" "Anything, she repeated, then added "I wouldn't do anything to hurt another person, or steal." I thanked her for her time and walked dazed from the rest room.

The two strippers were gawking at her as if she were from Mars. I pulled Mike and John into the corner and played the blonds interview back to them. "Holey shit." Mike exclaimed. "Where can I get one of those?" We all laughed and went about our business getting ready.

I had the feeling it was going to be a long night. By nine o'clock there were about twenty men scattered about the room, some standing in small groups some at tables eating the snacks.

At ten Dave stood and toasted his brother, made a couple of off colored jokes and introduced the strippers. Loud music blared out of a boom box and the two bimbo's pranced out in to the middle of the room where the men had pushed everything aside to make room for them.

In short order they were down to their g-strings and rubbing their tits all over Robert who had been placed in a chair at the edge of the circle. By the time it was eleven o'clock the music had stopped, the girls had collected their costumes and gone back into the rest room to get the rest of their stuff and then they left.

Dave looked at me and pointed to the ladies room. I swung the camera in that direction and saw the door slowly begin to open. Shannon walked nude, head down, across the floor, the men parted as she approached. She stopped in the center of the circle of men and stood there, arms at her sides watching the floor.

Dave called for everyone's attention, "Three years ago my brother gave me a wonderful gift. One, as they say, keeps on giving. Tonight he will get to witness a fantasy that he told me that wished that he had fulfilled before he had given me his treasure." Mike and I were circling Shannon documenting every crack and crevice.

I whispered to Mike, "Go tell John to get the other hand held camera and leave the stationary running." Dave having finished his little speech nodded to a guy over by the back door and he pushed open. The Sprint commercial could have been filmed in that moment. I was focused on Shannon's face as she looked in the direction of the door.

I was glad to see John had the other portable up and running, catching the action at the door. The door opened wide and two beautiful Great Danes and a striking brunette in a black corset and black panties strolled casually into the hall. Shannon's eyes went wide with fear and quickly looked back down at her feet.

Murmurs rippled among the men. The brunette trainer tied one of the dogs to the leg of a table that had been pushed over against the wall and commanded the dog to sit. Then she brought the other animal to the center of the room next to Shannon. "Have you ever had sex with a dog before cunt?" "No mistress." Shannon croaked.

The woman spoke a soft command to the dog and he promptly stuck his nose in Shannon's crotch and began licking. John and I had worked as a team on quite a few gigs and we found that we almost instinctively knew what the other would film. I still had Shannon's face framed in the view finder and Mike focused on the woman and the dog. When the dog stuck his muzzle in her pussy, Shannon made a little squeak, her body jerked and she went up on her toes, but did not move away from the dog's attack.

"Spread your legs," the woman commanded." I panned back to take in Shannon's entire body as she tentatively stepped out about twelve inches with her right foot. "Wider." Shannon spread her feet about three feet apart. "More" The trainer demanded. Shannon's legs were now parted to the point that if she didn't restrain them she would have slid down into a split. All the while the dog was lathering her cunt with his broad tongue.

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The strain of standing like that and the stimulation that the animal was giving her was causing her legs to tremble. Knowing that Mike had the scene, I refocused back on Shannon's face. The emotion, pain and angst that rippled across her face told a compelling a story. I could tell the dog was getting to her. She was fast approaching orgasm.

The tremors in her legs turned to shaking, and her abdomen began to tighten as she as reached for her nut. A gasp escaped her mouth and her entire body vibrated as she lost control of it. The orgasm swept through her and she fell in a heap upon the floor. The dog pushed her with his nose and flopped her onto her back. Then he dove back into her pussy and licked up her spend. "Sit up bitch" the woman sharply commanded. She gave the dog another whispering command and he moved slightly back and sat down.

Shannon struggled to right herself and eventually sat cross legged on the floor breathing hard, her eyes focused on the floor.

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I continued to keep the camera tight on her face. "I need two assistants," the woman said, and two men stepped forward. She placed them behind Shannon and had them face each other.

"Reach out and grasp each other's fore arms as if you were making a seat that someone could sit in." When the men had complied, she adjusted their position so that Shannon was between them but they behind her about two feet. Then she commanded the dog "Up". The beautiful grey dog jumped up and placed his front paws in the cradle that the men had formed. Then the woman spoke "Look up cunt." Again Shannon's eyes widened when they encountered the dog's bright red cock bouncing inches from her face and she knew what the next command would be.

"Suck it." She looked up at the woman and the two brothers beside her; she gazed around at the other men who were stiff with anticipation. She looked directly into my camera, licked her lips, opened them and turned her head toward the massive dog cock and engulfed it to the knot. The dog tried to fuck her face a couple of times but she held it in place for several seconds.

You could see her tongue was working inside of her oral cavity trying to give the animal as much stimulation as she could. Then she drew back, cheeks drawn in by the suction she was applying. Then back down faster and faster. She fondled the dog's naked nuts and scraped her fingernails lightly across them.

Her attitude had changed. She was hot now and doing everything she could to get that dog's sperm into her belly. Then Dave spoke for the first time since the door had opened, "When he cums, hold it in your mouth so that everyone can see that you are a dog cock sucking cum slut. "Wrap your fingers tightly around the base of his cock behind the knot. You cum sucking dog bitch." The woman in black instructed. As soon as her fingers encircled the base of the dogs prick he ceased to move and he began shooting the contents of his nuts into her mouth.

She had stopped moving her mouth over his prick and just held it about two inches inside of her lips. It seemed like forever that she held herself like that, as the Dane's sperm filled her mouth. Then finally, she slid her mouth off of the cock and tilted her head back. She looked back into the camera and carefully opened her mouth, demonstrating that she indeed was a dog cum guzzler. Her mouth was near overflowing and her tongue was not visible. I heard Mike wisper "fuck me!" as he was snapping images over my shoulder with the still camera.

I thought that it is sure great to have guy's as experienced as they were working with me. "Get up and show each man here that you are a dog's cum dump." Dave commanded. The trainer gave the dog another whispered command and he dropped down and returned to her side.

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Shannon closed her mouth and stood up. John and I followed her around as she went from man to man showing them her mouth full of dog cum. As she passed among the crowd her tits were groped. Fingers were pushed into her twat and asshole, but she never complained or resisted and would wait until they had finished molesting her before moving on to the next man. She went to Robert and Dave last. Robert told her how hot she had been and she actually blushed with her open mouth full of dog cum.

Dave stuck two of his fingers in her mouth and scooped some cum out and wiped it on her face. Then he stuck his fingers back into her mouth and forced them in her throat and like flushing a toilet, the cum drained into her gut.

Then he pulled his fingers out and again wiped them on her face. Dave smiled at her and said, "You're not finished yet cunt, not by a long shot." He turned her around and there was a padded inclined bench that had seemingly materialized out of nowhere.

Dave pushed her toward it and the trainer in black lay her on it face up with her ass just over the end. Then the woman buckled a strap across Shannon's body just under her breasts. Then she pulled out two poles about the size of broom sticks and pressed them into two sockets mounted on each side of the bench next to her hips.

The poles stuck out from the bench at a forty five degree angle. The trained strapped each of Shannon's legs to its respective pole and tested them to make she was secure.

Shannon legs were now stretched wide and her cunt exposed. She had a little landing strip of hair just above her clit, the rest was smooth as a baby's butt. I found out later that Dave had paid to have her pubic hair removed by lazer. The trainer brought the other dog over and gave him the eat pussy order and he dove right in. Shannon was moaning and squirming as the dog administered to that bald pussy.

She would shake so hard each time his tongue drug across her clit I was concerned that she might topple the bench. The woman spoke softly again and the dog pulled back and sat down.

Dave reached down and pinched her clit hard and she groaned in pain. The next command the woman spoke was clear to us all. "Mount" He hopped between Shannon's legs and walked his way forward with his fore paws on the bench and his hind legs on the ground.

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Since the bench was at a slight angle Shannon could easily look down between her legs and see that giant cock approaching her vulnerable pussy. "Put it in bitch." Dave said in a voice as if he were asking someone to pass the butter. Shannon reached down and tugged him into her willing cunt and when he realized that contact had been made he plowed into her right down to the knot and started pumping.

Now, I don't know if you have ever seen a dog fuck or not, but I can tell there is absolutely no finesse involved. The dog pounds as hard as he can and jackhammer fast. The actual act of dog fucking doesn't usually last very long, but it is unbelievably intense. The dog scooted forward a couple of inches and rammed his billiard ball sized knot right up into her body.

She screamed briefly as it passed through her cunt lips, then he stopped fucking her and stood perfectly still. His knot continued to grow within her stretched pussy.

Shannon was on her third orgasm and her eyes had rolled back in her head. Each time the dog would move she would go into another orgasmic spasm. The trainer unstrapped Shannon's legs and removed the belt from her torso. The Great Dane lifted his leg over her body and stood facing away from Shannon butt to butt. As he did this Shannon ground out another nut.

What came next shocked everyone including the trainer. Dave pulled out a tennis ball and said. "Here boy," and threw it across the room. The dog tore out after it snatching Shannon off of the bench and bounced her across the carpeted floor.

The dog captured the ball and trotted calmly back to Dave, dragging the helpless girl behind him. Dave grabbed the ball from the dog's mouth and tossed it again. The dog turned and raced after the ball. A loud pop echoed throughout the room. It sounded like a Champaign cork had exploding from the bottle. I zeroed in on her gaping cunt and watched the dog cum pour out of it.

She looked exhausted. The trainer was screaming at Dave."You might have injured my dog you asshole." It was interesting that she had absolutely no concern for Shannon. Dave laughed at the trainer and told her to fuck off and went to the bar to get a drink.

Shannon was beginning to stir, she reached down to cup her battered cunt and gingerly stroked it to try and discover the extent of any possible damage. Eventually she staggered to her feet, still cupping her pussy. She was hunched over apparently in some pain, dog cum was filling her cupped hand.

Dave spied her and said. "Eat it." She replaced the full hand with the empty one.

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Then she brought the full one up to her lips and slurped the sperm from her palm as if it were Campbells soup. She continued switching hands until there was none left to drink.

Dave brought over a strong drink and handed it to her. He nuzzled her ear and whispered, "Having fun baby?" She looked up into his eyes and a small smile wove its way across her face and she responded, "I always do." Dave looked over her shoulder and caught one of the guy's eyes and nodded his head. I saw two guys go over and drag the king size mattress into the middle of the room. It was around one o'clock when Dave tapped the side of his glass with a spoon.

"Free fucks, any hole." Then he spun Shannon around, put his foot in her back and shoved her hard toward the mattress. She stumbled and a guy grabbed the half full glass from her hand just before she landed on the mattress.

It was a fucking free for all after that. She took it in the mouth, in the cunt, and the ass. Rarely was she without two, usually there were three dicks in her. The only time I saw her without a cock in her was when she was commanded to change position. By seven am everyone was fucked out. Mike, John and I were the only ones in the room who had not fucked Shannon. I think the three of us had blue balls from having constant erections. By my estimation Shannon had taken somewhere between sixty or seventy cocks during the night.

Out of twenty plus men, all had cum in her twice; some had come back for thirds and a few for forth's. Dave came up beside me and said loud enough for Mike and John to hear.


You guys can drain your balls in her if you want." Shannon groaned. Mike got there first and plugged her sore cunt and John pushed his cock through her battered lips. Dave turned to me and said, "I think you guys did a great job. I'm going to give you a big bonus for all your hard work. I looked down at him and told him he could forget the bonus if I could have rights to the second half of the taping. "You going to put on the internet?" I shrugged and said "maybe." "You can only have Shannon's face in it unless you get releases." "No problem.

I'll need Shannon's release." "Give it to her, I'll tell her to sign it." (I had to pay the trainer to get her to sign a release.) I looked over at Dave again and he felt my eyes on him.

He turned and asked, "What?" "What would you say to me if I asked you if I could date Shannon?" "I would tell you to go fuck your self," he laughed, "but you can marry her." So I did. continued, Shannon II